Cesc Fabregas is a bloody legend + Adebayor, Melo news

I feel sorry for Cesc Fabregas. I really do. He must have had some serious ‘Boy Who Cried Wolf’ moments as a child because no matter how many times he commits himself to Arsenal people continue to doubt him. It’s really rather ridiculous.

I can’t be bothered dissecting and explaining the latest collection of Cesc Fabregas comments because (a) it’s bloody boring and (b) someone’s already done it for me. But what I will speak about is the official response made by our captain. Check this out:

“I’m not sure how many times I need to talk directly about my commitment to Arsenal as I continue to say the same thing over and over again, but it appears that every time I have spoken to the Spanish media recently, my words have bounced back to England, leaving question marks about my future. So, for anyone who is unclear or may have misunderstood what my position is, let me make myself absolutely crystal clear. I am wholeheartedly committed to Arsenal and my future lies with this great Club.”

“It is a fact that we have not won a trophy for four years and yes, I am angry about that, but that anger stems from the deep deep desire I have to win things with Arsenal. I care about this Club and believe in this team. I am proud to captain this team and proud to wear the shirt. It really upsets me when people express my thoughts otherwise. The spirit in this squad is fantastic and we have the ability and mentality to compete on all fronts for silverware. Make no mistake, we are focussed and determined to show that we are capable of achieving great things together.”

It’s case closed as far as I’m concerned. Cesc doesn’t want to go anywhere, he’s not going anywhere and he wants to win things with Arsenal. As an astute, intelligent young man he can see the obvious potential that this squad has and as the captain of said squad, the opportunity he has to lead them to something great.

It goes without saying that Cesc Fabregas is a bloody legend. He consistently pledges his future to club and continually makes statements every time his commitment is called into question. And what’s more, quite obviously, he actually means it.

Just a piece of advice to all you readers out there to finish this topic off. When you see stories on various websites or newspapers that say “Cesc hints at Barca move” (or “Adebayor linked with Milan” for that matter) just make sure you check out the information properly before you start making judgments. So often the quotes taken from players in these stories are manipulated so far out of context from the actual interview structure in a deliberate attempt to shock and cause controversy. Be aware of that and most important of all, don’t panic and start slating players on blogs before you actually know the truth. 

In other news this Friday AC Milan general manager Adriano Galliani has said that the club will only try and sign Emmanuel Adebayor if they can’t get Wolfsburg’s Edin Dzeko while comments from the Felipe Melo camp suggest that he is well-settled at Fiorentina. I’m sure things will heat up in both departments once the Brazilian national team returns from South Africa and they all get chatting to their agents. Oh, and Michael Jackson died. You might have heard.

That is that I’m afraid. Enjoy the last day of the week and I’ll be back tomorrow with some linky goodness.

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  1. first of all, RIP Michael Jackson. I loved him.

    secondly, i never doubt fabregas’s commitment to this team and i cant wait for next season to prove to the world what we are made of.

  2. I agree that most of the stories you read about are just hype and unsubstantiated speculation.Some bloggers and commenters seem to get unnecessarily riled up and inexplicably angry over nothing. Some people seem to have developed an unhealthy hatred towards some of our own players. I really don’t understand this attitude. Support the players as long as they wear the jersey.

  3. I heard that if mascherano goes to Barca the they will let us have YAYA toure who is our first choice. If not then well buy Melo.

  4. I think cesc should just stop talking 2 d press now bcos dis is not d first time he’s been link with dis clubs,first it was barca,milan and now madrid if truely he want 2 stay he should b focus let see what next season will bring.We love him at arsenal so we dont want 2 loose him now.

  5. Arsenal fans in nigeria nearly went haywire when they heard those controvesy.until when i explain 2 them that it was not fabrigas say.adebayo should stay so that wenger will bring another attacker incase he flops.he is too playful with his opponent.melo is the man.evry conner in northern nigeria will say wenger has sign melo.i will say is just a rumour.i will keep the faith.

  6. R.I.P Michael.U were a legend.Nobody wil 4get u.
    2ndly,pple tryn 2 pach Captain Fab should be kicked out of the window.Hez clearly not going anywea.

  7. Despite our need to sign a couple of more players (and I will go into a severe bout of depression if we don’t), best thing is just to let things happen and ignore rumour as journo’s need copy at the moment and it’s silly season. They’ll print anything to make copy. Think of the all the Viera rumours for 4 years before he finally left. Thanks SF for posting Cesc’s quotes.

  8. @ herryspur – not funny you spud tosser.

    Cesc will be linked with a move to Barca for as long as he’s an Arsenal player. But we know he’s comited to the club so we just have to ignore those type of stories.

  9. R.i.p mj i luv u..watchd melo against s.a 2 me d guy isnt gud en0f r if wenga wnts 2 kip faith nd build hm c0s he made sum red card decisi0ns dt d ref ddnt c..s0ng z a beta&m0re maturd player!

  10. AC Milan say: Arsenal are not trying to sell Adebayor to us. If they were we’d be in negotiations with them now.

    Media reports: Adebayor moves closer to AC Milan.

    The media are a disgrace. Frankly, most of the blogs are hardly better.

  11. I strongly belive al d players wel hav 4now¤ exprence is d best teacher….dey hav ben 2geda and undastand demself…beed at hand is beta dan thousand on d trees let se what wel apone next season.lean 4rm oders, dt left lik flamin&leab dey ar hero lik u in arsenal but ware ar dey afta leavin were dey ceris dem. 2wenga pls no spanar lost buy mor 2hav enough strength as others.nex seasom wil be beta 4us. . In God of soccer’s name we pray. Amen

  12. I think the only man who had the knack of speaking to the meeja in a way they understand and pay attention to is Joe Kinnear.

    Perhaps as he is at a bit of a loose end on Tyneside we could take him on as Head of Meeja Relations at the Emirates.

    I think we need to do more to get the message across.

    Just a thought :0

  13. It would be nice to hear Ade come out with a similar statement – I guess that’s the difference. He really must want to leave, as a strong statement like that would get us all back on his side.

    After the Ade ‘boos’ last season we’ve seen Clichy, Sagna and Cesc quickly put ridiculous media claims straight.

    But we’ve heard nothing from Ade himself.

  14. i don’t care if melo is coming or not, but i believe that we must have a solid midfielder before the start of next season!!!

  15. I questioned a few things about Cesc last season but never his commitment and he is a bloody legend. He loves this club, he gives his all, sure I’ve said elsewhere I think his attitude was skew-iff on occassion last season but you can’t reconcile that with him wanting to leave the club (nor the quotes, it was a disgusting media beat-up). He’ll do his talking on the pitch and it will be enough. He hasn’t played in a title winning side for this club (despite being oh so close) and nothing would give me greater pleasure than seeing him raise the premiership trophy as captain. Get in there Fab4!

  16. If wenger signs melo,i w0nt b hapi wit hm..s0ng cn do beta j0b dan mel0 dat am sure of

  17. To me the Ade situation isnt al about his attitude. He simply isnt good enough for me. The united games his first touch was horrific. His physicality is a plus but his football IQ and straight talent level is not consistent enough I think. I have always been of this opinion though the Villarreal goal almost changed my mind… It may very well be time to part ways but ONLY if we can bring in a replacement. Villa/ Benzema type deadly striker.

  18. I don’t pay any attention to any of those stories about Cesc. There may be a day when he leaves the Emirates but it’s not happening for awhile.

  19. the word legend is used too easily in my opinion sf and white ox you call cesc a legend but on what basis? is he a legend because he,s played 250 odd games for arsenal because from what i can remember the only winners medal he has is fa cup winners medal from 05, dont get me wrong i love cesc but true legendry status belongs to players like henry,bergkamp,adams,ian wright and as far as i,m concerned cesc has some way to go before he can be entered into the arsenal legends hall of fame.

  20. Fabregas’ commitment to the club is probably as great as Bergkamp’s was.As for Adebayor, the sooner
    we offload him for the highest possible price,the better.Would not be suprised to see him parading himself alongside Cashley ,Drogbum and Terriballs next season.What a difference in character and Quality.

  21. R.I.P Jacko.

    I reassured a couple of bloggers that fabregas will stay at Arsenal and he would come out and state his desire to stay and the Skipper didnt let me down. He has does this plenty of times and every time he does it, the fans love him more. The part that goes: So, for anyone who is unclear or may have misunderstood what my position is, let me make myself absolutely crystal clear. I am wholeheartedly committed to Arsenal and my future lies with this great Club. i like the most, it shows he is sick and tired of the speculation and hopefully that is that. BTW Melo is staying at Fiorentina.

  22. Walcott & Gibbs both scored from the penalty spot in an epic England U21 shootout against a strong Sweden side who came back from three goals down to pull themselves level in the second half. It was an excellent match – Gibbs played very well and Theo was unfortunately average, but converted his spot-kick with great composure. The final is against either Italy or Germany and will be a great experience for our boys, regadrless of the result.

  23. I really hope melo would come to arsenal..the pairing of fab and him would be devastating..

    Anyway..i feel really proud out of cesc..He is one committed captain and its really nice to have such a great captain.

  24. Totally agree with “georgetown gooner”.

    By the way, why many people write “funny” in the last weeks ??

    Is hard to me to understand the comments of people like “Armiyau” “Squady” “Segzy Gunn” and so others…

    Its some british gangsta thing or what??

  25. hey barry how much do you know about Arsenal??? Diaby is french song is from cameroon so he will be off. Melo has stated he is happy so he won’t be coming and yaya has signed an extension at barca so alonso anyone?

  26. I disagree with the comment that we dont need Melo as Song is good enpugh, we have not had a holding midfielder since Flamini left- and this last season although fantastic on the attack, our midfield has been as soft as a pop tart in defence. We need to patch up this obvious gaping hole in our team, b uy a solid defensive mid and let Song be a backup, now that is depth. Denilson is also ever improving, but I am not quite sure if he is tough enough, maybe 1 or two more seasons on the fringe and he’ll be ready. Thats if he is patient enough.

  27. for me, fabs loyalty 2 arsenal has neva bin in questn…however,adebayor,for what he truly is, is an overrated element..he doesn’t bring aggression into d attack..an 18 yard box striker..d sooner he goes d better 4 us all…

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