Celtic 0-2 Arsenal: Lucky Arsenal get the ideal result

Celtic 0
Arsenal 2 (Gallas 43, Caldwell (OG) 71)

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The first foreign to beat Celtic at Parkhead since 1983

Match Review

First things first I should say that today’s headline is a bit of a sarcastic comment on the rather lazy assumption going around that Arsenal were lucky to beat Celtic. While the goals certainly had a touch of fortune about them – William Gallas deflecting in Cesc Fabregas’ first-half free-kick with his back and Gary Caldwell putting through his own net – they were nothing less than Arsenal deserved for a studious, dedicated and controlled performance at Parkhead.

The same line-up that comprehensively defeated Everton on the weekend started the game with Fabregas, Denilson and Bacary Sagna passing late fitness tests, while Abou Diaby returned to the substitutes bench.

As with the game at Goodison Park it took a while for things to get going as Celtic’s 4-5-1 formation stifled our rather more adventurous 4-3-3. Andrey Arshavin scuffed the first real chance of the game into the waiting arms of Artur Boruc while Celtic winger Scott Brown forced a good low save out of Manuel Almunia with what turned out to be their best chance of the game. Thomas Vermaelen produced a superb piece of defending to prevent a potential goal-scoring opportunity soon after, racing a full 80 yards to clear the danger after previously been caught up-field from an attacking free-kick.

Just before half-time our boys took the lead when Fabregas’ attempted free-kick was deflected in off the back of penalty-box guru Gallas. It was hard to tell what sort of trouble the captain’s initial shot might have caused Boruc in goal but the fortunate touch off Gallas gave the Celtic goalkeeper no chance.

At 1-0 at half-time all was looking good and we wasted several chances to extend the lead shortly after the break. Robin van Persie, who had a rather quiet night, pulled a shot across goal before Denilson almost scored another spectacular effort, narrowly missing the bottom corner.

Van Persie scuffed another shot from just outside the area and some good defending from Gallas up the other end prevented another half-chance for Celtic before our boys made it 2-0. Substitute Diaby made space in the centre of the park before letting free Gael Clichy on the left and the wing-back’s cross was deflected in by Celtic captain Gary Caldwell. A somewhat fortunate goal, yes, but had Caldwell not made contact then Nicklas Bendtner was ready at the near post to tap it in.

So 2-0 it ended and the tie is all but over. Celtic will need to score at least two goals when the visit the Emirates in a week’s time and given the stark contrast in class between the two sides in this game it’s unlikely they will.

Talking Points

I said before the game that I would be happy with a draw at Parkhead I’m once again delighted that the Arsenal boys managed a win. Once again Thomas Vermaelen and Alex Song were terrific tonight and the pair were ably supported by a fine performance by the only “real” scorer Gallas. Vermaelen has just impressed me so much in his opening two games and the effort he put in in the first half to run 80 yards to make a clearance (and hurt a Celtic player in the process!) epitomised the aggression and dedication he has consistently displayed throughout his first two games. 

Song, meanwhile, was my Man of the Match as he once again asserted himself superbly in the centre of the park. Celtic appeared to come out with a gameplan to challenge Fabregas, Denilson and Song physically and although the trio took a few knocks they gave a terrific account of the sort of physical presence they can assert. There were some crunching tackles laid by our midfield trio (Song in particular) and in the end they completely dominated the middle third for the second game in a row.

Once again the 4-3-3 formation worked well as Arshavin and Bendtner pressed high up on Celtic’s wing-backs whenever we lost possession. The thing that I’ve noticed about our new formation in the opening two games is that it appears to be less about ball retention and more about creating chances. Instead of patiently passing around the edge of the box the way we have in previous seasons, the instructions seem to be to look for the killer pass as quickly as possible if the ball is won in a dangerous area. The result? A lot more incisive passing and a little bit less “safe” possession.

Final thoughts

Wenger’s decision to leave the majority of his starting team out on the pitch when the score was at 1-0 (Diaby for Arshavin was the only change) suggested to me that he desperately wanted to get the second goal. On the surface there might not seem a huge difference between 1-0 and 2-0 but the truth is that the second goal is likely to drastically alter his gameplan in the lead-up to the big clash away to Manchester United next weekend.

Had the scored stayed at 1-0 then the manager would have been forced to play his best line-up in the home leg against Celtic next week. But with an extra goal cushion the option is now there to rotate the majority of his players systematically against Portsmouth and Celtic and ensure that we have our strongest team – and a fresh team at that – ready for the trip to Old Trafford. As a result the second goal was crucial and it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest to see the likes of Emmanuel Eboue, Eduardo and Aaron Ramsey given a run-out on the weekend.

In a very different way this was just as impressive a performance and result as the 6-1 demolition of Everton last Saturday. Not only did we achieve the ideal result against a tricky opponent but it was carried out in the pressure-cooker atmosphere of Parkhead with the financially crucial prize of a Champions League place on the line. There is, of course, still a job to do next Wednesday at the Emirates but only the world’s most paranoid Arsenal fan could resist feeling a sense of positivity and optimism after what was another terrific result.

Even if it was a “lucky” one. 

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  1. Superb result, one foot in the Champions League already, when is the draw does anyone know? Gallas goal was pure class it made Bergkamps one against Newcastle look amaturish, the skill needed to duck just at the right time and use his back to flick the ball past the goalie was superb, I am sure they practice that on the training ground all the time.

  2. haha yeah i like it how everyones labeling it “Lucky” i didnt see anything lucky we worked hard, and even in the first half when Celtic where playin some good football we still hung in there. T.V was AWESOME again i had no worries bout him Gallas was gr8 too gud pairing in the back. Dont see JD gettin a run unless one of these two get injured. Thought song played really well his runnin off the ball defendin turnin with the ball and possession was top class.

    All in all everyone worked hard and we DESERVED the win, certainly not “Lucky”. Only thing im worried bout was AA, he has been quite flat in the last two games, hope hes ok.

    AW was DUDU injured?

  3. We scored lucky goals, but the scoreline wasn’t lucky at all – it was what we deserved.

    I’m quite looking forward to Portsmouth at the Weekend. We should well be able to get another comfortable win.

    Andrew, a tiny aside. Do you possible have German ancestors or something like that? Because your surname’s spelling seems German. Just wondering.

  4. I really like the 4 3 3 formation. But i think that the only problem we have is Bendtner. Now before i stress my point. I think he is a fantastic player. And has performed outstandingly in the first two games and the tail end of last season. But i think that he would be better suited in our 4 4 2 formation as a striker and not a winger. But the B52 no doubt has the ball playing and abilities to play in that position. But it would just be a matter of getting the best out of Wenger. I remember Wenger playing last year where he did a long pass to go to an on running Ade. It curved perfectly and as a result Ade scored. It was solid wing play.

  5. Lucky,Undeserved,Opposition was bad,Freak…all this word please note it down we would be hearing all this season for arsenal. I mean people will never accept that the arsenal boys were excellent. Talking at Celtic Night. Lucky is word which been used. I think we are only the 2nd English team who had won the CL tie over there ever in the history. This say it is an big win. The Boy played well pressed the ball well. This is the new thing which i am seeing this season. Arsenal are putting the opposition under severe pressure and pressing the ball and I think it is working in there favor. Good on you arsenal.

  6. @ Shane – Someone made the point when we were interested in Chamakh that Bendtner might be moved to cover RVP in the middle and the Moroccan could be used on the right. The same might be said of Rafael van der Vaart if we get him, so you might be onto something.

    The thing that Bendtner gives us is the sweeping long ball to the corners. It works quite well when we’re under pressure and he makes runs into the middle like a striker so for now I’m happy to have him there. I wouldn’t change a winning team at the moment.

  7. An impressive performance once again.
    @ Andy: i love your final thought cos i never thought about it that way. Quite brilliant, i must confess. Concerning the game against Manchester United, i believe a win or a draw is likely to be with our strong team cos i really can’t see them beating us.

  8. Exactly. If you put the ball in dangerous areas you are bound to get it in the net eventually, regardless of how lucky it might be.

    Good result. Committed performance. I was only let down by Diaby, he still seems slow and languid.

  9. Morning Andy, Gooners, all still asleep. Your impression of last nights game was simular to mine. I thought both teams moved the ball very chrisply and quickly around the park during the first half although not enough was made of posession in the final third. To be honnest i was quite impressed how slick Celtic looked and for a while i was a little worried. They were very physical in the challange and gave your MF trio a bit of a kicking. I remembered thinking that Fab’s and Den arnt built for that kind of contact and possibly Arsene is asking to much from them both. It will take its tole later on, Anyway, Song had another fantastic game and i lost count how many counter attacks he began after winning the ball again and again after RVP loss the team posession. Did i notice that RVP lacked a bit of pase and sharpness? I did get a little anoyed with him. The first goal came at a good time even though there was an element of fortune about it. During the second half Arsene’s men started to take a foothold of the game due to their better movement, skill and quality. Gallas was immense at the back and again Vermaelen was impressive. I do like his nasty streek. The substitution had an instant affect on the game with some skillful ball work by Diaby on the left. Quick feet for a big man. Dangerous cross by Gael causing an own goal which would have been put away by Bendtner. Going back to the changes I thought at the time RVP should have come off and Arshavin go up top. Arshavin looks more striker like. Good performance by most players. Looking forward to the return as i might be at the game.

  10. We did have a good rub of the green but we also deserved the result.
    The 4 3 3 formation has been working wonders so far but we do need to work on it further to get the best out of Arshavin & Bendtner though i honestly feel Bendtner should be in the middle of the forward three.

  11. Superb analysis @Andy. Great performance and great result. Real sense of urgency about the team and I think they have studied Barca’s Demolition of ManU in the CL final. Excellent pressing off the ball, completely matched Celtic’s. Denilson and Song have grown. Look stronger. If we add to (AW, please add Van der Vaart and Hangeland), we’ll be realy strong. In great form to be facing ManU and ManC in near future.

  12. Did any one read ANR that guy is such a wanker whats his problem, he seems really pissed of when arsenal do well

  13. Have just read the latest post from Myles Palmer at Arsenal News Review. I am lost for words, infact i’m not as I left a shitty reply.
    True Arsenal fans are pleased with the last 2 games. This superior being has got his predictions wrong and does not like it. Worse than a wanker, a dickless wonder

  14. Xabier, sorry mate, and remember Im a hammer……..but sorry mate i dont know how best to say this…but you are talking a load of old b@!$%67843. What game were you watching. Is anyone out there agreeing with this person about Diaby? Did he not begin the move for the second goal. Remember the quick feet for a big man moment.

  15. Before the game I apologized to all the fans and players of cell tick for what was going to happen to them during the night. Whoever says it was luck should ask Ever torn what happened to them at goodison.

    Much as I predicted correctly (0-2), I would have been wrong had the Mighty gunners! Denilson and esp. Vi-Pi’s two chances.

    What is noticeably awesome with this Arsenal Team is the Team spirit and the ability to contain pressure and create chances. How could the gunners have been able to score 2 goals against a team that had given them too much respect if they were not mighty? Can you imagine 4 5 1 at park head? It is up to the one who says it is was luck. But was that luck for the Mighty gunners only?

    Cheers up you Mighty Gunners. Maintain the same spirit for last week they were writing us off, this week they are saying it was luck. Do every thing to silence the skeptics.

  16. the verminator was awesome,song was immense, a good team performance overall just waiting for arshavin to click as he,s been quiet in the first 2 games and i,m expecting big things from him this season.

  17. Good result,good game.Even though ‘luck’ is considered a big part of that game,they gave it all and deserved a win.Go Gunners!

  18. @Michael Gillon and others – For those wondering this is Myles ‘post’ (and I use the word lightly) http://tinyurl.com/mfw9c9

    I intend to e-mail Andy a copy of my open letter to Myles in the hope it will be useful as a guest post.

    I encourage all Arsenl fans as disappointed in Myles as I am to please write to him in a measured manner expressing your displeasure. Don’t lower yourself to the pathetic sarcasm he has displayed or show outrage, his ego and pride thrive on that.

    Seems that in football you make your own luck. Unless of course you are Arsenal, then you are merely lucky (now that’s sarcasm).

  19. Good post, and an accurate reflection – many will focus on the fortune of the goals, because the highlights show only that, not the controlled nature of our play.

    The most impressive thing for me was how efficient we were defensively – no-one goes to Celtic and comes away as unthreatened as we were last night.

    And that changes everything – an early goal for Celtic, or even an equaliser for 1-1, and our backs would be against the wall. As it was, they saw there was no easy way through and the crowd went quiet.

    Great stuff.


  21. Gallas was so determined to score with his back that he purposely left an ‘L’ out of his name to get the angle of the bounce just right. Brilliant stuff.

  22. I agree the most with theicehammer, I confess that I am rather a careful person with optimistics, but I rather stay on the ground and I had the impression that it wasn’t Arsenal’s best form, Arshavin, van Persie, Bendtner, Fabregas they all seemed to me not to be in best comfort, excuse my expressions, I’m German, I just talk out of my stomach so don’t mind me, but it’s even more worth if they win their weaker matches too, so it shouldn’t be criticism, I think Celtic were much agressive in the first half, exactly the way how theicehammer commented, and the goual was luck, obviously, I think the goalkeeper would have caught Faby’s freekick (and I wasn’t sure if it was a freekick at all, don’t mind me, it’s difficult to say sometimes ), and after this goal, Celtic really were disappointed, they had to fight with their psyche, and even managed to play at a high level, they forced much of wrong passes from Arsenal, then the second goaul was lucky, cause the defender should have kicked the ball out of the field if he wasn’t a footstep too late and that resulted from frustration and disappointment, though Arsenal forced these mistakes, resp. they forced their luck, of course, but I can’t agree that it was an excellent performance from our boys, the contrary, but it was an excellent fought, in my opinion the teams were at one level in general aspects, but Arsenal did the goals and that was luck, though for me at nearly every goal there is a bit of luck within, so don’t mind me, there are a lot of more games where they can show their excellence and I hope they will do so dot

  23. Mates , yes we are on the driving seat which I pray and know we will continue to be. But my take is lets not make the mistake of last season where we were almost there and we slipped due to injuries sustained from big GUNS like TR7, EDS9 and sale of AK13, Flemini and Lass Diara. The only thing that can GUARANTEE us title this season is BUY_BUY_BUY_BUY (2 players), we need those that can be rotated in the winter, replaced when injured, subbed when not at their best. ARSENE WENGER should not get carried away with these our beautiful results, the rough and tumble of the game is yet to come for no man is an Island.
    We need those xtra players now cos we have the cash to do that.

  24. That’s a very good report, Andrew. Ta. Once again the lads were really good right the way through and worked hard in a real ‘team’ way. It’s very heartening to see.
    I know this is a bit childish but I thought they looked very business-like in their blue strip – sort of no nonsense. Efficient – as another poster said previously.
    I think Celtic played their socks off, as you’d expect, and I really can’t see them getting anything out of the 2nd leg now. I told you we should’ve signed Gary Caldwell and he’s already scored for us!
    Don’t worry about RVP I can almost guarantee you that he’ll be banging them in again this season. It has only been 2 games after all!
    I like everything Arshavin does. Even when he’s standing still. “We’re not worthy!”

    One teeny tiny thing – my bugbear – Diaby – still didn’t impress me when he came on. theice hammer seems to rate him. You can have him, mate, as far as I’m concerned. Swap you for um…er…no never mind. Just ‘ave ‘im.

  25. Message for my friend Filipino Dan. Och noo, laddie! How I would have loved to have been at the game but I’m nay in Bonnie Scotland, mon. In fact I’m nay even Scottish as you can probably tell from my horrible attempt at the accent. I’m from London N6 originally (but not there anymore). I do love the Scots tho’ – Mums family was Scottish) and Scotland is without doubt one of the finest places in the world.

  26. Great result in a tough environment. As a Scottish Gooner I’m happy we didn’t make a mockery of Scottish football but still got a perfect result that I think we were all confident of, but were sensibly reluctant to say so!

    Best songs of the night “you should have gone to see U2” and “are you Rangers in disguise” and “wheres your famous atmosphere”. plus the arshavin song is very funny!

    I am very concerned as to why Vela and Eduardo were nowhere to be seen last night though.

    Incidentally, a big shout out to Manuel Almunia, who time and again is happy to stand and sign autographs after games. He always does this for the longest time and even came back off the bus last night to sign more.

  27. @ Hey Nonny – that was weird. Good to hear from you and sorry about the misunderstanding. I knew you had a Scottish connection.

    och aye.

  28. the new gunner is welcome nway good performance for our men hope they replicate this against portsmouth

  29. now luck!!…and i think was quite long since we saw an own goal from the sides we played against….and this year i think luck has turned her face to the lads.

  30. If Caldwell hadn’t of put it into his own net, then Bendtner would have – he was well on front of his marker 6 yards out.

  31. great game! well worth waking up at 4:30am!
    despite what newspapers and Mr Wenger said (and i think he was being diplomatic), truth be told im sure the gunners would have scored 2 on our own so dominant they were in the game.this is a great result not only in terms of the cup-tie but we certainly held our ground against a team, intent on dominating us physically and defensive-minded.It must be noted that previous season, it has been our rivals’ tactic to suppress the team. That win will do us well vs other EPL team intent on not making us play our game.
    good observation on the subtle changes of our passing play. i too thought our passing are more urgent and this will do well against tougher teams such as Man U.
    I too was wondering why Wenger didnt bring in some fresh legs when clearly the gunners were struggling. I believe, it will get the players more conditioned for future games, this early in the season. hands up if you think the team was looking really lethargic, just 1 month into last season. Van Persie sure need the game to sharpen his mind/body. He was missing chances/opportunities which he would put away last season.

    This team can go all the way…

  32. Wow, that’s one comprehensive write-up Andy.

    It was another great performance and the luck was well-deserved. Should relieve a few Arsenal minds…for now.

  33. hello all,
    as iv said last season and seasons b4 i wouldnt mind seein us win games ugly like chelsea,utd and pool,afterall i think wev earned the right with the free flowing non-stop att style wev made our own since wenger came…and last night we did that,we never really looked like conceding and came out the rite side of a result which is wot we all want to see the boys do at hull,portsmouth,fulham,stoke,etc this season to make us contenders and i hav to say im impressed wit the high pressure game wenger seems to hav introduced with cesc,deni and bendtner in particular shuttin down space in the oppositions half
    just wanted to mention somethin for anybody who watched the game on sky,cud some1 tell me who was doin the commentary when he stated with 4mins normal time left and RvP got hacked down that ‘arsenal will probably run the ball into the corner to see out the final minutes’…who is dis dude?is dat his 1st arsenal match to watch?for the record we went and passed the ball 16 times after that…are these ‘pundits’ makin a living out of their ridiculous ignorant shortsighted predictions???
    finally just wanted to take back my statement that i dont think we need van der vaart…maybe im just being greedy but i wud actually love him to come now as wit edu so prone to injury i think his arrival wud free bendtner up for a more traditional central role which wud see him flourish and giv RvP a rest when needed…plus iv always thought van der vaart was class and an arsenal-esque player
    p.s i also think that diaby is too skitish on the ball and gives it away needlessly far too often but i think wenger should giv him a more central role as itrs not easy for such a big guy to work the narrow areas out wide
    @icehammer no way ur gettin thos little gems pal…wel need them when this ‘homegrown’ rule comes into play

  34. we were in luck for sure, but we deserved that. good luck at the weekend!! want to see Per score.

  35. Great performance from arsenal
    Alumina had little to do and only made 1 real save.
    Gallas And TV are making a brilliant CB partnership.
    Song played like viera.
    Fabregas was running everywhere and Denilson was ok too.

    But Im worried about RVP Bendtner and Arshavin thr new 4-3-3 doesnt seem to suit them. As for whoever said Vermaelen is 5’11….. Ebou is 5’10 and look at that


    Does that height differance look like an inch?

  36. It’s about time that “luck” was on our side! To further the Bendtner point, it’s not the formation that he does not fit into, it is the team. He is not an Arsenal style of player. Too slow in play and thought & predictable. Eduardo and Vela need time out there instead of #52.

  37. Thomas Vermaelen is quickly making his way up my ranks as a favourite… he shows a lotta guts and determination and is exactly what Arsenal need at the back.

    It was a good showing by the Gunners… here’s hoping they dominate the next match too.

  38. @Part-time
    You are quite right, when he charged back to make that crucial tackle you just felt that you have to love this guy for his commitment. Hope it continues.

  39. a superb display inspite of the din at Parkhead and a frenetic pace employed by Celtic. Song,Vermaelen,Gallas were superb though i think Van Persie has yet to get his footing.I agree am a bit surprised Arshavin has yet to show the stuff he is made of-though i must say i believe he is going to be the saviour of our team this season,you can take that to the bank!The one thing that i like about the team formation is that we don’t necessarily have a target man like Ade and as such any one especially from midfield going forward can actually score….am starting to believe that’s the trick

  40. hey foxes, had not everyone has the message Arsenal are sending here! Well Veeeerrmaaeelleen, he’s outstanding and of course the captain fantastic. Keep up Gunnners!!!!!

  41. song has proven his talent.

    i never tought that he is so good, i thought he is an averege player to play for hull, stoke or boro.

    he and diaby will fight for the spot, i think alex will come out as the winner if he keeps up that playing.

    bendtner was good, but he will be kicked out of the starting line when walcott and rosicky return. v.persie will have the central role, arshavin will be on the right if rosicky will be in the line-up. arshavin will be on the left if walcott will be in the line-up.

    denilson is class, but nasri will probably get his spot when he comes back.

    we have great players, once diaby, rosicky, nasri and walcott come back we will have an incredible bench with fabianski, silvestre, diaby, denilson, eduardo, bendtner and walcott or rosicky.

    leet’s not forget about wilshere, he will make his mark in the season.

  42. So far all players are performing up to par except AA. His understanding with RvP and B52 still not there yet but I believe he will have an better understanding with Eduardo. To be frank, I still pretty happy with AA contribution. He never stop running to attack and defend. 2 subs still didn’t show any sign of improvement: Diaby & Eboue. Eboue still crueless once near the final third. But I still rate him highly as back up right back and sub right winger to protect lead. The 20 min cameo for Diaby didn’t show his improvement. The same old story of dribble into the crowd. He need to learn how to release the ball early and beating one opposite player is good enough! Please wake up, you were not Zidane!

  43. Keep it up GUNNERS. This was a well deserved victory. We’ll tell em all what it means to have young players. i strongly believe that AW has got what it takes to take us there. GO GUNNERS! GO!!!!!

  44. thats why you r just a kid, billi-the-kid. you dont see when a team deserves to win. u talk so much about luck, so what, Arsenal won. so celtic was unlucky, why?

    why dont you just say celtic made lots of mistakes that costed them the game instead of trying to belittle the effort and deserved win arsenal had.
    no wonder you think wid ur stomach.

  45. what would you have said if Arsenal had conceded those goals? they deserved to loose? I can’t, I felt a bit sorry for Celtic, ’cause I always try to put myself into the position of someone else, I think I felt a bit sorry ’cause the goals were so ‘lucky’ (luck was a bit the subjekt of this discussion I thought), for example I couldn’t cheer at this own goal, I can’t have fun with the bad luck of someone, it’s a bit strange in football maybe, and you’re right to say that’s like a kid, I fear I like to be kiddy, it’s just like that, I can’t help, most of the time I feel a bit with the looser (maybe that’s why I am one by myself), it’s strange but the delight of the one side is always the grieve of the other, to achieve success you have to be more cruel than me, that’s right, I wouldn’t have said, Celtic deserved the first goal against them, I thought the first half was levelled, after the first goal Arsenal took over, I felt like that, that’s all

  46. Excellent review Spanish.

    ARSENAL and CHELSEA for the league. I think CHELSEA look very focused.

    I think we are yet to find our footing. The forwards should be rotated a bit in the next two games to see who plays better where.

    AA will pop up when no one ever expects him to….I love his silence for now. I guess MANURE will get the brunt of his anger.

    Finally, are we seeing a new set of INVINCIBLES?

  47. A good display from the Guys,am sure if we stick to the more aggreasive 4-3-3 formation will achieve much this season but, my worry is if we lose 2 or more of our starting eleven, are we gonig to still stand up? That has always been our problem.

  48. CORN P is absolute correct. What happen if we lose 2 or more of our starting eleven? This kind of high tempo pressing tactic need a lot of quality players to rotate. In my opinion currently only Chelski, Man Utd (not at the moment), Barca & Real Madrid have that kind squad to play for season long. We need at least another 3 players to sustain until May 2010. 1 striker, 1 DM & 1 CB. Chamakh, Veloso & Hangeland. We are ready to rule if above are coming… In my dream only probably….

  49. @ theicehammer: Um. Watch the game again. After the second goal you will notice for the remainder of the game everyone else is still harrying and putting pressure on Celtic. Diaby? Nope. He was just strolling about the place. After the goal whenever he was in possession he took to long and showed too much of the ball.

    Compare it to Denilson’s performance, you’ll notice a stark difference.

  50. Well, I guess you make you own luck. There is a lot of energy, focus, and team work in this team. Don’t worry about the strikers not scoring. This is a long season. In the last few years, if the front men didn’t score, there was no one picking up the slack. Now, our defense and midfield and the opposing team is scoring for us. So, I say enjoy. Also our front men contribute by pressuring up field and making the runs in the spaces. Remember, we got to settle to our first 11. Last season, for various reasons, AW was chopping and changing lineups. That was never good, Liverpool a couple years ago comes to mind. We have plenty of players out injured (older – I might add) and young promising players. There are a lot of games coming up, so we need patience.

    AW(Andy – that is) great recap as always. You’re such a positive influence to the community here!

  51. Do you have to be lucky to be good or do you have to be good to be lucky? Either way, I’ll take the fantastic result.

    I wasn’t an initial fan of the new blue away kit, but after seeing the match i have to say they’re looking quite sharp.

  52. Xabier, the game was played at a frantic pace, it takes some time to alter to that pace when one comes on as a sub so late on. He has a very casual style because of his build. If it was not for him Arsenal would not have got the second goal. He will be fantastic this season, just wait and see. If your not happy with him then sell him to WHUFC.

  53. What goes a round always comes is the motto give arsenal opponent’s since now the boys are playing like men’s

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