Arsenal vs. Manchester City preview: the Victor or the Vanquished

Arsenal vs. Manchester City

Arsenal vs. Manchester City

It looks quite odd seeing Arsenal beneath Manchester United on the EPL log after the Red Devil’s indifferent form at the start of the season; very absurd, an abnormality, a feat that have been unheard of over the course of the season until this very moment.

That calls for some celebration for the United folks particularly those who play now at bet365, they prolly would be pinching themselves, wondering how they managed to usurp the Arsenal to the fifth spot. They are now in close quarters with the top four – four points adrift of fourth-placed Liverpool – having played two games less than the Reds.

Not to dwell so much on our rivals, we have ourselves to blame. there was bound to be a ripple effect after the many years of contentment, or should we call it mediocrity?

We have dwelled so well on our problems, it’s high time we faced reality, proferring immediate solution to returning back to the champions League race. But first we must dispatch Manchester City who will prove to be a stiff opponent on Sunday.

That is the only way we can return to winning ways since the effect of such win would have a positive effect on the players’ physche.

The Citizens are not in the best of form, as they have been unconvincing, and when they lose, they lose silly. That, my friends, is our only consolation, and one would hope on which side of the divide we would find ourselves after the game – the Victor or the Vanquished.

The latter will of course be fatal, since a lose will erase whatever courage that the Wenger’s men might have managed to muster during the interlull.

This is tricky, Arsenal may decide to play with the hand-brake on, and that could be the beginning of our problems. Pep Guardiola’s men would make a mincemeat of our defence should we decide to play defensive. In fact that is the easiest means to destruction. It is best we throw caution into thin air and play like we have got nothing to lose.
however, a big question is on would score the goals. News filtering out of the Emirates stadium is that Alexis Sanchez has returned from international duty with a swollen ankle.

Oliver Giroud’s stat in front of goal are scantier than ever, we cannot just rely on the Frenchman against Manchester City, unless Arsenal happens to record a goal fest on the day; only on such situations do we see Giroud score convincingly.

It never rains but pours, but Wenger must find a way of steadying his ship, lest we find ourselves battling for Europa League spots in coming years. History suggests that it is quite difficult to return to Champions League football once you are out: Ask Liverpool or Manchester United.


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