Could Arsene Wenger’s reign come to an end this season?

Arsene Wenger has achieved a lot at Arsenal over his 20 year reign, but this season, some fans are growing frustrated at the lack of consistency in winning games. Arsenal started the season brightly and were at the top of the table for some weeks, but now find themselves sitting in 3rd place just ahead of Liverpool who face United on Sunday.

Arsenal still have a chance of winning the league, but we are going to have to come up with some better performances over the January period to ensure we can keep up the pace with the likes of Liverpool and Chelsea. If Arsene  can win the title with Arsenal this season, then there will be no doubt that he can carry on doing his job, but if he doesn’t, we could see him finally heading for the doors. Below we’ll take a look at some of his achievements and who has the quality to replace him if he does end up leaving Arsenal.

He Won the FA Cup and the League in his First Season

Arsene  has done a lot for Arsenal over the years, but a lot of fans didn’t know what to expect from him when he first made his managerial move from China to England. He immediately had his doubters and many wondered if he had the quality Arsenal needed to succeed, and he of course silenced his critics by winning the FA Cup and the League in his first year in charge.

Arsene Wenger’s Invincibles

One of the best achievements that Wenger has achieved is of course winning the FA Cup and Premier League double on multiple occasions, but he has also turned Arsenal into the well-known invincibles thanks to their unbeaten 2003-2004 season. Only Preston have managed to do it before, but back then they only had to play 22 games, and Arsenal did it for 49 games. It’s one of the best achievements, and it’s one that will likely never be matched again because of the tough competition that now resides in the Premier League.

Who Can Replace Arsene Wenger?

A lot of fans are keen to keep hold of Arsene Wenger because they still feel he can bring trophies to the Emirates, but others would like to see a fresh face in the dugout. Whether Wenger does go this season or not, there are still only a few managers out there that can replace him.

One of Arsenal’s options could be the Argentinian Diego Simeone, who has been linked with a move from Atletico Madrid to Arsenal for the last couple of seasons. He had a contract with Atletico Madrid that was expected to expire in 2020, but he has since shortened it to 2018, which has raised a lot of eyebrows. Diego has done some amazing things with Atletico Madrid, and a lot of Arsenal fans think he is the perfect fit for the job. He is slightly different to Wenger in terms of style of football, but if the players took to it they could still come out tops in Europe.

Other candidates such as Eddie Howe, Joachim Low, and Ralph Hasenhuttl are also rumoured to be in with a chance of getting the job too.

Arsenal football bets aren’t exactly guaranteed to win at the moment as they are showing plenty of inconsistency, but if Arsene Wenger can turn our fortunes around and come up with the same form in the first quarter of the season, then there is no reason why Arsenal won’t be title contenders again, and Wenger can keep his job for a little bit longer.



  1. I say whether Arsenal wins the epl or anything he shd go asap.The fw has changed since he first burst on the scene. Its instant success within 2/3 years or the sack.
    That he has survived so long in the fw,beggars belief.Btw,dont be surprised Guardiola is fired within the next 2/3 years. He will find dominating the epl aint as easy as it is in Germany and Spain where only 2/3 clubs perpetually have a stranglehold in the league.
    As for Wenger whose team plays like MC,if he continues in this vein,he will lose to teams that soak up the pressure and park the bus.
    He has been exposed numerous times by the rf and Drogba and still doesn’t want to change.The attack is too slow and littered with many passes like MC who were ripped to pieces by afast moving attack.

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