Expectations Management 101

Editor’s note: This article was penned by Lefty prior to the 2-0 victory over Crystal Palace. I have to apologise, both to the readers and more particularly to Lefty, for not editing and getting this out before the game. Nevertheless, the sentiment of the essay rings true as we enter a crucial, testing period of the season.

After a turbulent–even rancorous–start to the season against Aston Villa, The Arsenal have come on like Gangbusters.

From the August 21st win against Fenerbahçe in the Champions League right up to the 82nd minute goal on the evening of October 22nd in the same competition, we had gone unbeaten. During that stretch the Gunners outscored their 8 Premier League and 4 Champions league opponents 27-7 and have been every bit as dynamic and dominating as those numbers suggest. It seemed for a spell that with our power, pace and fluency of movement we might sweep all before us. It happened–she waited

But on Tuesday night Borussia Dortmund called our bluff. Depending on your point of view or personal proclivities it came either as a shock or something expected. For me–and perhaps our players–it was more the former than the latter.

We had it seemed worked out a fine blueprint for success: an excellent if not outstanding defensive pairing at the back augmented by two quick and capable fullbacks; a midfield that in truth may have no equal anywhere in the world let alone the domestic league; and a strike force quite capably lead by one Olivier Giroud, whose goals, hold-up play and resolute willingness to hustle and help defensively have been magnificent.

There are a number of reasons for the reverse though, the most obvious being that we played sloppily in headless pursuit of all 3 points. Ramsey’s edge-of-the-penalty-box muddle was the most obvious transgression but there were other offenders too. Where were Gibbs, Rosicky or Sagna during that fatal sequence that resulted in Dortmund’s winning counter-strike? Even the usually super-reliable Mikel Arteta had gone missing.

The truth is it was a team failing. We had become too used to winning, too cocksure that if we piled on the pressure we would win even with bad passes (and there were plenty of them) and lax marking. Give the Germans some credit too. They are a tremendous team but had a light squad, played in a hostile environment yet held their nerve, shape and sense of purpose. In many ways it was a very Arsenal-like performance and in that respect quite deserving of the win.

I question now is: how will the Gunners respond? This group has shown a grit and stick-to-it-ness that goes back to the away win at Bayern last spring and they won’t lose it in a flash. The first team, though not totally healthy still have important contributors coming back into the side. Mathieu Flamini perhaps a key miss on Tuesday will be back this weekend and Theo in two more weeks according to the teams official website. Other like The Ox, Lukas Podolski and young Yaya Sonogo may still be a while yet. And even though his career will now never be a full or even perhaps a necessarily happy one, we do expect Diaby back before the next transfer window closes.

I’m always saddened by the thought of his circumstances and it bears reminding that his injuries are not of his fault and that his fate has been shared by many thousands of fine footballers who have been dealt unfair blows. This side of the game is often forgotten when the talk is all of goals and glory but is and always has been part and parcel of the game.  The Arsenal will for sure be back and on the winning track. But if it is one thing we should have learned this week is that we may have to manage two things: poorly orchestrated attacks out of our midfield and perhaps, our expectations.



  1. Hey Lefty good post. You are entirely correct we have done nothing yet. We do have a limited squad and they have been excellent, but winter is coming, hard pitches etc. this is when the squad becomes all important. Tonight’s game is a good example. We will bring in youngsters and players needing game time. Bendtner, Eisfeld, Gnabry, Vermaelen. Chelsea will bring in Essien, Eto, Mata, Luiz.

    Realistically we will be underdogs, but I believe another home defeat will hurt our confidence. Picking the team tonight will be a difficult task, but that’s what he is paid for

    I think I would try something along these lines

    1 Fabianski
    2 Jenks
    3 Monreal
    4 bfg
    5 kos
    6 Tv
    7 Jack
    8 Cazorla
    9 Bendtner
    10 Gnabry
    11 Ryo

    That’s playing
    Jack and TV as defensive midfield

  2. WoW! I agree with you Retsub, but…….don’t you think Kos and the bfg deserve some rest?
    Anyways, I would think differently and rest the regular defenders for the EPL matches…which we should focus more on winning especially now we have a sort of advantage (winning the lower ranked teams seems easy for us this season for sure). I don’t also think Vermaelen is the only other Cb we have bar the impressionable Sagna(who most definitely needs a rest). It would be a shame considering Ignasi Miguel was rising in leaps and bounds…..

    Final thoughts, wining both the EPL and capital one cup might seem nice…but the EPL should be the main focus here. Citey won the league and did not go far in UCL, same with manure last season. If we want to win the league, we must focus on it…..do our best in the UCL and hope we are lucky to top the group, thus avoiding other top teams in the 2nd round. Do our best in the domestic cups without stretching the first team and hoping to maintain our form going into the crucial December stretch which for us has – very good enough- come early. So, if we manage this period properly, we have the likes of a fresh Walcott and maybe Podolski and the Ox to call on by December…new signings indeed we may say

  3. GunnerBoss
    Agree with you on the cb’s but I think the team does need some consistency . Of course if either got injured we would be in trouble.

    Strange thing is the pressure of being top of the pile means I spend more time worrying than enjoying the football. Hopefully tonight will be different.

    Hope I am wrong but I just can’t see us winning tonight, unless we put a really strong squad out ie Ozil, Ramsey etc

  4. This competition isn’t the important one for me.
    there is too much experience in tonight’s squad.
    I know it’s The Chav’s at home but November is jam packed with important fixtures and the seniors should be rested this evening in my humble opinion.

  5. Lookin to see something from Ryo tonight, he needs to show hes improving.
    Im not fussed about the result but lets give it a good go!

  6. Half time.
    Terrible game. We are standing way off and allowing them space and its starting with Bentdner up front who is trotting around goin through the motions, youd think he would have a point to prove but it looks like he thinks the ball is going to fall on a plate for him. Luiz and Cahill are taking balls out of the air controling them under no pressure.
    We are at home here, wheres the pressure, wheres the tempo and injection of energy?
    Not enough guys willing to up it out there at the moment and they need a telling at half time, hopefully Wenger will go to the gents and Bouldy could get stuck into them cos this is another of those ‘out without a whimper’ performances.
    Id settle to see a shot on goal this half.

  7. No great surprise there, just confirmed that Chelsea b team is better than ours. A few throw away thoughts.

    jenks has a way to go to replace Sagna, he was at fault with both goals

    TV had a decent game as did Monreal and Kos

    Jack did ok but runs down too many blind alleys

    Santi is getting back to his best

    Rambo in my view was our best player by a mile

    We desperately need another striker

    I may be wrong but I don’t think Ryo is a prem player

  8. Well. What a waste of time watching that game was. Really, really lacking any entertainment value and Chelsea didnt even have to do much to win.
    Jenkinson at fault for both goals and lets behonest hes just not up to it. How they were allowed to do what they did for that second goal I just dont know, if an under 6 team did that youd read them the riot act, thats two tests at hone against two decent sides and both poor performances.
    When I see we are still capable of these lacklustre and predictable displays it leaves more questions over our credentials for silverware.
    Really poor tonight.

  9. Retsub,
    Agree mostly.
    I was looking forward to this game all day and Im sitting here like I didnt see a football game at all. Over indulgent brainless pointless directionless passing with nobody actually taking on an opponent with hard runs in behind or dribbling. I just dont know.

  10. We’ve had a great start to the season, aided a little by a favorable schedule. IMO the rebuilding of this team should continue

    We have a glut of skillfull midfielders, not enough ball winners, we need another solid CB, we have a serious lack of pace in the team. We knew that we had a thin squad at the beginning of this season , so no matter what happens in the next few weeks let’s not start jumping off buildings etc, let’s make sure we keep adding quality to this team.

  11. Not the end of the world. Their second XI is stronger than ours. If we had players available who are currently injured, who knows, but we lost and now need to move on. I would take 3 points over Liverpool and this result over beating Chelski and losing to the Scousers. Lets hope we don’t f#ck it up.

  12. I may be over reacting but I think today is a crucial game in shaping the season. So many times in the past we have been in a position like this and blown it. Typically we pound a team for 30 minutes and then get caught with a sucker punch ? I think a little tactical nous is needed today, we don’t want everyone charging forward and being left short at the back


  13. Hey retsub,
    I get what your saying bro but I actually dont think we have the personnel or know how to do it. We dont have a front player who can stretch a defensive or get in behind or over the top without Walcott. Our play recently has reverted to ponderous predictable central play dependant on an opponent stepping out of a crucial defensive position to even alow an opportunity of a subtle or eye of the needle pass which against bigger sideshas always been a problem.
    By contrast sturridge and suarez can single handedly kill us with dribbling and runs in behind if they get the right passes from gerard and henderson.
    If we are to win we must limit as much of this as possible with a high pressure pressing game from the start, Im apprehensive about outability and desire to pressin this way for the whole game but Im hopeful we will try

  14. So far so good, but On occasions we have looked a little sloppy. Liver pools left defence looks a. Little clumsy to me

    Hang on in there boys

  15. Super goal by Ram. I wonder if Mourihno now regrets mid-week squad choices.
    This is the kind of weekend the title is won and/or lost on.
    The name of our game now should be clean sheet.

  16. Great win lads well done. Just a little sloppy at the end, but can’t complain. I think Ozil needs a. Rest

  17. Great win! Arteta and Carzola had a tremendous game.
    Sagna crossing was better today, which is not always the case.
    Ramsey a great important goal he scored again, I would just would like him to cut down on the attempt dribbles , play simple and score.
    Great performance by Kos and Mtz , well any game Kos doesn’t get a red card is a good game!

  18. great game but i think Gnabry should have come on for a tired Ozil.He couldn’t run at the end. I would take any draw against United and Dortmund although even three points are ok.

  19. Delano, Gnabry was injured and not on the bench. I thought Rosicky was fantastic, played with great energy and hassled the Liverpool players, and Cazorla looked like he is getting back to his best. Shame Giroud didn’t put one of those chances away but what another cracker from Ramsey. I also thought Arteta, Mert and Koscielny all played solidly. Still gave Suarez too many opportunities for my liking – another day that could have costed us. Big game midweek against Dortmund before playing some midtable side next week!

  20. We need Walcott as early as possible .We can’t afford missing sitters like Giroud has done in the past. I know he has his own game but he needs to be partnered with some one abit different and i think Walcott or Podolski could offer that or else buy Lewondwoski in January as he is there for the taking although cap tied for us. Suarez on his good day could have put some of those chances to bed. It just shows how good he is. I hope by the time we play United about two of our injured players are back.

  21. But who would you drop to fit in another striker to partner Giroud? You’re not going to drop Ozil, Cazorla or Ramsey and on that form last night, you could not drop Rosicky either and you certainly can’t drop Arteta or Flamini. And Giroud is so important for our play as he holds the ball up well and links brilliantly with our attacking midfielders. But with players coming back (hopefully) from injury its a nice problem for us to have.

  22. I would drop Rocisky to the bench with Carzola and Ozil we don’t need him. We need a player with more pace who can score goals for us.
    We are on top because we have been getting goals form midfield. We missed that aspect of the game for years, RVP when he was here did not get much scoring help, all the pressure was on him to win games for us.

    Liverpool was smart not to sell us Suarez because, they would have surely handed us the title. Don’t get me wrong , I love That we got Ozil, but if we Suarez playing just behind Giroud…with our midfield, Suarez would have more goals now …scary thought !

  23. Dropping Rosicky also looks a bad idea.I was his critic but if you look at his defensive part of the game then you can’t drop him without replacing him effectively. He although at his age requires some rest.
    Against Dortmund there is alot of pessimism and rightly so. I just can’t even guess the tactics for that game. We just need a draw if we can and three points will be a bonus. But wait a minute. Dortmund played on Friday ,had their players rested,have fewer injuries than us and are on paper the better team.Do we have any positives tactically in German guys?

  24. Delano

    If you can’t be positive at the moment you never will be. The team is playing well and haven’t lost outside the a Emirates for ages. Other than a few injuries everything is going great.

    I,d like to see Flamini kicking a few people but believe he is out.

  25. Well after 10 rounds Arsenal are still top and for the the first time in quite a while look like title contenders along with the other usual suspects, i hope they continue to play well and do all they can to win something this year. I expected Arsenal to beat liverpool so no surprise there for me. The momentum will be really high for mid week lets push on

  26. What beat Liverpool saturday evening?
    Firstly, a motivated very good Arsenal side who moved forward quuckly and with purpose, no dawdling and needless lateral passing. They made a huge mistake employing two wing backs and three at the back and we exploited that.
    But what we really done well and what earned us the right to impose ourselves andour style of play on the game was our HIGH PRESSING GAME. They could not pass out from the back due to Giroud chasing and Cazorla and Rosicky anticipating and then pressing the recipient of the next pass, these trio had very few interceptions or disposessions for all their work but they enable Arteta and Ramsey to push onto the only available pass to an underpressure liverpool player.
    Its like this, Sakho to Toure, Giroud closes Toures options down not necessarily getting a tackle in but closing off the ball back to Sakho and showing Toure to his rb, the rb then only has one touch- facing his own goal,before Cazorla is onto them, again patient and not diving in but showing them only one avenue, which is now centre field, where Ramsey and Arteta have been inching forward just enough to make it look like Lucas or Gerard are available for a pass, then bang! Tackle or disruption either leading to us turning over the ball and FACING their goal moving forward or at the least them retaining possesion facing their own goal with only a ball back to Sakho or the LB who should be now getting pressed by Rosicky.
    Its quite simple in theory but it was the most satisfying aspect of our performance for me on saturday and it gave us the platform for an impressive win, we have to see more of this, Ramsey particularly shone dispossesing Lucas a couple of times and driving forward, then RETAINING possession. Great stuff.
    Also just to mention there was a 2/3 minute period of play not long before we scored our first which started with Gerard going over the top of Giroud catching him in the head, no free awarded but then Gibbs clatters hard and fair into hendeeson, then Arteta into Gerard, then Giroud into Gerard again leaving him on his arse and then Ramsey in disposses Lucas again. The crowd went nuts, thats the commitment and believe we have been lacking for years and the team ignited the crowd, who responded in kind, on Saturday. Very encouraging.
    Tonight will be tough but I think we can get a win. Ozil has tired of late but lets see if hes up for this tonight, Cazorla is key because he is nearly right back to his best and if we can start this game right, impose our game and nick a goal before they do then I dont see why we couldnt return the favour with a 2-1 win.

  27. @ shambo
    The pressing game was very impressive BUT remember Dortmund will press us as well so the tactics for this match must be spot on i hope wenger has that worked out by now Arsenal need at least a point in Germany

  28. Shambo

    I too thought the game was tonight, but it’s actually tomorrow. I was in an awkward spot because it’s my daughters birthday today and am under orders to take her out to dinner

  29. Ha, things workin out for you so retsub, my daughter is only 18 mths and she will have her jersey on sunday when the wifes Utd family visit on Sunday….hopefully shell want to wear it when shes old enough to choose herself, but til then its tough, shes a junior gooner!!!

  30. Fortunately the game kicks off at 6.45 am here so even if it were my anniverary, my kids’ birthday or christmas I can still watch it! Of course its not on tv here so its another date with a dodgy livestream with foreign language commentary probably (still better than listening to Stewart Robson or Andy Townsend) and frequent dropping out! It’s going to be tough to get a win there but not impossible. Dortmund pressed us really well for an hour but then they got tired. I still reckon we were on track to beat them but they got us with a sucker punch. I’d take a draw though if it were offered. Looking forward to seeing the atmosphere there. Their fans are brilliant and I would like to see us meet them again in the final!

  31. it doesn’t matter what they do but the main thing is they do something

    i want them to trash Dortmund

  32. We just have to beat them….nothing else will suffice.

    This is not to say a draw is not worthwhile, but, in terms of topping the group etc., we MUST beat them.

    Anyways, if we draw and they lose to Napoli…it will even out things again. But, who says they want to lose to Napoli again?

  33. `Tactics will be the difference tonite and to be frank wenger is not good in that aspect at all BUT i hope he gets it right this time cause we don’t want to go to Napoli on the last day needing to only win. Napoli are a very good side at home and they will want revenge as well as the motivation of going to the next round so this game is the most important one for Arsenal in the CL so far

  34. Well it seems we have the same starting XI as on the weekend.
    While continuity is nice are we going to roll out the same side against ManU(re) this weekend?
    This is why I don’t like Kos and the like playing in the Capital one cup.
    We have too many important fixture to waste senior players on a junior cup.

  35. We need somebody to make a run past their their backline because we are too predictable and Giroud isnt bringing anyone into the game. Again, our alter ego of a side with absolutely zero attempts on goal rears his ugly head.
    No goal-threat, no goal. It will have to be a set piece tonight if Giroud and Ozil continue to struggle.

  36. Ram strikes again!
    Why am I still surprised?
    To be honest I’d take the draw but now that we have all 3 let’s keep them.

  37. 85th minute and sweating it out big-time.
    Monreal has come on and done very well defensively.

  38. Whoop-whoop
    Thats away wins in the last 8 mths vs last seasons finalists. Great resolved shown.
    Giroud was inept for 90% of the game but came good and was unplayable for 15mins.
    Both centre halves were outstanding.
    Arteta was very good.
    But Ramsey was different class.
    I have to mention the three occasions I noticed in the second half where he pressed Subotic into a 30 yard pass back to their keeper, the psychological impact this has on both teams cannot be underestimated, brilliant smash and grab!

  39. Wow! I never saw that coming. We rode our luck but again Dortmund could not keep up the intensity beyond the hour mark. We could have snuck an extra goal in the end. Rosicky’s work rate was phenomenal – he is our most under-rated asset right now. And i don’t know what else to say about Ramsey, Koscielny and Mertesacker. Two clean sheets in a row against serious rivals. Can we keep it going against mid-table manchester?!

  40. Wonderful result! The defense was great. Rambo saved us again. 3 shots on target , 1 goal for the whole game !

  41. What an incredible defense….See guys, I always said our defense was never a problem. It was our set-up that was. Now we are more like a unit and understand each other better.
    I was screaming for Rosicky last season, but Wenger knew if Ramsey were to come good, he would be better because of his age…this is why he used to play Ramsey ahead of Rosicky. Now, he plays both and to say Arsenal fans dont love Rosicky is a plain understatement. Ozil, Cazorla, everyone did very well. If we want to look at both teams, they are very evenly balanced. Dortmund have better technique than we do, but, overall, I think we have better individual players and we made our form count on a day it was really needed.

    Sad that Rosicky will be sacrificed for Walcott, but, who else thinks Ozil needs a rest badly before he grinds himself to the ground. Ozil really held up play today on the right, put the technical cross for Giroud to fumble it for Ramseys goal. I think we have a team now, a team of fantastic lovable players…the type we like to have and love.

    Cazorla, Ozil, Walcott, Ramsey, the Ox, Wilshere, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Rosicky, Mertesacker, Szczesny, Flamini, Giroud, Sagna, Monreal, Gibbs, Arteta, Podolski……this is the current order for who plays in my ps3. Boy, I just love these guys.
    I still miss Arshavin and Cesc badly(not for the team, but the sort of talents they were), but RVP and Song are no more favourites, still wish them well though.

  42. My goodness Arsenal are for real this season i must Confess Great win in a hard hard place this team has grown up for sure!!!!!!

  43. On Sunday we need to respect United and play as underdogs again by hitting them on counter attacks.Then we shall get a win but should Wenger feel complacent and take United for granted in open play we may not get the best result expected.
    Remember Dortmund took three points at Emirates as the underdogs. If we fool United into our traps then we shall walk away with all the three points as they have slower defenders to match our game.Little things decide these games like Red cards so we must be careful and treat United with the respect before hitting them where it hurts most. We tore Spurs apart by counter attacking and could have scored more. We hit Dortmund on counter attacks.Against Unietd we shall have to be compact at the back and midfield so as to cut off United’s speeding wingers in Valencia and Young access to the balls. Koser is a good match for a pacy Ronnie and Per can match V.persie for pace as he is not the fastest. I hope we see a pairing of Flamini and Arteta in that curtain wall.

  44. “F” ManU(re) and the dutch skunk.
    I’d settle for the away point but in my heart of hearts I sincerely hope to humiliate them and get payback for the 8-2 thrashing.
    This way “Vanpercy” (I stole that off I think Kel) can be on the whipping side of both losses.

  45. Interesting article on the grauniad about where the dortmund win sits in the ranks of great Arsenal away wins in Europe. Showing my age but the 1-0 away to Juventus back in the Jurassic era (Vaessens in about the 89th minute) when NOONE beat Italian teams on their own ground, still means most to me – I was huddled under the duvet listening on a transistor radio pretending I was asleep! when we scored mum came rushing in thinking I was having nightmare or something!

    Can’t wait for the Manure game. Except it’s a 3am kick off or thereabouts. On a Monday morning before the grind of the working week. Really interested to see if Wenger tweaks the team. I would slot Flamini back in if he is fit and rest ozil or cazorla, and bring him on when the game gets stretched in the second half. i think we are going to need to be disciplined. I think United are going to try and wind us up and get niggly and in our faces because thats the way they are when they play better footballers. I hope we get a good ref too! Another 1-0 would be nice.

  46. Ha ha. The spuds.
    Id take a draw here today as i think we could tire in the second half, other results have taken pressure off us but will also serve as a huge motivational factor for Uniturd.
    Be interesting to see how it goes.COYGs

  47. Slow. Slow. SLOW….. All over the park.
    Gibbs and Sagna look afraid.
    Giroud is at nothing.
    Looks to me like we were playing for a draw.
    The defending of that corner was a joke, gibbs was behind the goaline, i mean come on here its a joke

  48. Yep we are struggling, they just look bigger and hungrier than us. Agree on Giroud and Ozil isn’t doing much. Let’s hope for better in the 2nd half.

  49. This game was a good barometer to see what we are missing. First Ozil has not been like 45 million euros man in the last few games. As I in the beginning of this season the lack of pace up front, will not be work in favour Ozil and playing on the wing does not help.

    For those who say that we do not need a world class striker , we could all see the difference between RVP, Rooney vs Giroud. Yes Giroud works hard for us and in most games he has been holding the ball well for us. We need Ox and Theo back for they pace and finishing, we are times too predictable.

  50. This is was a joke of a game.I personally in my heart never thought we could get a point at United.The need for a striker has now become very clear and eminent. Giroud wont take us far. It seems we cannot just win a game with Vermaleen.He is so unlucky and deserves a bench until he leaves the club. We need a striker and a complete one not walcott or Podolski. Giroud seem s to survive on tap inns and am beginning to question Ozil in big games .He doesn’t show up and can’t chase the ball. Carzola was no where to be seen and Rosicky seems to be the un Sung hero in the past. I just realised how much we missed him. I hope Metasacker gets well soon. Am just so infuriated about such a loss. They were the better team any way and V.persie celebrating his goal against us was rubbing salt in the wound.

  51. Well.
    Another anticipated game vs Utd that resulted in a gutless defeat.
    Lets get this straight. Utd are shit. They were a team struggling for home form without shape under a new manager who didnt know what his best team or formation was.
    What happened?
    Well, predictable Arsenal turned up, thats what happened.
    Slow, ponderous predictable passing, all in front of the home defence, never stretching or turning them or working their keeper.
    We were shapeless going forward and played to our weaknesses instead of strengths as anyone who watched Santi or Ozil could see.
    It was shocking to see Bentdner come on ahead of Gnabry, what was that about????
    The cross at the end from Sagna where Bendtner sticks oyt a leg is the reason he is not fit to play and should not play for Arsenal again. Get away from your marker, peel away to the back post you absolute donkey, chicaritos movenent makes you look like a toddler, a shocking lack of quality or know how.
    Their goal. Ramsey, what are you doing? Hold your position and fucking defend.
    Gibbs, what are you doing, stand on the fucking line and not behind it and defend.
    Vermaelen and Giroud. No idea what either of you are supposed to be doing but you both looked like a couple of cowards, especially you Vermarlen.
    Once again we didmt deserve a win because we didnt work their keeper at all.
    Where were they and is it their fault or Wengers?
    Listen its just one loss but like I said Utd were shit and there for the taking but we didnt believe and the managers post match interviee smacks of indifference because we are still top.
    We could have put these fuckers out of the race AND stole more points off City, Spurs and Chelsea.
    Im sorry but this wasnt the stuff of champions from either the team or manager.
    Made to look toothless by a mediocre outfit who by the way also lost Vidic at halftime.
    Another bitter dissapointment delivered by a team who can do so much better, and forget the pool and dortmund wins because that was piss poor today.
    Giroud hasnt looked like scoring in a month.

  52. Here we go, we are all going to die mode

    It wasn’t that bad, we played better in the 2nd half and unless I am mistaken we are still top of the league

    And personally considering how much game time Vermaelen has had he played pretty well

    Losing at United is darn sight better than than losing at home to Newcastle or away at Sunderland or even drawing at home to a West Brom

  53. I am of the philosophy that we learn from victories and defeats.
    Against Dortmund , we had a great result, but if we analyze in depth , we had few shot on target, created little going forward. Ozil was ghost like today. We have been fortunate to having Ramsey score great , opportunistic goals for us.

    The good news is that we now have a solid team. We are no longer the type of team that can let in 5,6…goals. Are we good enough with what we ‘ve got to win the league? Maybe but I think that the rebuilding of this team should continue. We could use a type of forward like: Aguerro, Suarez, Tevez – strong , low center of gravity, fast, strong technically, always hungry for goals. Interesting the aforementioned are either Argentinians or Uruguayians.

    The team is unbalanced too many central midfield players with very little pace. I know many are attached to Arteta and Rociski, they are good, but in my opinion, we should be ruthless and let them go. Juventus has said they be would willing to sell Pogba for the right price. If Poldoski, skill set does correspond to what we need , ok let ‘s sell him and bring in a winger. We need to become ruthless in our decision making on players.
    Finally , if it was not evident before, we never, never , ever should sell our best player to a rival in England again , even if we have a gun pointed at our forehead.

  54. Obviously Im seriously fucking pissed.
    I feel like if you showed me todays game vs these pricks and told me it was the one from last year, or six years ago, or two years ago, etc etc I wouldnt know because they all play out the same with me feeling cheated by the fact that weve shown little or no bottle or resolve and that honestly they show more desire to score and more commitment to defend.
    Retsub, whst you say is relative.
    We as individuals control each and all of our own destiny. Do not pray that the other guy lacks the conviction to ask your future wife out before you pluck up the courage. Grow a pair, leave nothing to chance and if things dont work out take some solice in the fact you gave it your all.
    Bullshit analogy, granted, but dont be depending on City/Chelsea slip ups winning us a league.
    Champions put pretenders away, just as we have been dispatched in years gone by.
    Where was the threat today?
    What was the plan?
    Out of every man u cunt on the pitch why isnobody ensuring that dutch prick isnt marked from a set play, christsake a setplay is the one time you can be sure of getting a hand on him.
    Its like every possible eventuality that csn cause us Arsenal fans misery is allowed to become reality, fuck me let us concede 4 rather than that prick scored an uncontested header Retsub, I mean comeon lets get real
    And Nicholas Bentdner….what the fuck is Wenger hoping he is going to bring to the table? He couldnt hit row z if he wanted to.
    And what does the manager say??? Fuck all, hes talkingabout the next game after the break.
    I mean wtf????????
    Is it that he cant believe we are top and hes satisfied? No wonder the players pick up onthis vibe, he should be hating losing that game today
    What the fuck is up with that?
    Bullshit tactics, bullshit motivation, bullshit attitude, deserved result….my rage stems not from these but the indifference of the manager and the fact that I will bet any of you my balls that we will be made suffer the same bullshit again when next we visit Old Trafford with this manager.
    If West Brom can beat them at home and score 3, and Stoke can score 2, surely we can hit the target, evidently not.
    What a load of rubbish.

  55. Oh Shambo, you are pissed! My biggest worry right now is Ozil. Simply not good enough for a world class player.

  56. Comrades, take heart! The difference in the end was a corner. One sodding, lousy corner. We weren’t great and neither were they but I thought we were stronger in the second half. But I agree with a couple of you above – 42 million quid man needs to start showing his mettle. Too quiet again for my liking.
    Still top, couple of weeks off fow Walcott and Podolski to come back and offer a bit of variety upfront and give Giroud a break.

  57. The goal came as a direct consequence of zonal marking, if the attacking player get a run and a jump on you and your standing still then 9 out of 10 times he’ll head the ball before you and that what happened, its a coaching problem simple as that.
    The team didn’t play well at all we were toothless, we need a striker BUT lets keep the faith and judge Arsenal at the end of the season.
    @ shambo
    passion as usual i like it
    Cheers guys

  58. It somehow seems every season, we have someone who carries the team. Ramsey is doing it for us right now. I think Ozil has been overused..plain and simple. The manager is not managing this guy, besides, he feels comfortable playing the guy out of position, same with Cazorla. There was no Rosicky, why cant we do a 4-3-2-1 with Ozil and Cazorla behind Giroud? Block the midfield and give those guys upfront some rest. Spreading the game and making everyone run about for three games in a row is very unprofessional for a top class manager like Wenger. It was a sad day for me and I became sick next day, pondering and pondering and pondering why we couldn’t open up an eleven point lead over those guys. VP celebrating made me mad etc. Anyways, I’m just about recovering…..

    We were very indecent in our set-up. Cant blame the players, anyone remember Arshavin? The way we are going, we will turn Ozil to another Arshavin. The way Wenger is going, he will set us up for that. Every player CANNOT do as we expect…no matter how much they cost and we MUST understand this and give them reasonable doubt. Ozil here means a lot more than just eleven players on the pitch. He gives us a name and more than that….he has single handedly given us a new identity. We are now a club that can buy world class quality. So, where are Michael Owen and co. who said Suarez is not in our standard? Well, Ozil is here….

    Cheers guys

  59. If Ozil doesn’t play in a friendly then that is nothing but good news for us. Koscielny f#cking up for France means he is suspended and will have a week off too! That’s good news if you ask me.

  60. True Terry about Kos…but my concern is I thought he had matured and was beyond these types of blunders, which is worrying .

  61. He is only human….remember he got sent off for us earlier in the season?

    He is in an improvement period. He will definitely come out stronger

  62. The comfort of seeing Kos with Per in defense is worth a point before we even start. I just can’t help but trusting Vermaleen is a joke to me. I wish Wenger could craft him the Defensive midfield battle than relegating him to the bench.
    Walcott coming back will revive our campaign again. He has been the missing link for us as he is a real goal threat than any other attacker at the current and he provides us the outlet from a compact midfield.
    Am just expecting 3 points over the weekend however good Soton could be.They must come back to earth due to the rested and fresh players we have at our diposal. We can easily seal our champions league place on Wednesday.

  63. Its official WALCOTT is going to revive our blunt attack again. Just can’t wait to see him finish off defense splitting passes from Ozil again.

  64. Delano
    Whilst I agree that Walcott will add a new dimension to the attack, it’s a little unfair to call it blunt, there are 19 teams behind us in the league and only one team has scored more. We are averaging 2 a game which isn’t bad

  65. @Retsub ,yes you are right but on the contrary you must agree with me that most of the goals have been comming from midfielders and Giroud took less shots towards the opposition goal in the recent few matches and with Walcott so hungry for Brazil and him being our top scorer while playing on the wings last season shows you how much we have missed him.
    With Arsenal being top of the league and him being part of it would make the best of him.I think this black November will be a myth with the exception of the United loss.

  66. Just now sitting down to the replay.
    I’ll have a review/preview up by Monday.
    Nice to see Wilshere get a (non-England) run out.

  67. Great to see Theo Back. We had a very good victory today. I thought that Ozil was a little better than what we have seen of him for the last weeks. As correctly stated by Gunnerboss, Ozil and Carzola have been playing out of position on the wings. Giroud scored today , it should be good for his confidence, he had not scored in the last few weeks.

  68. I remember seeing Ozil on the wings again and only left in the second half after Walcott was introduced.But either way he was very active today and looked so interested.I think a rest did him better.On the whole the whole team played better and Wilshere was hugely involved today he is beginning to get back to his best. I loved the direct and high paced runs on balls we have been missing from Walcott although it was abit short. Remember it is him and now Flamini the only senior members of our Team. Lets await for Merseille and i hope Walcott gets more game time for fitness levels.

  69. I thought we made hard work of it. Southampton are a decent side but we should have had the three points wrapped up before the penalty. But there were some good signs. Walcott coming back gives us some more options. Giroud was outstanding again. His work rate is immense. I think Wenger will bring back Flamini for Marseilles and I would not be surprised to see Rosicky get a start. And Gibbs must be the most under-rated fullback in the league. He has been one of our most consistent players all season.

  70. @ Terry you are spot on at Gibbs. He has not had any consistent winger covering him up but he hasn’t been exposed so much at all. Just watching him playing ahead of Monreal when we are closing up games in last 10 to 15 minutes gives us alot of optimism for the Title. Gibbs speed and dribble enables attack and create havoc even when closing up games. I remember Gareth Bale being played as a left back although he never had the best of dribbles. Gibbs if well handled and improved on his shooting abilities can turn to b one of the best wingers around. We are just spoilt for choice between Monreal and Gibbs just like we are in the midfield. Its only Vermaleen that i pity ever since we lost to Spurs and later on won against Bayern without his presence in our back line. Does any of you guys remember that when we lost to United and Chelsea this season we had Vermaleen in our Defense!! Should wenger sell our Captain or just convert him into a wing back and push Gibbs further upfront. In the alternative our DM has two ageing players in Flamini and Arteta.Frimpong is still gaining experience.Can Vermaleen be crafted in there as a defensive midfielder. Sagna has deputised as a center back in the past and excelled beyond Vermaleens abilities. My opinion is just a food for thouught on our captain.

  71. Terry
    There have been a number of games where we have struggled, but I find it quite encouraging that we are grinding out results. I also agree on Gibbs but Concur that Monreal is looking good as well

    Just watching City stuff Spurs, we will be celebrating St Totteringham day early this season

  72. Fairly nice weekend for the gunners. United lost points. we should be able to beat up on our next 2 opponents in the league. Spurs seem to be out of the race but that performance may be deceptive.They are still a good side

  73. Spurs play Manure next weekend too. A 0-0 draw, with numerous sendings off and RVP out with an ankle injury for old times sake! (I might write to Santa early this year)

    if Man $ity get their shit together and start winning away from home they will be tough to beat. Their squad is immense.

    this is shaping up as the best season for a long time and not just because we are top – oh alright, mostly because we are on top!

    Am worried about Ramsey’s goal drought. That’s two games without scoring!

  74. Lol Terry Ramsey’s goal drought?! Well he has performed beyond expectations , to continue to challenge at the top , we will require more goals from Ramsey, Wilshere, Carzola and Ozil.

  75. Yeah……

    Fresh win = Much less venting

    Cheers guys…so nice to see the Spuds getting stuffed 6

  76. well done to the team, I must say Arsenal have been ruthless on average teams this season hope they keep it up, this club (MUST) win something this season

  77. Nice goals from Jack. A draw against Napoli will see us top. Couldn’t see the game so be nice to hear from someone who saw it and how we looked. And what’s up with Gibbs? I saw nacho playing instead. Injury? I expect to see Walcott getting more game time on the weekend.

  78. Ya i equally didnt see the game but hope some one will narrate. @Terry Nacho must get game time to play. Gibbs hasn’t earned the right to start every game ahead of Nacho and Nacho is by all standards a very descent left back.
    Nevertheless there is still room for drama in the group of death as we can as well kiss goodby on the last group game. Football is football. A red card can change anything and we see Dortmund and Napoli go through. It is however equally possible that Merseille could thump Dortmund for dead or a draw and we shall be through without needing to even play. I hope it happens as Naples may be very tricky. Otherwise good for the guys and fans.

  79. Last night was pretty easy, Marseille offered very little, although Szs did make a very good save. Monreal looked very good to me.

    It felt a little like a practise match. Everyone played pretty well with the possible exception of Ozil. He had a few good moments, but looked a little off the pace to me and messed up a penalty, by trying to do a little showboating.

    Theo came on and whilst he was lively his radar was a little off as it often is until he gets. A few games under his belt.

  80. How we all doin fellas?
    Took a bit of a break since my post after the Utd game, watched the game in the Pub with 3 gooners and 60 or so utd fans so I probably needed to give myself a bit of time before posting as I still had the echoes of idiot Man Utd talk ringin in my ears.
    It was still a sorely lacking performance but well chalk it down as a small bump in the road and we have since upped it again so it hasnt hurt us in the short term.
    Cardiff today will be a stern test, they have great home support, feisty players in Medel and strength in Caulkner but they are too dependant on Campbell up front. Mutch is slow and very average so we can afford to tell Koscielny to give Campbell the majority of his attention.
    They have a Centre half in Turner who is playing two divisions out of his depth and we must exploit his lack of pace.
    Ozil, who is clearly lacking in confidence at the moment, has to be started today, not rested,he can be rested at the 65 min mark when we are 3up!!!! Wishful thinkin there!!
    We can rest him next week at home to hull when we have Podi returning to the fold.
    I think Verm and Monreal should start today, defo Monreal who deserves more game time and has not let us down once yet, and I think he is better goin forward than Gibbsy who will be England LB once he improves his delivery.
    Sagna verm kos the boss Monreal
    Ramsey Wilshere
    Ozil MUST be played CENTRAL and given the opportunity to get his mojo back, stop tryin to be over clever Wenger and play him where he most helps the team, where he can go left OR right and isnot doubled defended in the top right corner with nowhere to go.
    Vote NO to Ozil on the wing, HA!
    And when Ozil has set up two and scored one you can bring on Santi to take the piss complety.

  81. great, ‘they started this extra bit of quality when the needed it ….’ commentator 🙂
    congrats to szsz, great save, great reaction,
    congrats to ozil, two wonderful assists,
    congrats to the whole Team, they kept Focus when they really got under pressure
    Fazit: there really is a Change in the Team, haven’t seen so much in recent times, but now I’m convinced 😎

  82. Hi Shambo , you called the score 3 – nil and 2 assist from Ozil. I agree with Theo back, we should give Giroud a break.
    Let the good times roll!

  83. Seven points clear going into December. Who’d a thunk it?! And another clean sheet. Two more goals for Rambo. Against a side who have beaten Man$ity and got a deserved draw v Manure. Good times.

  84. and by the way… Manu smashed Leverkusen 5:0 in CL , Leverkusen stays second in the Bundesliga ahead of Dortmund, so Arsenal weren’t such bad ……..

  85. Quite enjoying United and Spurs kicking lumps out of each other. It would be tempting to lend them Flamini for 45 minutes each.

    As much as it pains me I hope Spurs win. I see United as a bigger danger. Spurs will always accommodate with their annual choke

  86. Hi Retsub. Draw between Spuds and Manure probably the best outcome we could have hoped for. United play Everton this week which will be interesting – Moyes up against his former team. And we play the Hull Puddy Tats or whatever they are called these days. I spent four years there as a student so have a bit of a soft spot for them but hope we keep our form up and bang in a few to keep our goal difference healthy. Man $ity starting to look ominous. If they can work out how to win away they are going to be tough to beat. We have tough run of games coming up – Everton, Napoli, $ity, Chelski and Newcastle. Fingers crossed for no new injuries.

  87. I would love to see Giroud rested on Wednesday and start up front with Theo, Podolski if he is ready.
    Carzola or Ozil should be rested too.

  88. All the news is about who should be rested for the next few games. Realistically Hull is the only game we can afford to take a chance in that respect. Personally I don’t think Theo is ready for 90 minutes yet, so as much as he needs a rest it has to be Giroud for me. Ramsey has a tremendous engine so he plays every game for me. With Sagna out I wouldn’t change the defence as Jenkinson has proved a little error prone.

    It’s a.very difficult decision for Wenger, I would ensure Cazorla gets some game time ahead of the big games.


  89. I am worried about fatigue, but injuries are the main concerns. They are made of flesh and bone not steel.

  90. One of the highlights of Arsenal this season has been how ruthless they have been on Average teams and i think tonight will no different

  91. Spot on Kel. In the last few years, we might well have found ourselves dropping points for not having killed off teams that we had outplayed, conceding sloppy goals or whateveer. This team feels different. I was a bit nervous that we were only one up at half time when we should have been out of sight, but the second goal calmed the nerves and we never looked in danger of shipping a goal. Happy for NB23 (what happened to 52?!) to get a goal and I thought he put in a good shift and linked up well. In fact I think he was too cautious at times, playing an easy ball back when he might have had other options. I think that was a sign that he was nervous about f#cking up and copping a pasting from the fans.

    Good to see Jenks and Monreal getting a run and Rosicky too. Everton up next. That will be a tough game as they are in great form. Manure in 9th! Wouldn’t it be hilarious if they miss out on the top 4?!

  92. Terry,
    B52 was a target he was setting for himself,he wanted to score 52 goals in his career, he has since had a chat with himself and set a more realistic target in 23 total career goals…..ha ha ha……
    Yeah good goal for Bentdner but the most satisfying thing about him scoring as far as Im concerned is that someone may just take him off our wage bill in January, hes just not good enough and, yeah he scored last night but come on’ that was a peach of a cross from Jenks, which Bentdner failed to recognise as he ran past the RB to take in the adoration.
    We are playing very well and limiting teams to few chances and when they do test our goal Shezza has had the answers, unlike in the past he is now making tge big saves that get you points.
    The squad is getting scary competitive and Podolski returns soon, just in time for our tough period

  93. Accordingly to the daily mirror (I know it’s normally rubbish). RVP has handed in a transfer request. Would we have him back. I doubt it and anyway we have got super nic

  94. Retsub,
    I would say the mirror is more reliable than the Sun or Star, but who knows with Van Persie, he is capable of anything that results in personal gain and its no secret he was disgruntled after Ferguson fooled him into signing only to then retire.
    From our point of view, we shouldnt take back anybody like him or Nasri, etc. Arsene Wenger recruited them, Arsenal FC made them what they became and are. Henry/Vieira, etc owed us nothing and gave us everything, they rejected moves for years before they left with Wengers blessing.
    I never want to see Van Persie in an Arsenal shirt again, he is a negative influence in a dressing room and all about himself, the opposite of what our squad now reflects.
    Let him rot with Utd on thur nights next year.

  95. We have the chance to go 7 points clear……

    There shall be no repeat of the Eduardo injury in Jesus name, Amen.

    Once we go over this hurdle, it will be all over. What I like about the team is that we are ready.

    Cheers guys

  96. Retsub,
    Consecutive home defeats for Utd, they are in a world of hurt right now and are totally dependant on two individuals who have history when it comes to forcing moves away in Rooney and Van Pursestrings, they are both, especially Van Persie, ego driven and about themselves so we will see whether they sulk or fight together….I suspect there will be more trouble in that camp soon.
    But anyway who cares about them now???.
    Today is massive for us.
    You have to capitalise on your rivals defeats to gain points but also a psycological blow can also be landed in the process, get them thinking ‘How will we catch Arsenal?’ and make our head to head games with Chelsea and City much bigger and more pressured games for them than for us where it will bring out the best in us even more.
    Everton are the second best side in this league right now apart from us when they have their best 11 fit. They have a gem of a manager whos philosophy and mentality mirrors our own.
    They have the best fullbacks in the league, though Baines is missing today. They have one of the toughest strikers in the world to play against in Lukaku. But most of all Everton are a team who are as united as any in this league and do not go down easily. We MUST give them the respect theydeserve or we will get burned.
    Deufeleu and Mirallas must be given no time on the ball.
    If we conduct ourselves and apply ourselves when we dont have the ball as we have been this season then we should come out on top but I hope we dont miss Flamini too much in that regard.
    Likewise Everton cannot come and approach this game as they did at Old Trafford, we are a much better side and the fear factor of Ozil, Ramsey, Santi ( let alone jack, theo and co) speaks for itself.
    Im very confident of a win, Im just conscious of the threat Everton pose when afforded time on the ball.
    3-1 win with Cazorla scoring and theo grabbing one off the bench!!

  97. Shambo

    Agree with you on Everton ands it’s actually nice to see a team like them doing well. I have seen varying reports on if Flamini plays today, really hope he does.

    As you say this will be a toughie. My biggest concern is Jenks. He’s a good lad and a good prospect, but he has proved to be a little error prone particularly in the air. Everton have this fast winger ( whose name escapes me). So it’s really important that Jenks gets protection. That said Jenks is a far better crosser than Sagna.

    What’s your view on Berbatov? I think he could be a really good short term investment. Given Arsenals habit of passing the ball into the net I think he could be a real asset in the box

  98. Retsub,
    We should have looked for 24m AND Berbatov in the Van Persie deal, it made perfect sense to everyone bar Wenger and Berbatov went on to have an excellent season then with Fulham.
    Since that hes been lukewarm and has downed tools at Fulham and isnt being a team player.
    If joining us and the prospect of a title could serve to motivate him to be the player he can be then absolutely he would be a great asset and even threaten Girouds starting spot, if not then he could hurt the moral Wenger has worked so hard to build.

  99. Well that wasn’t nice to watch. I think some of our boys think we are top of the league and we can relax. Hopefully Evertons continual fouling has woken one or two of them up.

    Thankfully Kos is keeping his Head and having a really good game

    Too many passengers at the moment

  100. It was a fair result.
    They bossed us first half because our pressure on them was non existant, really really poor pressing game for a home team, let alone a team that really had motivation to win today.
    Second half was more like it alright and Koscielny and Gibbs were responsible in my opinion because they injected the urgency into our game.

  101. Well some players like Carzola,Wilshere and Giroud were really below standard.I thought playing Wilshere on the wing instead of either Walcott or Gnabry was a joke from Wenger. On evidence of Giroud’s performance we may not win the league.Hold up play alone is not enough if you can’t create himself enough space to shoot at goal. I think Lukaku looked more of a threat than Giroud on either sides.Giroud shouldn’t be guaranteed first choice striker as of right and if neither of Walcott or Podolski steps up i now support Wenger going in the market come January for a striker.Either way i think it is a point gained. I would take three points from the coming 3 games ahead any day.

  102. Delano,
    Indeed Giroud leaves alot to be desired, first half he just couldnt keep the ball, I mean they were just passes into his feet and he was terrible, where Lukaku was taking the same, and more difficult, passes and spinning away from our players, he is quite slow aswel but aerially he gives us something and when he does get it right hislink play is very good. I cant believe he missed the walcott headed pass for the goal, I mean missed the contact even, that was poor. Hes either very good or very bad Im afraid and he can go twenty mins and quite happily remain missing in action. He is a good player but will never be a top striker sadly.
    Cazorlas form is something Iv been talking about here for some time. He doesnt look sharp and is having to do too much defensively which makes it difficult to get back up with an attack. I dont like when Wenger plays these creative players like this. Its haphazard messy formation wherethey are told to play according to the situation and its unco-ordinated and lazy to the point where you could actually see Arteta questioning the exhasperated Wilshere and Cazorla in the first half and nobody knew their job. Poor preperation really and I dont want to believe we took a team as good as Everton for granted but I cant find another reason for thst opening forty mins.
    Id hate to see Wenger pull an Arshavin with Cazorla and I really dont get where Ozil is playing. Wenger could play this formation
    Jenks Merte Kos Gibbs
    Wilshere Ramsey
    Ozil Cazorla
    Whats wrong with this????
    This is what we got first half.
    Jenks Merte Kos Gibbs



  103. Sorry those formations above didnt post as they were written for some reason, the second one is supposed to show the four lads in the middle on top of each other and a huge gap between them and ozil and another big gap between Ozil and Giroud, which was how it was!!! How many times did Ozil find Giroud or Caz or anyone find anyone??????
    Poor from Wenger not so much the players really.

  104. Well Theo has to start , we need his goals. Playing Carzola and Ozil on the wings is not sustainable long term , neither is relying on Ramsey’s goals. I know that we could use a top striker, but Wenger won’t get one.
    Wenger will feel that our team is good enough to win without adding to it.

  105. I thought it was a cracking game.Even though we were not at our best we still created half a dozen decent chances. their keeper was the busier. Draw was probably a fair result. I wonder how Wenger will set his team out against Napoli. I would start with Walcott as I think his pace will cause them problems. Cazorla looks like he needs a spell and Ramsey too. Arteta and Flamini should start and I would be tempted to go with Rosicky as well. I thought our defence was fantastic by the way. Koscielny was my MoM.

  106. We almost got kicked out of Europe. I wonder what is happening with Carzola and Giroud. Carzola never takes shots as he used to and his impact on games is non existant.am fearing for the worst against Man city this weekend. I actually thought the Everton game was a day off but it was not..These players can’t shoot from distance and we have now lost first spot stupidly.None of them deserved to grace the Arsenal shirt today.

  107. Truthfully,you´ll never win with the kinds of tactics your coach employs. Arteta,flamini combo will never bring out the best in your team,i thought the game with man united showed that,now from an easy picking of second placed teams to playing the top teams of the group. Wenger keep talking about rotation,but he´ll never rotate,he´ll just make the same errors until it cost the team again. And yeah,you do need a new striker perhaps, a lil quicker and more mobile,the higuain goal? Giroud wouldn´t dream of it!

  108. It wasn’t a great performance but we qualified from the group of death, which I am sure we would all have taken at the beginning

    As for not being fit to wear the shirt, I don’t think Mert and Kos would appreciate your comments, they worked there socks off.

    Giroud had a pretty good game as well given he had little or no support. He was never going to get many opportunities the way the team was set up. Once again he worked his socks off taking pressure off the defence

    Ok so we probably get Barca, but if we are going to win this competition you have to beat the best

  109. Koscielny was excellent again.
    Mertesacker was inept for both goals.
    The lack of concentration and motivation extended from the first half on Sunday to an entire 90 mins tonight, something that seemed impossible.
    Giroud will never be a top striker, Delano is right give him the Higuain goal scenario 100 times he may score 6/7 times tops.
    Everything has to fall right for him to score, dont expect any ingenuity or craft, his run and the cross or pass must be exact for him to convert, he will not get you goals out of the blue.
    To be honest Im tired of watching him throwing his arms about, puffing his cheeks and looking skywards like the gods are foresaking him, he gives up to easily, as does Ozil and Cazorla, if you watch carefully its actually quite disconcerting to see how close they are to an opponent and the ball yet how they make it look like they have no chance of getting a tackle in by keeping their distance almost deliberately, quite alarming.
    Giroud was the worst player on the field from min 1 to min 93 for attitude” concentration and execution, next was Cazorla, then Gibbs and Arteta, both of whom were negative in posession and were out of position half the evening.
    Jenkinson just isnt a footballer, I dont thinkthats even up for debate, good athlete but he cant even stand up straight beside a football, his crossing is his only decent attribute, and Arsenal dont cross much, actually cant remember a single cross into their six yard box.
    That was a waste of time there tonight.
    Sunday will tell whether it was worth themnot exerting themselves if they are fresh enough to beat City.
    Wenger is now hoping for luck in the draw for the last 16 vs a seeded team. The man really makes me wonder sometimes about whether he believes the stuff he comes out with. Yes Arsene lets pray for luck, because everybody knows its luck that wins trophies followed in close second to applying yourself properly and doing your job to the best of your ability.

  110. Giroud is being himself, we have been saying for a long time , he is a good striker , but not a great one. We could never win a major trophy relying on him.
    Shambo , you are so right, that’s why I wanted Wenger to get Higuain in the summer, Giroud can score a goal like that…too slow.
    Ozil was worst than Carzola and he finished the game!
    Wenger should rotate Ozil and Carzola and make sure Theo starts on the wing.

  111. Seems to me that we have a selective memory problem here. Wasn’t it one Olivier Giroud who scored a very good goal against Napoli?

    Shambo the city game is Saturday lunchtime

  112. Always cracks me up that some people come on this site to have a moan when we play poorly yet are conspicuously quiet after a good performance. I think we switched off in the second half and nearly came a cropper but didn’t. If I were a Napoli fan I would be questioning why they didn’t go for it until the 90th minute when it dawned on them that they needed to.

  113. Not bashing Wenger, but, he seemed to set up for a draw. Atleast bring in Walcott to peg back that crazy left back of theirs and Monreal to double up on the left…..case closed. Giroud was on a yellow, what was Walcott still doing on the bench? Arteta had a yellow, why was Wilshere or Vermaelen not brought in to hold the middle? Keeping an eye on Saturday where we might lose again doe not make sense to me. We are already 5points clear. Get this crucial point first, because all the hard work so far is almost pointless…now, we meet group winners yet again. I think it was a wrong and too laid back casual approach. Wilshere/Ramsey and Flamini would never be that clumsy in the middle. Its a shame…the red card, it made us more tired and even though Napoli completely got tired, Insigne was a boost cos he was fresh….Walcott would’ve added another dimension to that toothless attack. Giroud was completely exhausted. If we dont atleast draw with City, Wenger would’ve shot himself in the leg again with crazy tactics or lack of it

  114. Guys, Wenger told Ozil atleast not to over-exert himself. We could see that he never spinted once forwards. We should be able to know when the manger tells someone to do this or that. I hate it when we question so-so player or so-so player. When did Cazorla become Arshavin to us? Are we going to make him the new Arshavin? Haven’t we noticed that he is no more taking his shots on goal like before? Wenger kills these guys with his style and makes people like Ramsey look good cos of how he sets them up. You think if Cazorla were in the middle, he would not have a pop? Flamini was the one running into those positions cos there was no Ramsey….this is what they practice and they stuck to the tactics. So, please…..if we want to blame anyone…look for the man that set them up. Everyone on earth expected Walcott to peg back that left back, not Wenger…as we could see the best place for him was the bench and I was never a fan of Arteta. He brought back Arteta into the side even when we were doing magnificent with only Flamini holding. Wenger did well to bring Ozil in, BUT, my main problem with him has not changed…he always needs luck with his set-ups. Maybe an injury to Arteta would’ve made us win that game. Napoli were shit yesterday…we did not play at 30 percent, hence the defense was under-pressure. All the players were not on the same wavelength in terms of “lets close them down” and so, those who choose to do so did not get the necessary backup. If only I knew why Giroud was still playing. Napoli is not a threat on set pieces, so, defending corners is out of the equation. Hold-up play my foot….we didn’t need that yesterday at all. Arteta is the WEAK link in this team so far and Monreal is way better than Gibbs….but, Wenger likes some people, doesn’t he? I dont know why Vermaelen like manure Jones cant be coming in at DM to tightly man-mark the striker..giving the CBs space and time to see where to nullify any existing threats rather than doing their jobs and keeping an eye on the Cf. If Madrid could do it against Athletico, I dont know why we cant do it if we really wanted the draw we set out to achieve. I’m not mad, in just not too surprised and I dont like it how we bash the players that do not deserve it. How many times did Flamini run into the box? Is he the best man for that job? But, this is what they practiced, else that guy would not be doing it. Can we stop putting round pegs into square holes? The sooner the better. How can we be using a tactic best suited to Ramsey(cos Wilshere does not even do this), when he is not playing? Are we still one dimensional? If so, the impact of Ozil so far cannot be underestimated…can we read between the lines?

    Thank guys. Cheers

  115. @Gunerboss thats a good emotional opinion. Giroud is becoming a joke he scores obvious goals. Vermaleen must be crafted in Defensive midfield. Arteta to me has never commanded so much respect and has not earned any right to be arsenal Captain.Age is not on his side and he is at best a squad player and not a starter. Our best weapons are in Podolski and Walcott. I count on Gnabry too as he has the physique and pace in him to impress. For Wilshere,Arteta and Carzola wenger is to blame for the way they are playing at the moment.
    We can’t afford to bench a player like Vermaleen the whole season and fail to craft him in DM. Jenkins is not a bad player but the problem is that he was never supported by the winger ahead of him. I just can’t count on Giroud .He is a good squad player and not a starter. Hold up play he thinks he does is not what we want. We need a striker who is quick to shoot at every slight sight of goal period.ManCity must be on the high having beaten Bayern. Am already consigned to a weekend defeat unless a miracle happens. We are all of the sudden looking a radderless ship and it may be worse by the end of the three consecutive games. Remember we still have SPURS to play soon.

  116. Without Ramsey goals we would not currently be in the top 4 ! Our best finisher in front of goal is Theo, he has to play.
    Kos was immense again, he has been our best player this season after Ramsey.
    Is Wenger trying to keep Carzola and Ozil happy by playing them both out of position?
    Getting a world class player like Ozil was and is a big boost to the psyche of our players and fans, but we already had a lot central offensive midfielders, hence the selection dilemmas for Wenger.
    Let’s be honest what we really needed was a world class striker.

    Like Napoli showed last night, if you do not have players defending your flanks , opposite full backs will attack and hurt you.

  117. Gunfest
    I agree we need a top quality striker, but to enhance what Giroud gives us not to replace him. I too was calling out for Theo last night, but I don’t think he is the answer either, maybe he is being saved for Saturday?

    quote Giroud is becoming a joke he only scores obvious goal. Next time Giroud scores perhaps he will declare himself offside because the goal was to obvious? If he puts away 20 to 25 obvious goals a season will it be a problem?

    It was this type of rubbish that almost destroyed Ramsey and look at him now

  118. Retsub – I agree , I would still keep Giroud if we brought in top striker.
    Theo adds pace to our game, unless our passing is sharp and precise, we can be predictable at times like last night and create very little scoring chances.

  119. @Retsub you are entitled to your opinion. I don’t want to feel personal against Giroud but giving a honest opinion shared by many.I mean we need some ingenuity from him.I know he can’t be a suarez but he can be a Benzema,Higuain,Lukaku etc.Thats why am saying he is wasting too much space that would have been occupied by either Podoldki or Walcott .Both are far better than him individually basing on last years statistics. It is good you agree with me on Carzola a real talented player who is shamelessly hidding his ability for reasons no one knows. Without Ramsey we have no game winner.A Title winning squad will need more than one hero a match.We are missing that .

  120. Well said Delano. Giroud has positives to be sure: work rate, heading ability, size, strength, but technically he is inferior to players like Benzema , Higuain .
    A good comparison would be between Giroud and Lukaku, the Belgian makes up for his deficiencies with more strength and especially pace which is a combination that can cause problems to any defender!

  121. The reason we are talking is because of Wenger. He did not set up for a win, this was very clear.

    Henry was in the Sky Sports studio with Jamie Redknapp and Gary Neville. They all expected Walcott in there from the start to threathen them from coming at us. Okay, probably Walcott was ill or something? What of Vermaelen for example? For goodness sakes, these guys needed to score three and we couldn’t even set-up to stifle them properly. No man-marking, the only proper counter…Giroud missed it. So, we knew the second half would be hard…but, did Wenger re-inforce early enough? He knew the yellow cards could turn to red at any time….he knew Arteta is clumsy especially towards the end. Now, after Ramsey replaced Rosicky, what stopped Arteta going out for Monreal to give us more depth? Taking out Cazorla when Ramsey came in seem incorrect to me. Flamini was doing Ramsey runs, then Ramsey came in…what was one of the DMs still doing on the pitch? Arteta is older and way clumsier, on a yellow and should have gone out. I’m not blaming him for the second yellow, but Wenger should have been able to read between the lines. We cannot play this rubbish against City, it was dumb and silly. We had all the impetus to attack and attack cos we had to concede three to get out…emphasis would’ve been on scoring. Ozil and Cazorla should’ve been more central in my opinion. I hate it when they are required to track back so much…these are marquee players other teams would salivate to get and yet we waste them.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but, we need to be more carefull with this tinkering. Flamini MUST NOT play with Arteta in the middle. Any attempt to convert Flamini to doing a Ramsey will not work now. Arteta has to be sacrificed like Vermaelen was. For goodness sakes the team was doing magnificent before Arteta came back. Now, we have the Walcott headache.
    i will also suggest we try not to focus on one player cos a manager set them up in the first place. Jenkinson did extremely well, infact, they all did magnificently given the way they were set-up. Wenger should’ve rather been a bit more proactive in my opinion. He was too too reactive yesterday.



    This has to be our best headache for now…till Podolski comes back. Cheers guys

  122. Well said Delano, we don’t always agree, but the more activity we have the more interesting it gets

    Are some of the old regulars lurking. One nil are you still out there?

  123. Shame this thing does not keep the players the way I did. I’ll try again.


    Cheers guys

  124. Is anyone else having technical issues on this site? It’s not running properly on my mac for some reason. Anyway, some interesting views. Can’t agree on Vermaelen. He can’t get into the side because Kos and Mert are in such good form. I don’t see him as a midfielder. And I think in some games Arteta and Flamini should start. But I would go with Flamini against City as he is more physical and we’ll need that against Yaya. My guess is Wenger was intending to bring Walcott on but the goal and sending off changed his plans. I think the whole side collectively switched off the other night thinking the job was done and they had the City game on their mind. At least I hope that is the case! I think we can match them if we are at our best. Fingers, toes crossed.
    A new post would be good. What’s going on Lefty.?

  125. Terry I have everything crossed and it’s not too comfortable.

    Just looking at the team selection, quite an attacking formation. If we are going to win it’s going to have to be a big team effort. Theo and Jack will have to have good games as both are capable of disappearing. Ozil must be due for a big game As well


  126. Im worried about Mertesackers pace and his inability to get out with the offside trap on time, at least once every game he plays an onrushing attacker onside, Aguero and Negredo will punish this.
    Im not confident as I think our preperation for this game has been poor but it could be a going day for us and on those days we can beat anyone

  127. Yeah Delano but next goal is crucial and if we get it we could turn the game on its head.
    Im just not seeing anything from us to do it though.
    Theres nobody pushing the hard yards, as usual we are waiting for the oppurtunitys rather than going at City and forcing them.

  128. ….boom!!!!!
    Out of nothing Theos just equalised, yet another assist from Ozil.
    Time to push on now and stay focused at the back.

  129. Szeny looks to be in a very bad form. Are any of you guys realising that.He seems to be conceeding goals at will. Koscienly injured. Vermaleen is comming on and i think that is the end of any of our hopes . I just don’t trust Vermaleen and whenever he has come on we have miserably lost.It’s dejavu again. The chelsea game may not be different from this one today.

  130. …yep, theres that focus I was talking about,should have conceded 3mins after scoring but Negredo misses but this is a sympathethic Arsenal side who hold out for a whopping 4 more mins before allowing him to make amends.
    You have to just scratch your head with this side.

  131. City look like they will score every time they attack. Not sure if Wilshire is doing too much (last time said that we scored)

    Losing Kos is huge lets hope TV performs. Difficult to see us winning this one as I don’t think we can out score them

    The better team are winning, but we have had some dubious offside decisions against us one of which was just prior to the goal

  132. Jesus we are already 3 down again and Giroud is winning after missing infront of goal. Wenger has alot of explaining to do as we again look so inferior.No wonder he has been talking about winning the title already.

  133. It is just 4-2. I wonder what the defense is doing. But Giroud can’t help out at all and yet he feels the lead striker. He is not applying himself enough into the game.

  134. We need another descent striker in January to partner Walcott. Otherwise we are going to fight for a top 4 finish this season without a doubt. We just can’t beat the big sides at all and in all respects we have looked inferior against both Manchester teams and Chelsea this season already with the exception of Liverpool and Spurs who are not at the same level with those teams.

  135. Its high time we introduced Fabianski again to goal as it will help rejuvenate Schezy . He has now conceeded 9 goals in just three games. And i think all the fans now know how a joke Vermaleen is in our defence.We have always lost whenever he has played and the longer he is benched the better. Rather play Sagna there than Vermaleen.I just hope Wenger keeps his big mouth shut as we were beaten by the best team and i expect a similar result against Chelsea. The earlier Schzny is benched the better. We just can’t defend and can’t out score the opponents.

  136. We are always behind the team.
    Dont send your frustrations our way and look to the glaring issues when it cones to these big games….chief of which seems to be the ability to identify our opponents threat.
    Set piece defending is poor and is costing us in the big games.
    Weve no gear change in regards dictating tempo and upping our intensity, the approach and first 40mins of the everton game leaves big questions to be answered from the management team as to where was the motivation and will to win after the previous days results went our way.
    Midweek we needed a point to guarentee top spot which, having failed to get and subsequently been dealt a tough draw in previous seasons, was also not enough to motivate this coaching staff or team to go and try to win to ensure we got the result and controlled our own destiny.
    The manager himself stated we now need ‘luck’ in the draw.
    Today we concede 6, theos first was a fortunate goal and we could not even get to halftime and defend as a unit and re group.
    Giroud was again Giroud. Hes a back up striker or target man, not a title contending teams dependant goal source.
    Everytime we scored they instantly responded, which is such a shocking display of concentration and lack of resolution. On one occasion its a problem, but when they do it 4 times and score 6 goals thats something that cant be ignored.
    A deserved spanking and welcome reality check which should be used to get some perspective and focus but I tell you they still have alot of growing up to do and we must sign a clinical striker in January.

  137. Good analysis but Wenger will always have excuses. How do you score three goals away and fail to win a game or even get a point. It is a shame that whatever Steve Bould attempts to achieve is washed down in a flash by a superior team to us. The only positive is that at least we have a striker who is not shy of scoring in big games. Walcott to me has been the only positive as i have a conviction that he can still be out top scorer this season if he keeps fit till the end of season .He is far better and clinical than any we have at the moment.

  138. I think injuries have helped us with BURN-OUT problems in the past to our advantage, hence Wenger has never really taken notice. This season, we have from Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky, Wilshere, Ramsey, Walcott, Cazorla and Ozil to choose from…..if we chip in Gnabry for pace and breather against lesser teams, then, we have no reason to burn out Ozil.
    Let us ask ourselves again, “Is Wilshere any better than Rosicky?”, talkless of Cazorla? Please dont answer the question.

    My point is, Wenger has kicked himself in the foot YET ANOTHER SEASON, champs league second when we couldve played for a draw against Napoli with our second string like City did. Why did we need Giroud, Cazorla and Rosicky and Ozil to defend against Napoli? We lost the game right? Why did we lose this one when we risked those guys with this match in mind?

    All our players did extremely well, I think Vermaelen is not the guy we know anymore…he certainly needs to work on his sharpness. Two goals were scored right thru him. I think Monreal did absolutely well, same with Sagna ..eventhough, I dont know why Jenkinson could not be trusted here today.

    How many times have we lost the last champs league games we needed a draw to top the group and consequently lose the next premier league game? I’ve seen it so much over the years and this is the most annoying part of today. A draw would have made up for the Napoli loss, but somehow, some guys in our midfied kept on giving away wrong passes. Wilshere is not good at passing at all, never was….we have to look at how to deploy him next time.

    We dont know how to boot the ball away upfield…..we prefer to knock it in the middle to give away a counter attack to the counter attack masters. We dont want to boot the ball away cos we dont want to give back possession, but, this chicken mentality does not tell anyone it is better to boot the ball away and ur guys reorganize than give it away in the middle when it could trigger a quick counter and goal. Then, we end up looking for who to blame and the cycle restarts. If we blame the defense for the goals, then, in the same breadth, we have to blame those that missed our own goals(strikers).

    Finally, we are a class beneath City clearly. We could do better and grab a draw, but, inexperience or lack of form of Wenger definitely helped.
    Cheers guys

  139. Shambo
    Take a look at this blog as an example, when the team wins you will see 3 or 4 posts, but when we lose the floodgates open. arsenal are crap, load of rubbish etc. for those that haven’t noticed we are still top of the league, we are in the last 16 o f the champions league, so I am not ready to jump off a bridge yet.

    That said I agree with some of your points particularly around our inability to beat the big sides. But tell me which other team are ,perfect at the moment

    City awesome at home, but have no away form
    United erratic
    Liverpool same problem as Arsenal but not as good
    Chelsea who knows what they are doing, leaky defence
    Spurs annual bottles

    Must be hell being one of the 19 teams behind us because we are so ,

  140. Gunnerboss
    You make good points. But ask yourself this. If Wenger had put out a 2nd string side against Napoli and we had been eliminated????

    I know I wouldn’t have risked it

  141. Actuslly, we could’ve won it with a little bit more focus after it was MAGICALLY put at 3-2 by Walcott. I’ve always felt he should be our top man in front. City dont have a striker who the English love that “holds up play perfectly…”. Why do we need such then? What does it matter if he holds up play? How many times did City hold up play? They just race to our goal, deliver accurate passes and score. It looks so simple….we can do same with Ozil, Cazorla, Walcott…add that to the workrate of Ramsey, them, it means we need two more to hold the midfield. For me, those two would have to be undisputably Rosicky and Flamini. Flamini was immense today, but, the team has not played this way in a while. This was a game we most definitely needed the guile and quick dribbles of Cazorla and Rosicky. We had no such people on today and yet again, we over-rely on Giroud. We could spare this guy and put Walcott up front to accommodate another midfielder to stifle the middle. We were too predictable and we missed a lot of passes to push the ball forward. There was one particular counter attacking oppurtunity where Giroud came from the front to kick the ball to the defenders when Walcott was about reaching the ball running at full speed forwards. That he came back to do that means we need to rethink about the sensibilities of our players. We lack accurate passes and I’ve stated this is a key way to measure any midfielder. This was my main grudge against against Ramsey and Wilshere last season. Now, Ramsey seems past that, but, Wilshere is very guilty of not stepping up his passing game. I thin we as fans need to know the limitations of this team to not put to much pressure on our expectations. For now, I’ve given up on our title ambitions…we look top four at best.We have a manager who cannot get a killer instinct from his players or rest the KEY(Cazorla and Ozil) players enough.

    This shame we have put on ourselves, we caused it. Wenger caused it. It is true Ozil has dissappeared yet again, but can you fault him when he plays 90 mins every game? Why did Cazorla start a game in Naples when we were basically defending there? Why couldnt Monreal and Gibbs start together? They are both fast and look similar going forwards.

    I’m tired of trying to analyse this team, but, we definitely have a lot of work to do from today to maintain the 5 point lead we just lost.

    How we cannot find the right balance is very annoying. Sagna just came back and we rushed him in as if Jenkinson is complete shit. I also think Sagna would do better than Vermaelen at Cb….shame this one

  142. Retsub
    Please can you list a team of second string so bad that they cannot defend against Napoli?
    Are you telling me

    would not be able to defend or better still score and win against Napoli? Ozil needs to be in the middle to be able to spray those passes and Walcott is the best man to be expected to run in behind and get the ball. I just hate it when it seems we dont know how to set-up. We could’ve had Flamini, Arteta, Monreal, Gnabry, Walcott, Bentner in the same formation above and they would’ve probably beaten Napoli. Imagine having a fresh Ozil, Cazorla, Giroud, Ramsey, Rosicky to pair with Flamini at DM for today…then, it would’ve been a clear game on. Shitty took out five against Bayern and yet they won away. We could’ve done same if we took winning the league important.

    How did Chelsea win the Champs league? They were 6th in the league, but, they set-up properly for those games against Barca and Bayern. I dont know when we get sensible with tactics or formations…….

    Then today, we would have Cazorla, Rosicky, Ramsey all start with maybe Ozil and Walcott come in early second half for Wilshere and Giroud etc.

  143. Gunnerboss

    I am not saying it wouldnt have worked, I am just saying I wouldn’t have risked it.

    I don’t pretend to be a tactical expert but I would have gone with Giroud up front because of his hold up play. That said you make a very good point about direct attacking excluding a target man.

    I really like Walcott but when he has been isolated up front he looks lightweight. Also when he returns from injury it takes a few games for his radar to get right. I wouldn’t have played him in Naples but I certainly would have brought him on.

    Back to today’s game, no doubt the better team won, but I thought some of the refereeing decisions went against us. That was a definite penalty, although had we scored it would probably have ended 7 ..4

  144. Wenger is to blame! There´s supposed to be rotaion on this team long while back,can´t just throw anyone in there when the going gets hot and expect a miracle.Why wasn´t carzola been allowed to operate behind the striker like he did last season,at least in some games? Wenger,falling for the same error,season after season after season. Gnarby,had a great game,last time he played,and just to be brought in like that? After how long? what you expect? wilshire on the wings wasn´t supposed to be a long term solution,surely you´ll expect other big teams to exploit that at some point? The fact that we choose to play ozil and carzola against napoli,and ozil for the whole game,then start against man city with ozil,and completing the game with him,shows wenger at time fall for his own hype! Truth be told,sincerly,ozil was not what this team needed,period! Its nice to have him,don´t get me wrong,but carzola with 12 goals and 11 assist playing behind the striker for most of last season,doesn´t make him bad at that spot,and playing all 38 games last season. what i thought this team needed was a nimble striker,a left winger and a defensive mid,fair enough flamini is there,but we needed a powerhouse of a central defensive midfielder.like a vierra or gilberto type, toure and fernadinho just manhandled us completely in the middle,and the chances we had,we didn´t take all of it. I really hope the wheels are not coming off right now,i still believe with a couple of additions in jan, we could still top the league come may,but smart team selection,and a general rotation of players will get it done,keep the players sharp,eager and in shape,not sit on the bench sometimes months on end and then get thrown into a difficult game.

  145. Retsub,
    Yes my friend its quite true that the posts are quadrupled after a poor performance but its partly because we are geared around weekend games and thats when most of the posters will come on here, I think aswel though that you may have a point in that alot of our fans habe become a little fickle but I have to say the last 8/9 seasons I have, as Im sure all our fans have, eagerly anticipated these big head to head games and I can only recall a couple of Spurs victories and an away win at Stamford Bridge among the success stories. I would forgive any amount of venting, of which I frequently participate to the point of borderline hypocrisy from a previous months post because the alternative for me would be to stop looking forward to Arsenals big games, stop religiously checking my phone for updates etc, because that is the beginning of the end of being a fan.
    They havent yet proved they have the temperment for the must win games, granted we still top and Im not even going to consider a loss next week but to stay top you must perform of not excel in these games, pschologically this is a massive result for them and will have the reverse effect on us. It does not set us up for the Chelsea game at all, and to be honest there are serious question marks over the form and attitude of at least 7 of our starting 11.
    I think Podolski and Walcott MUST start ahead of Giroud because his appetite and execution are a mile away the last month.

  146. @ Gunnah Shah , your analysis is spot on! I have been thinking the samething about Ozil. Ozil is a great player , but not what we needed, he was basically a panic buy by Wenger.
    Flamini has been a good addition, but against world class midfielders like city or even Manure we were exposed.
    Kos injury was big blow , we wouldn’t have taken even 4 goals with him.
    The good thing is we are still first , we were thoroughly beaten by a better team. We played against a team full of world class players. Hopefully Wenger can learn from it , and not make excuses , rather continue to improve our team.

  147. @ Gunna shah you surely make a valid point. It also pains me to say that Ozil is not what we wanted considering that we already had Carzola who was at the top of his game last season. We surely needed a top striker and a real Defensive midfielder in the mould of a Toure,Paulinho,Fernandinho etc. Flamini may be good but his age and physique wont let him finish the season at the same level. In buying Ozil wenger pursued his short term personal ego of proving many wrong but in the long term it is seeming a bad deal for the club compared to others.If teams like Everton are playing at that level and have no distraction with European ties then are in a dog fight for top 4 again. Everton and Liverpool will now be in there.Spurs will soon recover. Finishing second may thus prove a blessing in disguise as we may pack very early so that we concentrate in the domestic league. Giroud and Szny to me need to be benched or rested. They have become a joke. Hold up play is so outdated that it is only Wenger who deploys it.We don’t need it and it doesn’t work for us. Giroud must either run at goal to shoot or get on the bench. Aguero,Zeko,Negredo and Navas don’t hold up play.they just shoot at goal and it is what we need. Walcott scored by shooting at goal and not holding. In essence Giroud’s presence does not help Arsenal at all if he is for holding up play.

  148. Exactly Delano! Some might think that we lost our minds. Let me attempt to explain, Ozil is a ” luxury “offensive midfielder. He is perfect for a team full of world class players, picking up great passes is his strength , defending or winning 50/50 balls are not what he does.
    Playing Ozil as winger is not using his strength. As we saw today Theo has to play when healthy that would help Ozil.

    We are on top of the league mainly because of Ramsey, but if he stops producing like he did in the beginning of the season, the pressure will mount on players like Giroud and Ozil.

  149. Sorry Shambo gonna rant again

    So we buy Ozil recognised as one of the top midfielders in the world. Guess which player has more assists than any player in the prem… ..? Surely it can’t be Ozil can it? Damn right it is. Now he’s just someone brought to satisfy Wengers ego

    You guys are giving me a headache, if he played for spurs you.d be singing his praises

  150. Guys can we calm down with the we do not need Ozil talk? How did this talk start? It is Wenger who is the problem here. How does buying Ozil mean that Giroud should play all games as top 9? I think Bendtner is better than Giroud for this club. Same way I was happy with Flamini coming back eventhough he left us with a VERY VERY bad taste in the mouth. He flopped in Milan same way that Dortmund 4 flopped in Madrid and Liverpool….he is now back in Dortmund and doing fine again. Some players understand how to play for certain teams cos of how they moulded their style. I’ve watched Flamini for Milan and I said this guy is just for Arsenal….so, when Wenger signed him, I came here to say good signing.

    Ozil is the best signing we could’ve ever had. We dont just have a manager who has handled big squads before, he can be deemed inexperienced here. What a shame. Who says Walcott would not have done better as lone striker for us with Cazorla and Ozil behind him? Rosicky, Flamini and Ramsey completing the mix.

    I remember when Ramsey gave the ball away for Dortmund to score and I said Ramsey will never make that mistake again. Yesterday, it was Wilshere who exposed how inexperienced he is. He was off-form and his game suffered. Why Wenger chosed inexperience for yesterdays game when all we needed was the inexperienced guys to hold out against Napoli while the experienced ones be given rest for yesterday beats me.

    A team of Bentner, Walcott, Gnabry with Flamini, Arteta, Monreal and four defenders would hold out against even Barca scoring three. Wenger is our problem, but the more we try to look at Ozil, the less we see Wengers mistakes cos he played him for 90 mins in 6 days. Giroud may not be the best, but, as long as he is tired, he will not be able to compete at 100 percent like someone who is fresh etc…(his lack of pace for me is his worst asset for this team…cos , we ALWAYS need fast strikers. Wright, Anelka, Henry.) same with all of them….So, if Wenger cannot succesfully rotate this squad, we will win NOTHING this season. It has nothing to do with signing Ozil.

    For example, Monreal for me is slightly better than Gibbs, but, Wenger does not rotate them….he plays Gibbs all the time as if it is Sagna, Jenkinson thing. Monreal also needs to feel loved and confident. Same with Vermaelen, even though there could be lots of arguments against changing a winning pair etc. Vermaelen did look way, way off for me…didnt know where he was for the first goal after Kos went out…how could he not block that cross?

    Again, for those of us saying we did not need Ozil, why was Rosicky and Cazorla on the bench? It would’ve changed nothing cos Wenger always has his favourite players. Remember Cygan and Silvestre? Ramsey last season? Whenever a player like the Ox is on top form, he refuses to change the players he has in his mind to accommodate the one on top form…so, this is what gets most of our players frustrated. Right now, he is prefering Wilshere to Cazorla or trying to rate them on par. I think he is insane. Who subs Cazorla like a baby? Only Wenger. Rosicky, I could agree after 60 mins…but, if you do so with Cazorla, then, he has to play every game. We completely underate this guy. When his head drops cos he feels unfairly treated and his performances suffer….we start jumping on him like we did Arshavin. I’m seriously waiting for when we jump on Ozil cos this manager is gonna kill him soon.

    I remember when we went to Barca for a second leg we lost 4-1, Walcott and Bendtner were top front and we scored first. Why cant this seemingly experienced trainer use our so-called second string for Napoli?
    If we had a rested Ozil, Cazorla, Ramsey, Rosicky, Giroud for the shitty game, it would’ve been different. No doubts about that for me.

    This is all

  151. Ha Retsub! That was a very coservative rant bro!!!!
    Completely agree though the Ozil stuff that has surfaced is quite silly.
    He was and is an amazing signing,.a marquee player who needed to be signed at that time and who other players will want to come play alongside. It was a statement to our rivals but also to our own players and I think people like Ramsey have responded so in that respect it has also been a success, its been a success on so many levels, and a player like Ozil will never lose his value.
    We needed an equally effective striker, as in world class. We didnt get it and the longer the season goes on the more dependant we will become on goals from midfield, which makes our attacking predictable and easy to defend, we have no element of surprise in attack, nobody dribbles or runs past an opponent at pace at Arsenal, its all based on rotating positions and passing until a gap opens, the big sides, and smaller ones aswel wont always give you the gap, and even when the gap does prevent itself your depending on Giroud being clinical enough to take the chance, and he is not clinical.
    Wenger is destroying Cazorla and Ozil right now.
    Why is Ozil back at rb and Cazorla at lb so often????? Neither have the stamina or explosiveness to then catch up to Giroud who has four defenders and a DM around him. Plus, and I dont mean to be bad but lets be honest, neither of them have the guts or desire to tackle or graft, though Cazorla may try on occasion. Wenger destroyed Andre Arshavin in this way, yes he was a passenger in the end, but behind a striker in a central role he could win you a game on his own, how often did he get the chance? In the end he even lost his fitness and really lacked sharpness, and Iv noticed Cazorlas starting to look the same.
    You cant play Cazorla where he is least effective, then drop himbevause hes not doing the job.
    Ozil needed a rest THREE weekd ago, and GunnaShah is spot on, what reward sid Gnabry get for doin so well in games?????? Dropped to the bench with zero game time in a month, he was terrorising lbs with his pace.
    Wengers tactical approach and selection are the issue here, not Ozil, not Cazorla, noteven the hapless Giroud who needs a kick up the arse, he is playing so many players out ofposition that we have no fluidity, shape or continuity in the team. When you have players all looking at each other not even knowing who is responsible for what and your shipping goals for fun then the question has to be asked of what the coaches are doing.

  152. Guys a Blessing in Disguise.We have paid for our sins with a two legged game against Bayern. It would be foolhardy to have any optimism. The beauty of this tie is we shall be knocked out easily and shall not have to play Europa again. As long as we shall still be in the Title race by then,we shall manage to put a string of games together until we are crowned champions in May. Liverpool are doing well because they have no distractions in Europe. The quicker we get thumped out the better chances we have of winning the EPL. @Gunnerboss i have just lost any rating for Giroud and i feel even if he was rested he couldn’t have made any difference.In the beginning he had nice movement in the box but of recent he has completely deteriorated.That can’t be the coaches tactics.It is the player who is limited as to ability. Look at Suarez.He is the standard of an arsenal player not mediocrity we see in Giroud.B52 has had fewer chances in the team but he has an eye for goal and has atleast managed scoring in each game he has played in although disallowed. If he wasn’t French Wenger would have benched him in favour of Podolski and Walcott. We need a fluid attack as we now have the players to do that and not one holding up play and making us so predictable to even inferior teams. I still insist much as the coach is tactically inept, our players are partly to blame. You don’t need a coach to instruct when to take a shot at goal.

  153. Ouch Bayern.
    Time to put away foolish dreams and rotate the squad with an eye towards winning the domestic title.

  154. So if we beat Chelski and go into xmas as top of the league will we still be complaining? no one thought we would be in this position before the season started or after the villa game. we have nine days break from the mancity game so fatigue should not be an excuse. i maintain there were some positives to come out of that game. walcott’s two goals. um, actually that was the only positive!

    I think the ozil/cazorla conundrum is a priority. theoretically these two players are our best creators but they haven’t clicked together yet. unfortunately, neither of them seem to have the appetite for the defensive side of the game so it does make you queston whether we can play both of them in some matches.

    i thought flamini and ramsey were doing ok but wilshere, ozil and walcott let them down on the defensive side. and when wenger took off flamini for gnabry we lost whatever shape we had. we switched off after walcott’s second goal. in hindsight i think arteta should have come on for giroud, move walcott more central and exploited his pace. but i thought bendtner did ok when he came on and his goal should not have been ruled out for offside.

    i really hope we have a good performance against chelski. they won’t overrun us like city did. but they will squeeze the space and try to nullify our midfield and isolate giroud. i wonder whether we will see podolski feature at all. i remain optimistic that we can get a win and put the city defeat behind us. i don’t think they are that special. city on the other hand – their attacking strenghts are unbelievable.

  155. @Delano – Look at Shambo’s comment above urs and see that infact tiredness can and will kill a player in the EPL. You rightly mentioned Suarez has enough rest cos of not playing UCL, so, why cant this apply to Giroud?
    Why was he sharp at the beginning of the season according to you?

    On another note, Terry has added to the popular notion that only Wenger refused to believe Walcott was better suited for CF in the match against Napoli. Even at second half, we could’ve benefitted from such a switch. Gnabry under-utilized. Wenger, Wenger, Wenger

  156. There is a great debate going on here. how can the same manager who got team to be first in the league be considered tactically when the same teams loses?
    Wenger has been employing the same tactic all along.

    Do we believe that another manager would have better results with the same players ?
    Wenger decision at times are puzzling , he has been forced due to injury to Theo and Ox to make some strange lineups.

    How many fans or observers were calling for another offensive midfielder at the end of last season? Most were calling for a world class striker, a strong defensive midfielder and another CB . We got Ozil, we were happy because he is a world class player and we had not purchased one in a long time. Playing Ozil behind an average striker like Giroud is a waste.

    I have bee one of Wenger biggest critics , even calling for his head for his stubbornness and unwillingness to buy quality. When you look at the city team with all it’s world class players: Zabaletta, Aguerro, Toure, Kompany, Fernandinho, Silva , and add to that list players like Negredo, Navas, Nasri.
    Our quality players are not at the same level, and we were bullied in midfield period.
    Flamini, Arteta have been good against average and mediocre teams, but against the best , they have been exposed.

    The bigger blow to us is the injury to Kos , hopefully , he is not out for long. Vermalin looks lost out there.

    I agree with that we should alternate between Theo, Giroud and Podolski as strikers. Playing Giroud every game for 90 minutes is insane. Do you think that we should buy in the January transfer window?

  157. @Gunfest. We don’t need to buy a striker in January unless Suarez becomes available. All we need is to limit Giroud’s appearances in favour of other options like Theo,Podolski and Bendtner. He looks a sure guarantee for a goal per game judging by the hunger on his face and desire to prove critics wrong.

    Guys we need physical bodies at defensive midfield. I hate to say it but Arteta and Flamini don’t and didn’t have the stamina due to age to marshal out the Citeh guys. Why on earth is Wenger benching Frimpong a more naturally built player for that position. I remember him marking and playing Nasri off the pack at the Emirates in a carling cup. Wenger has sturbonly denied this guy a chance yet he was upgraded from the academy earlier than Gnabry.
    I hate to say this but i don’t rate Vermaleen at all as one of our central defenders. He lacks positional awareness and looks scattered in the event of an attack and am afraid he may make Metasacker play badly. This should actually be our biggest worry because it became a goal feast immediately Koscienly left the pitch and i wouldn’t have any shame in seeing him leave in January or being sold.
    @Terry. For this arsenal side a days rest may not count much. Arsenal were more rested going into the Everton game but Everton took the initiative and dictated the tempo of the game from the moment go to the end. Chelsea have a very large squad to alternate players. The psychological edge they have over us means they can pack the bus and pick us off counter attacks which they are very good at. Am so pessimistic about that tie as we could easily loose it. Don’t forget we have Vermaleen in defense who is soon becoming a Pascal Cygan or Silvester in the days. We may have to score more than 3 goals if we are to win that tie which is asking too much for a manager who has never beaten a Mourinho team. I predict a high scoring draw and we shall still be Top as i hope for a Liverpool draw against Citeh.

  158. Terry please add some positive vibes, because I am about ready to jump

    1. We can beat Bayern, we did it before and can do it again.

    2 we are top of the league, we are not in relegation trouble.

    3. Giroud may not be playing to the standard he was earlier
    in the season but to compare him to Bendtner is laughable

    4 Comparing Arsenal with City and Chelsea is an uneven playing field. We have said it before but City and Chelsea are rich boys playthings. Arsenal cannot compete on the same financial playing field. Amazingly enough we sit above them both in the league. Despite all the negativity we are doing well

    I have said it 100 times Arsenal are far from perfect and hopefully January will bring reinforcements.

    Oh and lastly Vermaelens form may have dipped, but to compare him to Silvestre and Cygan is criminal

  159. Retsub..nice one
    1. Ramsey proved everyone wrong with his form this season.
    2. Why do you think Bendtner cant? Coach just wants to play Giroud and not alternate, thats all

  160. Thanks Gunnerboss

    As you know I am a defender of the weak and off form players. I just think there have been too many false dawns with B52. A couple of weeks ago nobody was interested in him. All he has done is scored a sitter and had an offside goal disallowed. Frankly I could probably scored the goal he got and suddenly he is superman.

    I like Giroud, I think he is jaded and needs a rest. With a little luck on his side ( the volley against a Everton, the disallowed goal against City) he would have been a hero again. He works really hard and would be more productive with closer support. I agree we need more, up front but think he has done a good job for us

    As for being positive I guess I am just a glass half full person. When Chelsea won the champions league, they worked damn hard and deserved the trophy. But the biggest factor was luck. Arsenal don’t seemed to be blessed with a lot of luck, but our turn will come

    We can beat Bayern if we get the breaks

  161. I think that Vermaleen problem is between his ears. He lost confidence . We need to use players in our squad , especially against weaker teams like Norwich or we get rid of them.

  162. Hi Retsub, I will do my best! Chelski lost this morning to Sunderland! Now that has to hurt, no matter how Mourinho tries to spin it. I think we can beat them on Monday if we are rested, focused, on top of our game and we don’t get crappy refereeing and linesmen decisions going against us. IF we win we go into Christmas top and with two winnable games before we play Spurs in the Cup. I saw somewhere a graphic showing a 4-4-2 formation of Spurs managers that they have had and sacked in the Wenger era. Levy is a clown!

    Merry Christmas to all you gooners. I hope Santa brings us a win against Chelski and new post for this blog. Lefty, over to you!

  163. Helo guys…Merry Christmas. I will be willing to help for the guest posting if necessary. I think we need a fresh post for the Christmas and new year.


  164. Podolski is like we have signed a striker and we have soon our own SAS of WAP(Walott and Podolski) deadly combo.
    My only worries are now with Vermaleen. MERRXMASS GUYS

  165. Guys lets talk tactics here. Chelsea have had enough rest just as we have and on paper they have alot more quality than us all over the pitch. Do we have a chance against them. We have not played badly in the past but we have gone ahead and lost games against them of recent. What is the problem with arsenal. I remember us thumping them 5 at the Bridge although we had V.persie on that team and our form was poor. So do we attack them on Monday or sit back and hit them on counter attacks a strategy i strongly believe Chelsea is going to employ. I would prefer playing a boring game getting dominated but at the end walking away with three points than getting 80% possession with a point or zero points. I hope we don’t loose this game as pressure and unrest will immediately turn against Wenger for failing to beat Mourinho in a season we expect to lift the trophy. Liverpool will soon be settled where it belongs by Mancity or at best a draw a result which will maintain us top and thats why we need to win the game at all costs.

  166. I think first and foremost we will miss Kos at the back because he is playing the best football of career right now!
    We should play tight on guys like Hazard , Mata
    I would play Ozil or Carzola behind Giroud , Theo and Rociski on the wings, Ramsey and Flamini in the middle.

  167. London weather report

    Really windy and wet and London’s transport is suffering. Just typical as I have a ticket.

    Not sure if I agree but I think Wenger will pair Arteta and Flamini.

  168. So far no action and in reality Chelsea have created the better chances than us. Playing at home ,having rested for 9 days and no shots taken at on goal at home in the first 45 minutes.We just can’t penetrate their midfield and Chek hasn’t made any save so far.

  169. In all honest of opinions with Giroud we shall not win anything. I accept he is a good player but not 4 a club like Arsenal. Why Wenger rewards him 90 minutes is because he is French. He is soon making people begin hating Giroud like last season over Ramsey. I thought Giroud needed a rest and he got 9 days but there was still no difference. At this juncture i would immediately start playing B52. Giroud is surely becomming a house hold joke for the chances that go begging. 7 points lost from 4 games. We need Lewondwoski

  170. He could’ve tried Walcott there and brought in Monreal to the left. Rosicky could go right, again, he was scared and it showed with no substitutions at all cos “He did not want to risk changing the team balance”. This means we CANNOT win the league this season. The manager has just told the world he does not trust his bench or himself at making subs. I think it was annoying, Chelsea certainly did not deserve to lose the way they played, but, this is the main reason we cant beat stronger squads. We dont know how to play football. Ramsey is till giving away balls in the middle to assist in teams counter attacking us….if it were Dortmund, they make that wrong pass count with a goal and he looks silly again. It is like we play without brains. I think it is time to stop blaming the players eventhough the manager cannot think for you on the pitch, but, they try to play the way the manager wants and they look foolish with those sort of misplaced passes in our half.
    Wenger should have changed the attacking players 2nd half in my opinion. We look very tame at the moment.

    The biggest question of the season has to be “What is happening to Cazorla?” What is up with Wenger and devaluing this guy?

    Merrry Christmas guys. Cheers to being second in the log….Cheers

  171. I do not see how we could win the EPL with Giroud . I like the player , but compare him to RVP, Aguerro and Suarez, it is a joke!
    I agree … I would have subbed Carzola for Ozil in the 60th minute . Does Ozil have as part of his contract never to be subbed?!
    Merry Xmas mates!

  172. Wenger is still star struck by Ozil that he can’t sub him. I just hope resting Carzola and Podolski and B52 is to make them sharper for the Westham gme as it is a must win.The race is now at it best and i think we shall be top come the next fixture as i can’t see Liverpool beating Manciteh.
    Giroud must be rested or subbed immediately. We may not need him on weaker teams that we need to attack throughout. Eitherway i hope we get a point at Stamford bridge in the return fixture or win. I loved the tactics and shape which we should be doing on stronger teams.Its unfortunate that we didn’t counterattack at Etihad.Thats why i still think Mourinho is one of the best coaches.He reads his opponents and sets out not to loose something missing from Wenger.I fear that the best chnace we had of everwinning the EPL with him again may vanish because of superior coaches with contention at the moment.LEST enjoy the chase and MerryXTMASS guys

  173. Based on this season if Mourinho does such a great job in setting his team up and he is so superior to Wenger. How come we have more points than them? Hmmmmm

  174. A draw is not a bad outcome. I think Wenger wanted us to be more cautious than we were against City where I think we were too naive and totally lost our shape. In some ways we gambled last week and lost badly so it was time to stick rather than twist. We definitely were not at our best and a few players look like they need a spell – Ramsey, Giroud and Ozil in my view. Vermaelen did well and we looked pretty solid apart from a couple of scares in the first half. I thought we should have had a penalty -looked pretty clear to me, but a draw was probably a fair reflection of the game. Its an important game against the Hammers who will have had more time between games. I too would like to see Santi back in the side and also give Podolski a run. I would be tempted to have Theo, Podolski and Cazorla as our front three. They all should be fresh. I can’t see Wenger dropping Giroud for Bendtner though. The top of the table is crazily close. Everton, Newcastle, Liverpool and ourselves are arguably all exceeding expectations, City and Chelsea are probably about where there thought they would be and SPuds and Manure lower than may would have predicted. Its quite refreshing. But it does mean we can’t afford any slip ups against the lower teams.

  175. 🙁

    nevertheless : a very merry christmas and a happy new year let’s hope it’s a good one (john lennon)

  176. Complements of the season to all and especially the usual suspects on this my favorite blog, Remember guys give some ” love” today that is the true spirit of Xmas.

  177. No rotation in the line up,again! I really can´t see how you can win major championship like this,keeping in mind we didn´t sub anyone at the last game,people,this man has really lost it.Regardless of if we win or not,going into this game against WHU,only one change going into such a hectic schedule? Words fail me!

  178. Wenger again is rescued by a FORCED substitution. When will he learn? He refused to start Podolski…what is wrong with him? 3-1 up now and what would have been if a FRESH Podolski had started? Now, we LOSE Ramsey, is Ozil next? Welcome Mr. Wenger….

  179. I was screaming out loud for a substitution and we reached the 70th minute still 1-0 down and wenger didnt think of a substitution. I personally thought and still think unless Wenger takes a brave step like he did on Club Captain Vermaleen by benching him for mediocre performances Giroud wont learn.Walcott the man on fire at the moment saved us again. I wish B52could have atleast 15 minutes of Giroud’s 90 minutes on the pitch.
    Either way its a good lucky win otherwise the game could have been done and dusted had Carlton Cole and Joe cole been clinical. Back to the top and next is Newcastle who are at the moment on fire. big up guys.
    Did any of you notice the anger Podolski had for the game. I can’t wait having all our FOUR Germans on the pitch.I mean Gnabry starting on the other wing.

  180. Having a playing Podolski was a huge difference. The player of the game for me Carzola went he in the middle the game changed. It is a crime to play Santi on the wing. I am sorry but Ozil can not play every game, we need to rotate. I think that today was the first that I saw Ozil being subbed!

  181. That’s a great result against an in form Newcastle. Well done lads it wasn’t pretty but it counts. Well done OG you deserved that.

  182. My biggest worry was the rate at which we substitute. i though the game needed Podolski and Bendtner earlier on. Either way happy with win

  183. I think the last five games have really shown that Arsenal have improved in mental strength, when a team plays below par but still find ways to win is really an indication of mental toughness. A good win today and three more points. I still say we must be judge in May, the title look like its between Arsenal and chelsea and if that’s the case then our form against the top teams must improve..
    But above all congrats to the team and staff for being top in the NY

  184. Happy new year! Kel, if I had to put my own money up I would still go with $ity. Their squad is much stronger even than chelski and they have strikers who can score goals unlike the blues. Have not been able to watch the last two games but am thrilled by the wins away from home. I hope we aren,t starting to pick up new injuries as we are going to need as many fit players as possible. Best team in 2013! All I want is for us to keep challenging for as long as possible. It’s the tightest EPL season for years.

  185. @ Terry
    I think cities G0als will dry up soon and in the most crucial part of the season compound that will Manuel Pellegrini lack of winning things, I remember a while back under Carlo Ancelotti just before Xmas Chelsea were scoring goals for fun then all of a sudden they could not buy one goal and i think this will affect city. Chelsea have not been good BUT they have done what they have to and if they get infront with the experience they have and that manager they will surely be hard to catch, Arsenal have been good some days and poor some BUT still are top and as i said that speaks a lot, we need a striker, will wenger buy??? I don’t think he will its hard though because the good ones are out of reach at this time and will cost a lot BUT we’ll see…

  186. Happy New Year fellas.
    Giroud is a 3/10 chance converter but Im thankful one of those three came vs Newcastle to nick what was a crucial win.
    Weve learned a few things over the xmas period.
    Firstly, Wenger still has work todo on how to get the big wins vs big opposition, his record the last 5 seasons is actually awful.
    We are a much better side with Flamini in instead of Arteta, the first half hour vs Newcastle was as good a tempo as weve played at and he was the driving force, I was a huge Arteta fan but I reallydont know what he brings to the table the way Wenger is using him, hes lacking pace and conceding more and more fouls in 50/50s, also he takes the speed out of our passing game with slow predictable backward passing, its fine when your ahead but kills us when we are chasing a win. Walcott, Ozil, Cazorla and Rosicky need to be feeling the ball and we need to keep them moving in games to get the best out of them, when Arteta slows it down to walking pace and then we lose the ball these guys cannot or are not able to get back. Flamini drives us and demands that we influence the pace of the game. Sorry but Arteta should not start any game where Flamini is fit,if you even take the Newcastle game where he was brought on into a 1-0 lead situation, a situation thats supposed to suit him down to the ground as a holding player, and you barely see him mentioned for the twenty mins he was on, what has become of him?
    Lastly, it has been well documented with Wenger before that he believes the 11 he picks should be good enough to win any game hence the shocking and all too regular lack of tactical substitutions.
    He has a serious bias when it comes to some players.
    Podolski has been taking part in full training for 4 weeks now, when he didnt use him, or anyone else, in the Chelsea game you could say ok but when he came on vs West Ham and made the contributions to our attacks the way he did you have to ask how he did not start ahead of the badly out of forn Giroud, yes Giroud went on to score but what message is Wenger sending out. Yes Podolski you scored and completely refreshed out attcking gamevs West Ham but Im starting 3 in 10 Giroud again and then Im going to bring on Jenkinson and Bentdner ahead of you as reward.
    What sort of motivation is that for Podolski?
    Watch what happens when Wengers compatriot Diaby returns from injury, straight into the team as he has always done.
    If we dont win this League Wengers lack of tactic nous and man management, along with his obvious favouritism to some players, will be the chief reason. I can actually see Podolski being sold ahead of Bentdner because he is a big character and Wenger does not like players who speak up.

  187. I don’t think Wenger will buy a striker in this transfer window. All his recents major signings have been under pressure because of poor results. Some will say that we are first so why buy another striker? Well why is Giroud playing every game , including against the weaker teams?

  188. I dont think I could have said it better Shambo. Excellently written, well done. I’ve been talking about this favouritism thing for a while now. What has Podolski and Walcott done to this guy that he wont play them in CF? I think Wenger is not the best coach tactically. With any other coach, we might not have these players and I love them so much. Now, utilising them is a problem for him. How does Arteta get captain and play games ahead of Flamini? I’ve said it before, Flamini is way better. Arteta is clumsy and cannot still turn even if his life depended on it. Too one dimensional for me. Shame Rosicky suffered so much on the sidelines last season, good to see him getting quality game time now.

    Happy New year guys….google the Dubai 2014 New years day fireworks…they went for the world record with this one.

    Cheers guys

  189. Shambo, I think you are wrong about Wengers selection policies. I agree with you about Arteta to some extent, and our recent record against Manure, $ity and Chav$ki. Is not the greatest but I don’t believe wenger plays favourites. I think he has been always been about the team over any individual but I also think he prefers a settled eleven over rotation. I also think he was anxious not to rush Podolski and Walcott back too soon after their injuries. Who is to say that with Giroud now injured it wasn’t a smart thing to do. Anyway I am just stoked that we go into the second half of the season top. I don’t know what’s going to happen but we have a good run of fixtures that I hope we can get maximum points from. But have a look at our fixtures in March: Bayern, Spuds, Chelski and Manure one after the other. Now that would be a good time to end our barren run against that lot!

  190. @Terry and you think you can win all those games on the trot.Remember chelsea and Spurs are London derbies and away from home. United always thump us even when at the Emirates and for Bayern,the earlier they evict us the better in march.

  191. We won a tough game which is positive. Why play Arteta and Flamini against a weak team like Cardiff ?
    We had again very few shots on target despite all our possessions.
    We should put in a bid for the right back Debuchi from New castle, Sagna is good defensively but going forward he is just mediocre.

  192. Terry I don’t know why we bother turning up for matches sometimes. It appears we have already lost most of them.

    If this team keeps playing below par and keeps winning, sooner or later we are going to hit form, so watch out Bayern etc, the Gooners are coming.

    Although he hasn’t been at his best recently we missed Giroud today, but hats off to Bendtner.

    I was hoping to see more of Podolski but he was pretty poor today

  193. Gunfest

    I doubt they would sell him to Arsenal but Coleman the Everton right back is on fire at the moment

  194. Yes agree Retsub, Coleman is playing out of his mind right now. Just thinking that with a full back who can beat their man one v one and Theo in great form , we would be able hurt any team on the planet.
    Btw Monreal had a good game , going forward yesterday.

  195. Delano, I didn’t say we would win those games. I was simply pointing out that those games will be the ultimate test of our season. If we have a fully fit squad then I think we will give it a real shake. But that’s not the point. As far as I am concerned I am just pleased that for the first time in several years we are competitive. We may yet end up winning nothing, but at least we are looking close to the real deal. My money still on $hity but I think we can take them to the wire with a bit of luck. Which means we will probably go out of the cup this weekend thanks to a flukey Adebayor goal and Mertesacker gets crocked!

  196. According to the press Wenger is looking at 3 strikers, Berbatov, Hernandez and Remy. whilst the latter 2 are longer term prospects I cant help thinking that Berbatov has a certain magic that might just win us the title

  197. We are in a tricky spot with both Giroud and Bendtner out. Do we go for a short term fix such as Berbatov and risk squad harmony or look longer term. If it were me and we had the cash I would go for Lewandowski. Dortmund would much prefer to sell to anyone but Bayern and also get some cash rather than see him go for free in the summer. I’m good for a tenner. Retsub can I put you down for the same?! I hate this transfer window as it is just a distraction. Small matter of the cup game against a re-resurgent spuds. It won’t be easy. And what has happened to Lefty and Andrew???

  198. @retsub out of these 3 , I would choose Hernandez. I think that his pace and constant movement would suite us.
    Berbatov is talented but too many baggage.

  199. Vermaelen at CF! Better than Mertesacker after he missed with those two headers. Feel a bit sorry for TV as he is our captain but can’t get a run in the side. I wonder if he will play against the spuds.

  200. If what I am reading is right , Fulham is practically giving away Berbatov to us for about 2.5 million ….we shall see

  201. Why is Walcott not CF? Its not like he cant do it, he wants to be like Henry and he has been training to be like that. And he can score. We completely underate the guy. Its good we tried out Podolski there, but, I still feel Podolski can be effective on the left while Walcott plays in the middle for a while till the Ox is back and ready to do a Walcott on the right.
    I dont think we are very bad at the moment, but, if we can get Costa or Lewandowski at any amount, why not? That will be EPL for sure.

  202. @Terry it was the Spurs game last season that led to benching of Vermaleen .His catastrophic positioning at whitehart lane enabled Gareth ale to score a wonder goal. We went on to beat Bayern in German and the rest is history. Vermaleen is better brought on as a Sub or to play DM.Should he start today i fancy Spurs winning the game.@Gunnerboss be under no illusions that Wenger will buy any of those names .As to Walcott playing CF we don’t need Ox to first come back.Gnabry is so good at the wing due to his pace and power and directness.He is even a direct threat to the Ox.We need both the Germans on the wings with Walcott in the middle although they can swap with Podolski. The tactics are spot on as we always counter attack against Spurs. We beat them counter attacking last time and it will not be different unless Wenger fucks it up again.

  203. Just caught the end of the game. 2-0 over spurs! Looks like Gnabry played well but Podolski didn’t come on. I hope I can find a replay of the game somewhere.

  204. Job well done. Walcott in front and Gnabry holding on for the Ox on the right….Well, my assessment was spot on, Walcott did a fine job today at CF for me. What a finish by Cazorla and Ozil still needs to rest. I’m so happy for Rosicky with his game time for us this season. I think the favouritism was not on his side last season.

    Cheers guys

  205. A fantastic win.The boys looked so motivated for it even when they were 10 men.Guys Gnabry was awesome.Walcott was a beast in attack.I hope his knee injury was just a simple knock as he is one of my favourite players.His directness,speed and eye for goal is next to none in the team so far.We all have to pray he comes back in just days as he is one of the best at the moment.
    I just didn’t see the need for Ozil.Wenger must have an obssession for the guy.He still needs a rest as our Carzola is having his best games of the season so far.@Gunnerboss Lewondwoski is undergoing medicals at Bayern so Mandzick may be available in the summer not January.

  206. Well fellas, how we all doin.
    I asked a month ago why Gnabry hadnt had a run out in so long, obviously Wenger is looking after his development and we must respect his judgement as he bought the player, I have to say this kid can be anything he wants in the game. He has everything thats good about Theo, plus he can dribble, go past a defender at pace, he has vision, he doesnt shirk the physical or defensive stuff and hes deceptively powerful for his age, we have has some serious young prospects but he is now firmly in the Cesc, Ox Chambo category who you just know will become top of their profession.
    Gunnerboss you were bang on about Theo up front, there can be no disputing that he is a much better player for us up there, the way he bent his run first half alone is a more natural than anything Iv ever seen him do on the wing.
    On the striker hunt;
    Berbatov- No.
    Hernandez- will not be sold to us.
    Remy- small chance.
    Mandzukic- No No No, one dimensional, overated and similar to Giroud without being as good, Bentdner is better.
    Il repeat what I said in june 2013;
    Seamus Coleman and Pato/ Guiseppi Rossi are Arsenal types and more importantly Wenger type signings regarding fees. Obviously Coleman and Rossis stock has risen but do not rule out Pato coming for 8/9M, perfect for us, hes even injury prone!

  207. Yep Shambo – same with Rossi too, very injury prone. I think we underate Bentdner loads. I still remember when we went to Camp Nou and scored first with Bendtner and Walcott up front. I dont know if the guy is proud, but, his game needs loads of improving. I still think he is better than Giroud because of speed. While Giroud is loads better at holding up play. For me, I dont care about holding up play at all. When do Mancity hold up play? They still score loads. I think Walcott, with his pace can and will do damage for us upfront. He is our best striker for now. Any news about the injury?

    On another note, Gnabry looked very sharp, the Ox might have some trouble when he comes back. But, Wenger should use Podolski properly. I think we can rotate properly now. Ozil’s coming has sort of had the Cr7 effect(on Bale) on Cazorla when they play together. Bale does better when Cr7 is not in and I think Cazorla was the focal point for these past few games. Of course no one should underestimate Rosicky’s influence, very underated in my opinion.

    Cheers guys

  208. Arsenal confirmed on their website: “Theo will have surgery in London in the near future and is expected to be out for at least six months, therefore missing the remainder of the season and the World Cup in Brazil in the summer.

  209. Am shuttered and disgusted that my best player will be out 4 the rest of the season. I don’t think i will enjoy the games again knowing walcott will not play at all. Beating Spurs will count for nothing if we don’t go ahead to win the trophy for Walcott.

  210. How unlucky is that? It’s a real shame for Theo and the team. But hopefully Gnabry, Podolski and Ox-C can remain fit and provide the pace and width and movement up front. Why is it that some players seem to be more injury prone than others? And why do we seem to have more than our fair share in our squad?!

  211. Very sad for Theo, but it will give both the Ox and Gnabry opportunities. Both have great potential. We definitely need a new striker and I would take a punt on Berbatov. Unless of course we can splash cash on a big name, Costa etc

    I really don’t think b52 is the answer, Girouds strike rate is twice that of b52

  212. This is a big blow for our chances to win a trophy this year.
    Theo is our best natural finisher. Yes we need a big time striker now if we have any ambition.

  213. @Retsub aresnal may never win the EPL with Giroud as our only finisher.I guarantee you given equal time on the pitch B52 will score more goals than Giroud. B52 has no business holding up the ball when he knows he has to aim for the goal.At the moment i would count more on Bendtner than Giroud to be frank.B52 can provide the physical presence,can head the ball can shoot at goal and has some relative speed and with the exception of ability to hold up the ball,Giroud is not any better than Bendtner

  214. Delano

    Not sure if you know the term load of old codswallop? b52 has scored about 5 goals in the past 2/3 years .. He was a failure at sunderland and juventus and the two goals he has scored this season were at a combined distance of about 2 foot. Don’t get me wrong two very important goals, but to claim he is better than Giroud is just ridiculous

    I will file this along with the”. We will never win anything with Ramsey in the s ide and Wenger is an idiot quotes

  215. Ouch Retsub. Very ouch! People are forgetting about Sanogo who must be due back from his injury. Like the proverbial new signing he is…I am not convinced we must buy. I think our style of play means that any one of a number of players can adjust their play to cover the loss of Giroud. My fear is Mertesacker gets injured. If I had to nominate one player who is vital I would go for the BFG. Our defence is so much better this season and I think he is the main reason. It took him a while to adjust to the premier league but he is now our leader at the back. A nicer version of Adams or Keown if you like. If we do buy the bloke at Porto Jackson Martinez looks the best bet in terms of price, suitability and likely to be available. I feel sorry for Bendtner though as it was totten luck getting injured when he did.

  216. All the talk about signing a striker in Jan seems to be only media gossip BUT i think based on some of what wenger has said which is no surprise from past seasons as it appears we will not sign anyone, I hope that’s not the case BUT if it is it will be more evidence of real misjudgment by wenger.

  217. Have we seen this movie before?! We wait until a string of bad results then go for a panic buy…. Hopefully it won’t be too late.

    Let’s not be complacent , it is so tight at the top of the table, a couple of bad results, we could find ourselves fighting to remain in the top 4 !

  218. five things arsenal need to do to win the epl title,
    1. must buy well known establish stiker this open window
    2.ozil must play in the middle
    3.must search as many goals in the first half
    4.once goal attain than play mind game especially in second half
    5.kolchesni,per metrsaker should start every game if injury free

  219. If arsene do not buy a good stiker we will not win anything this year. lets be realistic. We seems to struggle to win in every match, whereas our rival chelsea mancity look more hunger and positive in their play. So resign your hope now. Just enjoy the league without expecting miracles before you break your heart again, come end of this season

  220. Some of the comments made by our great manager this month have been really laughable BUT i expected nothing different as he will not sign anyone of note AS USUAL!!!!! The Yaya Sanogo signing looks even more ridiculous in the gran scheme of things BUT that’s wenger for you, i also hope he has a conscience and understands that we need to win something this year and if not the league title then we must at least finish second NOT 3rd OR 4th to show some improvement anythingt other than that and he should not renew his contract.
    I also know wenger does not criticize his players in public and giroud has done well in some ways this season BUT strikers must score goals and frankly he has not scored enough, the fact that we are top of the league has really hidden this issue BUT it remains and if things go south the opinion will change really quickly, good luck to him though.
    I expect us to win tonite because this season we have been really good against average teams home and away and villa are sh*t so no drop point and know excuses….

  221. agreed with you kel, if arsene could not win anything this year he should resign he is like a good government who build roads buildings schools hospitals …etc, like a good mum bringing up her children to be discipline and well mannered but he lack a father ambitious to go out and conquer the world. he has done great job in laying the foundation thou…

  222. my pick eleven
    sagna metersacker konchelny monreal
    arteta wilshere
    gnarby carzola

    my prediction
    aston villa 1 -3 arsenal

    scoring for arsenal

  223. Phew glad that’s over. Arsenal went into cruise control far to early. We can’t do that every week my heart won’t stand it.

    Kos and the BFG are so important to the team, plus good to see the Ox back

  224. just enough to climb back to the top. need to be more positve to kill of the game off when in top gear. anyway keep it up arsenal! worth staying up late.

  225. Yeah we just about did enough against a very poor and uninspired Villa team.
    Its worth noting they beat us in every department second half and actually overtook us with shots on target in the whole game having not managed one in the first half.
    The three points were vital but I just have to say the carelessness of Giroud and Ozil in possession is frightening, these are our main attackers and we are away from home yet their respective unforced poor passes and touches were well into double figures.
    When your playing at pace and under pressure from the opposition its no big dealbut come on, Villa were demoralised, flat and resigned to the defeat even with an hour to go, but the indifference shown by the continual fluffing of Ozil and the so called ‘hold up’ frontman enabled them to start moving forwards more regularly and got the home fans behind them.
    Ozil, Cazorla and Girouds level of performamce and workrate was barely there all evening, Girouds goal came as a result of a ridiculously lucky touch off his left knee that somehow left the ball right in his stride for through-the-legs finish of the defender.
    Shockingly, all three finished the game.
    Thats amazing to me and is a kick in the teeth for Podolski, who must be wondering whats going on after his performance vs west ham.
    Further evidence for the case for a proper striker who scares defenders with genuine pace and finishing because we severely lack this and Giroud is very limited.

  226. Agreed Shambo….I dont know why Wenger does not reason along lines like “Giroud should come off and someone speedy (Gnabry, the Ox) should be up front for counters just to scare them from coming at us”. Instruction should be “run at them whenever possible, but, try not to get crowded out so soon”. Like i always say, when we win, it is easy to shove up all our irregularities away and pretend. We were too sloppy in possession and we need to have a more definite plan for countering from the middle…..fake counters. We let them lose at us cos we don’t have a strategy for scoring when we are in relax mode.
    If we cant learn to be dangerous when just playing for possession, we cant get that league. So far, it is the maturity and determination of the players that is pulling us up. Flamini has a Milan fire, the flames of which the rest seem to admire and accept. The BFG has settled in nicely and actually leading vocally too.
    We have a very big squad, but, Wenger is still the same limiting factor. He seemed to have appreciated Cazorla more by letting him dictate from the middle first half.
    Again, Ozil needs loads of rest, should get another two weeks off. Good to see the Ox and Podolski should start next match.

    Cheers to being top guys, was a very nervous final minutes

  227. Yes I agree…if we played against a decent team yesterday we would ‘ve lost that game.
    After we scored the second goal, we created very little penetration beyond their full backs. There was no hunger to score more goals.
    Gunnerboss wrote something important that we should learn lessons from our wins too.
    I thought that Carzola ‘s work rate was good , he tried to make things happen , but his passing was awful last night.
    Ozil?! Did he create one chance or took one shot ? The less I say about him the better.

  228. Well am not surprised by last nite i new we would win, villa are total rubbish and as i’v said before we’ve been good against piss poor teams, so good win and at this stage of the season playing pretty is not required all we have to do is to get 3 points at the end of the game plain and simple any how would do.
    On a next note and a serious one at that rumors are flying about that wenger has signed a new contract and if this is true wenger is a worst snake than i thought and also if true why so secretive, hmmmmm!!!!!!
    BUT hey its only a rumor right
    But really would it be wrong based on all that has happened in the last 10 seasons for the board and wenger to wait until the end of the season??? what had wenger done to justify a new deal??? Yes the team is top and yes we’re in the fa cup and CL(still) BUT we have been in these situations before and it did not end well so why not wait until the seasons end to judge and start giving out contacts wenger himself talks about judging him in MAY so why can’t that apply here??? just my thoughts.
    All in the dark will come to light soon, just my thoughts.

  229. hello bros i think there is a very thin line between the top team and the bottom one as their standared are almost equal in British soccer as they are more physical in their approach and speed is their nature. the only thing that seperate them is individual skill and their robust physical contact and fitness.whereas in spain or italy their gap are so great that the result is almost predictable if u look back at weekend game chelsea man city and liverpool could easily have lose to their opponents had their opponents had scored first. secondly the refereeing standard is very poor which cost lot of teams their points and standing position. remember last year and year before and year before how many time has the referee been biased against us which robbed our chances especially against man u. they all are irritated with our sleek style of play when they cant get the ball they go for our legs. thats why we hv the most casualties so overall i guess nothing is more important than just winning. whether winning dirty, ugly or luck. that is the mark of a champion. just my opinion.

  230. hey kel i wrote before reading yours and suprise our thought are almost the same.

  231. So far, we are missing Ramsey. Wilshere is trying to do the Ramsey flicks. Very funny indeed. It shows you Wenger really tells these guys what to do

  232. Good win tonight. Cazorla stepped up….No Rosicky, but hope Ozil gets some more rest. We need a thoroughly rested Ozil for next two weeks. Hey, what about Gnabry? I thought he was fantastic. Another OxladeChamberlain indeed.
    Guess what? I would love to see Walcott as CF, Gnabry and the Ox on the flanks and three energetic guys(triangular) in the centre behind them. The counter-attacking threat would be immeasurable.
    Cheers guys

  233. Agree Gunnerboss,
    Im.still concerned about thr workrate of some of our players without the ball, especially Giroud and Ozil. Ozils problem is he has no belief in his defensive capabilities, its not so much that he doesnt bother but more that he never believes that he will win a duel, watch it closely and you will see he has zero conviction in trying to win any ball. This can be TAUGHT and worked on on the training field, worst case scenario would be that he may gain more confidence, best case scenario would be that he gets confidence AND learns to actually put his foot or head actually near where the ball is to win it.
    Giroud without the ball, well hes just one of the laziest, couldnt-care-less types Iv ever seen, of course hes great for defending set plays but his indifference to opponents knocking the ball around within ten yards of him is quite shocking and again is the managers job to eradicate this attitude.
    Iv said it before, you have to earn the right to impose your game by putting in the workrate first and putting your stamp on the game. If a high pressure gane is good enough for Barcelona and Messi Pedro Cesc Iniesta and Sanchez then its certainly good enough for us, they are all professionals so should have similar levels of fitness so its obviously a question of desire and application.
    Theres no leagues won withour desire or application so lets see where we go from here.

  234. @ Gunnerboss what rest are you talking about with Ozil. He had two weeks off. remember he was even sent to Africa/morocco for a rest and it should surely be enough. I hate to say he is being so much of a nice guy and doesn’t want to get dirty for the game.In simple terms he is abit lazy and i fear we may not fight the likes of Chelsea in midfield. Chelsea just have the right physical players to bring on when playing teams like Arsenal.Similar does Manciteh. Am talking about Yaya Toure,Fernandinho,Gareth Barry.Chelsea have Ramirez,Mikel,Essien,noe Matic. Who do we have? Flamini,Wilshere,Arteta.That is the steal we have.I some times wonder how we have managed to norrowly stay on Top of the league. I hope Diaby comes back first enough to take part in this campaign.

  235. I agree with delano, people should stop making excuses for ozil he appears to be lazy, plain and simple.
    But on a positive note he came from a league with less intensity so lets give him this season and see what happens.
    Laliga is really a piss poor league

  236. I am struggling to see why My beloved team is top of the league? Can someone please explain. Let’s see

    Szs dodgy keeper not good enough for Arsenal
    Bfg to slow for the prem
    Ramsey shouldn’t even be cleaning the other players boots
    Arteta. To slow and predictable
    Ozil to lazy
    Giroud to lazy
    Theo, but he has only played 5 games
    Sagna limited attacking ability
    Jack, runs down to many blind alleys
    Santi, needs a rest

    This lots of wasters must have a brilliant manager? No it’s Wenger and he’s deluded.

    Bendtner? Don’t think so
    Gnabry, maybe one day but not yet
    The Ox, not too much game time this season

    So in summary the following must be carrying the team?

    The only conclusion I can come to is all the other teams are crap? You know City and Chelsea who cost about a gazillion pounds per squad. Spurs who invested about £100 million?

    Just don’t understand

  237. hi Retsup u dont hv to struggle to find out why your beloved team is on top right now, it is bcos they played better as team as one unit then the rest of the teams in the pl. most of our players are from our academic, n some we pick them when they were still young n they grown up together, played together and lived together n so their understanding n mind reading is so great. few years ago they were young, they get whacked and bullied but now they are all grown up and reach their prime and if they can stick together for sometime we will only get better and better, believe me. we can rule the premier league for many years to come. remember this is a team game. perhaps with some inclusion of a true world class stikers, will give our team a booster or tonic like the inclusion of ozil did. on top of it all we must not forget how much we hate this fellow at times, he is still the mastermind behind it , our proffessor, the genius Arsene Wenger. be glad that we are part of arsenal loyal fans.

  238. Retsub you crack me up. Don’t you realise it’s your duty to come on here and whinge and criticise everyone and be pessimistic?! Apparently in Hungary the definition of an optimist is a misinformed pessimist. I think it should be misinformed Gooner!
    Having said that, I have some concerns about Ozil. I hope it’s just culture shock from moving from a league where they only have two big games a year to the high octane EPL. Hopefully he will one good again. But at least we don’t rely on him like we used to rely on RVP and Cesc before him.
    And how funny was Manure’s penalty shoot out v Sunderland?!

  239. Terry

    The united penalties was indeed a good laugh and nice to see Mannone doing well. The icing on the cake would be an RVP penalty miss. At least united are now suffering his injury problems,

    I agree on Ozil, fantastic talent, but frozen muddy pitches may be a bit too much. I think he needs to be used carefully

    As every week goes by this team seems to be bonding more and more. Not always pretty to watch but very effective. The guy I am really starting to like is the BFG. He never really looks comfortable on the ball and always plays the simple balls. But boy is he reliable. He makes up for lack of pace with intelligence. If he was a little more accurate with his heading he’d score a few to

    Misinformed pessimist,,,, love it

  240. Guys,don´t we really need someone? Is this the team to break our long spell without a throphy? No new striker,DM,nothing? I still say we need a fox in the box to wrap this up,well,wenger don´t think so.

  241. Wenger made it clear no new signing despite Chelsea who are superior to us talent wise are adding already two quality players

  242. Lads,
    All bolloxolgy aside, if we want to win the league we need something different up front.
    To finish top three, were fine with what we have, but to win this league in a race vs Man City, Giroud simply is not enough.
    Its been an excellent season so far for the whole club, and now we wait to see if the boss really wants to win it this season.
    Again, a different type of attacker is needed, one who is not happy with one goal when he can have three, when we get a hungry goalsscorer we will be a serious force.
    Olivier just doesnt have that drive unfortunately hes just too ‘easy come, easy go’ and I think some of my fellow fans seriously underestimate what a top goalscorer could do with this Arsenal midfield and in the process overestimate the actual ability of Giroud.
    Giroud at Stoke scores 4 goals a season.
    Giroud at Southampton may score 10 a season.
    Giroud at Arsenal may score 16 leaguegoals this year. Imagine what a clinical top striker coukd acheive with some of the chances he so often spurns?

  243. Shambo that’s a fair point. Not sure I entirely agree, undoubtably if you listed the elite strikers, Girould wouldn’t be in the top bracket. Problem is who is available in January? Losing Theo was a huge blow, but you never know this May be an opportunity for the Ox or Gnabry to set the world alight. I know you are not a fan, but I would still take a punt on Berbatov. If he upsets the dressing room kick him out.

    Unless Poldi or b52 start banging a few away it’s going to be a struggle, but I do believe we can do it.

    Personally I am more concerned about the BFG and Kos. Losing either of those two would be a disaster and whilst I have faith in TV it would be a blow

  244. @ Retsub Walcott is at the moment irreplaceable. I saw Gnabry start in the same position in our last game and he was really a big dummy of a Walcott.I realised he couldn’t create the width Walcott gives.Gnabry kept on cutting inside headless and taking misguided shots way off the target.On the evidence of his last game i don’t know who can play that line better than Walcott. I hope Wenger tries Ox there but i doubt whether he can be effective.
    @TV. I hate to say it but he has been at the center of every bad result we have got this season for reasons we all know. I would personally be tempted to play Sagna in his number as TV is just un lucky and we can’t afford risks now at such a stage.
    I just wish Wenger got the same gutts of benching Giroud like he did to TV. It is his bold decision last year that rescued our season and we never lost any game from there onwards. Giroud must compete for that position with Lord Bendtner as he is abit hungrier for goals than Giroud who loves playing as an attacking midfielder.He is just not good enough.Scoring one goal for the sake of discharging you duty is a joke which i thought Wenger shouldn’t condone at all.He has seen great strikers and am sure in his hearts of hearts he knows Giroud is not good enough.Had he not been French he wouldn’t have been guaranteed a place at the Emirates and neither of the other top 4 teams would entertain his mediocrity. I hope we take Conventry seriously tonight.

  245. Delano
    I am not going to get into the Giroud argument again. The guy plays with his back to goal and that is what he is paid to do. We have got to the top with him up front and he has contributed with a number of important guys

    I think you are being very unfair on Gnabry. Not sure if you were around when Walcott came into the side, but his finishing was diabolical. His feet were about 2 seconds ahead of his brain. If I remember correctly it was months before his first goal

    Don’t forget Gnabry is only 18 and has played very few game. I think he has great potential and applaud the fact that he is not afraid to shoot. Other than Podolski and a few others very few of the team shoot on sight

  246. What irks is that we knew since last year that we needed a world class striker. What did our manager do while Higuain , Negredo… Were being purchased? He only got desperate and bought Ozil after our defeat against Villa.

    I can’t stand Wenger moaning about Manure buying Matta from Chelsea. We bought Giroud and Carzola when RVP decided to leave, only after being humiliated by Manure 8-2 that we bought Per and Podolski.

    We are still first but we still have to play the big teams. Our central defensive pairing has been tremendous , they are the reason main reason along with Ramsey that we are first on the table.

  247. Draxler signing looking increasingly likely, this is what it fellas, potentially the final piece in a side that can challenge anybody in the world for the next decade.
    Big statement but if we get this player, you watch us take off!

  248. A good performance against Conventry.No taking chances and who knows the fa Cup is more realistic for silverware this season.@Podolski. i some times wonder Wengers imagination. Podolski is one of the best out there when fit.His cultured left foot reminds me of V.persie.How dare you think of him as a part deal for draxler. Just buy them all as when just need quality everywhere.
    @retsub. i didn’t intend to criticise Gnabry but was making my assessment based on his performance that day. I would however cherish both him and Podolski as our Wingers.
    According to my scouting report Southampton have two key injuries and they have stupidly suspended one of their players on their own volition.I thus expect less resistance from them and 3 good points come Tuesday

  249. hooray! hooray! arsenal won big lastnight. arsenal look fragile at times but somehow manage to win in style. i m trying to figure out what is the key factor to keep winning while playing unconvincingly. i think it must be the ozil factor, because all other players have played together last year, they were very good at times but they were never consistent and as if something seems missing. yes the link! the pace setter, the most consistent passer, the most consistent provider, yes the connection! and he just blend in to the team but already involved in almost all the attack. he demands for every ball and always delivering and we always expecting and wanting more from him which we know he is capable of. and everyone is playing like him suddenly playing simple and safe. a one touch football which we dont see quite often before. suddenly we have so many ozil in the team. this sleek style of football creates chances and opportunity for everyone to score. now everybody takes turn to score. if what i observed and imagines is true when he understands everyone and be understood by all his team mates we will soon be a very strong team technically and mentally. that is why at present with ozil not fully settle down we look like ok …like not ok…
    sorry bros, just my opinion. hehehe…..

  250. I think we’re about to sign Draxler…the first league win in …years will surely be guaranteed. Not because of the player, but, because of the knock-on effect on the team…anyone remember Arshavin, Ozil?

    Cheers guys

  251. Gunnerboss… I know what you are getting at..Ozil like Arshavin is a high maintenance type, who needs to be surrounded by world class players. He can not and should not be playing on the wings.
    I just think that Carzola is a different type of player with bigger engine , and who can play and elevate players who are inferior to him. He does not need a lot of hand holding.

  252. Well Arsenal announced a bumper deal with the “Wild CAT” which is really good news i think the people who negotiated this deal should be give a bonus!!

    But really well done by the people at Arsenal i must say because i don’t know how you sell a club who has done absolutely nothing on the field in the last 10 years to a company like puma and they buy , you have to be good, really good.
    I hope we can take off on the field now and back up some of the talk.
    On the manager, well what can i say, it seems that what ever the outcome he will get a anew deal and for me that’s a shame because i still don’t think wenger is the man he was when he first came and if we fail to win the league or any trophy for that matter it will only hammer home my point BUT hey thats me !!!!
    As for the game tonight will more than likely win and so too will chelsea and city because as i sad a while back the small teams have been worked out and Arsenal have always beaten them when they have to so its going to come down to head to head between the top 4 or 5.
    3 point tonight am sure!!!!!! make me proud guys!!!

  253. Commentators calling it the worst 45 min of the season for us so far,and i have to agree! Arteta/flamini combo doesn´t work,why does wenger keep doing it? No creativity at all,arteta back after a few weeks out,just comes into the side,i mean what the heck? A well rested flamini IMO,should have been the only anchor in midfield,if rambo aint fit,and we know jack is hurt,why not continue with the ox in midfield? Sometimes, wenger just shoots himself on the foot. Hope they come out ready to play in the second half!

  254. If there’s anything we need now, its SPEED up front. Jeez, these guys are not scared to come at us. The Ox would’ve been better with Gnabry in the side, not substituting him

  255. The only thing worse than that display was the stream I was watching.

    but we didn’t lose and we certainly would have in the past

  256. A point won in my opinion! We came up against a solid southampton side,lucky we did´t lose the game.

  257. Thank God we were not playing Mancity or Bayern … last night , it could have been very very ugly!

  258. I didn’t watch the game but according to what i have heared it was pathetic at best. As long as i didn’t hear Podolski’s name i didn’t waste ma time.

  259. The game last night exposed a few deficiencies we have:
    Our lack of pace throughout the team. Sagna has lost a pace or 2 . Montreal gets beaten for pace very often too.
    Arteta, Ozil, Giroud , Per are slow. Ramsey, Wilshere, Carzola , FLamini have ok speed.

    We have a lack of balance in our team , our league position has been mainly due to the phenom all play by Ramsey at the beginning of this season.
    Finishing would be the best we could expect from these players.

  260. Boy you lot are glass half empty merchants! We are second and have a great opportunity to put a small gap between us and Chelski this weekend if we don’t f#ck up against Crystal Pulis. Hopefully City will obliterate Mourinho’s bus on Monday. I heard him whinging about the Hammers’s tactics the hypocritical wanker! Lots of rumours still about Draxler and Vukovic. With our injuries am beginning to think Draxler would be a big help. Don’t know much about the Vuke.

  261. Gunfest your last comment is completely fucked up. Everything you said about the team is wrong except Arteta. I hate it when we reward our HEROES with such defamatory remarks.
    How dare you talk about Mertesacker? You gave no credit to Rosicky…all credit goes to Ramsey instead. I’m not happy with that comment at all. So, in your opinion, starting Arteta instead of the Ox with Flamini was okay? Wenger gets no blames, just the players? Did you watch the first half? It was like a horror movie cos we’re top and need to get motivated by changed tactics etc. I dont know why tactics or personnel cant be changed first half. If it were SHITTY, there’s no way we dont ship 6 in that first half. The manager also needs to freaking step up…


  262. Gunnerboss
    In fairness the BFG is hardly quick, BUT what he lacks in pace he makes up for in intelligence and heart. He actually looks like a real captain. On current form we may just make it to the title. If City maintain their form they will probably run away with it.

    If we do make it I suspect it will the BFG who carries us through

  263. Gunnerboss We have to disagree then you have not said one thing I wrote that was incorrect about a player . Mertezaker is Slow ! it does not mean that he is not a very good defender , don’t twist my words . He has a great partnership with Kos.

    We used to be known for a squad full of speed and great passing. Yes Ox , Gnabry and Theo have great pace but that’s not enough .
    You think that Wenger tactics are wrong that’s why we are not as successful as we should be. I disagree, I think that Wenger tend to over value some players. WEnger’s approach to playing has not change in 15 years, but the quality our the players is not the same.
    Let’s get real ! our main striker would be the 4th option CF with city.

  264. I don’t know whats happening with Draxler as these guys seem to be fucking up the whole deal.It frightens to finish this January without a signing. About tactics and Wenger. Guys what does Podolski have to do to prove that he is better than many of the mediocre teenagers starting ahead of him. Podolski is not happy and Wenger keeps on playing inferior players to him. The reason we haven’t won a trophy for now 9 yrs is Wenger. It would be theft and inequitable if we were by any chance beat City to the EPL let alone Chelsea for second spot. While Citeh uses all its star strikers Wenger keeps on rewarding fellow French man Giroud preparing him for world cup ahead of Benzema. We have suffered and still suffering at the expense of these French crap. I don’t think we shall win the EPL to be realistic and neither are we going to get past Bayern Munich over two legs with the players we are now having.
    We needed to bid for players like Blaise Matuidi,Draxler and any good striker if indeed there was willingness to mantain the good work so far achieved since the season started but we are fucking it up with injuries and blantantly failing to buy and favouring some players against others. I would forinstance not start Ox,Gnabry ahead of Podolski,It is a slap in the face by Wenger and as long as it remains that way he shall not win anything and does not deserve a contract extention at the club.

  265. Totally agree Delano, I think that Ox and Gnabry have great potential , but they are still very raw and still learning the game. We need Podolski’s finishing ability in the team.
    I do not think that Wenger put in a bid for Draxler so of course his team said he is not moving .
    Blaise Matuidi or even the young Rabiot from PSG would be a great acquisition too. Wenger feels that this good enough without any additions to win the league, these days he only buys when he is under duress.

  266. I just don’t know how others feel but this will be Wengers undoing and prove catastrophic.I don’t know what is going through his mind.My sixth sense tells me he is waiting for Liverpool to falter in the Top 4 and Suarez will be on his way out.Its faintly possible that he is reserving that spot for Suarez.Just my opinion. However on the monstrous quality at the Etihad the best we can do is compete for the fa trophy which is most realistically achievable.

  267. Delano

    The only way we will win anything is if the team and it’s supporters believe in themselves. We are still in Europe,, we are a point from the top. What’s to complain about.

    Enjoy it while you can the next 4 or 5 games will make or break the season. A few positive vibes wouldn’t go amiss

  268. Sorry Retsub,
    You are right to a point but this is sport and positive vibes and a belief are only the starting point. Dedication, ability and application are the vital components to then go on and acheive in sport.
    We can believe til the cows come home, hell weve been believing for 8 years now a wish wont wash for me anymore.
    This is as close as we have been in four years and could be as close as we get for another four because Utd will buy in the summer and Liverpool are steadily improving.
    This was our year.
    And it looks like Wenger is ready to blow it.
    Wenger is beyond dedicated, has more ability and know-how than any other PL manager, but is he applying himself. NO, not completely.
    How can he target a player, get the greenlight from the board then take the moral highground and get the hump over the fee, all in the same week we announce the highest Shirt deal in PL history.
    37m for Draxler??? Hell be better than Bale and worth treble that after the World Cup.

  269. Shambo

    Totally agree with your first sentence, but one draw doesn’t mean we have blown it.

    I think this is where we differ. I am not convinced the Drexler deal is dead, we have seen Wenger deal late before

  270. Retsub,
    Its not the draw Im talking about buddy its the failure to do the necessary transfer business to win a league.
    We needed a quality striker when we had van persie, then we sold him, Il leave my opinion of Giroud aside but lets just assume hes of Van Persies quality….then that means we still need a striker from summer 2012. What the fuck is Wengers game?
    When we were winning cups we had great strike partnerships. Hes obsessed with the lone frontman. Bollox.

  271. As expected we did not sign a striker. Kallstrom is good signing, a good experienced midfielder, clever, great on set pieces.
    All this means the target for us is to Finnish in the top 3.

  272. Well the windows closed and its same old same old what a lump. I want to say lets judge wenger in may But whats the sense the money grabbing Board apparently have already given him a new and told him to do as he’s done in the past if we fail to win the league this season we won’t win it again in a hurry
    as i’v always said its not coincidence that we have been trophy less all these years it been a combination of a lot of stuff BUT more so bad planning and most of all a manager who has 75% lost his marbles he’s just not the manager he was and that’s a fact i hope he proves me wrong but frankly i won’t hold my breath.
    @ shambo
    where have you been man??????

  273. Boy some of you lot spout some guff. You talk like you actually have the inside lowdown of every single transfer deal. As far as I can tell Draxler is on our radar but Schalke have said he’s not for sale. For now. And I am not of the view that our centre forward is crap and we need an upgrade. I think Giroud is a vital cog in our team and shape and style we play. And we have two full international who can’t get a start but I think are more than useful back ups. We have signed Kallstrom which I think is a sound move given our current midfield injury and suspension problems. Noone on this site (including me and my fellow glass half -full mate Retsub) predicted we would be doing as well as we are at this stage of the season. I know some of you will then say yes but it’s an opportunity to really push on and make a statement blah blah, but I am pretty happy with our squad and with players coming through like Gnabry and the Ox back I think in the big picture we are not doing bad. As for the comparison with Man $ity’s front three and Giroud would not make their team well, maybe, but who cares. They can throw their petro dollars wherever they like. It’s patently unfair competition in that respect. And interestingly, none of the top five have signed anyone after all the media hype. Funny that. And I would say that Chelsea’s striker needs are greater than ours. None of their three seem to be able to score consistently.
    Kel, I agree with you about the new Wenger deal. I would prefer that it was sorted out after the season when we have seen how we finish up. But who know what the thinking s Maybe they want to tie up some players on long term deals and knowing that Wenger will still be there i a factor for them. Hopefully we finish the season strongly, win something and at the very least push $ity all the way in the EPL. We are right in the mix which is more than we can say for the last few years.

    And if any of you disagree with this, that’s fine, but don’t resort to insults and personal abuse. Life’s too short to spend it in the sewers.

  274. Kallstrom, the only player we acquired on loan in the transfer window injured himself at his first Arsenal training. Is this some kind of Greek tragedy or Karma ? Incredible!

  275. Terry,
    Guff?…ha ha. Ok since your being diplomatic and not naming any of your Arsenal brethren I must assume it is not aimed in my direction, however if it were feel free to put your opinion out there when it comes to something you disagree with, you may be able to set someone straight, or convert somebody to your reasoning.
    But on your post I just cannot agree.
    Being better off than we thought we would be at the start of season halway through is not enough for a huge club like us that has the resources we have.Fair enough standards have been lowered, by Wenger and the board by the way, but Im pretty sure you wont have gooners fans in a bar saying in five years; ‘remember the season we thought wed struggle for fourth but we were top in January?’…’yeah, man, great times’.
    Come on.
    This was our best chance in five years and may be our best for the next five. Wenger is not applying himself like a manager with a real desire to beat Pelegrini or Mourinho to the championship. We are where we are because Ramsey played 200% better than he is for the first half of season but we now find ourselves lacking diversity in attack and are depending on Cazorla and Giroud for goals.
    Bentdner will not win you a title.
    Sanogo is unproven.
    Wenger has some sort of issue with our best goalscorer Podolski and cant put it aside for the betterment of the team.
    All we needed was a striker, a proper goalscorer with a bit of pace, he didnt need to be a 40m man, Shane Long was bought for 5.5, and before you start slating the calibre of Long, a proven goalscorer with different sides in the prem, just remember that Wenger went and signed kalstrom, 5 years too late and a benchwarmer in the russian league, and not only that but Kalstrom injured himself in Dubai last week and failed his medical with a back injury and they still pushed the medical through and by the time he is fit Rambo will only be two games away.
    Help me out if Iv missed sometin here Kel

  276. At the end of the day we have created an interesting community here of differing views. We have had no new posts for months and still we all come back and bicker about the same things quite amazing really. I personally have gone elsewhere on a couple of occasions and am still drawn back.

    I guess I am a failed pessimist or whatever Terry said before, but I am excited about tomorrow when I fully expect us to go top again. The two money doesn’t matter teams can kick the hell out of each other the more the better.

    I really don’t buy this theory that Wenger has favourites. I really like Podolski and the fact that he plays with a smile on his face, but there’s plainly something wrong somewhere I know not what

    And beware Chamakh tomorrow

  277. Beware Chamakh my arse Rets, hes no good.
    Yeah theres absolutely wrong with different views, the fact that I believe we have failed to act in the transfer window and that this will be the chief reason I seriously doubt we will win the league, doesnt mean I wont be as gutted as the guy who claims to be a year round optimist. I deal with reality and theres no logic out there that tells me this side will beat City at home, Liverpool away or Chelsea away, our home game against Utd on recent record inspires little confidence when we are consistantly losing players we are overly dependant on to long periods of injury.
    This is not a player issue, they have excelled. This is a managerial issue because of his rigidness and obsessiveness to do it his way ONLY.
    I maintain there is massive questions to be answered by the manager regarding the last two transfer windows.
    Firstly the messing around with the Suarez ‘bids’ that looked borderline illegal, offering £1 over a buyout clause that nobody knew about until the bid was leaked, presumably by Liverpool. A 40,000.001.00 bid for a quality striker would lead you to assume we were finally looking seriously at a lethal finisher. But NO!!! No striker was brought instead another midfielder, though a fantastic signing how was the need for a goalscorer of Suarez/ Higuain quality so quickly deemed unnecessary now?
    September to January proved we have the resolution and defense to go the distance but we blatantly lack the firepower when the way we want to play isnt being allowed by the opposition, see average Utd team hold us to no shots at Old Trafford.
    Walcotts loss and goals will hurt us but mostly his pace because nobody else offers what he does for us out wide, nobody else in our side stretches the opposition, its all passing in FRONT of the defensive blocks you will see even a Crystal Palace side can use effectively today.
    The second massive question is this, why was Kim Kalstrom signed with an injury that would see him miss at least 5 games?
    He failed the medical because of a scan on a back injury he sustained on a training camp on a Dubai beach midweek with Spartak.
    Are ageing midfielders who cant get into Russian sides good enough to push a team towards a League Title in the most demanding League in the world?
    I am compelled to a feeling of utter contempt and carelessness from Wenger when it comes to the fans, he really diesnt give a damn about what we think as long as his way is being had and whether he is proved right, or for the 8th year, wrong that is still not the correct way to be, he should not be ruling the club from top to bottom in this way because he thinks nobody knows better than him, no other manager holds this power, not even the ones delivering silverware.
    Anyway, maybe this topic is not for today, maybe I should bury my head for the sake of going back top temporarily and come back and post this in May when nobody will be on here and we’ll all be preoccupied with the worldcup and Wenger will tell us Diaby will be like a new signing for 2014/15.

  278. Shambo, I could not have said it any better! We had the whole summer last year to sign a new striker . We were unwilling to spend 35mil for Higuain,. The Suarez episode was ridiculous, instead of offering £1 over 40 mil , why not 42 mil ? Suarez stock was its lowest last summer, very few teams were bidding for him. He is probably now worth at 50 or 60 million.
    Most ambitious clubs right now have made deals to transfer players this summer . Wenger will tell us that we have to wait until the end of the World Cup to buy. At that time we players that we want will be out of our price range.
    I still like Wenger as the coach even if I question his decisions, but I lost respect years ago with Wenger the manager.
    I will never forgive Wenger for selling RVP to Manure. Any analyst or observers can look at squad and see that we are unbalanced with too many central midfielders.
    Our manager is the 4th highest paid in the world. He makes 7.5 mil per year! Do we have player who makes that amount per year?! At the end of day , players win games, Bayern will still be champion with a new manager, Barcelona as well.

  279. Let me pre empt this by saying I would love to see a Suarez or a Higuain. And I too am diss appointed we didn’t enhance the strike force. But we also need a reality check. If we had bought everybody we,d be bankrupt. You can spend a fortune on a striker and have it go pear shaped. You only have to look at Torres.

    man city’s wage bill is .£640k per day.. I repeat per day which is simply unsustainable. I know Abu Dhabi bring in shed loads of oil every day, but they will get bored eventually.

    United are funded by debt and Chelsea are a rich boys plaything. This is Monopoly money for them

    I know you can’t confuse money with football, but at the end of the day we have to spend our money carefully. That is the reason we are where we are today and that is the reason we will continue to be one of the top sides. I am convinced trophies will come

    Back to the top today.

    Shambo I agree Chamakh isn’t great, but would you be surprised if Palace parked the bus and Chamakh stole one from a miss hit scuff of a shot… It happens

  280. With our luck Rets, no, I wouldnt be surprised at all.
    I think Crystal Palaces resurgance under Pulis will play into our hands. Their getting wins lately, their confidence will be up but it would be difficult for Pulis to stave off a careless attitude towards this fixture if their motivation isnt as it should be. They may be looking at the next fixture against a similar placed side as a must win rather than todays against League challengers away from home, if they were rooted to thebottom they might well prove tougher butI just feel they could be complascent today and we could get a few.
    Id certainly be unhappy if its another one of those lifeless, heavy legged, low tempo starts that we are prone to where we surrender the impotus on our own patch until the pennydrops and one individial raises the bar himself in the second half.
    Today, like so many have stated, is a chane to quickly regain our place atop this League.
    Anything less than numbers 1 to 11 coming out today with a desire and determination to acheive that then quite simply dont deserve and wont win it.
    Lets see if theres character here to lay down a marker to City ahead of their vital match tomorrow, or will we see a group of tippy tappy players waiting for something to happen for them and to be allowed walk the ball into the net.

  281. @ shambo

    All too familiar picture, am not surprise at anything wenger does any more just thinking about it makes me sick BUT hey, maybe am too passionate. I’v heard people say it BUT based on what has happened in this windows and pass experiences am beginning to believe ozil was a panic buy because this Kalstrom deal surely smells of one.
    Just looking and hearing of what going on with this signing just makes me laugh, haaaaaaaa!!!!!!

  282. Kel,
    Yeah you have to laugh man.
    Wenger himself has confirmed we knew he had a micro fracture in his back but it was 5o clock on deadline fri and it was him or nobody.
    The reason it was kalstrom or nobody was because he did diddly for the other 29 days the window was open.
    It was a token gesture signing to keep us lite guys appeased.
    Good win though today, delighted for the Ox.
    First half was poor and lethargic then second half one player raised the bar and energy levels for everyone. I dont think City will be shaking in their boots but at least we took top back and had no more injuries.

  283. This is why the Ox should have started last game. He did well the game before only for Wenger to bench him and start Flamini and Arteta. There’s no way on Earth Arteta can do what the Ox did. So, Wenger knows how vital Ramseys goals have been, yet, he has not deemed it fit to employ someone who can move forward in there. My man scored two today.

    Cheers and lets hope shittey get a whooping tomorrow

  284. Gunnerboss, can’t agree with you about the $ity andChelski match. A draw is the best outcome from our point of view but personally I hope the Mancs stick 3 or 4 past Mourinho and his poxy bus! I don’t like how $ity have got their money but at least they have spent it on assembling a team that is great to watch. And they don’t have John Terry in their side. Or Frank Lampard. Or Ashley Cole. Another good solid win this morning. Back on top for now but I think we all agree we are going to have to be on top of our game for the next run of games.

  285. Great win for the Arsenal BUT But we’re suppose to beat palace at home and a lot of peoples Around the blogs really are something else.
    Am i must confess as we always do some fans are calling the Ox world class after one games against a team buttom of the league, as we do with everything else we need to take all factors in consideration.

  286. Kel

    This will shock you… I agree

    The Ox did great in the 2nd half, but he was pretty poor in the first half, to be honest I would have taken him off at half time,. I think he will be great, but Rome wasn’t built in a day

    Huge difference to the side when Rosicky’s came on

  287. I wish vermaelen could be used as Luiz was. I always thought he could help us. Chelsea used their best(most experienced) players in a sweet counter-attacking formation. We can certainly do better. Arteta is not the answer. I think the slowest Chelsea player is John Terry. The rest of that midfield could run and dribble…and I mean run real fast. Arteta cannot cut it for me anymore against the big teams…too too slow.

  288. Kel, it seems you dont watch our matches. I saw the Ox play with Flamini the game before and we won. He is coming back from an injury for goodness sakes..who cares if he is world class or not? I just feel out midfield has more movement and dynamism with someone faster than Arteta. That he came and scored only vindicated what I noticed. They had us all figured out and it had to be him. Same way Wilshere scored two the other day. We are too freakin predictable these days.

    Terry, the best outcome is the Chelsea win, why should a draw be good when it brings shitty closer? Anyways, my prediction has come to pass.

    I wish Wenger would use Vermaelen the way Luiz was used in Chelsea. I feel he can do much better for us in the middle replacing Flamini and Arteta. While any of Wilshere, Ramsey, the Ox, partners him. Then we could have four of Giroud, Podolski, Cazorla and Ozil in front. Regular subs etc.

    Cheers guys

  289. @ gunnerboss
    Of course i look at the games am just saying that far too often we heap so much pressure these young players we do more harm then good, he a good players with loads of potential BUT i can say that about a lot of players his age and younger around Europe even in England so we need to take it easy when reeling out superlatives to people who has not achieved it yet, he’s a good player end of story no more.
    All these young players we produce who goes on to be world footballers of the year we hype them up then they fade away, the list is long. let the kid grow and earn his world class status

  290. Gunnerboss, I know a Chelsea win or draw would be better in terms of our short term position. I just can’t stand Mourinho and the way the media lap up his so called mind games. Now he says they are the little horse in a three horse race despite the fact that hi team cost about ten times the cost of our lot. But it was an impressive win nonetheless and the race is going to get really interesting.

    Kel, agree about the hoopla about AOC (and others in the past e.g. Wilshere), but thats the way of the world. And dare I remind you that there were some on this site and others saying Ramsey and Koscielny and Mertersacker and Szceszny were a pile of shit and should never play for us. The hyperbole goes both ways, positive and negative.

  291. I copied and pasted below an interesting article from the daily mail:

    Arsene Wenger and his scouting staff had 31 days of the transfer window to find a striker who’s better than Nicklas Bendtner. Astonishingly, they failed in that quest. It was Mission Impossible. Impossible to fail.
    Maybe a world class striker wasn’t available. But they weren’t looking for the best in the world, they were looking for someone better than Bendtner.
    I wonder if the Arsenal scouts went to watch January opponents Southampton in the FA Cup third round right at the start of the window.
    No deal: Arsene Wenger opted not to sign a striker in the January transfer window
    If they did they would have seen not one but two strikers who are both better than Bendtner.
    Danny Ings and Sam Vokes both scored and played superbly at St Mary’s on January 4. You can look at the goals tally for both (Ings 22 all competitions, Vokes 15) but it’s the variety of the goals they score, the intelligent running, the link up play. And Burnley play very good football, they’re not long-ball merchants.
    Are players from Burnley good enough for Arsenal? It would be pompous and ignorant to suggest they can’t be. Look at Jay Rodriguez if you disagree. Technically brilliant, and he can finish.
    Dynamic duo: Ings (left) and Vokes (right) have set the Championship alight this season
    Ings and Vokes are better than Bendtner. So why didn’t Arsene Wenger go for either of them? £10million would be the maximum needed for either. Maybe it’s because he hasn’t got a clue about anything outside of the top flight in England. I’m talking about spotting players in the lower leagues, not signing heralded youngsters like Theo Walcott, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Carl Jenkinson.
    I remember Arsenal winning a penalty shootout in the League Cup against Doncaster in 2005, and after the game Wenger said he thought some of the Rovers players would have a future in the Premier League. Not one of them went on to play in the English top flight.
    Clearly Wenger’s encyclopaedic football knowledge doesn’t include the Football League. That’s a shame for Arsenal, because if you look closely, you’ll see there are strikers down there who are clearly better than Bendtner.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2551378/ADRIAN-DURHAM-My-four-questions-Manchester-United-fans.html#ixzz2sLpIt6i1
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  292. That was a super result for us last night.
    I get what your saying about Mourinho but half of me enjoys the shit he comes out with.
    Last night Citys great home record was taken away, their air of invincibility at home damaged for the first time all year. Chelsea have looked far from that all year and only last week drew at home to West Ham, why shouldnt we want Chelsea to take all three guys, they will give them back before may.
    They also kept the so called City goal machine to nil.
    You cannot underestimate the role psychology plays in a title race, we regained a two point lead less than a week when City were supposed to cruise on ahead. What an all round result for us.
    Thats goodstuff, but what about Shane Long, 5.5m to Hull…hes just an example but aswel there are serious strikers in Spain like Aduriz of Bilboa who are better than anything we have and at a great price.

  293. Did you guys read this???

    Really shocking!!!!!

    These are some of the reasons I can’t trust wenger because this confirms that in the past summers when people make excuse that we are looking at players is totally a lie, its been proven if Arsenal want a player they can get him, Monreal springs to mind. So when wenger says players are not available, nobody has moved yet, etc RUBBISH!!!!!!!! I am convinced now that ozil was truly a panic buy. Wenger said in an interview recently that its no coincidence that Arsenal are top of the league and that’s very true mainly due to the defensive resilience we have shown an area he neglected for almost a decade BUT it also not a coincidence that we have not won a single trophy in 10 years these and other transfer dealings prove that, YET we award him with a new contract, shameful!!!!!!
    I maintain, regardless of all the money in the game no top manager would have gone this long with out silverware if the manager new what he’s doing we would have one something by now, wenger is the most careless manager i’v ever seen BUT hey that’s just me

    Last night results was good for us and i still maintain that chelsea will win the league Mourinho’s team are never pretty BUT they know how to win and thats what counts, tactics and organization make them efficient he’s no doubt the best manager in Europe and has been for a long time.

    This month will define our season all the talk of world class players OX, wilshire, ozil, Santi prove to us your world class, and to the manager you owe the fans show us you still have the x factor and drive this team to the title you’ve been given enough time, more than enough, no other top club would have put up with what has transpired at Arsenal in the last decade, time to deliver the easy ride is over start winning things. and if you don’t this season then you don’t deserve a new contract and you know what even if the board gives you one deep down inside YOU know you have failed us. Earn your new contact and stop living on past glories..

  294. Kel,
    Its very, very difficult to summarise or put together a sound argument against all that has been done wrong by Wenger and Gazidis because they have both expertly woven a web whereby they dont even have to come out honestly and be accountable because a large portion of the fans will refuse to even hear or recognise HARD facts due to both the missinfo and silence that they put out.
    When their not being comletely silent to fans their putting out rubbish like years ago when fans were at each others throats with some blaming Wenger and others saying it was the board.
    Yet the pro Wengers never asked questions as to why lady bravewell smith and other long standing shareholders who loved the club were selling up.
    It was never the board.
    The Wengerites dont even blink now when he comes out with these statememts of I could have signed Ronaldo, I could have signed Ibra, etc etc. He should have signed Yaya Toure when we had him on trial. How do you overlook him and a few months later hes a beast at Barce? He would stump up for Hazard when we had a three year headstart on everyone else. He wouldnt go that little bit further for Mata. He wouldnt sign Ba with a 7.5m buyout yet less than a year later was willing to buy off Chelsea and had a bid refused. He offered ONE POUND over Suarezs buyout and ruined any deal by insulting Liverpool.
    These are only the botched attempts at signings, the selling of players that we nurtured and waited for years to only then be sold at their peaks to rivals is scandalous and some of the fees we excepted for Henry and Vieira when they were still huge assets was poor aswel. Gilberto Silva was sold for 1m when still Brazil first choice dm.
    The fact that he even admitted to the Kalstrom debacle surprises me hugely because its rarely he gets called out on these things but he actually had no other choice…to me it looks like they were ready to sell a tall one that KK got injured his first training but it looks like someone inside the club spilled to the media.
    Kel the truth is he runs the club from top to bottom and is obsessed with doing it his way, the argument is whether he has earned the right having moved us to a state of the art stadium whilst keeping us in the top comps in Europe.
    Hes missed out on Draxler, as usual loads more missinfo and hes giving away little aswel. His ardent staunch supporters will tell you its Schalkes fault that they wanted too much, but a fee can be agreed or rejected by fone, fax or email. Why did we send a delegation out then?
    Wenger pulled the plug after the board sanctioned the purchase. Its another Hazard waiting to happen. We will be outbid in the summer and the boy will go on to be a class player and Wenger will remind us in 5 years after a ballon D’or ceremony that he could have signed him.

  295. @ Shambo

    I don’t think he’s earned the right, he’s had enough time to sought out these things too much time for me and based on how the summer, and Jan transfer window panned out I don’t think wenger will change he’s obsessed with doing things the way he does. Fair enough the team is top of the league and have been for almost all the season so far and you can’t argue with that.
    The other issue for me is the contract, why the hurry???? The club loves leaving player transfers till the last minute so why is wenger any different let us wait till the end of the season and award contracts accordingly. I’v even lowered my standard interms of us winning trophies, if we win the FA cup at least and finish no lower than second then i will constitute that as improvement, i don’t even care what happen in the CL, if we achieve that then by all means give him a new deal BUT to not win anything and finish 3rd or 4th will not be acceptable form me.
    This is a world cup year do you really expect any significant changes especially if wenger is in charge of transfers and will be more than likely working for tv money, what time will he have to do deals???? the same shit will just repeat itself next summer. The club in is a fantastic financial position and frankly I think Puma are really mad BUT thats me, we need to start winning things, whats the sense we have all this money and nothing to show for it, what’s the sense????

    Do you think he’s earned the right????

  296. I completely agree with the last two comments…except of-course Wilshere and the Ox are nothing close to world class. Ozil and Cazorla are the only world class players we have.

    Cheers guys

  297. I completely agree with the comments above , we are usually on the same page. My biggest frustration Wenger is his stubbornness , he has tunnel vision.

    When Wenger arrived in London French football was at peak, producing world class players like Anelka, Henry, Pires, Viera…
    France is no longer a world power house and they are not producing the quantity of quality they used to. I have nothing against French football, I have been their league watching for a very long time , and I still do.
    This is the year for us , no excuse allowed…because we all know Chelsea will get a world class striker next season , Mancity will strengthen and if Manunited sort out their defense , it will be a different landscape. Trust me , these teams won’t wait until the end of the World Cup to buy, they will do their business early!

  298. If we are going to attack Wengers transfer record, lets throw these in

    Toure cost £150k sold £16 million

    Adeybayor cost £7 million sold for £25 million

    Overmars cost £7 million sold for£25 million

    Anelka cot £500k sold for £25 million

    Fabregas cost £2.35 million sold for £35 million

    Henry cost £10.5 million sold for £16.1 million

    Nasrri cost £15.8 million sold for £22 million

    Clichy cost £250k sold for £7 million

    Vieira cost £3.5 million sold for £13.7 million

    sure there has been mistakes, Wright, Jeffers etc but find me a manager who doesn’t screw up

    a year or so ago some of you were saying that Laudrup should replace Wenger. Well he is free now

  299. @Retsub these were all great buys. please add the year when they were purchased, most of them more than 10 years ago?
    how long we have been without a trophy, almost 9 years?
    Why is that?
    In the last 5 years we purchased the great Frank Sylvestre from Manure, he was so talented when he left Arsenal, he ended up in the US league.
    What about the great Squilacci ? Could he find a big club when he left us? No , playing for Ajaccio , a newly promoted French team.
    @retsub , using Michael Laudrup is a cheap shot, most of us were calling for a Pep Guardiola that was unattached for a year. I called for either Laurent blanc who is now at PSG or Rudy Garcia who is doing wonders with Roma in Serie A!

  300. Gunfest

    In fairness I very rarely praise Wenger I only defend him when he is under attack.

    You asked for more recent signings, how about the Ox,
    Kos, theo, Ramsey. Rvp, Sagna

    I think you have played the Silvestre card about 10 times now and where’s the hell does Frank come from?

    Tell me any Prem managers name and I will list crap buys..

    Go back a year”we should buy Fellaini, Benteke”. Was he right not too, it’s looking that way.

    Listen, I am as bad as anyone else at saying we should have done this and that etc, I was shouting for Fellaini.

    Why is Laudrup a.cheap shot? Give me 20 minutes and I will find a number of posts saying sack Wenger And appoint
    Laudrup I didn’t make it up

    And by the way given the financial strength of the opposition Wenger is working wonders

  301. Retsub
    Yes I will continue to play the Sylvestre and Squilacci cards these players should never have worn an Arsenal shirt.
    I can add to the list Denilson, Santos, Djourou…

    Ramsey has been brilliant for half a season , let’s see him do it for 2 seasons before judging. Ox is still young and not consistent yet, he has a great potential.

    RVP well, I believe was purchased at least 8 years ago , and selling him to Manure is a perfect example of our club recent mismanagement.

    theo, Kos are very good players , they are not enough to erase all the missed opportunities, all the bad signings.

    We only bought Meterzaker, Podolski after we were thrashed 8-2 by Manure. We purchased Giroud and Carzola after RVP decided that he was leaving. we got Ozil under pressure after our humiliating defeat at home by Aston Villa. Although these were very additions to our team, this is not a way to manage a team.
    Where is the planning, scouting and foresight?

    We are top of the league, and we have some good young players. The fact that we have not won a trophy in 9 years is not an accident! It is hard to understand why, but for the last 6 or 7 years the players coming to Arsenal have been in general inferior in quality than the earlier in WEnger’s reign.
    Is it all because of the departure of David Deine? was Wenger extremely lucky in his early years?
    Has Wenger become senile for the last 7 -8 years? Or has his brain been taken over by extra-terrestrial Aliens?

  302. Gunfest

    Seems to me you only want to fixate on the negatives. We only bought Theo because next doors cat had a bad leg etc..you mention Dein going as the. Problem and I agree he seemed like an important cog in the wheel. But let me throw in a few other factors

    Wasn’t it about the same time that Abramovich injected a fortune into Chelsea

    Wasn’t it about the time we were. Moving to the best stadium in the country. Have you eVer been to the Emirates..? It’s pretty impressive

    Didn’t Abu Dhabi decide they want a new plaything.

    I would suggest that the three factors above are more pertinent than Dein

    You can rant about Silvestre for ever for all I care and he wasn’t something to shout about, but I asked you to name a team and I would list some crap buys, which you have conveniently overlooked.

    Ok I had my shot with Laudrop, a year or so ago you were ranting about how Spursand Newcastle were building great teams and were going to leave us behind. I don’t think it’s happened yet has it?

    Incidentally djourou isn’t a bad player which I think time will prove

    I can’t work out why this financially healthy club with a bunch of mediocre , not yet proven and talented youngsters, together with a lucky senile manager sit top of the premiership. Maybe you can enlighten me.”?

  303. Ha guys, remember Igor Stepanovs???
    All good points above but the point is lads weve needed an out and out goalscorer for years, Van Persie evolved into something special but he was never an out and out striker with us he used to drop deep abd start moves.
    Wenger has a serious blind spot when it comes to strikers. I mean the question has always been did he get lucky with pushing TH14 up top? What prolific striker did he ever sign?
    Wright and Henry were our most clinical, he inherited Wright and Henry was bought as a winger, so too RvP. What striker has he signed with the promise of 20+ goals in the league per season?
    Look at the teams who have fought out PLs since it began, look at the frontmen of the Utds, Blackburn, ourselves, Newcastle when they had Ferdinand/ Asprilla/ Beardsley.
    None of these sides had, bar Utd maybe, a midfield who create the chances we do but they had proper goalscorers. Wenger does not see this as important though and I have to be honest and say Giroud isnt in the top 50 strikers in the world yet hes first choice at our club due to a combination of nationality and Wengers determination to prove him to be another savvy purchase.
    Gervinho is in the running for Serie player of the season. How come Wenger couldnt get two good games in a row out of him?

  304. retsub , I am sorry but the fact a team that used win trophies regularly and we have not won a trophy in 9 years is a negative.
    Chelsea, Manchester United, Bayern Munich , Dortmund have all had bad signings , but they also all won trophies in the last 9 years.
    We are the 6th biggest revenue generating club on the planet. We have the 4 th highest paid football manager , and the most expensive seats in the EPL.
    You want to blame Chelsea, the stadium, your cat for the lack trophies. Excuses are for losers!
    Sitting on top of the premiership today does not erase all the bad decisions made.

    Saying that Djourou will be a great player one day is laughable. There are a lot players with all the physical tools who will never be great because they do not the psychological make up required. I have news for you Senderos or Bentdner will never become world class players.

    We should not be competing with Spurs every year to finish in the top 4 , rather we should be challenging for the league title. Failing to understand that is failing to understand the greatness of Arsenal as a club and an institution.
    Arsenal is bigger than any one manager or any player! Arsenal is not Wenger,the board or even the Emirates stadium, it is the fans and their collective memories !

  305. Shambo, you are right about the strikers both Henry and RVP were wingers who became CF. These 2 were gifted players, like Messi and Ronaldo .
    As a rule when it comes to buying young talents, we should only buy the most gifted players at their respective positions. Thus we will ensure that we have enough world class players in the future.

  306. Gunfest,
    I may be going into another argument now bro but I have one problem with the youth set up.
    It is fundamentally flawed and Il tell you why.
    Name me ten players who began and ended their careers with one team.
    I immediately think of Giggs, who did so in exceptional circumstances;
    His ascension coincided with Ferguson,with the clubs ascension as a brand and trophy winners which in turn enabled them to return to him with improved terms in contracts as they continued to be a force.
    He had no need to move, his financial and professional needs were being met at the highest level.
    It was an exceptional circumstance.
    Now. Look at the way we have being operating in regard to youth development.
    Ashely Cole, Bartley, Wilshere, Frimpong, Emanuel Thomas, Lansbury, Eastmond, Yennaris, Jerome Thomas, Steve Sidwell, Gibbs are a few of the homegrown produce of our academy. There are many more, Jay Bothroyd another aswel as Seb Larsson, who never made the grade but were successful to a point with other sides but most of whom left our club as free agents.
    What we started to see more of was the purchases of Fabregas, Clichy, Troare, Eisfield, Gnabry, there was a Bolivian cm kid, Jon Toral and the other exciting ex barce youth, wellington silva, Joel Campbell, Myaichi and dont forget Theo, Ox and Jenks.
    To me its over indulgence and dilution to the point of counter-production, unless they are actually not meant to make up a team together but rather all be sold on later at a profit like Cesc.
    But the huge issue in respect to these guys who are bought young but not necessarily homegrown is this. The Cesc/ Merida effect.
    Both came around the same age from the same background and both left way before we got to bear the fruits of their training. Whilst one was sold for a song, the other refused a contract and went for little or nothing, but heres the issue, BOTH players expressed the desire to leave and return HOME.
    How can this system be productive unless it is moreso based on turnover rather than the assembling of a Barce-esque finished team of academy produce?
    It is an illusion.
    Everton produce and endorse as much or even more than Arsenal, so too Southampton

    So heres the questions about the youth project;
    What percentage of player who signs his first pro contract at a club remains there long enough to peak or get even halfway to beimg the finished article?
    What percentage of these players will even make the first team or be offered a contract?
    Is this project an illusion more relative to turning over a profit rather than building aln actual great side?

  307. Hi Shambo well , you make some good points about young players leaving early, but how many years Fab has given us ? 6 years, RVP ? about 6 years too
    This is how view this issue, our policy should be to buy the best young players, to produce some in our in our own academy and to buy older very good players who are the finish product.
    My contention is that if as club we have a philosophy of not to compete on the market with clubs like PSG , and pay 50 or 60 million for a player. I would say then let’s buy a very good player for 30 -35 millions , but let’s also buy the most gifted 19 or 20 year old player.
    So if we do this for every position on the squad , we will ended up with a balance squad of very good players and gifted young players challenging for playing time.

    It correct some of them will not fulfill their potential, some might decide to leave early , but even 4 or 5 remain at the club for 6-7 years that is worth it.

    Let me give a concrete example: Wenger bought Sanogo from the French youth world champion team. I am sure that he probably a lot of potential, but the most talented and gifted player on that team was Thauvin who was later bought by Marseille.
    The 3 most gifted attacking young French players are: Thauvin, Lagazette who plays for Lyon , and Griezman who plays for Real Sociedad.

  308. Hi Retsub. How do you think we will go against Liverpool? I am excited. Lunchtime kickoff over there means an 11pm k/o here which is far preferable to the normal 2 or 3 in the morning! I hope, we continue our strong recent record against the scousers. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed.

  309. Hi Terry

    I think we will sneak it by the odd goal. We always seem to do well there and they have three defenders injured.

    To be honest the United game worries me more. A defeat at The scouters would be bad, but a loss at home to United would really shake there confidence.

    As ever I am hopeful

  310. 12 mins gone and liverpool are running riot! 2-0 already. Its at times like this that wenger foolishness comes out for all to see,i said before and i will say it again,how do you go from chasing higuain and suarez to buying ozil? we didn´t need another attacking mid,expecially when we had santi carzola! you can fool the lil teams with that kind of lineup,but with the big boys,just fooling yourself! oh gosh,as i´m writting they have scored again. Needed a ball winning midfielder. oh gosh,its 4 to 0,19 mins gone.

  311. An absolute fucking farce here. 4 down after 25mins.
    Pathetic lack of gameplan once again.
    You CANNOT expect to be allowed to play your way EVERY week Wenger.

  312. I expected Wilshere and the Ox to start in midfield. I keep on saying it Arteta does not function against the pacy teams.

    I expected Gnabry to start as well. Why benching Gnabry?

  313. Any smart coach will know,carzola gets the ball and cuts infield,which shows this is where he is comfotable,arsene chooses to play him at the wings,well,time to reap the dividens. we didn´t need an ozil in this team,3 games ago,he he´s been missing and santi has been pulling things quite nicely,even against crystal palace,he was nowhere,i thought it was time for santi to run the middle,but wenger doesn´t see it like that,and foolisness of all foolishness,he gets kim kallstrom,when we needed a different kind of striker. Guys,go write it down,its gone away from us,WE are not winning this league period!

  314. We need pace to counter pace…we are too predictable Wenger. We want to get into our stride and start controlling the game. Who wants you to do that? Crystal Palace had us all figured out if not for the Ox stepping up and I said it last time. Now? He brought in Chamberlain when you would expect Gnabry starting on the right.

    I think Wenger is sick

  315. I can remember last summer,so many young defensive mid out there and we didn´t get one,kondogbia,mvilla,strootman,van ginkel ete etc,all gooners fan know arteta is not it,he gots to go! too conservative in my opinon, even mou had a dig at him,saying his side watched him delay the game by passing from side to side the whole time,the team has no balance in my opinion,3 attacking midfielders,1 defensive mid,1 winger,and a so so striker,with the back four, thats what it is. Can´t fool seasoned managers with this line up!

  316. Just 20 minutes and we are 4 goals down sums up the February fixture and the complacency Wenger had in not reinforcing this January. This guy is a looser and we shall not win anything with this clown.

  317. we did not beat mancity,didn´t beat united,drew at home to chelsea,and beat l´pool 2-0, a score they have doubled in the first half alone! where is the improvement in the team? The handwritting had been on the wall for awhile,just wenger didn´t see it.

  318. This was my biggest worry all along.Despite our league position and our record. We won a lot of games by being outplayed and creating very little chance against weaker team, but were able to come through because of Ramsey, Carzola or Wilshere.
    Today we were exposed all over the field because of lack of pace not just Arteta.

  319. Against C palace we struggled,tho we got the result,against S´hampton same thing, struggled to a point,there should have been a look a the team.Wenger,this is on you!

  320. Ozil? 45 million What a joke ! Another panic buy that has backfired.
    Giroud? The contrast with Suarez and Sturridge is glaring , there is no where to hide , we can all see it.

    This is shameful and disgraceful!

    For too long we have buried our collective heads in the sand. Attacking people who would tell us the truth about team – today there is no where to hide!

  321. This was coming,don´t be suprised,pay the money and beef up the team, wenger said no,after signing a record deal with puma,even the lineup,rosicky should have played today,too predictable. Men,i don´t know where to put this,really,year after year after year,we know that old story,wenger doesn´t seem to. Terrible.

  322. There has been too many games where we only pitch up for the second half. We couldn’t get away with it today unfortunately.

  323. First time i seen subs thats clearly reflects how poor we´ve played,ozil,giroud,top of my list,had a howler today,why monreal i don´t know,as arteta fits into the above mentioned group.

  324. i really feels sorry for all arsenal loyal fans especially those who travel up to anfield. sad sad story, period.

  325. Bullshit.
    You cant say we were better second half because liverpool had slowed to a trot at that stage.
    How can such an experienced high paid manager get it so badly wrong so often in the games that matter most.
    For him to be getting a new contract is an insult to travelling away fans and season ticket holders. He has zero tactical nous

  326. I never thought i will say this, but Wenger is past it! Get someone new in there,he can´t get us to the promise land. Diego simeone or micheal laudrup should do,even mauricio pochettino suits me just fine,if wenger doesn´t win anything this year,what will be the excuse??? we failed to build up on what we had,january re-enforcment was a must,anyone could see that,not le prof.

  327. Talk to Wenger guys, he will tell you he has players but cant find a rhythm with them yet. He is still building but does not need to buy new to give the team the Ozil boost.
    Buying Ozil did more to the team than the player. How many times have I said this? Buying the Schalke guy was the way forward, injury or not. New buys have a galvanizing effect on the team especially when the player is world class.
    We missed out on Draxler because Wenger said no. He probably said no to the league title.

    No tactical acumen anymore and stubbornly wont buy genius players to help him. Cazorla on the left, Ozil on the right…we are too freakin predictable. Besides, those guys dont like being played out of position, but, they may not complain openly. I’ve said this before…we do not play to our strengths against the opposition. Look what Mourinho did vs shitty. Four in front with Ramires to link up and down, two SOLID DMs to protect the back and act as auxilliary CBs if need be. What do we have here? Wasting Vermaelen(a very fast player), playing Arteta who does not know how to lay thru balls to the forwards. You see players making runs, but Arteta passes sideways.
    Why must Giroud start every game and what is wrong with Gnabry all of a sudden? What was wrong with the Ox continuing from his CM role? Oh, I forgot Wilshere came back and had to slot in DM(is that Wilshere’s position now?). What happens when Ramsey comes back?
    I think Wenger is over-rated. He manipulates us all to fight each other cos some are too loyal to see anything wrong especially with his tactics.
    Why did we have to play a high line today? When Sturridge and Suarez(we know what going for the European golden shoe does to players) are menacingly hot. Wilshere cannot just stroll back into the side against Liverpool, Palace maybe, because Wilshere is another over-rated prick. Thats how we brought in Arteta to partner Flamini when the Ox did well there the previous game and got Flamini sent off. We should ease people into games in the league cups etc else why do we have substitutes again?
    I’m tired of this coach treating ordinary players like superstars and treating the superstars like ordinary players.
    What stops Ozil and Cazorla playing directly behind the striker(s) with a shield of two or three depending on if we play another striker, winger upfront etc. Why did Liverpool not play with one striker? Why are we the ones that cannot seem to adapt to any other top clubs tactics?
    I dont see us winning anything like this. If this stubborn Wenger does not change, we will lose out on the league again. He looks so foolish and all of a sudden it seems our players have been stepping up all along not because of any direct input from the bench.
    How dare we repeat a game with no target in a half? It happened before and he has refused to sharpen that part of the teams strategy meaning we have no strategy(but to pass).

    I think he is becoming mad

  328. I agree with Gunnerboss that playing the high line with a slow team is suicidal. As Gunna shah correctly states , we had it coming.
    This display was shocking, but not surprising.

    It is true that the acquisition of Ozil has resulted in more of a psychological boost than impact on the field. We needed another offensive midfielder as much as we needed a bullet in the head!

    The real problem with the team beside Wenger is that we are not balanced. We have about 10 offensive central midfielders , we only have Theo who is a winger who enjoys runs down the flanks. We only have 1 reliable DM who weighs no more than 130 pounds!

    How many of our players we can honestly say are top 3 in the league at their position?

    The only players who are untouchable IMO are Kos, Per, Carzola and Theo. I would of course keep young players like Ox, Gnabry, they are still learning the game.
    The rest of the team, I would look to gradually upgrade in every position on the field.

  329. I didnt watch that horrible game thank God.After hearing 4-nil in first twenty minutes. Our problem is the coach nothing more.Most of the top 4 coaches in the league must be smiling deep down there in their minds.I insist Wenger lacks the tactical nounce to win the league unless he is embellished with a squad like Man citeh or Chelsea.He just doesn’t cut it in winning crucial games.All he knows is Arsenal love playing footie the way it should be played.Liverpool had a better attack than us.we knew that apart from Wenger. Mourinho has the guts to play David Luiz a CB as a defensive midfielder but Wenger has no vision of playing Vermaleen a team Captain in that role. This is a real shame that the leagues longest serving coach is really wanting tactically and it is obvious we are going to finish 3rd with a possibility of fighting it out 4 top 4 again. He has protected a fellow French man Diaby against all odds.He lets the real DM who breeds red and white in Frimpong to go infavour of a 33 yr old Arteta,or a bed ridden Diaby or Flamini.Where is the logic in Wengers brains. Its just disgusting that a season which promised so much has been ruined by stupidity of one man.The best we could afford in January was a 33 yr old injured player and Wenger expects to win the Title.

  330. Well that first twenty minutes defied belief. Really, apart from our keeper can anyone hold their head up and say they put a shift in? Arteta was dire. Ozil looked affronted when Liverpool had the temerity to tackle him, Giroud had rubber boots on and nothing could stick, Wilshere lost his rag and discipline and our defence chose this game to collectively look like rank amateurs. Man do we need a performance against Manure now to get back on track. Clearly Liverpool had an extra weetbix in their brekkie. We looked so slow.

  331. Its Dejavu again. In a space of two weeks we may be out of 2 or 3 competitions again.I still have a feeling Liverpool can win at Emirates and off we abandon the fa. We are already consigned to defeat against Bayern simply because they almost have no injured player. And also if we loose to United on Wednesday the dog fight for Top 4 is on with about 3 teams or 4 realistically involved.The ball is in your hands guys to reward Wenger a contract extention. He refused to sign a striker or play B52 just to please Giroud and France in anticipation of a World up year.It is costing the team dearly.He refused to buy a real DM. Only got Flamini because he by chance happened to train at Emirates for personal fitness but it was never his intention to buy one.This was done to please Diaby a fellow Frenchman who has been on the treatment table for 3 years now. The club has money through sponsors and stadium completion but Wenger doesn’t feel the need to buy the right players. Chelsea bought Matic despite having Obi Michel,Ramirez and David Luiz there what does Wenger do.He buys an injured spent Kallstrome. This guy is just testing the fans patience and insulting us.You sell a promising natural DM in Frimpong a boyhood aresnal fan with no hind sight at all and expect a 33 year old Arteta who had his best days at Everton to catapault arsenal to the Title. Mind you Arteta was an attacking midfielder.Norwich did us a favour but a draw against United will be useless to us.

  332. Well said Delano. I understand the frustration, but I think that Wenger has a blind spot for some players regardless of nationality do remember ” his love child ” Denilson?
    It is true that Giroud could not be a regular in any of the top 4 sides.

    Why I think that Wenger has to go and his contract not renewed?
    Wenger is too set in his ways , he will never learn to operate in his current of world football.
    I thought that our humiliation by Manure 8-2 , would have thought him a lesson .
    Wenger , did not learn after RVP left us because , we were not getting good enough players to win trophies. Incidentally , I know I am in the minority on this…but I believe that Cesc left us so early because he did not see a direction or plan from within that could win us trophies. The story of Fab going back to Barca is cute , but not true. Both RVP and Cesc left for the same reason!

    How long ago did we sell Song ? 2 years ago ? Buying a DM is a easiest thing to buy in world football, it is not like buying a world class striker. If you watched league 1 in France every team has at least 1 or 2 DM who are generally of African origin , they are strong , fast and good passers.
    So Wenger excuse is that he hates the January transfer window? Yes the joke is on us!

    I would love to be proven wrong , but I am convinced that we will not win the league under Wenger again. We may win an FA cup , but that’s all. He has lost the plot. It is time either to get an athletic director in charge of transfers or not renew his contract at the end of this season.

    Looking at the landscape, the best we can hope for this season is remaining in the top 4.

  333. The whole side was poor yesterday. The BFG started the malaise in the first minute and it spread throughout the team. You can blame Wenger you can blame the players but lets get a few facts right

    1st time we have lost in about 11 games. That’s title winning form. Ok tougher fixtures coming

    Frimpong is not and has never been been the answer. He s a hot head who gets sent off on a regular basis

    We haven’t lost to Bayern yet and I fully expect us to give them a good game, If you have no faith don’t bother watching. Sure we are the underdogs but underdogs do win sometime. Incidentally you don’t loose you lose.

    I think you will find Arteta is 31

    I keep listening but other than a lot of whinging I haven’t heard a fat lady sing yet

    Finally how come this blog which is in its death throes only comes alive when we lose?

  334. Retsub, the blog always comes alive when we lose.

    Guys, I personally think Wenger is losing it mentally. He does not buy when we need to because he says we have a great squad and players coming back from injury are like new signings etc….fair enough.
    Now he counters his own arguments by not fielding in the SO-CALLED players at all even during a busy schedule because they are not good enough. So, why does he not buy proven quality again?

    Another thing I HATE Wenger is that he does not have a winning mentality. This shows in the team. Everyone knew that Liverpool would not give up after scoring just 2. If it were us, we pass the ball and pass and pass, instead of working on honing our attack skills with thru balls etc. Its fair to see out games etc, but in a situation where we have failed to register any single shot on goal in a half in atleast 2 matches this season means we do not have any meaningful attacking plan. That we cannot plan to stifle strong opponents the way Mourinho stifled shitty is ludicrous. Look at the tactics Mourinho applied, I hate watching other matches, but, I just had to watch that one and I was not dissappointed at all. It was like I was watching pro-evolution on PS3. Those tactics were awesome and he had the players to execute it perfectly. Arteta would NEVER be chosen for such a role, Mikel was obviously left out cos he needed speed. He only brought on Mikel when they were tired of running.
    Ozil is world class and Wenger CANNOT spoil him the way he spoilt Arshavin. Guys remember Cazorla was not giving his best for a while? He is trying to play again cos of the world cup, I think he motivates himself the same way Suarez motivates himself cos he is up for the European Golden Shoe etc. Wenger cannot motivate these guys and if we lose Ozil to Wenger’s stubborness to not play him in his preferred position like he did with Arshavin, then that is our perfect cup of tea. Ozil is the first name on the list for Germany whether he does good for us or not. Look at Gervinho in Roma for example…we were calling him headless chicken cos Wenger spoilt him and put the spotlight on him by not playing to his strengths or when he is not fully fit. This is someone who’s game thrives on speed and dribbles. Wenger puts him on when he is not fit and when he fails, we scream and get impatient. It affects his game and he begins to play out of fear and the rest is history. I’ve seen enough of our players suffer like this cos I know how it is as a player.
    When I say “this is how this player feels or this is how this player feels”, you guys ask how I know so. Well, if our attitude towards Ozil does not change, we will kill him and Wenger goes scot free yet again.

    How many times do we trade blows over if it is this player or not instead of analysing for tactical decisions that went wrong or what could be done etc? We just blame players. Who put Wilshere(I blamed him earlier) in the team instead of the Ox(who did excellently there previously)? Why could Wilshere not play somewhere else or wait and let Gnabry take Walcott’s place? This is the problem with the team. Arteta just comes back and straight into the team irrespective of if he is not yet fully fit etc. As long as he passes the ball sideways, Wenger is happy. All our strikers keep on making runs into the box etc, hoping he would see them, but, Arteta passes sideways. I’m sick of seeing that part. But, again, who allows this sideways passing? Can Wenger not tell Arteta to be passing sideways?

    Look all our problems are Wenger. The only way he can help himself is by buying the quality guys that will not be afraid to take the bull by the horn in games by doing better than what the coach expects etc. Cos the coach is shit right now. I hate to say this, but, Mourinho is miles ahead tactically

    Why was Mertesacker started when Vermaelen could’ve probably done a better job with the speedy strikers? Why was Vermaelen not even introduced in DM to have an extra CB when defending to help Mertesacker, considering Arteta has NIL recovery? These are questions we need to ask ourselves andWenger. Cos like he says “We have a good team”, but it seems he cant utilize them after all.


  335. @ Gunnerboss i agree with all you analysis apart from the part you say Vermaleen should have been started ahead of Metasacker. I agree if Wenger was tactically adventourous there is no way you can let you Captain rot on the bench because he has no where to play. Its a shame and i know the Current CB are better than Vermaleen but putting Vermaleen as a DM would have made us more solid in such games.

  336. Gunnerboss,
    Retsub is absolutely bang on though, in the first 30 seconds Mertesacker had a routine uncontested ball to deal with and somehow managed to cock it up. Then Arteta tries to raise his boot where his head would have done and an unmarked Skrtel scores, next once again we have an unmarked Skrtel with Koscielny this time throeing a despairing leg at thin air.
    What is happening with Ozil is too scary for me to contemplate let alone talk about so Im sticking my fingers in my ears and closing my eyes until things change.
    Mertesacker just stopped running for the sturridge goal and the fifth goal and that was hard to look at considering hes a leader for us.
    Fair play to our away fans though because at this stage its either laugh or cry all the way to the madhouse.
    Man Utd are a poor side with a headless manager and their confidence is at rock bottom.
    I hope we can get a draw.

  337. I think the Manure game is a bit like the Chelski game that followed our loss to $ity. Both teams will have avoiding defeat uppermost in their thoughts so I would not be surprised if it ended in a draw. Personally though I hope we come out and make a statement and go for a win. We can then consign the Liverpool defeat to history and move on. Hopefully there will be some changes to the team. I would have Gibbs in for Monreal, Rosicky deserves a start probably in for Arteta and drop Wilshere deeper. I suspect Ox-C might give way though. Would also like to see Podolski and maybe even Bendtner get a start and bench Ozil at least to make it clear that his effort was just not good enough on the weekend. It’s not quite a make or break game but it’s pretty close! I hope the crowd get behind the team on Wednesday night. They need a lift.

  338. Shambo
    Agreed United are a poor side, but just our luck to run into a side with RVP, Shrek and Mata playing. No doubt they will hit form sooner or later, let’s hope it’s later.

    All about getting their heads right tonight. I saw something the other day about Sanigo giving the BFG a black eye, but that was prior to the previous game

  339. I have heard some ridiculous excuses when we lose and they keep getting more ridiculous every season, one guy said that we went up to liverpool to play for a point so its 1 point loss not 3 haaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! what rubbish, especially when we were telling all who would listen that we spanked the pool at our place so we should just nick this one, all of a sudden its a point, ridiculous!!!!
    Wenger also came out and said that the result was an accident, i guess the one up at city was as well.
    The other issue i have is that a lot of teams would have problems if you press them BUT Arsenal can’t handle when teams press us at all, we become clueless, no plan to deal with it, Everton, Southhamton, United, and a host of others add liverpool to that list, how other managers haven’t work that out as yet is beyond me. By the way when chelsea beat Man city recently Mourinho got that blue print from Pep Guardiola when Bayern rip city apart at the ethiad by pressing them to death in the CL group stage. Pep Guardiola is a master tactician and loves to press and he will press us in the CL, that’s why i know we have only a 5% chance of progressing in that competition.

    So we have to put this game behind us we have a title to win MANU have been nothing less that appalling this season every time i see them draw or loose against poor teams i laugh for my self full they are really rubbish this season, to put that into perspective look at the list of the teams who have either drawn or beaten them this season:
    west brom (loss)
    Southampton(draw) at United
    Spurs (have taken 4 points off united this season)
    Everton(won) at United
    Newcastle(won) At United
    and the worst of all
    Now if those results does not reflect a team in shambles based on where they were then i don’t know what would, they are piss poor even with rooney and robin.
    Having said that, we have everything going for us in this game a game we should win NOT draw and some of you come here and start saying a draw was or would be a good result, we have to win and I don’t care how, ugly 1-0 i don’t care as long as we get 3 points because playing well now does not count its results that do and your (Tactics) if you have any (que wenger).
    We should have enough motivation to win this match
    1 We are better that united
    2 They are shit
    3 They have beaten us so much in the past I’v lost count
    4 The result up at liverpool was a accident(prove it)

    Now for me wenger has done a lot wrong in the past seasons this deal to sign Kallstrom I think is almost one of the worst piece of business i have ever seen and if you look back you’ll see more the guy from Monaco comes to mind BUT putting that aside if Mr wenger can’t find a way to Motivate this team to get 3 points on Wed night and release us from this big team Hodoo then i think as I’v said before he should resign on Thursday morning( I know that wont Happen) BUT he should not renew his contract because if we don’t win this match we can kiss the league good by.
    Wenger, and please spend some time studding the opponent because they are studying us MAU will come to press us so we need to prepare for that show us your not past it, your record against United is Atrocious these last 5 season fix it on wed, you say your a TOP manager then prove it, drive this team to the title , please sir.

  340. The result vs Liverool was an ‘accident’.
    My god Wenger you really are the master of dodging accountability.
    Iv heard it was the refs fault, linesmen, rough house opposition, negative opposition tactics, poor unwatered or uncut pitch surfaces, fatigue, international breaks, lack of focus and cohesion….etc etc etc.
    Iv heard it all from Wenger, but Im sorry this explanation is just appalling. Its one if those answers that caters to the people who really dont want to hear or have to deal with the real answer and it will no doubt be gobbled up by the Wengerites.
    He is no doubt thrilled that a game with the media focus of an Arsenal/ United tie looms large so quickly after what happened Saturday and he is not having to give a valid account or explanation.
    I mean labelling it an ‘accident’. It is such a vague, understated halfass excuse as you are likely to ever hear, and actually there were 5 accidents, and could ha e been 7 the first half alone.
    Show me an Arsenal fan who is satisfied with this excuse and Il show someone who is actually a hinderence to Arsenal FC.
    I swear to god I cant actually believe he was allowed to say this and not pushed further at least even recognise a failure on his part in some of the process that saw us humiliated again in a big game.
    And then he says these players deserve to win something, whats he basing that on???? You get what you deserve at the end of a process when you have EARNED it, you dont deserve it 3 months, a week or a day before.
    He probably thinks some of the teams of the last 8 years deserved it aswel, well if they did why didnt they?? Is he failing these great sides he tells us we have each season?
    He actually 70% full of shit now Wenger, Idoubt even he can belief or keep up with half the disinformation and deflection he comes out with.
    Lets see what happens tomorow night against these shower who never missed a chance to kick us when we were down, will we ruthlessly return the favour? Not a chance, we dont have the capacity,will or instinct to kill a side like the 7-1 hiding we were dealt.
    Even with the incentive of going back top tomorrow night you still cant trust this side to have the bottle and desire to go out and make amends.
    Another flat, directionless accident on the cards? Would you bet against it?

  341. Great posts !To be a great manager or great leader you have to be able to have some introspection and self-analysis. If one does not Learn the correct lessons from defeats , they are bound to repeat them over and over.

    I get the feeling that some of the players acquisition by Wenger are , not because he believes in them , but to appease the fans.
    I remember 3 or 4 years ago watching a Lille game ,starring Eden Hazard , during the game they showed Fergie sitting in the stands scouting Him. Fergie often supervised a future opponent in person. Someone could correct me if I am wrong , but I have never seen , Wenger at a game supervising an opponent or a player.

    Wenger will go down as one of our greatest , future generations of Gooners will be remember as a genius. Unfortunately, I have lost faith in him to win a title for Arsenal. Wenger at this time in his career and age would better suited to manage a national team or teams like Swansea or Newcatle…these are teams with limited resources, they have no pressure to become champions.

  342. In the quotes I have read I don’t think Wenger shied away from responsibility at all and I think his use of the term accident means that he thinks it was an aberration. And for gods sake what do you expect him to call it? It was a cluster fuck and I am sure he made that clear in the dressing room. What he calls it to the media is immaterial.

    Anyway Chelski dropped points again so as unlikely as it might have seemed after the weekend, we can go top again if we put Manure to the sword. I fucking hope we get a result!

  343. We have to win today, there is no room for errors. Champions win big games.
    Players like Ozil have to show their worth today. They were not brought in for oppositions like Cardiff or Norwich …but to perform in big games!
    The natives are restless , the knives are out. I am tired of losing to united, there are very few teams on this planet that I hate losing more to than Manure.

  344. Ah but you see there-in lies the problem Terry.
    You read about it and took it in a certain context, the report you read was taken from an interview shown all day yesterday on Sky Sports News. Reading it and taking it in, in the context you would wish it to be and seeing and hearing it as utter bullshit is two very different forms of interpretation.
    The recorded interview I seen had not one shred of responsibility, the closest there was to it was saying it is up to the players to respond. Still, mention of the vital role he has to play ahead of this game.
    I feel no affiliation or connection to ArseneWenger who is the manager of my team and club, thats not right. Its nothing personal and Iv no vendetta against him I just dont think that I or us as fans matter outside of what £££ we have to offer.
    Anyway lets see how we go tonight.

  345. @ shambo
    Spot on the money!!!
    We’re always looking to put some spin on some very obvious issues. funny enough these last 10 season our record in the big games have been atrocious and in that space of time we have changed players consistently so the playing staff is not the issue the only constant in this is the manager. anyhow I hate united as well and we have to win COYG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  346. At least we did not lose today if that is any consolation. The defense player well. It was good to see Kiran Gibbs in the side.
    We again did not create enough chances. One of our old “friends ” Mickael Sylvestre , do you remember him? Working as analyst today , he said that Arsenal was now very predictable going forward!!!
    The fight for top 4 is now on , LFC is right there now and they can smell blood.

  347. I have nothing new to add
    Giroud is inept.
    Wenger is tactically inept and has no idea how to change things during a game.
    Arteta was never a DM and is now ageing and getting exposed.
    We have no clinical striker.
    This team are either unmotivated by Wenger or are lacking in pride and desire themselves.
    The question on all our lips was would this team go out with fire in their bellies and do whatever it takes to beat a bad Utd side and make amends for saturday. The answer was a resounding no, this could have been any run of the mill home game or usual half decent display against a big rival.
    No guts. No desire. Only near misses and Girouds usual antics and looking at himself on the big screen as if god hates him.

  348. The draw tonight was not unexpected – a bit like the Chelsea game after our defeat to $ity. The fear of losing again was greater than the desire to win by the looks of things. I couldn’t watch this game unfortunately as I had to go to work. The next three games are definitely winnable — Sunderland, Stoke and Swansea. Given our last experience with things beginning with the letter S though I guess we should be very worried.

  349. Am just out of words to comment on these gutless performances. If Wenger knew this was the season for him as the oldest manager in the league to win it,then he shall never win it. The chance was begging for us to take it up and we squandered it.If you can’t beat United at their worst yet they beat us 7 at our worst then we don’t deserve to be champions. Suarez may never come now as Liverpool is on our heels and with Champions league distraction i see no reason Liverpool can’t overtake us.Only Wenger knows the secret in Giroud which all of us don’t see. I just hope so but the Dog fight is now on.

  350. I have been writing about this for months. Our victories and our league position have masked a big problem. For all our possession football , we create very few chances in games, we have been able to win against weaker teams with timely goals often in the second half of games.

    We are not Chealsea, we have different type of players. They are a combination of creative players like Hazard, Oscar, Willan and tough SOBs like Terry, Cahill, Ivanovic, Luiz who try to bully you and what a great buy is Matic for them , his size , speed and intelligence.

    Aside from a world class striker. We lack players who combine both dribbling and pace. That’s why against well organized teams we look so predictable.
    Ozil’s game has been suffering because of it, he is slow but a great passer when he has the ball and lift his head up, he needs players making runs behind the defense.

    Ultimately Wenger is responsible, I believe that we don’t have the players to effectively play our brand of football, others believe that we have the players but that the tactics are wrong.
    How many of you still believe that we will the league under Wenger again?

  351. Let me see any clown, come tell me giroud is the real deal! I mean what is he good for? Is he a prolific header, like an oliver bierhof?or got a great shot,or a good one on one striker like thiery? Even Adebayor,with all his bagage of problems was better than this guy! His movement around the box is rubbish,2 top games now,can any person point to his chances? missed or otherwise?And this clown had the guts to say he didn´t want higuain to come to us,fair enough,cause you would have been glued to the bench if he had.I don´t blame you,i blame the chief clown himself arsene wenger,we all know the medical staff are all rubbish,could´t diagnose rosicky´s problem for two years! Gave a wrong estimate on diaby,same thing with ramsey,vermalen missed almost his entire second year wth us cause the medics got it wrong,I mean we need to start firing some people,starting with wenger for coping with this mediocre standard,team selection,another rubbish! Man u are at their worst in how many years,and we couldn´t take em! We knew walcot and ramsey were not going to be available for awhile,why didn´t we re-enforce? Tell you the truth,RVP should have won it for them in the closing stages of the match,but for a great save from szczesny,and Giroud had the same chance and glanced it off his shoulder. For goodness sake,give NB52 a chance lets see what he can do,we are so easy to read,everything we threw at them,they dealt with it comfortably,what a shame. Then i wake this morning to read Giroud say we responded well after the liverpool debacle, just got so angry with this guy,and his master wenger,cause now its on,all those teams we thought we had left in the dust all of a sudden,have just gotten into second gear and are right behind us! Will the gooners crack,or will they get into second gear too? I for one, i´m not holding out hope for that,especially with wenger at the helm. And what can i say about Arteta? Oh boy!

  352. Gunnershah,
    Of course Giroud would say that, he knows hes average at his best and if he comes out with these statements it at least makes himsound like a footballer.
    Heres the question, why isnt Podolski getting a look in ahead of Giroud? Hes ten times the better striker and at mininum will hit the target, Giroud needs ten attempts to hit the target once, how many times has he missed his kick when presented with a great low cross.
    Theres a word for the type of player Giroud is. Donkey. Heres what id give him per attribute:
    One v one or composure 4/10,
    Dribbling 2/10. Its non existant.
    Link up. 7/10.
    Heading for goal. 5/10.
    Defensive heading 8/10.
    Crossing. Cant rate what Iv never seen.
    Long distant shot. 2/10. Everton volley aside theres been zilch to talk about.
    Speed. 4/10.
    Movement 7/10.
    Pressing without possession. 2/10.
    Weaker foot. 1/10.
    Big game contribution. 2/10. Spurs at home this year the exception.
    Leadership. 2/10.
    Chance conversion 3/10.
    I think I was generous there.

  353. Wenger seems set on the one striker formation for better or worse. It’s not working as well as we would like. Giroud has been most effective when comes deep and plays in runners like Walcott or Ramsey. With both of them out our game has suffered. I don’t know what the issue with Podolski is. It seems like he could become our next Arshavin at this rare. For the sake of returning the debate to something more constructive how about we put up some thoughts as to what our best set up should be with the players we currently have available. I think the defense picks itself. Szeszny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny and Gibbs ( for me his pace makes him better than Nacho). Flamini has to come back in. This is where it gets tricky!Arteta and Wilshere are out of form but what are our alternatives. If I had to pick one I would go for Wilshere. I like Rosicky for the energy and tempo he brings so he would be in. This leaves the more forward three. Cazorla and Ozil should be in there but is there a case for only picking one of them and bringing back Podolski, or go with both and have the German in for Giroud. Unfortunately he hasn’t shone when picked as a centre forward when he has had the chance. Or is there now a case to give Bendner a few games to give him a chance to be an alternative to Giroud? And then what is the place for AOC and Serge Gnabry both of whom have shown promise?

  354. Gunfest it is a little bit of both. I would say more of tactical ineptitude than any other thing. Who would not have subbed Arteta after losing the ball in the first minute? I would have taken out Wilshere in the second half only cos he was tired. I would have managed Podolski somehow in the centre, but a bit to the left and Ozil slightly to the right and Cazorla behind them with three CMs. If Yaya Toure runs up and down and scores etc, why cant we do same? Its not about a lack of players, its a STUPID coach that does not want to agree his system needs to be changed.
    What happens to Gnabry/Ox being a CF but playing on the wings, we saturate the midfield, but anytime we counter he runs into the centre etc and when we defend he does his normal job on the wings just like Ronaldo does for maagreed etc. Look, we can do loads with tweaking this team. Look at Spurs, Adebayor is scoring and this is someone who AVB did not give any sort of game time whatsoever. So, if Wenger leaves, you guys will really be surprised cos I think he loves having a fair game and not playing to win by all means.
    Infact, let the truth be told, Wenger does not want to win anything. He will not bench anyone for not trying and that does not spur anyone with a guaranteed shirt. I still think benching the Ox and Gnabry is suicidal. I would have let Gnabry do a Walcott, look for someway to fit in Podolski…go with Wilshere and the Ox at CM, then Ozil and Cazorla allowed to wander anyhow. Rosicky comes in immediately anyone is tired and Giroud can come in for Podolski…I could even include B52 to allow for two CFs seeing out the game if we need to score or bring on Monreal to effectively block the left side as we did earlier in the season.
    Another formation is the Ox in lone striker, not CF. Vermaelen in DM/CM, Podolski slightly on the left as CF, Ozil and Cazorla behind the Ox and Wilshere to roam at CM.

  355. Well we have no one if you take Arteta out of the game.
    Should Wenger experiment with Vermalin as a DM? Why not
    Podolski started one game as a CF this year and he looked lost. Maybe he should get another chance.
    Kiran Gibbs pace is too valuable to be sitting on the bench.
    Sagna not enough pace going forward for me , yes he is still a very good defender , but our team needs wingbacks who can provide width.
    If Kos gets injured and has to miss 3 weeks what happens to us.
    Ox and Gnabry are good young players , but are not wingers , they prefer to play in the middle, and they have a tendency to cut back inside. Was Ox even able to make one run behind Manure defense’s yesterday?

    We need a world class striker, a strong quality DM, a world class right back, a great winger to complement Theo.
    Ultimately , Wenger is responsible for the tactics and picking these players.

  356. Wenger should learn from this game,change things a bit,to confuse your opponents,did it well today,poldi,mah men!

  357. Didnt get to see the game but heard we were very lucky, not that i care its a great win.
    Agree Gunnashah theres nothing wrong with alternating the system or personnel. I gather Sanogo done quite well.

  358. Shambo

    Yes we had a few breaks but so did they. Fabianski was immense today he definitely kept us in it. Team worked really hard. Sanogo was a beast in the first half, a number of Liverpool players will be very bruised. He was dead on his legs in the second half,. Poldi was ok, got a good goal, but also gave away a silly pen. The Ox is flourishing

  359. Ox was very good, Ozil was better than he had been in a while. I thought Podolski was good too , he played with hunger.
    We were lucky not to be 2-0 within the first few minutes. It is a good victory against a dangerous opponent.
    The changes in the team were good. Many were rested ahead of the champion’s league game.
    Another big test for this team against Bayern…

  360. A difficult game! Don´t get me wrong fellas,this was a hard one! They had chances and couldn´t convert,we had fewer and took 2 of it,Sanogo had a good game,needs a lil more run in the side ,could be a great alternative to giroud,loved his diagonal runs,which i haven´t seen us do for a while,drew defenders away from our midfielders,probablythe reason ozil had a good game,i mean,Giroud loves to come in deep to get the ball,i don´t see the need for that,his link up play is not so good,neither can he dribble,like say a suarez or sturridge,so playing to ones strenght is better atimes,just stick to what you do best! And yaya sanogo sure did that,man of the match for me had to be lukas fabianski,wow! He had a great game today,absolutley huge for us,shame he wants to leave,cause he´s a good backup to have,good game from him. Overall,we won ugly,but we won,and thats what counts,as wenger set it out like that with his selection today,and not forgetting flamini,lol,they didn´t see him the last time,so he sure made his presence felt out there.

  361. Well that’s a relief! I feared the worst and it sounds like we had our problems containing the Triple S threat but some interesting team selections and now some interesting decisions required for the game against the German minnows! I wonder how Bendtner must feel. He must have thought he would have got a start but to be overlooked for Sanogo must hurt!

  362. well boys!!!!! we need the place to rock tonight, I wish the boys well and wenger, i hope you’ve studied Bayern!!!!!

  363. Mistake,carzola shouldn´t have come off! Another wenger error,ozil should have been taken off,because with ten men,you need speed,defence(which santi ranks better than ozil IMO)and quick feet.

  364. Wenger is sick. Why keep Sanogo on? He cant run. It should have been Sanogo for Rosicky…Ozil in the middle and Rosicky or Wilshere on the left. This is why I hate Wenger. How more silly can he be? We couldve won the game with that simple substitution. The Ox could cause them trouble, not Sanogo(he did well). I only criticize Wenger cos that was not our best team finishing the game. Why make Ozil suffer tracking the bald head when we could have them thinking about us breaking with the Ox, Ozil and rosicky? I dont know why he took off the Ox.

  365. Ozils defensive input is pathetic.
    Wilshere kicking that free away quickly at 0-1 after Kos had worked his socks off for the free goes down as one of the dumbest things Iv ever seen.
    Ozil getting 90mins is an insult to every player on that bench.
    Again, in my opinion, Wenger had not got an iota on how to influence the game once we were down to ten, they were sent out to the slaughter secomd half.

  366. Left to me, Sanogo wouldve been off instead of Cazorla and only a FOOL would take off Ozil. All you fans who feel Ozil should’ve been taken off are real morons. You did this Arshavin and now its Ozils time right? The only other world class player should’ve been sacrificed in your opinion right? Cos he cannot run or what? How silly can Arsenal fans be?

    What we have here is a coach that cannot use his team. Sanogo off and Cazorla runs around in the middle controls the ball and feeds Ozil or the Ox on any counter we have. Simple, till Rosicky comes to replace whoever is tired. I dont know how more simple it can be. Sanogo is no Henry and a speedster should be upfront, not what we had.

    Wenger is our problem.

  367. @GunnerBoss
    were we watching the same game? Comparing ozil to the arshavin situation make you the moron! Arshavin was never a winger,and that´s where wenger choose to play him,hence Arsenal didn´t get the best of him,ozil meanwhile is playing where he is supposed to be at his best,and i still think,carzola is better than him at that position,period! You know what? Lets wait till the season is over,and see if ozil can rake up the same stats santi carzola raked up in his debut season! You´re falling for the price tag my friend,not the skill set. BTW,he´s pathetic defensively.Ozil i mean.

  368. I am sickened but what transpired today. We had a great opportunity, but I have to admit that I felt deflated when Kiran Gibbs came off, I knew the task would be almost impossible at that point.

    Sanogo did better than I expected, he is young and has potential, I would send him on loan if I was Wenger so he play a lot of games and gain confidence like Lukaku.

    Ozil, I said it many times, he is a luxury player who needs to be surrounded with world class players to be effective. His penalty kick was dreadful! I would’ve taken him off. Carzola is better at ball retention because of dribbling skill and he is threat to shoot from distance.

  369. Ha gunnerboss, thats madness from you man.
    Ozils the slowest, laziest, halfassed player without possession in the world, at least Arshavin would tackle, this guy JOGS around and keeos himself away from the action areas, Robben made shut of him ten times second half, it was a procession down our left wing.
    Sanogo won every 50/50 he was in when we had 11 vs 11, he was closing down and intercepted more passes tonight alone than Giroud all year, yes he should have been subbed but not for application but fatigue.
    We would still be in the tie if not for idiot Wilshere rushing that freekick and getting Kos caught upfield.
    Ozil is in danger of putting himself in a position of no return here. His shrug the shoulders attitude will not work here.
    Already Mertesacker has pulled him up and tonight it was Flamini, what was Ozils reaction? Fuck off was his reaction.
    What has his response been to countless underpar performances?????? Same as.
    Listen its like this, Iv seen thousands of soccer games, many, many with 11v10, quite a few with a lower division team with 10 vs PL side with 11 and Iv seen more guts and shape from those sides.
    There was no method to what we done second half. There was no pressure on the ball. Zero. This is not the 90th min, but the 46th and we are camped in our own box retreating.
    The manager hasnt got an answer to any adversity we have faced in the last near decade, he effects nothing once the game has begun, he is redundant, tactically impedent.
    He couldnt even bring on a sub to take the sting out of the game before the wilshere foolish free. He can best serve Arsenal as a scout because he is not worth a shite to those 9 guys ( ozil excluded) bursting their asses out there tonight.
    At least get up off your seat to direct or shout some encouragement like other managers, but no you are too good for that Wenger.
    He hasnt got a scooby doo.

  370. @GunnerShah – U r a complete idiot for thinking I cant analyse a game. Maybe you dont know me that well. So, I will excuse you. You are also a moron like Wenger because you would prefer Ozil(instead of Cazorla) leaves and Sanogo stays on.

    Ozil and Cazorla are our only two word class players. Both have great strengths and its left to the coach to decide how to use them. In our case, we have a moron of a coach who is losing it by the day. I dont know what hold-up play means…I just dont. Why take off the Ox when we need speed on the counter? Why not Sanogo? This should have been the best game for Gnabry. I would have loved Gnabry and the Ox together instead of Sanogo(I think he did brilliantly today) upfront.

    Because of the Bayern wing threat, I would simply use speedsters on the wings and the slower Cazorla/Rosicky in the middle. Ozil is much much faster and his killer passes are PRICELESS. Did we see Sanogo and Wilshere give away the ball in advanced positions? How many times did Bayern give away the ball? Thats the difference. But if you want to use speed, then focus on that.

    I’m beginning to think Wenger was successful because of Henry alone. I think the man is a complete idiot to play a rookie in CF that is not even a speedster. After the red card, please take off your rookie and give urself a chance with Cazorla and Ozil for freekicks and corners etc. I think the man is completely insane…same with GunnerShah for thinking Sanogo did better than Ozil today. What did Sanogo do? Would he have put in the shift Ozil did? It doesnt matter who you are? I will never forget Mourinho playing Eto and Milito as wing-backs with Sneijder as the one in the middle. He did that cos Sneijder would not be able to run like Milito and Eto, thats a sensible coach. Ours sticks to silly principles. Why must the striker be the one in the middle if he can do better than someone else in the side at any other position? It means we cannot adapt and it certainly means we might not win trophies anymore until we have a speedster upfront to help us with counters. Jeez, Arsenal were well known for counters when Henry was around. This sick idiot has forgotten that and is now doing hold-up-play. First it was Chamakh, then Giroud. VP’s movement is priceless, we lack that completely. Mertesacker is not fast, but he makes up for it with good decision making and movement. We need more intelligent strikers or atleast speedsters. Not playing Cazorla in the middle and taking off Sanogo is the mistake of the day. Rosicky could’ve come on for any tired person.
    Silly Wenger and silly fans

  371. I agree Shambo, but of course you know the better person to take off was Sanogo. How dare he risk the experience of Cazorla all for a rookie? Its a freaking fucking shame. He is exposing himself and all my respect for him is fading very fast. I still think and a lot of people will start reasoning that way as well that Henry was this man’s saviour. He never replaced Henry to give us our counter attacking game back. He was lucky with RVPs form and priceless movement and finishing, but sold him. We have had no marquee striker for a while now and Wenger does not care neither does he utilize what we have.

  372. Ozil is much quicker than we seem to see because of his body movement. When its time to sprint, he is a lot quicker than we see. Its cos I know that. Watch him again when its time to sprint.
    Who would we want in a counter situation? The one who knows he cannot sprint and win and tries to hold up play(Sanogo) or the one who atleast tries to dribble and cause panic in the opposition? Lets not kid ourselves here. Well, atleast no one can kid me cos I live and breathe this team. The best Bayern would have gotten is a draw and we would have beaten them in my opinion. Just not with Sanogo after we went one man down. He did well cos we did not expect him to step up so much in the first place, but we were playing Bayern in a knock-out competition. Who is kidding who again?

  373. I still remember the world cup where Fabregas was a false 9. Is this not the same guy we know can be extremely accurate with shooting and passing Wenger wanted to be a DM for us? He never wanted the guy to be a ten atleast or a support striker(8) so he could be in the middle a bit more upfront etc cos he never pushed him forwards. But, on the world stage, his National team coach put him in his starting 11 and WON the world cup.
    Now, thats how to win things. Not CONVENTIONAL striker Arsene Wenger. You must not play with a recognised or conventional striker Wenger. Fuck you cos you do not use your best 11. The ball can be utilised on the ground with short people and you score. Its all about unwitting your opponent, not doing what everyone expects you to.

  374. Gunnerboss,
    Its immaterial who he took off bud, he didnt have any setup for the side only to dtand across our 16 yard box
    No defensive line. No pressing game and like you said no outball. No slowing or delaying tactics, fabianskis kickouts for instance or frees….if your fouled lie down, roll around or whatever it takes to give our lads a breather and get the shape back. But retreating to our penalty area and kicking the ball long to Dante and Boateng is just pure defeatism from the coach.
    12% vs 88% possession. I dont care if your down to ten even away from home. Thats a shocking indictment of Wengers ability to find a solution to even damage limitation.
    The mans not living in the real world, heknows hes untouchable so there is no fear of failure for him, hence his indifference on the touchline. He gets no reaction from the players.
    The question is is whether he is killing Ozil or whether the guy wont cut it here

  375. Well that sucked. It was shaping up as a really good game until the ending off. Having Gibbs go off just before then kinda reduced Wenger’s options in terms of second half subs. I was surprised when it was AOC but really it could have been any one of a number of players who looked dead on their feet.

    Oh well at least we have a decent run of games to pick up points in the league and forget about Europe for a while.

    I know the letter of the law is that Szeszney had to go but it does kill the game as a contest and spectacle.

    And how about that Kroos? Best player for me. I hope he is not silly enough to go to Manure!

    I don’t know what to make of ozil lately. He sure doesn’t seem to be up for a fight. I am hoping he is still adjusting and we will see the best of him next year. Looks like he needs a top quality and fast striker to click with. A few lessons in tackling and defending wouldn’t go astray.

  376. the more i read from Gunnerboss,the more i laugh,rosicky and carzola slow? I just don´t get it,where are you getting this from?

  377. Gunnerboss,where and when in all of my comments did i say anything about sanogo? Only said as a coach,wenger should know his players strongest points,ozil defensively, is a liability! you keep talking about playing carzola and ozil with carzola in the middle,how is that going to work? ozil on the wings?Where he barely tracks back? Thats a sure recipe for disaster. True wenger messed it up,that i can´t argue with you,just how it was done is where we differ,as you think sanogo should have come off when we were a man short,i on the other hand think ozil should have been that player,why,cause defensively,he is our weakest link,and at 10 against 11 you already know your back is against the wall,so defence becomes a priority. Truely,ozil played poorly,so poorly that every player rating i could find of yesterdays game, he constantly got flop of the match! I also agree with you that gnabry should have seen some action yesterday,at least on the left,with AOC on the right,and santi in the middle,but its like wenger,who has never spent so much in his entire managerial carrier,want this his 40 something million pound player to deliver by all means,even when he is having a trying time.

  378. Well GunnerShah, if you dont know that Ozil is much much faster than Rosicky and Cazorla, then the argument is ended. I wont waste my time with someone who obviously does not know our players.

    If Rosicky runs the way Ozil runs, he can never last 60mins…same with Cazorla. And these are my best buddies, so, its not like I’m hating them. Everyone knows how I stood up for Rosicky last year and Cazorla early this season when he had his bad patch so, any issue of bias is completely over-ruled.

    And I’m much much better now, thank you for your patience. Just dont jump on the first player when you obviously failed to properly analyse the situation. Sanogo was very useful until the red card. He is a rookie, playing him against the world champions with 9 other guys is absolutely INSANE. Gnabry would be a 100 times more of a threat than Sanogo. Speed is always gonna be threathening when you have the likes of Cazorla and Ozil behind you to give precise pinpoint passes. Has Wenger thought of that yet? NO. Because, he is INSANE. I already analysed it, I’m tired and GunnerShah, I’m not accusing you of anything.


  379. WARNING! Positive comment alert. Couple of classy goals against Sunderland. How I wish we could put together some football like that against a Chelsea or Man City. I would die a happy man! Anyway a nice performance to put the midweek ordeal behind us.

  380. Terry please dont let our lack of quality goals against shitty and Chelsea make you unhappy. It is a cause of concern though, the thing is we dont set-up to trash the opponent. Sunderland is not quality.
    Again, I still think we could’ve beaten Bayern. Gnabry and the Ox can cause loads of problems for any defense by just being fit and running at them. Hopefully Wenger will learn soon.

    On another note, all the media know is that Ozil was benched. They dont seem to care about anything else, they dont want to know if the Ox was benched as well etc. Shame really

  381. It was a good victory , nice goals against an opponent who laid down for us. It was what the doctor ordered, the psyche of this team needed it.
    It was nice watching Carzola playing in his favorite position in the middle, hint hint Wenger…

  382. Good win yesterday, good time out there for the boys. They needed it. I really hope we get a striker who plays facing goals in the summer. I feel we have everything except a striker to get some silverware. Looking at Sturridge moving behind defenses is beautiful. I think that will also revive Ozil.

  383. When i see Us win and scoring these classy goals it just highlights the fact of alack of a Plan B at the club and this has been the case for quite a while.
    When we try to play against better opposition this same way we come up against a brick wall. wenger , grioud and some us us here must really wish that all the teams are as piss poor as sunderland a d will just lest us tipi tap around them.
    But good win still and hope we continue to improve and fins a plan B because this kind a football won’t work always especially against better opposition.

  384. Amen Kel. The sad thing is..there is no plan B.
    As a manager if you have to play against Bayern a young player who scored less than 6 goals in the French second division last season, what does it say about our strikers and our team?!
    Yes , I know that Sanogo played better than expected, but come on man…

  385. Hi guys I am arsenal fan from Malaysia. I think arsenal have to beat chelsea and manchester city to win the league. Then only they can be a deserving champion.

  386. Well stoke tomorrow and i think we need to take this game seriously i hope the players don’t wait till the second half to start playing. I also hope they’re fresh we will need to be

  387. I think Wenger is a failure. Why couldnt we score? This man doesnt know who to field anymore. Totally confused

  388. How can you play creative midfielders all over the entire mid-field and when things dont go as planned first 20 mins, why cant you change the pattern? Why cant you make them play differently? Podolski is wasted on the left in my opinion. Where Sanogo was playing is where Podolski should be playing to put pressure on the defenders right from the first half. I think Wenger is sick upstairs and lacks plans. He sticks to his guns…he sticks to his pre-game plan all the time. Why not be a little crafty and do something a bit different for goodness sakes? Why cant the Ox play upfront using his pace to peg them back? Why cant Wenger be useful with player placements on the pitch? Why must everyone play at certain places? Why cant he motivate certain players to do things differently or play differently with an eye to exploiting weaknesses in the opposition?
    We toyed around first half until Chelsea scored….What is wrong with these guys? We lost the match after the first 20 mins of absolute rubbish in my opinion. We played like there was nothing at stake. I think Wenger is a threat to us winning anything as it is. The players didnt know what to do on the pitch and it is because of how they are set-up. The coach watches on like a helpless fool. Why are these guys having counters and we dont? Are their players better than ours? What is wrong with Gnabry?
    I still think Wenger is sick upstairs. These guys surprised the other top four guys and we let them surprise us as well. We didnt study them to know what to do to exploit them. Its absolute bullshit

  389. Another masterful display in tactical dyslexia from Arsene Wenger.
    How to beat Stoke; stretch their defensive shape using pace and width.
    Wenger approach; go straight up the middle, and repeat.
    Arteta might aswel not be there, his backways passing makes me rage.
    Giroud is a second division french player, and not a very good one either. Get him out of my club

  390. I didn’t watch the game but stil can’t fail to comment becuase the writings were on the wall already.
    How Wenger manages to convince the fans and the board that arsenal will win something season after season is still a mystery to me.As long as he is still coach i always know it is an illusion.The coach is no longer good enough and is past it.There is no way he was gona be a match for Mourinho in the title race.He is old and so lagged behind to compete in the market,spot talent late alone dynamism in tactics when things are not going his way.His worst enemy is fearing risks on the pitch.The fight for top 4 is right on.Was spending 45m on Ozil worth it?no.bringing a pensioner from Spartak in Kalstrom worth it no.Waiting for Diaby to recover from injury to play as the DM no,Grooming Sonogo as the next Henry no.etc How Wenger has managed to fool so many of us to this extent is still a mystery to me.Good enough he promised to wait until end of season before he signs his contract and i think its time for the fans to show cause why he must be sacked.

  391. well boys that was a shocker the lads look like they took this time off really seriously, they look like they are on summer holiday already, shocking!!!!
    well wenger i guess this was a accident too, and for all you going on about the penalty OX got away with one against the pool so these thing work themselves out eventually.

  392. Giroud is fucked up, Sanogo wasted the only snap chance he had to make us feel proud of having him in the team.
    Speed was kept on the bench and the midfield was choked when we had no striker with speed to run into/upto anything creative.
    Look at Liverpool for goodness sakes….they have loads of speed upfront and it scares you to think what will happen when the counter. What happens here? Old man with no ideas as to why he was successful initially. He is a failure just like Mourinho accused him. I still think Henry made that man great. Speed of Wiltord, Pires, Ljunberg etc coupled with the intelligence and dexterity of Viera made this man what we still look at him as. I dont see a good manager anymore when I look at him. Did we see Pochetino’s team? Jeez men those guys played football, forget tracking back etc. All bullshit. How many times did Bale and Ronaldo track back in their last two games which I watched every minute of? They beat Schalke 6-1 and drew away to Athletico just now. We want Ozil to track back, was this his job in Madrid? We want Cazorla to track back, is this his strength? Was this why we bought him? All we need is speed upfront to save Wenger cos he doesnt know this team or what to do with it anymore.
    He keeps on playing Wilshere and Arteta like they are gods….Flamini never got a look in and you wonder if this guy is sane. Flamini was why we didnt buy Gustavo and now? How does this all make sense?

    We blame Arteta and so, but Arteta was never a DM. Wilshere is not a DM. The Ox did very well there and scored for us, but Wenger prefers Arteta and Wilshere instead. Why cant he bench this Wilshere and stop propping up the guy as if he will leave us? Wilshere is shit and I’ve been saying this. Good we are training them, but, this is time for the professionals in their departments to be played to their strengths.

    Cheers guys

  393. How is it that for the last 9 years at the beginning of each season Wenger says ” we have the quality to win the league” we have not been even close except in maybe 2 season? Our manager is either an idiot or dishonest !
    He is not an idiot , he has finished 15 straight years in the top 4. So what are we to think? He treats Arsenal fans like they are gullible idiots. How dare they question his tactics and decision making? They are beneath him.
    All the adulation and worship by Gooners have gone to his head!

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  402. So the mad professor is at it again bumping up contracts to all and everyone, it seems we have not learned a damn thing these last 10 years BUT based on how we deal with transfers I should not be surprised.
    Take Ramsey, I like the boy, he show s good fighting spirit he’s played well for 5 months and scored some goals BUT in earnest he just got a new contract recently so why now because he’s played well for 5 month we reward him with a 100.000Pound weekly deal??? This is absurd, what the hell is wenger doing????
    We’ve been down this road before. I want to see Ramsey play for a complete season and run our midfield, not just five months. As I said I like ramsey BUT to me he’s not a 100,000 pound a week player, yet!!!
    There is a staleness about us these days and the way we do things and to be fear am fedup of what we have become, a total and utter joke!!!

  403. If he fails, we cant sell him. Just like B52. I think Wenger is our downfall

  404. Absolutely agree kel and gboss.
    Us fans have to wait months for these guys to stay fit long enough to hit a bit of form and if they play well for half a season they get bumped up??????
    Thats fucking mental. Their reward for being professional and consistant isa payrise!!!!! Where would you see it??
    Theres no player at Arsenal worth 100,000 a week. Not one. Certainly not based on performances and cups or finals. They dont deserve to be paid like winners because they are not winners, they are perenial underacheivers and underwhelmers when the big game comes around.
    Take Rosicky, I like him but how in the hell is he getting a new contract? Hes been tried and tested and couldnt deliver, his goal and assist ratio is appalling and hes injury prone and only going to get worse now that hes ageing.
    Wenger as usual is playing it safe and would rather pay stupid wages than spend outright on a fresh face.
    Stale. Stale is the perfect word kel. Stale and safe. There is no standard its just the same process over and over.
    Its a contradiction to fail with this group for the last fee years yet want to offer them all contracts to stay!!!! Are our rivals going to get drastically worse Wenger so that we may overtake them, or is it that the players are good enough and Wenger is failing them?
    Theres noway Wenger should get a new contract.

  405. Without a true revolt by the fans no change will happen…otherwise the script for the beginning of next season is well know:
    “The return of Ramsey, Diaby and Walcott will be like 3 new signings.”
    “We finished in the top 4 so it is like winning a trophy”
    ” world class striker? Well…there was the World Cup this summer and our manager is too busy working as a TV consultant for a French network to do his job.

    Look at Inter Milan , we are in March and they have already secured the rights for Vidic. All over the globe , serious team have already starting reaching out to players or agents, they want to acquire . THese teams do not wait for the end of the World Cup or the a Euros to make their moves.
    There is no strategy, no changes, it is always the same pattern year after year …

  406. Gunfest,
    Dont forget that ‘ players prizes are inflated after the world cup.’…next years excuse for not winning anything will be that we were tired after Brazil.
    Wenger has brought us forward in alot of was but on the field and in the transfer market we have been at a standstill for years.
    Im watching this game and you can just seethe everton goal coming. Game after game the lack of intensity and desire in this team astounds me. This is supposed to be a team who want to win a trophy. I dont see it.
    They shame the gutsy Arsenal teams of old.
    When do you ever see an Arsenal player in a pool of sweat? The only two who push themselves are Ox Chambo and Flamini. All the others want everything so soft that they cant even be arsed to inject pace or a counter attack into our game.
    We are actually very poor to look at. Theres very little to get you out of your seat watching this team….as you can tell by watching Wenger who never gets out of hisuntil something goes wrong….Martinez didnt sit down first half and his team responded!
    I could just as easily turn over to a documentary about possums.

  407. Great play by Ox to win the penalty that completely changed the game for us… Hopefully we can go on and win the FA cup because we are not good enough for the league title.

  408. well boys id arsenal don’t win the fa cup this season then i don’t know what, its in the clubs hands now for sure

  409. Tha fa cup has arsenal written all over it. Knocking out Liverpool and Everton,Totenham convincingly shouldn’t go in vain.Having to play Wigan over two legs is not a big task to ask of the team.Regardless of who we play in the final we must win and credit will be down to Ozil i think for the first trophy.I would take finishing fourth and winning the fa cup any day.

  410. @ delano
    would gladly take the facup BUT not finishing 4. 2nd and the facup to me would be a marked improvement

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  412. Boys, sadly i think its time to find a new blog.
    Weve lost our editors and main posters and its increasingly difficult to get through all the old posts and its difficult to get any debate going.
    I say the last half dozen of us go somewhere new together, anyone got any
    We can always keep an eye here incase Andy or lefty get the time back to write again

  413. I sort of thought so too after seeing the guys in red. I just dont know who pays for the yearly or so site fees. If only Andy would let anyone of us give guest posts and he edits or a combination of thoughts put together to make meaningful posts etc. It doesnt need to be too elaborate considering better days past…..lol . I would not like to go anywhere else myself. Never been anywhere and dont want to go anywhere. Its fun here, we know each other and its like family. Who abandons family? Unless there is somewhere new and exciting, it would be painful to know who is who and why the person reasons this way etc.
    When Shambo(especially him) talks, I know exactly where he is coming from, same with the old timers, Kel et al etc. Right now, its just plain annoying. Thankfully, we still have the blog. What if we dont have it anymore? Its not like we’re Facebook, google plus friends etc.

    @Shambo, unless you’re using a phone, my laptop browser jumps right to my last comment once I refresh, so I use my laptop for this page. Again, the long posts(which I like) dont favour using the phone.

    Cheers guys and hopefully someone can chip in something usefull so we can all invade the new place at once with our names if this one cannot be revived. I dont have any ideas for now, we really need help here.

  414. Shambo

    I agree . I emailed Andy a week or so ago, but no response. I will have a search around the blogs see what I can see. I have dabbled in a few others, but they are very clicky . As you and Gunnerboss have alluded to there is a bit of a community here. Problem we will face if we try to move en bloc is most of the blogs are either positive or negative. If some of the lets say less positive posters posted on some sites they would be mullered and vice versa on the positive side

    leftie if you are still looking in, do you know the state of play?

  415. I think that we need to move on to a new site. I had previously suggested opening up the posting process to few more individuals , but to no avail.
    I will search around as well for a site.

  416. Hey guys!!! I love this blog don’t want to leave and i agree with Gunnerboss why does andy not let one of us whose regular post something even if very small. I don’t want to go anywhere else, please, please lets not leave this blog I’ll miss u guys for sure. so for me as Gunfest said lets try to get the blog posting opened up to a few more individuals We can choose who.

  417. I think that Retsub, Shambo and Kel should have access to post, but all of us regulars should take ownership of this blog. As an example if fees are involved in maintaining the site up , we should take care of it, even promote it with other Gooners, to bring life back to this blog.

  418. Guys

    I don’t mind helping out, but I suspect to run a blog properly it will take a lot of effort. For instance this site needs an administrator to keep spam under control and maintain law and order.

    To build the blog up we would need regular posting, I would have thought at least 2 or 3 posts per week including match reports etc. that’s quite a big ask

    At the end of the day we can’t do anything without help from Andy. Can I suggest some of you email him to see if you can get a response. I have already tried

    Terry, Gunnerboss and Gunfest in addition to those mentioned and shard as well if he is still around. And of course Leftie

    If someone could get access to the email records maybe we could entice some of the old regulars back…. One nil springs to mind

  419. Rets,
    I might try contact andy via facebook, Id just be a little weary of invading his privacy and overstepping the mark, afterall hes flat out working and is constantly on the move, this blog is not something he could have given up lightly…but I might try get in touch.
    I know little about the maintaining of the blog itself but I know theres no other place like here and the family of bloggers it has attracted and held on to…rets your quite right moving en masse to another place wouldnt work even if we wanted to go. We are all so familiar with eachother here thatwe even know when the other is just blowing a fuse and what to laugh at and what to call somebody out on after an over reaction, I like that.
    As far as facebook goes my name is Shane Kevin amd Id be quite happy to get to know some of you guys although im not a big social media fan!
    So long story short we stay put, yeah?

  420. @ shambo

    “we stay put” Yep for sure

    And just for some humor, we’ve gone almost a decade without a trophy so we should be accustomed to this kind of treatment haaaaaaa!!!!!!!

    Tonite will be difficult but anything is possible i hope the fans and the players enjoy themselves….

    cheers guys

  421. I am game to stay, but we do need to do something to bring the site to life. I assume there are costs involved in running a site?


    I can only see one Shane Kevin on Facebook, but it is a blank page. I am pretty much an inbound face booker if that makes sense, but am happy to hook up. I am Bob Fisher but that is far more common

  422. Aw, this was an incredibly good post. Spending some time and actual effort to generate a
    great article… but what can I say… I procrastinate a lot and never manage to get anything done.

  423. Podolski starts, I think he will leave anyway, but if ever he wanted a stage to impress this is it.

    Unfortuntatly Ribery and sweinstegger (not even close spelling) start for bayern

  424. Whatever happens tonight, the Ox has grown into a man. I think if anything is going to happen it’s going to be via him. Ozil and Podolski need to do more

  425. Rets,
    Great stuff from ox chambo and verm.
    Im sorry but im just going to hammer Giroud again, granted he was the lone frontman bit his appetite and workrate isjust appalling and he always manages to be misplaced which shows bad judgment and lack of craft for a frontman, a couple of his offside offences were from moves nearly 30secs previous and hes still too lazy to get himself back out into a position where he can help the side.
    He is a shaper and a ponse aswel as being a bullshit artist judging by his comments post Everton at the weekend where he said something about being alive in the box, funny he was everywhere but in the box this evening and his goalson Sunday were laid on by excellent work from.Sagna and Ozil.
    Not nice to lambaste one guy but how he is the main CF at a club like ours astounds me.
    Someone tell me what are we to do with Ozil because the more I see him put in these performances the more it screams ‘quick resale!!!’ because his value will plummet if this continues.

  426. Shambo

    Tall dark handsome, sophisticated etc etc found me yet? Maybe not.

    White shirt and check tie… Does that help?

  427. Retsub,
    No joy.
    My profile pic is the same as my avatar here if that can help you.
    Are you alone in your photo and whats on your page so i can verify

  428. Shambo

    Got any friends with unusual names? Where I can pick you up via a friends list

    Here are a couple of mine that might work

    Maud khedi hobeiche

    Dan Findlow

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  430. Shambo
    Gotya searching on a laptop gives different results to an ipad

    Friend request sent

  431. I think we did well given the odds. I still think its too early to jump on Ozil Shambo, seriously resale? I dont think we need to start thinking of all this. Remember Mertesacker and the useless defense you guys used to blast? I remember I always told you guys our defense was our strongest part of the team, am I vindicated today? Absolutely.
    Before we talk Ozil, lets analyse Wenger first. Why did Gnabry and Ox not start on the wings? Why could Flamini not start with Arteta in the middle? Cos if Wilshere were here, he would start the Ox on the right. So, What is wrong with Wenger? Mancity played everything they could, didnt deserve to lose. They put much more effort than we did, but were they effective? Its about how the players are comfortable where you want them to play.

    I still think we should leave Ozil alone. Did you scream when we bought him? Why is he now seemingly useless to you? Remember one headless chicken now doing marvelously well in Italy? Wenger should give Ozil star treatment and not let the team make him look ordinary. He shouldve gotten a christmas break, he should be more taken care of especially his duty on the pitch to ensure fans dont get on him.

    Will look for you guys on Fb then.

  432. Great article Kel! The same argument could apply to WEnger’s player evaluation method as well.

    Gunnerboss and Shambo , you are both right about Ozil – yes he is a great player, but needs to be playing behind the striker . He needs to be surrounded by world class players at every position where only his passing is required.
    We are not that team! Ozil was not needed at Arsenal, we needed a world class striker.

    Many teams in the premier league and Bayern have shown that pressing our midfield high will cause us a lot of problems. Teams like Barcelona, Bayern… Can cope with teams pressing them because their players have the individual skills and confidence to either pass the ball accurately or dribble and pass to release pressure. Against Bayern we had only Ox, Carzola and Kos capable of meeting those criteria , not good enough at this level if we choose to play possession football.

  433. Gunfest
    Don’t disagree about the striker, but I do disagree about Ozil. Its difficult to say we haven’t had a good season. The cup is ours if we hold our nerve and I don’t believe we are out of the title race yet. Ozil gave this team a tremendous momentum and if Walcott and Ramsey hadnt been inured who knows were we’d be. I thought we were pretty unlucky against Bayern, if we hadn’t missed the pen. if Szs hadn’t collided with that skunk Robben who knows what might have happened. We certainly weren’t disgraced by them.

    I wish Wenger had got another striker in, I think Giroud has done a good job under the circumstances but admit he is a little predictable.

    Things could be a lot worse, Spurs have tried 11 managers during Wengers reign and now they have ended up with a total plonker, who thinks he can run a side on passion alone. They are certainly ours for the taking on sunday.

    Finally you mentioned Kos. great player. but he gives away a lot of pens don’t you think? he should have known not to breathe near Robben

  434. A lot of people seem to think that we will win the FA cup and for sure we are Super favorites, We have no excuses what soever not to win this competition this season so it begs the question, if Arsenal fail to win this seasons FA cup should wenger resign????

  435. Just my opinion but when Wenger does go I think people will appreciate what aq great job hehas done

  436. Hopefully we won’t have to answer the question, but you know my answer.

    I know you don’t like him, but who would you replace him with? Leaving aside the ones who are uncontainable, Pep etc

  437. You say “I don’t like the manager” BUT i hope you realize its nothing personal I have a big respect for wenger so its nothing personal its just that I think that too much power corrupts, history has proven that already so I don’t have to
    Wenger has too much power at Arsenal and I think and this is my view he as abused it badly BUT that another story all together.

    Who would I replace him with???? well that’s easy my top three in this order
    1. jurgen kloop
    2. Diego Simeone
    3. Dennis Bercamp

  438. Quite an interesting game going on Hull 0. man City 1 but Kompany has been sent off. Come on you Tigers

  439. Chelski lost to the Villans, two players sent off and Mourinho doing his best “who me” impression. If we can beat the Spuds tonight we are right back in the mix. Fingers crossed! The tension is excruciating!

  440. Just watching United v Liverpool.

    RVP is having a bit of a mare. Makes my heart bleed

  441. Not pretty to watch, not very enjoyable until the final whistle. Great goal by

    I think we need a little more guile if we are going to perform at the bridge

  442. Retsub,
    Absolutely agree. You couldnt call it robbery because Spurs just wernt that good, but the amount of times they had us beat on the flanks only to square or cross the ball badly, or for the cross to just elude a touch was unreal.
    Absolute doozey of a strike from Rosicky and Chamberlain again was our chief threat but the passing and cohesion was quite poor and, again I apologise but I just cant not mention the ineptitude, lack of positional sense, laziness coming back onside from a 30 SECOND previous attack, and just all round lack of craft from Olivier Giroud. In fact the incident in the first half where Sagna beat Rose in the air, made a great run by the LAST MAN only for Giroud to pause in possesion for two seconds, look back at Rose and then proceed to kick the ball straight off Vertonghen just sums the guy up for me. Hes not an intelligent footballer. Fine. Hes not a guy whos gonna chase down and sweat every last drop for you. Fine. Hes not a clinical finisher. Fine. But not having the guts or killer instinct in a game vs your local rivals to slide Sagna in and ask questions after.
    I know its like a witch hunt with me and this guy but I just dont get why Wenger cant identify the attributes that make a striker and go get one.
    To be honest I heard his wife has issued an ultimatum after his all nighter with some bird in the team hotel the NIGHT BEFORE the City game and he may return to France.
    Please let their be a merciful god up there.

  443. Shambo and Retsub – yes a massive victory! A great game by Ox overall, yes he made some youthful mistakes , but he was the only one winning the 50/50 balls in the middle of the park.

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  445. Arsenal really did fight hard and I hold my hands up to them BUT they will have to play a lot better next week though for sure!!!!

  446. Thats the speed threat we are talking about. Speed does a lot of things in a game that running is required. Without speed, would Messi and CR7 be where they are? They need great speed to complement those other attributes, thats why they are max. threats.

    It was a sweet game and the longer the game wore on, it was like they were no longer gonna score. I bet if Monreal didnt come on when he did, we wouldve lost. You cannot underestimate the power of fresh legs and he brought on all three very useful substitutes. Next game, Vermaelen should start or come on earlier and maybe in DM to free up Arteta. Wenger doesnt like these sort of things cos if the person is succesfull there, it would be like…why dont you keep playing him there? Remember, as it is Wilshere and the Ox have no spot in the team and he would want to play Wilshere whenever. This is why Flamini gets benched.

    Ozil and Cazorla take up the two AM positions automatically, but remember Wenger started benching Cazorla? He made the guy unhappy and it will affect his performances seeing a rat like Wilshere chosen ahead of him etc. Then, when it affects him, we jump on him again without thinking. If Walcott were fit, Wenger would not play Podolski on the left cos he likes doing two CMs. Ramsey and Arteta are his favourites there. I would like Ramsey and Vermaelen more. Vermaelen is clearly faster and more defense conscious than Arteta. For me, Walcott would be my CF and Giroud subs. We talk of buying when we have one and he would be less injured if he were not made to run flanks helping the RB…same with Ozil who just broke down.

    If I were the manager, Giroud would not start next game. The Ox would be in front with Podolski, Cazorla and Rosicky in between(but in AM) and ready to get into that CF position should a counter ensue. Flamini and Arteta to mup up the midfield and ensure the front four are fed enough passes. If an attack is from the right, Podolski runs to the middle…from the left and the Ox has to try to get inside the area. Cazorla and Rosicky all have to be running in whenever there is any attack.
    We still need a striker and Giroud is just a faster Chamakh that can actually shoot. I dont know where the Portugese and brazillians are. I know there are tons of speedsters out there who are real strikers or atleast extra slow but do not need to be asked twice to score once in the box.
    Thats why I have resorted to blaming Wenger, he had RVP with Giroud and Cazorla and Podolski. Then he went MAD and sold him and Song. They have not been replaced two years later. The reason Flamini has gone right in is because he was here before and understands our philosophy inside out. So, again, why did he have to sell? When you answer the question, you can agree that he shot himself in the foot that time. Firstly, there was no way Manure would’ve won the league last season….

    It was so nice to see manure beaten three nil. RVP should watch us take the EPL before leaving next season. It would be the best departing gift for him and effectively end his career in a top UCL club. But, Wenger would be the winner here. As much as I dont like the scenario, I still wish we win the EPL. Rooney wanted more cash and was given. Why couldnt we do something with VP? Anyways, that he agreed to go to manure whom I hate so much leaves the worst taste in my mouth. Wenger was wrong to sell his best asset to a rival and gifted them the EPL as a result and VP was wrong to go there. Afterall, B52 is still here, get ma point. Both of them are wrong, but, one is still in Arsenal and thats it. Arsenal has to be in front of any sentiments. I just hope we can finally plug in the gaping holes before this August.

    Cheers again to a very sweet spuds win.

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  448. Gunnerboss I don’t think you are altogether fair on Wenger. Am pretty sure he didn’t want RvP to go! Interesting your choice not to pick Giroud for the next game. I tend to agree as he looks jaded and isolated. I would be tempted to go with Gnabry, the Ox and Podolski against Chelski as they have pace to hurt Chelsea on the counter. With Rosicky Arteta and Flamini in midfield. That leaves Cazorla out though. It’s a tough call! Chelski have a tough midweek game and two players suspended for Saturday. It’s real opportunity to have a go and finally show that we can beat our rivals. Watching the Spuds game it was hard not to look at Adebayor and think if only he hadn’t been such a mercenary twat how good we would have looked with him instead of Giroud. I like Giroud but he is just not at the level we would like. I don’t agree with Shambo who said he wasn’t trying. I just think his confidence is low.Either that or his nocturnal activities are getting to him…Anyway I am looking forward to the weekend. Fired up with optimism that no doubt will turn to dust and I will be reminded of it by some of you afterwards! Where is Leftcoast???

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  471. I Agree, what the hell is going on on our blog???? Muppet and crew get your Ass off our blog!!!!!!

  472. Kel, Gunfest for once we are totally in agreement. I try to avoid swearing, but this time it’s appropriate

    Spammers Rearrange this well known phrase

    Off fuck

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  476. Kel

    As you know I am a big optimist, but I have a slight sinking feeling about today. I think the best we can hope for is a draw. If we can get them angry it might be a different story.

  477. My heart says 2-1 for us, but I think that Chelsea will turn this game into a meat grinder. How many players , we will have left standing afterwards?!

  478. Another highly anticipated match vs london and league rivals, and a manager who taunts us and our manager.
    Will we raise our game, will we show the hunger that has been lacking and put in the workrate and intensity that a gane of this significance deserves???
    We have turned up as we have done in hugely important games the last 7 years and were 3-0 down again after 16mins.
    I cant overstate what a disgrace this is. It is gross mismanagement and negligence. The players are only part responsible for the simple reason we were doing this with different sets of players the last few years. The constant in this is Wenger.
    We had 6 days rest and this is their third game in 7 days, minus Ramires and Willian.
    And get that shaping french ponse Giroud out of my club!

  479. How come we cant play football anymore?
    Wenger is becoming a dinosaur, an expert at losing. He cant seem to organize them anymore. Makes me quesion if he knows them at all…
    Its shocking that Eto who is 34 runs faster than Giroud. Podolski can be played in the CF does not mean he should be in the centre. Wenger sticks to his ideas like glue. What is wrong with introducing someone like Vermaelen in DM? I’ve said it time and time again. We lost cos Chelsea did not make Eto and co ultra defensive, rather they let them free and made two real DMs do the dirty work.
    Arteta and Giroud have no reason playing for Arsenal anymore. How on earth is Arteta better than Flamini in DM? Wenger is a sick idiot, he just baffles me. The only one who can do any sort of damage is made to play in CM. What is wrong with Wenger? Why could Rosicky not play in the middle instead?
    Can we now see that Wenger is messed up? Why is Liverpool ahead of us? It means Brendan Rogers is a much better coach than Wenger…well, atleast he can organise his team and make them score tons of goals.

    Cheers guys

  480. Arteta- worst DM we i´ve seen in an Arsenal shirt,only Denilson tops the bill. Giroud- Sorry excuse for a striker,should have sent him on loan and kept chamak,that´s how low i rate him! Senile wenger,lost two of his key players(walcot and ramsey)still refused to buy in january,i already said decisions like these cost us the title,hence,he is a specialist in failure.if you can´t win anything,just quit!

  481. We are well past the arguments about tactics or players . As Shambo puts it the constant is Wenger. He has to go . He will not win the EPL as an Arsenal manager.
    When Mourhino says that Chelsea are not favorites , he is being honest , he knows that Mancity has more talent and he is not happy with the make up of team.
    Our manager is either dishonest or delusional !

  482. Boys, was comin home today from one of my own games and heard a commentator say Suarez had scored his 28th PL goal of the season. I was still fuming after that debacle this morning but I was stunned upon hearing that stat.
    28 LEAGUE goals.
    We cant get a striker to do that in 4 competitions.
    What has happened to us that when somebody says Girouds in double figures that we are satisfied! We are satisfied because by Olivier Girouds standards thats an acheivement. It is NOT an acheivement when you play for Arsenal it is a minimum requirement. We were 6-0 today and Giroud was grinning and bantering like an idiot with Cahill and Terry, who were havingnone of it. What has happened that we are harbouring players like him, Bentdner, Park, etc etc…and this is after we cleared out a pile of deadwood last year. Im sorry but when you have turned down trialists like Yaya Toure and Ibra and admitted to scouting Ronaldo, Hazard, Mata, Lukaku etc and then floundering every year in the transfer market topping that off with a ridiculous effort at signing Suarez last summer the question has to be asked ‘ What the hell is going on at my Club?’…..Im sorry but he CANNOT get a new contract, noway no how.
    Suarez/ Sturridge and Skrtel combined have scored the same amount of League goals as our ENTIRE squad. And you can check that shit, and Suarez started the season with a ban!!!
    How were we ever even title challengers? Look at the hidings we have got off the big sides only a year after the 8-2 mauling at old trafford.
    What the fuck is going on.
    How is Arteta getting a game let alone getting in ahead of Flamin!!!? The guy was never a CDM before the mad scientist ruined him.
    Thank you Arsene but please leave this summer before you ruin whats left of your legacy.
    When Peter Hillwood is endorsing you you know somethings not right, maybe Hillwoods pocket is in goodshape but how can anybody in a position of influence on the Arsenal Board be excepting this unless it was because of the personel, not even company, financial gains?
    Negligence and gross incompetence from management to boardroom level to the near question of corruption or self destruction to all matters and standards associated with winning football matches and competing in this league.
    Liverpool dug in when money was being thrown at them, nearly double the sum of any fee we have ever garnered from a player sale because they wanted to compete, not just with us but with City, Utd and Chelsea. We have sold our best players to these clubs and then blamed their money for the gulf between us and them.
    This Carousel has been goin round for 8 years now and Wenger has either no idea or no interest in stopping the puke inducing dizziness.
    Maybe its time we just jump off. See if its stops when theres nobody paying the fare.

  483. We the fans deserve all this we are getting reason being we have supported the club and wenger as the fountain of honour despite glaring incompetence for all to see. Mourinho refers to him as a specialist in failure.He even had no time to shake hands with him after the thumping him 6 on his 1000th game.
    My worst worry is if he opts to sign a new contract he doesn’t deserve.It is sickening to think we shall have this guy for ever as he is not a winner and shall not win anything. The fA looked obvious but on this evidence we shall need Ramsey and Walcott back if we are to beat Wigan and advance to Wembly. Wenger is a complete disgrace and a failure. It is even shocking that Sczeny is still in the arsenal goal. Arteta was never a Defensive midfielder and his presence there has been so costly.I can’t blame him.Had we packed the bus and gave no spaces for Chelsea to run into we could have avoided early goals.Eto a 35 year old scores curlers and Giroud at 25 runs aimlessly on the pitch waiting for a pay check from the fans at the weekend.This a joke.Tactically Mourinho packed the bus at the Emirates Wenger stupidly with no game plan opens up play and the damage is collosal. It is such incompetence and old age that Wenger must go at the board room level and quit active management.

  484. its been awhile since i left a message on arsenalfcblog i can only hope everyone found another website that they are happy with.I have nothing to say about who should or shouldnt be on the team list because at the end of the game there’s only one person that make those decisions and unfortunately when listening to the commentators they are saying the arsenal fans are screaming “wenger you must stay on!” which can only tell me that they are wenger lovers from what i seen at stamford bridge, if there was a manager that was close to what wenger is doing currently! its andre villa boas. Everyone knows what happen to avb after he couldnt do the job in so many games, but the specialist of failure cant do no wrong he can be awarded with a achievement award of 1000 games but 1st 499 games 11 trophies and the next 499 games 0 trophies yip! surely he has nothing to be proud off! Has far as i know wenger wants to play the pretty to the eye game while today football its a mixture of both especially the epl. I dont see why us the arsenal, the arsenal of yesterday, today the future should be drag threw this ordeal ,this club belongs to us and no know is bigger than our arsenal.The board of arsenal are also held accountable for such failure, its no use saying wenger will get more money because the problem is with the manager and those board members with greed for wealth. Please dont suggest that wenger will prove us wrong by winning the fa cup because thats a trophy thats been long over due for the damage of the last nine year drought, if man city was still in it woudnt an advantage arsenal, in wenger we rust!

  485. Yippie…..Dutch gunner is back.

    It was all too glaring to see that Wenger CANNOT utilize players like the Ox anymore. Arteta cannot run, the Ox is the one with all the dribbling and speed…but, we have to play him in the midfield. Same for Walcott who shouldve been spared running after left-backs for a spot in the CF position. How tall is Sturidge? Are you telling me that Walcott cannot do way better than Sturidge in CF?
    Wenger is such an idiot that Spain had to use Fabregas…a player he wanted in DM…as their main striker in the WORLD CUP, which they won.
    As far as picking players is concerned, he was no longer my man. I have said this countless times. I dont even want to talk about Hillwood who sold us into slavery and pursued Dein away.
    How could Wenger not have bought players? Mikel was only introduced when they were 6-0 up, because they know he is slow and are not sentimental about it. We keep playing Arteta when there is a faster Flamini and Vermaelen on the bench. I dont know who says Vermaelen cant do a DM job, if Luiz can do it, Vermaelen can. He is faster, more agile going both forwards and backwards etc. Arteta is complete bullshit, could’ve stopped two clear goals but couldn’t run….more like a tractor.
    I think Fabianski is better than Szczesny…this small boy needs to learn more under a senior goalie. Van der sar won United so many trophies and he was plucked right from another EPL club. We need that seriousness and concentration levels forced into this guy, sometimes he looks unserious.
    Why did Giroud start? Ive said it before, Why could Podolski not be in CF with the Ox on the wings? To allow Flamini, Rosicky, Cazorla and Vermaelen/Arteta grind out the middle? Its such a shame, it really is.
    We talk about injuries, Chelsea bought Matic and Salah who were towering yesterday, we bought no one eventhough we had serious injuries to our best players.
    Atleast the fans can see the usefullness of creator Ozil. We couldnt even score any because we cant deliver the accurate crosses in. With Ozil, we would’ve scored atleast one.
    We made Mourinho get his own record of highest scoreline in EPL while we faltered on our 1000th under Wenger. Why do we keep making others get records with us? Against someone that said he is a specialist in failure, he failed woefully to confirm the talk. He cant even win to save his own skin….shame shame shame on Wenger.

    Loads of us do not know where to go. We love this site and do not like the way the telechargers are invading starting with Iron Fist I think, is there no one to weed the trolls off?

    Cheers guys

  486. Yes it is nice to read from all the guys , we Have not heard from in a while.
    It is time for the fans to take charge and ask for the change of manager. After 500 games of futility , Wenger must go !
    Sorry , the FA cup is not enough to appease me.

  487. just a apology it was the chelsea crowd that said ” please wenger stay!”

    GUNNERBOSS-i also thought vermaulen would be the ideal man to play a defensive role in midfield while i thought the same of djourou when he played that position for queen park rangers but i guess wenger never thought of that like he never thought of the top three would crush arsenal so easily in 20 minutes.

    I dont think polodski would make a difference as the main forward as there was nothing much fed threw to the front and remember if the midfield is garbage then you can forgot about goal scoring

    6-3 , 6-2 i think and now 6-0 is a score that you see when the top three play crystal palace, fulham and norwich and probably cardiff but for a top four side its a disgrace of a highest level, not sure if wenger see it that way as he still gets his fat salary in the bank and pat’s on his back from the greedy board members and the stupid wenger lovers.

    He did state he was at fault for the defeat, but its like an old broken recorder like the trumping at old trafford, so doubt if wenger will leave the arsenal faithful with a goodbye wave anytime soon

    why wenger should not stay on?

    -he has no interest with the physical part of the game
    -he cant manage the ordeal of what a top player goes threw
    -he has no plan b, he just chooses his eleven and cant see his fault
    -he still continue moaning about every decision that happen on the field and the players are just perfect angels( wilshere falling acts) yes, jose does the same but their a positive result at end of game
    – he will continue making us wait at the last day of transfer to buy his so call star players
    -arsenal still dont defend as well as the other top epl teams when teams enter their half.(when they head the ball it usually land up with the opponents)
    – his uefa campaigns has been awful since the 2006 final
    – when playing top teams in a few weeks he manage to come out second best
    -he ignored the names of talented players that wouldnt cost an arm and comes up with excuses for missing out of them
    -e.t.c and many more

  488. For the sake of our collective sanity I hope we can win the cup and Wenger can step down with some dignity and credibility intact but something tells me it won’t be that straightforward. That was gut wrenching that performance. Totally abject and unfortunately we can’t say it is the first of those displays.

  489. Agree Terry, they should give Wenger a seat with the board. We need a younger, hungrier manager .
    2 names come to mind Klopp from Dortmund and Rudy Garcia from Roma.

    @Dutch, you can add to your list , the botched transfer attempt of Suarez, Higuain,Di Maria…

    I do not hate Wenger, I like him for all he has done for our club. It is because I respect him that I want him to leave now , he has nothing more to give us , he is just holding on.

  490. Wenger has manged to buy all this time and patience by reminding us where he found us and how far he has taken us.But everything must come to an end.He has enjoyed all the luxury and patience he could have wished for but he has never replicated the coaching skills he exhibited in 2006.If up to now he has failed to get another Viera to the club and had all the gutts to get Song out without replacing him in hope that Diaby will come back from injury,then am sorry enough is enough. Wenger is not growing any younger and is not getting any better. He has become a laughing stock ridiculed by many top managers but he somehow hodwinks us the fans to believe he is the man for the seat. Regardles of what he wins this season he must go. All we need to do is raise our bunners in protest of his continued presence as coach. Even those fans who sympathised with him have all lost patience and realised the truth that this guy is a house hold joke nowdays.

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  492. @ gunnerboss, I think you are the worst ugly skunk of a bitch I have ever known. You are such an ugly self centered arse hole You call people an idiot.You swear at peoples.Such a disgraceful human being . If u are not ashame of yourself then at least be ashame to the owner of this site, People like u make this site very unpopular and give a very bad image. No wonder decent educated people stay out of this site all because uncivilise and unmoral people like you are in. You are full of hatred and always look at the negative side. And u call people invaders. What a wicked person you are. Go and fly kite.

  493. Ironfist,
    Do the words pot, kettle, black mean anything to you?
    We dont tolerate that bullshit on here, the namecalling is one thing but man, the hypocrisy!?!
    There is no one to say who can or cannot visit this blog. Period.
    All are welcome.

  494. guys cool down. Lets concentrate on getting Wenger out and how we can do it.Soon or later we are going to get a thumping from the citizens and top 4 will be any ones guess

  495. I dont think we will acheive a top four finish with this manager and the players we have at our disposal.
    I think he is nearly starting to see the error of his ways as far as player recruitment, lack of tactics and stubborness.
    He has been highly unprofessional this week with press conferences. You just cant do that, I said before the way he even runs down the tunnel at he endof a defeat displays a total lack of respect for the fans, you have to face the music….usually he does and gives 10 different excuses, all of which, to a rational mind, are bogus deflection away from an accountability.
    He has us where we are, there has been no change in the mental fragility and the lack of variation to the way we play to the point of sheer predictability has become embarrassing.
    There is no fight or desire to make amends in your Girouds,Artetas, Ozils, etc. They talk a good game but dont back it up. Schezney the same.
    I think he knows a cleanout is required. Starting with him.
    Jurgen Klopp could e tempted with the exodus at dortmund at the minute.
    Maybe even a de Boer/ Bergamp combo. But we will never be a serious team again while Wenger is allowed to pursue whatever this approach is.

  496. IRONFEST and GUNNERBOSS i really consider your gunnars kiss and make up “figure of speech” context, the fight is out there with the removal of that french arrogant wenger and the dustying out of the board room of the oldtimers.
    SHAMBO – if wenger was seeing his faults he would pretty much be himself and attend to normal after much procedures, he was got so much influence that even napolean bonaparte would crumb to the ground with fear.By jose not handshaking wenger shows he does not take wenger seriously! jose is none the same but he knows when he is well beaten and this was just a walk in the park.
    If Wenger saw his error he would of brought flamini on which means he didnt.

    Even sometime ago a manu defeat Patrice Evra was stating that it was like
    playing against boys

    we can dream all we want about what popular managers can come in to replace wenger but if the board dont change their greedy habits and concentrate on putting together a team that can challenge for champions honours

    GUNFEST- When it comes wenger and transfers i will only believe it if we had sign someone and if its on the arsenal website, Wenger mouth must be watering if those easy to the tongue names were pronounce to him but he wouldnt even pick up the fone to find out if there was a bargaining chip to getting hold of them

    Guys i couldnt even or just didnt want to even put the tv on to watch us play swansea becoz of that chelsea defeat it was so humiliating i saw the emirates it look 3/4 full and who is to blame them, this is arsenal a club with heritage and attractiveness for players to come abroad but wenger has completely destroy our mojjo or our excitement when our boys go out to play and thats a big no!no!

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  498. I’m impressed, I have to admit. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s both equally educative and interesting, and without a doubt, you have hit the nail on the
    head. The problem is something not enough people are speaking intelligently about.
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  499. @Dutch, Shambo I agree , but I am through critiquing individual players or strategy as long as Wenger is our manager.
    I beg to differ about the manager, he should be asking more transfer money and the board should be telling him. Sorry this how much , you are getting. Not the manager telling no , I don’t want to spend so much.
    This is the world upside down. Insanity!

    It would be refreshing to hear our manager tell us the truth. If we do not have the funds to buy world class players tell us, if we are not really title contenders…be honest with us , we are not children.

  500. You are so cool! I do not believe I have read through
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  501. gentlemen\ ladies do any of your know how to get hold of leftcoastgooner so we can figure out whats happening on this blog as 600 comments is why to much!
    i can only hope leftcoast is in good health as he did describe himself as been at a senior age or he could of have gotten upset with the criticism against wenger as he defended his budget transfers and asking for patience

    GUNFEST- I dont know who is pulling the cords at the top level,but we have hear wenger saying we dont need this player and having chamberlain, diaby and polodski come back is like a new player and Ivan gazidis coming out and saying the money is available for wenger to use, 40 million or can afford rooney that sort of crap!
    Then its about the stan kroenke and alisher usmanov having a fist fight over control, what i dont like is fans asking about how david dein would of done this and so on, for the love of arsenalfc is there no about else in the boardroom of members that will stand up and fight for the club success and turn dull looking fans to a joyful bunch
    wenger had nine years to let the secret out of whether he does or does not have the money so he is part of the those or all of those greedy sucking board members.
    i am against having to pay a player 300000pounds per week as that is saying i am bigger than the club which manchester is doing right now, as rooney will score but then will go through dry patches. My aim is that a club can be be success with good quality players that cant been worth going into debt,ozil is quality but quality players need others quality players to lift them up when they are down, there is cazorla but they have been criticize for not helping in defense but thats a touchie subject which can be tested if we had a proper defense midfielder that is fit and stay suspension free most of the time

  502. Yes Dutch, the return of Diaby will be like signing a new player ! It would be so funny if the joke was not on us.
    Wenger has the balls to tell the fans ,at the start of every season that we are title contenders.

    I remember when we were flying high a couple months ago. There was talk a giving Wenger a new contract, Kel asked what was the rush?! Some of new especially after the injuries that our record at time was built against poor teams.
    We were never a serious title contenders, it was smoke and mirror. As a matter fact in the last 9 years , we were perhaps maybe once or twice true challengers for the league title.

    In my humble opinion to win the EPL , you a world class manager, talented players, leadership, a core group of players with strong characters. Essentially, players who won’t run and hide when their backs are against the wall!