Emery’s Arsenal Thrashed For Making Laca “Sacrificial Lamb”

Arsenal supporters now see Anfield as a pathetic slaughter ground for their beloved team.

From the Emirates, it’s been an aura of positives with promising acquisitions with six points in the bag after two games. Naturally, passionate Gooners were starting to anticipate rare success this season until the Anfield hammering on Saturday evening.

Prior to kick-off, Unai Emery divulged his intentions to unleash his deadly attacking trio of “Pepe – Aubameyang – Lacazette” yet his lineup looked negative from the outset.

This season, it’s not the board. It’s down to Emery! The Arsenal set-up left the Liverpool fullbacks with all the space in the world and we eventually conceded.

Nothing changed in the second half, gifting Liverpool an immediate chance and a second one which led to a penalty and we conceded. And this is just after half time, when the manager should’ve given salient instructions but alas, we were slow again. If we are going to get hammered every time, we might as well go down trying to play some football.

It’s absurd for a team traditional attacking side to suddenly switch to go defensive against a deadly attacking opponent.

Arsenal supporters desperately waited a full hour and a 3-0 scoreline to see any substitutions and this was disappointing. They wanted Laca once the second half started, not when the game is dead and buried. Unai used to be brave with the subs, but this game is reminiscent of the Wenger era.



  1. Much too harsh. This is our second hardest game of the season perhaps even the hardest one. If we had tried to shut down the wings they would have killed us through the middle. The tactics actually worked in the first half, we could easily have been in front before they scored, we conceded from a corner which was not to do with the tactics just bad defending. The game died early in the second half due to individual errors. We now have a competitive team but the top two are well clear of everyone else. If we can finish third or fourth it will be a good season. I believe we will do so.

  2. Arsena team was bad from set up Emery did he had players for the encounter his tactic is poor 2yrs running Arsenal doesn’t have squad to relied on Emery have a free will on Arsenal

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