Carving up Adebayor’s latest garbage about Arsenal

Emmanuel Adebayor just can’t leave Arsenal alone, can he?

The latest in a long line of interviews where he attempts to portray himself as some sort of angel, hard-done by Arsenal and Arsene Wenger is quite frankly, laughable.

And while I really shouldn’t take the bait I’m going to by carving up his latest comments to show that once-and-for-all, Adebayor is a delusional liar of the highest order.

“Arsène Wenger can never say that I wanted to leave. It was because Arsène didn’t want me any more.”

That is probably because you spent the previous summer trying to get a move to Barcelona or Milan and when the deal fell through, failed to put any real effort in on the pitch.

“The most annoying thing about the whole story is when people say I wanted to leave for the money. If I had really wanted to, I would have left two years ago for the money and gone to Milan or Barcelona.”

You did want to go for money and to move to a “bigger” club. The problem was, they wouldn’t pay the buy-out fee and it dashed your hopes of joining the club you wanted to. Quite frankly you couldn’t have left “if you had really wanted to” because you were under contract and neither of those clubs were willing to pay the amount needed to buy you, probably because they didn’t think you were worth it. Just 7 goals in 17 starts as well as seven games out with suspension probably indicates they were right.

“I read that it was me who was the troublemaker in the changing room. That’s unbelievable. If one player can say that I, Emmanuel Adebayor, spoke badly to anyone in the changing rooms then I’d honestly like to know who it is. It has never happened in my life.”

If you had any morsel of intelligence you would realise that you can be a disruption in the changing room without speaking badly of players. At a club like Arsenal where team spirit and unity is paramount to the potential success of the manager and the squad, publicly looking for a move and then getting a massive, unjustified pay-rise as a result is bound to cause a few problems.  You might not have the players to “f*** off” to their faces, but you certainly did it with your actions and pathetic on-field displays last season.

“If Arsène has a big heart we can go on a TV show to have a debate and he will never say I told him I wanted to leave the club. He’ll never say that. He knows it full well.”

And you know full well that no person would be stupid enough to go on a TV show with you to have a debate over something as pointless as this. Arsene Wenger has better things to do with his time, like building a team of players actually capable of winning the league as opposed to a bunch of overpaid, overrated mercenaries who can only quantify success as sneaking into the Champions League.

“It will be 90 minutes of hell. The fans will boo me, insult me, because, until now, they haven’t understood why I left. I’m the bad guy.”

We fully understand the reason you left and that’s why you are the bad guy. You deserve to be booed, insulted and given hell because Arsene Wenger and the club turned you from a young pretender into a player capable of leading the line for one of the best clubs in the world. Yet you still wanted more and were happy to essentially f*** the club over in order to get it. That’s why you deserve the reception you will undoubtedly get.

“I shouldn’t have done that [the celebration] but we are all human. I made a mistake, but who doesn’t?”

Pointing out other peoples mistakes doesn’t make what you did OK. It just shows yet again that you are happy to deflect any of your wrong-doings onto other people.

I just can’t wait for Arsenal v City at The Emirates. What about you?

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  1. I don t understand why he spoke out now! it’s logical that he is very sacred of the fans! and he’s trying to fix the damage…a little too late my dear! a little too late!
    When I saw what happened to him in the African Cup , I was like man I hope he’s going to be ok and all…no one get shot while you are going to a stadium! it’s just a horrible event! I thought that his vision on life would change and became more mature…but he hasn t changed! things didn t work in Arsenal just move on but don t come in front of us and celebrate your goal or hit Robin in the face…just immature! be thankful!

  2. It staggers the imagination that he’s STILL talking about Arsenal. Ya just have to laugh and shake your head at the guy.

  3. I am going to take extra precautions like drinking warm water to keep my throat in top shape. Mintute I see this jack#&s at the Emirates, its BOOing time all the way.

    I dont understand why this idiot keeps talking about us. Concentrate on your club and count your money. Thats what you wanted and you got it. He is probably going to be loaned out to Italy or Spain next season if he falls out of favor.

  4. He has realised that once you leave The Arsenal, you leave something really special behind that a player will not find at another club 🙂

  5. i dont care about this idiot and what will be the atmosphere at the emirates, i only care about 3 points in that day. We have to win that match, we have to win the tittle this seasen, this is a realy big oportunity for us and we should not let it go this time. F..k adebardor f..k man city, lets be champions.

  6. “I shouldn’t have done that [the celebration] but we are all human. I made a mistake, but who doesn’t?”… what an Idiot!!!, we know he’s human, but a bad one!. He’s only talking about the celebration but, what happened when he hit Robin in the face?… pffff!. Even the celebration was absolutely disgusting.

  7. Players who leave arsenal and join new clubs don’t enjoy there like henry, viera, helb, ….We can add adebayor also to that list….any exceptions cole ?

  8. Adeba is jst a looser… n an ungratefull fela… cos if it was nt fr Arsene…who brought him frm Monaco… Adeba would be no one…

  9. hahaha this guy is a joke!!! not getting any attention cause he is suspended so he’s gotta run to the press and stir the pot.

    well fact is City will not win any silverware this year, will struggle to qualify for CL whilst Arsenal still have a good shot at both the EPL and CL and will no doubt qualify for CL next season. What a BELLEND you are and just like everyone else that gets lured away your must be regretting it!!!

  10. The stupidest thing Adebayor has ever done publicly in his career is the celebration, if at all he was a sensible guy then he would not have celebrated at all, may be that would have earned him some respect from Arsenal fans. In my opinion Ade is trying to clear his name and create a sort of “friendship environment” with Arsenal fans; well, simple, he has already messed up big time and that will never happen again.

    Last important points; I’m so glad he left the club for three reasons:
    1) He is a kind of striker who would miss 10 clear cut chances before he score a goal

    2) He is so boastful to the extent that most of things he does are so annoying

    3) Arsenal sold him at a very good price, he is actually about £8m player

    After two years or so he will be playing for the like of Stock City and that is if he is very lucky again after being so lucky twice in his life (Playing for Arsenal, one of the best teams in the World and then Man City, one of the teams with a lot of fortunes)

    The only thing he can do not to make the matter even worse, Adebayor should keep quite and leave Arsenal FC alone.

  11. They say the best revenge is living well and living well for Arsenal is winning the Premier League. I’ll take 3 points for the win and the league to boot. If Adebayor is exposed for being an even larger idiot than everyone already knows he is then that’s just gravy.

  12. Seems to me that henry is doin all right what with winnin all those trophy’s and wat not.

  13. We shouldn’t boo this man, we did very well out of him. C’mon we all knew he was a waste of space and yet we made a fortune selling him. He’s not our player now which Is great, as he’s not good enough for us, so why should we care about him or anything he says? We only risk motivating him by giving him stick. That is clearly not in our interest. Remember you are Arsenal fans not city fans! If you want to get at Ade, show him indifference, he will like thst least of all. I care not a whit for him, other than genuine spathy for what happened to him and his Togo teammates earlier this year. Grow up My fellow gooners and get behind OUR team. Make some noise for The Arsenal! not Adebayour

  14. Adebayo is an ungreatful servant of arsenal/ wanger who was pick from a small team to make him who he is today, but could not say a common thank you to aresnal/wanger. go u big fool…………………

  15. During his last days in Arsenal,Adebayor showed his misdeeds by many means.He did’nt try to score a goal.Why do we talk about this triator anymore?

  16. ade is from my country ,what is suffering from now are more than what you people are saying.just leave him alone but dont carry the booooo whenever he come to london especially in emirate stadium

  17. Andy a well written assessment of what Ade’s all about. He’s just another cashley, everything is everybody else’s fault and the world has a conspiracy against him. I wouldn’t believe a word he says. Good riddance!

  18. He is a complete idiot, let’s leave him and focus on our remaining matches.

  19. I think we should stop discussing abt Ade, because that’s what he wants i guess— Arsenal Fans to constanly talk abt him.
    Lets forget him and utilise our time for something better.

  20. The guy is a total idiot. I believe that he still fantasizes about the Gunners. Why than, would he be talking about them now. He even wore an Arsenal jersey during a press conference after Togo were bundled out of the Africa Cup of Nations!!! He knows where to run to when he’s down. Sadly, we don’t want him back. After all, Vermaelen (a defender,) has scored as many goals as he did in his final season…and counting!!

  21. I understand the booing, I really do. However here is a different thought… don’t make a sound at him. Some guys are fueled by the attention, whether positive or negative. If the crowd is quiet, he will realize that he doesn’t matter anymore – and THAT will hurt him more!

  22. Hahaha can’t stand this long streak of piss.
    Glad wenger sold you. Lazy piece of goats
    cheese. Don’t ask where that came from, just
    sick of his stupid little slimy comments. Booooo booo
    dirty little moo

  23. I think selling him was probably the best bit of business arsene has done since making 24 million on anelka who like this prick was only looking for the next best thing the celebration was a massive error of judgement and proves he never really cared about the club you would never see henry viera overmars petit anelka etc do that to the club because they have the utmost repect for the club and the manager that made them what they r . in summary it’s
    a shame when his bus was attacked he didn’t run the
    length of the bus and throw himself in front of those gunners keeping my throat warm and looking forward giving him the abuse he deserves

  24. lol,
    this dude is priceless!!!!hes like the kid that shuns his friends for the ‘in crowd’ only to find the grass isnt greener……now hes walkin down the street alone with all those old friends playin on the corner………..and hes shittin it!!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha,wot a doubt arsenal fans will be labelled now for dishing out the abuse he deserves,but hey its gonna be worth it!!!!

  25. Nice post Andy. Everytime i read about this idiot now i think of the June edition of the Arsenal magazine. He was on the cover with the slogan – Never doubt my commitment. Hahahaha, it still cracks me up!!! That & your replica shirt getting a little warm.

  26. actually on reading the above comments i think it wud really unsettle the guy and hurt him most if we didnt boo….i mean wev got positive things to be shouting about….CL and PL contenders….lets shout about that,afterall thats wots killing him….lets move on

  27. Adebayor is an idiot, a twat, good for nothing human being.
    Enough said!!!

  28. Let’s not dignify him with ‘boos’, that plays into his hand. Let’s applaud him for what he did for the club and move on. This will show that we are bigger than him and that Arsenal is greater than him. All we need do is beat City, get the three points, shake his hand and say, ‘Bad luck, Ade, mate. See you around’.

  29. I am thinking that the Adebayor saga resembles something reminiscent of a Neighbours show. Dragging out for far too long, and teenagers bad mouthing their former partners, or in Adebayor’s case his club. I hope he falls into a big hole and is covered only by a bank notes until his heart is content. mind you there may be some concerns for his breathing.

  30. ade is a great player we miss him,we would have won the league by now if he was still a gooner,big up ade,though what you done to van persie is not on.

  31. Ignore him, this is all publicity for him. Adebayor is not our player and we shouldn’t bother with him. Anyway he’s not in the legend status ala Henry, Bergkamp, to me his existence is minute.

  32. i think we should just go silent anytime he touches the ball and continue to support our players. Adebayo (thats the real spelling of his name) is confused about his identity, that y he wld wear an Arsenal Jersey whilst in distress. we shld just focus on gaining the 3 points from ManC & move on. he is not worth it..

  33. he is just one big pu**y.he left arsenal,got hurt two of our best players,and goal celebration?and then as he understood that he is moron he went on interview with arsenal shirt on because he thoguht that will change something.well all i cam say:fu*k YOU!!!

  34. Whts al dis quarrel abt ade.he was sold to a club dat values him well.if he wasnt as important as wenger /d fans tink he was, why should little comments from ade trigger up dis long list of comments.2 years back wen he gave u 30goals his name was on the lips of every gunner nw it has gone soar.ade has taken a step further to step up his game i tink he has done notin wrong.for the boo boys remember wht befell u agaist chelsea so hold yur lips.wenger get a striker and stop al dis noise.gunnertil eternity

  35. Fcuk ADE….i once used to like u a little but now, officially the player i HATE MOST after Ashley Cole!

  36. As a matter of fact,Ade is just looking for acceptance.unfortunately,he aint going to get it.shame on him.i couldnt believe he could step on Robin’s face during the 1st leg at city,having just left the club few weeks’s unacceptable and bad that he cant come back to watch an arsenal game.shame on you ,ADE.
    Arsenal true and true
    tayo ayoola,

  37. 90 mins of hell it will be………….all guys who go for the MANC game boo him till he is deaf!!

  38. I think Adebayor is just a sad fellow. In the last world soccer magazine, there is a picture of him in Angola wearing an Arsenal Shirt. HE MISSES HIS GOONERS!

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