Finishing outside the top four may benefit Arsenal next season

Arsenal’s current predicament is no longer news. Arsene Wenger is faced with unarguably his worst season as the Gunners boss. The latest run of poor performances and results did little to alleviate the criticism he has been subjected to. Likewise the continued silence of the club management has suggested that they are as confused as the coach himself.

We finished second last season and while we had thought we would better last season record the reverse has been the case and this season can easily pass as our worst season in twenty years.

We have featured in the Champions League in each of the French boss season at Arsenal but after Sunday draw with Manchester City that run could come to an end, four losses in five league games has not helped either.

Currently sixth on the league standing and seven points adrift the fourth place, the absence of Champions League at the Emirates Stadium next season is gradually becoming a reality than earlier feared and Wenger has also admitted that it may be difficult to finish in the top four this season.

We have 10 games left to fight for qualification but can we really put up that fight. Our fighting spirit has waned while our confidence has gone down and that is affecting our performance on the pitch.

But taking this from another perspective finishing outside may however be the catalyst Arsenal needed to channel a new course for the club. We have got so much acquainted with the Champions League that the mentality that if we don’t do well this season there would always be another season to correct any negative notion has clouded the players’ sense of giving their all on the pitch.

A season outside the Champions League may revitalise the team accompanied with making the necessary changes.






  1. Maybe, but that is only if we also finish outside the top 6 because the Europa league is even more demanding.

    Let’s not fool ourselves. Being out of the champions league competition next season will hit the club hard and cannot even now, be made an option, whatsoever! We need it for the feel good factor and if we’ve done it in the past, I don’t see why we cannot have faith we can still do it this term.

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