Campbell resigning with Arsenal, Senderos surely gone now

In a shock piece of news out-of-contract Sol Campbell has confirmed that he will be resigning with Arsenal until the end of season.

The former Arsenal defender has been training with Arsene Wenger and the rest of the boys for the past two months and actually played for the reserve team as they beat West Ham 4-2 at Upton Park last night.

Campbell’s (rather detailed) comments prior to playing West Ham were as follows:

“I shall be playing in the reserves at Upton Park tonight – it must be two years since I last played there. I cannot wait. I cannot tell you how much I’ve missed playing after being out so long since leaving Notts County.

“I need to get minutes under my belt, a couple of reserve games at least, before I can start looking any further ahead. I hope to sign for Arsenal until the end of the season. There are still a few technicalities to iron out, but I want to sign for Arsenal until the end of the season, and it’s fantastic, great, marvellous.

“The old enthusiasm is back. I’ve got to tell you it seems as though I have never been away. I’m ecstatic really to be back at Arsenal, and I have worked bloody hard to get there.

“Arsene Wenger has been an inspiration. He has watched me closely after letting me train at Arsenal for nearly two months now. He’s not stupid – he wouldn’t have taken me back if he didn’t like what he has seen, and I have worked and worked.

“I do believe I can contribute. I really have my confidence and fitness back and believe I can make a big, big contribution. There is fantastic quality all around the pitch within this Arsenal team and I want to be part of it, and will make a big push to try to do that, but it’s little steps at a time. First step is at Upton Park; the next step is more football.”

The official line from the Arsenal website about Campbell rejoining the club says:

“Tonight’s Reserve team to face West Ham United at Upton Park features Sol Campbell, who plays tonight on a Reserve League registration.

“Talks are ongoing with Sol with a view to a permanent move back to Arsenal Football Club.”

It’s an unbelievable piece of news, particularly given the manager’s rule against resigning former players. It also appears to be the death knell for Philippe Senderos reviving his career at Arsenal.

Speaking about his future with the club Senderos said:

“I want to go, I want and need to be playing ahead of the World Cup. I don’t want to play in the reserves, I just want to go.”

More to follow.

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  1. A signing non the less,but hardly what we were waiting for,well fingers crossed,still hoping for that striker,cause that´s what we really need!

  2. I just don’t know what to make of it. Signing Silvestre hasn’t really worked out as a huge benefit for Arsene, I can’t see Sol working many miracles either. Still, at least he’s free…

    As for Senderos, this is a nail in the coffin for him, I’d be mildly insulted. I don’t think he’s a great defender, but quite liked his personality. If we can get a few million for him we shouldn’t complain.

  3. Senderos is not a big loss if he goes, he’s an average defender at best for me. Not that Sol is the answer but did play decent for Pomey last season….I wonder what kind of shape he is in?

    Gunna Shah has it right…..still hoping for a striker. I did read in the Daily Mail rumours section Gooners are considering Saha, who’s contract negotiations have fallen off with Everton. A bit of an injury risk if you ask me.

  4. @ Mudhawg – My thoughts are that Campbell is simply cover until Djourou returns. He’s the future and guys like Campbell and Silvestre are just around to provide back-up for situations like this.

  5. did people know that sol was training with Arsenal recently? maybe i’m just an idiot but I had no idea that was taking place.

  6. @ americanarsenal – I was aware but didn’t think it would lead to this. He came back after the Notts County situation and things obviously progressed from there.

  7. I can’t comment on Sol’s game now because I have no idea — but he was twice the player Silvestre ever was. I think that with the injuries there are two benefits to signing veterans on short-term contracts. First, we have a real shot at winning the league and the CL is wide-open. Saw how what players like Henrik Larsson could do for Barca and then Man U. They may not have a lot of minutes in them, but they know how to win games. So, bringing in Sol and perhaps an experienced front-man are great from that point of view. Second, he is not the players we really want long term — but are motivated and won’t crowd out other developing players. Djourou will back and the summer will be good for signing new players.

    A final word for Senderos: what happened to him? He wasn’t the greatest, but he wasn’t that bad either. It is weird to watch him disappear. And his comments are weird. Does he suffer from depression or some such thing?

  8. @momoney- yeah i think that Villa would be great and he would not be cup tied for CL, but chances Wenger goes for him are slim.
    @Andrew-thanks, I just had not heard anything of Sol with Arsenal at all.

  9. At this time really we need strong defenders so that we can keep our title hopes alive. I just don’t know if sol can provide this?

  10. The rumors are that the money is there and he is willing to spend it if he sees the opportunity. IMO the opportunity is there with Villa to be the perfect strike partner for RVP for the next 5 years

  11. If Sol has promised that he can contribute to the success of the club that means dying for the team I don`t see anything wrong with that. On Senderos side I believe that the manager knows when a player is perfect for a game and if he can`t play then he needs to work hard. I wish him well to where he wants to go.

  12. You can dream about Villa if you like but we will not sign him. Arsene has never paid above 15 million for a player and Villa will be a lot, lot more than that.
    The Sol situation is strange but then his departure was strange too. If you remember he walked out half way through a game claiming ’emotional problems’ or some such thing. I like the noises he’s making now and he’ll get a fabulous reception when he turns out. Maybe magic can happen and he’ll be superb – like the old Sol? If so it would certainly be something I’ve been looking for in our team for a long time. A strong, tough, no-nonsense centre back who can head the ball. Get in. Bolton next, twice in a row, I’d love to see Sol turn out for those games.

  13. @theicehammer – did you get to the match? How did Sol look? I’ve seen pics of the game on and your reserves look even younger than our mob. Pity it took you 2 pens to get close even but I suppose the reserve team isn’t much of a priority for ‘The Irons’ at the moment.
    Did you know Barack Obama is a Hammers fan? I just read that. What the hell – we’ve got Osama Bin Laden on our terraces – and we all know who’s winning the battle between them two.

  14. Sol is a player who deserves respect at arsenal even by the virtue of his previous contributions to the club. For me I believe he will provide a better backup to the team compared to Silvestre and also I believe it will clear the impression that arsenal donot respect their legend players. As for sendoros I would advice he should leave because he’s not aggressive at winning a first team position, he has failed to do the extraordinary to convince his coach.

  15. Americanasnl, thats what appens when yr so far away.
    By the way people he played very solidly last night. Dominant in the air and adiquate on the ground. It was like he had never been away for the time he contributed to the game. A good signing missed by Zola.

  16. Gooners, can anyone tell me, if anyone has seen it…why was Ade wearing an Arsenal shirt during his interview about the shooting in Africa. Very very strange. What did Henry say about once a Gooner!

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