Fabregas gone. Now onto how we can spend that money.

There’s a game on tonight but for some reason I am thinking about transfers.

Cesc is gone — for those that missed it — for an enormous sum of money.

Nasri is probably on his way too, to Manchester City, and that should only increase our transfer funds.

Is Tevez for Nasri actually as insane as it seems?

But how will it be spent? Splashed on two direct replacements or spread around on a three or four?

My preference would be two sign two direct replacements: Lille’s Eden Hazard and Manchester City’s Carlos Tevez. It might sound unlikely, improbable, perhaps even insane. But is it?

Lille have turned down offers for Hazard already due to their presence in the Champions League. But we’ve got Fabregas money and throwing a large portion on that in the French club’s direction could sway their minds.

Hazard has been billed as a star in the making for a while now and was sensational last season as Lille won the title. He is destined to play for a great club — Zinedine Zidane has previously recommended that Real Madrid sign him — and if we did sign him, it would also accelerate Gervinho’s integration at Arsenal.

Yes, he’s only 20 and yes, he’s only succeeded in the French League. But anybody who has watched this kid play will know he is one of a precious few that can run a game from the centre of the pitch, a quality that can be attributed to our outgoing captain.

As for Tevez, does it not make sense?

He wants out, City have just signed Kun Agüero as a replacement and we are light on numbers up top. He would bring star power, aggression and goals and might well cause the fans to stop their panicking.

We’ve essentially replaced Nasri already with Gervinho and could do with a player higher up on the pitch. He might not be the smartest bloke in the world but a big of ruggedness would do wonders for our pressing game and bring out the best in our other attackers.

I rarely focus on transfer speculation but these are exceptional circumstances.

So what do you think? Would these two signings restore your faith? Are they even possible? Or am I just some sort of dreamer who needs to get my head out of the clouds?

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  1. I would love to have Hazard at Arsenal. I think he would be a perfect signing. As for Tevez, I’ve always been a fan of his hard-working style and would love to have him as well, but he says he wants to be closer to his children in Argentina, so why would he be any more happy in London than in Manchester? I think I’d rather see the money spent on somebody who I would expect to stick around longer than a year or two and would be happy in the meantime.

  2. are you kidding mate, Tevez is another Cesc story for another year or even Jan, as he will as homesick in London as in Manchester, plus if we wont pay high wages to Nasri then how can we pay wages for Tevez, even if we go all desperate then that will cause internal conflict. So I dont see this happening.

  3. How he spends the money? ITS IF. He’s spent 28m already on four players (thats nearly all the Cesc money). We can’t afford anything.And when we lose tonight lets just wait for the booing to ring…….

  4. I tell you what. Aslong as Wenger is in charge he won’t pay big money for the experienced player. He will do so for only wc kids like Chamberlain.Frankly many gunner faNs are sick of his obssession with kids.many of his kids like Vela,Aladieres,Pennant,etc are a waste of time.
    He says the gunners need to play good football which to him means endless passing and overplay.
    That is why this type of playing style will never win the epl crown. He is causiing the gunners to detriorate.There is no plan b.
    Fear not. If this season in disaster I blieve he will be AXED.

  5. AKB’s, In Arsene we rust, or were ever you stand in regards to whats happening at Arsenal. I plead to everyone to be united and make as much noise as possible tonight for the whole game.

    I cant even think about Europa Cup football and playing on thursdays and sundays. And im sure neither can you.

    Failure really is not an option so lets try and support the players as much as possible and leave the moaning to after the game. or at full time if we lose 3-0…………

    Its already a tough game on paper, lets not make it tougher on ourselves. The players may need a pick up after cesc’s depeture and its not thier fault in all honesty. Lets pick them up.

    Come on the gunners!!!!!!!!!

  6. A lot of the fans which are saying that we are not going to get anyone just need to wait a bit – Wenger press conf certainly showed that he has someone lined up but he does not want the media sniffing anywhere near this.

  7. These two are not gonna happen ……..till the greedy wenger is in charge of our beloved club arsenal The only thing that matters wenger is a money which is his first priority .As it sound sweet to dream about these player arriving to arsenal but the dreams last as long as our eyes are closed .As the eye open we face the reality of our club and our stingy manager .

  8. @sharad

    Well said support the players lets win the game and then Chant for some spending!

  9. Dzagoev, Mata, Hazard, Gourcuff, Pjanic or even Marvin Martin, who we have been linked with. Someone young, but not “too young”, with great technical skill, vision, creativity and brilliant passing game. Of course, the ability to play as a CM or CAM too. Dzagoev and Martin wouldn’t be more than £10m either.

    Ah, the joys of speculation.

  10. @ Andy, either or both would be fantastic. Lets look at AW’s reluctance to spend money, we could have had Shay Given for around 5 million but that was too expensive, bids of around 14 to 16 million would have easily bought Baines, Cahill and Samba. Juan Mata was a snip at 20 million but AW will not spend the money. What I think is worse that the manager and the board have been treating the fans like we are morons, lots of good PR from Gazidis and then Arsene behaving like a child of Primary school age in the subsequent press conferences. I am dreading this season as we were pedalled the same crap this time last year and we are worse off in terms of the playing squad this time around. We could be in big trouble tonight!

  11. It doesnt matter how young they are if they are really that good, you’re not just gonna find a cesc like that but remember he started the FA Cup final in 2005 17 days after his 18th birthday?.. mata is young but would be ready shame wenger has poo pooed that one as well as Tevez already … i totally agree about Tevez and i dont think its unfeasable but its a 100% no after what he said yesterday?

    My personal opinion is we should give Dortmund 30 million for Mario Goetze (which I believe is his buy out clause? may be wrong?) … he’s unreal and the closest thing you’ll get to cesc’s potential and i reckon he’d be ready to do a job now?

    we also need a cb, even if it is scott dann … were 2 injuries/suspensions away from Squillachi? … he’s the worst centre back ever to play for arsenal at the emirates?

  12. Tevez is a great player, he even plays well when things are not going great for him personally (wife, kids, dodgy food in Manchester), that being said he is unlikely to sign as he is much more likely to want a move to Italy/Spain.

    I would love for Arsene to target Edinson Cavani however as Napoli recently signed him to a contract that runs until the end of time; Karim Benzema would be a good choice as it would not cost a bucket load of money and he is still relatively young.

    As for Hazard, that would be ideal – however a more likely scenario is Jadson from Shakhtar Donetsk who at 27 is older and would be a bit of experience to go with Wilkshere, Rambo and Song. He is also going to cost less than significant sum that Lille will want for Hazard.

    With any left over cash a cheeky bit for Per Mertesacker maybe 🙂

  13. Tevez would certainly be a marquee signing to suprise and silence the disgruntled minority. He’d be a fantastic signing for any team with his industry, desire and committment, not to mention natural ability. But sadly, I can’t see it happening because of his wage demands and his homesickness.

    I don’t know enough about Hazard but I don’t think a ‘like for like’ replacement in the form of a winger is actually a priority for us.

    I’d like to see the money spent on one or two centre halves of real substance and a combative defensive midfielder. Cahill, Shawcross, Sakho or Samba for the defence.
    De Jong, Xabi Alonso or Melo for extra presence in midfield.

  14. @Richey,

    Cygan and Senderos? Some would also say Stepanovs, but due to my Latvian background I’m biased 😉

  15. I used to enjoy reading the comments on this blog. They were always thoughtful and meaningful and there were lots of discussion regarding various football matters, an extension to the football analysing acumen that in my opinion, Mr. Weber possesses. Most of these comments are just complainers. You Gooners need to lighten up and spread the bloody joy. Moan and groan all you want about lack of signings Gooners but I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation to not having new signings. There must be many things happening right now at Arsenal, so please keep the faith.

    Regarding the Newcastle away fans, if Wenger spent 60M this summer and the same events transpired on Saturday evening it would have been OK only then to have a go at the ref and Barton? Stupid fools. BACK ARSENAL UP! THEY NEED YOU!

    I would like to see Arsenal pick up Eden Hazard as having a former team-mate for Gervinho really could boost his transition as you mentioned Mr. Weber. The only problem I see is that Eden Hazard has attitude problems which could be…unhelpful to Arsenal, Wenger and the dressing room. If we bought him, and after a while he threw some sort of tantrum like he did for Lille or Belgium, the fans would instantly turn their backs on him, as seen with Nasri, and he would perform even worse and look to be sold. It’s disgusting the way fans in England are behaving. I wish there was some way to get them to grow the hell up. As for Tevez, I’m pretty sure he wants to move back near Argentina. He would by all means be great for the team in terms of his play, however his mind is set away from England and so that wouldn’t be handy for Arsenal.

    However, I really can’t think of other options. I can think of a defender for sure. Gary Cahill. However a talented midfielder and striker really really is needed. I don’t know how Wenger attempts to pull it off in the next fornight, but we can only hope. We need to have faith. The players need us Gooners. Let’s give them all we’ve got. COYG!!

  16. With the signings already made so far, we only need one man to replace both players. One man who would lift the club and the players within. One man who would galvanise the supporters and erase the last few months from our minds. One man who would let the footballing world know we mean business.

    That man is Wesley Sneijder.

  17. I am not sure wenger would by any plyer with price tag higher thn 15 mil £ . May be i am completely wrong that i have a feeling that wenger desperatey wants to continue the record
    Of little expence for an individual.

  18. Gary Cahill,
    Falcao/ Lisandro/ Podolski or Mauro Zarate of Lazio……top strikers who want to score goals and not pass the responsibility off to someone else.
    The Barton move couldnt make more sense- free agent and offers everything we lack, the fact that his style of play reaps so much every time we play them says it all really.
    Songs a liability, Frimpongs the same player but doesnt foul as much, sSong had 5 fouls to his name after 15 mins sat evening….hasnt learned a thing in how many seasons now?
    Then cries for Hazard and Mata are misplaced with Arshavin, Myaichi, Walcott and Chamberlain already there, makes no sense to me…..anyway the dutch kid Elia wipes the floor with both of them for pace, skill and assists.

  19. Could have had Zapata from udinese for 6 mill..thats how much he cost villareal.

    Tevez would be amazing, but as someone said, he is the exact same situation as cesc – homesick.

    Hazard is ideal no doubt, but the old man wont spend that kind of cash. This feeling right now is the worst i’ve had in my 15 years as an arsenal fan – that feeling of no hope for the future of the club. Other clubs are going passed us and we are sitting on our gooches.

    We lose 2 world class players and I already know he won’t replace them with players of similar qualities.

    Cahill would be ideal – the english vermalen. Also Subotic from Dortmund would be incredible for us along with Sakho. Unsure if we’ll even sign a defender now though after the wenger we trust said we had 4 perfectly solid CB’s already..

    I also like Christian Eriksen from Ajax. For me, Hazard, Mata, Eriksen, Gourcuff, Goetze, Ganso, or Hamsik should be the type of player we are after.

    A striker must also surely be considered. What has happened to chamakh? Bendtner is going – who will score our goals when RVP inevitably gets his yearly 4 month injury lay-off? Benzema is a pipe dream, which would drive me wild if it happened. Cavani or Falcao please.

  20. Tevez? How long before he wants out? I would not touch him with a 30ft pole.
    However, I trust that Wenger knows what is best for the club and will sign whoever he thinks fit in.

  21. the defence needs sorted out b4 anything as a priority id say so 4 beats 2 signings for me. Tevez more problems than he s worth. Already got rid of 2 trouble makers in gallas and adebayor Dont need another 1. Mertasaker still a gr8 option in my book but pls wenger… Hurry up b4 its too l8 and we miss every1 worth anything. Samba? Get real. Not arsenal quality is he? Get cahill in too. Its the back that needs sorted forget tevez!!!!!!

  22. Where will the money go? On about 7 18-year-olds with no Premier League experience most probably. I’d like to see Hazard wearing the red and white, but i can’t see that happening. I’d also liketo see Tevez at Arsenal cos he works very hard in every game he plays. If it was just the matter of he don’t wanna be in Manchester anymore then i think he would welcome a move. I’m thinking he should buy either Jagielka, Cahill or both! We also need a new midfielder to replace Cesc and also to keep up with injuries and bans that Arsenal are famous for…..like right now! I should offer my footballing services as i wouldnt cost a penny and would have a 20 year contract worth 10K a week MAX! Lol. Mata should be chased. Why didn’t he go for Reo-Coker when he became a free agent? Or Upson? Wenger doesn’t spend enough and even Sunderfland have bought in more players than us and that’s slightly embarrasing!

  23. I would love to see arsenal qualify for cl group stage. Any big signing will depend on this. Wenger and the greedy board shd sign 3 players i.e. Benzema, Eden and Cahil. The current squad is blessed with talented players but our players can’t handle teams that play a physical game. The invicibles squad was a mixture of tallent and physique. We no longer have guys with the strength of Vieira, Edu, Gilberto, Lauren, Campel, A. Cole and the skills of Henry and Bergkhamp!
    The size of a player also matters in certain games.
    I love arsenal with all my heart but i think the current situation is frustrating simply because fans’ interests are not a priority given the fact that the board’s motive is profitability not glory.

  24. RVP should be roaming forward gunning for goals, this unnecessary burden of captain role will destroy him I suspect. TV should be screaming his lungs out organizing everything, not RVP. Its stupid enough we cant buy proper players, but this is beyond idiotic for me.

  25. @Aussie gunner: G’day 🙂

    The feeling I have right now is one of the most positive i’ve had in my 6 years as an arsenal fan – I feel the club can be serene about its future. Other clubs are spending insane amounts of money in these unstable financial times while we have built a sustainable model.

    I have to say, I completely agree with, and trust Arsène Wenger. What he has done for the club is unbelievable. I believe he has built the foundations for a bright and successful future. Maybe success didn’t come as early as the fans and even the manager expected, but it does not mean it will not come at all.

    I personally don’t mind not having won trophies for a few years. Yes it is frustrating not to win but I think fans should look more at the big pictures: We have come so close and performed so consistently recently. It is not like it has been 50 years and we’re fighting relegation.

    Cesc’s (and possibly Nasri’s) departure(s) offer us the chance to move on into a new era. We have got a squad with great quality and potential, and with the couple of players the manager should add before the end of the transfer window, we’ll be up for the fight this season.

    What the club needs in a period like that is support from the fans. We can’t complain. We must trust and push our team forward. That’s our job and we have to do our best, just as the players, and the manager, are doing their best. It does not matter how long it takes for us to win again, and the more we support them, the sooner it will come.

    Come on gooners!

  26. There are plenty of replacements out there some of which would be perfect, freddy guarin or Ganso for example. The thing is I personally am 100% sure that wenger will not spend in excess of 20mil to land any talent.Hazard would be fantastic, he would be a huge lift to the fans.From what I experienced at Newcastle on Saturday Wenger needs to spend some money to keep his job and this is something I thought I would never say.spendsomefu#kingmoney!PS I cant wait to see the back of Nasri,he is poison.

  27. I’m on my way to the emirates now. For all of you who want more support for the team, I will gladly relay your cheers. For those who bitch and moan, I don’t care, I am excited and cannot wait! Ooh to, ooh to be, ooh to be a…. GOONER!

  28. I’d prefer the cheapest option with Affelay (still dont understand why arsenal didnt go for a trade with barcelona).
    Dzeko from City is an option too, as Tevez and Aguero and probably Balotelli are ahead of him.

  29. Post Fabregas era off with a fine goal by Walcott . Ramsey looks extra sharp.
    So far,so good.

  30. Now that my heart rate has started to come back to normal, I guess I can feel happy about the 1-0. Udinese played really well, and boy were we struggling to cope at times. Still, very important to keep a clean sheet at home, and we managed that, and if Handanovic hadn’t pulled off that brilliant save at the end we might have had a 2 goal lead to take to Udinese.

    What scares me about a 1 goal lead is how quickly it can vanish. More than anything, I’m absolutely terrified that the referee will screw us over there in some way. Still the return of RVP should help. Chamakh looks utterly lost. 90 minutes should have done him good though. But here we go again with the injuries. I’m hopeful Gibbs was a tactical change due to his yellow card rather than a hamstring injury, but we’re really down to the bare bones now. And I really really would like new signings before next week, but they might just be waiting to see if we have Champions League football this season before they agree to join us. Sigh. Looks like we’ll just have to scrape through and hope we get the needed result.

    Liverpool up next. No Gervinho (he was really good today), no Song, perhaps no Gibbs, and one injury away from Squillacci getting on the pitch..Gulp.. Backs to the wall. Let’s hope we can respond.. Come on You Gunners!!

  31. Tonight game might be different if our captain is on the pitch. Chamakh can do nothing. He was totally lost. He cannot cope with the pace of Gervinho and Walcott upfront. Btw, where is Armand Troure?

  32. I can report that there were no boos, a few ahs at some of the passes but generally the crowd was behind the team all the way. Chamakh, c’mon son, just do it! Poor old Bendner was warming up at one stage. A good performance from pitch side. Jenkins did well, Charlton last season, CH league debut tonight. Sagna…say no more. Phew.
    We need a conductor.

  33. The problem with Arsenal is Arsene .His one style attacking plan is wonderful if it ends in goals and the gunners win. The problem is he has no back up plan.He thinks other teams should lie down and let his gunners pass and pass and pass without hindrance.
    It’s only the first leg of the cl. If Udinese score the opening goals,it could be a nervy match.Btw it looks increasingly Wenger won’t buy any defender. The defence needs fixing not the attack.
    If he is smart he should go and get a atop quality cd asap.l know the tw will close in two weeks time. I believe he will make his mind up once the games with Pool and the red faced cunt are over. If the defence put in a creditable performance,he will say they can do the job. The problem with Arsenal and Arsene is he has been saying this for years.And we know what happened.
    Make it his last season in charge if the gunners fail to challenge for trophies.Otherwise the gunners could be become stuck in the Europa league for the next ten years.

  34. It’s a good if not great outcome.

    Without Wenger, Van Persie, Wilshire, Nasri and of course Fabregas, we managed to squeeze out the 1st leg, at-home crucial win.

    What is disheartening however, is like summer never happened. We were nervy, scared and hanging on for dear life during huge chunks of the match, just like we’ve been since February when the wheels fell off.

    What gives?


  35. talking and suggestions are no good for nut like wenger. What I saw against udinese this team will go nowhere unless he is booted out and the new managers brings in some steel in deep defence and midfield. rosciky (he was disgusting on Tuesday) , ramsey, diaby and frimpong of this world are not going to win trophies. They are ordinary. Arsenal was lucky to get away with 1-0 victory over Italian side and if the gunners put up another performance like this in the return I see curtains in Champions league. The board and supporters should get rid off this so called professor who is nothing but a moaner and grumbler.

  36. our mdfld were totaly zero, i dont think ramsey is up to that role, Rosicky was worse and seemed to be our weakest link yestrday. I dont know how AW wud deal with this but to me we dfntly look vulnerable in the center mdfld.. Having Lil Jack and Ramsey there wont work agst Livrpl, ….. im dfntly sure./
    my suggestion
    song – verma

  37. Oh FFS.. Now UEFA are planning to charge Wenger with violating his touchline ban.. It’s something I’ve seen happen all the time, and UEFA themselves before the match said he could communicate through a third party. At halftime they changed tack, and now this is nothing but a witch hunt.. He shouldn’t have had the ban in the first place.. I’m absolutely seething right now.

  38. I am just sick of Arsenal fans bargging their team. What d fuck do you guys want? What? I just dont read comments like ‘wenger must go’ ‘the team lacked creativity’ ‘but wesley or tevez or maybe ronaldo’. Can Arsenal fans be fucking grateful for once. I am so incensed. There were loads of positives from yesterdays match. We havent conceded. How good was the Manure keeper Dagea? Have you heard United fans barge him? Yes maybe but comon we have Arsenal greats predicting loom and gloom for the club. I don tire (In Nigeria it means I am tired)
    Fuck all you stupid fans. If they dont win a trophy and they qualify for the champs league i will still support them. In Arsene I trust.

  39. There were some positives, but I’m worried. As near as I can tell, we now have five fit defenders — Sagna, Jenkinson, Vermaelen, Kos, and Squillaci. So we’re one injury away from having Squillaci play in a very important match, and two injuries away from having to turn to Ignasi Miquel. Either we need to buy a defender or start giving our defenders some kind of Highlander/invincibility tonic.

    And I just thought we looked sloppy and undisciplined for most of the match. How many times did one of their guys get on to a through ball past our backline? If we play that high line and are that shaky again, I think we could get torn to pieces.

    And we’ve got to do something in the middle of the pitch. We had no penetration at all — every good thing we did came through the flanks with Gervinho and Walcott. I know part of it might be Udinese’s 3-4-3, but Rosicky, as hard as he works, just isn’t getting it done. We’ve got to get someone with more attacking skill in there.

    I’ve been trying to be optimistic, but I really do think if we play like that we could find ourselves in 2 weeks time with 1 point from 3 league matches and waiting for the Europa League group stage draw.

    Maybe I’m overreacting, and I’ve always said you’d rather play bad and get a good result than play brilliantly and not get the result. And if we can just score a goal in Italy next week, that forces Udinese to score at least 3 to go through, which is not an easy task.

  40. Im very worried, Yes we won bur everything I saw tonight made me feel very uneasy at what’s coming this season. The only positive was Walcott, the only player who looked hungry. I cant see us being in the top 6 let alone top 4. Injuries: yet again.. there is something extremely wrong in the training regime at Arsenal, we get so many injuries its ridiculous. Depth: Our team has not enough depth, we are down to the bare bones and he quality aint there Leaders: Where are the leaders? theres no one, once we get under pressure the whole team get nervous and look vulnerable. Quality: we need better quality players, need more players! Chamackh: what has happened to him, he couldn’t even play for a conference side. I’m very worried for Saturday and the next leg, could leave us un a disastrous position to begin the season…Wenger out!

  41. Its quite clear that the vast majority of us on here want Wenger out and this realistically (fingers crossed) will happen in the near future.

    What I would like to know from my fellow gooners is who we would replace him with?

    Personally I would like to see Hiddink or Owen Coyle given a shot at the mangers job.

    Hiddink did a great job at the Chavs when left the mess that Scolari had created and Coyle because I think his teams play a great brand of football and he gets the most from his teams albeit with very limited budgets.

  42. @Scope Knight: I am with you, my friend 🙂 There is too much of negativity amongst the fans right now. We need not be so negative. The club will work on strengthening the squad. The new season has started and let us be excited about it first !!

    @hemash: Please dont crack jokes like THESE. Thank you.

  43. The fact that fans are calling for AW’s sacking is frankly ridiculous. The second match of the season and you’re calling for his head? He is stubborn and proud but you forget this is the man who is the greatest manager ever at our club, produced the greatest player the club has ever seen and the best team the club will ever see. I criticize his transfer policy, in the sense that he hasn’t finalized business at this stage but we still have two weeks. In that time we could get Mertesacker/Cahill/Jagielka, Parker possibly and Hazard, as we now have one huge favor: We have the money to force transfers. Though it’s not traditionally AW’s way, I think that he will spend as our squad is admittedly lacking depth. Maybe Nasri will stay now he can have a more central role. And then Joel Campbell, Miyaichi, AOC, Jenkinson, Ramsey, Wilshere, Frimpong, Afobe, Szczesny and Gibbs give us hope for the future. I acknowledge these coming weeks will be massive, but i am confident that we will respond like we always have. Have some faith, in a difficult time we should get behind the team more and not fight about completely mundane and repetitive issues over which we have no control. Let’s get behind the Gunners this weekend and prove that spending over 100mil on average overrated players is the wrong way to do things.

  44. I just got news with the morning cofee of Song’s 3 match ban for violent conduct.
    It was a clever stomp and I was hoping he would get away with it. No such luck.
    Thi Liverpool engaement get’s sketchier every damn day. Well, who’s in the midfield now?

  45. To those who want to get rid of Arsène Wenger, two solutions:
    – You’re stupid (And perhaps should read this: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2025700/Gary-Neville-Arsenal-fans-shouldnt-criticise-Arsene-Wenger.html)
    – You don’t understand or don’t agree with the clubs values and politics, and in this case feel free to go support another club. We don’t want you neither do we need you.

    A proper fan is somebody that support his/her club whatever its situation is, and that has enough intelligence not to be manipulated by every piece of crap the media produces.

    To be clear, this does not mean you cannot question or disagree with the views of the manager, but you need to trust him and give him and the rest of the team support.

  46. Calls for AW to sign new players is as if none had been signed. Gervinho,Jenkinson,Alex and Campbell have all moved to the Emirates, Vermaelen,Ramsey & Frimpong all returned from long-term injuries, while Traore & Miyaichi have joined the the team from loans.Truly we’ve lost a world-class player (Cesc) & 2 good players (Clichy & Eboue) with the probable loss of a very good player (Nasri),yet AW has shown repeatedly that more than any other manager he can transform talents into world-class players (check Gunners Greatest Players 50 to confirm). So rather than moan about not a marquee signing, we should sit back and watch the emergence of another world-class player (like Jack & Wojciech)

  47. Why do you have a picture of Tevez on here you surely don’t think you’re gonna sign him? I have seen a 10 year old at Metz he look ok you should sign him and if he turns out to be shit bin him but if he gets good you could sell him to a real to team like Spurs. Tevez you’re fuxkin killing ne LMAO

  48. @James gooner

    “He says the gunners need to play good football which to him means endless passing and overplay.
    That is why this type of playing style will never win the epl crown.”

    Really? Are you that f’ing dumb? Remember that unbeaten season? Yeah, that one, the one that no other team in the country has done in the Premiership.

    “He is causiing the gunners to detriorate.”

    Firstly, that’s not how you spell deteriorate. Secondly, Arsenal Football Club is now healthier than it’s ever been, it’s healthier than most clubs around the world in fact. Think before you type in future, maybe you wont look like such an ass.

  49. Come on guys, lets back our club!!!

    Sczeny is doing well but I think we need someone better. I would be tempted to go for Gordon from Sunderland. He’s a top keeper.

    We defintely need a central defender and Cahill is the obvious in my mind. I don’t understand talk about Dann from Birmingham??

    We obviously need a couple of midfielders with Fab and Nasri gone/going.

    With Nasri going to City, I don’t understand why we don’t push them for players. We have enough money in the bank!!!! I would happily take Milner, Shaun-Wright and Onuha of their hands! But Tevez … NO! He would just want to leave after 3 months!

  50. I still have faith in Wenger (although it is being severely tested). With a week left in the transfer window, I’m starting to get really sceptical that he will sign the defender(s) we need or replacements for Cesc & Nasri (should he go which i think is now a matter of when not if). Wenger has also not splashed the cash and spoken about the top quality players he has signed so far (AOC, Miyachi etc). If indeed he thinks they are quality, then its why not play them instead of the crappy Arshavin who’s days are long behind him unfortunately. And for God’s sake I’m tired of Walcott. It makes more sense sending him on loan instead of Vela. That’s just my 2 cents worth…

  51. Just an additional comment. I don’t think Walcott should leave the club. I just think he’s not worth playing on the right wing. I would give him a run out as a central striker instead to see if he could potentially develop into an Henry type player.

  52. 3 days approaching the end of summer transfer, even we have 50m , will any decent good player will go to Arsenal now. Not the result of 2-8 loss to MU that is shameful, but the start of a 4-3-3 line up is very questionable of Wenger’s mind.

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