EXCLUSIVE: The Arsenal FC Blog interviews Cesc Fabregas

Despite the  perennial overtures from those pesky European champions Barcelona, Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas has continued to pledge his future to the Gunners and long may that resistance continue because the Spanish star – and one of the top 5 midfielders in the world – remains the single most influential player Arsene Wenger has at his disposal.

Football Media, on behalf of the Arsenal FC Blog, were privileged to grab a chat with the legend that is Cesc and quizzed him on what he really thinks of our prospects this season…

The Arsenal FC Blog interviews Cesc Fabregas

What can you say to Gunners fans to reassure them that this year will see an end to the trophy drought Arsenal have experienced?

Our style and philosophy of playing the game has remained consistent for a long time now and I am sure it will soon pay dividends. We are a young team but we are ready and the experience of Arsene Wenger will help to bring the best out of all of us. We remain confident of achieving success.

The pressure must be building though….?

Of course we are under pressure to win the title because Arsenal is a big club and expectations are always high. But the other challengers have spent huge amounts of money in recent years to build their squads and perhaps they are the ones who are under the most pressure because of this investment. Arsenal has a long-term vision for the future.

And what about the team’s style, will it need changing to win trophies?

I do not believe the manager will ever change the way he wants the team to play. I am sure that whenever we win the title, we will achieve it playing good, attractive football. We only know how to play one way and it would be treason to abandon our style of play.

Can you win the Premier League itself?

Nothing is ever impossible. We are not the favourites this season but we truly believe we can we can fight for the championship. We were unlucky at Old Trafford against United but we proved we are ready for the battle with our great victory against Everton on the opening day. This team is maturing and growing in confidence all the time.

Aren’t Manchester City your big dangers for a Champions League place?

City have made a strong start to the season and when you look at the players they have signed in the summer, I think they will be aspiring to win the title and not just finishing in the top four. When you have a team with players like Robinho, Adebayor, Tevez and Wright-Phillips, you must believe you can challenge for the trophy.

Fabregas is one of the best passers in world footballAre you envious of other clubs that have more money at their disposal?

I have to say I feel lucky to be at Arsenal and be part of the club’s philosophy. Here we prefer to develop young players and give then their chance as I was given my chance when I was a teenager and that is a situation I am comfortable. Other clubs can spend what they like but we are happy with the way we do things at Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger didn’t sign a defensive midfielder in the transfer window, did that surprise you?

People always say we need a defensive midfielder but I think there are players in the squad who can fill this role. In a short time, Abou Diaby will be one of the best defensive midfielders in Europe although it is not his natural position and Eboue can also perform well in that role. We have many options so the team does not lose its balance.

What do you think about Arsenal’s Champions League group? Is it one of the easier ones?

If I am being completely sincere I must admit that we did not have one of the worst draws for the Champions League but neither do I think it will be as easy as some people are trying to suggest, as the first match proved. Olympiakos are a team with a lot of European experience and they play at a home stadium that has a very intimidating atmosphere meaning it’s difficult to win there. The Greeks often pass the group stages too so have a proven record. As for Standard Liege and AZ Alkmaar, they are young teams with plenty of talent that aren’t afraid of us. Both of these teams have a style of play that has a striking resemblance to the way Arsenal plays and are sure to fancy the opportunity they have to try and beat us.

Footballers have gained a reputation for being out of touch these days. How do you keep your feet on the ground?

“My parents have been a big influence on me and they taught me how to be myself, to remain true to myself at all times. Also, I had to grow up quickly when I felt home as a teenager to sign for Arsenal, so I believe I am mature for my age. I left my family and my home city when I was very young and had to learn quickly about myself. I will never forget where I have come from and how hard I had to work to achieve my ambitions.”

How do you feel you have changed as person since you left Spain?

“I’m definitely a calmer person now. When I was younger, if we lost a match I was so angry but today I am more relaxed because defeat is sometimes unavoidable.  Controlling your emotions when you are on the pitch is very important but it is also important when you are not playing. It is an important lesson I have learned from the manager.”

What targets do you set yourself at the start of each new season?

“The first and most important ambition is to enjoy myself, to take pleasure from every match. I am still young, so there is still much for me to learn about the game and for me to improve my standards. Each season I aim to surpass the number of goals I scored in the previous one and I am also always trying to improve my touch with left foot.”

Finally, can you tell us something about yourself that we don’t already know?

“What I would really love is to be able to go to university to study. Because I moved to England when I was a teenager my education was interrupted and I hope to be able to pick it up again one day. My ambition is to gain a qualification in physical education.”

Thanks to Cesc Fabregas for the interview and I’ll leave you today with a great video of our captain’s brilliant football brain at work…

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  1. Good work mate. Full marks!

    Cesc is such a remarkable young man. He’s really matured in the last few months.

  2. Eboue and Diaby as great defensive midfielders? Hrm, I wonder if Fabregas misunderstood the question. Quite surprising!

  3. Wot? Diaby one of the best defensive midfielder? And Eboue can play that role as well?

    Taking the mickey?

  4. Top stuff, Andy. I know for a fact everyone has been looking forward to reading this since it was first mentioned. Stellar effort. Diaby for the world beater!

  5. Diaby is gonna be a world class DM is something I knew, that he mentions Eboue (HUH?!?!?!) and does not mention Song (WTF!) is really weird. Maybe Wenger sees Song as a Centre-Back after all…


  6. sicko is some how suprising, the two plyers he mentioned that they can fill in defensive midfiedl, it is relay some thing surprinsing ahahaha , i cnt laugh ahahaha

  7. Maybe Cesc refers to Eboue being able to play Diaby’s normal role as he says Diaby is being played out of position.

  8. @ haho / ahmed – He was talking about who can cover for Song while he is gone. The question related to us not having enough depth, obviously he rates Song and he is just naming another couple of players he things can play there.

    Also, it does suggest that Wenger’s intention is for Diaby to eventually play as a defensive midfielder, however he might just be coming along a little slower than expected.

  9. Good interview, although the question about him being envious of other clubs because they “have more money” is rubbish. Why ask him that?

  10. cesc has really evolvd as a player and as a person. The humility in that interview just backs that up. A big thumbs up. Not sure about the DM comments. But if wenger has faith in them(song,diaby,eboue) then in wenger we trust.

  11. He would never ever slag off his team mates so we won’t hear him being critical of Arsenal’s transfer policy, but to me it’s just so obvious that with just two more signings we could have been even better than we are now. Basically, injuries to one of our two central defenders and Alex Song and we’d be pretty effed up.
    And goalkeeping department remains a worry. Chest infection my arse.

  12. Gud work 4rm u andy.gud 2 hear dat our cap is dedicated, about eboue & diaby ,eboue is not a dm he can’t manage dat positn as song & denilson will do, he is out of d questn. Gud luck 2 our capt & his team 2nite.

  13. big props for the interview Andy. Quality stuff. It makes us feel a bit more in touch with the team and our captain to hear him speaking like this. good luck to the boys tonight hoping for a 2-0 win to us.

  14. Gr8 job.I think cap does nt undastand d qtn hw cn he say dat eboue is gud for dat role we nd a dm to compet wit song

  15. Great interview, it was areal scoop to get to talk to the Arsenal captain. I don’t know many teams that would have let that happen, I may be wrong though as I don’t go on other teams blogs. I must admit though that I always thought that when a young player signed on for the club they sorted out his education as well. Well done Andy.

  16. nice 1 andy,that was a good read….if cesc fabregas says that eboue and diaby are competent dms then i for one will not doubt it,the guy knows the game.
    i think wenger may give a few a rest toni even tho we are already light….u may see sylvestre(sigh),merida,ramsey and maybe even sanchez watt ,wth vela,bendy and dudu all unavailable, get some game time

  17. Good stuff Andy.

    As you said, very interesting comment about Diaby. I think alot of us feel that he would be an ideal candidate for the DM or Vieira-type ‘box to box’ role. But the manager has never hinted at it, often opting to play him in an advanced position (how many times did he play left wing last season?). So that is food for thought.

    Fabregas is a great person. Humble and true. He deserves to lift a trophy for us this season.

  18. Good work Andy, if we can have one or two like this every year, it would be very comforting!!!
    I also think that the question abt other clubs with big money is fair, every Arsenal fans out there including you and me, has also the same question in their mind, and its very straight forward and honest.
    As for Eboue, i also think that he can perform as DM,he is an original defensive left back, remember!!? He can do it, no doubt.Only pbm for AW is : he doesnt have an experienced subs to rotate with Sagna.
    Diaby: whom im not a big a fan of, is actually ” on his way to be the next and better Viera” idont know but i just see him so slow on his way.I must admit though that I see talent in the lad but i see less good qualities in him than the ones he lacks, like: 1st touch, vision and game reading (Which will come with maturity), dynamism, vivacity, and STRENGTH.
    I can only expect Diaby to be on the right quality by the end of this year, if AW will push hard on him and will give him the same amount of time on the pitch like Song last year.

  19. C’mon Shambogunner, what do you expect the guy to say about his team-mates? Eboue can be a diving embarrassment? Diaby spends half the game trying to untangle his legs?

    Nice interview, nice straight forward questions, anodyne answers and the usual platitudes.

    Less than five hours to kick-off against AZ Alkmaar, a match that we need to win so expect to see a few changes from Saturday’s line-up. Almunia to return in place of Mannone, Sagna and Clichy in place of Gibbs and Eboue with Eboue moving into midfield alongside Song and Diaby. Van Persie up-front flanked by Arshavin and Fabregas.

    A line-up that should be sufficient to overcome a side that has not had the best of starts under their new coach, Ronald Koeman, who took over from Louis van Gaal during the summer.

    I’m looking forward to this one, the beer is nicely cool and the armchair is in place in front of the tele.

    3 – 1 to The Gunners is my prediction.

  20. Wow, that was amazing to see! I think it’s fantastic that Cesc agreed to this interview, and I think it shows how much he cares about the fans. He’s a great person, and I loved the part about him saying how he wants to go to uni, it’s a great aim to have.
    Nice questions too, Andy, and thanks for that as well. This interview brought a big smile to my face.

  21. Fantastic work andrew.We r expecting good stuff like this in future .”THIS IS WHY ARSENAL FC BLOG IS SOMETHING VERY VERY SPECIAL”.

  22. Don’t forget that Fabregas sees everyones efforts in training. We only see a match. I think Diaby can be a world class DM.

  23. yeah, great questions, I liked the last under the most interesting, too, and I was a little bit surprised about his statements, that he always tries to improve his left foot, I can’t imagine that you can train a left foot, wether you have it or not, can’t imagine how you could train it, I’m no footballer, but I never could beat a ball (Volley-ball) with my left hand :mrgreen:
    but to the latest: a really cool and matured game from Arsenal so far, in my opinion, a classic goal, liked it much, great passes from Arshavin van Persie and great finish from Fabregas, looked so cool,
    and again a little personal story: at first when I got a channel I saw a red white shirt player on the ground, it didn’t look well and I asked myself, whom has it met? I saw his face and thought I don’t know him………..
    (had some problems to identify the opponents in red white shirts :mrgreen: )

  24. oh , I was nearly sleeping and suddenly (injury time) felt a flash of anxious and then it happened……. they were punished, and the moral of the story? never become anxious . . . or what would you say? 8)

  25. nah dude. I rate its a waaay better privelege to be able to play than to study…believe me

  26. If you think about it, Wenger’s style of football is very much like an education in football for these younguns.

  27. Well done Sir and a great thanks to Cesc for taking the time to talk to a fan blog. Nice to see he cares and sets a great example on and off the pitch.

  28. Well done ANDY, this is excellent stuff. I doff ma hat for you.

    Thank u CESC….Ur tha BOMB…. Captain Fantastic, Captain Marvelous, Wonderful Footballer. We are really proud of you..We all love you. I personally love ur sincerity.

    Thank you for being there for us.

  29. Great One Andy.

    Way to go Fab thanks for honoring Andy and us.

    Andy let us know the story of how you had a chance to interview him?.When ? Where?

    Sorry if i have missed any of the previous posts that you told about interview.You can point me to it.

  30. Andy, you have a word of honor and that is enough for me to believe whatever you say about Arsenal Team…Good job and thanks a lot for the info. you know how much we love our Captain right?
    tsup! it must be planted on your forehead as my sign of respect to you for having a WORD OF HONOR…..

  31. Thanks for the interview. Fabregas I love you. As well as the whole team and Wenger. May the will of the universe be with you guys to win titles this season as you highly deserve.

    And btw university can be really boring, but of course don’t let that stop you from pursuing that dream.

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