England’s first goal against Switzerland made me queezy.

It’s probably best to get through the inevitable injury news that has reared its ugly head after last night’s round of International games, so I’ll get straight into it.

Theo Walcott went to hospital after just 12 minutes of England’s 3-1 win over Switzerland, rolling his ankle in the build-up to the first goal. According to reports he will only be sidelined for two weeks but it is nevertheless a blow for Walcott, who has been in superb form in the opening three games of the season, and Arsenal, who will be deprived of their current top scorer for at least two games.

There was something extremely annoying about the events that surrounded England’s first goal.

It just seems unfair to see Walcott put in so much quality and effort to create the cross for Adam Glen Johnson, work even harder to get into the area before seeing the ball whacked in by Wayne Rooney. England rise up for their Golden Boy again while Walcott, a genuinely lovely lad who is constantly criticised by the media for no apparent reason, can do nothing more than writhe around in pain. It all made me feel a little queezy.

From an Arsenal perspective with Walcott out the manager will most likely turn to Emmanuel Eboue or Tomas Rosicky to fill the slot on the right. The unsurprising news that Robin Van Persie is out for another month at least will put added pressure on Marouane Chamakh to stay fit, while players like Carlos Vela and the returning Samir Nasri will also have to play their part.

I mentioned in yesterday’s detailed analysis of our 4-3-3 how important it is that we have players fresh enough to press high up on the pitch so Wenger will have to get the balance and rotation right in the coming few weeks.

One player who has quietly returned from injury and will certainly help our cause is Denilson. The Brazilian played in defensive midfield alongside other first-teamers Lukasz Fabianski, Johan Djourou and new boy Sebastien Squillaci for the reserves last night against Blackburn. If anyone saw that game I’d love to hear how they got on: judging from this report Djourou cocked-up a bit on the goal and I would assume the first-teamers couldn’t have played too well if we conceded three goals.

Anyway, I think that’s about it for now. More to come later.


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  1. Don’t mean to be pedantic, but Adam Johnson came on to replace Walcott – he wasn’t actually on the pitch for Walcott to cross to.

  2. Laughing my backside off here, Walcott should not even be starting, Adam Johnson should be starting instead.

    Walcott is ver hyped average. FACT

    Just like when a player puts on a Stafford United shirt all of a sudden it makes them a superstar, sames goes for an Arsenal shirt.

  3. @ CiTyBlUe – “Walcott is ver hyped average. FACT” – How can something be a fact if it’s not even a proper sentence. Ridiculous statement.

    Also, what does whether or not Walcott should be starting have anything to do with the part he played in the goal or his injury?

  4. Bityclue – stop talking shite. Adam Johnson is overhyped. He’s alright but he’s no theo.

    Is your neck getting strained from looking up the table at us? Jealousy is a terrible thing.

    Half a billion pounds and your team still cant hit the target! You got a team full of money grabbing mercenaries who are only in it for the money. If only you deluded knobends realised how stupid you all look giving it the large on the web. Grow up and come back and comment when your team have played champions league football for 14 consecutive seasons. Tool.

  5. feelin extremely sad….walcott was in such great form,now he will take at least a month to get back to his best……

  6. I hope theo gets fit on time.pls where did u get the news that he will out for just two week? I would have to see it like that but after the hope given that rvp will out for 10 days and then from 10 days to six weeks i don’t know what to believe anymore.but i really hope he does because i can’t bear it without him on oct 3rd against chelski with his present form.GOD BLESS GUNNERS.

  7. Andrew agree with your comments but you might add that Theo drew four Swiss players around him and then passed to Glen Johnson. Its a pity he got injured but that is just the way it panned out. If its just a rolled ankle then two weeks, not then perhaps a little longer. I wonder how the dressing room of city blue will pan out with all the greedy little money hungry pigs wanting to play.

  8. Well, well, well is all I can say. Nasri, Van Persie and now Walcott. Fabregas next. Why is it that we consistently have more injuries to key players more than other teams? Year after year. It’s gone past a joke. If every team played there best team each week with no injuries, Arsenal would win the title. The jinx is back and it will continue too. You watch … Arshavin and Rosicky next. Lord above …. I implore you …. give us just one season without major injuries!

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