Bolton 2-3 Arsenal: Get that into ya!

It was amazing performance by Arsenal yesterday afternoon to fight back from two goals and a man down to beat Bolton 3-2. I haven’t seen anything quite like that during the time I have supported the club and I’m feeling rather proud just at this moment in time. I hope you are too.

Unfortunately I’ve been a bit short on time over the past couple of days and won’t be able to post a detailed match report until tomorrow. In the meantime, I hope you can enjoy a truly special win that will surely get the confidence back in the squad just when things were looking a little bleak. Great stuff.

What do you think?

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  1. i was nearly in tears when that third goal went in. a massive moment for the team. heading for a triple header with liverpool at 2-0 down i really thought our season was in ruins. but now what a complete contrast, a massive moral boosting win, a wee goal for the captain too which was perfect. now if everton can upset liverpool today it turns the tables. especially considering how we tourtured liverpool at anfield earlier.

    my voice is still hoarse from screaming with pure joy yesterday. beautiful.

  2. Happy belated birthday arsenafcblog. I missed it. Been swamped lately.

    It was a fantastic win in every way, especially getting us ready for l’pool.
    with their derby today, we might have an easier time come Wednesday and if we dispatch them convincingly, that will be a good thing for the remainder of our fixtures.

    To winning all remaining games!

  3. chelsea is one nil up at the moment but are not playing well.they will lose at istanbul for sure

  4. What a result, all facts taken in its a shame that we have been so difficult to beat come from behind so many times and still probably wont win the league. I still think we can. A draw at the bridge and a win for us a OT its all to play for. COME ON THE GUNNERS

  5. A great great win. I had to shut off the tv announcers and switch over to ArsenalTV online to listen to the friendly commentary after the half but what a way to get back into it. Amazing game. I think we have all the chances in the world to get back into this race. Manure won’t win out. And we control our own destiny. Let’s go Gunnnnnnners!

    To a GREAT GREAT win. You gotta love it.

  6. You wont beleive me if I say “I Knew It”..I didnt switch off the TV this time even when they were 2-0 up and Cahill scored almost their third…there was a strong belief in the team and I KNEW friend who is a die-hard Chelsea fan was laughing all the way telling Arsenal will lose 4-0, 5-0….I just said Fu** Off…then came the moment when Gallas scored and I knew it was a matter of time b4 we equalized…Theo was sensational in the right wing..his pace is Ultimate and if he can control ball better, he can be very productive on the right hand side..RVP scored a superb penalty…then Adeb missed 2 chances..I dint want yet another draw..then came the moment when Cesc somehow got the ball into the net..THIS COULD BE TURNING POINT OF THE SEASON….I had written that we can win CL this time for sure if we beat Livpool…Believe me guys we can win CL… “IT AINT OVER TILL ITS OVER”

  7. brilliant display. if not for the lashing rain, we would have torn them t pieces.!!

    in fact it is the pitches and weather that has affected a large part of our natural game of late.

  8. What an absolutely amazing, inspiring and joyous match. I work with a mob of Tottenham supporters (WTF?) and I was mighty unpopular today.
    I was so proud. I IQ’d the match and started watching it at 6am. I felt every emotion. The difference in the team with Walcott and Adebayor was just senational. I still have reservations about Almunia, but I’m happy to just enjoy it.

  9. What a comeback, hope this win shows all our own supporters that the players still believe and so should we. Weve been very unlucky of late and i think our luck has just turned. To all those sayin we lack depth, we lack woteva.. just shut ur mouths because our team is good enough, lets supoprt them and hopefully we can bring some silverware home.

    Ive never stopped believeing, but i have close friends and family who support arsenal who just throw in the towell. This shouldnt be the case, we have to all stay positive, becos our team can beat any1, 2 losses this season shows alot, its a shame we have drawn in so many silly games.

    Lookin forward to our games against Liverpool and United, they should be very cautious.. Come on u Arsenallllllll!!!

  10. Could it just be that another lady has entered the fight for Arenal’s fortunes? Will Lady Luck aka the Fairy Godmother overcome the stentorious snorting of the fat cow tuning up in the wings?

    Much as it goes against the grain, I have to think that a side deserves the luck it earns…and all the PL cock ups during March suggested that we didn’t really deserve much.

    15 minutes into the second half with Bolton making us look like monkeys, the thought emerged that this was truly the nadir…the absolute bloody pits…the epitome of despair. The only positive was the inkling that ‘it cannot get worse than this.’

    That Diaby of all people… (whose career, remember, came so close to being ended at Sunderland 2 years ago…could have been so forgetful/stupid/cynical/downright careless/evil minded…you choose, it makes no difference… even I would have sent him off) left us in such a parlous state was bad enough. How we played was worse.

    But then….a goal reminiscent of Bouldy and Adams, Campo providing the Bouldy bit!; a real penalty that was given at last with Robin proving that “banjo, cow, arse” perhaps weren’t totally appropriate thoughts regarding his performance and a bagatelle type own goal?

    Such is fortune as is the thought that we do have a side that believes. Maybe it is understrength, AW possibly let down by too many players not having lived up to early potential but methinks it’s still a side that will fight all the way.

  11. Any body who supports Arsenal or likes to see them playing, would also no doubt like to see them win! But if they can become better finishers then they would not be burdened with the endeavour to “catch me if you can” to save their pride.
    By so doing they would also greatly reduce many from becoming manic depressives.
    So, I suggest the manager should provide them with lower and narrower goal mouth to practice and I believe they require more of that than anything else. They also need the intelligence and skill to lift the ball when the goal keeper dives.
    Ali Bocus

  12. Great Result.But too little too late.The title was lost when we only picked up 4pts out of 15.Four Chelsea type results 1-0 against Brum,Villa,Boro and wigan and we would be laughing now.We shouldn”t be relying on Man Utd and Chelsea losing.The title was in our hands.But the squad was not strong enough

  13. Gooner Don and Scope Knight,

    Have all the matches been played yet? stop being negative and lets just wait and see what happens! Yes, we should not be relying on Man U and Chelsea to loose but we are as they were when we were first, anything can happen. Yo and the team was weak due to injuries and not a lack of depth! get that straight, please!

    To all the positive Arsenal fans, lets keep the faith!

    God Bless!

  14. i thought the final score was 2-0 and was almost in tears but when my friend rang me to say Cesc had luckily scored a 3rd goal I was in shock. The king of all comebacks, 10 men, 2-0 dwn, 30 mins to go and up pop gallas, v.persie and fabregas goals, title race ent over yet. LOVE THE ARSENAL! Also Lennon is available for 8 mil, I know he from Spuds but he is quality!

  15. It was just painful to watch chelsea escape a deserved defeat. Some lucky b..rds.

  16. TayGoon – I am agreeing wiv u, Afonso Alves off the post from 18 yards, off the crossbar, Wheater off the crossbar, if they were against Arsenal, I bet 2 out of them 3 would have been scored.

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