Arsene Wenger is a cunning fox – another Adebayor blackflip – funky new away kit

Arsene Wenger has been called many negative things by many different people during his time at the Arsenal Football Club. Ignorant, a whinger, biased, as blind as a bat and – gulp – a child-molester are all things that I have rather unfortunately heard him called in the past.

But today is the first time I’ve ever heard him referred to as a ‘cunning fox’. The label has come from Dennis Lakhter, an official from Russian club Zenit St Petersburg, who goes on to reveal that the Arsenal manager is using some very clever tricks to try and secure a deal with Andreii Arshavin.

“Arsene Wenger is a cunning fox. In the morning he says Arshavin will play all the time at his club and during the day he says he doubts the capabilities of Andrei to play three games in a row at the highest level. But this is a tactic to fool the competition.”

Ha! Great stuff! Get in there son!

I do think it’s pretty brilliant that Wenger is able to compete in a world where clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid simply bully the other clubs into submission by simply using his brain. Whether his clever tactics end in Arshavin joining Arsenal is another matter entirely but it is a nice reminder to all of those supporters begging for a signing that the manager is making things happen.

In other news there has been another apparent backflip from Emmanuel Adebayor and his agent. If you’ve been keeping tabs on the story – and really, how could you not be? – you would know that the last set of quotes to come from the Togolese striker saw him demanding that Arsenal increase his wages or he would be off. But today sees his agent Stephane Courbis painting quite a different picture.

“Emmanuel is a man of heart, not of money. He is not greedy. He is a kid from the street, has sensibilities and is humble. If this was a money problem, then he would have asked to leave. I know that Arsenal’s political position is that they don’t pay high salaries.”

Once again, I absolutely do not know what to believe. Could it be that the quotes taken from Adebayor last weekend were untrue or is Courbis just trying to save face? It’s all a bit confusing, as it has been all summer, and there’s not much I can say on it until Adebayor either leaves the club or signs an improved deal with Arsenal.

For those that are interested to see what Arsenal’s away kit will look like next season, check out this poster via The Cannon. Personally, I absolutely love it and am a little disappointed that I got a white one last season when I could have got this one instead. Oh well, that’s the way things go these days.

That’s it for today. There was more to talk about than I first thought when I started writing which is a bit of a pleasant surprised. I hope you enjoyed reading – have a splendid day.

What do you think?

Have your say on Arshavin, Adebayor, or the new away kit by leaving a comment.



  1. cunning or not cunning , anybody can say what they want , the good thing is that our manager has refuse to be a part of those who keep inflating the market…Honestly I think this inflation of a thing should be checked and kudos to Wenger for always buying and selling at the right price or what do you call wide mouthed cr7 for 80 million.

  2. Greetings from the US! Ade is doing what athletes do…bitch and moan and by letting his agent get in his head about what he’s “worth” it doesn’t make it any better. He’ll remain with Arsenal and if he isn’t there when the matches count then best of luck and move on. I like the away kit and I found a bigger pic of it.By the way the kit is quite clever…

    be well Spanish!

    Gunner for Life!

  3. Ugh I’d already seen pictures of the new away kit and I think it’s absolute pants. Yellow with a red stripe? Ewwwww. Furthermore I’m not a huge fan of our new home kit either but I’ll still pick it up and wear it. It’s ok. I really enjoyed our old white away kit and of course the third kit was brilliant. I’ve worn the third an amazing amount of times.

    Arshavin is cool but does that mean the Nasri deal might be close to falling through?

  4. Im so sick of this Ade crap.. His agent says we dont pay high wages or whatever? then why do we have one of the highest wages bills? Because we pay people well who express a desire and commitment to the Club. Not to assholes who have one good season and want the moon.. I have been Ade’s biggest supporter when he was struggling to make an impact but now I dont see any other option than to boo him heavily when/if he steps back on our Hallowed Ground. what a cock..

  5. On Ade’s case, I think that Wenger is just trying to teach him a lesson by over pricing him. To be honest no manager wants to keep a player that doesn’t want to stay but the way players behave now a days needs to stop.

    Barcelona wants to rebuild quickly and no one is bidding for Eto and Ronaldinho yet(they are expensive),therefore by over pricing him Berca will loose interest and go for other strikers and Ade will have to eat his words ,although he will be unhappy.
    In case his pride kicks in then he will have to go by all means that is another club but Barcelona.
    Can anybody remember Ryes?

    NOTE:Arsene did Ade a big favour by buying him from Monaco he was constantly played from the bench and had troubles with the then coach.Wenger showed faith in him and brought him to Arsenal, the thought that he wants to leave after 2.5 years will definitely make Arsene Wenger angry.Therefore the reason for the over pricing.He is only 24 years old and can’t buy off his contract.

  6. Will someone show ade how good anelka was at arsenal and how good he is now and that should be enough of a reason to trust arsne. In 3 more years he will get more than anyone as he will be a great striker and also just show him a tape of henry when he signed and how good he was 5 seasons after being with arsne money isn’t going to put your name in the record books for long unlike club records.

  7. I like the kit.. nice to get back to our colours. Now lets hope we can re-create what that team did all those years ago..

  8. LOVE the home strip and dont mind the away one either wanst A big fan of it first but the more I looked at it the more I started likin it.
    Does anyone know where in BRISBANE I could get them like NOW, I know REBAL SPORTS will have them but that will be later on the year I WANT MINE NOW hahaha.

  9. I like both the home kit and i think tje away kit is great. I would like to see both Nasri and Arshavin at Arsenal cuz we need good players and good back-up players. It wouls be good to keep Ade too but if he goes we will get a lot og money for him so either way.

  10. yep1 either way we win!! yeeeehhh! arsenal!! i still think adebayor is a big suck up though!

  11. The away kit is a retro similar to the 1988/89 season when Arsenal secured the title at Anfield with a very late goal. I like it. You can wear it with the Trefoil Logo adidas sneakers.Cool.
    Nasri news is expected very soon (I know you heard it million times before)seriously it will be anounced very soon. Ade wants lots of cash to stay and Arsenal and not going to give him a penny more than the 60 grands they offered him. So the best solution to this is Barcelona to come up with the £30 million that Arsenal wnats and we all be happy.If they don’t then he has to graft for another season and do better and get us those crucial goals (Winner in a Champions league final)then Arsenal can make him very happy and sell him for £40 million.
    I m a big fan of Arshavin but that last game against Spain where he didn’t show up at all.He Showed he has not got what it takes to fight and do the dirty work (a bit like Hleb).He was an unkown but know everyone knows him and teams will not allow him to play and that’s when he needs to show how good he is.I think Wenger meant what he said about him and not being cunning at all.

  12. @SF: I’m a Gooner from the United States. Seattle, WA is currently where I reside.

  13. @ Le Gunner – I guess it depends whether Arsene wants Arshavin or not as to whether he’s cunning. I think what he’s said has been a little sneaky, one minute praising him and the next minute saying he’s a little unfit. Besides, I don’t think Arshavin could be blamed for the Spain loss, if you don’t have the ball you can’t do much with it and the Spaniards had A LOT of the ball.

    @ C-Bass – Sweet, that’s very cool. Home of Grunge 🙂 Do you go to Vancouver much?

  14. SF is right, but the hype about Arshavin is it really necessary, he was ok in the UEFA Cup final and then in the sweden and holland game he became a “god” im not sure a person could be capable of that in the space of 2 games. I am thinking he is overrated, yes a good player but not as good as he is said to be nevertheless he would be a good asset to the squad, even as a back-up player. Strangely enough i find myself agreeing with Le Gunner, maybe Wenger isnt being cunning just truthful. And I hope the Nasri news is announced soon, im getting bored and just want to know if we will sign him or not!!

  15. Hi guys!I think, and I’d already told it in a recent past, that Ade – and even Hleb at all – MUST shut their agents’ mouths and call a press conference to declare if they want to stay or they want to leave..I want to see Hleb&Ade’s faces and hear LIVE what they have to say.
    It’s quite normal to want a new challenge, an increased wage, a different place where to settle better or I don’t know what else..but they MUST tell to all of us Arsenal fans what they would like to do..Otherwise, if they stay they will face a lot of boos, it’s easy to imagine how a lot of fans will welcome them against West Brom on August..
    I want world class men before world class player at the Emirates, and if they are men they should be able to stay in front of the press and the fans and say that they want to leave..

  16. ArsenalKenya – a 30 million pound has been BIDDED not accepted but bidded by Barcelona. I say ask for a swap with eitha Iniesta, Ronaldinho or Eto’o coming to the Emirates, anyone agree??

  17. Right Jay, I’d love to see Iniesta playing alongside Cesc and Walcott..I think that Ronaldihno, who is still one opf the best player in teh world, and Eto’o are overpaid and a little to “noisy” for Arsenal..Personally I love Eto’o, his pace, his power and his goal average, and I’d like to see him playing at Emirates, but if I have to chose the striker of my dreams he would be David Villa. He would be perfect for Arsenal.

  18. Et’o would be good in a swap deal but I have high hopes for vela as we have loaned him out for the last 2 seasons and now he will be a great asset but no-one will ever predict what arsne will do next as who thought of sagna replacing eboue at rb and if it wasn’t for him we would of not even had a say in the run in.Top buy of last season along with santa cruz who I would rather see in an arsenal shirt this year.

  19. I myself would not like to see Santa cruz at Arsenal. Although he is a good player I would much rather someone like Iniesta or David Villa join Arsenal, I am hoping Peter Crouch or roque Santa Cruz do not sign for Arsenal.

  20. Crouch is a good portsmouth or spud even but villa will put us in the same boat as ade, have 1 good season and command huge amounts of money where as clichy, sagna, and of course cesc did so much more last season to our title push and have shown soooooo much more loyalty that us fans have taken them in and theese are the type of players we need. We do need a cb though or is song going to be put there?

  21. Obafemi Martins rumours just don’t go away .Can anyone tell me what the fuss with this guy I can’t beleive Wenger wants to sign him. 10 goals 1 assist last season.Poor. Maybe his agent making these rumours up so he can get more money somewhere else.

  22. Martins is speedy, and has a very powerful shot and in his 1st season scored 17 goals, in 8 months. Wiv the passing of Cesc, the speed of Walcott and the crossing of Sagna, Clichy, Rosicky and hleb(if he stays) he could do well, but in the Toon, he has Geremi who has passed it, Duff, who is no good, Barton, Emre and Butt who are not even good. When Martins was at inter Milan he was good, and he would be good for Arsenal too.

  23. I RATE MARTINS A LOT I dont know why ppl dont like him I think hes A gr8 player. I really think he would do quite well if he did come and would fit in with the team. As jay said he is speedy and hes got the most powerful shooting IVE seen in a while so I would be quite happy if he comes, and he seems like a good bloke. Didnt any one see his effort on goal from near half way last season IT WAS UNBELIEVEABLE.(Think it was against Man U)

  24. I’m not doubting Martins ability he is a good player. Honestly can you see him as the next big thing and get you 30-35 goals and 20 assists? I doubt it.Check his Stats he does not contrubute much in team play.Wright, Anelka, Berkamp, Henry he is not in their class at all. If Ade goes we are talking about replacing our main striker It has to be someone really special.I think this season we will see the emergence of either Walcott or Bendtner.Its make or break for them really.They have to come out of their shell.

  25. I really can see him bein the next big thing his young and with the likes of cesc,rocky and hopefully nasir behind him I think he will get the world class supply he needs to get the goals I mean look at ADE who was he 3 to 2 seasons ago than last season, he just exploded whit goals.The gr8 AW can bring that out in A player and I really think he can 2 whit Martins. I know HE isnt and NEVER will be in the class of BERKAMP and HENRY but when they came to ARSENAL no one really thought they wolud do the things they did, and as for ANELKA I THINK NARTINS WILL BE WAY BETTER THAN HIM.
    Just MY 2 cents MY FELLOW GUNNERS but I would be happy if WE picked him up, What do U think.
    KURUPT 😉

  26. I would like him as he would be like wiltord and play well off of a technicall player like rvp or dudu. But I would like wallcot on the rm than a striker as eboue is a better cover at rb and look at wallcots assist against milan in the cl just pure class.

  27. I wud prefer Walcott upfront and his assist against Ac was good but his assist against Liverpool was better. About the Martins situation I was agreein wiv Le gunner afta reading his blog but now agree wiv KURUPT. Where was Ade 2 or 3 years ago – Monaco. Where was Martins – Inter Milan. AW can make players better. I can see Martins getting 20-25 goals a season and with Rosicky, RVP, Cesc, Dudu, Walcott and Hleb scoring we wont need 2 av a top scorer. I do believe Martins is class but I have read that Arsenal hav bidded £18 mil for Huntelaar who I would think is a good buy and we have emerged favourites to sign Arshavin as Chelsea no longer want him. Any views??

  28. Hey guys. Just so everybody knows I’m doing a bit of a blog redesign set to launch in about a week so there may be times when the blog is down or things look a little different. Apologies for this, but please bare with me because I guarantee it will be worth the end result.

    Cheers, Spanish.

  29. martins is a good player but i really dont think he’s the right fit for arsenal! besides i believe arsenal’s main strenght is in attack and the best form of attack is defence! so we really need some good midfield players so that just incase the likes of cesc and rosicky and co get injured we would still be good upfront and nasri would be the perfect buy!

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