Arsenal won’t pay £20 million for Arshavin

It’s all a bit yawny as the Bolton game moves a day closer and the tedious transfer speculation plods along.

Apart from another interesting bit of news about the signing of Andrei Arshavin there’s not a lot going on. I said in yesterday’s post that I felt that although Zenit St Petersburg have attached a £20 million pricetag on the Russian we are likely to get him for far less than that. After comments by Arshavin’s agent Dennis Lachter, this now seems correct. He was quoted as saying:

“It is the people of Zenit trying to initiate some kind of interest. They are trying to use the media to make the price of Arshavin £20 million – I would not take it seriously.”

To put things bluntly, I am expecting Arsenal to sign Arshavin and I’m expecting them to sign him for around £12 million, a fair price in my opinion. Until there is more concrete information about a move I’m reluctant to speak about the matter so for me it’s time to be patient and let things happen the way they will.

To change things up completely there’s been a story surfacing about Emmanuel Eboue going to Inter Milan but the reality is that it’s an old link taken from some pretty harmless comments by the player. Nothing to worry about unless you’re someone who wants Eboue to leave Arsenal, which I’m not.

And finally today, Arsene Wenger has hailed the potential of Aaron Ramsey, stating that although he’s not ready to perform week-in, week-out he is set to become a great player. In his own words:

“He can play in some games. But if you’re asking me if he can play every week, every three days, I don’t think he’s ready yet. But he shows that he has the quality, that he can do it soon. I really think he will be a great player.”

It’s pretty token stuff from the manager but I have to say that in this case, I absolutely agree. There’s something I really like about Ramsey – perhaps it’s his aggression, perhaps it’s the confidence he exudes – and I think he’s going to have a really marvellous career at Arsenal. He and Jack Wilshere are the standout youngsters at the club right now and I think it’s really wonderful to have them on our books.

And that’s about it my friends. Have yourselves a lovely Thursday.

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  1. Eboue going to Inter could be awesome!!

    He was very good for us as right back but now he dont have a place at Arsenal, face if he´s NOT a midfielder.

  2. Eboue is not going anywhere and he shouldnt, he is a good backup for Walcott. Ramsey and Wilshere are uber talented, they will be on the long list of world beaters produced by Wenger. I hope they remain loyal to Arsenal.

  3. I think this is a load of speculation crap. Chelsea have just sold left side midfield players and Scolari has been complaining of not having left side midfield players. Where is there a strong Russian connection? Take an educated Guess where Arshavin is going? Arsenal never comment on press or agent speculation.
    Unfortunately fellow gooners keep dreaming. Arsene never spends big (loves a bargain) and the board are always a bit tight on money. In today’s day and age you pay for what you get.

  4. Abou Diaby has been inked with an Inter move now… This one I would actually consider. He is a bit inconsistent but with the signing of Arshavin I am not sure where he fits in… Especially when everyone is back healthy. Eboue absolutely needs to stay. He is our backup at RB and winger and although he isnt the greatest he is more than serviceable. Anyways I doubt Wenger sells anyone unless Toure demands it…

  5. I agree with you that Arsenal can get Arshavin for much less than an amount demanded by Zenit. Arshavin has already made it clear that he desperately wants to move away from Zenit in January. Even he also indicated that Zenit might not get the best from him if he is not allowed to leave in January. So, Zenit knows it very well that they have to let Arshavin go and so far, there is no big clubs except Arsenal tracking the midfielder. So, I think, Arsenal should not rush for the player. I believe, Arsenal can sign him for a price in the range of £15 million.

  6. Eboue should and will stay…hes a great player and although his confidence has waivered slightly recently he can play in many positions and be very useful for our team
    I can see the Arshavin signing becoming a bit of a mess and im now worried that AW wont bother haggling with Zenit and miss out…its just not Arsenes way!

  7. @ Spanish- I agree with you about Eboue. He’s not a great midfielder, we know that, but the lad’s being asked to play out of his normal position there. Every squad needs utility players and cover, and Eboue gives us that. He doesn’t have a massive ego and seems happy to play from the bench or fill in where necessary. I also agree that Ramsey is a great prospect. His aggression is something we sorely miss in our current midfield. Re- Arshavin; it does look as though we’ll be signing him and on the face of it, it looks to be a good thing. However, where will he play when everyone else is fit? He certainly won’t replace Cesc in the middle, so I assume he’ll play wide. I still have concerns about his physical strength, having seen him go missing a couple of times when it got tough during the Euros. Time will tell I guess. That link from Gibbs was interesting, and the other article that linked off it about Toure going if we sign Upson caught my eye as well. I think this would be a good deal at the end of the day. Upson has matured into a good CB and if Toure’s keen to move on we should let him go. I know he’s been a truly great servant to the club, but it must be said he’s past his best and has been for a year now. Also, if that deal means we move Bendtner on as well, I for one won’t be losing any sleep!

  8. i think we gonna get arshavin…for the price stated above… but don’t u think that, we gonna need some one to cover up the diffensive midfiled??/and if possible a diffender?

  9. You’re right SF, there is no way AW will pay 20m for anyone. I suspect it will be around the 12-13m mark with add ons. I really think this is gunner happen. I hope Chel$ki aren’t sniffing around.

    SF, do you think Ramsey and Wilshere are our future CM’s. AW did say he thought Wilshere’s long term/best position is just behind the main striker in the DB10 role.

  10. @ AR: You’re absolutely right about Ramsey and Wilshere, but they’re 2 years at least away from being the answer. We need cover now, so buying’s a necessity.

  11. I see the question of overpriced english players has appeared again. What about the price of Lennon and Robinson? £1m each for players who were not exactly rubbish? Its very easy to say British players are over priced but you are talking about the highlighted few such as Bent which nobody can understand but if you look at their policy at the time you would get it. What surprises me is that people somehow manage to adopt and tow the Arsenal line on pricing. Tell me, are Arsenal doing so well that we can dictate the pricing policy for the world to follow? I don’t think so in fact it could be said that our penny pinching ways have seen us drop dramatically from grace. The other point is that revenue has upped hugely from year to year n the EPL and this reflects in the pricing it seems that only Arsenal fans and the board do not seem to have managed to grasp this. How long can Arsenal fans continue to live in the past or more importantly accept a board that lives in the past.I would have thought it was obvious that when you are buying players within the wealthiest league in the world they are going to cost more money. The clubs have expectations and want to get the best return. It happens believe it or not that the majority of English players play in England, the EPL is the most expensive and wealthiest league therefore this reflects in the players cost. Values are relative to the club and league they are in. So if Arshavin costs £20m then he is completely over priced but even at £15m he is to. I doubt relatively he is worth any more than £10m so should we sign him will people be saying he is overpriced? The whole English player price thing to me is an ill thought out bandwagon that quite simply allows teams or boards like Arsenal’s to get away with more profiteering.

  12. Arsene Wenger is usually very quick to deny any transfer rumours that head Arsenal’s way but he hasn’t for Andrei Arshavin.

    He obviously rates the Russian but the amount of publicity over the move has put slight doubts about it actually happening in my mind.

    Arsene Wenger is very secretive about who his targets are and a signing normally comes out of the blue.

    The Arshavin business has become very public, not Wenger’s usual way, and I wonder if Zenit Saint Petersburg and Arshavin’s agent are just using Arsenal’s interest to try and create a last minute bidding war for the player.

    A club like Manchester City who can throw silly money away may become interested because Wenger is and outbid Arsenal or anyone. I’m sure Zenit would prefer this.

    Wenger has not denied any interest in Arshavin and why would he? It gives Gooners hope that a big name maybe arriving at the club but Wenger is smart enough to use the story to his advantage.

    The media are over this like a rash and it gives Wenger an opportunity to sign someone else. While attention is drawn to the Arshavin deal, Wenger may use it as a smokescreen.

    Who really knows though? He maybe actually trying to buy Arshavin!

  13. Ramsey style of play really impressed me.I mean the way he handles the ball in his foot while he passes.

    I always support Eboue.He is better than many other players in midfield

  14. Tottenham in for Fred from Lyon… Ive always thought the guy was really underrated… Hope he doesnt go to spurs

  15. Geeeez, how many strikers do the Spuds want. I see the Defoe deal hasnt even been completed, but they paraded him around before the CC semi, funny shit.

  16. Anyone got any further news on the Arshavin case?

    Does anyone else have this feeling that we are not going to sign him due to the money zenit want or his wage demands?

  17. As per my comment above i think Zenit and the player have priced themselves out of a move; but i think this was all a smoke screen in the first place. as soon as i have some news i will revert back.

  18. @Nigelp and Jay
    Im with you both on this one….AW savy nature will let this one develop but as to him actually signing im becoming more and more skeptical…Without the speculation around Arshavin theres not much else going on for Arsenal which is exactly what AW whats us to think!

  19. Arshavin is definately worth that amount.Eboue shouldn’t go anywhere and as for Diaby,he has fantastic plays and is very entertaining i can’t imagine him going of now,arsenal should remain just the way it is.the squad is good.

  20. Going by the story I believe that M’City are going to outbid for Arshavin and AW will buy Ireland for some cheap price which i feel will be a very good deal for arsenal. Than arsenal will be having the bank balance to buy another CDM and an good CB. I feel Ireland will be a hit in arsenal with right age and more over an arsenal type player with EPL experience. I hope arsenal sign CDM as Miguel Veloso. He is excellent in tackle and is a good free kick taker. He is a midfielder who scores goal.

    My Line up Until players return





  21. First, I don’t know why we shouldn’t overpay for Arshivin. Yes he wants to leave, which forces Zenit’s hands. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have other suitors. I doubt his is simply a two way negotiation. Besides, we need him. Badly. So, perhaps Arsene realizes he was pennywise but pound foolish with Alonso and will avoid making a similar mistake.

    Second, is he strong enough? Watch the youtube video and you will see him shrugging off defenders easily. Did he go missing against Spain? Yes, but so what? Tournaments are like that. Teams come up with a strategy to stop you and you don’t have time to adjust. Holland looked great, but then Hiddink figured out how to slow them down and Russia wins. Replay the game and the Dutch have a chance to counter that strategy.

    Third, I take the Inter rumor seriously. I still remember Morinho with his arm around Eboue after our Carling Cup defeat. Could it be that Morinho sees the talent in Eboue and Diaby and believes he can give them the mental toughness to finally realize that talent? Eboue played pretty well as DM at the beginning of the season. Playing centrally, as we have seen with Nasri, allows a player a lot more space… the only problem, of course, are his mental lapses when he tires… and the fact that he tires too quickly for that position. So, maybe it isn’t such a good idea after all.

  22. I think Arshavin will go for a bit more around 13 to 15 million range. True they really need to sell but we also really need to buy.

    Eboue is going nowhere. He would be a fool to leave. Arsene has done nothing but support the lad through thick and thin. Plus he’s decent. He really isn’t a bad second right back or coming in on the wing in relief of a more attacking player.

    A few weeks ago I told my mates that Diaby might be better off in Serie A. Things are a bit slower over there and it may just suit him better much like it did/does Sossoko. Honestly though if I was Wenger I wouldn’t sell him till summer. Another midfield injury and we might just need him (Diarra anyone?).

    I really hope I’m not disapointed at the end of this transfer window. The bottom line is Wenger has to bring in people who can play now.

  23. It seems a long time ago since Eboue was Arsenal’s Player of the Month. To me his skills have improved alot since then and I just think some fans are just out to pick on him, when they can’t blame Cesc or Nasri(fan favs), a la Denilson and Bendtner.

    I wouldn’t swap Diaby for Arshavin even for free. Diaby is more skilled and more powerfull, has a more powerfull shot and 5 yrs younger. The only thing arshavin has on diaby is workrate.

  24. The back 4 for Bolton’s visit will be just the way I like it. I hope Nasri partner Denilson in CM and Vela get a run on the left. Bendtner could do nicely on the right as he can not be ignored there by oppossition LBs. That will help Sagna bomb forward and give some help to our RCM. For this one I would leave Diaby on the bench for although Bendy-boy is slow, Diaby is slower. Bendy also can go outside defenders instead of trying to cut in all the time. Same with Vela. Good opportunity for crosses for Ade and reduce his likelyhood of being offside. Nasri and RVP supporting him will be too much skill for almost any defense, and a good eye for goal.

    I sincerely hope the Ireland-For-Arsenal is an April fools joke.

  25. @Taygoon, You cant compare the two,Arshavin is far way too good on the wing and Diaby is much better in the middle.Diaby more skilled??i dont think so!!!More powerfull shot than Arshavin??? I dont think either!!!First,Arshavin is much faster on his run and knows where to run when the attack is launched which is our actual biggest lack in our play now, Arsha has got more powerfull shot same as all his fellow russians, and much much more intelligent on his final touch.I used to be a basket ball and soccer player, and I also love collective sport like hand ball and the rest, but one thing I know in all collective games is: The faster you are the better you are.You are slow, even if you are the most clever player, you are nothing.
    All of us has only started to see the best of Diaby when AW started to put him again in the FRont Mdfld as an assistnt striker and also when scored agst Portsmouth.He will be a very good player even as I used to hate the lads,I start to see a future P.vierra in him.Hes got everything to be the best from size to skills, the guy knows how to dribble, strong, sharp sighted.He just needs to work more on his run, especially the HOW and Where he should go for his mates to be able to pass him the ball(Not waiting for the ball to be passed to him and then try to dribble in between 3 defenders).His run with Eboue was fantastic, and I didnt really worshiped his goal that day but worshiped HIS RUN,coz that was the 1st time I saw him pass and then run afterward to follow.He needs to do that more so often and I beleive that Diaby would one of the greatest.

  26. I would prefer to see eboue with diaby in front again, with startin 11 like this:
    Eboue –Diaby–Nasri

    Vela or Eboue I wouldnt mind, but Diaby in that position has been very efficient for us.

  27. Does anyone know about the return of Walcott???I hope he LL be fit when we play Roma in Feb.

  28. Wow, Taygoon, Diaby better than Arshavin?? How come I haven’t noticed that? How come the rest of the world hasn’t noticed that? Where are the clubs beating down the door at Ashburton Grove to sign that wonder-kid, Diaby?
    Seriously though, I admire fan loyalty to our players but that’s stretching things too far, a bit like Diaby himself, who in my opinion is a lanky streak of piss who will never be class.
    Where’s that Diaby to Inter rumour, MoMoney? I would love that to be true. We can use the 2 pounds and a toffee apple that we’d get for him to put towards buying Arshavin. Or do you reckon we’d get 20 mil for him Taygoon?

    In Peace.

  29. look, as for arshavin it seems like he is coming to us. theres no other speculation about him (except for juve), and this seems rather similar to the Nasri deal, more or less, when rather than if the deal is going to get done.
    and honestly i wouldnt mind ireland for toure, putting some more flair in the midfield, and the fact that Toure isnt getting playing time…
    Also if Toure goes, it means we will have to keep Gallas, and i know some fans wouldnt like that because of his attitude, but id take quality over anyting, considering gallas is captain anymore.
    I think it’ll be a gallas-Djourou CB partnership all season long…

  30. @ Old Timer and Radads RSA:

    Diaby is not the finished article. What I am talking about is pure “raw” skill. I said Arshavin has a better workrate and that includes speed, and experience (non EPL though) which gives him an overall edge right now. If you guys noted, I did not say Diaby is better overall. With the kind of money we are likely to pay for him, him being just 3 yrs short of 30, his likely contribution after Cesc and Rosicky are all fit and back, with the fact that as a striking option, RVP and Eduardo are much better imo, with Vela looking to surpass Arshavin in a season or 2, we are buying a “Russian Hleb” we are not going to use that much.

    With a consinstent run at CM both as a AM or in the hole, Diaby can be way better and more effective @ 24 than Arshavin @ 27. Plus Arshavin will have almost a negligible resale value.

    As to the “How come the rest of the world hasn’t noticed that? Where are the clubs beating down the door at Ashburton Grove to sign that wonder-kid, Diaby?”, well most fans are “RIGHT NOW” “junkies”. After all the “I want out”, “I like Arsena/Barcelona/Spurs, etc” nobody is beating down the door at Zenit to sign the super Arsh, are they? It is left for him and his agent to make all the noises( where are the most of Arshavin rumours comming from appart from himself and his agent?)

    The EPL is fast and Physical. Although he is fast, he may not be of a lot of help to us untill he buff up a little and for a player @ 27 is not as easy as a 22 yo. My point being he may become redundunt (after all our big guns come back) before he is physically able to cope with the league.

  31. After my dig, above, at Diaby it’s my turn to defend the ‘indefensble’ in the shape of Nik Bendtner. I see that his goal against Plymouth, which was given as an own goal at the time, has now been officially awarded to the Bendster. Yay! That’s my boy. I still say he can make it.

    On another matter – Toure. No, say it ain’t so, Kolo. I don’t believe this story anyway. I know he put in the transfer request but I read that it was all smoothed over now. Kolo is Arsenal through and through. A top man and a top player. I never want him to leave. He should be coaching the kids or something when his playing career’s over. In the meantime he should have plenty left in him. I like the recent ideas being posted of putting him in the center back position. The guy’s a total professional. Works like a bastard. Never gives up. And in one of our few with experience. Koloooooooooooooooo!!!

  32. Both Gallas and Silvestre out for 3 weeks now… IMO this means Kolo stays… We will finally get to see a Kolo Djourou partnership…

  33. Nicely defended, with a straight bat, Taygoon.
    I’d just like to say though that I haven’t seen anything from Diaby, at 24, that would suggest he’ll be better in a year, two years or whatever. I don’t think he’s improved in anyway at all since he first turned out for the Gunners and ‘looked promising’.
    About Arshavin, there are suggestions that the EPL will be too rough for him but does anyone actually know what the Russian league is like? Russians aren’t generally thought of as being a bunch of softies are they? And of course he was the star of Euro ’08. Plus look at Eduardo. He ain’t exactly big is he?

    Look, I’m not saying Arshavin is ‘our shaviour’ (there’s a pun there – geddit?) but I’m crying out for some zip and pep in our team. Some ball skills. Some dynamism. Don’t you agree?
    Some of The Gunners performances this season have actually bored me – and it’s a long time since I’ve felt that.

  34. Consider the Irony, Super Arshavin’s only link rumoured is one of the stingiest of big clubs in world football. Why? he is not that special to warrant his valuation. If spurs can pay 15 or 16 milion pounds for the like of Defoe and Bent, they surely wouldn’t mind paying 4 more mils for him if he were that good.

    What I am trying to say is, for his worth, I wouldn’t do a straight swap with Diaby. The guy is good, don’t get me wrong, but I see much more returns from Diaby than him down the years

  35. Old Timer; I am dying for some zip in our performances, but is us fans who started to demand gritty performances from the team and say forget about being fancy? We have put our team under too much preassure (some of their own making) to the point that they are probably more scared @ the Grove than at OT. In suc situations fancy football can be a hard thing to come by.

  36. Tomorrow is Wenger’s confrence. I cant wait to hear what he has to say about the Arshavin rumours, he will probably give us the “i dont have to explain anything to you” or the “there is no progress, i will let you know if theres progress” story again, but it would still be nice to hear his thaughts.

    I think saying Arshavin is too small for the EPL is unfair fellas. We have a load of good players that are quit small in size, Cesc, Flamini was not big, Walcott, Nasri, that doesnt mean they cant make it in the EPL. Ive seen him play a number of times, this is quit strong for his size and he uses his body perfectly to shield the ball. Arshavin is a mixture of Hleb and Rosicky, the speed, agility and skill of Hleb and the lethal shot and killer instinct of Rosicky. We need someone that will unlock the defense, this bloke is great for that job.

  37. @Taygoon, you might be right about the fans story, we did put alot of pressure on our own team, thats why may be they have lost their confidence.Look at our game agst Feinrbch:We won them AWAY, 4 or 5-1 I dont remember but it was just a huge difrnce,After sometime when they came to the Emirates,we had a draw HOME.I think we need to stop criticising our team from now.
    About Diaby, Diaby doesnt need to wait till next year to show how gud he is.As I said, he was very gud as a central attackin mdfldr.If AW will keep him permanent at this spot, i would say he would be a revelation for us.The lad has never had a big chance to put down wht he knows on show.What i know is:If he keeps on doing those good runs like he did with portsmth and if AW will still keep him on that spot,He will be our next P-vierra after 3 to 4 games.By the time we reach our 1st CL game, he will be permanent at that spot.
    Matter of fact, we have never gave chance to our team to proove themselves.Every single mistakes, we smashed them on critics and bad words.Why not put a bit of a change on our attitude this time?? As our team has already showed that they can change theirs, from the pitch to the management level.

  38. This would be a good occasion for Toure now to proove himself as the ever “Invincible Gunner’s Center Back”.Now he can have more playtime to proove what is he capable of??/

  39. Agree with Gibbs re: Arshivin. A combination of Hleb and Rosicky sounds about right. And we need that to start playing exciting football and unlocking defenses again.

    Regarding Diaby, he isn’t in the same league right now. What he seems to miss are 1. The motor to keep going all game and 2. Speed of thought. He certainly isn’t lacking in speed, strength or dribbling ability. I really wonder if at some point it will all click for him and he will start making good decisions with the ball, or if instead, that kind of thing is unteachable.

  40. @SF,

    Haven’t heard from you this clip…Are the lions beer kickn’ your but…Good beer? You send me a case & I’ll pay you with some Sam Adams?

  41. @SF,

    Sorry mate! I was asking about the favorite beer you mentioned you were drinking. It sounded tasty…Send me a batch of it..and I will return the favour with my favourite…

  42. @ Hartwick89 – It was Tiger beer, from Singapore I think? Not my favourite but not bad at all. I prefer Kirin, Becks and Heineken. Amazing beers all of them.

    What about you?

  43. @SF,
    My gift to you is an American Beer! You have given all of us the gift of venting, loving, hating, sacrificing…time for Arsenal. I want to send you grattitude for this….I hear you! When your computer is down, or when you are tired, or when you are sick! My repayment is a good beer from my homeland! This is a great blog! Cheers mate!

  44. Is everyone else happy with Almunia? I think we need to sign a quality keeper to help instill some confidence in the rest of the team.

    As for Diaby, he is a good squad player and can play in several positions, but saying he is of the Vieira mould is ridiculous. I still think Barry slotting inside with Fabregas is the answer.

    As for Arshavin, why not have a bit of competition? We will need him for the rest of this season with injuries (his transfer fee will be repaid by CL revenue if we beat Villa for 4th spot)and then we can start next season with Arshavin, Walcott, Nasri and Rosicky all competing for places 0 we could even push Walcott further up field.

    We need to spend money on 3 quality players in this window. Arsene knows that but his hands are tied by the Board. I admire his loyalty though – no other manager in the EPL would put up with this level of criticism when there is no money to spend.

  45. More Ribery talk has made me uncomfortable..He is one of my favorite players and I would HATE to see him with ManU/ Chelsea/ Real Madrid… I pray its either Arsenal or Barca though i think its a long shot that its us…

  46. @ SF and Old Timer:-
    Bendtner make the grade- never! Massive ego, limited ability. Hopefully he’ll be off to West Ham and we’ll be rid of him. Bring it on.

  47. At today’s press conference A.W. sayed the “Kolo Story is dead” so good news there, no more comment at this time re Arshavin.

    Newspaper talk is that both Eboue and Diaby are wanted by Mourinho at Milan.

    Urgent reminder to Mr Gazidis… sign up Van Persie and Walcott to new long term contracts or we could lose them soon!

    Favourite beers, in summer Adnams Regatta in winter Fullers London Pride. I don’t consider Becks and Heineken to be beers they are mere lagers.

  48. Sky Sports has stated that AW itimated the negotiations are going well for Arshavin….the smoke screen continues!!

    Favourite brazilian beers..Bohemia, Antartic Original, Brahma Extra and Skol

  49. @ Lux – Brazil aren’t exactly known for their beers but I distinctively remember enjoying a caipirinha or 13 while I was over there. Let the good times roll.

  50. @ Spanish: BOOOO to you too my friend! Having read your comments about your beer preferences, I’ll make the following offer: For every first class hat-trick Bendtner scores for Arsenal, I’ll send you a case of Becks all the way from Merry England! I’m almost confident enough to state that I’ll come over there and drink it with you! It’ll never happen of course. It really gives me no pleasure slagging off one of our own, but I just don’t see what it is about the Dreaded Dane that you and Old Timer see. Enlighten me.

  51. @ Spanish- Also mate, I may introduce you to the pleasures of Theakstones Old Peculiar: now there’s a real beer….

  52. Now Gallas is out injured it’s a good chance for AW to shunt him out towards the exit door without hurting his oh so delicate feelings. In the meantime we can have Kolo back instead. When Gallas recovers, stick him on the subs bench until we can flog him off. A talented player but a terrible influence.
    Why do we have so many injuries though? Do we need a new physio?

    Dixon2 (ah, there’s a memory)Almunia may not be the best but he’s fine in my book. If we were going to buy another player I’d say a new keeper is way down in the order of priorites.

    Johno – I’m with you on the London Pride and I’d say Directors and Abbot Ale too. No use telling Aussies that though, they only drink that ice cold piss.

  53. Fatboy – if I can answer too, I think Bendtner makes things happen and puts himself about, which I like. He doesn’t just wait for someone to set him up. He’s also pretty nifty at setting up chances for others, something which seems to get overlooked in his game by his critics. I could go on but I just keep remembering how he came off the bench and scored that winner against Totnumb with a towering header – his first touch of the ball. (Almunia also saved a pen in that game)and he also scored that late winner against Kiev which was an important goal. I don’t know if he’ll get a hat-trick but I bet he scores some more important goals. Actually I reckon he may have a massive future although I concede that he’s out of form at the moment.

  54. arsaven he is agood player he is fast if he say yes that is good & u want another player like patrice viera he have terms he can help fabregas

  55. One thing I have noticed about our team with Cesc in it and with Nasri at CM(it might be a coincidence). A ball-player like Nasri understands his fellow “ball-player” RVP while a passer like Fab likes to play a ball that needs just a little finishing touches hence he is more likely to look for the likes of Ade, Eduardo and Bendtner. RVP is more comfortable pulling tricks of his own so he likes leaving himself with something to do which may not be in Cesc priority. Nasri on the other hand, understands tricks and flicks and may be quick to figure out what RVP want to pull and is more willing to trust him with a pass/ball that is not “on a plate”. If I am right, we are about to witness the best attack we have had for a while, provided Nasri is preffered @ CM. Diaby is also a ball-player but a bit more selfish/hungry at the moment. Denilson(yes I had to mention him) is a combination of both aspects that is why I will always preffer him on the team sheet. If Eduardo can make it back into the team, he is a player that can benefit from both approaches unlike Adebayor and Bendtner(to ask all 2 to sort of create and finnish is a bit of a streatch. they either create for others, or finish)

    In a sad, pathetic kinda way, Cesc’s absence may unleash a brand new, and very deadly Arsenal.

  56. To add to the last comment;

    Wilshere and Ramsay are still trying to do stuff on their own to concentrate on the strength of their team mates. It is a stage they have to go through. Once they are through it, They will be terrific.

  57. “…Cesc’s absence may unleash a brand new, and very deadly Arsenal.”
    Let us hope so. That would be veddy nice. In the meantime let us set fire to the pants of Bolton Wanderers this Saturday, cremate them and scatter their ashes to the winds.
    Should Liverpiddle lose and we win we’re only 7 points behind!

  58. the club that I really wish to loose its everysingle game is A.VILLA, I dont know why do i hate these guys??May be because they are competing with us on the4th position!!??.I dont know if you guys feel the same.
    My best beer:Three Horses Beer of Madagascar and Heineken (CL official beer), I also take Peroni sometimes.
    @Taygoon, Cesc’s presence for me has been always a big difference.Game’s differnt when he is there.The worse game of Cesc I have seen so far was only 2 great passes.Cesc can average to 3 to 5 assists per match but then again,our finisher always missed.

  59. Why arent they showin the ARSENAL game on FOX this weekend and CANTINA its a new beer but ITS FUCKEN TOPS BOYZ try it.

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