Arsenal v Newcastle: Open Thread

Just opening up a thread for comments and discussion on today’s game.

Some potential talking points to get things going: Lukasz Fabianski’s season-ending surgery, Alex Song and Denilson out for the game and Cesc Fabregas’ week-long asassination in the media.

Clichy will be at it again against Newcastle


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  1. Good time to play NUFC…they don’t have any recognized striker at the moment (Ameobi injured last Wed)….2-0 to the Gunners!!!

  2. it’s a joke that fabregas is getting so much criticism…do we even know what he said?
    he’s well within his rights to have words with the ref after that awful off-side goal…everyone can see it’s offside, except for the refs..

    onto the game. will be interesting without Song, who has been a regular all season. He’s pretty important to our structure. Wilshere can step up. I expect Diaby to start in Song’s place, and want to see a really sharp and desperate performance from him. I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of an impact Diaby can have.
    Arshavin will hopefully pick up from where he left off and have another good game. we so need him to, with Nasri being injured.

    Given newcastle have no striker, it might even be worthwhile playing a 4-1-3-2 formation, with bendtner playing alongside van persie, and wilshere the lone holding mid. Newcastle will probably park the bus.

    No more injuries! hopefully can wrap the game up early, and have the luxury to make substitutions.

  3. Diaby will most likely be in for Denilson and Song. Not the position where he plays best but I hope he comes back to form quickly.

    About the Cesc “witch-hunt” I think it has gone completely out of hand. Just like the whole “Cesc has Braca-DNA nonsense” that keeps creeping up ever 3 months, it’s just a way to unsettle the captain and get some kind of reaction. It was ridiculous from Moyes to say anything in the first place, but it’s not really his fault how the story has spread.

  4. I believe Arsenal would 8 times out of ten beat the current NUFC team, however, beware the wounded animal that is the current situation. Watch Chiek Tiote who looks a superb player, and up against Fabrigas.
    Prediction 1-1.

  5. Thank god carrol’s out! But beware, Newcastle will somehow find a way through, maybe Tiote could find the net and upset the title contenders! Good Luck Arsenal!

  6. In regards 2 Lukas Fab, its kind of a blow 2 our contigent. As we approach da Catalans game! Alumunia looks demoralised & here Sczcney lacks dat much needed expirience. So am seeing a gamble in da posts. Den 4 da Magpies game az long as our defence of BS, GC, LK, & HD, is present den a change in da middle field of inclusion Diaby wont realy affect much of our playing pattern. Since RVP, CF, TW &AA not TR start up front. I see a 1-3 at fulltime on da St. James scoreboard.

  7. It should be an esay one, weakest point today may be the midfield but surely Wilshere and Diaby will do their best to hold them up, their attack shouldn’t not be a problem for Djoucielny.

    RvP and Walcoot both score. 2-0 for the arsenal.
    About Fabregas, it remaind me Martinez after wigan’s poor display, these guys just need to say something to make them crap management out of papers hands

  8. Base on current form arsenal should win tonight and grab all the three points. Good luck arsenal

  9. Now Moyes has called Arsene Wenger a liar over the Cesc Tunnelgate episode. We shouldn’t be too hard on David Moyes, obviously the strain of being an average manager at a below average club is getting to him.

    His latest attempt to deflect criticism, of himself and his team, is only natural in somebody who knows his job is on the line.

    Everton have done nothing under his stewardship and after almost nine years of mediocrity even the loyal fans of the club must be wondering how long he can last.

    Described as having had an “unremarkable playing career” as a “journeyman centre back” obviously the lower leagues or a seat in the Sky studio beckon.

  10. Used to almost like Everton, but Moyes has kept this up far too long. We all know the refs weren’t bribed, just incompetent or plain slow. Linesman should have thrown up the flag instant ball was kicked(did he think it was a shot?).
    Today, we don’t have quite the skill quotient available compared to last match, but more than enough if pursue relentlessly like we did in second half Tuesday.
    Never saw RvP play with such passion and fire before.
    C’mon you Gooners!

  11. that’s a shocking second half display from our boys and the refs. anger can’t begin to describe my emotions.

  12. Wilshere your a star.

    Diaby, Diaby….. what a selfish thing to do…..

    …..however it was just shambolic defending… excuses even when ten man down…

  13. bye bye title
    and once more we showed that its better to have one leader than 11 players talking

  14. Ohhhh yeah! I had almost forgotten how we play when Squillaci and Kos play together.

    That was ridiculous. You could see in the first half Dowd was forever going to give the foul benefit to Newcastle after the score swelled so quickly.

    And people wonder why Arsenal fans get down on the team. When a team plays so brilliantly for a time, it makes the fall so much harder when they turn it off. It’s the worst kind of inconsistency because its unquestionable they should never let things like this happen.

    I didn’t think I’d be as disgusted after seeing the Tottenham game. And even though we tied this one the ramifications make it feel like a gigantic loss.

  15. OMG!! It has to be Arsenal to throw away an already wrapped up game! Incredible. It proves once again that we cannot overcome a team made up of thugs, intent only to kick us off the ball, and always with the referee (what else is new?) against us. Of course Diaby has a lot of explanation to do as this farce is laid squarely at his feet – what did he think he was doing, as it was clear he was going to be sent off? Arsenal should discipline him more than the FA for having greatly jeopardised our flimsy chances in the BPL. I am also surprised that AW did not have the answer – as usual he does not react during the game by changing tactics and players around just enough to adapt to the situation. As somebody said, siding with Arsenal should come with a health warning.

  16. Painful,
    Really, trully – painful

    There is only one thing left to do,
    use this pain to win ourselves a trophy, dust off that cabinate
    If this is the way we have to grow and learn to become champions – so be it

  17. Phil Dodd is a cunt.

    Dodd, Koscielny and Squillaci lost the game for us. They were mediocre to say the least, and looked simply lost the entire game. Everything in the air was won by the Newcastle players and Kos gave away two cheap penalties — schoolboy stuff — while Squillaci was always backtracking and backing away from challenging for headers.

    Wenger should stop buying weak defenders and do something right for once — the central defence is the weakest link and if not plugged there’s no point us scoring 4 or 5 in a game.

  18. I think the ref was biased after Diaby’s sending off, I feel injustice, two cheep penalties, maybe no penalties at all, there really seem to be something against Arsenal, with the refs, with the commentators, it seemed as if the players were feeling it and were a bit paralised …….. incredible, the bias against Arsenal or whomever……….. seem to be to big. … can’t believe it, the ones who were really fowling were the opposite and Arsenal got the cards, even when they were fowled, it is frapping, it’s quite similar to what I am experiencing in my life, unbelievable, I am watching and the luck is gone……….. incredible. 👿 👿 👿
    I can’t really blame the players ……….. not really………. 👿 I smell injustice, bitter

  19. Fuck J Barton, fucking hooligan pussy diving piece of fuck who should have been cautioned and should fucking go to hell for his shitface and provocative attitude. He could have broken Diaby’s legs so wtf are you blaming Diaby for.

  20. …………….What a disgace, we are the most mentally weak team in the Premier League. Absolutely no resolve or idea how to close out a game…….bottlers.
    Newcastle dont even have any strikers.
    You can forget about the League now, lets just see out top 4 status….how does this team conspire to do this so often, its appalling and Id love to know what the manager did to turn things once the momentum swung in their favour……I bet he has some serious excuses and blame shift to offer after this one.
    Diaby should not get another game, brainless.
    That defense is a shambles…..Byo and Aman were right; investing in quality is for fools who wanna win stuff, we dont wanna subscribe to that now do we?

  21. Barton did indeed provoke and fowl constantly. Phil Dowd just ignored these fowls simply warding 2 penalties was just his way of getting a good nights sleep and to save the chefs in the hotel kitchen from shitting and pissing in his room service orders. The man is a simple cock.

  22. absolutely gutted… injustice. unbelievably one-sided decision making from the ref. the defence wasn’t winning any balls though and squillaci made a mess.

  23. Barton is a filthy, cunt faced fuckerer of refs and linesmen. Cheating little anal born bastard. Phil Dowd assists Man Utd again and gives out penalties for his own amusement. WANKER and CUNT – Barton & Dowd

  24. Stop blaming the ref and Newcastle players. We were 4-0, thats the first time in PL history a team has surrendered that lead.
    Thats now Newcastle, Spurs and Wigan last season,

  25. Everyone knows Barton is a backstabbing mug, to outplay a mug like Barton you have to backstab him back.

    Diaby was baited into a trap, Barton wanted Diaby to react, Diaby even went on to push Nolan, Diaby let himself be baited, Diaby let himself be baited by a low iq thug like Barton.

    I’m angry at Newcastle and the ref but I’m more dissapointed in Diaby for reacting, he didn’t take one for the team, he didn’t realize by being banned for three games we do not have a cover for Song.

    Whenever Arsenal plays it will always be against 12men, so whenever injustice comes our way we should react? Is that the best solution? to react? If everyone of the players react we would not have a squad left.

    There is seriously something wrong with the referees in the epl but what can we do, all we can do is OUTPLAY every team with our brand of football, that’s the best solution.

  26. AW is here to do business and buy the cheapest players to sell at a profit. Last season we had Chamakh to look forward to. This season: No move in the Jan window and seemingly no real intent to sign someone soon. Hate to see the day that Cesc leaves, but it is very hard to blame him given that the club simply hasn’t shown any signs of ambition or desire to win.

    Pay peanuts and you’ll get monkeys. That’s what you are seeing in our defence now, Mr. AW. Stop buying only french players, get some hard tackling centre backs from anywhere else, for once.

  27. I cant believe that there is no one who looks at this mockery of refereeing displayed time and again by Phil Dowd who thinks he’s a rock star the world needs to recognise. Jesus Christ. I’m sorry, you know what, i’ve had a knee ligament reconstruction a few months ago and been out of action for my local club for about 8 months now – if someone came close to putting the tackle Joey Barton did on me, i would have kicked his head off and pulled each one of his teeth off one by one.. Shame on you Joey – one day even your kids wont want to remember you for who you were.. You’re just a mercenary.. Let’s not go overboard on him or the rest of the team right now.. They didn’t deserve this – period. Spare a thought for Arsene and the team. It’s still a point, weirder things will happen.. Keep the faith..

  28. Dowd is a barrel of oil bobbling up and down the pitch. Obviously biased — isn’t there anything the FA can do about such trickery and dishonesty?

    What about fucking Nolan’s armlock and Barton’s lunges? Fuck those bastards.

  29. Shambogunner doesnt have a scooby. I’m not blaming refs, I’m calling them cheats. You fucking numb head.

  30. I’ve been a supporter of this team for a long time, however, I’m taking the rest of the year off. I can’t take it anymore. Pathetic.

  31. barton,dowd and noland are bastards

    but we still shouldnt be giving away 4-0 leads. it criminal. i think cygan was better than squallici his defending was useless at best. Not only are we gonna miss diaby for 3 games (is frimpong on loan?) but djourou also may have picked up a knock. now there will always be people calling for wenger’s head but its a waste of time to even consider telling them why they are absolute idiots. The next coming games are vital, the team needs to get back on track just like we did after the spurs loss. A couple of positives from the game: RVP didnt get injured,walcott and arshavin are back, sagna is proving why he is the best right back in the league

  32. arsenal have once again thrown the title away at the last hurdle due to poor tactical display.
    1.arsenal should never switch to defensive stratergy because they never know how to defence under pressure, instead they should learn to slow down the pace and pass the ball around rather than clearing it to no mans land.
    2.arsene make a big mistake by replacing arshavin for thomas rosisky and eboei for theo walcot whom i think is either a defender and neither a striker. with that van persie became toothless upfront
    3.finally the referee make many wrong decision especially diaby incident, whereby both should be red carded and the second penalty was clearly not a penalty.
    this results will motivate m.u. to take advantage of the situation and extend the lead.

    as a loyal fan to arsenal this is very hard to swallow. it is so frustrating, so disappointing and feel like knocking my head to the wall over and over again because arsenal does not lose to a better team but rather to a mistake they themselves make over and over again.

  33. This is a disaster, losing 2 points to MU, a gift for a lame MU club. I have never seen a match like this in my forty over years of watching soccer. 4-0 in the first half and lost 4 goals in the second. But the ref is a rubbish, but I don;t want to simply blame the ref. Arsenal cannot win the champ because they loose easy matches. Hope MU drawn by the Wolves tonight. Stay tune.

  34. @Jordan & @MaltaGooner – Well said.
    After the run of games since the Chelsea victory I thought there was a real change in our mentality and maturity, and it is mightily frustrating to proven so wrong in such a spectacular fashion today. We can blame Dowd, or Diaby or Barton or injuries or the fact that’s Chinese New Year. There is simply NO earthly excuse for that kind of collapse. Real championship contenders don’t blow 4-0 leads, pretenders do. Who do we resemble more today?

  35. Shambo- I refuse to take the bait from you today. So you really think we lost the game because Wenger did not “invest in quality” in a team that scored 4 goals in 25 minutes? You really believe we lost today because of defensive frailty? I guess today’s match confirms what you have been saying until you turned red in the face- you have been waiting for so long to say “I told you so!” I don’t know what match you were watching.

  36. @whatthellhappened: Thanks for articulating some genuine positives out of this debacle. We picked up the point, but it honestly feels like a huge loss right now. How we react this week and against Wolves will be a stern test of our character.


    Arsene should share the footage of the match with the FA and appeal against the poor refereeing decisions made. A panel of referees should review some of the decisions made…The two penalties were so soft…the second one was definitely not a penalty….There were 7-8 decisions against Arsenal which could have gone the either way…initially the referee was giving some of the freekicks to the home team purely because he was feeling sorry for the home team…this is not expected in professional football…
    The growing nexus between the FA and manure is going to kill this league for sure…
    Two instances I want to cite:
    1) Manure Vs. Spuds: Gomes was getting ready to take a freekick inside his own box, and what happens!! Nani comes in and rolls the ball into the net…What a farce?
    2) Arsenal against Huddersfield Town in FA Cup (i might get this wrong): the ball rolls over to an arsenal player after a deflection from the referee, and he holds back the play while it was a live ball…what the hell!!

    The FA thinking of taking action against Fabregas for foul mouth…what a joke!! The FA should clean their own house before it points finger to others…

    Andrew, please see that we lodge a serious complaint against teh referee to FA for this match…I am an Arsenal fan from India and i couldn’t believe what i saw today…This is cheating of teh highest order…Please, please pass on this message to Arsene and the Arsenal board, and request them to lodge an official complaint. PLEASE again.

  38. Wolves, fight until you die. All Arsenal fans are behind you.
    Arsenal, do big signing in the summer, perhaps you can win the PL next season. To be honest, I doubt we should keep Wenger.

  39. Bla bla bla bla bla……..

    Come on Arsenal supporters, surely you would know this was going to happen. It always happens at this point of the season, this is where you see really how the lack of investment and playing kids will not win major trophies. No premiership championship winning side would have lost a 4 goal lead, thats the worst in Premier League history!!

    You can not argue that fact………….

    Chelsea have dipped in form, so what do they do, go and buy 1 or 2 top class players. You are forgetting that Arsenal have made a fortune of selling players and yet really none on that money has been spent strengthing. Instead we buy a 30+ defender from Seville and a defender that has only spent 1 year playing in Ligue 1.

    We will be lucky to win the Carling Cup this year, you can forget about winning anything else. As always this is where the season ends for us, He needs a top class defender and a true winner / captain on the pitch. Thats what lost us the points today at Newcastle.

  40. Im not ready to throw in the towel!!! Setbacks are part of life.. and this is only a 2 point set back.. could be a point gained if Wolves hang on!!!
    Diaby is really a person who doesnt have a clue that his team is right in the midst of a PREMIERSHIP TITLE RACE, and he decides to fight when his team is up 4-0!!! really? what is this ? a sunday soccer league?? R U KIDDING ME!!! sell him!

  41. But again there is no point blaming Abou…agreed he behaved ungamely but no one can blame him for the series of injuries that he has gone thru in his playing career…. horrendous to be least…Joey Barton’s challenge was really bad…and it was the second one in teh match… What the hell was teh referee doing…keeping his eyes closed and passing on his favours to the home team and Manure.
    the mental trauma of facing yet another injury was too much for Abou…i feel his reaction was but natural.
    It was our bad luck and awesome refereeing that costs us the match…nothing else…To hell with teh nexus between the FA and Manure

  42. Yes…the men in gold saved the day for us…:) MANURE BEATEN…
    Divine justice i guess….At least the 28 yrs old referee Mr. Oliver is not yet purchased by the FA and Manure

  43. I don’t understand why gooners are so happy about Manure’s loss. If we dream of winning the title, we need to 1st sort out our team before looking at others’ results.
    With Squillaci in the team, I don’t see us winning anything this season…. he’s the worst player to wear an Arsenal shirt in living memory!

    How long is Djourou going to be out?

  44. First, THANK GOD FOR WOLVES!! I could barely stomach the first half of the United match, but after United’s loss we have to feel better. Yes, we would have closed the gap to two points, but the season is far from over, and we have inched a bit closer.

    Second, for the life of me, I can’t understand how people CANNOT blame Phil Dowd (this is the SECOND time this season that Dowd has very clearly worked against Arsenal by gifting a penalty to the opposition. Recall the game with Spurs at the Emirates), in significant part, for the outcome of today’s match. It’s not like Newcastle scored all of their goals in the flow of the game. HALF of their goals were decisions gifted to them by Dowd. The first penalty, was soft. The second penalty was scandalous. If that decision doesn’t at least lead to an FA review then I think that people can rightfully believe that they are corrupt. Again, this is NOT the first time Dowd has done this against Arsenal. Moreover, it is the second in just two weeks that a referee has gifted the opposition a goal when it was so clearly wrong.

    Third, the FA has clearly penalized players in the past for infractions AFTER matches. Barton deserves to be penalized.

    Finally, for me, the loss of Djourou and Diaby, were very critical because we lost height. I try to never question the manager, but I don’t understand why Rosicky was brought out rather than Bendtner. It was obvious that we were struggling in the box and we needed another big body in the box. I could understand bringing in Eboue, but Rosicky made no sense.

    Today’s performance will be hard to take given what could have been, but ultimately, we have to feel better after what transpired today. With Phil Dowd on Newcastle’s side for all the world to see, Arsenal still gained a point on United.

  45. The silver lining to a miserable day for us gooners is that Manure were beaten, and will not be matching our unbeaten season, at least not this year! To think that if Dowd hadn’t f***ed up our game we would be only 2 points behind. Arsenal should formally request that this asshole not be allowed to ref any more of their games – I remember this happened in Italy, I beleive Juventus, when a particular referee was purposely given their games so Milan could go on and win the league.

  46. One last thing…how Nolan doesn’t even get a talking to for headlocking Szczesny is more than a mystery.

  47. why the heck do we give up such a huge lead .. it happened with spurs and now these guys .. forget the ref .. atleast 4-5 newcastle should have got yellow .. and that penalty was very very soft .. but blaming doesnt help .. Our tactics and nervousness added to the pressure .. the only silverlining and my biggest cheer — manchester united lost .. race is still on guys ..

    And yes .. I have posted the match highlight in my site around 3 minute in good quality .. if you are looking for one give it a check

  48. @ LAGunner : Can’t agree more with you….I think we need to make a collective move against the referee Phil Dowd.
    Such faults, repeated ones, can’t be tolerated in such a high profile league…
    And totally agree with you that Bendy would have been a better choice than Rosicky. His strength and height would have been a different proposition altogether…
    But i think despite that the referee would have still made something for the Toons 🙁 🙁

    FA needs to do something…Andrew, please take it forward..

  49. What irony this weekend. We cheer Wolves today only to play them next week when they will be at a season’s high after slaying a dragon. We, on the other hand, will be struggling for confidence after being the ONLY team in the HISTORY of the Premier League to blow a 4 goal lead to snatch a draw from the jaws of victory. We can blame Dowd all day, but real contenders never put themselves in a position to blame (granted) poor refereeing or pinning their hopes on a last-place team to somehow salvage something from the weekend. Instead should be joyously posting about a 7-0 or 8-2 pasting. I’d even take the “1-nil to the Arsenal” which is my current eponym. This is MY club which I hold very dear but I refuse to let them off this hook for this. It’s beyond ridiculous.

  50. At this rate, we might need to score into double figures to be assured of a victory. I’m sure am over-reacting with the disappointment of throwing away a seemingly unassailable lead.
    Could it be that Dowd was showing Arsenal what the consequences of bad-mouthing a ref are?

  51. have been working all day and just saw the result. was it that much of an old arsenal throw-it-away game or getting screwed by refs? wow. of all the days for man u to lose, and arsenal can’t keep a 4 goal lead? pathetic.

  52. Let’s stay positive…we are JUST 4 points behind the MU (a miracle for our inconsistency this year) and our fixture (in theory) is easier than theirs, also played a cup final (Most important game of the season FAR AWAY this season) and we are in race for win the UCL orthe FA Cup.
    We MUST be the Arsenal from the first half against Newcastle if we wanna fight for titles OR the second half arsenal if we want to be that mediocre, mental weak, inconsistent…………………….bla…………..bla…………….bla………………………team.

  53. We just feel let-down because it was a 4-goal lead. Ok, it was poor defending, poor refereeing- whatever it is, we CLOSED the gap on MANURE to 4 points. Now the most important thing for the players is to pick themselves up. All is NOT LOST. In fact, NOTHING IS LOST.

  54. I retract my comments about Diaby.. My apologies.. The replay of the tackle was absolutely INSANE!!!

    Anyone would react… but until you do that to Rooney.. The FA will always closed their eyes!

  55. Hard to not notice the influence of Dowd on the game. First penalty was suspect, but the second one was definitely not a penalty. It was clear the Newcastle strategy in the second half – foul as much as possible.

    Saying that, terrible performance by Arsenal in second half. Rosicky was absolutely terrible. Arguably caused the 2nd penalty, gave away the free kick that led to the 4th goal. I couldn’t believe it.

  56. Regarding the sending-off, I think Diaby was very naive and stupid in that particular incident. He had a great game until that point. We were FOUR goals up and he does something totally uncalled for. YES, it WAS A HORRIBLE TACKLE by BARTON, but…… why should Diaby react so foolishly? He could have said a few words if he was angry. Instead, he manhandles Barton, ridiculous. Sergio Busquets [oh, I hate him!!!] or any other Barcelona player or any player who has some footballing experience would have held his ankle, asked the medical team to come on, roll two to three times on the ground and get Joey Barton sent off because it was HORRIBLE TACKLE. I don’t see the logic of his actions but he has had a really tough time with injuries that he was too fed-up with it. He had a very good game till then.

    The positives from this match were :1. Of course our first half performance
    2.Wojciech Szczesny: he was great in goal. YES, we could even have lost this game had it not been for Szczesny’s good saves.
    3. Jack Wilshere: He was absolutely fantastic and fought till the very end.

  57. Does anyone else think that clichy is our worst defender and worst player. Time after time and game after game clichy fails to impress and needs to be replaced

  58. I shuddered when I saw squillaci the statue come trotting onto the field. We’ll miss Diaby for a bit without song, but the real loss is djourou. If he’s out for any length of time, arsene will be crying over a lot more than two missed points.

    It seems the injury bug has bit us, like it did earlier in the year. Then it was rvp, vermall, cesc, and theo, now its song, vermall (still), nasri, fabianski, etc. Every side has to deal with injuries but its tough for me because I felt we we’re getting everyone fit for a while there.

    On the whole, I gotta bury today deep in my subconsciousness and never speak of it again. What? First week of February back in 2011? all i remember is we gained a point in the table on man u…

  59. the ref invited and encouraged the opposite players to fowl, they knew they could do nearly anything and the Arsenal players felt it too, so it was a totally influenced game, if there would be a big bet I would say money would be the reason, and regarding Rosicky .. I think he is treated extra with injustice, maybe he’s not at the top, but his girl-friends father is seriously ill, you have to do your job but they are human beings, I totally blame the ref, he influenced the game in an embarrassing way, that was not by accident and it’s just disgusting ……… that’s it 👿

  60. Fucking hell! I went to bed at half time thinking the game was over . Couldn’t believe it when I saw the result today. But no matter how bad that second half was the gap with Manure is down to four points and I still reckon they will drop more points long the way. It’s the whackiest season I can remember. IF we win it, it won’t be down to our defence that’s for sure!

  61. What did Wenger say (or not say) in the half time team talk for AFC to fall apart? A four goal lead squandered? Pathetic !

    The reason why AFC don’t win trophies? They need to grow a pair. Drips.

  62. we deserve not to win the league title after the shocker against newcastle. with second raters kos and, squ as central defenders anything is possible. These two clumsy morons are disgrace and disgrace to wear arsenal jersey. clichy is another one who should be booted out. Our french legion defence surely the worst in the premier league. If you buy rejected and second hand stuff then one should not complain about the outcome.

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