Bendtner can step in for outgoing Adebayor

Adebayor is surely now off to CityHowdy! Good to speak to you all again.

It’s all about Emmanuel Adebayor and his proposed move to Manchester City again today with City manager Mark Hughes confirming that his club and Arsenal are in negotiations to sell the Togolese striker. It’s another significant step towards the transfer of Adebayor after yesterday’s news that City put in a £20 million plus bid for the player. Hughes had this to say about the situation:

“There’s been discussions between ourselves and Arsenal but, as is my usual response about players that we haven’t signed, really it’s not the right time or place to discuss that – only in as much as, yes, there has been contact. There’s a deal to be done possibly but it’s not been concluded as we speak.”

Judging from those words I really can’t see anything other than Adebayor leaving Arsenal now. It’s clear that City want him and Arsene Wenger is happy to leave him go and obviously money is not going to be a problem. Carlos Tevez was unveiled yesterday and I’m fully expecting Adebayor to go the same way within a couple of days once City and Arsenal sort out the particulars.

I mentioned yesterday that I’ll be sad to see Adebayor go and I stand by that point of view, much as I feel it is a good move for Arsenal. In my opinion he is a world class player and someone who has given Arsenal something unique over the past couple of seasons with his height and pace. However, as Ray Parlour has so eloquently put it, all the height and pace in world is worth nothing without the effort or motivation:

“He was too lazy at times last season and just didn’t do it. His attitude amazed me at times last season when he just didn’t put it in. Sometimes if things are not going well for you, you have to show desire.”

You can’t deny that Parlous is absolutely spot on. Adebayor’s attitude has been poor on and off the pitch and at the end of the day, no matter how talented a player could or should be, if his head isn’t in the right place he shouldn’t be part of the squad. Baring that in mind, it is certainly the right decision to let him go particularly considering the transfer fee being bandied around could be as high as £30 million.

There was quite a bit of discussion in yesterday’s post about the need for a replacement as well as some suggestions on who it could be. The name Marouane Chamakh was understandably spoken of, as indeed was unwanted Real Madrid forward Klaas Jan Huntelaar.

My opinion is that I’m not overly concerned if Adebayor is replaced by a world-class option ready to step. I know a lot of people will disagree with me but I think Nicklas Bendtner is mentally ready to be relied upon as a first-choice player and the exit of Adebayor could pave the way to the big Dane coming of age as a striker. He scored 15 goals last season given limited opportunities and I think with more responsibility he’s really going to flourish.

Add to that Eduardo, who is class even despite question marks over his fitness and Robin van Persie, who is one of the best strikers in England as well as Andrey Arshavin, Carlos Vela and Theo Walcott and I don’t really see the desperate need to sign a Samuel Eto’o or Karim Benzema. Someone like Chamakh, who could slot in nicely to the group, would do nicely. 

Anyway, enough for today. I’ll speak to you tomorrow.

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  1. Would Bendtner be any good as one of the main strikers, I know he works his socks off, but he would need to up his scoring rate by at least 100%.

  2. Spot on.. I too think we dont need anyone else to replace Ade.. Big Nic will be able to fill that gap. He proved at the second half of Last season and I believe he’ll be better this season. And even if Wenger buys someone( and he wont be World-class), that would be to add depth.

    Moreover, I’m not concerned about Eduardo’s injury. He is past it and will have a good season.. So do will Rosicky.. And with the attacking options available now, I’m looking forward for seeing lots of Arsenal goals coming with some breath-taking ones…

  3. Agreed. Bendtner has the potential to be massive for the Arsenal, but he must be given games. Give him the same number of starts as Ade had last year and I think he’ll raise eyebrows

  4. Bendtner? Bendtner Who? He is not world class which Arsenal need. He is a mid table player and you will see this when Wenger finally realises his flaws and lets him go. He missed so many chances last season or was I watching a different player. Another jeffers in my opinion. He is ok as a back up player to bring on from the bench but not from the start. Get rid of Adebeyor and get in someone who wants to play for the club who is a good striker, but knowing wenger he will go for an unknown and god knows if it will work out. But Arsenal create so many chances, even you shoudl be able to score a few goals. Much as I do not want it, Man City will go for fourth place this season and it would be good for Arsenal to finish outside the top four and give Arsenal a reality check that you cannot compete unless you spend some money.

  5. i agree but we need another striker if adeybayor goes. eduardo hopefully will have a fully fit season. vela will get a few more games but hes still young. van persie is injury prone and if rosicky isnt fit and playing we need arshavin on the wings. plus an experiened target man will teach things and help raise bentdners game.

  6. Think about last season Bendtner was making some amazing runs, getting into good scoring positions but his finishing was appalling. He improved towards the end of the season and with training over the summer will improve even more and so I think this alone will mean he will score more goals than Adebayor who was constantly offside. He also spent time playing in one of the three free roles behind the striker meaning he learnt how to hold up the ball better and how to bring other players into the game.

  7. Gong…going…and it looks like gone. Selling your main striker to the opposition – especially one close to challenging us for the Champs league spot – is madness really. What the hell is Arsene doing? At least you can’t say he’s short in self belief (AW I mean)! We’re just lucky Mark Hughes is still in charge at City, that should cripple their chances – at least until they sack him midway through the season.
    So the only good that can come of this is if Arsenal spend the money now to get quality DM. I’m getting nervous. It’s mid July. The pre-seasons are starting, and so far we’ve only added one relatively unproven player to our weak defense.

    Spanish, I agree with you that Bendtner can now step up and step into the spotlight. So long, Ade.

    Not Arsenal Material!!!!!!!!!!

    Fuck Chamkh too, he aint good enough. 14 league goals in 38 french league games? 14 goals in a crap league? Poor record & that means he’ll score 3 in one season here! Probably against Birmingham. He is Aliadiere part 2.

    Arsenal need someone aged at least 24, skillful, qucik, powerful, with a prolific goal record on his CV.

    Huntelaar, his is brilliant, but has not had his chance to shine, he will do brilliant in Arsenal colours..

    And while i’m here, Seeing as Vieira is now a free agent.
    Why don’t Arsenal sign him up??????
    Im sure that players would love him in the dressing room and would certainly toughen up our midfield even at the aged of 32!!

  9. i`d be the first on to celebrate if he fuckin leaves.
    i just hope citeh don`t change their mind like AC milan.
    Good post SF, ur kindda first on my fav blog list who breaks out news, then comes Arseblog and Gunnerblog

  10. The only thing I can say to James Martin is I would love to have the opportunity to ask Andrey Arshavin what he thinks of Nicklas Bendtner. Sure Nick has missed chances but he’s 20 years old and I don’t think you’ve really watched the slick interchange between the two, the range of vision and passing Bendtner has that brings his team-mates into the play and the intelligent runs that draw defenders all over the place.

    No less a player than Thierry Henry endured a nightmare in front of goal in his first 6 months at Arsenal. Bendtner had a bad patch and came good. But as I say the most important opinion would be that of Mr. Arshavin. I suspect he wouldn’t mind playing behind NB26 one bit.

  11. We definitely need a replacement! Yes Bendtner scored 15 goals last season and has potential but he missed a bundle of absolute sitters and his first touch is shit! We cannot afford to go another year without a trophy. What we need is a box striker who knows how to finish. The likes of Van Nisteroy and Huntelaar come to mind. I will be extremely disappointed if Mr Wenger does not use this money to strengthen the squad.

  12. Plus Jay Simpson is a lad with a lot of talent, and he could add that little bit extra aerially.

  13. Why isn’t Wenger demanding to get £20m + Micah Richards??? We need a replacement for Gallas more than anything! Richards is brilliant, and English…

  14. I agree SF. It certainly wasn’t a personal attack against James, moreover me putting my opinion forward. I could be wrong, Bendtner might just be a mid-table plodder. I just suspect he might not be.

  15. I think that the problem with adebayor was thathis perceived success overtook his desire for more hard work, hence he was a flop as far as many arsenal fans were concerned last season. If he adopts the same attitude in mancity, he will rot on the bench. However, I think that bendtner cannot fit into the role. Wenger must get us a good striker – better than adebayor. A player with fighting spirit, a striker who gets five chances and you are sure of at least one goal. Away with Adebayor please!

  16. Bendtner…? Dont make me laugh…

    The guy couldn’t hit a horse’s arse with a banjo.

  17. Bendtner is a year away from being good enough, although he is a good prospect. A new striker is needed, purely becaues RvP and Eduardo are both too alike and are injury prone. If we sign Chamakh we will be a laughing stock . You cant say a player is good enough just because he is cheap and believe me, Chamakh is overpriced at 7 million. This is based on seeing him live 5 times, his overall record and the fact that he is the only player I’ve ever seen who looks crap on you tube!!)

    This is a huge moment for Arsenal. They have just rejected the cash injection of the rights issue, even though it would preserve the so called self sufficieny model, aleit at a cost of putting in money themselves, heaven forbid. They now have £25 million in hand to spend. If they spend it, we can at least say that they are trying to be self sufficient. If not, and they try to replace Ade on the cheap (and I fear this is the case), they will be exposed to be asset-stripping the club. They expect fans and TV companies to pay through the nose, yet when they have to put some money in themselves, they don’t even put up a penny.

  18. if adebayo go, i dont think bendthner is the right replacement for him, wenger should go for kinds like benzema or samuel eto so to say or another world striker before the windows of tranfer closes on him

  19. We should have done Adebayor for Richards + money and gone and bought Huntelaar.

  20. Bentdner wont be ready for at least another 2 seasons.. he hasnt got the ability of a quality striker.. If we think we can do it v Persie, eduardo, vela and arshavin alone were already kidding ourselves..

    Why doesnt for once arsenal bring in a big name like Huntelaar..u can imagine the excitement that will bring to our club.. Real class that will scare opposition!!!

    Sell ade yes..but get a 1 more class forward and DM and were just abt there..I also agree with getting veira back

  21. bendtner is really really really good, get real people…he scored 15 goals and he’s just maturing as a footballer

    who’s to say huntelaar is that much of an upgrade? sure he’s scored plenty of goals….in the DUTCH LEAGUE!!!

    just look at alfonzo alves, solomon kalou, dirk kuyt all of these players from that league who did not set the epl alight with their goal scoring form (kuyt is a good player but not an incredible scorer)

    bendtner will do the job have a little faith and get behind him

    he’s in the midst of doing it on the international stage as well, the go-to striker for the Danish team with 8 goals in 23 appearances

  22. so bendtner missed a lot of chances – are we forgetting that ade bye bye or also missed just as many chances, added to that his bad attidute – makes bendtner a more attractive option.

    many so called fans have doubted arsenal and wenger numerous times and are always proved wrong. how many fans expected us to finish outside of the top 4 last season. anyway i’ll be at the emiarates next season rain or snow.

    in wenger we trust

  23. I dont think Bentner is up to the task his passing is blind no ballm control skills no vission like Ade i think Chamakh is better coz he’s fast than Ade has ball control skills, tall and creative not selfish like Bentner Then from Ade proceeds Wenger should buy a leader in midfield in the name of Cana now that Melo is gone to shild Fabregas and make him more creative. .

  24. why did we finish in the etop four freelance web designer u ask????

    because we paid money to get arshavin..or did u conveniently forget that..
    he was unproven just like huntelaar but he made the difference..

    he brought back that attacking spark we missed.. he is exciting to watch because he commands around the goals..huntelaar is much the same..
    get real man!! bentdner doesnt inspire me at all

  25. I’m fast becoming a big fan of Nicklas. I even saw him in Sainsbury’s a few months ago and he was very polite with people and seemed a bit shy, contrary to the image projected in the media. But he has the self-belief on the pitch big time and I’d be happy to see him as our ‘big man option’ up front next season. With Ade leaving I suspect we will play a 4-2-3-1 or move Arshavin up front – this makes sense as we can accommodate Nasri, Arshavin and Walcott in the same side regularly and I think this is Arsene’s idea.

    People are surely right to be worried about the prospect of Chamakh; the guy is 25 and did nothing of note up till last season and even that only yielded a 13 goal return. But then again, Arsene always seems to pull the rabbit out of the hat so he could end up being an absolute star. My feeling is that if we aren’t going to bring in a 1st team striker, lets not bring one in at all. We have enough combinations and strikers as it is – Eduardo, RVP, Vela, Bendtner, Walcott, Arshavin…

    The money has to be spent on a DM first and foremost. The point I was making yesterday was that the 25m is easily re-invested if we buy Mahamadou Diarra from Madrid (Mali international not Lassana). He is a DM specialist ala Makelele and has the physical presence and defensive ability we need alongside Cesc. He is rumoured to be available for under 10m so we could make the Adebayor sale go a long way if we are prudent.

  26. As much as I found Bendy frustrating last season, I really believe he will step up to the plate now that the negativity of Ade is gone. All we need is a DM to cover Fabs back and allow him to orchestrate the supply lines.
    We have all the options in attack now, but would love Huntelaar as well. He is awesome in the air and those bicycle kicks could be the toast of the Grove

  27. think the majority on here are glad to see the back of Ade for the simple reason that he was a lazy egotistical rip off merchant and not that good a player after all. His constant leaks to the press about which clubs wanted him were deliberate ploys. Well its not Milan or Madrid..Ade me old dance-master, its Citeh..ha, ha! It doesnt matter where a player comes from real fans will see through their sham behaviour – Ade was well a truly rumbled. There was no bond with the fans anymore. Shame he couldnt have taken his dance partner Eboue with him. I see the Robert Peston article has thrown the Board lovers off their footing. A well respected journalists and one of the best economics and business commentators is questioning how smart our board really is. Something a lot of us have already being doing but those in distant lands and with thinking problems are trying to ignore the article and the reasonable points raised. Arsene_al, I know a lot about the work of the likes of these investment banks and the alleged comment in the Rothschild report about Wenger is not uncommon. These reports are not all figures they will give opinion cos after all the numbers and how the club is managed are inextricably linked. However, Board lovers can sleep safe as nothing is likely to happen. The complacency brigade are in charge for the near future but at least some sensible people are challenging their little spin stories!

  28. @ Spanish – I told you, Bentner is a polarizer!!

    Give the current crop a chance – there is a window in January anyway! Yes, we will miss Ade’s ability to rescue us with a headed goal from a corner when we can’t break down the teams that park the bus, but Arsenal will not spend much more this summer. So let’s remember that the priority is a defensive midfielder, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t sign anyone.

  29. @ William, yes he is a goalscorer in the Dutch league, but didnt Van Persie come from the Dutch league?

  30. All RICHARDS can give us now is SWINE FLU. Plz lets go into the mkt very deep and get established players.

  31. bendtner will NOT be a first choice with RVP. we will play with robin alone up front with andrey and theo backing him as wingers. bendtner, eduardo, vela, simpson will be replacements for robin. vela, simpson can even play on the wings.



    sagna toure gallas clichy

    fabregas nasri

    walcott arshavin

    SUBS: eduardo, bendtner, rosicky, diaby, song, vermaelen, fabianski

  32. I doubt Arsene sees young Nic as the replacement for aDe as he is still bit young and raw – after all i you cant keep your trousers up it is not a good sign.

    Two years down the line when he is physiclly better developed maybe but not yet

    In the interim I would not be surprised by a new face, this Chamakh is getting heavily promoted but as I have said before I think looking nearer home might be sensible

  33. Sentiment aside I feel we don’t need Vieira back. Wenger sold him at the right time; he won’t now buy him back at 33 when he isn’t even playing well! Come on folks!

    As for RvP playing up front on his own, I personally do not see him as an ‘out and out’ striker. He is a Bergkamp, not an Henry/ Wright. Eduardo is more like the latter though, and the two of them should compliment each other as a strike partnership.

    Vela can back up RvP (he works well with Eduardo) and Bentner/ Walcott can back up Eduardo.

  34. In an earlier post someone suggested we should get Micah Richards in an exchange deal. This is the guy who is suffering from swine flu which he caught on holiday in Cyprus, only he didn’t know if it was swine flu or ALCOHOL POISONING, what does that say about his professionalism. The last thing the club needs is another piss artist defender, we’ve had enough of those in the past.

  35. I couldn’t disagree more. Bendtner is not enough. Maybe we could hold our own with RVP and Bendtner up front- but what if RVP gets hurt? And what if we want to play with a lone striker? IMO no way Bendtner is ready for that. I want Huntelaar or Eto’o

  36. oohhhh…..this is not a matter fulfilling some kind of requirement …its all about having accurate striker with eyes for the goal…i know bendtner can do better…but do u think he is some one like eto’o villa; who can use almost all the opportunities to score???

    come on, given that arsenal strikers are fabulously supported my passer like fabregas>>

    i think we need some one beyond the existing forwards….some one who can really score!!

  37. how can people say bendtner isnt good enuf to replace ade????his link-up play is better,he works and chases harder,he attacks the ball more in the air,hes braver….ok his finishing needs work but its as good as ades is.i cudnt believe sum1 labeled bendtner selfish while pining for adebayour….WAKE UP MAN
    ray parlour was spot on and now city wil have another high priced player who,when the chips are down,wil flee the scene…(robinho,elano,cough cough)
    while am happy to put my faith in nic would still be happy to get another striker but def a strong established def mid

  38. Our priority is a defensive midfielder.

    If,and it’s a big if, Adebayawn goes our priority will still be a defensive midfielder.

    Wenger has stated recently that three incoming players is too many, The ideal is no more than two.

    So I think we will not see a new striker before the January transfer window.

    It makes sense to have the option of refreshing the squad midway through the season, so long as the new player is not cup tied as in the case of Arshavin.

  39. I would say that you are right. Bendtner can indeed fill his boots. Bendtner has shown last season how much he has improved compared to the previous campaign. He made some amazing runs, he assisted his team mates, he can play in his team mates, he work his socks off and he defends. Furthermore he is good in aerial attack and definitely can be a target man.

    The only problem with this boy is his shooting. Though he scores more goals last season than the season before, he still needs to improve his shooting. He has been outstanding in that he gets into goal scoring position relatively easy. But his shooting lets him down. If he can get his shooting on target, then he would definitely be a terror that defender is afraid of.

    I reckon that he realises this, and would no doubt work hard on his shooting. We shall see in the pre-season what his improvements are. I believe wenger of all people should stick his faith and trust with bendtner. He has given chances after chances to flops like diaby, eboue and adebayor. I seriously hope he gives bendtner his chance now.

    With the adebayor money, please dont not spend it away needlessly. We do not need any strikers except if it is a proven european striker like Huntelaar. Other than that, we do not need chamakh or who ever. Huntelaar would be the only one that I would want to buy, if not then save it.

    Instead, focus on the DM position. It is a position that you, me, they, them, us, we all know need reinforcements. Song and Denilson just isnt ready yet. They are still too inexperienced. We need someone who has been playing there week in week out. Someone with the experience of at least 2-3 seasons. Some one with the power, speed, good reading of the game and proper passing abilities. Someone that can break up the play, someone with a engine to last 120mins running, someone that can tackle, someone that can take care of lampard, essien, gerrard, and rooney. That person is Matuidi. Someone with all the above mentioned qualities. Forget about Melo, inler, yaya toure or cana. Get Matuidi first, for he wants to join us as well. We should get him before anyone else does.

    We need defensive midfielders more than anyone else. Get at least 1, if not our season would probably end up just like last season – trophyless, and maybe not even in the top 4.

  40. Bye bye and good riddance Ade and take your shit lazy attitude with you .Bendtner will do a good job given the responsibility, the games and played where he likes to play.Simpson has just been on loan at West Brom – ok, they got relegated but he’s had a season playing Premier League – it’s more than Chamakh’s had – or Huntelarr, who failed miserably at Madrid.
    As for Micah Richards , his comment when diagnosed with Swine Flu was “I thought it might have been something I ate or maybe alcohol posioning “.Hmmm.
    With Walcott, Bentner. Eduardo, Vela , RvP and Simpson I’m confident we’ll do well.Still need a holding midfielder though – be delighted to see Flamini back – Cesc and him gelled really well the last season he had with us.

  41. The last i heard Ade has passed his medical, and hopefully it is a done deal.
    I say if we get £20 Million + for a player who has the wrong attitude and work ethic to wear an Arsenal shirt, then it is good business and a relief.
    If ,as i have heard and read, he is reported he will be on £130,000 per week then it is perfectly clear as to his only motive to play football! No disrespect to Man City intended, but it remains to be seen if he will perform any better for them.
    Bentner is a good player who just needs to start converting more of his chances, as far as i can see the rest of his game is spot on.
    Do we need another striker? i don’t think so, spend the money on a decent Defensive Midfielder, a short term fix as i am sure that Song will be a class act in the near future.

  42. I’m quite apprehensive about Ade leaving. I’m not convinced we’ll be better without him or that we’ll buy replacements that will make the team any better with out him.

  43. Bendtner was arsenal’s top scorer in the year 2009 and if we play 4-4-2 then he can be a great partner for eduardo. if we play 4-3-3 then would be better to have arshavin and RVP wide with eduardo through the middle

  44. great fee for Ade, will be nice to pocket the money to be another defender and midfielder. I would like to see Eto’o, Villa or Huntelaar at Arsenal because the players will not stay at their current clubs and are all class players so why not. We do have enough striking power – RVp, Arsha, dudu, Bendy, Vela, Simpson. I dont think Theo is ready upfront. But i would like to see another ST signed.

  45. @Spanish Fry – Spot on……Have you watched BENTNER train? Is he going to be that potent in front of goal? Else I completely agree with all your comments

  46. Why are we going for Chamakh when it is very obvious that we could genuinely sign Samuel Eto’o? We wouldn’t be paying anywhere near what City offered (Kaka went to Madrid for 56m and Eto’o can leave for free next year). He would be a top class replacement and we’d even have money left over for a DM! Barca want Villa to replace him so we could sign Eto’o easily – of course wages would be an issue however.

    If Arsene did that we’d be an awesome side next season. I am dreaming of course though!

  47. Frankly emanuel got his head stuck so far in the wrong place ecspecially when it seemed he would replace henry as the top scorer it he want to leave. Then be it we arsenals will do wat we do best soldier on.

  48. @Spanish Fry – Dont you think a Hunter is a Gunner? I would guess every hunter has a gun. HUNTELLAR wouldn’t be that bad either and I really feel we should let SONG mature, lets forget about this midfield thing….instead concentrate on scoring goals. The Barcelona strike force scares other teams and they cant even go on the attack. Lets tell SONG to stop going forward to join the attack….this is just the answer. Is YAYA really better than SONG?

  49. Options I would like as replacements:

    Vucnic (maybe not target man enough…)

  50. @Bendtner argument – Despite your opinons on the boy, it doesn’t matter. We do not need another striker, and we should not sign Chamakh. There are better strikers that show more promise at lesser followed Ligue 1 teams (e.g. Moussa Sow from Stade Rennais). We scored just as many goals as ManU and Chelsea last season. We conceded 13 more though…

    @those who have brought up our DM – THANK THE GOOD LORD. Our defensive fluidity needs massive improvement. Quite frankly, there are moments where I think I am watching the United States play defense instead of Arsenal. That is where we need to make a signing. Matuidi (St. Etienne) and Diarra (Real Madrid) are great options.

    And for good measure – get rid of Eboue.

  51. Of course we need to fix the defense- but if we lose Ade a replacement is needed. You are comfortable going into the season with Bendtner the only pure lone striker we have? I dont think so. We need a big target man up front. One with skill. Huntelaar please

  52. Guys, Guys. Go easy . Lot of guys are getting carried away with emotion. Nick has style. I too like him. But forget trophies then. AW realises that Micah is not the right one for us. He is not as slick as our midfield is required to be. So Wenger must get someone else. Diaby has to go !!. Who put him on that bench ? We have serious problems.

  53. MoMoney,

    Not one of the top ten goals was scored while wearing a Real Madrid shirt. How good is he against top teams in a strong league.

  54. At any well managed club bendtner would have been on loan the last three season and the next two at least.

  55. was just thinkin of possible replacements for ade and the like for like with benefits repalcement would hav to be kenwyn jones,height,power,speed,teamplayer and hes one for the future ..we cud get him and still hav 10-15 mil left from the ade deal…any1 agree??he cud be on AW wish list

  56. Real Madrid was a circus last year. They bought him and didnt even play him. Scored 6 in 20 I believe- and was often used as a sub behind Raul and Higuain. Im confident he could succeed in the EPL- and one of the goals was for the national team.


  58. Bentner is the worst striker that I ever seen!!

    If Wenger stick with him as the replacemnt for Adebayor I definitley will stop to support this team.

    I have more faith in Jay Simpson and Nacer Barazite thant the stupid dane.

  59. I jus wonder wat AW is waiting for Ade is gone u ve 25mill in d kitty,u knw ur defects y don’t u jus bloody fix it or does he not read our posts,every body is clamouring for a quality DM dat’s had week-in, week-out playing exprerience aw well as a striker & a quality 1 @ dat,cos in d final 3rd we lack d killer instinct,cos creating chances r like candy but d baine of d problem is finishing them & d opposition,i vouch he gets matuidi & huntelaar.both r jus wat we need
    Common AW we trust ya

  60. And stop saying Bendtner scored 15 goals. Thats counting the Mickey Mouse Cups.

    He just scored 9 goals on the league and more than the half were goals to just push the ball.

  61. Now we know why Ade’s work rate was so non-existent last year:


    ha ha ha

  62. am nt lazybyor biggest fan bt i will the togo man dance u hav 2 love the afican style there bring

  63. MexicanGunner:

    I honestly dont want you as an Arsenal fan if your willing to stop supporting “your team” if Arsene doesnt replace him with the man you want.

    Once you pick up the rattle maybe you can think straight eh?

    You seem intent on undermining NB26, how about using that judgemental lens on Ade? How did this man who we are paying around 80 GRAND PER WEEK fair when we needed him most??

    I forgot he was even on the pitch in the semi’s.

    Considering his attitude, effort and lack of team play…we are not getting our money’s worth. Addition by subtraction IMHO.

    Fry: I have been Bendtner’s biggest critic for awhile… However, it is clear to see that his techinque is coming along (and at the min is still better the Ade)…little calmer in front of goal and he’ll be a very good player.

    But for me, he still shouldnt be 1st choice, I’d much rather start games with Eduardo and RVP.

  64. Bentner is our super sub and he should stay that way. He has the ability to score goals in the dying minutes of the game. Wenger should focus more on a dm and put eduardo in with rvp. I believe we can win that way and still have a capable bench.

  65. You cant compare Ade with Bend.

    Its like compare Zidane with Denilson.

    And I dont stop to supporting my team if Arsene doesnt buy the player “I want”.

    At least he has to buy someone like the moroccan guy (who I dont think is so awesome as everybody thinks) but at least looks so much better than the dane. Or maybe a cheap striker like Martins or Gignac.

    But I will very pissed is the summer gone and Arsene doesnt buy someone and starts the next seaosn with Bendtner and Van Persie as our main strikers.

    I rather see Arsenal playing with just one triker and Walcott and Arshavin playing as supporting strikers than see Bentner.

  66. Huntelaar has Arsenal written all over him lol….

    I am shocked that City want Ade.

    WHY ?

    they have Santa, Tevez, Robinho, Belany.

    Id start Santa over Ade but thats cause he use to be my fav striker back during the Japan World Cup.

    Man City, title contenders….i dont think so ! Man City, top 4 team….not this season

  67. An absolutely massive response to today’s post. I like it. 🙂

    @ MoMONEY – I like your suggestion of Vucinic. That guy is top, top class. But I’d still prefer the sale of Ade (if it goes through) to fund a central midfielder.

  68. Bendtner is the man, given the chance i am sure he will step up and fill the shoes with Ade departure, if Bendtner scores half the chances he creates for himself, then he will be the leading striker in the league.
    The boss has stood by him, and i for one cannot argue with that.
    I was never to sure about Bendtner, but watching him last season, i started to see a different player from previous years. Given more time on the field, i think he will have a great year.

  69. 25 mill is more then enough to fund a DMF AND a Striker- especially considering we probably have a few mill to spend up our sleeves already. I really do not think it is an either or situation. Huntelaar and a solid DMF and we will win the league next year

  70. @SF

    Vucinic is a hell of a player- but we need a target man- and Im not so sure he could be one. Great great player though

  71. With Ade off to City, I still dont think NB26 should fill in Ads boots. He is a super sub and he works better as a sub than a starter. He still misses sitters and he must be more composed. He works his socks off which is why i like him so much. I would like it if he scored more though. If he out away 80% of his chances he would be a 25-goal-a-season man. I would rather see Dudu, Arsha and RVP before Bendtner. but Vela and NB26 in CC with Simpson.

  72. I have just though of Bradley of USA as our DM. He was fantastic against Spain in the 2-0 win in the semi of confederation Cup and he is a hero in the USA football team. He wouldnt cost the earth and I would be very happy to see him join us.

  73. Bendtner and Ade are different players. Ade is a much more direct player, who has a significant amount of pace, more than Bendtner. If you look at the two players, you see they are both very different. Bendtner while only young is more a ball player, with more ability. Adebayor has the first touch more likened to a childrens school bus. Get rid of Ade. Let the number 1 offside player go to Man CIty. I would prefer Chamakh

  74. @ bruce fucking classic joke mate haha. now reports are ade has asked for a couple of days to think about the move as man citeh are not big in africa (surprise) I’m sure chelsea and arsenal are the biggest epl clubs in that part of the world I would be interested if some of our fellow african gooners could fill me in on this. Plus it’s not about the money as he doesn’t want to seem greedy (bollocks) Proberly went to citeh’s training ground what all the pub players train on and thought maybe the grass isn’t greener and also found out he will be dropped if he doesn’t work hard enough pluys he couldn’t understand a word sparky said.

  75. jay-jay – at last someone with a good, original idea instead of all this Melo, Ya-Ya, Gaga, ka-ka doo-doo shit. Bradley’s over 6 foot. He plays in the German League which has a no nonsense style and he’s good. Wouldn’t cost the earth. And one thing Americans we know have is a winning mentality. I like it.

  76. Good post and comments, Ade should go 4his n clubs benefit. NB26 will b great but I think in a years time, has 2work on his confidence and composure b4 we rely on him. Some1 has mentioned KEN WAYNE JONES, I agree, HE has the experience playing in the EPL, team player, aggresive… We’ll be better with him.

  77. It was about time for Ade to go.He seemed rather unsettled.We have enough back up even with his abscence.

    The kinda midfield we have has players that can play as strikers so there’s no big deal about it.Van P,Eduardo and Bendtner will make it.

  78. Am happy to know that Adebayor is going and van persi have confirmed his commitment to the club.Wenger can off load Bentener too so that we can have acommited team

  79. im telling u all kenwyn jones wud be a monster signing for us dudes..he can do everytin that ade can,hes young and a team player…also it appears crouch is in newcaslte for talks wit bruce so they cud be replacing him already….we would hav at least 10mil left from the ade deal to put to a def mid
    come on arsene get the finger out b4 spurs sign him

  80. I think we do need to sign a prolific striker, someone that will score goals, a target man. So far I think we have players that can create scoring chances, your walcott, arshavin, vela’s more of the same kind as the above mentioned. Personally I think we do need eto’o so that we can pair him up with robin van persie, He has experience and and he can position himself in great scoring positions and most definetely he can score goals. Eish! bendtner,I honestly feel we can’t make him our number one striker, not yet but he must get a chance so that he can build his reputation. I think we also missed out on Tevez, Wenger should have moved in for the guy but anyway we’ll see.

  81. Mexican Gunner:

    Your quote: “If Wenger stick with him as the replacemnt for Adebayor I definitley will stop to support this team.”

    Care to explain, or maybe you didnt mean as it sounds?

    And your Zidane with Denilson comparison is the most (quite frankly) stupid defense of your point you could have come up with.

    Without backing up your point with any sort of context I will respond.

    Ade scored 16 goals this season with the “Stupid Dane” scoring 15 (with less chances and many games played on the wing).

    Hardly a huge difference no? And your forgetting Eduardo? So it wont be just Bendtner and RVP.

  82. as much as we appreciate the player for what he has done for as we also have to concider the consistance in the team in terms of playing.adebayo is good but he lucks enthusiasm and at times when you need him more thats when he becomes a letdown.i respect him ans his play but we need a player we can trust

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