Arsenal’s Ghost Signings

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Casper the Friendly GhostLooking solely at the results and performances from this season it would be easy to conclude that it is essential for Arsenal to dip into the transfer market and make a number of big signings. What this conclusion doesn’t incorporate is the fact that – without spending a cent – Arsenal will be making a significant number of ghost signings in the summer. I of course refer to the players who have spent large amounts of the season injured and – should they return to fitness – will seem like new signings for the club. I thought it would be good to take a look at the players whose seasons have been severely hampered by injury and investigate the effect that their prospective returns could have on Arsenal’s 2007-2008 season.

If Fredrik Ljungberg can get fit he could be a real bonus for Arsenal next seasonGhost Signing #1 – Fredrik Ljungberg

I’ll kick things off with Swedish attacking-midfielder and Arsenal’s Player of the Season from 2001-2002, Freddie Ljungberg. There has been whispers that Ljungberg may be on his way out of Arsenal at the end of this season but I can confidently predict that this will not be the case. Arsenal is Ljungberg’s home and as the most senior player in the squad – in terms of length of time with the club – he will want to remain a leader for the younger Arsenal players.

Unfortunately this season – as with the season before – Ljungberg’s performances have been severely effected by consistent niggling injuries. There was a time – and it wasn’t so long ago – when Ljungberg was absolutely unstoppable. His trademark runs into the box brought him goal after goal and he had an uncanny ability to score big goals in crucial matches. For proof of this, just check out the video below.

The truth is that Ljungberg’s potential contribution to the Arsenal cause is grossly underestimated by both fans and the media. The reasons for his mooted performances in the past couple of years have directly been a result of his inability to stay fit for an extended period of time. As such, it is not unrealistic to expect that if Ljungberg – who is still only 30 – can shake off his niggling injuries then he can have a similar impact as players like Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes have had for Manchester United this season.

Whilst I agree that there is still a desperate need for the club to sign an out-and-out winger to inject some much-needed pace and directness to the Arsenal attack, I get the feeling that if Ljungberg could shake off his injury problems, he might be the man to provide this injection.



  1. i would prefer that if arsenal is to compete with the likes of chelsea,man u, and liverpool wenger should also focus in the signing of experienced plyers like eto samuel and ribery who are complete strikers not to rely in the squard of young kids only though they are promising future players

  2. Fair call there Ogwade. I think Eto’o is out of the question but the signing of Ribery or Florent Malouda from Lyon is a real possibility.

  3. Me and a fellow Gooner totally concur. I was never able to understand why so many Gooners seemed so ready to dismiss him; it wasn’t Freddie’s fault that we had a crap season. This is the first article on an Arsenal related blog that makes any sense when it comes to Freddie and his contribution to the team. Makes no sense to sell him. Thanks for a great article.

  4. freddiegirl – Thanks for the kind words. I think Ljungberg still has a lot to give the club and I just hope he can stay fit. It might be worth me saying that he’s also my favourite player at Arsenal and I would be very upset if he did ever leave. 🙂

  5. please lets get etoo or any well to do striker i know we will have a nice season.up gunnerssssssssssssssssssssssss

  6. hmm, sad to see Henry going but well what goes around comes around. He got to go means he got to go. I really wish to see Arsenal do a few signings before the August seasons begin. A new winger, striker or probably a new defender.Young guns are good,no doubt about that. However at certain stages, for eg: Fa cup final,CL final i would say experience and older players are at advantage.

  7. AS AN arsenal fan i do believe given a 2nd chance FRED gonna do wonders for Arsenal. This will be seen at the end of this season.


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