Everything pointing to an Adebayor exit + Arsenal v United review

Adebayor looks set to be sold by Wenger Congratulations to United

First things first today I want to say congratulations to Manchester United on becoming Champions of England for an record-equalling 18th time. As much as I hate those Red Devil bastards – and I really, really do – I can’t argue with the fact that they’ve been the best team in the Premier League this season and thoroughly deserve the trophy. In my opinion Liverpool and Chelsea never really got close to them and apart from a little wobble with a third of the season to run United were the most consistent, most efficient and most talented team over the 38 games. So congratulations to them.

* rinses mouth out with soap and water *

OK, now I’ve begrudgingly given my congratulations to United it’s time to talk Arsenal. 

We were, of course, involved in the game that effectively decided the title over the weekend as our boys put in a valiant performance in the 0-0 draw with United. The home side may be the Champions but we were certainly the better side in this match and if Cesc Fabregas’ late strike hadn’t struck the post then it’s possible we could have delayed their celebrations for another week.

We may have failed to win the game but it was encouraging to see the team put in such a spirited performance against a side that had taken care of us so clinically in the Champions League. We had a very interesting line-up with Alex Song playing at the back and Abou Diaby and Denilson helping Fabregas in the middle, while Robin van Persie played the lone-striker role instead of Emmanuel Adebayor, who was left out of the team completely by the manager.

Adebayor surely on the way out

As much as it would be nice to dicuss the positives and negatives of the draw with United the reality is that the situation surrounding Adebayor’s future at the club is far more juicy. I mentioned on Friday that Arsene Wenger had made some rather confusing comments about the prospect of moving Adebayor on in the summer and I really do feel that his exclusion from the squad as his comments in this interview with BBC Focus suggest that he will be leaving.

I strongly suggest that you watch to the interview to make your own conclusions but for those that don’t get the opportunity to I can summarise thusly; Adebayor acknowledged there has been a breakdown with the Arsenal fans but also holds the opinion that he cannot fix the situation. He mentioned the interest by AC Milan and stated that it was not his fault if he was attracting interest, nor his fault that the fans think he wants to leave.

While Adebayor certainly makes some reasonable points I believe that any Arsenal supporter who followed his actions and those of his manager before the start of last season and during this one will be able to pick significant holes in what he has said. He says that it is not his fault that Milan are interested which is fair enough. But when he keeps acknowledging their interest and comparing Arsenal to them in a disrespectful manner then he has to take some responsibility. He seems to have no awareness of what he is doing and the way it looks to the supporters who have loved this club far longer than he has.

A lack of effort

What Adebayor seems to forget in all of this is that the thing that people liked most about him was his willingness to work hard for the team, to chase and harass defenders and provide a mobile focal point from which this team could revolve around. I have been an avid supporter of the striker over the past three seasons – heck, I even have an ‘Adebayor 25’ replica kit – but it really pains me to say that that effort has gone. Without trying to generalise too much, Adebayor has rarely put in the same amount of effort this season as he did in the last and there’s really no excuse for it. If anything, given his huge pay rise last summer, he should have put in even more.

Arsene Wenger may have used the excuse of ‘a small groin problem’ for Adebayor’s absence over the weekend but you really have to suspect there’s more going on behind the scenes. More, even, than a sly dig at the size of Adebayor’s appendage.

My feeling is that Adebayor will be leaving this summer and although he would be a huge loss given what he can provide to the team when he wants to, it’s hard to argue that it would be the wrong decision. Robin van Persie has stayed injury-free for most of this season, Andrey Arshavin would relish the opportunity to play further up the pitch, Eduardo will surely be ready and raring to go for the 2009/10 season while Adebayor’s closest equivalent, Nicklas Bendtner, has had a season of significant improvement. Add to that the promise of Theo Walcott, Carlos Vela and even Tomas Rosicky – who has the capacity to play in the hole – and it’s fair to say that we have reasonable resources in attack.

Anyway, I’d better leave it there for today. I’ve spoken a lot about Adebayor in the last couple of posts but I’m hoping to get back to writing Part 3 of the Arsenal Season Review for tomorrow’s post. I’m sure some of you had been expecting another installment today but things have just been that little bit too interesting to avoid comment.

To leave on a positive note today I have some comments from the manager about the prospect of bringing some fresh faces before the start of next season. Speaking after the Shareholders Q&A from the other day, Wenger said:

“There is money available to buy. Where do I buy or who, that is difficult to speak about because if you come out with that you pay double price. We are rich, but we are not rich enough to do that. However, we will buy.”

Huzzahs all round! Have a good Monday.

Have your say on Arsenal’s 0-0 draw with United or Adebayor’s antics by leaving a comment.



  1. i hope adebayor goes and villa or tevez comes in…
    as for the match, it was a picture of we have been this season..united were there for the taking, their midfield was weakened by the absence of anderson and scholes but we could not kill them off…no arsenal player has the desire to run into the box during an attack which is shameful..

  2. We started the season well bt we lost consistence.our midfield is limping,since
    the exit of Viera,then Henry,sol ljuberg.Gallas is great!why take man u reject!syllvester.Wenger buy quality players.our goalkeeper terrible.thanks.KENYA.

  3. I’m with ya, SF. I was enthralled by Ade last season. Even after the summer, I was still willing to give him the benefit of the doubt as it was his first go-round with BIG demand (and who doesn’t get a big head sometimes?).

    But good grief! This season has been shambolic. Yes, he’s had some nicks. But when he’s been on the pitch it’s been feast or famine…with quite a bit too much famine for my liking. And not just that, but outright LAZINESS from the big man. Almost out of character laziness, and a definite unwillingness to do anything on the track back to help out when not in possession. That really hurts.

    We all groan and throw things at the TV when Bendtner blasts one 10 feet over the bar or wrong foots one in the box. But no one ever says the lad doesn’t try. He may not have the skill of Ade, yet, but he DOES try. And I think that’s all us Gooners really ask for…the honest effort on the pitch.

    I like Ade. If he could get his head turned back around to playing Arsenal football, I’d very much be in favor of keeping him. But I honestly don’t see that happening any time soon. And given that, if we can come to an equitable transfer fee (+/- 22m pounds), then I think it’s best for THE CLUB to move forward with that.

  4. from my understanding of Adebayo’s comments on bbc i think he poke for the team. those comments were also echoed by Wenger. from the start of the season there had always been negative vibes.
    we seemed to have forgotten that we had too young a team that lacked support from the fans.
    and like he said whatever he or the team did the boos still rang.
    we also seem to forget that Adebayo, am sorry to say is not intelligent. a man who engages his mouth without his brain.
    i really feel the players have been hurt this season.
    its not there fault we lost expirience in the midfield. its not there fault players were not replaced. you can ask Gibbs if he would lve to play all the games next season. he would say no and gives reasons that with him there the team will be weak.
    we also hold wenger responsible for not buying. Has anyone asked how much he is given for transfers?
    Arsene made an interesting comment during the Q & A., i work with the resources i am given. if it is £10m i spend if it is £100m i spend that.
    i believe the summer we need to be asking the board how much are they actually given him. that is if he will be there this coming season cos the relationship with the fans has broken down

  5. I hope Adebayor leaves. Just like you said he’s lack of effort this season. It will be a big gamble if Wenger keeps him for another season because he has a chance to back at his best since we will have Rosicky back but he can easily be a flop again and his price will drop.

  6. I wouldn’t be sorry to see Adebayor leave. It’s been obvious for some time, and confirmed by that interview, that his heart is no longer in it. TheSKAGooner is quite right: what we want to see is a player who runs himself into the ground for the club. As you know, I have serious reservastrions about Bendtner’s ability, but his workrate is beyond reproach. Likewise, Eboue, who has his detractors, but again, he always tries from first minute til last.

    My only worry would be that Ade goes and we don’t replace him with a quality target man. I know you love Bendtner SF, but I really don’t feel he’s ready to be the main man up front yet. Wenger has a recent history of letting players go and not adequately replacing them (Vieira, Pires, Flamini etc etc). He says we’ve got money to spend, but we need a lot of replacements this summer. A centre back, a DM and now a main striker. I’ve never known Wenger buy 3 quality players at once and I doubt it’ll happen now, which is a real worry.

  7. The problem with Adebayor is that they think they ” walk on water” and become bigger than the game. Let him go, so he can do do the world tour that Anelka did. Another example is Benny Macarthy of South Africa, who do not have good enough strikers to compete against the best in the world, but he wants his butt licked to rep his country. I am glad the coach has shown him a big toffey and not picked him.The same policy applies to Ade.People in Togo think is G… but no one is bigger than the game

  8. what were they waiting for to play that way in the last stages. why didnt they give that much effort and persistence when required.

    nway, was good effort, TOOOOOOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Owen may seem past it and more over the hill than Joan Collins but maybe, just maybe, he could do a job for us. A two-year pay as you play deal perhaps?

    Owen is hugely experienced and has scored goals for fun over the years, at every level. Surely he still can?

    People say that he is more interested in his horses than his football career. What an opportunity to prove those doubters wrong.

    Wenger took a risk on Bischoff last summer. Why not Owen? A hungry Michael Owen, who still is only 29, can cut it at the top. I’m sure of that.

    He’s available on a free transfer in the summer. Got to be worth a sneaky look?

  10. Sell Ade, the bloke clearly doesnt want to play for Arsenal anymore. I just hope he wont be sold to any of our rivals, he could be deadly when playing for another team and that scares me.

    Anyway we must find a replacement. David Villa is worth at least £30m and he’s 28, Wenger is not going to sign him. Huntelaar is younger and cheaper than Villa so maybe Wenger will go for him.

  11. I think everyone is a little disappointed with how this issue has panned out. Whilst I don’t agree with our fans booing him onto the pitch (that would just drive him out), Ade seems to think he is blameless and hasn’t done anything wrong. In reality I think he is quite happy to make people boo him to engineer a lucrative exit.

    As for the impact on the team, it means once again a first team player will be leaving this summer; we cannot afford to keep building and breaking up a team. One player may not be so bad, but we can’t allow anymore than that. That said, Ade is our spearhead, someone who offers the physical power and aerial threat that we lack in most other areas of the pitch.

    However, if he leaves, lets hope the money is put towards a midfielder and denfender of top quality.

  12. We should try and keep Ade. He’s had a rough season what with being booed and lack of goals. Disappointments with the competitions. No medals. No glory. Only people saying he’s no good. The man’s got an ego, sure, and it’s been dented this season. Mostly because of his own actions, and lack of them, certainly but still. He could get away from it all now. Have a think and come back full on for the next season. Sometimes you really want to jack your job in and then the next day something happens that makes you feel like it’s not such a bad place to work.

    Arsene needs to have a word with him. Everyone says he’s a brilliant man manager. He can talk him round. BUT – if he can’t , then we do need to replace him. You can’t just lose your main striker and not replace him – not if you want to do better in the next season. It won’t be – and wouldn’t have to be – a gigantic money signing. I quite like nigelp’s Michael Owen idea but I am biased towards Brits. Also he’s a tich.

    On last thing – well done the young lads on beating Spurs to win the Academy League. Brilliant. More fantastic talent coming through. Well done Steve Bould-the Legend lives on!

  13. I am one of those people who think that Adebayors effort and his commitment would never be appreciated no matter how hard he tries for Arsenal by the fans who simply love to hate him, even when the team lacked balance the fans have been quick to point that Ade lacked effort after havin not created chances for him. If you look at Arsenal you will find that Adebayor is a lesser problem to the club than Van Persie but even then i wouldn’t let Persie go because our problems as a football team are in; A-The Defensive midfield B-The Centre back position and C-The Goal keeping position. Dear fans before these positions are sorted you are always going to point a finger in the wrong direction hence remaing with never ending problems. But again before we fill those positions i suggest we sell first in those respective position i mention wisely and then buy.

  14. Before i begin let me explain that i am in no way taken in by all this negativity that has surrounded the media and some of the people who jump on the bandwagon calling themselves arsenal supporters.

    We are all Arsenal supporters. This simple fact, this state of being, has been a constant in my life for 30 years. It has brought me heartbreak and elation in equal measure from watching Tony Adams driving home the final league goal of a title-winning season to being curled up in the foetal position on my couch for 36 hours after Barcelona came from behind to crush our Champions League dreams in Paris.

    In all that time I had come to believe that I had pretty much seen it all…..until these last few weeks.

    In the last few weeks, I have watched hundreds of my fellow supporters come as close to blows as anybody could over the internet. I have listened in astonishment as players in the hallowed Red & White of Arsenal have been boo’d and jeered by their own supporters sometimes when they are warming up before coming on as a substitute
    I have listened in shock while our most successful manager, one of the most respected figures in world football, had to endure a shareholder’s meeting where participants were more concerned with taking cheap shots at our players than reasonable discourse. Imagine if you will, having the opportunity to talk directly to Arsene Wenger about various aspects of our club and its future direction and then wasting it by insulting him and our team. It beggars belief! Let’s get something straight here. Jeering and insulting those who you you claim to support is tangibly oxymoronic with an emphasis on the ‘moron’ part.

    How the hell did we get here? Have we become so demanding and so oblivious to our relative position in the football universe that we revert to tourette syndrome when events fail to unfold as we desire? Sadly, it would appear so.

    What has changed over the years to make us thus? In truth it is probably a mixture of brainwashing from a partisan media, a nagging uncertainty about the future ownership of our club and the result of a diet of success that was far too rich for our own good for several years.

    Here and now, every Arsenal supporter should ask themselves why they became a supporter in the first place. Was it to complain? Perhaps to facilitate writing abuse on the internet? Maybe it was to indulge in jeering the home team from the home supporters section. Maybe, but I suspect not.

    What I suspect is that you became an Arsenal supporter out of love and passion for the club. It was this love and passion that caused you to put everthing else on hold come matchday. It was this love and passion that caused you to spend your hard-earned cash to see your team play live . It was this love and passion that allowed you to savour victory and success to to an opiate-like degree and that eased your pain when that success was fleeting, as it so often is in football.

    It is now time to remember those things of yesteryear that sparked our love affair with this magnificent football club and realise that they are just as strong in us today as they were then. Complaining about our situation will not change it and the events of this year and others cannot be undone.

    NOW is the time to unite behind our manager and behind our team. It is NOW during this bleak period that they need our support the most. We are their twelfth man and we are not matchfit anymore.

    Let’s have an end to all these ridiculous calls for Arsene Wenger to be replaced. He is going to be our manager for the forseable future so get behind him. When he eventually retires, he will greatly missed believe me. Let’s also have an end to the incessant calls for him to buy players. OF COURSE HE IS GOING TO BUY PLAYERS! Not only that but he will buy the best players he can lay his hands on with the money he has available, which will most likely be substancial this year even though it hasn’t been in recent years.

    On top of that, when he does buy these players, make them feel welcome! Make up great songs about them, send them welcoming messages via the club and go and see them pre-season singing yourself hoarse in the process. Wear shirts with their names on the back. Show them that they belong and they will play their hearts out for you.

    This seaon coming, RENEW YOUR FAITH IN THE ARSENAL! Wear your colours proudly! Drown out the voices of other supporters whether home or away with your singing! Roar your applause at every shot on goal whether it goes in or to row Z! Roar your applause at every substitute warming up and let them know that you are behind them and that their best will always be good enough.

    You will see more of their best as a result. Increase your support to include the reserve matches, the youth games and our fantastic ladies team who are a national treasure. Go to their games come rain or shine! Break their attendance record until they have to put their matches on at The Emirates because they deserve to play there and they deserve you to be there for it. Make other supporters and other teams feel awe for the support that we give our team. Make the Emirates atmosphere the envy of the league! Lift our players and they will do their part and lift trophies. Raise your voices, lift your team and renew your faith.

    Unity in the face of adversity.

    Victory through Harmony.

    We will get there…….together.

  15. Spanish, I don’t congratulate manure on their League title at all. I’m with Benitez -it’s all down to the money. Take away ferguson’s multi-million pound signings and what have you got? Has beens like Giggs, Scholes and Neville and never will be’s like Felcher, Park-bench and John O’Shit. The club’s up to their tits in debt, so much that they’re desperately trying to knock a few mill off Tevez’s price.
    ferguson’s a bag of wind and a disgrace to his knighthood. Let’s really get stuck into them next season…

  16. I must admit the gonners have done well this gone saturday game against united. they really proved to us that we can defeat the red devil at any time. it’s just that we well not lucky enough to have scored a goal aginst them.

    For Ade, I have had great intest in him for his skills, but his unwillingness to sacrefy the team has cooled my desire of him. Any way, wenger have to let him go for we the fan need someone who really have interest in the team.

  17. Terrrence, An outstanding call to arms.

    As one of the more vocal on here voicing my displeasure these last few weeks I must point out that I never bring it to the match with me. For the 90 minutes of the game the team and all the players get my full support. The times I’ve brought my boy to the game this year I’ve tried to instill that sense of faith in him.

    I do think it is fair to question things when the dust has settled though. I’m sure even after another trophy laden year Man U will do the same. After winning golf Majors I doubt Tiger Woods rests on his laurels, he’ll be analysing what went wrong, Nadal similar.

    However it does seem to me a lot of this post is directed at the younger Wenger era fans. I’m sure the internet wasn’t invented when I became a fan and for sure many others older than me this is true. Also I wasn’t brought up on success. The first Arsenal game I recall attending I’m sure we lost and the first time I recall clearly Arsenal in a cup final was the 88 League Cup against Luton which we lost. Through all this I still became a staunch Arsenal fan and a lot of people I’ve met and talked to through the years have similar stories. What drew them to Arsenal wasn’t glory but weirdly a defeat.

    Still, a very very good post.

  18. i must admit i find the negativity bordering on annoyance now.
    Sure, everyone whinges. Hell, i do too when i see players not making an effort to play football.

    I find it really sad, Arsenal supporters in the UK, those who have the opportunity to attend matches, support the team and sing-a-long do the exact opposite. I’m in Aussie and i would give an arm and a leg to be in the Emirates, cheering on the team.

    Lets just start on a new page. I for one, can’t wait for the season to start again and i despair at the thought of no football for a few months.

  19. While we’re bandying names about – a few days ago I was asking if there were any good defenders we might be able to get out of the Scottish Premier League? Now I’ve read about this guy Gary Caldwell who plays for Celtic and has just won the Scottish football writers Player of the Year award.
    He’s 27, six feet one and experienced. He’s even played in The English Premier League before for Newcastle (some may remember him – I don’t). Apparently he had a bit of a torrid time when he first went to Celtic and was even jeered by their fans (so he’s already been through that) but now they love him.
    Best of all there are pictures of him on the net scrapping with Rangers players which is the kind of feisty, aggressive quality I think we need!
    Down side – he says he doesn’t want to leave Celtic – but then, Arsenal haven’t been in for him yet…

  20. Sorry to keep hogging this board but I just wanted to comment on the good news that Man City are keeping Mark Hughes as manager for next season – so they’ll still be rubbish.

  21. Great post Terrence. Agree entirely.

    Credit to Man U for the title though, they are a class team.

    And it is this class that Man U have that made the game we had with them sweeter. We played great in that game. Diaby, Denilson whilst they didn’t stand out, only had one or two misplaced passes in the entire game. Song and Toure also had a great game in particular when they come out, both to intercept the ball and to run at the united midfield with the ball. Would love to see more of this next season. That performance goes some way to avenging the defeat at the emirates, dominating Man U on ‘their day’.

    Still undecided about Ade potentially going, if he goes or if he stays, both have advantages and negatives. There is no doubt he is class and by selling him, we would lose the possibility of him reaching his full stature as he did last season. $20 million seems tasty though. Arsene knows.

  22. I totally agree with Old Timer’s post. Manure has made an art form of poaching other clubs developed talent with their cheque book time and time again. They may well be playing against Leeds in 5 years time in the lower divisions when their finances unravel. Wegner’s strategy is by far the best in the long run.

  23. Big up to Terrence,am with u its time 2 show support and love to a team we have enjoyed watchin.Lets not be player haters of our own boys.Havin a team with an average age of 21 is not a joke,were still a great side.BIG UPS 2 ALL GUNNERS!!!!!!!!!

  24. Nice comments lads.

    @ Fatboy – As much as I like Bendtner, and I very much do, I agree that he’s probably not ready to take up Adebayor’s mantle just yet. However, if Ade did go I would be far happier if he was promoted and the money spent on a defender/defensive midfielder rather than have a big-name striker come in. RVP, Eduardo and Arshavin will all be raring to go along with Bendtner up top and I think that would be enough to challenge high up the table.

  25. @ Steve-O – Just to elaborate further on your’s and Old Timer’s posts, the most important thing about Arsenal Football Club is looking after the future, not getting trophies in the now. That might frustrate a lot of people who would love to see consistent successes and trophies but I’ve said many times that the most important thing is that Arsenal is still around in 100 more years.

  26. I want Ade to leave. There have been rumours saying contract has stalled with Rvp but I hope he stays. Vela should get more playing time. Bendtner has had a great season whilst still missing those sitters, if he can score the easy goals, he will go up in fans estimations. Eduardo is a clinical finisher and he should be ready for next season, I prefer Walcott on the wing and dont forget we have Jay Simpson to come back on loan, however I still hope AW buys another ST if he sells Adebayor which I hope he does.

  27. i was impreesed i saw d way arsenal played against united and i was very pls despite 0-0 score only if they have like dat in CL,well done to d boyz. concerning adebayor if AW wants to sell him let him bcos he knows d in and out of d players.

  28. If Silvestre had not played in the most crucial games of the season, Arsenal would be in a least one final.

  29. “Arsene Wenger may have used the excuse of ‘a small groin problem’ for Adebayor’s absence over the weekend”… Over the weekend? Do small groin problems include lack of balls? Dude, that’s been going on all year. He seems ready to go, let him. And unless AW brings in an amazing striker, please don’t buy another. Spend it on people to strengthen the middle of defense.

  30. What has gone wrong Terrence you ask ? And rightly so – I squirmed like a ferret on an anthill as Chelsea ripped the piss out of the Arsenal support two Sundays ago.

    Is it the ” I’ve paid my (large) amount of cash and therfore I have a right to BOO !”

    Sod em Terrence – the great thing is they wont be around long

  31. Ade cannot take on defenders has no skill to hold the ball, just go back the 30 goals he scored, almaost all of them were put on plate for him to tab in. HE HAS TO GO. Arshivin has all the skill of stiker. lets add deadly striker like Binzima

  32. Terrence, supporting a club means being concerned when things go wrong and sharing your emotions through the bad patches. How do you expect people (and I’m talking about those who cannot attend games, for example) to express themselves?

    Although moaning, people are behind the team and they want their favourites ones to succeed.

    In my opinion, there is a clear misunderstanding of what this club wants to achieve. They (the board and AW) are trying to maintain an honorable position in the EPL and in Europe (which they manage to do)while not spending anything or do they want to challenge for trophies (which they surely didn’t if you’re not lying to yourself).

    Just state your ambition, Arsenal, and the fans will understand and stand by you. But do not come (monsieur Wenger) to us and say that we have a team capable of winning this or that (but not investing further) when it’s so damn obvious that we don’t. Have a decent and respectful relation with the fans, do not raise expectations which you’re not really trying to fulfill.

  33. terrances’ comment is by far d best comment i’ve read in all d arsenal blogs i’ve accessed… im 26yrs n have been an arsenal fan since 10.. I must say i got more inspired by ur post, terrance.. keep it gonnerish sir…

  34. am just laughing….If Van Persie really thinks he’s that good then he’s really deceiving himself.
    He is not a World Class player, hence of all the top teams in the world Arsenal is the only team where he is really guaranteed a position in the first eleven. Infact despite Bendtner’s fault this season, Bendtner seems to have done as well as he has.
    As far as am concerned:
    – Van Persie should be sold and then Buy Dzeko
    – Adebayor should be sold and use the money to buy a world class DM

  35. Great comment Terrence! That’s probably the best one I have ever read from an Arsenal supporter. This is no criticism to other concerned fans, but I remember Ronaldo (the Brazilian) complaining about either the Madrid or Inter fans not showing him enough love. Booing and negatity in general certainly affects confidence and effort players put in. A classic example was Ebue. Remeber how a little bit of support rehablitated him in a short period of time?

    I certainly am for discussing what went wrong and what should be done to correct it. SF has really been exemplary, throughout, in this matter and should be commended for it. Some fans obviously go way over the top. Like sack Wenger, we need experience, in the same sentense they want Wilshire to play, etc…and don’t see any contradiction in it. I believe there are enough cool heads in this blog to put things in perspective for them. So, I suggest come on and join the discussion.

  36. We already have a world class DM in Denilson but even Arsené doesn’t realise that what need is a deputy to Denilson and you have a team.

  37. @ terrence

    im second wat u said….i love arsene wenger i love arsenal….i heard a rumour from credible sources said he will leave to real madrid…things not right anymore in this club…fans demanding more…why?? because wenger did won us big trophy and we become greedy and start demanding more.be realistic guys we r not chelsea we r not barca…yeah thanx to wenger we can dream big..but dat doesnt mean u all can give him stick…report in d news said he was very upset with the stick he received by so called arsenal fans..for god sake he doing all he could with limited sources.. give me a name of a manager who manage to do what arsene wenger did wif his young squad…NONE..with a limited resources and debt over the emirates construction i can understand but be patient..arsene doing all he could with limited sources to succes..he put a very good foundation for us to succes in d future even if he not there anymore in 10 20 years so….the club cannot afford to get into more sticky debt..u want swap trophy for club bankruptcy???? remember LEEDS UNITED?? wat happen to them..valencia?? i never heard fans jeering our own lads during highbury era..those golden years hv passed live with it..now is for building for future with NO HUGE DEBT SO WE CAN SPEND LATER IN FUTURE..prospect is good…u want instant succes go support chelski.. i bet they need fans like u…thanx to all who give stick to our player now massive exodus maybe happen if wenger did leave all player will leave oso…very good guys…then when shit manager taken over u all will cry for wenger back….i gave up on some of u who gave too negative…STOP LIVING IN D PAST GLORY…
    im disgust wif some fans …
    1)jeer at our own lads
    2)half empty stadium when we r down
    3)bad atmosphere at d emirates
    4)give stick to the best manager who land us so much trophies without him we didnt dare to dream big
    5)want us to buy big even though our financial is at stake
    6)live in d past glory..be realistic guys

  38. Same people seconding terrance have said shit on this blog. Success has many brothers (Man U), failure is a fucking orphan


    even if we loose all the games in league
    even when we got nothing to cheers
    even we dont have the best player in the world
    even when we didnt win anything in 10 years
    even when we go down to whatever division that exist
    even when the blood runs empty my vein………



  40. @ GetGunMN – Nicely put. Thanks for the kind words. I’m not embarrassed to say how proud I am of the community on this blog. It’s clear that there are really great fans who read it and the comments on the blog are generally balanced and well thought out. Whether people have a positive or negative view on something they usually express it politely and that’s the way it should be.


  41. I meant to say without swearing that if Ade dropped off the earth tomorrow – I would not exactly hold a memorial cerimony for him.

    Cleared by Iraqi Censors – HA!

  42. TERRENCE – that’s a real mature comment…in my opinion, selling Ade will be th greatest mistake wenger will do this summer. if u saw th united game, we were so toothless upfront. usually we’d create dozens of chances without a goal but this time chances were not there. Ade may have performed below par this season but trust me, if he were in th united game we’d have a couple of chances plus a goal (th header RVP couldn’t finish). Last season, lots of fans complained about how ade wasn’t doing it nd tht if only RVP wasn’t injured things would be better. this season, RVP has been less injured than Ade nd wat did we get? three good goals and the rest of bullsh*t!
    My opinion is that, based on performance and effectiveness among the strikers, RVP shld be sold and not Ade and i strongly believe that is what is going to happen with RVPs contract stalled. Eduardo, Arshavin, Walcot, vela may be good strikers but they are too small to for th physicak EPL nd need a big player like Ade or Bentdner(who is miles away from being a consistent starter).
    ADE shld stay, RVP shld go!

  43. What’s with all this knocking of Van Persie all of a sudden??? Good God. The man’s done nothing wrong nor said a word out of place! Do you want to get rid of all our players?
    Why can’t Ade and Van Persie both stay? Leave it out will you. Jeeez, Louise…

  44. There is so many strong comments about Ade and possible an new striker through out. Those who think that ade should stay just would like to ask one question
    1) Is he going to be an arsenal player in the field ? I would say my answer is no. And we can clearly see whenever he has played this season he has never been focused.
    It is good for the same person himself and for the team. But still deep in my heart i would say that come on ADEBAYORRR!!!! Give us an season just for the fans….we still love you….it is just bad phase in your life …..come on Ade

  45. Yep – RVP shouldn’t go. Top player, loves the club. Could be a bit more controlled with his finishing but aside from that you can’t really knock him.

  46. November 30th 2008, Stamford Bridge – An hour in to the match – Arsenal are losing 1-0 to Chelsea.
    Out of the blue (geddit?) Van Persie scores twice in three minutes and Arsenal win the game 2-1. Get in there!

  47. @oldtimer, those were 2 of the three good goals.
    @SF, i beg to differ on RVP or any other player loving the club. When will we (fans) get th facts right? the era of football players loving or being royal to a club are so over. to the players (and read all professional players), soccer is a career and they do it for money. tht is maybe why RVP hasn’t renewed his contract yet. maybe just like Ade, he’s looking for greener pastures the only difference btw th 2 being tht Ade is vocal. all am asking for is tht we should judge th players not based on what they say or how they say it but their contribution on the pitch! ask yourself who got th highest goals this season?ask yourself why we conceded so many goals this season? ask urself what mainly caused us being knocked out of 2 semis? ask yourself why our defence is consistently shaky? ask urself why did wenger play th most weird formation in OT in th first leg of th semis? why can’t wenger play his players in their most natural position? why we had to depend on th incapable Gibbs and Sylvestre in a CL semi-final? why fabiansky is our only other option after Almunia and yet he’s barely capable? why Walcot makes great runs he rarely finishes? Why cesc has barely performed since he came from injury? why RVP isn’t as good as he should be?
    there are thousands of reasons to why we did not succeed this season BUT if you want to blame ADE then do it but you ain’t gonna solve anything..
    Ronaldo talked about Real last summer nd he’s still on it this summer. he’s got such a bad attitude tht Fergy had to repremand him in public. did tht cost Man U th PL? NOOOO! be realistic people

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