Eduardo: More useful to Arsenal than you’d think

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It is a little bit en vogue to criticise Eduardo at the moment.

“He’s a passenger” is the thing you hear the most these days. “He’ll never be the same as he was before his injury” is another thing you hear a lot, not to mention “He’s just not sharp enough anymore”.

However those comments tend to ignore the increasingly important contribution that Eduardo has made to the team over the past month.

You want evidence? Just read the words of Walter Broeckx from Untold Arsenal on the issue:

Let’s look at his contribution over the last games over the last month. Against Hull he scored our second goal that made us certain the game was ours.  In the game at Portsmouth he scored the first goal with a deflected free kick.

In the West Ham game he made the winning goal and that is all you can expect from a striker I would think. In the Everton game he hadn’t the best game of his life but who from our players had ? And in the last game at Bolton he gave both assists to our goals and was called a passenger by some pundit.

So three goals in the last month, the same number in assists over that period. Well dear pundit and moaning fans, I think it is good value for money.”

Three goals and three assists is indeed a good return for a month’s worth of football even if he doesn’t always look to be contributing much.

A couple of weeks ago I predicted Eduardo to enter a purple patch and go on a goal rush. While that hasn’t quite happened just yet the signs are still good that such form is just around the corner.


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  1. With the kind of football arsenal plays,we are not too dependent on a goal-rush kinda striker,all we need is unrelenting contribution from every player to achieve a greater goal

  2. Not sure whats the matter with Anonymous Temmie but I agree with you. I feel Eduardo is slowly getting his mojo back. I hope so anyway.

  3. I cannot remember who the goal was against but he scored a blinder with the outside of his foot at the begining of the season and proved then that he hasn’t lost it…..too many people get on a players back when they don’t score for a while..look at his goals for dynamo a lot of tap ins….he’s not thiery!

  4. That was an amazing goal He sort of sliced it over the keeper with his ankle/heel. The same 1 he broke.

  5. It’s always hard to come back from such a serious injury and kudos to Eduardo for his efforts. I believe he will yet make a big contribution to our campaign this year.

  6. Did anyone see hes flick to fabregas. The quick one two. Cant name me any other strikers that can do that. He is simply an added bonus to have on the field.My gripes with him, instantly wen i see him with the ball i automaticly assume hes going to bury the ball in the back of the net. He is lethal but he aint what he used to be.
    AW the greatest ever men to leave and walk in arsenal colours. We need new midfielders, we have 11 injuries, if we lose arshavin we fucked for real. Nasri is a big lost,despite hes lack of form. Walcott i think he is better coming of the bench rather than starting.Sorta like the 12th man of the year.

  7. I love Dudu. I’m not sure he has the pace he used to have but he is still dripping with all sorts of technical skill. His footwork and passing ability are rediculous good. And he will regain his daft scoring touch. It’s just with his amazing start (pre-leg break) everyone expects him to put one in the net every time he has a chance.

    If he’s a passenger and we should get rid of him then we probably should have dumped RVP too when all he did was lash it as hard as he could.

    I mean Eduardo, Rosicky and RVP all go into the same boat with fantastic technical ability. If we can just keep them healthy.

  8. Told you Eduardo would come good, Does it matter what they say about him? Nope, Let him continue in these vein until his confidence return. In fact his movement is so good That other players know where to be when he get the ball check Fab goal against Bolton. Great player we need Arshavin back on left and new Striker to play with Edie. Then we would be rolling goals.

  9. Very Trueee!
    Hope is gets back to his best we’re gunna need to win the premier league and thas a fact with all out injuries

  10. Totally agree. On top of that he plays better thru the center then arshavin. He is finding his legs and his game and i am telling you, he will only get better and score/assist more. no he doesn’t have the pace but his touch and vision are excellent. just give him more time.

  11. Just want to add my tuppence worth…..probably not that important but Dudu is Brazilian he was born there… His parents are…. He learnt his trade there… He now plays for Croatia due to the fact that his wife is a croat andhe plied his trade there for long enough but was unable to get into the Brazilian team… Which I wholeheartedly respect …. However I am fed up with journalists and commentaters alike referring to him as Eduardu the Croatian! I would love to play for Brasil and am almost eligable (ha ha) legally speaking however Im always going to be English!

    I know it has little relevance to thearticle but needed to get that off my chest ….. Ta Andy

  12. He could score only 1 or two goals for the next month as long as they are the winners in any of our 5 or so games to come.

    He gets himself into scoring positions. He will score, of that there is no doubt but all our forwards are having to do things differently this season. He’s finding his form quietly but surely.

  13. I sincerely hope you are right, I just recall the devastating finishing skills that Eduardo showed prior to his terrible injury and it really was incredible. There was an unbelievable turn and strike at Man City! Who can forget the stunning double he got at Goodison Park in the second half of a match Arsenal were losing and struggling in. He literally blew Everton away with to brilliant strikes to give Arsenal a 2-1 lead and those 2 goals were the catalyst for a tremendous 4-1 away win.
    I hope you are right

  14. If we could ever put together the whole team – whew!


    Eduardo RVP
    Arshavin, Csec, Song, Rosicky
    Clichy, Verm, Gallas, Sagna

    I think most teams would be scared of that firepower. Especially since Ed, RVP, Arshavin, and Rosicky can crack a shot from long distance/outside the box. Also, all of Ed, RVP, Arshavin, Rosicky and Csec can hold up the ball in traffic. That’s in contrast to the past couple of years where a crowded box would foil our attack. With our full lineup, the crowd will screen other defenders more than us because these players have such good positional sense. I’m very hopeful for the next few years, and these guys aren’t babies either. Ed, RVP, Arshavin and Rosicky are all older, and Csec might as well be. The defense is no less experienced.

    Bench: Nasri, Diaby, Bendtner, Walcott, Traore, Gibbs, Eboue, Denilson, Eastmond, Ramsey

  15. He’s lost a little pace and sharpness but that’s down to fitness and perhaps confidence, but overall the ability is still their and his movement is great. As mentioned earlier the goal he scored at the beginning of the season when he deliberately sliced the ball over the keeper, his turn against Wolves (poor shot but exquisite turn) and his header against West Ham. All examples of his excellent ability.

    Of course the whole debacle over his ‘dive’ against Celtic added to the natural apprehension that must go through his mind every time a challenge comes in doesn’t help, but like Arsene we need to have faith in him. It’s not a matter of if but when he comes good.

    I remember when he missed against Burnley in the FA Cup a couple of years ago and their was almost a silence of disbelief. Pure clinical!!

  16. I think Dudu has been working really hard and making the effort. I’m just waiting for Arshavin hate to start!

  17. Someone had mentioned on another blog site (I can’t remember if it was a commenter or if it was the writer himself) suggesting that it was the media ‘witch hunt’ that followed that particular game against Celtic which has been the knock to Eduardo’s confidence and I have to say that I agree. That ridiculous goal that he scored with the outside of his boot was proof that he hasn’t lost his lethal touch, but since the Celtic game he has drifted in and out of consistency. That being said, his contribution has been very much underrated, but we cannot ignore the fact that he does seem to be low(er) on confidence since. The experience of the atrocious media fallout seems to be the only remaining psychological block keeping Eduardo from returning to the standards that we have come to expect from him. Its only a matter of time.

  18. BTW that goal with the outside of his boot was in last year’s FA Cup match against Burnley in which we won 3-0, and I believe it was one of his first games back after his long layoff from the terrible leg break. You can see it here:

    I agree with Andy and most of the rest of you that Eduardo’s form has been good lately and likely getting better with each start. I still feel as though he is better served up front in the middle as the central striker. He is a better target man than Arshavin, and Arshavin is more effective making runs from the wing with or without the ball. The only reason why I think AW has played with Arshavin in the middle is that he tends to not track back and defend as much as Eduardo does. That hurts us defensively, and without Clichy at LB, I think Wenger liked Eduardo out left to help out in that regard. Now that Clichy is back, I expect that AW will employ Eduardo up front and Arshavin out on the left like he did against Bolton. I think both players were more effective and played more comfortably, minus our obvious weakness defensively on the left.

    Hopefully the good run in form continues or even gets better as there is certainly room for improvement (i.e. more goals). I’m excited for the run of games coming up…4 in 1.5 weeks time (3 league matches and 1 FA Cup tie) with Chelsea and Liverpool in the following 2 weekends. The schedule is gonna get crazy right about now and will be our true test for the season…without a full squad, too.

    Come on you Gunners!

  19. The commentary on the link I posted of Eduardo’s side boot volley is some of the best I have ever heard and makes me laugh each time I hear it…”it is the cheekiest volley I have seen for a long long time!”

  20. @ bob the team you picked is mature and with the sub opp its very flexible for all forms of competitions love to see the boys on the park together

  21. Maybe Eduardo is a good player, but not as winger. He could not beat the rightback of Bolton once inthe last game. And that is what we need in our team. Arsenal does not have players with speed on the wings. We need a player like Bellamy, who is not scared to run over the opposition. Some might think we have Wilcot on the rightside, but he is more of than on the field…the next few games against the top 6 will determent the outcome of the season, but by that time the window is closed for new signings and the injuries will come back…this is reality, so Mr Wenger, you can kiss the title goodbuy

  22. pundit need help .they don’t know wot Wenger knows.they don’t know why arsenal sold Adebayor.Wenger introduce modern formation which need a striker to be play maker and to do his job.when midfield come in to attack a striker should go wide turn to be winger.that why adebayor was victim for the first place.he should not able to cope with new demand.u c how midfield are scoring than striker .i remind u the last goal against bolton wonders.eduardo went wide cesc ,merida went in the box.very often it used to be like this do u expect striker to score than midfield?.the striker turn to be provider.look van persie how many assist and much he of the coach in euro champion in group stage he praise a wenger formation as new formation cause midfielder are turn to be goal scorer.i think it will take time for them to realize wot wenger doing at moment
    for me eduardo he lose a little bit pace but not the extend to point him.this task given to him is very tough .always he play double striker not drop too much in our half.if u want to prove how what he can do watch him in his national team.when they play double striker
    this formation is really tough for striker to shine.first of all need a lot of time to cope.and for his body size i think it is better to play wide

    for me this formation fit more b52 than anyone in arsenal cause he have pace and energy.ideal for formation not a traditional striker .it fit to someone who is strong and have pace

  23. we gonna c.once we get back to the top of table.wot they will do ignore us as usual or give us respect we deserve
    i can’t wait to c them what they gonna say cause is really fun

  24. The Pundit is just that; PUNDIT.
    Remember wen the season began, we had RvP not scoring wen even Verminator was scoring, yet he had the most assists, thats the kind of game we play at Arsenal. One thing I like about our style of play is the fact that we are not selfish and esp Eduardo. In the Bolton game, dudu wud have shot instead of passin the ball to Fab, but he was kind selfless enough to pass it.

  25. Isn’t it funny that when players like Rooney, Heskey or even Shearer when he was playing, hit a goal drought the pundtwits and media preferred to highlight their other strengths and how they contribute to the team. And yet when an Arsenal player does it , they are labled as a ‘ passenger’. It’s the same exenophobic attitude that seems to be increasingly being used by an anti-Arsenal media and some pundits who find it easier to knocks us because we are a threat to their beloved so called ‘English’ clubs. We’ve see how we were slated in previous for hvjng the worst disciplinary record when we ha players being sent off for the slightest bit of aggression. Yet right we now we are the only team who’s not had any players sent off and have one beat disciplnary records. Don’t hear much from the pundtwits or media on that one other how lightweight we to allow other teams to bully us.
    More recently, was the treatment of eduardo and king Henry. Dudu got sleighted for a dive which for which the likes of Rooney Gerrard, Lampard have not had the same type of villification. Titi also got slagged off for a handball which you see in games every fucking week. Everyone in the media was calling for his head and yet nothing when our English players do it. I for one get really fucked off with this but at the same time it means we are doing much better than the bastards expected so bring it oawed we will only get better. ARRR-SENAL!!…ARRR-SENAL..ARRR-SENAL!!!

  26. eduardo is an intelligent player capable of those bolton game kind of flicks and that dimension in a striker , especially in our way of playing , is a huge added bonus.if he can work on his speed a little more , he’d be the ideal centre forward for us.

  27. I can’t help but find myself getting more and more irritated on an ever increasing basis with a number of our ‘supposed’ supporters. They listen to pundits, commentators and the media, like everything that is uttered from their mouths is gospel and absolute fact. It seems that many of these ‘supporters’ don’t get the fact that a lot of these ‘illuminators of all things football, and more the point Arsenal’ have an agenda, and in many cases are only purveyors of their own opinion. RANT OVER …

    Eduardo has had a difficult season, however, realistically which one of us could really expect him to hit the prospective heights of just before his horrific injury in his first season back. He needs to bulk up a bit, but his vision, his footballing mind is still as sharp as ever, and frankly I can’t help but wonder what he’s actually done to deserve the criticism he’s receiving from a certain fairweather contingency of the support. That goes for a whole host of other members of the squad, and again it goes back to certain individuals believing everything that that the media feeds them. Song had to be gotten rid of not that long ago, now he’s indispensable. Diaby a nightmare, now showing consistency. Arshavin wonderful, personally I don’t think he’s contributed as much as he could, will I slate him over it, no! He’ll come good.

    Eduardo’s contribution (2007-2008) was vital. Keep him fit, we were (in my opinion) in line for the title. Birmingham put an end to that dream. A lot went wrong there after. Is it coincidence that (2009-2010) he’s back, we’re pushing Chelsea & Man Utd for the summit of the premiership? Personally, I think he has played a telling part in this, not as much as Fabrégas, but then again, every player has contributed something to this season’s push.

    Let’s try and support them a little more, rather than moaning and berating our own players without cause. I wonder if a lot of these people who write blogs would react positively at what they do, if they were berated for every minor, little thing.

    I doubt it!

    Keep up the good work with this blog.

  28. Walter is right ,EDUARDO is not at his best ,but he gives something to the team.I AM sure that he will be back to his best.
    come on Edu………

  29. This should Eduardo’s first full season at Arsenal since signing in 2007. Plus Arsenal have reverted to a 4-3-3 this season so Eduardo’s style has had to change along with the rest of the squad. Next season Eduardo will be a 20+ goal a season player garunteed and that’s if he doesn’t manage it this season…the pundit was Alan Hansen who is still choking on the fact that his beloved Liverpool are heading where they desrve to be…down with all the rest of the sh@#…I have always said, those people who do not know about Arsenal should shut the f@# up! That means especially Alan Hansen!

  30. @Ytwokay
    did you pay attention to bolton’s right back? the way he (defender) was positioned (his stance), there was no way he was going to be beaten by Eduardo to the outside & the defender had cover on the inside…….

    all Eduardo could do was maintain possession and pass off to a teammate.

    re: the Bunley FA Cup goal by eduardo
    the great chip (assist) came from Song.

  31. Hi everyone!
    As this article mentions Eduardo is everything but unuseful!
    He’s the dribbler with flair we need upfront.
    He’s got good vision and confidence in what he does.
    trust him he’ll provide a couple of great shots soon ..
    And after what he endured, you may just admit, he’s like a cat…back on his feet and ready to develop himself again…
    keep your eyes open
    Have a good day Gunners!

  32. The pundit who described Eduardo as a passenger is ex-Liverpool spice-boy Jaime Redknap. I don’t know how much he is paid for his ludicrous opinions, whatever the amount it is far too much.

    For someone who had, at best, a mediocre career as a footballer his comments about players, managers and referees carry very little weight beyond the close confines of the Sky Sports studio and a lower end of the tabloid press.

    That he made the comment about Eduardo after watching him lay on two goals makes him look even more ridiculous.

  33. gooners,we need a top striker period.we have scored more goals y
    es,but the strike force has fail us,eduardo included. chelsy has ane and drog

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