Bored of the Interlull? This will perk you up.

I have to admit I’m finding it difficult to write anything inspired about Arsenal at the moment. The International Break, or ‘Interlull’ as Arseblogger has so unlovingly labeled it, has well and truly killed my mojo.

Thankfully that’s not the case with a number of other Arsenal and general football bloggers who have produced some really nice work despite, or maybe because of, the Interlull.

Here’s a selection of the best stuff:

That should keep you busy for a little while. More soon.


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  1. @ Jeremiah – When you share a good relationship with the blogger in question, credit the blogger for the word and then link to that blogger’s podcast show, I would hardly call it stealing.

    Way to comment on a post that you clearly didn’t read. Nice one.

  2. Jeremiah, are you dumb, read the first line. “The International Break, or ‘Interlull’ as Arseblogger has so unlovingly labeled it”….

    Keep up the good work mate.

  3. Jeremiah, you’re just frustrated.

    @Andrew, great post. You helped me get through 30 minutes of my hideously boring day.

  4. Loved the trip down memory lane. First time I ever saw a game live – Arsenal v Newcastle 1976. We won 5-3, Supermac scored a hattrick and mum let me stay up to watch the highlights on MoTD! Happy days!

    Also thoroughly enjoyed a quick skim through the Manure angsting over Potato Head’s peccadillos. Personally can’t see what the big deal is. He’s an ugly twat who happens to be incredibly rich. Where he chooses to stick his dick is up to him and his missus. Hope he gets a strong dose of the clap tho’! Classic football chant back in the 70s – couldn’t score in a brothel. Bound to get a rerun now when Wayne is playing!

    Keep up the posting Andrew. I need my Arsenal blog fix most days. Looking forward to seeing us flog Bolton on Foxtel Saturday night.

  5. Gotta’ say the Rooney thing is the least surprising football news I’ve heard in a while. Did people not know that he was a terrible human being? Most of the people in the England squad seem to be awful people. Watch out Gibbs, Walcott, and Wilshire.

    One of the things I love about Arsenal is that there are no twats here. Of the current squad, probably the most high-profile off-pitch incident was Bendtner losing his pants when he was drunk after the team got dicked by Man United. Honestly, I would probably have done the same thing.

  6. For all of you foreign types who don’t have the luxury of the English gutter-press ramming it down your throat every weekend, the list of England players that have now been heroically outed as love-rats by our fearless tabloids now stands at:

    Peter Crouch
    Jermaine Defoe
    John Terry
    Frank Lampard
    Ashley Cole
    David Beckham
    Wayne Rooney (twice)
    And there’s massive speculation (amongst losers) that Steve Gerrard was at it too.

    It makes me proud to be English on so many levels! I’m just glad there was nothing else important happening in the world on all of those days.

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