Bendtner annoys Panda + International week Arsenal player round-up

Bendtner has changed his shirt number

Hello, hello.

It’s just a quick bit of Arsenal linkage today with a series of interesting bits of news and some excellent articles around the place.

  • Nicklas Bendtner has rather bizarrely changed his shirt number from 26 to 52 for personal reasons. Needless to say, Panda Bear is not happy. In fact, he’s downright pissed off. But you’ve got to hand it to Bendtner – he is quite the character. Anyone care to wager a guess as to what the number might mean?
  • Aidan from Gunner Central has a thorough round-up of the Arsenal players’ performances during the International Break. You can also see all the goals and action via 101 Great Goals.
  • Arseblogger released a very detailed and quite brilliant Arsenal season preview today. Absolutely essential reading.

I’m going to leave it there for today in a very brief post. I’ll be posting my own season preview tomorrow as well as looking ahead to our first game of the season against Everton.

We’re almost there now!

Have your say on Bendtner, internationals or Arseblogger’s season preview by leaving a comment.



  1. It’s because of robert pires, the reason bendnter signed for us when he was 16 and not milan and real madrid was because his faviourate player was pires, we sent pires to have a chat with him and gave him a signed pires shirt and the rest as they say is history.5+2=7

  2. Maybe its something like Michael Jordan switching to 45 from 23(for a while before switching back) Actually jordan had picked 23 just to say that he wished he could be half as good as his brother who wore 45..

    So maybe bendtner’s trying to be twice as good as last season 🙂

  3. I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of Nicklas this season so here’s hoping he progresses even more.

    I have to say I’m disappointed with the lack of sorely needed transfer activity this summer; we sold two first team players and brought Vermaelen in. Senderos is leaving too and we still haven’t brought in the DM the side really needs. The club has made such a big profit this summer so the money is available. We don’t need to break the bank as there are options out there, so it seems odd. But maybe Arsene has someone up his sleeve to unveil before the end of the window.

  4. I agreed 52 is the opposite of 25. But i think the most important thing is how he help the team this season. Changing of a Jeasey number doesn’t makes u a better player.

  5. brilliant responses all.

    btw, Spanish Fry, I have been wanting to convey for some time now, but never the time. Its nothing personal, so I hope u will take it positively:
    1. Your writin needs to more often be opinionated and should take a stance. Being neither here nor there on almost everything is not working out.
    2. Its nice to write happy things, but plz do try to be critical of at least the worst things happening for the club out there. deserving cases.
    3. you have been in the space for some time now. i like your blog. I guess , like our young team growing up into older wiser men, you should also elevate your thoughts a few notches higher. I am sure you can doit.

    All the best.

    I remain always a reader of your blog.

  6. change of jersey doesn’t bring you luck but determination and focus. i pray he doent loose the amount of goals he lost last season cos i will kill him tell him

  7. OK lads, I’ve got the inside scoop on the Bendtner thing –

    Last season the team got together secretly and had a contest to see how many words would pass between Kolo and Gallas during the season. They set up a special totals board at Arsene’s house to keep track. There were wagers, counter-wagers, overs and unders and all manner of outrageousness attached to the competition, and all the players took part and many MANY ££ exchanged hands when all was done & dusted.

    Nik won the competition by guessing “52”.


  8. @ millefiori – Thanks for the feedback mate, appreciate it. I think once the season gets going I’ll have a lot more opinion on things again – the break has been all speculation and I’m not one to make an opinion on things that may or may not happen.

  9. BTW @Spanish – Nicklas Bendtner has offered to reimburse any fan with his name printed on the back for a new shirt with the new number…

    You just have to show proof of purchase. Not sure the exact conditions of this but might be an idea to check out

  10. Perhaps my fellow Arsenal supporters you might be able to work out who made the following quotes, lifted from this morning’s Daily Telegraph

    “Of course I regret leaving Arsenal,” he said. “I was playing every week for one of the most exciting sides in Europe, a team which was always in the top four in the Premier League and were Champions League contenders.

    “I was being guided by one of the best coaches in the world in Arsene Wenger. I owe him a great deal.

    “I developed a better all-round game under him and I became more robust physically, learnt to look up more and play better passes and improved greatly as a team player. No player ever gets worse under Wenger.

    “I still look out for Arsenal each week and I hope they can do well this time. I think they will be in the top four again and could even push for the title if they don’t have the terrible injuries of last season.

    “People forget the long unbeaten run they had after Christmas last season, which was a good sign for this season.

    “For me, leaving Arsenal was not a good move. A footballer only exists when he takes to the field and makes a proper contribution to the team.

    “Even though I was part of a Barca squad that was almost unstoppable, it was hard not to feel detached from all the happiness and celebration at the end.

    “Barca were my dream club as a kid, but I couldn’t continue with them if the chance to play was not coming. I’m 28 and who knows how much time I have left in the game?

    “I needed to move on and the chance to go back to a place that I feel happy in was the best solution.”

    The ice cream is not always tastier on the other side young man, it is not.

  11. May be he is now showing us the count he is going to miss. “52”. Earlier the count was “26”.

  12. Cool, I mean if the player works with his instincts, let him. Rarely, I one fan who believes in Nick’s abilities which I feel he has’nt got full control of yet. I see him aiding Arsenal to victory this season. He’ll be our “Wiltord” with a hieght advantage. Goodluck Arsenal’s, its our year and season.

  13. 5 x 2 = 10…he thinks he should should wear the 10! Or, 52 is double 26…he promising he’ll suck twice as bad this year.

  14. @ALGunner and lago, whereas I am also a great skeptic of Nicklas, I feel we sh’d try to mention something good of him so as can make him motivated. But he sh’d try to improve on his performance.

  15. Hi folks, I don’t want to drag anyone away from their usual Arsenal blogs, but if anyone does fancy popping over to, I’ve been asked to give a fans eye view of the current season!

    Drop by have a read, leave a comment start a debate!

    I would like to clarify I do not work for the london paper or news international, I am simply the one fan they have asked to do it, so it’s all freedom of speech and my own views!!


  16. I like the Nic, good header of the ball, strong, bit of a super-sub in my opinion. Interesting theories from you guys re the 52, perhaps he’d like more than 52 minutes per game? That’s my very humble opinion/theory.

  17. Maybe it is the amount of points we will get! Come on Arsenal, stop being so tight and spend some money before Fabby departs!

  18. guys we should remember that super nik is VERY young, after all he’s been with us for nearly 5 years now and i think he’ll show this season we dont need another tall striker…
    and come on u all know the goals against S***S are always lovely!!
    only 2 days to go and we should put up and shut up coz if le prof has faith in the youngens then we should try to get behind the team now that two bad influences have left (i will agree 100% a DM is needed desperatly then we can have alex as cover rather than Shitevester but we all know however much we kick and scream like little kids the boss is the boss we just have to trust him)…
    but i for one will be shouting my ass of on saturday…ohh how i’ve missed football this summer

  19. Andrew, not to criticize the other poster. But i like your writing for the very reason that your well rounded way of putting your point across does not result in petty banter by other posters. I used to post on espnsoccernet Arsenal forum but i have since stopped because there was too much petty banter. Have your say and then let the rest say what they must.

  20. I skimmed a few posts on what you thought about bendtners number and the ones I read are wrong. The reason was on another arsenal site yesterday confirmed by bendtner.

    REASON WHY HE CHOSE 52 is NOT to be opposite of adebayor nor did he double his original number,26.

    52 is an “untouchable” number. Mathmatically it is some weird formula where 52 is the only number that cannot be reached. Untouchable implies he wants an untouchable season and feels he (he must be joking since I can’t stand bendtner and await the day he’s dropped) can help arsenal achieve greatness.

    Pretty much, bendtner is an idiot.

  21. This current blog made laugh. It is refreshing to write something else apart from arsenal transfer. Sometime it is so interesting to talk about the no brainier thing like Bendy Number “52”. LOL

  22. Have to agree with Dappa, it is very amusing that Adebaywhore has not scored and is now injured. Never mind, he can sit at home and count his cash. Tosser!

  23. or go back to Togo and parade his ass acting like the king he thinks he is…(picture that, him being carried like the king-dude from astriex comics, makes me wet myself crying as i can actually picture him doing it!!)

  24. Adebaywhore the king? Yep! I can just picture him in the Citeh dressing room telling everyone how important he is and battling all of the mighty egos in there. I give Hughes 3 months before he is ditched – i don’t know any manager who could handle all of the big headed wankers at Citeh (not Kiolo) it is probably only a matter of time before king tosser Cashley rolls up to sample more cash!

  25. Nicklas has told Danish press that he for the past two seasons has asked Eduardo for no. 9 but he wouldn’t hand it over. Then he wanted no. 99 but the FA wouldn’t let him. Then he says he chose no 52 because it is a unique number that no one else plays with, but why he chose exactly no 52 is a good question

  26. He doubled his number from 26 to 52. Maybe he’s saying he’s going to be twice the player he was last season.

  27. @the skagooner
    nice1 man so ur sayin at least one arsenal player came away with somethin after last
    wel at least hes settin a target…ha ha ah no to be fair to him hes saying all the right things and i agree with those who think hes a player with great potential
    anyway blog was great read today was hopin to come on and see few of you rejoicing at some shock new signing,(hang in there gunnerboss), but alas true to form theres no stir… thing you can say bout wenger; he gets a longer summer holiday than anyother PL manager…he must be a great golfer by now

  28. He saw it in a dream….Its HARRY POTTER’s magic number…the secret weapon to gun down – “U KNOW WHO”.
    Might actually work in the EPL u know, ours is really a fantasy league.

  29. Lets be honest.

    He´s offering a refund because he knows that only the members of his family and PandaBear purchased his shirt.

    If I have the certain that no more than 20 persons have my shirt I will offer the same.

  30. he thinks that he’s twice as better now (26*2=52)…
    but I think that he just doubling up his ego
    good thing we have Dudu

  31. Ha ha we have all been fooled it’s arsnes ploy to not have the media talking about our signings but why 52 and tommorow we will have new players in.

  32. Bendtner mystifies me. I have never seen someone so cocky yet so wasteful on the pitch. Not even Cristiano Ronaldo was cocky enough to wear those pink cleats that Bendtner wore. Nicklas just cannot back it up on the field. He has potential but he wastes chances and does little things that an Arsenal player wouldn’t typically do like shoot from odd angles.

  33. Well isn’t Bendtnar in contract talks at the moment? Maybe he thinks now that he’s twice as good as when he signed his last deal, he should get twice the money?

  34. @ Ryan

    Yes you´re right. And if Im not wrong I read somewhere that he will sign a new contract before the weekend.

    I cant believe that Arsene wastes Arsenal money in improve the contract of him for doing nothing.

  35. I agree with Mexican Gunner and Ryan. Why does Bendtner deserve more money. He does not have a great goal return (which is boosted by scoring against bad teams) and he is very wasteful not too mention I doubt he is a great locker room presence considering how cocky he is.

  36. i think u guys should lay off pinky, he’s a good player. he was getting the chances last year,lets jus hope he puts them away this time around, 52 is jus being contreversal

  37. I am really optimistic about bendtner.

    Mark my words your so called pinky is surely going to make teams cry with his 52.If not even 52 atleast 25 of them.

    Arsene wenger is going to say “i gave away Adebayor to give chance to bendtner”.

    Adebayor is going to say i hate bendtner and that’s why i left arsenal.

    The heat is going to show up when bendtner is going to score 2 goals against manc and shows adebayor how to score if you play in arsenal shirt.

    Common Bendtner.

    But pls don’t annoy Panda.

  38. By the way who do you think will open the account for us this season.

    May be Andy you should have a poll.

  39. Pinky! I love it. I spose AA23 is “the brain”. I can see it now:

    What we going to do tomorrow brain?

    Same thing we do every night pinky, try to take over the footballing world…

  40. There’s a DC comic called 52 that’s some kind of super hero thing. It’s one of the more recent hip/weirdy things that I’m not in to – but I could very much imagine The Bendtner being a fan. I think it has Superman and others in it too. You can find it on the DC website. – Yeah – I just checked Wiki and it says it chronicles ‘events that took place during the missing year after the end of Infinite Crisis.’ ????
    OKay so we’ve just our year of Infinite Crisis and now Super Bendtner’s gonna save us!!

  41. :DD Bendtner really tickles my funny bone tbh. I wish he would become the greatest striker in the world in five years – that’d really show us, huh!?

    But on a sidenote i do believe that the only reason he is so confident in the development of his abilities, is that 21/12/2012 is _less_ than five years from now.. the apocalypse will come and no one will ever know if Bendy became the greatest.
    I guess he’s a big Maya fan 😮

    and btw i saw him stinkin’ drunk in a shawarma bar in copenhagen about a month ago :p good sport

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