Arshavin deal confirmed

Just a very quick one this morning to say that Andrei Arshavin’s move to Arsenal has gone through and is likely to be confirmed today. Terrific news for the club. All the details here.



  1. I got the news about 3 hours ago on my mobile. Congrats AW. But how much did the club give to AW for the window. This Board go kill us soon!!!!!

  2. Ive been stuck to my computer all day waiting for Transfer News. Interestingly Keano headed back to Spurs whilst Chelsea aquired Quaresma on loan. Still no Arsenal news. But it is now I hear about it. Am really happy bout this. Is it 100% happened or is it the agents saying this, dont like celebrating til confirmation really. I still feel saddened because we didnt buy anyone else but Arshavin is a talent and he is our talent. When we have Cesc, Eduardo, Tomas and Theo, We will have a good squad. Arsene’s 4-5-1 CL formation would work.
    Adebayor/Van Persie.
    Obviously Arsha, Rosicky and Nasri can all play behind the Striker. Whoah I am getting way to carried away. I am happy about the signing, we now hav a play maker just in time for the Tottenham clash and we wont be ill-fatigued cause the Cardiff game postponed!

  3. just needs ratification from the fa
    the only stumbling block now is whether or not the deal counts as of the 5oc deadline

    The pains of being an arsenal fan!!
    and its bloody cold!

  4. glued to computer and my hand set all while. I have seen it, but this Wenger promised to announce it. When? Is this April Fool or what? I like to see it on Arsenal Website. Am i a Thomas? Yes Wenger has made me so. Unfortunate no body yet to bench Bayo, what a calamity

  5. I have also been on the net regularly and skynews to get news of Arsha.last night Skynews said the deal was off (South Africa) at 18.00.This morning the still has NOTHING on Arsha. Spanish Fly is said the deal is done but needs to be confirmed by FA… it is strictly speaking still not done.F**k i hope they get the deal signed so we can go on with our lives

  6. At last we have Arshavin in the back of our seat…We need some improvement in the midfield and we finally got some one who will do some polishing up in that area…GUNNERS $ 4 LIFE…

  7. hey guys,
    im glad it’s finally come there will be a mature midfield until Captain Fab is back.the ball is in our court now.we need to win all the remaining matches and yes! we can do it.good work AW

  8. It feels like the Summer (apart from the weather) and this transfer is reminding me of the Nasri transfer, waiting, waiting and waiting to hear any news, nasri sed it happened, his agent did, still nothing from AW, now its Arshavin, apparently the deal was struck at 4.55pm yesterday so it was before the deadline.

  9. One thing for sure i kind of avid of surprise. Arshavin in arsenals shirt is even more than a big SURPRISE for me. Since im a hardcore fan of da gunners i do hope they would sign 2 more players but Arshavin may more than enough. Tis wat or even all fans waiting for. I’ll probably be saddened if wenger dun sign any (young player for sure) for tis window transfer to cope wit a situation where there is no room for any mistake for the team and board(and see how far Man U and liverpool) on top of the table and arsenal even struggle to topple aston villa for the 4th place for the next champs league qualifier. I do hope arshavin will becoming the most ‘formidable nemesis’ for any teams defenders in BPL. Good luck Arsenal!

  10. And there was the first game with Arshavin on the field. Just a draw, but I think in next games this great player will start to score goals for his new team.

    A magic player for a magic team. Yes this is magic.

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