Arsenal vs Hull preview: Zero, three or six for Bendtner?

Forget about winning the Champions League. Forget about winning the Premier League.

All that matters right now is that we go to Hull City tomorrow night and pick up three points.

There’s been a bit of bad blood in this fixture over the past couple of years and with us fighting for the league and Hull desperate to avoid relegation I don’t expect anything different. This will be a fierce, physical encounter where the odd goal might be all that separates two teams of vastly contrasting quality.

Our boys go into this one a little bit understrength with Cesc Fabregas and a host of others unavailable. Alex Song serves the second game of a rather ridiculous suspension while William Gallas and the long-termers are also out and Tomas Rosicky is a doubt for a so far unnamed injury. We can only hope it doesn’t turn out to be another two-year problem.

Of the players that are available I expect the same back five that played against Porto to start, particularly given the rather straightforward efforts that were required in midweek. There are no travel issues so I see no reason why any of them should be given a rest, including Sol Campbell.

Further afield Denilson will come into the side for Song with support coming from Abou Diaby and Samir Nasri.

Nasri took on the Fabregas role midweek and performed superbly while Diaby showed yet again why he has gone from scary own-goal scoring dingleberry to one of the most constructive midfielders in the Premier League. I have absolutely no doubt about the pair’s ability to take on the responsibility of driving our attack from the midfield and am really looking forward to watching them play.

The front three will likely be Andrey Arshavin, Nicklas Bendtner and Theo Walcott, with Emmanuel Eboue providing the punch off the bench. An alternative to that setup could see Eboue start on the left and Arshavin be given a rest after his midweek performance, however my advice to the manager would be to play the in-form Russian and sub him off early if the job gets done.

Another player I am keenly looking forward to watching is Bendtner. Woeful finishing against Burnley was followed by a hat-trick against Porto and it’s anyone’s guess as to what he will come up with tomorrow. My prediction would be at least one goal to continue his charge towards the 10 I have predicted he will score before the end of the season. Maybe he’ll score six tomorrow?

I can’t really be bothered going into Hull’s strength and weaknesses because the simple fact is that if we turn up tomorrow and play well we will probably win.

Here’s to three points and the other two dropping some points.


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  1. I think we’ll see Eboue deputise for Sagna on Saturday, Andy. I think Sagna is among the walking wounded currently, along with Cesc, Rosicky, Gallas & Sol (who’s really just kind of pooped after the midweek match). Hopefully Nasri’s not feeling any lingering effects on his thigh though. We need him to run the attack with Cesc out.

  2. Sagna has a small ankle problem, and is a doubt for the hull game, but I would expect Eboue to play against Hull anyway.

  3. Denilson please be more lively on the field. We don’t want to see any miracle from you. All we want you to do is not screw up.

  4. Looking through this current mob of Arsenal players I have to say that I have become particularly taken by a young Vermaelen. The man is immense. I think that Wenger deserves a lot of credit for taking a gamble on him and bringing the man to Arsenal. He was virtually unknown outside of Holland and Belgium. But buying an unknown player is Wenger’s favourite type of signing. I’ll be honest, the only time I had ever heard of Vermaelen before he signed was when he grabbed van Persie by the throat in the Amsterdam tournament! Well, Arsene has done us proud with this one. In my opinion Thomas has been the signing of the campaign by far. The way he has settled into Arsenal and English football has been amazing. It’s like he has played over here for years. Sagna had a fantastic first season with us and I was very impressed with how he took to the English Premiership. I believe that Vermaelen has surpassed Sagna’s first year with us and has been even more impressive than his team-mate. And that was no mean feat. Vermaelen is a warrior and as tough as the best of them. You could almost say that he is the complete defender. My guess is that he could become one of the best defenders in the world. You need players like Vermaelen in the team, and I’m glad that Wenger bought him. In my opinion Thomas could be a future Arsenal captain. I’d select him as the vice-captain to Cesc Fabregas right now. He seems like a born-leader to me. I think he is absolutely crucial to the rest of Arsenal’s campaign. If we lost him to injury or suspension who knows what would happen? fabregas is the star of this team and quite rightly will grab the head-lines but the quiet consistent players who you can rely on are just as important.

  5. we’ve been here before – many times over the past five years: playing well, fans onside, silverware almost in sight… And we all know what happens next. The wheels fall off. It’s no secret I ran out of patience with AW several years ago and the reasons for that have been aired numerous times on here, so I won’t bore you with ’em again. I have been damning in my criticism of him during this unproductive and unrewarding time, as I don’t believe he has shown any sign of being able to assemble a silverware-winning squad. So your question is a bit hypothetical, I’m afraid. Yes, I was thrilled with the Porto win… until the following night’s display by the Mancs put it into perspective. I’ve also loved some of our recent displays in the PL… but I still recall the way we were humiliated by both Man U and Chelski this term. So I don’t think we have what it takes to win either competition and, given AW’s bizarrely dismissive attitude to the Cups, we have no chance of winning them again under him. However… if we were to somehow defy the odds and the top two imploded so we could magically leapfrog them to claim the title, of course I’d salute Wenger and his squad – and then hope he’d do the decent thing and leave on a high before he had the chance not to reinforce in the summer! That’s the big problem – because of AW’s weird philosophy, his torpor and tunnel vision, bringing in just one half-decent player a year or a few kiddies is nowhere near enough now – especially as we seem unable to retain our better players these days. Anyway, however you dress it up and whatever excuses you make, the past five years have been frustratingly fallow and I believe much of the blame can be laid at AW’s door. Sadly (for AFC fans), he’s just no longer capable of delivering the goods.

  6. @ arry
    who would u prefer? it’s all bout time + i luv arsenal 4 d way AW runs it not 4 trophies

  7. I think Arry or harry has got some very valid points. I mean dont get me wrong Tuesday night’s victory was fantastic. Who can argue with a 6-2 aggregate win in the Champions League round of 16? Most of us would not have expected that, even though Porto have sunk meekly into their shells at the Emirates before. Bendtner in particular must be given great credit for the way he responded after missing all those chances against Burnley. He is no Thierry Henry, but he showed considerable mental strength last night which is very pleasing. Nasri scored a superb goal, as did Eboue. Arshavin created havoc on the left.

    However, even after all those goals rattled in (against a desperately poor Porto side it has to be said – did they even look that bothered about losing?), I found myself vociferously nodding in agreement at the screen when our former legendary captain, Tony Adams, was giving his opinions on the game. Tony has played over 600 games for Arsenal. He has played under the great Arsenal managers. He has played with some of the best players and the best teams in our history. He knows what it takes to be a winner. He is worth listening to.

    Tony said this Arsenal team only knows one way to play – attack – and that for them to progress against the best teams in Europe they have to win by three or four goals. More seriously, Adams believes that, however talented is this Arsenal team, it lacks something that is required to win crunch games at the sharp end of competitions. Missing a key ingredient which means they fall short. It is a stark, brutal admission, and, to be honest, one that I – for now – sadly agree with.

    Why do I say this? You only have to look at Tuesday night’s performance for evidence. We were in total control – cruising at 2-0 up. Then the second half started and we had a very shaky 15 minutes, giving Porto chance after chance. We have all seen this before. If they had scored the game would have been very different. Vermaelen had to produce a series of crucial blocks to prevent the Portuguese scoring. And throughout the game, there were many, many sloppy passes that were completely unnecessary and put us on the back foot and in dangerous situations – guilty culprits of this include Arshavin, Song and even Nasri. It seems strange to say after a 5-0 win, but on so many occasions I thought to myself: ‘We are in trouble here. We look open’.

    This team is not built to defend, to hold tight, to protect a lead. It is not able to with the players we have – technical, tricky, nimble, small, playful. It is not in their nature, in their DNA, to solidify, firm up, press, control.

    In my opinion, Wenger’s greatest teams (reaching a height with the Invincibles of 2003/4) had the perfect blend of poise and power. They had skill in abundance of course with world class players, but also that raw, dogged determination – starting from the back with Lehmann, Lauren and Campbell, and going through midfield with the likes of Vieira, Parlour and Ljungberg – not only to completely outplay the opposition, but crucially, to dominate them.

    I remember going to the Aston Villa game at Highbury, the final game of the 49 match unbeaten run. Even at one nil down, everyone in the stadium knew Arsenal would win. It was self-evident, it was inevitable. Henry scored to equalise, took the ball out of the net and made a gesture to say – We KNOW we are the best. The superiority was eviscerating, and the confidence in that superiority was total.

    Now I believe that, however entertaining is the football, the balance in this Arsenal team is not quite right. It does not have that experience, that power, that combination of security with adventure. It is a cake with too much icing and not enough flour.

    We have too many similar players. All attack-minded, all technical, all adventurous. Do we have enough hardened characters in this team? Players who will drag the team through key moments to victory? Cesc is one, Vermaelen is another, Campbell knows the winning mentality. But can this team create that spirit of a champion, to say: ‘No one will beat us today’. Do they actually believe they can be winners?

    I am not sure why Wenger made this transition, this change of emphasis, in his Arsenal teams, but the one you see today is very different to the one he had six years ago. It is a confirmed transition with clear changes in his strategic thinking. However, this alteration of styles and personalities is a key debate for another time. This is now, this team, this season, these weeks ahead.

    The victory away against Stoke was the first time in years when I had a genuine flashback to Wenger’s greatest teams. A killer’s instinct when the game was there to be won. Vermaelen punching the air, belief coruscating through the veins. This was when I thought: ‘We can do this’.

    For the rest of the season, the psychology of the players is the most important factor in whether or not we win one of the big trophies. This is what Wenger has to spend most of his time working on – to convince the players that they are ready to win, to achieve. To drill into their heads that they can beat anyone, that if they want it enough it is all there in front of them. To make them go on the pitch and think, this is my moment, when I will be victorious. The whole season comes down to these final weeks. This is the moment of opportunity. Take your opportunity Arsenal and make your supporters proud.

  8. Another big away day tomorrow for us and hopefully we come away with a similar result that we picked up at Stoke, minus the horrific injury tho. Sad that Fabregas will be missing but Nasri has stepped up to be counted and creativity shouldn’t be a problem. The only problem that could arise is having to play Denilson. With Fab and Song unavailable the midfield trio is likely to be Diaby, Nasri and Denilson. Ruling out a 4-4-2 which has hardly been used at all this season id be inclined to have Eboue start on the RHS of the front 3 for his work rate, but if Sagna isn’t fit he’ll obviously be at RB. Another fast paced start like against Porto would really be ideal, however we must guard against complacency. Come on you Gooners.

  9. What a terrifying vision of the future of football we’ve been served up this week.AC Milan ,once the pride of a powerful and thriving seria A now reduced to shadow boxing against a really not that great United.All because they deserted their natural(and rather beautiful) defensive style of football to join the circus ,brought in foreign players(especially brazilians) who think jogging back to defend is beneath them and generally put two fingers up to Italy’s historic football traditions.Much good as it done them,and what a boring game?I concede that a lot of football fans nowadays dont remember anything before the cheque book league but even they must have been struck by the sheer mind numbing pointlessness of it.Even the stewards were asleep by half time.As for the porto match well all that can be said is that they made the gooners look like an half decent well balanced football team,no mean achievement when you think about it.At least we,ve had the pleasure of listening to all those gooners and Mancs waffling on about how great they are which is always hilarious.Especially the stuff about Rooney,just wait till the World Cup when some Italian or South American defender takes him under his wing for half an hour and then see how great he is.If he can survive the WC without being sent off it will be a miracle.All the recent hype has done him no favours at all.Not that the World Cup really inspires these days,its glory days are long over and it’s become a competition decided by referees rather than great play.Bear that in mind if Roons has to take the walk of shame,it’s not his fault,someone told him he was a truly great player like Bobby Charlton or George Best.The problem is he looks like he believes them.

  10. Arsene i trust, the team arsenal i live,cos i know victory will be our tomorrow.

  11. @ simon,
    although we all respect big tony for what he has done the the arsenal, i for 1 dont agree with your-his assesment, this was the guy who decleared that TV, was to short for the english game and not an arsenal player! wrong, tony adams has more than once (over the last 2 seasons) overley critisised wenger and the arsenal players, some of it was valid, however some of it was tosh, as you stated the way we won against stoke was not our so called “only one way of winning” we battled(before ramsey’s injury) and won the game through sheer will!
    with regard to the porto game, yes we made some mistakes, however at the interval with the game at 2.0, porto came out and tryed to win the game by coming forward in droves, if you couldn’t see or rather anticipate that going to happen then i sugest you watch more european football? what were porto going to do? sit back? no, they did what any team facing elimination from europe would have done! and that is try and score early, which is exactly what we did in the 1st half, when faced with the same problem given to us from the previous game, we soaked up that threat and then nasri did the business! and secured the game,
    you seem to be an intelligent arsenal supporter,
    my humble addvice is not to listern to tony adams when he talks shit!
    and on the case of battlers in our team, they are as follows;
    arsharvin, clichy, cesc, tv,eboue, song, campbell, bendtner,nasri, gallas, rvp, sanga,
    more than enough to win games,
    oh we will win this game in hell,sorry hull!,no i was right the 1st time,
    @ arry
    please dude, we at arsenal have been puching above our weight (in many respects) with reagard to our last 5 years and no trophies, the new stadium saw to that, whatever the board say, we simply dont have the money to buy! however in the 3 or so years, this will change, as we reduce our debt and free up our buying power, as highlighted by the recent published figures on the finances at AFC,
    sometimes he (wenger) pisses me off but there’s no way i advocate having him removed,
    i have 1 question for you and maybe this is for all of us?
    have you become more of a supporter of the arsenal in the last 5 years or less?
    for me, its the former and by along way, but hey i was born with nothing and although i still expect improvement,
    i don’t expect success on a plate, maybe some of you were born with a sliver spoons in your mouths? and so expect success be giving you on a plate?

  12. were you watching Espn Press Pass too why do these people always write us off
    anyway you focused on this season I focused on what they said about our future and importantly what they said about us being too light upfront

    So I started thinking what will our team will be next season considering as things stand now
    I took into assumption that gallas and Merida will renew their contracts and we sign Chamak and Stefan Savic and wont sell any of our first team players

    So lets start from Attack
    these are the players we should have next season Upfront
    Bendtner, Van Persie, Chamak, Vela, Eduardo, Arshavin, Nasri, Walcott, Rosicky

    Arshavin ———————- Chamak —————— Van Persie
    (Nasri, Vela) ——— (Eduardo, Bendtner) —— (Walcott, Rosicky)

    that’s plenty of height upfront and a good amount of cover if one gets injured.

    These players should be Sold – Simpson (Celtic) and maybe Murphy
    Players who will be Loaned – Sunu, Watt and Barazite (high hopes for him)

    Now lets go to the Midfield
    these are the players we will have in the middle
    Denilson, Song, Norvedit (possibly), Cesc, Diaby, WIlshere, Nasri, Merida (I dont want to include Ramsey in their because as we know it take a lot of time to fully recover)

    ———————————– Song
    ————————–(Norvedit, Denilson)
    ———- Fabregas ————————————– Diaby
    (Wilshere, Merida, Nasri) ————————– (Wilshere, Denilson)

    Players who could be SOLD – Randall, Nortvedit (possibly)
    Players who should be send on loan – Lansbury (EPL side), Merida (6 months), Frimpong, JET, Eastmond

    Now lets go to the Defense
    these are the players we will have in the Defense
    Sagna, Eboue, Sol (upto wenger), Vermaelen, Gallas, Djourou, Stefan, Clichy, Gibbs, Traore

    Sagna ————————– Gallas ———————- Vermaelen ———————- Clichy
    (Eboue, Djourou) ——- ((Djourou, Sol) ————- (Stefan, Djourou) —— (Gibbs, Traore)

    Players who should be RELEASED next season —- Silvestre, Sendros, Bothelo, Gilbert, Hoyte
    Players who will be Loaned Next Season – Coquelin, Bartley

    So this what our team would look like next season

    —————————————————– Almunia —————————————————
    ——————————————- ( Fabianski, Martinez ) —————————————-
    Sagna ————————– Gallas ———————- Vermaelen ———————- Clichy
    ( Eboue, Djourou ) —– ( (Djourou, Sol ) —– ( Stefan, Djourou ) —– ( Gibbs, Traore )
    —————————————————— Song ——————————————————-
    ———————————————( Norvedit, Denilson ) ——————————————
    —————— Fabregas ——————————————– Diaby——————————-
    ——-( Wilshere, Merida, Nasri ) —————— ( Wilshere, Denilson )————————–
    —— Van Persie —————————- Chamak ——————————— Arshavin —–
    —– ( Walcott, Rosicky ) ————– ( Eduardo, Bendtner ) ————— ( Nasri, Vela )

    SO these are all the players who will be Sold – Simpsons (QPR), Murphy, Randall
    Players who will be Released – Silvestre, Sendros, Norvedit (possibily), Bothelo, Gibert, Hoyte
    Players who will be Loaned – Mannone, Wzscheny, Bartley, Coquelin, Lansbury, Merida, Frimpong, JET, Sunu, Watt, Barazite

    that took a while WOW I guess Andrew I wasn’t going to do it first but since you did something like this I thought I will chip in as well
    One final comment we are going to KiCKA$$ next season I would love to see so called pundits from Soccernet Press Pass try and write this team off.
    We are at least 3 man deep in every position and our attack is as lethal as you can be in EUROPE. Next season lets go for FA CUP, Carling CUP, EPL and Champions League.

    But the imporatnt thing is to focus on this season lets try and win EPL and CL and we can try and better ourselves by winning 4 trophies next season.

  13. @arry could you be wrong? Might Arsene Wenger know more than you do? In the past 12 months he has bought Andrei Arshavin and Thomas Vermalen, which deserves higher praise than “One half decent player a year”? In order for us to win the league the top two don’t need to implode, a draw when they play each other would mean that we could mathematically win the league, no magic involved, unless you consider what Arsene has done with very little money. But from your statement that he should step down once he’s won the league that no matter what he does you won’t change your mind about him. I find that a big shame, I had a similer feeling about Eboue a while back, I hated how he dived and cheated, additionally he just wasn’t cutting it on the pitch, I didn’t just want to see him sold, I wanted him humiliated and sent to some footballing backwater. But over the past year or so he really has improved, he has a great attitude, especially where the fans are concerned, and I really rate him now, in fact I’d have him in the side ahead of Sagna. It really is nice to admit that I was wrong, maybe you should give yourself the same chance with Arsene?

  14. @asad,
    well that was a very good read! made me laugh
    yes he does believe it but as you say, when a defender takes him under his wing, well he’s f##ked,
    look england are useless! full stop, they cant hold the ball! i am going to have a great laugh this world cup, when they get knocked out through a better technical side,esp since the press has messmorised everyone into a false sense of winning the dam thing!
    i can see the headlines now
    “shrek sent off as he see’s green”

  15. To all you sycophants espsecially you the author why don’t you all piss off and and support someone else, your attitude is doing alot of damage to the club.To arry and simon, i totally agree with everything you say but because you are on a rose tinted site they are never going to agree with you, these idiots hate to hear the truth, am surprised they didn’t delete your stuff because you are not agreeing with them. These guys are happy just to see pretty football even we are not winning anything and fear anyone might see that there are people like us who actually want to win something which is why they tell you to piss of and go somewhere else for fear that people might agree with you.

  16. That midfield worries me against Hull. Even though Nasri is in form he’s not going to match the physical presence of hull and neither is Deni. I don’t like a 3-3-4 if two of the central midfielders are lightweight. Diaby better assert his presence. C’mon you Gunners!

  17. @gunnerrealist hmm i think you need to piss off first – if you dont like this site then dont bother coming on here. there must be plenty of sites which agree with your dildonistic views but not this one.

    so go on now dont want to keep your gutter bug friends waiting

  18. the local team also known as Real, (a team who seem to get money from all sorts of strange places which are only spoken about in a whisper), could not qualify for the next round of the Champions League.

    In fact they haven’t reached the quarter finals for something like five seasons.

    We all remember last summer when the whole transfer market wend mad after Real decided to splash the cash they had or even didn’t have. We all heard the enormous sums of money paid for Ronaldo, Kaka and others.

    Where the money came from was not very clear but these things are brushed under the carpet by most of the main stream media, with talk of “sales of shirts”, as if somehow one might sell eight million Christiano Ronaldo shirts.

    Indeed how a club with such an amount of debt could afford those players was not a questions that was raised by the main stream media. They just loved the headlines which sold them newspapers or brought visitors to their sites.

    With all those players they thought they would be unbeatable. This was going to be the best bought team in history. Nobody could be able to stop the combined forces of Kaka, considered the worlds best midfielder, and Ronaldo, considered the worlds best striker after Messi.

    And in the beginning the started very well. But then came some cracks. A few defeats in La Liga. And most of all the total embarrassment came in the copa del rey where Real Mad lost to a 3rd division team, Alcorcon, over two games. The first was a 4-0 defeat and in the return leg they could only win with 1-0. So if you want to speak of humiliation, this was one.

    But in La Liga they don’t do to bad but considering the amount of money spent they should have been celebrating the title by now.

    Yesterday in the Champions League Lyon proved to good for Madrid. The multi millions spent on players to ensure that they were able to win the Champions League final in their own stadium are wasted. The old football lesson that you are not guaranteed anything just because you just put the 11 best players of the world in one team is a very true wisdom.

    11 stars does not equal success. You do need people who do the dirty work for the stars.

    So one can imagine the laughter around the world by those who don’t like the idea of spending beyond your means to buy all those superstars. And I must admit I had some malicious pleasure last night in seeing Ronaldo walking off the field with tears in his eyes… yeah I admit I sometimes have a bad character.

    For The Arsenal this means one thing. After the unbeaten season we started building a team from almost zero under the guidance of our manager. And in that time we have managed always to do better than Real Madrid. Madrid are deep in debt, but the tax payer in Spain will pay for it as usual. Our debt is a mortgage on the Emirates and we pay it back like a good father or mother does for his home.

    Yes the fans in Madrid can see players like Kaka and Ronaldo but in a few weeks time they will be seeing us playing who ever we may have to play in the next round and Kaka and Ronaldo will be sitting in their comfortable chairs eating their hearts out.

    So once again we are doing better than Real Mad, we have a young team with stars for the future, we play exciting football. Do you want to give up our current situation for the Madrid situation? I would not. And I am sure that a lot of Madrid fans today will be asking themselves : how is this possible? They promised us heaven on earth and we are out even before it really begins.

    Arsenal is still in it, as we have always been in recently years despite us building a team and not buying a team. So let us just continue on the road we are walking. Enjoy what we see on the playing field and cherish our young players who are now already stars for us and who will be stars in world football in the next decade. Thank God for the way our club is run by our manager.

    It’s good to be a Gooner.

  19. Arry – take your anti depression medicines please! you sound like a brit media person who thinks that the only thing that counts in life is a trophy – give me wengerball anyday.

  20. Wow, some posts there. Esp @andrew. Getting excited about all if this. If we play with the same intent and intensity which has been characteristic of our last 3 performances, we’ll do it. It’s shaping up for quite a close season and at least we have hit a vein of form at the business end of the season which we haven’t done for a while. Dare to dream!

  21. In football there is always an element of luck. A deflection or hitting the wood work etc. A team that is 2 point adrift at the top with 9 games to go is not bad. For me Arsenal is doing very well, what we need is our own share of luck when there is need for it. By the Grace of God we will win tomorrow.
    My only desire for next season is that Arsenal should buy Gareth Barry of Manchester City and move Vermaelen to the mid field so as to give him more opportunities to score goals. We actually need someone who can shoot from outside 18.

  22. This is an open forum and you should accept the views of all who participate, whether they agree with you or not? @gunnerrealist you are entitled to your opinion but my question to you is who do we replace AW with? I agree the lack of trophies is frustrating and I question team tactics and selections but there are no replacements out there who can do it without spending millions?

  23. What a pair of negative nancies arry and gunnerrealist you are! We are still in the running for the premiership and ECL and playing the kind of football that most fans enjoy. I have supported the Gunners since i was 12 back when we won nothing. Year after year after bloody year. And apart from a few years when we had Brady, Rix, Sunderland – we were CRAP to watch. For me I would love to win something this season and if we do manage to sneak the premiership I reckon it would be Wenger’s greatest achievement given the injuries we have had, combined with the belief in the way the team plays the game. What a triumph that would be. And then we’ll see the media pundits, the Manure and Chelski Scum fans (and probably arry and the other twat) all moaning that we are worst ever champions! I will get a t shirt made up – “I’d rather be worst ever champions than best ever runners up” and wear that around Stamford Bridge… with an armed escort of course. Now that I have said this we’ll no doubt lose to Hull! Now I really am a gunner realist.

  24. @ gunnerrealist – Why the aggression aimed at my writing? I can’t see anything rose-tinted about today’s article. Stick to the topic at hand.

  25. My suggestions of Arsenal against Hull

    1.Bendtner should be a super sub and let Eduardo be the hero of the match.
    2.Eboue should be given a more defensive play.
    3.The left wing should be more attacking and less defensive ( Burnley game)

  26. Arry and Goonerrealist are too negative. You can’t just start over when things aren’t going well — look at Man City. Our team is playing with heart and class in the toughest league in the world. Hull will be a test, but it won’t end the campaign if we lose. Just like we’re not guaranteed the CL final when we played Porto off the paddock. There’s still a run of games to be played for all the teams. I hope Arshavin starts. He is the key for me.

  27. @gunner-realist- Are you agreeing with arry that vermaelen and arshavin- arsene’s last two signings are equal to one half-decent player a year? If you do you should probably get some therapy before it starts mentally affecting the people around you IRL. I respect the amount of logic in comments and the amount of cynicism or optimism means nothing to me.
    Arry here’s the plain answer that any non-retarded people like can not comprehend, we don’t need the top two to implode so that we can magically leapfrog to the title. One among the top two must drop a minimum of two points when they play each other plus there are games they will have to play against other highly competitive clubs. If we win the EPL we will win it deservingly because of the sheer amount of depth of talent we have in our squad.
    Let me quote you again- “we are unable to retain the best players in our squad”-
    Ashley Cole swap deal with Gallas was PERFECT. We were conceding goals through the centre of our defense with weak CBs. One of the world’s best RB in exchange for a consistent CB is a great deal anytime for Arsenal.
    Pires moved out because his demands for a higher salary was rightly not met. It would have undermined the entire philosophy of Arsene’s payroll (which we are all so proud of) if Arsene conceded. It would have meant years and years more to get out of debt. I am sure all 3 of you(arry, simon & gunnerrealist) in your personal lives surely like to borrow a lot and live under debt but don’t expect that kind of lame crappy attitude from Mr.Wenger. Neither do you guys have any idea of the meaning of responsible management as long as you can get drunk and shout on Wenger that “pretty” football is crap & you need silverware to cheer up your own frustrating lives. Vieira’s first touch and movement was getting increasingly tackier by the moment and his clinical tackling was turning into increasingly mistimed challenges. Henry was gone past his best and Arshavin these days can outrun Henry. No matter how much we used to worship Henry, Wenger knew that he had reached his peak and will go weak after max 1-2 years more. Henry’s recent pathetic performances and first touch is unbelievably heavy like Bendtner’s burnley performance. I can’t even imagine that its the same Henry we used to watch at Arsenal. Wenger unearthed Ljungberg at his peak and it was evident his form was going to decline over the years. All the other top-flight managers in the world agreed with him as Ljunberg signed a contract with West Ham (LOL) and then Seattle Sounders (pathetic). The only person who had a lot of potential and consistency but Wenger had to let go was Reyes. So that’s only one mistake I blame Mr. Wenger off. These are the reasons for which we like Wenger. It’s because he can see into the future and see who has reached his peak and who has still got loads of unearthed potential hidden in them. We like Mr. Wenger not because he makes his squad play pretty football or because we are raving homosexual maniacs who have got a fetish for old French people.
    All 3 of you are welcome to this blog but will you 3 be able to show your faces here when the current Arsenal squad gets on the crest of winning streak thats just around the corner? Do you 3 even use your gray cells in the brain area to imagine what heights this current Arsenal squad can reach uninjured if Fabregas sticks with us for a few more years? I have said it time and again that all Wenger needs to do is to make Almunia, Fabianski and Vito play Russian Roulette so that Arsene feels guilt-free of signing them in the first place and gets us a real goalie.

    P.S.- I still have got immense respect for the Invincibles squad but I stand by all the decisions Wenger made apart from the Reyes one.

  28. Avik, I just love your analysis. Please keep them coming.
    Whatever happens to Arsenal this season, we are GUNNERS for life.

  29. @simon, what can i say mate. You hit the core of my thoughts on this team. I have tried many times this season to put into words my feelings for this team from a football fan perspective but i think you have done that perfectly. Deep down honesty, how ever hard it may hurt. Unfortunately there will be fans out there who still dont undestand what your trying to convey.
    @andy can you get his comments across to Arsene.

  30. @singhisk, simon need i say more. Singhisk why dont you pls explain yr self better, which part dont you get. I hope yr short comment proves to be correct but pls explain some more.

  31. Let me pull up some slapstick stuff on arry,simon & gunnerrealist.

    Suppose, its a 3-1 win over Hull.
    This is what will happen after Aidan posts his player analysis.

    arry- Aidan is narrow minded. Did you juse see how much fatigued Campbell was? Campbell deserves to play for Notts County only. Off with campbell’s head. We just don’t have the ability in the final-third of the pitch to kill-off the game. We lack depth in our offense. Did you just see the way Arshavin casually made a shot on goal?? That’s giving away possession cheaply.

    Simon- I think arry has got a point here. Did you notice the way Arsenal couldn’t manage one single touch on the ball for 5mins after the first half. Arsenal OUT of possession! They must have been sleeping. Eboue wasnt doing his defensive duties. I knew Tony Adams’ prophecy would come true. IF Vermaelen was 5inches taller he could have slid in comfortably to block the goal-scoring shot. TONY ADAMS has seen it all. His immense coaching experience and footballing intellect can no longer be under any doubt.

    Gunner-realist- Mates, most of the supporters are narrow-minded here. We might as well move to another blog where people share our concerns. If it was David Villa instead of Bendtner, he would have scored at least half-a-dozen without blinking an eye.

    Random Bloke- Stop cribbing! Go cry to your Momma. We don’t want your cynicism here. If you don’t like the way Arsenal is managed just piss OFF. BURN the witches.

  32. Absolute bullshit call by the ref. Hull are just fouling us every play and every chance they’ve had has been offside. Seriously get some balls and play us clean.

  33. Watching the game and Hull have been given a dubious penalty on a player who was clearly offside. The level of refereeing is reaching abysmal levels and somehow Arsenal are always at the receiving end. Hull will do anything to get points from this game, even if it means injuring half our team – they are just a physical team kicking about like animals. Go Arsenal, play your game and destroy them


  34. SUPER NIK!!!!

    Phil Brown can piss off to the championship and take his bastardized football with him.

  35. have to say i dont see why so many think they are justified in havin a go at arry and simon…..andy will surely tell you all opinions are welcome on here…especially when some of the issues been raised are facts!!!
    but because were going wel now some of you feel the need to defend the boss (as if hel be on here reading your sycophantic boot licking comments). you all no doubt say the last 5 years in limbo will hav been worth it…..REMINDER – wev won nothing yet and even when we do win something it does not absolve our great manager from past blunders…….keep it real dudes

  36. oops hav only read all the argy bargy that went on above with gunner realist earlier…..unwittingly i used the word sycophant to reflect some of the fans but certainly not the author who i think deserves more respect than being told to go support another team other than the one he clearly loves….not cool gunner realist…..theres ways and means of expressing your opinion….do it right and ul find alot of us agree with you mate but dont ostrisise yourself by reverting to giving verbal ‘v signs’ to everyone….i share alot of your opinions but the teams going great so lets enjoy it,eh?

  37. @ice,
    how ya keepin mate long time no chat….wots goin on today?????i dont come on for two days and not only are there dudes takin my ‘negative’ slot but aviks takin over my resident smartass slot aswel!!!
    ya cant turn your back for a second!

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