Captain Fabregas and Ol’ Pink Boots secure qualification for Arsenal

Another positive step taken last night as Arsenal beat Dinamo Kiev 1-0 at the Emirates to secure progression to the second round of the Champions League.

All eyes were on Cesc Fabregas as he lead the boys out for the first time as captain and the Spaniard responded with a superb game, controlling the tempo in the middle before setting up Nicklas Bendtner for the late winner. Fabregas will no doubt have tougher tasks ahead of him as captain of Arsenal but his relaxed and confident performance was certainly a good start.

The side that started was virtually the same one I predicted yesterday, the only difference being that ex-captain William Gallas and Johan Djourou lined up at centre-back and right-back respectively and not the other way around. Carlos Vela got a deserved first Champions League start while Bendtner was removed from the starting line-up. In midfield Aaron Ramsey got the nod on the right with Denilson on the left while Alex Song played the defensive role next to the captain in the middle.

The first half was one of few chances with Arsenal really only threatening from set-pieces. Kiev were well-organised across the pitch and a lot tighter at the back then I thought they’d be. Ramsey had a couple of half-chances and Gallas had a neat finish chalked off just before the break after straying just offside.

Up the other end our defence was rarely threatened apart from an Ismael Bangoura strike which struck the post. The chance was created by an error by Gallas and the Frenchman as well as Manuel Almunia – who was committed to cutting out a potential cross by Bangoura – will be counting their lucky stars that the score stayed level. It was the pair’s only real blemish of the game however, as Gallas in particular put in a strong performance despite the tension of the situation, something Arsene Wenger was quick to point out after the match.

The second half was much the same as the first with Arsenal having a lot of the ball but not doing much with it. Like the Manchester City game a lot of ball was given away cheaply (particularly by poor old Denilson on the left) as the team understandably struggled to be creative with the likes of Samir Nasri and Theo Walcott unavailable.

Just a quick word on Denilson – I thought his performance was really poor tonight. I’m not trying to target the young Brazilian but I am really struggling to pick out what the manager sees in him just at the moment. He’s not particularly quick with mind or body nor is he overly tough in the tackle. His redeeming qualities are undoutedly his ball control and passing but tonight those abilities deserted him as well. Given the composed performance of Song in the middle I think it’s time the manager gave young Denilson some time away from the spotlight because he’s really struggling just at the moment.

The manager made two changes either side of the 70 minute mark, replacing the bubbly Vela and the impressive Ramsey with Bendtner and Jack Wilshere. The latter became the youngest ever Arsenal player to play in a Champions League and blended in superbly, his pace and movement stretching the Kiev defence as the game wore on.

Late on Almunia made a nice block to keep us in the game while we were lucky to survive a couple of very close offside calls at the back. Then, with the clock ticking down and a draw looking likely, Bendtner expertly controlled a wonderful pass from Fabregas and fired home the winner. It was a superb strike by Ol’ Pink Boots and an even better pass by the captain.

Kiev were down to ten men shortly after when Oleksandr Aliev crazily pushed the referee and got himself sent off. It was no less than he deserved and a big karma kick up the backside after he was involved in a horrendous piece of play-acting earlier in the half. What goes around comes around, I say.

So, three points collected, qualification to the next round assured and a win to start of the new captain’s reign. The result – if not the performance – will be a huge boost ahead of the Chelsea match and with unity apparently restored in the squad the players and fans can look to that clash with some optimism.

Let me know what you think.

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  1. Totally agree with you about Denilson and while I think that he could have a future at Arsenal I don’t think he is a successful partner for Cesc or should have been used on the left as a winger.

    I was impressed with Ramsay who I thought got stuck in when needed and Vela was doing well at trying to be a bit of a live wire up front and move the defense around though he didn’t really click too much with RVP but thats to be expected.

    The worrying signs I thought is how slow the pace of our game is and our lack of movement in our attacking play. Vela, Bendtner (who at 20 years old doesn’t deserve half the flack he is copping), Fabregas, Ramsay and Wilshere seemed to me the only ones who switched on and buzzing about playing…Anyway we got the points in the end so lets look forward to Chelsea and see what happens 🙂

  2. Last night was a functional, yet not fantastic performance.

    What impressed me most was Gallas’ response to this weeks vilification – somewhat self imposed or not. He was subdued, but he tried … very hard. He got forward, and although he blocked RVP’s goalbound shot – no one in their right mind would argue it was deliberate. Just look at the way he hung his head, of all the people, he wouldn’t have wanted to block his shot. He scored a legitimate goal as well, though given for offside. I applaud Gallas for his contribution yesterday.

    Needless to say, the hounds have been out yet again … I read today that Vela ‘deliberately’ raked his studs down Gallas’ ribs, yada yada yada. For anyone who watched the game, it really didn’t look like that. Two players went for the ball, simple as that.

    Arsenal weren’t great, but they had 9 possible first teamers out. They weren’t great, but they kept fighting, and got the win.

    Fantastic performance … No. However, that considered, after the week AFC has had, infact after the last couple months, a perfect response.

    Now to the weekend … I’d settle for a draw, Captain Fabregas wants a win, now thats the spirit.

  3. The result last night was what counted. Getting back to winning ways despite the injuries and other problems. We did that and hopefully the nonsense of the past week can be put firmly behind us.

    On Denilson, I think he has great potential. However, I do feel that he would be best suited as a back up for Cesc. That’s his best position. I’d put him into the carling cup squad for the time being and only play him in the first team when Cesc is out.

    Roll on Sunday!

  4. Spot on SF, i totaly agree with you. Denilson is crumbling under pressure, the lad needs a break. The DM position is a lot to ask from a 20 year old, week in week out. I dont know why Wenger played him on left b/c that’s not his position.

    Gallas was great, it’s good to see his commitment to the club. Djourou and Clichy were superb as usual and Silvestre is not looking comfortable, he is the weakest link in our defense.

    I’d love to see Vela play behind the strikers like Messi. That position suits his style, i think. Other great performances were from Cesc, Ramsey and Wilshere, seeing them play together will great to watch.

    Im looking forwad to the Chelsea game, Ade, Nasri and Sagna are expected to be fit for that clash. I have the feeling that we are gona pull another rabbit out of the hat. Up the Arsenal!

  5. @SF:- I agree with you generally about the performance, and Gallas’ part in it. He made the odd cock-up, but he was certainly committed. I’m glad the crowd gave him a decent response as well. About Denilson, no it wasn’t one of his best performances, but I’ll tell you what- the lad didn’t hide, as some do when form is deserting them. His work rate was there and he was after the ball all night. I agree with Filipo Dan, he should be used as a back up to Cesc; he isn’t a wide player and he certainly isn’t the DM we’ve been looking for. I’ve been calling for Song to take the DM berth, and although he also worked hardlast night, I didn’t think he impressed- the jury’s still out on that one. Another good point was Cesc’s performance, full of running, vision and commitment. I’d thought his drop in form this season was largely down to being knackered (having played all summer) and the fact he hasn’t had a decent DM to fetch and carry for him. However, I now think maybe it was more psychological, and that the bosst of being given the captaincy has given him the necessary lift. Let’s hope so. I thought Almunia looked solid, and his handling was more assured than of late. Ramsey impressed me with his work rate, his adesire to get his boot in and his movement and passing, as did Wilshere when he came on. Vela did OK, but the step up in class from Carling Cup duty showed. I was a lot less impressed with RVP- a couple of wicked free kicks, but he still keeps trying to break the net every time, when a little subtlety would produce better results. Fair play, Bendtner’s goal was superbly taken- it must be the girly boots he’s taken to wearing. @ munz; he may be only 20, but at the moment I don’t think he should be in the team. Last night’s goal aside, I think he’s been really poor this season. He’s still learning his trade, and he should be doing it out on loan or in the Carling Cup. A win was vital last night, both to instill a bit of confidence and also to relieve the pressure for the last CL game in Porto. Job done on that score. However, we need a draw at least at Chelsea at the weekend to keep the momentum going- no easy task. However, if the boys are up for it, I think we can do it.

  6. It was deeply shocking to find that some 800 seats were unsold for the game last night. Arsenal meandered into the knock out stages for something like the sixth year running, using mostly a reserve team (Ade, Sagna, Kolo, Eduardo, Rosicky, Nasri, Theo, Eboue… none of them could play). It does seem that it is hard to sell 60,000 consistently for the reserves. Shame that the early leavers missed a wonderful goal.

    But we are not the only club to find this problem of poor attendances, as Jonathan Neale has kindly pointed out to me, by sending me the web link

    If you read that you will see that the tickets for CSKA Fulham against Arsenal remain unsold – and that is within their capacity of 42,500.

    This is not the first time they have had these problems – they had similar difficulties in the past selling tickets for European games and in recent years the average attendance has been 41,900 – not far off full, but still, not full in a modest sized ground. (The lowest was 3000 against Lincoln City, but perhaps that’s a bit unfair – the record attendance was 82,905 against Arsenal (of course) in October 1935.

    Anyway, because I love arcane and stupid information, I want to reveal just a little more. Chelsea want to have a 55,000 stadium, so that Mr Abramovich has more room to spread his bodyguards out on the empty seats, but it is going to be tough to do that within the confines of Stamford Bridge. Like Arsenal the ground has got unmovable railway lines around it, but unlike Arsenal the area is not one that can readily take extra people under current health and safety regs. So a new ground looks more likely.

    But, and this is the funny bit, in Chelsea, the Official Biography (2006, pages 91/2) there is the revelation that under the Chelsea Pitch Owners articles of association the football club (I use the phrase in its broadest sense) would have to give up the name ‘Chelsea Football Club’ should it move from Stamford Bridge

    So maybe CSKA Fulham will actually come to pass officially. Or Chelsea Russia? Chelsea Finance? Money Money Money?

  7. I’m glad to see the guys pulling out a rugged performance, and getting the right result in the end.

    I agree with your player assessment SF, and I was very happy to see Fabregas getting back to his old self!

    The news about Touré worries me, to be honest. First of all, the SkySports article says that there’s been a lot of speculation regarding a move to City? I’ve never even heard any such rumour!
    In my opinion Touré is one of our best defenders, he’s the one making those last-second tackle in the box that no-one else does. Also, he’s pacey, and at the moment I think him & Djourou would be our best pairing in center half.

    Hopefully it’s just empty media speculation…

  8. At least Gazidis has a heritage in football, not just a city pen pusher. I smell the involvement of Stan Kronke in this as well. It looks a good appointment, at least we’ve got someone in-post now. It says he’ll start in January. Let’s hope he’s there in time to help get a couple of decent additions to the playing staff.

  9. The pass to Bendtner was fantastic and that is where Fabregas really excels, He can do ANY pass. Not many players can, it was wonderful. The game wasn’t too fast but we did hav eduardo, Walcott and Nasri missing Not to mention Adebayor and Rosicky.

  10. this means nothing. for five years we have seen all the fancy plays still no silverware. i have been a gunner since 1978. when will the side get proper holding midfielders, when will we see more veteran player (we are not the dutch for god sake) another year no silver. results man that is all that counts and psssst the boss does not like winter transfers (i guess only gallas will go)

  11. @ kevin
    We won the FA cup in 2005 so it’s only been 3 years. I agree with you that we need holding midfielders, and im sure that Wenger will sign new players in January b/c he doesnt have a choice. He knows that if he doesnt strengthen his team, he will not win any trophies.

  12. @SF: You can’t seriously criticize Denilson for his performance last night!!! How many balls he won pretty much out of nothing?!?!?

    Ramsay was LOST, and Song is too slow for Arsenal to be fully mobile. We couldn’t move faster since we didn’t have pacy wide players.

    A holding CM only becomes usefull when a team takes a defensive approach to the match. It doesn’t even help for a fast counter-attacking team. Since we can’t play a defensive game, a true Defensive MF is a WASTE OF SPACE. The only thing that worked for Flamini was he was working for a Contract/Move and had pace.

    As I have been saying all along about Cesc, He does not need anyone to fluorish. He is that Good. Cesc has always been the enforcer even when Flamini was on the side.

  13. @ Taygoon:-
    I agree with you about Denilson (see my earlier comments), but i must disagree about a DM being essential. It is wrong to say a DM is only useful when playing a defensive game. To use that argument would mean we don’t need a goalkeeper or full backs. A top class DM is involved in both defence He is the first to break up opponent’s attacks, getting his boot in early and preventing the type of long range shots that cost us so dear against Spurs the other week. He also sits back and provides cover so that the attacking midfielder (Cesc in our case) can go forward to exploit space created by the front players, or to carry the ball forward to play a killer pass to either the strikers or the wide men. He also links play between the defenders and the midfield when we are going forward. The best DM’s, such as Vieira, Roy Keane or Brian Robson, go from box to box,getting involved in all aspects of the team’s play. No really successful team is without one of these players. It has been this lack of protection for the back 4 that has caused us so many problems this season. I know we have defensive frailties, but they are made to look worse than they really are by the lack of cover. You’re right that Flamini had pace, which is why he was so effective- he got from box to box, defending when necessary and providing support to the attack as well. This requires players with enormous stamina (a “good engine” as George Graham used to say), especially in the Premiership, where the game is played at such a fast pace. When we get another top quality DM our fortunes will improve no end. If we don’t get one, we’ll continue to struggle.

  14. I also agree with you about Denilson,but i must disagree about a DM being essential. It is wrong to say a DM is only useful when playing a defensive game. To use that argument would mean we don’t need a goalkeeper or full backs. A top class DM is involved in both defence He is the first to break up opponent’s attacks, getting his boot in early and preventing the type of long range shots that cost us so dear against Spurs the other week. He also sits back and provides cover so that the attacking midfielder (Cesc in our case) can go forward to exploit space created by the front players, or to carry the ball forward to play a killer pass to either the strikers or the wide men. He also links play between the defenders and the midfield when we are going forward. The best DM’s, such as Vieira, Roy Keane or Brian Robson.well it nice to see arsenal back in winning strick,i hope they keep it up

  15. I disagree with the fact that Denilson played poor. In fact he showed some good touches and passed decently, trying to take his man on but couldn’t as he is not a winger but tried hard. A good part of his game was improving his balance and shielding so all in all a positive performance but one that could have been better.

  16. I think Im the only one that thinks that Denilson played good yesterday… he looks so much better atacking than defending (even that I declare myself as a Denilson Hater, same for Eboue and Bendtner).
    I think he is the perfect replacement for Cesc against the lower teams.

    and Im also stunned becuase I heard that rumor of Kolo going to City, I think that him with a good couple is one of the best 5 central defenders in the world.

  17. I thought Denilson had a good game too. He really gave it some, despite the fact that Dynorod’s players seemed to be determined to barge him over at every possible opportunity.

    Still not convinced by Song though…

    Anyway, tt was great to see Bendtner score such a lovely goal. I’ve been getting fed up with some of the people around me criticising him all the time, when often the total lack of service for a lone striker against a tough defence has been the problem. He’s only 20 too! His yellow card winning celebration showed that it will be a real boost for his confidence.

    I really did feel that from a lot of the corners and crosses we could have done with a lot more height in our team.

  18. SF,
    Let me re-post what I see as a major impediment to success within Arsenal; AW has too many responsibilties within the club and needs to take back decision making for football exclusively…I believe that the step of appointing the new CEO from the MLS will help relieve resonsibility from AW and will move club forward;
    My apologies…Very frustrated at the moment and really believe bloggers intentions. But, it seems it always comes back to the gaffer. The enormity of his moves and maybe lack there of is bothersome. The point is supporters need to do the what if syndrome; What if Arsenal finish at 10th position; What if AW brings in no-one in January; What if we are eliminated in the next round of CL? If your answer is remove the gaffer it’s not balanced. To speak of this manager not being in touch with football is a laugh. He created the current ideaology of seeking great unkowns…And, now footbal is following his lead and trumping him because of great financial muscle. The struggle with this club is it has great financial restraint and responsibity. Something MU, Chelsea, Real no nothing about. When supporters say Wenger go get him or buy this player or think this way it totally deletes this managers abilities. At the end of the day it might be AW is assuming too much responsibilities or burdens. What may be in order is a shake up within administration so Wenger can get back to football. Supporters need to understand that this club also has long term goals not just short term. Be patient because my belief is it’s going to get far worse than better and it’s mostly due to market forces.

    Posted by hartwick89 | November 25, 2008, 12:16 am

  19. The movement of Major League Soccer stars to big-time European clubs is nothing new. But soccer executives jumping across the pond? Ivan Gazidis, the deputy commissioner of M.L.S., was hired to be the chief executive of Arsenal of the English Premier League, the club announced Wednesday.

    Skip to next paragraph

    News and features from around the world of soccer and the Web.

    Go to the Goal Blog »

    More on Soccer
    Red Bulls Champions League UEFA Cup Other International Cup International Leagues “I have been privileged in my 14 years with M.L.S. to have worked with and for some of the best sports executives and owners in the world,” Gazidis said in a statement on Arsenal’s Web site. “I am delighted to be offered the opportunity to bring that experience to Arsenal — a club rich in heritage and tradition.”

    Gazidis joined M.L.S. two years before its first game. His portfolio included all aspects of competition, including player acquisition and contracts. He was also involved in organizing Soccer United Marketing, which was responsible for marketing national team games and international clubs and tournaments.

    “Major League Soccer’s on-field product has marched steadily forward, primarily due to Ivan’s thorough understanding of the game and its global market, his impressive reasoning and judgment, and his deep-rooted desire to see soccer grow in North America,” Don Garber, the league’s commissioner, said on the M.L.S. Web site.

    Gazidis’s mettle was tested in the struggle to make soccer relevant and popular in the United States. At Arsenal, he will help run one of the most successful clubs in England in recent years and a contender in the European Champions League for about a decade.

    “This is not going to be an American coming in with no understanding of Arsenal looking to make it a Disneyfied version of Arsenal Football Club,” Gazidis told Arsenal TV. “This is an Englishman who grew up with the game, who had a deep understanding of Arsenal Football Club and is looking to provide modern sports business practices, but at the same time, providing custodianship for the traditions of the club and for the benefit of the fans.”

    Those fans could use the help. Arsenal has slipped recently in the Premier League standings, and morale problems took root after William Gallas, the team’s captain, criticized teammates in an interview. He was relieved of his captaincy and benched, but he remains with the team.

    Peter Hill-Wood, the Arsenal chairman, said he was confident that the 44-year-old Gazidis could do the job. “Ivan’s credentials are first-class,” he told the team’s Web site.

  20. Wenger – Some teams are living in dreamland
    7/1 Fabregas 1st goal v Kyiv Free £20 Paddy Power bet 12/1 Arsenal win Champs Lge Free £20 Paddy Power Bet By Richard Clarke

    Arsène Wenger believes the stark financial realities of the modern world will hit football soon. And when they do, his prudent policies will leave Arsenal in a strong position.

    The Frenchman has come in for some rare criticism recently. That only intensified on Saturday when Arsenal went down to their fifth Premier League defeat of the season and slipped 10 points behind leaders Chelsea.

    They can recoup some of their reputation by qualifying for the Champions League Knockout Stages with a victory over Dynamo Kyiv this evening. However it has been suggested that Wenger has no choice but to heavily re-enforce his squad in the January transfer window if Arsenal are to land their first trophy since 2005.

    It is something the Frenchman has been reluctant to do in recent years. Instead he has invested in younger players and brought them through the ranks.

    It is a patient policy in a sport that waits for no-one. However Wenger argues that his 12-year tenure has seen massive development at Arsenal so he can accept the odd bump along the road.

    “I’m not happy when we don’t win games,” said the 59-year-old. “We are very frustrated and very disappointed but you have to take a distance.

    “This Club has been pushed into the 21st century with a training ground, a stadium and a young team. It is in a very healthy financial situation and that is contrary to many teams we fight against.

    “Of course you can always say that you need to win every game. But we are in a global situation which is very, very positive.

    “In a punctual situation we are not ideal but, don’t worry, the most important thing is to win this game and then keep going for the next game.

    “We are going towards a world where our healthy financial situation is already in place. We have a new team living in a new stadium and that will be much more important than anything else.

    “People don’t realise that at the moment. They still live in dreamland and are spending more money but you don’t know what kind of world we are facing in the next 12 or 16 months.

    “I believe that is much more important than all the rest.”

    [Tuesday, November 25, 2008]

  21. Hi lads, seems everyone has relaxed abit since the Gallas debacle. This is just my two cents worth on Arsene, none of the supporters really want to see him go and I think most are just asking for singings to strengthen the squad. After four seasons I think its a fair request, even one new singing would be fine. Its not as if we ask for the whole squad to be changed, just a few important positions with better players that could provide competition to the current players. If that scenario really happens, then we would have a more balanced squad with a better competitive mentality. Overall it will strengthen team camadarie and confidence. I truly understand the credit crisis that’s affecting the world and its a tricky situation, as you still need to formulate a good policy on the sports management side while balancing the books. Since there’s a new CEO, Arsene sould now concentrate fully on the pitch issues and hopefully the current players step up to the challenge and gain some of the lost respect among supporters. I guess all us supporters want is for them to give 100% because we know they have the talents and capability to win games, and even if they lose to Chelsea, we know they gave it their all.

  22. Latest transfer goss: AC Milan are goin to make a £5m bid for Gallas and Spartak Moscow are also going to make a £5m bid for Bendtner.
    I hope Wenger rejects those offers.

  23. Wenger should reject… The thing that has me most worried right now is Kaka not ruling out a move to Man City in the future… Hopefully what Wenger has said about other clubs is true and their deficits begin to catch up with them… Im sure the lower price of oil (which I think will stick around for a year or so) will influence Chelsea… Hopefully man city too… The prospect of Robinho and Kaka on the same squad cannot be good for any other premiership clubs…

  24. @ Ben – Although he didnt have a lot of height, I do feel we defended corners and free kicks well, its was the open play that we werent so good in. Also I feel buying some Stoke players in the summer (should they go down) Delap, and they have plenty of tall players. They wont cost a lot, they are tall, Delap is a weapon on his own and if they get relegated they would gladly stay in the prem with a big 4. It would also give us a bigger squad, but also a world class CB, DM and Gk are needed. I do think signing a winger/forward would be good aswel.

  25. I really agree with you guys saying about fab back to his old self.I really missed his quality of game since the startng of the season.I think he was much on the defensiv side than the attackin and The reason for that I think is Denilson’s poor defense.Fab would always had to recover the back post of central mdfld coz there is prcticaly nobody there, and I think that its a bit too much of a task for the Little pass master.Denilson is such a good attacking midfielder with a lot of run and strong goal shot, he is defntly a player of quality and I cant blame AW to have him always put on the strtin 11 coz his attackin quality is just astonishin, but central def mdfld is not really the best spot for him.I think he should sbstut Fab, so AW shud choose btween the two, or he can also be a winger if walcott and eboue arnt avlbl.But this defensiv mdfld job is not really his cake and i personnaly thnk that this is the source and the root of all of this mess.This Job require a very strong player, exactly the same as a FB plyer, the like of YAya, gatuso, sissoko, muntary, mascherano, diara (marseil) etc etc…
    Captncy was not really the pbm accordin to me.All of this frustration has been caused by the successive loss, and the losses has been caused by the lack of def mdfldr, I knew this since the 1st 3 of Arsenal’s game.You could just see that anybody could score easely agst them, even the oppnent clubs knew this pbm.Cptncy has nothin to do with it.
    Toure, Cecs, Gallas, Clichy all deserve to be captn.Its just unfortunate for Gallas that he was the cptn durin these last weeks crisis.I think anybody on his shoes would have almost reacted the same way if a cptn is disrespected by his own players.All blame now are on the FB, but i think they all have been working hard so far coz they dont even have the help of the mdfld, and not only tht but they also contributed a lot on the attackin side.AW wasnt really focused on the game and what happened inside his squad, I think he was very much concerned with the economic crisis which could affect a lot the business, thats why you always see him talkin about this concern on the media and that also might be the reason he dont wanna buy a world class GK or FB.As you can see now the chairman appointing a new MLS guy to take charge on this matter for AW to focus more on his coaching task, coz I really think that Galls was mature enough to report this to his coah but AW surely didnt pay much attention.
    I just think tht this FB line up has been the most respnsbl of all Arsenal’s FB since 2004.Its imaginable to see 3 stoke city plyers overrunnin Denilson in CM, runnin fast to support their striker without any block, tackle or interruption in btwn.The same scenario happned when AFC played Totnhm.I think this is the overleaf of Flamini’s departure.I really had vision and hope on Song, but I think he still needs a lot of octane and nos to light up the fire in him.He just needs a bit of time.Djourou/Diaby/Hyotte/Gibbs are my best bet on this JOb if dont wanna buy again on january.To make sure 100% of CM coverage I would put Clichy there or Toure.

  26. This is right, I also think that Song is still in the air, dreaming of playing in the 1er lig and CL, but he doesnt realize he s already there.Get your feet back on earth bro!!!!!

  27. @ Taygoon, You are tottaly wrong bro, Arsenal defntly need a Def CM.By the way: BIG LOSS IF TOURE GOES TO MANCITY, PLEASE AW DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AS YOU DID WITH FLAMINI and SANDEROS again.

  28. I totally disagree with u dat denilson performance against keiv was poor. I might not really rate the guy but to be switched from one position to d other definetly wont do any good to your performance. that night he was outstanding as a winger, he threatened the defense (what bendtner couldnt do) and he was quite offensive. Wenger almost lost it by removing ramsey who i can say is the only holding midfielder on the pitch but the introduction of wilshere coverrd it up. All in all we got a good result and this boost up the mindset of the boys. On sunday, im going to leave my heart open and shout my encouragement to the boys. gunners 4 life

  29. SF, where are you? No blog today?

    A day at work is NOT the same without my daily Arsenal digest…

    Hope you are back tomorrow, keep up the good work 🙂

  30. Letting Senderous go wasn’t a bad thing. He hasn’t even started with AC because they know he’s a muppet too. He was a horrible defender in England i dunno why AC thought he could come here and compete in a league you have to be able to defend to make it, shows you how stupid the Rossoneri are. Why does everyone wanna keep these below average footballers. Senderos, Almunia, Bendtner.. are we gonna go for Beckham next?? And you wonder why we don’t win shit.

    I would have no problem with Toure leaving, as long as he is replaced with someone better (I dunno say…. Richards?). But i love Toure so i hope he stays and Gallas goes back to France.

    As for Bendtners pink boots….. Homo. Thats all i’ll say about that. I love what Ray Parlour said about it. 100% correct, a player like bendtner who hasnt done shit should put away the girly man boots until he proves can hold his own on the pitch.

  31. Pink Boots have to be banned for UEFA looks so gay and stupid. But on Ribery looks funny.

    and damn if that offers for Gallas and Bendtner are true it will be a DREAM C´mon Asene CLEAN THE TEAM

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