Come on Arsenal! Stuff those Mancs!

Nothing else to say really. Enjoy the game!



  1. yeaa come on gunners destroy Old TRafford as we had done to Anfield …. We trust the professor Arsene Wenger … waiting eagerly for this exciting match..

  2. Come on Gunners….win this and silence all the critics who doubt our premiership title challenge

  3. TODAY, KO 5:15, LIVE ON YOUR SCREEN.Punch-ups, penalties and pizza. Some of the most memorable confrontations in premier league history saw Martin Keown morph into a vampire bat as he goaded the Ruud van Nistelbooy for missing a last minute penalty. Or remember the twenty man brawl which began on the touchline in the October 1990 encounter or the 2004 clash when the bulldog Rooney dived for a penalty which ended Arsene’s boys long unbeaten run and afterwards Fergie was hit in the boat race by a sticky slice of pizza. Which pair ups will cause a tear up, like Wrighty’s the ten to two footed lunge at Peter the great carrot clarrot faced Dane Schmeichel in 97 or Roy the mean boy Keaneo v Pat the DADDY long leg Vieira scraping in the tunnel due to Pat picking on Gary the ugly dog Neville in Feb 2005. VIEW IT ALL AND HOPEFULLY LOTS LOTS MORE. BE THERE OR BE SQUARE. COME ON THE GOONERS.

  4. Smash ’em silly. Tonight, boys not only become men, but beasts also. Unleash the fire. Go the gooners!!!

  5. Today we let them know about us. How I wish EVRA scores an own goal today then at the end of the day we look in thier faces and ask WHO IS BAD? IN ARSÈNE WE TRUST!!

  6. If our team thrash ManU today then i like to call this team “Arsenal-The Terminators” no longer we need invincibles we give the world Terminators.

  7. @hammer that bit about ‘keown the bat’ made me laugh. i am hoping for a good high tempo game, with the midfield and defence pressing the ball and looking for the counter. due to some of their injuries hopefully we will test there defence and keeper from early in the game.

    come on you GOONERS

  8. Boys dont get to confident. This is the bigest game so far. I disagree that RVP should come back. Play Eduardo uptop Arshavin left, and the Eboue on the other side of the front 3. The back four picks itself, the middle is Song with two others.

  9. I expect van persie in middle arshavin in left with bendtner in right. Diaby Denilson Song in midfield. Vermaelen,Gallas,Clichy Sagna in defense and expecting substitutes
    Edurado for Vanpersie and Eboue for Bendtner. I could say Diaby may score as he forges a partnership with Eboue especially last season Chelsea goal and one among the two on the other day.

  10. Go gunners get ur gun blazing, play like a beast and devour evra and his other sheep ,make old trafford treble by thy feet.

  11. Crikey, when did this place turn into Middle Earth. I’m hoping for a win today, but it’s usually when we’re underdogs that we beat them. Who knows. We’re being talked up all over the media, I’m hoping for another 6-1 drubbing with Gallas netting at both ends. Hero.

    Oh yeah, and RAISE THY SWORDS and VANQUISH the red devil, bringing peace and restoration to the premiership!

  12. Are we not missing something here? Le Boss said Diaby cannot play three matches in a row. Its a risk. I espect RVP to leed while Bendtner starts from the left, Eboue from the right and Andrey behind Van Persie.

  13. Whoever plays i don’t mind as long as Le Boss picks him.
    In Le Boss, Le Gunners i will always trust!

  14. i dont think arshavin will start he still seems to be carying a bit of timber and is a little rusty so i think eddie will get a start on the left bendy on the right and roby through the middle, thats wat i be thinkin.

  15. oh my god!!!!!!!! it was a stunning goal, yesssssssssssssssss, they must make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Arshavin!!!

    Halftime now, I suspect Berbatov will come on soon after half time if not immediately following. We don’t really have any substitutions that will change the way we play/defend so I guess we just have to hope for another goal to sure the result up or defend like hell :D.

  17. ARSHAVIN, ARSHAVIN…GREAT GOAL BY ARSHAVIN, 1-0 to the Arsenal. The only change needed is RVP for Eduardo. Hopefully the forward momement will remain and no consolidating just yet.

  18. By the way Arsenal should have had a penalty. Fletcher handled the ball in the box. No mistakes now boys, confidence all the way. If the boys dont conceed early and consentrate they should get another later on.

  19. Is Rooney on the pithch. Denilson giving the ball away to often, its beginning to rain… shit it should have been 2-0, RVP SHOULD HAVE SCORED, TO SLOW.

  20. Crossing has to improve, good football boys, unlucky Eboue….. when will M Owen come on… Song playing well Arshavin wants the ball all the time, 75095 fans in the stadium. Only RVP in the box.

  21. Rooney, former boxer, goes down like a sack of shit. I think dives are so easy to detect, why commentators skirt around the issue so much is confusing to me. Call a spade a spade.

  22. shocking tackle on Diaby, Rooney should be sent off, free kick, ohhh hit the post. Unlucky RVP. OWN GOAL BY MY MAN DIABY…..why have you let me down. I backed you all the way.

  23. With so many players well passed it Man U still win! Even a draw would have been an injustice. Like i said earlier it all about taking chances, had RVP scored that chance early in the second half it would have been all over.

  24. What a waste. Absolute waste. The best defensive performance by our lads in a long time squandered. We were better than them. I have no idea what Diaby was thinking. He was playing so well. Our lads played so well. This could be quite a moral crusher for the team this early in the season.

  25. Awww man, this is hard to take. This will rejuvenate United. We didn’t do anything wrong, though I’d have started with Eduardo. Don’t worry about Wenger, definitely didn’t need to be sent to the stands. Petty and pointless.

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. I need whiskey.

  26. RVP has to grow up he fools himself always by falling like a pig everytime there is contact and complains like a chicken . I am so so so so so piiiiiiiiiised with him right now . Apart fro Abu’s mistake, RVP is crap anytime anyday.

  27. Our boys played really well.I could see it as unfortunate.ManU were far behind us in terms of quality and attack.I still like to call the team “Arsenal-The Terminators”.They outplayed ManU but a denial of penalty from referee ,an unlucky touch from Diaby(Please Tom14 leave him for this ,he really regretted a lot).Remember this team played without our flashy and skillful injury list of Fabregas,Rosicky,Nasri and Walcott.

    We will pay ManU back when they visit Emirates for sure.

  28. RvP carried this team last season. This season he needs a goal, other than that he is brilliant. Get out.

    To not even come away with a point is mystifying. Big match next week as well, though I thought our team showed enough today to suggest we could boss this season.

  29. I just hope this doesnt affect the morale of the boys.

    It hurts so bad to lost in that way.

    And see ya Ill back next weekend because I dont want to read all the hate comments on Diaby.

  30. Oh well, this is football at its finest, sometimes the best team won’t win. Its still early in the season chin up guys, Rvp really tried hard although that position in the centre dosen’t suit him. Hope Shava is ok, don’t want him to be injured.

    I hope we do better against Chelsea because their team are definitely stronger than ManU.

    Night 🙂

  31. Sometimes you need luck to win a game like this,today we had non,but am optimistic about the future,because if nasri,cesc,or rosicky had been on the pitch,am sure we would have come away with the victory,but i must say we had a clear penalty,denied us, when fletcher fouled arshavin,in the first half,dubious officiating IMO.I think the guys handled themselves well, unlucky own goal,but we played well.

  32. Iv just seen Arsenal final goal that was disqualified, was legal, RVP WAS ON SIDE. Although i do agree with you voley_gun, i said from yesterday that he has not been looking sharp enough and confident enough to start. Tom14 knows apart from the mishap, Diaby was miles better than his boy Denilson. Infact was he one of the best players on the pitch. Arsenal deserved more, they hit the woodwork, RVP’s chance early in the second half, the hand ball by Fletcher, and the disallowed goal at the end. What did Man U create…nothing.

  33. what the hell diaby doing…
    make arsenal lose…
    i cant believe arsenal can lose this game…
    diaby is sinner….

  34. I am really really really angry with myself right now am so helpless and might do something stupid

  35. I’m pretty sure it was Gallas offside for the goal Icehammer, he nodded the ball on to RvP. It was a fair decision. Unlike another Rooney dive! I guess that’s our ‘karma’.

  36. Outside of his one moment of madness Diaby played well.

    I can’t really fault Blondie for the penalty. He came out extended his hands pulled them back in and Rooney clicked his heels down on them. Yeah that’s a technical penalty. Weak but a penalty nonetheless.

    Verm and Gallas were ROCK SOLID all night.

    RVP is quality. Let’s face it if Ben Foster doesn’t make that kick save or he doesn’t hit the post everyone is singing his praises. His chest control was solid tonight. Plus he is Arsenal. I don’t see RVP moaning about not getting high enough wages and buggering off to Milan. SO GTFO if you don’t like him.

    If I have to point a finger at a poor performance it was Eboue. That dive was rediculous. I would drop him off the team sheet for a couple weeks. Plus without the ball he was quite useless this game. Lallygagging around in the center. Still though it’s hardly Eboue’s fault for the result.

    Oh and yes Mike Dean is a penis. That is all. I need another pint.

  37. Heartwrenching…I thought we out played them and the o.g was brutal. However Arsene made me laugh..and we can take heart from the fact that Man U lost to us early last year and still come out on top so maybe our fortunes will reverse?

  38. jefflwh, keep the vibes positive, no name calling, its far to easy to do that to certain players. Apart from that moment, Diaby was one of your best players. I know it leaves a nasty taste in the mouth. I high percentage of success involves luck, Man U had a seasons worth today. Keep it real.

  39. C-Bass I quite agree with you about Mike Dean. Although you are a true gentleman for using such a nice term.

    Why do we have to turn on our players anyway. I could understand if they were lazy or didn’t care. They did not play poorly. They worked their asses off till the very lsat minute and were given yellow cards for breathing the wrong way. How can you be mad at them?

  40. Take it easy people. No doubt arsenal were the better team today, attacking wise, defensive wise. That diabys own goal was the only flaw, if thats the right word to use. We created more chances, had more possessin, were more threatening on the attack but were let down by poor finishing, deprived of a penalty(blatant foul on arshavin), a dubious penalty given against us(replay shows almunia kept his hands close to the ground and so does rooney which reminds me of the hula baloo surrounding eduardos diving ac

  41. …accusation). And of course lady luck abandoned us today. But take heart in what arsene wenger said prior to the celtic game…’the match against celtic is more massive than manchester match… We can afford to lose against man. U because there is a return match. Morever the season is still early. ‘ Even though won todays match.. We know and man u know 2 that todays arsenal are strong title challengers !!!

  42. I always think we beat United only when we’re severe underdogs. That year Adebayor made it 1-0 was an example of this, we’d not registered a win up until that point. I wasn’t getting carried away today.

    I think we should take heart from the performance, though I felt heads dropped a bit after the second Diaby goal. We’re better than this though, we’ll come good. I just hope we demolish Man City to stake our claim at the top. That’s a huge game now.

  43. Arsenaladin, how many other players do you think will be injured by then, the list is already beginning to mount up. Droping 3 points at this stage of the season is a massive gap to bridge. Arsenal have been in that position for the past 4 years and never bridge the gap. The tempo of Arsenal’s game is fantastic but i always ask myself the question, can they maintain that tempo without loosing player. Arsenal get to many hamstring injuries because of the tempo the smaller players have to play and the tackeling they have to make. They need some weight on the pitch to help them combat the battle. Its been missing in the recent past and it still amiss now. Take note it’s only my opinion but im sure your beginning to witness the same pattern. Keep the faith. Shambo where are you today, its still early days.

  44. Very hard to take. We were the better team, should have gotten a penalty. That would have killed them off. Great finish from Arsha. We could have done no more. United didnt deserve a draw let alone all 3 points. Just hope we can carry on.

  45. Icehammer, we maintained this game without Walcott, Fabregas or Nasri in the team. And Man Utd always make a slow start to the season before winning the damn premiership. I don’t think a big gap to bridge at all. It’ll be a different story if we don’t beat Man City next week though. Two losses in a row might just devastate our players.

  46. if diaby dun have that mistake…
    arsenal mayb will won…
    but anyway…
    the game is past…

  47. now we see that we can’t play without arshavin and fabregas… when arshavin left the field arsenal lost already. we need players who play BIG games. when rosicky comes back we will have another chance.

  48. Wasn’t able to see the game.Sounds like a very sad result. Take heart people. Keep the faith.
    p.s. Andrew ….. did Panda survive?

  49. Well played, Arsenal. We out-played them and out-scored them. But somehow we still lost. Well that, as they say, is football. We were starting to make them look like mugs before Rooney’s dive. Yes, we gave them the game in the end but the hope is that over the course of a season that kind of luck balances out. Just a pity that it was against the scum this time. Later in the season we may see some good fortune go our way. In the meantime I hope the team take heart from proving that, so far this season anyway, they’re better than the current champions.
    PS – I have a hangover…

  50. Oh…and I meant to say, Andrew, I hope you chaps had a great time (despite the result) celebrating down the boozer. It was actually quite an entertaining match I thought and, result aside once again, more for Gooners to cheer about than the manc wanks.

  51. Ive calmed down a bit but I stick by what I have said consistently. Diaby is not good enough unless he matures 200% in the next few weeks. Talented but not the right mentality.

    And I think its time to start being critical of Almunia again. He is average and nothing more IMO. Penalty was maybe not his fault but why didn’t he come out for the ball on the own goal? Other then the game against Man Utd at OT in the Champs League, I have never seen him win us/ keep us in a game. He has cost us quite a few though if Im honest.

    Both players are nothing more then average- and it cost us tonight… I hope they get it together and prove me wrong but Im not sure it will happen. Heartbroken for Diaby though- wish he could have redeemed himself seconds later but wasnt meant to be.

  52. Yeah, I thought Almunia was particularly bad when he saved from Nani in the closing minutes from about 12 yards. He didn’t have much else to do in the game. I think he made the right decision for that second goal as well by not coming out. He can’t help it if it arrows into the net off of the bonce of one of his own players.

    Crikey, any reason to moan.

  53. The sadest moment: Per and Eduardo together after the final unsuccessful goal. The poorest: Per, my captain!!!!!!!!! And Dia too. Anyway, we played better. Two weeks to see you again, my Arsenal. So long. We’ll recover our strength and keep our faith!! Sure.

  54. Im not maoning my friend- just saying we need to be critical of players that deserve it instead of just acting like everything is OK…

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