Arsenal, with love

In early 2007 the Arsenal FC Blog was born.

In the five following years the blog has been nurtured with care and compassion, subsequently congregating a community of readers who have enjoyed its positivity and rationality while the majority of the online football world descends into madness.

Unfortunately, last season the Arsenal FC Blog and its faithful community was left feeling abused and neglected. It had little to do with the football on display. Nor did it have to do with Robin van Persie.

Inconsistent editorial and posting from a burnt-out, uninspired leader left a lot of readers feeling left out, hurt and confused.

Some turned to drugs to fill the void. Others turned different Arsenal blogs. But one cannot simply be content with other Arsenal blogs once they’ve read the Arsenal FC Blog. (Unless they’re Arseblog or Arsenal Column, damn those blogs are good.)

While the community stumbled around in a haze, wondering where it had all gone wrong, the AFCB’s leader sat in his moderately-sized room, pondering a way to turn it all around.

So without further ado we bring you the new Arsenal FC Blog.

An Arsenal blog where feature articles, match reports and black and white photos are king. A place where love for Arsenal, positivity towards the game of football and respect for each other are demanded.

A place where we support the four scamps in the photo at the top of the page — and the rest of their rascally teammates — simply because they wear the famous purple and black of the Arsenal. It’s Arsenal, with love.

Welcome back and thanks for sticking with us.



  1. Great to have you back Andy, cannot wait for the new season to start. Perhaps you could squeeze me in for a guest post on my visit to the Emirates some time? It wasn’t much of a game sadly, we only put five past Tottenham that day. 😉

    I look forward to the blog coming back as big as ever and better than that even, it has been missed.

  2. just look at how m city have pushed up the wages of adeBUYor and now no club will match it so he will have to see out his contract and take a dip in wages when it runs out im sure the same will be for narsi adam johnson and others that play most of their football from the bench!!

  3. Awesome new look Andy. Very elegant. I’ve been MIA for the last year too. Can’t wait for the new season and new blogs. I just couldn’t get into any other blogs. Nice work.

  4. Welcome back Andy. The blog looks impressive and so do the re-launch.

    I am sorry that i cannot follow Bertrand intellectual rule , since everyone lives on their own beliefs attached to the facts and being an AFC reader and Arsenal supporter , i always love to be part of the emotions without any hatred , following the moral rule.

    Arsenal looks set for the title this season with a very positive note on transfers and wishing your new blog style is expressed with our title winning matches this season.

  5. And now the last twitter from Santi Cazorla:

    Santi Cazorla ‏@SCazorla12

    I want to say that since this moment I’m a Gunner. Quiero decir que desde este momento soy Gunner.

  6. if cazorla signs van persie lack of ambition statement goes wrong. Will Van Persie take a U turn and stay in the team? . If really money is not important for him , his goals will surely go for the cup with the present squad arsenal possess.

  7. Great to see Arsenal FC blog alive and well – it’s one of the best and most consistently balanced and positive sites for Gunner supporters. It will be a better season now that you’re back.

    Liking the new look – clean, sharp and stylish.

    Exciting times! Big names, relatively big money. I can’t wait to see how the new look Arsenal will gel offensively. Defensively however…well, I want to stay positive (at least until August 18th).

    RvP? Who’s RvP?

    Up the Arsenal

  8. Welcome back Andy…..this was well worth the wait.
    So much to be excited about this season….quality squad and blog upgrading..happy days.

  9. Welcome back. Really looking forward to the new season whether RVP stays or not. Hope he goes to Italy and not Manchester. I’m more worried about Theo but hey, Wenger looks like he’s finally spending. We need a new hard man in midfield and I think we will be ok and the new home kit looks great however the away kit is …. suspect.

    Anyway, looks like a few players are still missing for the start of the season but I’ve got really good feedback from other Gonners. Let’s pray for a trophey in May. Why not?!?!?

  10. You need to be posting every day to maintain and to increase your hits. Arseblog is overrated Le grove is way ahead of it.

    Best of luck with it Andrew.

  11. Arsenal Football Club is delighted to announce that Spain international Santi Cazorla has joined the Club on a long-term contract.

    Santi Cazorla – full name Santiago Cazorla González – joins Arsenal for an undisclosed fee from Malaga. He was a key part of the Malaga side which finished fourth in La Liga last season, qualifying for the UEFA Champions League for the first time in the club’s history.

    Cazorla, a versatile 27-year-old attacking midfielder, has made a total of 45 appearances for Spain and was a member of his country’s victorious squads at the European Championship in 2008 and 2012.

    Before joining Malaga in 2011, Cazorla spent two spells at Villarreal, making 181 appearances and helping ‘the Yellow Submarine’ finish runners-up in La Liga in 2008. In between these spells, he spent
    the 2006/07 season in La Liga on loan at Recreativo. Cazorla spent the early part of his career at youth level with Spanish side Oviedo.

    Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger said: “Santi Cazorla is a great signing for us. He is a player with good experience at both club and international level, who will add significant quality to our squad.

    “He is a versatile, attacking midfield player who can play comfortably on either side of the pitch or centrally. He has good pace, is technically gifted and will be a huge asset to Arsenal Football Club.
    We are delighted that he is joining us.”

    Cazorla, who was voted Spanish Player of the Year in 2007, said: “I’m so happy to be joining Arsenal. This is a club with great players, a fantastic stadium and huge support.

    “The Club has one of the best managers in football and their style of play is recognised and admired all over the world.

    “I’m so excited to be joining one of the greatest teams in Europe and also in the Premier League. I will do my best to help Arsenal challenge for trophies and make all the supporters happy.”

    Everyone welcomes Santi to the Club, his squad number will be confirmed in due course.

  12. Christmas has come early fellow gooners!!!
    Santi has arrived and comes bearing gifts….time to dust down the trophy cabinet.
    Finally Mr. Wenger you have signed a proven international big game player.
    Thank you!!!

  13. I hope this does enough to make RVP reconsider. If he goes to Juve not so bad but if he goes to the Mancs he will become a hate figure. C,mon Robin we have a great season ahead, don’t be a traitor. I remember Frank Stapleton doing the same, nice guy but I never forgave him.

    Anyway if he does go who needs a Robin when you have got Santa . wish I had thought of that but I saw it elsewhere

  14. Boy!!!! am i Dreaming,??? or what!!!!!

    This season looks very very very good and if robin stays am in heaven…..

  15. Finally it’s official Cazorla is arsenal player now. The master mind behind pushing our signings is our captain Van Persie.After every signing over for this season , i am hoping our captain and his assist partner signs in style to lead the way to lift title this season.

    Come on Van Persie you are the true successor to Bergkamp and you are the true captain . Even if you leave i will always thank you for the change you brought in to arsenal this season.

  16. Ferguson says he doesn’t know why Arsenal are operating this way over the RVP transfer. Shall I tell him politely or does anyone else want to venture a guess why we don’t want to sell him our best player?

  17. @Restub – Well Ferguson already have the answer with him. Remind what he said about Berbatov wanting to leave – “The boy obviously wants to leave, but I’m easy about it. If he stays, I’ll be happy. If somebody comes in for him, we’ll assess it.”

    So only assessment and not selling as per his words.

    Ferguson should not expect Van Persie to do a Berbatov to favour his bid.

  18. I believe if Robin goes than Walcott and Song are surely next.
    The way to stem the tide is to win the League.

  19. Welcome back Andy. Nice to have you back! Hoping to see more posts soon!

    Bring on the next season. Van Persie or not!

  20. We just HAMMERED Podolski’s former club 4-0……
    Welcome back Arshavin, Hail King Robin(Thank you so much for making the board to wake up…..I know you will not leave)…

    Everyone did very well today, but Diaby and Chamakh were not impressive at all……I’m not sure they should be allowed to feature for us in the Carling cup…they are so awful

  21. Gunfest
    May 18, 2012 at 5:23 pm #
    RVP has joined the pre tournement Deutch team without signing a contract extension or pledging his future to Arsenal. Wenger should be worried.

    Here is what Wenger should tell RVP to increase the chanes to keep him:
    ” Van Percy, we value your contribution with Arsenal, you have been a great captain to this club. I can not garanty that we will the title next yearv but the board and myself are commited in rebuilding Arsenal so it can challenge for the title.
    We started by getting Podolski, we will add at least 2 more new players this summer: a technically gifted passer ,scorer offensive midfielder and a new CB who will compete with Varmalin and Kos for a starting position that will keep them on their toes.
    Over the next few transfer seasons , we will let go of players who have been disappointing , and replace them with talented new players.
    We will not be able to spend 30 or 40 mil on 1 player like Man city or united, but we will go out and search the whole planet for affordable talented players who can play up to Arsenal’s standard.
    This is our pledge to you Van Percy, do not judge us by what we say , but our actions in the next couple years. ”
    “PS there is pest gooner called Gunfest who has pestering me to go to South America or even look in the championship league for cheaper talent…I will try to do that too”

  22. I’m really really proud and happy about the way we have conducted ourselves this transfer window…..I just cant seem to be able to wait for next weekends matches. Ki from Celtic would not be a bad addition, but Coquelin is rapidly improving and i would actually prefer him subbing Song instead. But, if we were to get Sahin(meaning Diaby would’ve outlived his usefulness), then …Go WENGER, Go WENGER, Go!

    I sincerely hope Ramsey gets sold too…

  23. V.persie is staying at least for this season. We don’t mind if he decides to go after this comming season.No need to worry if he doesn’t commit to arsenal. His words were unequivocal.” am playing the last year in my contract that is it” He didn’t say i want to play for another club. We must stop demonizing V.persie. With him on the squad,we are second to MANCITY and at arms length with Chelsea. Our players are at the right ends of their ages literally meaning they have a pedigree over the talented Chelsea young players.
    Guys our opponents are already scared. We are practically stronger than M.United the comming season with V.persie as the captain.
    The only weak point is the defensive midfield position.Besides Song we have no other. Dont tell me of Coqueline or Diaby. They are rubbish. we need an experienced backup for Song. A Chek Tiote,Wilshere,Mvilla like player will complete the missing puzzle. Man city have Yaya Toure and Dejong. W need an achor man if we are to close gulf in class and quality with City.

  24. While i too have the same feeling as your’s GunnerBoss. Van persie forced the board for new signings and he wants to stay.

    For me Arshavin or Diaby ,they both doesn’t fit in the midfield trio or winger role.They are more like scoring Hleb, playing behind striker attracting defenders ,creating space,dynamic with their runs or pure finishing and with minimal defensive responsibilities.A 4-3-1-2 CF players.

    So truly we are one short in midfield as delano pointed .But it will be great if professor can find some quality who can do an Arteta more than Song. I expect if he plays like arteta he will be versatile to cover song too.

  25. @Delano I think you are wrong about Coquelin. He might not be the finished article and I am not suggesting he will make the team this year, but in a year or two he is going to be very good. watch how brave he is in the tackle… one to watch

  26. This is really really sad. We’ve finally lost our captain to the mancs. Who do we now replace him with? There will be a void somewhere and this is where another experienced utility Rb/Cb or Dm/Cb(Song type) player needs to come in.
    Cos if we fail to outscore the opponent, then we better be best at stopping them from scoring at all. Do the 1-0 to the Arsenal……Can we do this all season?

    What is happening to B52? He is a million times better than Chamakh. Wenger better start trusting Park more than Chamakh…..he was an integral part of the team that won bronze recently.

    I feel really good about the team, but if RVP is to be with us, then we would be the strongest team in the league. Now we are looking ten times more competitive, why on earth does he still want to move? I think it has to be all about the money then. Nothing else should make him move, cos we have finally shown desire.

    Now Wenger wants to keep him and he is forcing Wenger to sell his first player to the Sir. Anti-climax. It just feels annoying cos we would be much more stronger. Anyways, lets hope Wilshere picks up form immediately on his return. Up the Gunners……………..

  27. Did anybody else see the Wenger interview on Sky at the end of season where he smiled coyly and said you would see Van Persie in the PL in a red jersey next season..i know this was the first moment of dread i felt at the possibilty of him joining utd.
    Now it has come to pass I dont know whether Im enraged at Wenger and it shows how little value he holds in the average fan or whther the point is moot and he truly believed Rvp would sign…the latter is not backed up by the out of character swift signings of giroud and podolski which make me feel it wasnt a change of mentality from Wenger, a huge statement of intent, but instead replacements for the outgoing hypocrite that had the cheek to take the armband off vermaelen when he came on sunday.
    Its just not meant to be that us Arsenal fans can go a sustained period of time without a kick in the nuts.
    We needed to rid ourselves of squillachi, bendtner, chamakh, park, arshavin and one or two others…yet we once again sell one of our strongest to a rival…Song will not stay now.
    This will be Arsene Wengers last season.
    Dont think either that we are in the market again now because we are not. this sale was to balance the books from the three signings..we will not spend the rvp money.
    Really uncertain about how next season will be now.

  28. What a kick in the nuts. Many people have said before that we have become a a feeder side and now even i am beginning to wonder. You could argue that £20 million plus is good for an injury prone striker, I hope he’ll be happy in Manc land. As much aas it turns my stomach I still cant raise the same level of contempt I have for Nasri and Cashley,

    On the plus side I watched the cologne game and sensed a hunger I havent seen for a while in Podolski. I’m an eternal optomism but if song goes without a replacement we are taking a step backwards,

  29. Unfortunately, Arsenal were put in an impossible position by RvP. At least this time we got a) a bucketload of cash and b) had the foresight to buy good, solid replacements prior to him leaving.

    It’s annoying the RvP left. Still, we lost Fabregas last season and then someone stood up and filled the gap. There’s a challenge on the table to the next Arsenal legend.

  30. It is surprising that RVP deciding to leave even though Wenger has made some good additions to the team. IMO we lost RVP at least 2 or 3 years ago, I remember him asking the club to add talent to the team.
    He was our last truly world class player left at the club, let’s move on and face the new reality.
    We are an injury away from Kos or Vermalen or to Song to be in real trouble.
    There is nothing we can do about the past, we need to keep rebuilding this team. We still have players on this who do not the skills or the temperament to hep us compete for a major trophy , let ‘s add talents for the next 2 years and glory will return soon to Arsenal.

  31. Guys this sounds a big joke to me. Any ways he was bound to leave and this was the best chance for him to advance his career.But not with United our eternal rivals. The rivalry has now just begun.
    We don’t loose anything at the moment apart from the moral. We just have to let Chamakh,Squid,Diaby,Rosicky and other dead wood leave immediately. Buy Mvilla immediately and another striker. I dont know who but there are so many young strikers (Lewondowski). But guys in truth am so demoralised already. I dont see any positive from this sale. Unless we use the money to buy two quality players in the remaining 6 days.

  32. When are we gonna have a totally stable and trophy contender team? I believe that this will never happen. Once again, the club has failed to keep our best player and now again Song, our REAL best player is also rumoured to leave for Cheating barca. Im starting to think that there is no point to support such a club which does not even try to satisfy the hunger of its fans but always acting in the interest of the organisation. Arsenal should look after its stakeholders which is primaraly the fans. If there was a real Backbone inside the Arsenal team last year, then it would be cetainly RVP and SONG. You guys know what the Red devils Fans say?: RVP FAILED TO PASS THE MEDICAL TEST AT MANUTD DUE TO A SERIOUS BACK PROBLEM AS HE CARRIED A WHOLE CLUB LAST SEASON” Nobody else could deny the accuracy of this fact, and nobody can say that Podolski can replace RVP.!!! If RVP wanted money, he would have gone to ManCITy, but he wanted TROPHY as all players and Fans want. Arsene Wenger and Arsenal should stop this strategy and for once look at a more ethical way of running this club because its not working for the Club. What AW is gonna aagain? The team needs to gel again ot what???? This club has focused on a different strategic objective and has taken away the trophy challenge from it. It sad sad

  33. This club has no identity at all except for its money machine straregy. There is no value transferred on to the Fans whch are the primary customers and stakeholders. To me this is not convincing enough as a sustainable strategy as Its not benefiting its primary stakeholders but only and purely benefiting the organisation’s financial strategy. THE BUSINESS MODEL IS WRONG!!!!!. TOO GREEDY AND MISPLACED!!!!. Wher is the Identity of the team itself for its Fans? we keep on changing the identity and there is no permanent and a real figure that represent the club which is the main operational asset of the organisation. Please wake stingy DUDES!!!!

  34. As a fan my emotions runs high and i am speechless , but as a human being i believe Van Persie must have taken the decision considering his personal factors.He never disappointed us fans when he wore that shirt and played with his heart out. To the sportsmanship and the love he had towards us fans i wish him very best for the future.

  35. RVP to Man-U???
    Wow, what a slap in the face. ( In Arsene we trust?)
    I thought at worst we would deal him abroad.
    Oh well, on we go.
    Can we shake this off and get all 3 against Sunderland?
    Or will this presage the demise?
    I’m staying tuned….COYG!!!

  36. i can’t believe we sold robin to MANU and a whole lot of jokers are saying we had no choice including wenger BUT that is a whole lot of devilish Rubbish.
    YES WE HAD A CHOICE sell him at a cut price abroad BUT NOOOOOOOOO
    as always sell him to the highest bidder This proves beyond a doubt that all wenger and the board are interested in is profits and f*ck the fans.

    How could you sell your best player to you rival, to stinking MAU i hate them
    its insane am f*cking mad, f*ck you wenger and the board too money grabbing sons abiches this is the last straw.
    How could they do this, noway ferguson would have done this so why are we????
    rant rant!!!!!!!!!

  37. Oh, give me a gad-damn break. Just when i thought Wenger is becoming sane, he pulls masterstrokes on us with the latest being that he wants to swell the clubs coffers to 39mil pounds. If he goes ahead and sells SONG (who has three years left on his contract) to barca for peanuts(15mil), I will crown Wenger the most evil boss in modern footballing history. He will use this money to buy early next season before offloading probably the Ox, Koscielny, Vermaelen and Szczesny to justify the FACT THAT WE ARE A SELLING CLUB yet again.
    I’m not fully convinced Wenger is french, there must be some kind of thrifty, greedy blood in him that crazes devilishly after money. He has just sold his 4th Arsenal captain and probably the 4th Arsenal player to barca in 7years. Vermaelen, our captain is distraught. Will he be next? I sincerely think so.

    Dont get me wrong, I actually think the VP sale is a masterstroke…….BUT only if he buys a proven quantity now and replaces the void with the money from the sale. Just when I was beginning to think we were gonna be competitive this season. Now, the mancs are dreaming of the treble again. When will this Wenger curse be lifted?

    He just has to buy someone who will hit the ground running, ELSE? Did i hear you ask who? There’s Hulk, Falcao and Cavani. Use up 35mil to get our new man and pay him the 150/week we wanted to pay Vp to stay and that will be sweet business. Hustle and get Sahin/Mvilla even if its on loan and then we will be even. But, even if we feel we can replace Vp, Song is/has-been an integral part of this squad(a very useful utility player) and very valuable at that. How do we replace him? Is he expecting Wilshere to be like a new signing when he finally comes back God knows when? Wont the league be wrapped up by whoever by then while we scrap for 4th again.

    He just has to appease us fans somehow now. It is just ridiculous. Finally, I think we seem to have/show no ambitions. Grab a Sahin for us please Wenger, for in you we dont yet know what/how to trust.

    I’m deflated already, been feeling down since morning i heard this. Another wenger anti-climax yet again.

  38. I am numb right now because , I have been calling out Wenger for 4 years regarding his transfer policy.
    Selling our best striker to Manure is hard to take , I would rather see him go to Juventus for 15 mil.
    The truth is that Fabregas, RVP and others have realized long time ago that the club lacked ambition despite WEnger’s rhetoric for the last 7 years.
    The truth is stubborn … Wenger wouldn’t have bought Giroux and Podolski if RVP did not let him know that he was not extending his contract. RVP knew that if he had extended , Wenger would have kept the same team without additions.
    These 3 new signings were made to calm the fans , but RVP was not fooled , me neither ! This is not a new aggressive Wenger in the transfer market rather self preservation in action!!!

    Of course, the club is growing financially!! thats very true, but the players who are the engine, the primary product for the Fans and the Primary asset generating that growth DOES NOT get a Dividend and a reasonable return from the growth. What kind of business is that?

    Just give it a quick calculated thoughts!!!!

    I know that these guys might want a huge amount of money because of their temporary Pride but if MANU can pay 200000Pd /week to RVP, why cant the Club give him that? Considering the reward of the CL place and its financial return that he has given to the Club this season. How much money does a club can acquire by being on the CL?? and the Club just stubbornly denies to consider this calculation based on the fact that they have nurtured the player ever since (As an injury prone). I hear AW proudly says: “We ve been on the CL now for the last 15 years in a row.” TO whom you owe that honor this season Mr Wenger? The answer is: RVP, SONG, Arteta, Theo. These are our true identity, these three guys (RVP, SONG, Theo) have been wearing the Arsenal jersey since 2005 that I have proudly supported after the Invinclbles.
    AW have been saying : Wait wait be patient, we are Growing and growing BUT NO trophy. Please hang on to this Salary because we are giving you the opportunity to be a star, but when the Club is stable we will reward you. Hey Mr Wenger, its been 7 years now, these players have done their best to have kept you on the CL and top 4 for these 7years. To me, a reasonable reward to AW by giving opportunity to these lads would be a 3 years return from the CL, that should be enough.My calculation is even giving me 2 and half years but Ive given it three to be conservative. Now, what about the 4 years that these players have given to you Mr WEnger? Did you give them the deserving return from those in their Salaries? thats why Cesc keeps on Saying: I THINK I HAVE DONE ENOUGH FOR ARSENAL!! BECAUSE I VE ALREADY GIVEN EVERYTHING FOR IT. He is right I believe, and he said this not because of money but because of his passion.

    Who s next: Theo? Vermaelen? Wilshere? I can bet you guys that AW will not buy any single player from the RVP money(24mil Pd), U d be a stupid kid or a novice Arsenal fan to believe that he is gonna spend it. Sorry guys but im a fully grown person to tell you this.

  40. There is now a top 3 in the EPL: Mancity , Manu , Chelski and we are in the second tier with spurs, LFC, New Castle …
    The worst case scenario , we finish outside the top 4 , fans are angry Wenger decides to leave and we are left in shambles to rebuild.

    Arsenal as a club will survive no matter ,long after Wenger, but I believe the brand has been destroyed . 7 years ago you could watch Arsenal and even you were not a football expert recognize that you were watching a unique brand of football. These days you can’t distinguish our style or play from Liverpool or New castle, all the world class talent have left.
    Yes some good players left but we are not winning the league or the champions league with them.
    What if Vermalen or Kos have an ankle injury, there is no savior this year, no RVP.

  41. How a bit of optimism? Sure I am not happy either, but at the end of the day if he wants to go that’s his issue. With a bit of luck he,ll join a whole load of failures who thought they were too good for our team,Hleb Adebayor etc.

    We have some good players to look forward to, Podolski,
    Girould and Santi and hopefully Jack back soon. If Song wants to go, show him the door and Letts have some players who want to play for our team

    I say our team because whatever happens they are my team man and boy, it’s in my blood and cannot be extracted

    As for being in the same tier as Liverpool, Spurs and Newcastle, please tell me the last time anyone of the three finished above Arsenal. I,m guessing it was Liverpool and it’s been a long time.

    I for one will be cheering my team along tomorrow

    If you want teams that are bankrolled go to Chelsea or City

  42. I like Giroux and Podolski , they are not in the same class with RVP. I will continue to support Arsenal long after Wenger has left arsenal, but we are no longer in the same class with Mancity , united and Chelsea .
    We ar lucky that Modric has left Spurs because could have been embarrassing.

  43. @Retsub
    Come on dude, I wanna keep our team captains and best players.
    Are you telling me we don’t have enough money to do that? Or is it ambition we’re short on.
    The team has become a cash cow. It’s hard to go to any football site and see another one of our best players holding up his new opposition jersey with a big s**t eatin’ grin on his face and stay optimistic.

  44. Hiya Lefty
    I dont know the answer to your question but i do know that if we’d payed RVP £225k per week evry other player in the team would be demanding a rise.

    Its a sad fact that football today is governed by money. I, d bet that if you drew a direct comparison between club finaces and their league position you’d find a direct patern,

    If you go back to pre premiership days, teams like Nottingham Foest, Derby etc won the league, it simply wont happen like that again

    Personally i would rather support a well financed well managed club than a team that is a hobby to their sponsor.

    We all know that if Abu Dhabi owned Arsenal we’d win everything, but I wouldn;t get a great deal of pleasure out of it,

    I truly believe we will do well this year (asssuming if song is sold we get a decent replacementI was watching Podolski in the Cologne game and he looked really hungry

    Cant help it I;m really up for it this year

  45. @retsub
    Agreed on the last. Let’s get this thing going with all 3 from Sunderland and, a clean sheet.


  46. On a lighter note … We all remember “the great ” Eboue , he sent a tweet yesterday calling Van Persie ” disloyal and a donkey for betraying Arsenal” he was not a great player , his antics were aggravating but he loved Arsenal , like few players have this club, that is why he cried so much when he was booed by our fans.

  47. @gunfest
    Couldnt agree more loved the way he was always last off the pitch and took time to speak with the fans

    If we are going to challege this year its imperitive we get off to a good start. Hope there is a positive atmosphere at the Emirates today


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