Do Arsenal players want Arsene Wenger out?

Arsene Wenger’s departure from Arsenal is imminent but the question remains when? The recent woeful results, especially the humiliating 10- 2 aggregate defeat to Bayern Munich in the Champions League should have been more than enough reason for the French man to step down but that doesn’t appear to be the situation right now.

There has been contradicting reports in the media as far as his future at the Emirates Stadium is concerned. Reports of two or one year contract as well as contacting Borussia Dortmund coach Thomas Tuchel as a potential successor and denial of such have flooded the media.

Majority of the fans as well ex-players wants Wenger out of Arsenal but taking it from another perspective, it appears the players also want to see the back of their boss at the club and they are simply hiding behind the aforementioned two groups whose voices have been the loudest in seeking his exit.

It has now become a new trend for players to be performing woefully in order to get their manager sacked, though not in all cases. Even though we cannot ascertain the veracity of this claim, Chelsea and Leicester City readily comes to mind as an example.

Both Jose Mourinho  and Claudio Rianeri  were sacked at Stamford Bridge and Leicester respectively months after winning the Premier League, due to a run of poor results but surprisingly the players picked up after their departure.

Arsenal players do not deserve to be isolated from the hoodoo that has befallen the club. They have let Wenger down at the most crucial times and there is a lack of commitment hovering in their midst or does it mean the players don’t want to play for Wenger anymore.

Strangely, none of the players has said anything about the matter except for Olivier Giroud who said they want Wenger to renew his contract. But that has not transformed their performance on the pitch if they truly still want the 67-year-old in charge at Arsenal.

They may silently be seeking for a change.



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