Arsenal will be fine as long as Wenger pulls his finger out

For those that have been waiting for me to write a match report from Arsenal’s 1-0 loss to Fulham, I’m sorry. There will be no report today. Or ever. It was that painful.

Instead, I will quickly run through the key points to take out of the game and attempt to convince you that this loss is not the worst thing in the world and that this Arsenal side still possess the attributes necessary to win a major trophy this season.

Here goes…

The game can be summarised as follows: Arsenal had no midfield, a captain who performed some of the most feeble defending I’ve ever seen and a manager who got a couple of key team selections all wrong. Kolo Toure should never have been brought back in the place of Johan Djourou and a still rusty Robin van Persie should not have returned in the place of Nicklas Bendtner. In theory Toure and van Persie might be better players but on current form and general sharpness the other two are streets ahead.

Although not one person played well the obvious problem was the midfield. Denilson was woeful and the combination of him and Emmanuel Eboue should never be repeated. They were OK against West Bromwich Albion but this was just ridiculous.

I’ve said quite a few times but Denilson is just not ready to be relied upon and that’s even when Cesc Fabregas is playing. He might become a good player in two or three years but he’s just not there yet. In my opinion he’s still well short of the quality needed to play consistently at that level and will continue to be found out if Wenger sticks with him. I’m sorry to be harsh on the youngster but that’s the way I feel.

Although I sound very, very negative today I do think Arsenal can win the Premiership. But on one condition – that Arsene Wenger make the signing that every single Arsenal supporter knows he needs to make. The manager has said that a defensive midfielder is coming in and it absolutely has to happen. If it doesn’t then I think Arsenal are in some big trouble. If it does and as long as they are a quality player, then this side will bounce back.

Our goalkeeper is a good enough. Our centre-backs are good enough. Our wing-backs are good enough. Our wingers are good enough. Our strikers are good enough. Our central midfielders are NOT good enough. Simple as that.

Cesc Fabregas is good enough. Abou Diaby is good enough. Denilson, Aaron Ramsey and Alex Song are not good enough yet. They might be in two or three years but they’re not good enough right now. And for those that point to Mathieu Flamini not being good enough before the start of last season – let me say that I always felt he was good enough and we had Gilberto Silva and Lassana Diarra as cover at the time.

I think Diaby is good enough to partner Fabregas full-time – and I think Wenger sees him as the Spaniard’s long-term partner – but the problem is that he is unreliable. It’s sad to say but the guy just can’t stay fit. And even if he could stay fit for the entire season that still only leaves the squad with two centre-midfielders who are up to scratch. A good squad should be rotating three or four around as the season progresses to keep everyone fresh and healthy and at the moment this is just not possible.

Wenger said last week that a signing would be made before the second-leg against FC Twente. That game is now only two days away so if I don’t see a photo of Gareth Barry, Xabi Alonso, Gokhan Inler or Stephen Appiah (heh heh) holding up an Arsenal shirt on the official website before then I think I’m going to have a nervous breakdown. Seriously.

What I will stress as my final point is that if Wenger does make the appropriate signing then I honestly think we will be alright. As I said above, the quality and depth is there in every department except in the middle of the pitch. It’s time for Wenger to remind all the supporters again why we’ve grown to love him so much over all of these years.

And that’s all I’ll say on the matter.

There is of course another important game against FC Twente in midweek and what will surely turn out to be a tough Saturday afternoon encounter with Newcastle United. Fabregas will be back soon and hopefully he will be joined in the middle of the pitch by the man who he desperately wants to play alongside. Or any of the other three midfielders I mentioned above.

My fingers, toes and everything else I can think of will be crossed. I hope yours are too.

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  1. Diaby good enough? Wake up! Where has he proved himself? His always out injured. People that think he can be cech partner,should go see headdoctor

  2. Good post until you said Diaby is good enough.

    Song is twice the player Diaby is. Diaby CAN’T tackle. I don’t understand where that myth came from.

    He loses the ball too easily by either dribbling into a brick wall or passing to the opposition and instead of winning the ball back; he hacks down the player.

    He’ll always be injury prone.

    Diaby is not gonna happen.

    Calling Denilson not good enough is also lazy journolism. If you were actually at the match; you’d see the off the ball movements of any of the Arsenal players was SH*T.

    He had no one to pass to ever because the other overrated tossers never got into proper positions.

    One more comment:

    So far £160K spent on Adebayor in 2 weeks and f*ck all performances.

  3. @ Bergy/Franny – Diaby has shown himself to be a class player. The trouble is we can’t rely on him just now so I do agree (obviously) that a new signing should be made.

    I don’t agree with your ‘Denilson not good enough is lazy journalism’ comment. My opinion was not based on the Fulham game only – it is based on his performances over the past two or so years. He is one of the few players in the squad who I feel has not made improvements in his game when given the opportunity.

  4. Our centre backs cant play together. Gallas is a huge problem in this team. Lazy defending and constantly having a go at his defenders when he shud b looking at himself. Walcott needs to be loaned out and bring in a short term winger with quality and of course our centre midfield. Also think we mite need a striker.

  5. Diaby’s a good attacking midfielder, he just can’t perform the holding role. That’s why he will only ever be a replacement for Cesc.

    Inler, Veloso, Johnson can all help us out. Alonso won’t!

  6. All these problems are caused by one person – Wenger. Gallas is no CH or good enough to be captain. Toure and Gallas are a terrible pairing as shown in key matches last season. A DM should have been bought weeks ago – whoever he buys ( HE HAS GOT TO BUY!!) will take a few eeks to be integrated into the team. Djourou is our best CB – why is he being loaned out again?? Why has he brought in 2 more crocks to the thin squad – Silvestre and Bishoff – we have enough already with Rosicky and Dialby. Why have we not bought an experienced GK? He should have taken on Adams to the coaching staff to get the defence sorted out and stop giving away goals from set pieces. He should discard a lot of younsters that will never be good enough – Denilson and Walcott for starters. Alonso would be a good buy – he can play with Fabregas and also take his place when he is missing. The team is a mess at the moment and the manager is to blame!

  7. Hi there,

    Arsene Wenger has no vision in my view, first of all i would never sale Patrick Viera, Arsenal has not lift any trophies since he left …
    Lassana Diarra was an ideal partner of Fabrigas what Mr Wenger does, he sold him and six month later let go Flamin

  8. Yeah Franny? So Denilson may have moved well ‘off the ball’ but he turned the ball over so frequently. If you think that’s good enough for Arsenal you’re wrong. Nasri, Clichy, Eboue and Sagna all moved off the ball and on the ball. But that is not enough. Theo and Denilson were wasteful. I’m eagerly awaiting Diaby and Fabregas back in the side.

  9. There are matches that you are destined to win and there are matches in which some struggle is expected. This was a match that everyone thought Arsenal would easily win. There are no “easy” matches anymore. Most of the league made major improvements and Arsene’s reluctance to get a midfielder of quality leaves me shaking my head…

    RVP and Toure are not fit yet and this side lacks midfield experience (from the substitutes) to be certain. Get better, do better and get it together Arsenal…I won’t jump ship yet but this side must perform with a sense of purpose.

  10. Arsenal are just not good enough full stop even if we bought barry or alonso. Almunia is poor as is Toure and Gallas. Diaby is always injured and Denilson just is not good enough as is Walcott and Rosicky. Adebayor just wanted more money and got what he wanted and all Van Persie cares about is playing for Holland. The only good things I can say is that we have fabregas (but not for much longer) and two quality players in Clichy and Sagna but when we fail to win anything next may they will be off. Wenger is a joke, a washed up has been who has had his day. I see us doing nothing this season and the championship being contested by Liverpool, Chelsea and Man Utd. I once respected Wenger and now I cannot wait for him to really hit bottom so we can get rid of him.

  11. Two games against below mid-table teams and we are really struggling.Is it because Fabs was not playing?To some extent yes but not entirely.The first game against WBA would easily have been a draw but we were lucky though not so this time round on Saturday.It was difficult and frustrating watching my team fail to create any clear cut chances in 94 minutes of football.There was such a corridor in our midfield that fulham utilized to the maximum.If we start dropping points against the likes of fulham at this stage in the competition then what will become of us in the 6 matches against the top three teams? A full house ManU and Chelsea will tear us apart!I can see why I need to lower my expectations early enough to avoid disappointment later on.If no major midfield signing is made before 31st Aug. then the future is bleak.I will uncomfortably come the realization that we are just a selling club;a feeder club for others only interested in making profits on players and not sliverware.Very poor performance from Denilson.But why was Theo sub’d instead of bringing in Song for Denilson early enough?!I just hope we won’t start blaming refs and bad pitches again.We are supposed to have the pedigree to win against all odds

  12. “Young this and young that” ,feeling shamed and shamed so that we lost a game.Have you ever seen a so called top club in Europe ,brings up many youngsters to fight for a trophy??Have you?Oh,hold on,our beloved Arsenal is the leader of those “clubs”.Well,enough is enough.The more I think about it, the more it is evident that we’re not strong enough to against the other top teams at this stage.
    You’re so right,SF.If we still have no new signing come in before we play against FC Twente,I for one reckon it’s a heartbreak .Because Wenger just made a promise of it .What a laugh if he can’t sign anyone?
    Ok,time to face the bitter truth that we lost three points just at the new season.Fight back,gunners.Made us proud !

  13. Arsene Wenger young squad experiment is ill timed. The Visionary Arsene was those days when we had Thiery Henry, Berkamp, Viera etc Except Fab, and the others, theres no quality-quality.Arsene is walking at a time that others are running. He is a high quality manager but if he can’t realise the trend of evends then ……..

  14. My fellow Arsenal supporters on saturday afternoon i watched Arsenal play in agony but i noticed one thing for as long as we have in our starting line up Eboue,Toure and Gallas Arsenal can never win any silverware.

  15. Recently Mourinho was quoted as saying Arsenal are too young to win the premiership or anything?I just hope he was wrong.At the moment our 2 and to a large extent 4 backs are being put under so much pressure because of a non existent mid-field.I questioned the logic of letting a proven player leave on a free just because of asking for a well-deserved payhike.That is water under the bridge now but it surely wasn’t wise.I am sure AC Milan can comfortably realize about 15m pounds if they were to put Flamini up for sale.

  16. Denilson had one bad game.

    In all the games up until this one, he’s been superb.

    Song is also more than ready.

    Imo, Diaby has actually slipped to 3rd choice to partner Cesc.

    AW needs to grow a pair and sort out the CB issue.

    Unfortunately our best two individual CBs do not make our best CB combination.

    It’s the age old story you learn at school. The best players don’t always make the best team (that’s in reality, not in some silly PC game).

    Either Billy or Kolo has to be dropped, or at least have two pairings that rotate with each of them paired with another CB.

    AW got it horribly, horribly wrong on Sat.

    How on earth can Kolo just walk back into the team as soon as he can stand unaided?

    He has been abysmal since the ACoN, and Djourou had done nothing to warrant being left out.

    It’s the Manninger/Seaman abortion all over again.

    You’d think an intelligent man like AW might have learnt a lesson or two from that debacle.

    If this Djourou to Rennes story turns out to be true, AW can pack his bags and leave along with Djourou as far as I’m concerned, because then he’s actually damaging the club through his own cowardice.

  17. Do you think a manager at chelsea,Real madrid or barcelona can afford of the luxury of throwing away points just like that?I doubt it.The day the arsenal board will start demanding tangible results from the manager and peg his contract to that is the day you will start seeing drastic changes.As Mourinho put it once, if you have a job for life what else do you need.You are not under any pressure to win trophies.You become complacent and slowly you start destroying the club.What is a club without the fans;the supporters who buy season tickets,its merchandise,pay subscriptions etc.Someone save this club.Our “bragging” rights are at stake and serious threat here

  18. AW was quoted over the weekend as saying “buying is not always a solution” but i believe many supporters are in agreement that sometimes BUYING is a solution and for that reason arsenal must buy now.What was chelsea before the russian’s dollars?Buying has transformed chelsea from a mid-table team to the third largest club in the world behind REAL and ManU.Buying NOT ALWAYS but sometimes is a solution

  19. Actually, over the past few seasons it seems that buying IS the solution. Who were chelsea prior to Abromvich’s money? They were rubbish!

  20. I agree with everyone about the Gallas/Toure partnership. I agree Denilson isnt good enough for our first XI. I agree Gallas is not the best captain but i think if we can sign a new experienced DM to partner FAB4, then i honestly think we can challenge.

    BTW, it was very painful watching that game. I really hope i dont have to sit through another game like that this season.

  21. Denilson is not up to standard to be relied upon for the prem! Diaby is!! He scores goals (good ones aswell), he can take players on, can pass well, yeah he makes dangerous tackles (so did Flamini). I like Diaby and he should partner Cesc, However AW should defo buy a DM to rotate the 3 CMs. Song is also above Denilson but below Diaby in the pecking order for me! Gallas and Toure can play together but not consistently. Djourou should have started. Where is Vela??? He is full of talent!

  22. i agree wid u mimi wenu. u are absolutely spot on. Everyone here is frustrated and disappointed and kind of angry wid AW. its not a surprise. last season was a different one. and this season we have to start from zero. in the process we lost a gem in flamini. u know what we have quality in the side but not to perform in highest level. when the oppenent starts attckin us, we can not resist. the game agnst twente was not impressive and nor was west brom. and this week agnst a motivated fulham side we were awful. i looked at the chelsea squad yesterday before the kickoff agnst wigan and it looke big 7 or 8 top players. we dont have such finance thats true but last season we lost one or two fine players and this will make the difference. it was not mpossible to persuade flamini to stay at arsenal. but wenger never tried to. van persie is not the same as we watched him in the early part of last season. he hasnt been in top form after the strings of injury. the way alonso played for liverpool for the two games i wud love to see him here. m not to sure abot the inlers and aapiahs but comon arsenal its time to inject some experince. silvestre is a good signing. walcott eboue denilson all looked awful.
    but u kno..compared to last seasons 4 draws in a row in feb and march this is nth. i hope arsene wud be able to rejuvinate the squad as soon as possible, sign a good player experience one at the centre, at tell the guys to start winning ugly
    Winning ugly thats what we need this season. otherwise ….

  23. i feel that yes arsenal played very badly that day and they are 1-2 players short in midfield,but i think people are forgetting all the players were on international duty and played in the weekand only one person was available for training. i completely disagree with statement song,delison, and ramsey are not good enough because they had one bad game. yes arsenal need bring in players but more importantly they need sharpen up and play alot more passion and desire,i feel its just wakeup call they need because evon if or when brings in more players they still need to play alot better its not just about bringing more players they need improve and fast

  24. Thank God AW is the manager…

    The boys had a bad day at work. Neither Chelsea, ManU or the poo’s had a convincing game last time out. Some of them hanged on to win and we gave away a goal and lost. 3 of the top 4 struggled against teams who were fighting relegation last season, and M’borough isn’t exactly a world beater. It is a sport, sometimes it happens that you lose, but let’s not write off the entire team and the season based on just one measly game.
    A new MF WILL NOT be a solution right now because it will be January before he starts to play convincingly and by then we will have everyone currently on sick “duty” back for atleast a month or 2 and by then we will have a crowded MF. People are forgeting that it was the lack of playing time that lead to dolphin-head and Gilberto departure and plagued Flamini for years. Even Hleb was not guaranteed 90 mins when Rosicky and RVP/Eduardo are fit because AW would go with 4-4-2 instead of a 4-4-1-1. It all comes down to the fact that AW will not be able to accommodate all MF when they are all fit and a bunch of them will have to leave again next season for similar reasons the 4-some left this season. A new signing would mean that someone(s) will have to move on and then we will be back here crying for AW’s head for letting them go (AGAIN).

    Trophies are a priority, but you can’t win trophies with an unstable squad, and the squad can’t be stable with 3 or 4 “not yet good enough” CM wanting to get their playing time somewhere else because we had to buy because the squad is “thin” “momentarily” due to injuries, not looking just 2 months down the road!

    Cut the boys some slack, and their Manager too, guys.


  25. I think there is a little bit of overreaction going on in the comments. I think to summarise what I was trying to say – I still have faith in what Wenger is trying to do BUT he needs to make that signing. If he doesn’t then there will be questions that need to be asked.

    The squad is good enough – we just need one more quality player to make the difference. That’s all it will take.

    And just by the by, if Djourou goes out on loan again I will be hugely disappointed. As someone else also said, bringing Toure straight back into the side was a huge mistake – especially considering Djourou and Gallas had worked their way into a neat partnership. As I said in a recent article – Wenger should have given Djourou the chance to do a Flamini and only removed him if he failed to perform.

  26. saturday agnst ncastle is the real test. hope fab will be back,ade starts scoring,we will beat them convincingly. the loss agnst fulham is not the end but its a wake up call. its too early to write arsenal off.
    Rosicky Fabregas Flamini Hleb
    this was how we played for most part of last season( b4 tomas got injured) and now we r with completely new MF. it takes time but how long?? we can not afford to see Fab on the sidelines and its not sure that he will be 100% fit when he comes back he can get injured again( hope not) and at that time we need back up. so the depth in the squad is not a bad thing to have. experince is the key for a side like arsenal and i will be suprised if Wenger buys a “Young and Talented ” midfielder. Bendtner is playing good and he shud play

  27. Finally some sane posting… Taygoon and SF – finally bringing people back to Earth. The type of comments I’ve been reading are typical of fair-weather friends – doom and gloom after one bad game and ready to jump ship, and then when we start beating the world they’ll be screaming from the rafters that they support Arsenal and Arsene Wenger’s great vision. Stick with the team people. It’s Arsenal. There are a million reasons to support them and our manager. I was as heartbroken as anyone about the performance, but we can only learn from such experiences. I once heard a phrase that I liked very much – “You don’t learn a thing when you win a game.”
    Side-note: Can’t wait for Fabregas to play again and I’m heartbroken that I won’t be seeing Traore terrorising the left flank for Arsenal this season…

  28. I agree that Djourou’s ommission was not “fair” but I wouldn’t call it “wrong”. Even at his currently “mediocre” state, Toure is better than Gallas. He wouldn’t do the stupid mistakes Gallas does over and over again. He did the same mistake with Zamora and it should have been 2-0. Toure would have put himself on the line to prevent a clear shot like that.

    If Sylvestre works out, we should see Gallas warm the bench a bit more because I think AW could not afford to piss Gallas off when he didn’t have cover, which he now has. Sylvestre has also given AW a “get-out-of-jail” card for his promise of a signing before FC Twente. He is reluctant to buy a CM, and I won’t be surprised if he doesn’t sign anyone, unless it is some last minute cut-price, scrappy deal. He had a huge problem with how to accommodate 9 CMs last season (Hleb, Cesc, Diaby, Rosicky, Song, Denilson, Diarra, Gilberto and Flamini) I don’t believe he would want to have the same headache this season. With the arrival of Nasri, and Vela, he has to deal with Rosicky when he is fit. He is having enough trouble upfront trying to convert Bendner into a Support striker/AM and may not have a place for Eduardo when he gets back and that’s why his return may be delayed with the “he is not fit” , with Vela also complicating matters. Theo is the only easy choice to sit on the bench right now(rans out of ideas pretty quickly).

  29. Cheers Grant, it could be painful at times. I record all Arsenal games televised here, and then watch them atleast once more.

  30. Song not good enough? He has the energy of Flamini, the reading of the game that Gilberto has and has excellent tackling also. His passing’s pretty damn good as well.

    Diaby I think can be good enough with a run of games but he won’t be fully match fit and playing games until at least the end of next month.

  31. I have been a staunch supporter of AW and his methods till this point.

    I don’t even really want another signing, I think our squad IS good enough, even if it is young.

    I think Song, Denilson and Diaby are good enough to provide what we are looking for.

    I think we have some very exciting talent coming through as well.

    However, AW is human, and he totally screwed it up on Saturday.

    That’s ok, we all make mistakes, BUT, we have to learn from them.

    Kolo, RvP and Theo had no business, on current form, for being in the starting lineup.

    AW bottled it. He went for some “big names” because he saw that we were understrength in the CM.

    He should have had faith in those who had done the job to that point.

    The team should have been:


    I totally blame AW for that diabolical mess that went on.

    Nevertheless, yes, if we learn from that, it’s all good.

    A week ago I would have laughed off the Djourou to Rennes story as fantasy.

    However, after watching AW fail dismally in the cojones stakes with Djourou on Saturday, I now not so sure.

    The team and AW can have my full support, but AW needs to grow a pair for that.

    If this Djourou to Rennes story turns out to be true, then I’m afraid AW has betrayed the club and the principles many of us have stood up and supported.

    If this move happens, then I’m afraid AW has lost my support. I will call for his head.

  32. Fellow gunners, do u know what really annoys me, whenever we ask Wenger what he thinks about kompany, he will say he is not interested, look at the PRICE he was bought for? 6 million, couldn’t we have bought him? and we have a 31 year old Silverster instead, what a joke, look at Ferdinand costing 8 million while Kompay much much better cost 6, why are English players so over-priced? Kompany is rated very high and will be one of the revelations this season, we could have bought him, i am sick and tired of this shit, buy Inler or Play Song in that position, he is more than capable.

  33. Nice one Mike. I give mike the kudos for the best post. I have not commented on this blog in the past 7 months.Why cos i am tooo tempramental to put things right like MIKE.
    I still wont say a word till maybe december cos clearly i think AW is loosing it.
    Note that a defeat will reduce the confidence of the players so all who say a defeat is okay well think again

  34. @ Mike

    You want AW to have faith in the ones “who had done the job till that point” and still you include Song in your lineup Who had not played any part this season till then?

    Isn’t that what you accuse Wenger of???

  35. I thought i was thinkin really negative about the team after the loss. Some of you are horrible lol. I dont think its a big a deal as some make it out to be. Man U got off to a horrible start last season.. and they won the title. If there is a time to drop points its in the start of the season.. not the end like we did last season. I think this will serve as a wake-up call, and i think 90% of you will forget about this loss if Arsenal have a good showing mid-week against FC Twente. Calling for the sacking of Wenger after one loss is crazy.. Thats something the spuds would do. I agree that i think Wengers stubbornness to buy is making him look like he doesnt know what hes doing, but he is still a great manager. I think he needs to prove he is still a great manager by changing his policies tho, apart of being a great manager is changing with the times, and thats something Wenger hasnt done.. yet. If he doesnt buy a new class midfielder, and the team continues to look a mess then i can understand and will probably join in on saying Wenger needs to go, but after one game.. at the start of the season….. rubbish. Arsenal will be fine, i think the players will get the wake up call this game sent and against Twente and Newcastle we’ll see a much better side.. And for those who didnt know already, it seems Senderos is having a medical here i Italy today at AC Milan.

  36. New to this and not always sure i know enough to comment however i feel Denilson is hard done-by here..the lad was spotted at Sao Paulo where he was hailed as the “Boy Wonder” , the fans were gutted to see him go….Wenger was onto a winner and truly this kid is special however he has been rushed/forced into a starting line up that even Wenger isnt sure of on a Saturday morning…..
    Also…is cesc a big enough name to keep these youngsters at the club considering the lack of siverware?

  37. SKYSPORTS TV just reported that Senderos has joined AC Milan! What in the word anywhere else! I’m wondering if this is just some kind of weird rumour!

  38. No its offical..
    I’ve heard it on the news here in Italy all day.. but at first they said he moved.. like he was sold.. It turns out its just a season long loan.. with an option to buy at the end of the season.

  39. *I’ll add, the deal on TV here sounds like AC are expecting to make the deal permanent next season.

  40. despite our lack of experienced players…i may be a little contraversial and say “no great loss!”…but we need to buy!! 6 days and counting……..

  41. SF,
    I agree on the MF or lack there of.. I feel I can be quite objective at this point in regards to performance. The last game I viewed with real conviction was 2nd leg CL against Liverpool. This team was unrecognizable to me… T’was attrocious…I don’t even know where to start? So we get Cesc back and maybe a strong DMF…My thought parred yours in regards to Eboue-Denilson. It should never happen again. But, where is Wenger’s head? I didn’t catch Albion game. But, all reports pointed to an unconvincing Arsenal. I couldn’t believe what I read compared to the stats of possession, shots on goal etc…Then I saw it first hand..Utter ridiculousness. If I had to place blame for lack of continuity it would be with Eboue. He lacks flare, intelligence, or any other aspect needed. But, then why was he there? Denilson, I felt was a reflection of a man who was caught up in bad personell on the pitch. From Ade to RVP to Gallas to Toure to Almunia. Wenger should have started Djourou, Gallas, Wilshire, Ramsay, Denilson, Nasri, Bendter, Ade, Walcott, Cliche, Sagna. Then at least we would have seen an expected 1-0 loss. But, this was a shocker. Why is Fabregas, Ade, and others allowed to escape pre-season? Then given (handed) starts?

  42. You thought we are thin on defensive players? well its getting even thinner . Traore out, Senderos is on his way and Possibly Djourou according to reports. We brought in an over the hill Silvester this signing to me is really desperate stuff. Its a big shout from Wenger “I DON’T HAVE THE MONEY” It looks like he has money for one more signing and he is saving it for that midfield player and I don’t think its enough for an Alonso. Unless Liverpool lower their asking price.

    Wenger is not the type of manager who would walk out because of lack of funds he keeps quiet and gets on with the job for that I admire him. He is thinking far ahead of all of us and he has Arsenal interest at heart. The low wage policy and not spending big will benefit Arsenal for many generations to come unless we want to end up to our necks in debts and vanish into the lower leagues like LEEDS. Just think what would happen if Abramovich leaves Chelsea in a couple of years. I can assure you Chelsea will go to the dogs this guy is losing money every year for his expensive hobby.
    Like all of you I reacted very angrily about the Fulham result but I thought about it and I realised it is not all doom and gloom we’ll manage and a trophy is still possible this season. United lost five games last season and yet they won the title.

    Lets cut the crap Denilson is not good at all he should be dropped to the carling cup I agree with SF this player has not improved at all. This Year I thought Djourou showed some promise and I hope he stays in the side.
    Diaby physically looks like Viera and that’s about it. He is a very attacking minded player who doesn’t like to track back and hard tackle and he dwells on the ball for far too long. We need a very nippy player who snaps at your hills and bullies you for the ball and moves the ball quickly and a leader for his team and a nasty character for the opposition. We don’t have a Tony Adams, Martin Keown, Viera, or Petit. But I’m sure Wenger will get his man eventually. We have one player who could be this tough character its Francis Coqulin but he is only 17 with no experience.

  43. @ Hartwick – The win against West Brom was convincing. I thought it was a good performance and we just didn’t take our chances.

    Senderos news is interesting. I’ll speak a bit more about it later. But in short, I’m not overly bothered.

  44. From most of the comments I’ve read, it seems most think that Arsenal will break and end up with another trophyless season. Guys come on, it is only the second game, have faith in our team. Sometimes losing makes you stronger and I hope these kids learn that. Maybe it is just me but I think we really miss someone like Helb, and I am sorry to say this but Walcott is not good enough. Vela is a much better player and a natural talent, if Walcott does not go out on loan he may end up being a Jeffers. Walcott has pace but his decision making is just bad. It seems he is struggling in the premiership. Hopefully Arsene sign a midfielder (2 is ideal but unrealistic) and if not then I will start worrying. Just my two cents worth. Good Day all.

  45. Laninja,I agree with you.HLEB was good in opening up defenses and in the process creating space for Ade to shoot/score.He’s gone and that means about 10 or more goals that we got last season through HLEBs dribbling prowess.Hopefully RVP’s regular shooting will compensate for this.I know I sounded quite negative in my earlier comments but my worry is about Feb/March when most players are prone to injury.Its happened to us for 2 or 3 seasons.Injuries will always be there but how you plan for them is what makes the difference between finishing strongly and dropping points one game after another.Some of you are of the opinion that dropping 3 points at this time is no big deal.Remember ManU finished just 4 points ahead of us last season.Had it not been for that Birminggham game and probably a couple of draws against small teams things would have been different.To me every point and game counts.I fully support arsenal but I will also provide constructive feedback(both positive and negative)and call a spade a spade and not a big tea-spoon.

  46. Appalling performance against Fulham. Awful from start to finish. Sickening.

    Diarra, Gilberto and Flamini have left our centre midfield looking short of talent, experience and the ability to mix it with the big boys. Our squad lacks “winners”. Chelsea, Manchester Utd have men in the their squad who refuse to be beaten. Ballack, lampard, Essien, Drogba, Ferdinand, Vidic, Ronaldo, Tevez etc etc.

    Adebayor is good enough, but he has to prove that he isn’t a one season wonder and this will hopefully come true. Diabolical so far this year though.

    Walcott -All the promise and pace in the world but no real effect against Fulham, West Brom or Twente.

    Up front I’m not to concerned with on the whole. I hope to god Van persie stays fit (probably wont though) and also hope to high heaven that Carlos Vela excells after a good spell in Spain. Bendtner is not good enough yet, but can be a good substitute. Eduardo is a class act but whether he comes back from injury the same player is a talking point.

    Playing Eboue in centre Midfield is pointless this year. He cant defend or attack -Why Arsene continues to play this man I don’t know.

    Gallas should be dropped and Djourou given a chance, due to his quality pre season. Captains Armband? Give it to Kolo Toure.

    Without Fabregas our midfield has no creation or cohesion. Diaby is injury prone, Rosicky is as well. Denilson is 2 years at least away from first team professional football and Song is too. Aaron Ramsey, as promising as he is, also to young and Raw. Jack Wilshire the same.

    Clichy and Sagna are class, no doubting that. Letting Senderos go to Milan is crazy, given the lack of depth. Silvestre (Out until mid September bu the way) is a good deal I think but loaning Senderos counter acts this majorly!

    Going back to Van persie and Rosicky – If they have similar bad luck with injuries as they have had last 2 season, I think their places within the team need to be seriously looked at. Replacements are needed if this happens.


    We are being left behind by Man United and Chelsea. The improve and move forwards and we seem to be going backwards.

    Arsene, please buy Gareth Barry or the Swiss lad Inler! Diarra of Real Madrid is an awsome player, although I concede that it would be hard to prize him away though.

    Arsenal is a not a crèche – Its not your job, Arsene to improve Young players, it’s to win trophies and this will not happen unless A CENTRE MIDFIELDER IS BOUGHT NOW.

    Arsenal is becoming a stepping stone for young players who show their talent and then go abroad.

    Let’s stop this, we need a trophy – The fans are growing tired of watching stunning football with no end product.

    Prove us wrong Arsene.

  47. Update for 26/8/08 – Off Setanta

    Not the news that we want or need. Have copied and pasted the article:

    Yopu wont like it.

    Inler agent rules out Gunners move.

    Gokhan Inler’s agent has revealed his client will not be joining Arsenal this summer as the international midfielder does not feel ready to move to The Premier League.

    Inler has been a prime candidate to fill a vacant slot in Arsenal’s midfield over the summer and Arsene Wenger has admitted holding an interest in the player who represented Switzerland at Euro 2008.

    However, Inler has only spent one season with Udinese after leaving FC Zurich and has now decided against joining the North London club in order to continue his education in Italy.

    It is reported that Inler’s contract with Udinese has now been extended by a further year until 2013 but his representative, Dino Lamberti, has left the door firmly open to Arsenal should they ressurect their interest in 12 months time.

    “We have decided that Gogi remains with Udinese,” Lamberti told Swiss newspaper Blick.

    “The big step to Arsenal would be purely a bit too early for Inler as a person.

    “Maybe he will be ripe in a year.”

  48. arsene has lost his passion for arsenal, arsenal has now jst become a youth academy…..’like go get groomed at arsenal then go for greener pastures’.it all started wit anelka.Wenger shold pull up his soaks, he is to blame for the teams poor performance.gallas weak captain infact he is no captian.i have been a gunner all my life and it pains seeing arsenal perform like this.something needs to be done arsene wenger

  49. It is very clear that Arsene Wengers and the Boards Mian ambition is the long term financial situation of the club – Not winning trophies. My massive post (slightly above show my anger)

    Season after season we are letting experienced players go, and while last year we had some older heads, now we look very weak in, esspecially in the middle.

    Money talks these days and while Wenger will always stick to his guns, this process is clearly not working. Flamini couldnt wait to leave, with nothing done to stop him as wel!! hleb wanted out too. No fight to keep Gilberto at all.

    Senderos has gone on loan to AC Milan.

    An injury to Adebayor and fabregas at the same time, will cripple us.

    Van persie simply is an injury waiting to happen, but still Maybe has ability to hit 20 goals in a season.Bendtner isnt consistent and Vela is Unproven.

    Alex Song should be given a chance, he has potential to be a class act.

    Arsene, its doing all our heads in – Midfielder needed and now a centre back due to you letting Senderos go.

  50. Arsenal is not a goood team at all for winning a 08/09 trophy! so what we need is tha success in premiere as well as uefa but in the presence of denilson and eboue no thank u. so we beg arsene to sign in alonso and inler to join fabregas and diaby, dont forget huntelaar for helping a gun without rifle adebayor! thats all.

  51. I stongly agree with your statement about Arsenal without Wenger, but to add on that, i know it myay sound rediculous for other fans to say that Arsenal has no manager.This is because he never responds to the wake up call, pins his faith on young players and does not want to buy players,too arrogant and that is why Arsenalo will never take any major trophy which hurts us the fans.So to sum up this, he should step down or else we shall still get more miseries.

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