Chamakh signs a pre-contract with Arsenal

It appears Bordeaux striker Marouane Chamakh has signed a pre-contract to join Arsenal before the start of next season.

The news was broken yesterday by a website which, despite having its fair share of dodgy, provocative articles, tends to be spot on when it comes to transfer stuff.

The quotes from the website are as follows:

“ can confirm, after consultation with sources inside the club, that Arsenal have signed a pre-contract agreement with Bordeaux striker Marouane Chamakh. According to a source close to negotiations, the contract, thought to be for five years, was signed yesterday afternoon.”

Chamakh is of course free to sign an agreement as his contract with Bordeaux expires at the end of this season.

This is the last I’ll talk about it for a little while but it looks to be a good move for Arsenal and should see us start 2010/11 with another physically strong player up front.

If only we could use him against Liverpool.


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  1. First again! 😉

    Good news if true. But I won’t hold my breath until it’s announced on ther Arsenal website.

    Hopefully we’ll do some more shopping in the summer!

  2. If it comes to fruition, then im thinking it will be a great deal, seeing he is on a free and he is yet to take on the world in terms of becoming a big name, so his wages will be in accordance with that – which suits our club.

    The one thing that strikes me as very strange is Laurent Blanc letting his contract expire without attempting to cash in? That smacks of incompetence.

    The only time i was disappointed that it happened to us was letting Wiltord’s contract expire when he cost us a bomb back in the day, yet he left on a free.

    Fair enough that also happened to Edu, Flamini, etc but they can be debated forever on whether the became/will become good players – 1 good season doesnt give you credence in that field IMHO.


  3. This is positive news. Although I have only seen Chamakh play a 3 or 4 times, I am quite sure he will be a success for our team – he is strong, hard-working, skilful, versatile as he can move out wide, excellent in the air, and has a fine shot on him. His ability to link play will be an asset Wenger will love. However, another centre back, central midfielder (both preferably strong and experienced) and a top quality goalkeeper (though Sczeszny looks the real deal) are needed.

  4. It took longer than expected, and it’s unfortunate that we could not get him into the squad this season (would really have helped when RVP and Bendtner went down), but getting Chamakh on a free will be an excellent bit of business.

  5. Evo in Oz // iTS NOT INCOMPETENCE MATE Blanc took a calculated risk ,He knew Chamack didnt want to say so dispite failing to prolong his contract he refused to sell Chamack for less than 10m£ before the season and knew Chamacks value was more than halfed in the january window . BUT Chamack helped them win their group in the CL and if he helps them win 3-4 more games its worth way more than what Bordeux could get for him.

  6. ive seen this guy play numerous times and the truth is hes just ordinary. no better than the shit we got allready. Its amazing the way this guy is portrayed as our saviour. Arsenal fans are due for a rude awakening when he plays and prepare for a few years of wengers bullshit excuses when he says this guy needs time to adapt. We’ve been hearing this bullshit for 6 years now as an excuse as to why the current team are shite.


    Anyway just a thought i am reading form the arsenal website that they are ttrying to by sorensen. I think thats a a hell of a buy. At any cost i frankly hate the fact that we have to wait next year for us to have a chance of wining the title.

    Just a thought AW should convince RVP to retire from Internation football. That would be so good. The fact is when you play italy guys like chilini,gattuso,ambrosini,etch dont hold back in tackles.

  8. please henri was less than ordinary on d juve bench but he became d best striker in d world at one point. so stop bn pessimistic and hope chamakh turns out d same

  9. I haven’t really seen Chamakh play so I won’t judge him until I can see for myself what level of player he is. That aside, looking at this stats he obviously isn’t a prolific goal scorer but I feel that is ok as long as he is prepared to play a strong lead role and actually defend from the front.

    We are capable enough of scoring goals when we aren’t being put under pressure from the quick counter attack and feel we are lacking someone who will put all the effort in chasing balls down from the front and get in the faces of oppositions back line. If he creates runs, moves the CB’s around, gets involved and chases things down, I can live with him as a signing particularly as a free.

    Still would prefer Edin Džeko though :p

  10. @marcus –

    I don’t think anyone’s holding Chamakh out to be our “saviour”, mate. He’ll be a good addition to our attack and give us another option up front. He doesn’t need to score 30 goals a season to be a productive, positive addition to the squad. We’re getting him for free, and if he’s able to be another target for Cest to link with, score some goals, give us height on crosses and corners, then it’s a good bit of business.

    Adding Chamakh does a couple things immediately –

    1. Allows us to rotate the top man in the 4-3-3. RVP and Bendtner would benefit from not having to play EVERY match, especially early in the season. We’d have all 3 available for EPL, Champs Lge and the FA Cup without having to have any of them burn out early and it mitigates injury risk (a quite critical thing, especially considering this season).

    2. Allows Shava to move out wide again, where he’s available to either receive passes from the top man after a linking pass from the midfield and drive centrally, attacking defenders head-on or to have a tall target man to play into the box with a cross.

    3. Gives AW OPTIONS up front. RVP/Chamakh/ Bendtner playing centrally – Shava/Nasri/Theo/Eduardo/Rosicky as one set of wingers and potentially RVP/Bendtner picking up the other wing slot on occasion.

    4. Gives Cesc to ability to play into a link-up man centrally who has the height to win that pass and hold possession while the attack moves forward. Try as he might, and God bless him for his efforts, but Shava’s just not built for that and neither is Eduardo.

    On the whole, I think adding Chamakh has more potential positives than one imagines.

  11. @ marcus – I’m certainly not calling him our saviour.

    But it can’t be denied that he looks a good option. I read a statistic in Four-Four-Two magazine that he scored the most headed goals of any player in Europe over the past year (or season, can’t remember). That’s reasonably handy for a team that rarely seems to score from headers.

    Sagna and Clichy better sharpen up their crossing boots.

  12. @ TheSKAGooner – Its next year buddy what about now. Why we always talk about the future. What about now

  13. By Paul Madden
    Feb 9, 2010 10:51:00 PM

    Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas has reached a verbal agreement with Barcelona to return to Catalunya during the summer, according to Spanish publication Sport.

    Fabregas has been the subject of ceaseless speculation regarding a return to the club he left as a 16-year-old and is now understood to have taken the first steps to completing a move.

    Two factors are understood to be central to Fabregas’ motivation to leave the Gunners. Firstly, a lack of silverware at the Emirates is said to be a concern for the 22-year-old having only won an FA Cup and FA Community Shield with Arsenal. Since that cup success in 2005 there has been no further trophies and the promise of medals appears far stronger with the all-conquering Blaugrana.

    The departure of the likes of Mathieu Flamini, Aliaksandr Hleb and Thierry Henry in recent seasons is also thought to have influenced Fabregas’ decision.

    As yet Barcelona have not confirmed or denied suggestions of a verbal pact but have admitted that Fabregas is a player admired at Camp Nou.

  14. @ kr8ve – “according to Spanish publication Sport.”

    You mean the same pro-Barcelona publication that has almost a sole intention posting slander and lies to destabilise players to support their own transfer bids?

    It’s utter garbage and I don’t know why so many fans worry when the Spanish media make false claims. Trust Fabregas, not the media.

  15. @ teddi the bear –

    Because Chamakh isn’t joining til the summer. Andy’s article is about the Chamakh deal, so it’s helpful to discuss what we can do when he’s actually in the side. 🙂

  16. Chamakh will do since Walcott has somehow lost it. Since he is very fast he could play on the right instead of Walcott.But I don’t think this has any truth, Arsenal never reveal their transfer dealing even more when this is a pre-contract deal.

    Next season I hope Wenger really buy, because this time we really need additions, don’t think it would be too much too ask. Although I have learned not to expect anything.

  17. Spanish media are reporting like crazy that Fabregas has reached a verbal agreement with Barca on moving next season…Seriously, I am starting to really dislike the Spanish idiots for cashing in on our bad run….i bet even if we did win all our big games, there would still be speculation on Captain Fab….the plus side is we have ‘agreed’ a deal with Chamakh but as usual AWenger has not mentioned anything….yet…i am waiting eagerly for the updates tonight (Australia Time)…and hope (3rd time lucky)…that an early morning kick-off and lack of sleep=an Arsenal Victory..2-1 to Arsenal with Arshavin and Bendtner scoring!

  18. Well it’s a nice little diversion, Andrew, but I think we all need to forget about Chamackh being as there’s no official confirmation of any of this. says it comes from sources inside the club. Could be the bloke who cleans the lavs. In any case what good is a pre-contract agreement? I’ll tell you. Nothing. Barcelona decide they want to buy him – they go over, double his wages – bosh – he’s a Barca player. Arsenal might rant and rave, their lawyer will contact Barca’s lawyer but it maketh no diff. There’s Chamakh running out in his new Barca strip. Fergeddabout it. Or – dream on – if you must. It’s the reverse situation of the Fabregas to Spain rumours if you ask me.

  19. @marcus if arsenal are shite go support some one else we don’t need C … like you ,you don’t offer any use to arsenal,s course.

  20. Not sure if this will change the whole team and its psychology. But obviously we need additions and its a good news. Chamakh hasnt been prolific but we need to keep in mind that he will have players like Cesc, Arsha,Nasri,Rozza to feed him with balls to score!!!

    But anyways it doesn’t do anything good to our present season……….we can only hope we get our act together in CL and give it our best shot.

  21. if chamakh has really sign a pre contract agrmnt with arsenal fine,we’ve gotten our torres.if we beat liverpool today and win our remaining games we can stil win the for marcus he is nt a true fan lets keep the faith.

  22. I believe we will beat Liverpool tonight. The poor showing against Man U and then the much improved but still not quite enough performance against Chelsea will be enough to inspire the team. I think Liverpool will be very defensive tonight as every point will now count for their fourth place (obviously) and they will not want to be losing. We have most of our players back and we do have a good record against them. I can see nothing but an Arsenal win tonight over Liverpool.

  23. I agree Andy that Chamak is a good signing. But looking to the future you have 2 ask the question whether this solves our attacking problems? Let’s say we have another year where we have a few injuries? Will we have a repeat of this year?

  24. Chamakh, if i have seen him play, i can not remember him!
    So he can not have made much of an impression.
    As much as i admire what AW has done for our beloved club, i get the distinct impression that AW wants Arsenal to be the ultimate Total football side all of the time. I.E. Ajax, Holland,70’s Brazil, that can not work all the time, we need to adapt to other circumstances.
    AW can obviously see potential but it is a risk, we always seem to be a work in progress. How much longer can we rely on the other parts of the Jigsaw being patient enough to stick around before they win anything?We have other pressing issues, our defence or lack of it, and the inevitable loss of Cesc.
    Where is our plan B, if we continue to play in such a Kamikaze offensive mode against ManU, Chelsea, and any other top Euro team we may find ourselves playing in the Champions League we will lose!
    Don’t get me wrong, i love the way we play, but i hate losing to the same sides all the time because we seem incapable of adapting to any other strategy when things go wrong.

  25. wenger did not get things right this time. why dint he sign the player when we needed him the most, that is in january?

    wenger is a disgrace. he thinks he is the only manager who can manage arsenal. it is the highest time he should drop that mantality
    and show he can compete with other high ranking managers

  26. hey this new dude is ok but hey man … is the problem scoring goals. i thought we were on track to score a ton of goals this season. is it not the lack of a sturdy midfield and a porous back line…. hmmmmmm

    your thoughts

  27. To me Chamakh is nothing more than an athlete. He works in the sense that he will be similar to Ade without having to be in the starting lineup… But nothing special and I would put him third after RVP and Bendtner.

  28. This is good news after along wait.I hope it comes true and his final signature confirmed on paper.Chamakh will greatly help nurse the wounds suffered by all Arsenal fans in the struggle for trophies.He had earlier expressed his love for arsenal and i believe he will deliver to the club he greatly loved to play for in his life.Welcome Chamakh.

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