Arsenal should be too strong for Wigan

There’s not much going on today in the build-up to the Arsenal-Wigan game. The official website has some team news and that’s about it. I had previously thought that Denilson was unavailabel but as far as I can tell he’s fit to play tomorrow if Wenger selects him.

I’m hoping Wenger slots him into the team on the right to allow the Cesc Fabregas-Mathieu Flamini combination to continue in the middle, but it’s more likely that Gilberto Silva will come in and Fabregas will be moved wide. Either way, I’m expecting Arsenal to win pretty comfortably despite the reportedly dodgy pitch at Wigan. Let’s hope the boys can do it.

Oh, and by the way, hahahahaha! Aaaahhhahahaha! I bet you all enjoyed those results. I have to say it will be a nice change to see an FA Cup final without any of the ‘big four’ clubs taking part. Maybe Barnsley can go all the way? Not likely, but only time will tell. 

What do you think?

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  1. You might win this one but the EPL is known for its shocks and we’ll make it as difficult as possible for you. However, hope you enjoy the game and to be honest, we’re not focused as much on this game as we are against the Bolton game at home but we’ll give it a credible go.

  2. Almunia
    Subs:Lehmann-Gilberto-Van Persie-Toure-Song
    Arsenal 3 – Wigan 1

  3. maybe if Armand Traore is available, Clichy could move up and play left wing. And of course he’s a natural left foot player.

    Maybe this lineup for Wigan :


    Sagna Senderos Gallas Traore

    Hleb Flamini Cesc Clichy

    Adebayor Bendtner

  4. What a pathetic effort against a clearly inferior team. Arsenal should be ashamed of themselves with the effort in this game. Adebayor should give back his pay for the effort in this game… have some heart and make an effort will you! This should have been a 3-point game for Arsenal, instead they give up a tie. The whole team ought to apologize to their fans for this sham of an effort.

  5. Aye very poor performance. First of all I didn’t feel this was going to be easy. Bruce has Wigan playing scrappy football.

    Secondly the attitudes of Ade, Bendtner and Helb in particular were atrocious. After they failed to put one in the first minute all three of these players appeared to be parading around the pitch as if Wigan was being payed not to play football but instead lay down and let Arsenal score.

    Nobody and I mean nobody in the Premiership is going to lay down for you not even Derby County and at the very least Ade and Helb should have known better. Yet another uninspired performance by Gilberto. He should defiantly be out this summer and make way for new blood.

    I will say Senderos earned his mettle once again though. I thought he had yet another brilliant game and clearly has his confidence back. Clichy loosing out to Valencia wasn’t that big for me because I’ve always felt Valencia is Wigans best.

    Perhaps all this is a bit harsh and in the moment but, boys I think all in all we very much got what we deserved

  6. When you see Toure playing on the wing that is when you realise things are desperate at moments what an awful game.I couldn’t praise not one player the attitude was missing today and it is not title winning form. For the first time this season I started to accept the pundits prediction of M.utd winning the title. If we don’t win the next match not only winning it but with style then we’ll have to forget about the title. Its still in our hands but it looks like we gonna have to do it the hard way by beating M.utd and chelsea on their own patch.

  7. where are all the arsenal supporters talking there rubbish at being best in the world after beating milan….cant beat wigan !

    united are coming to get ya !

  8. A disappoint performance for sure. I’m not sure that a lack of effort was the problem – just that the quality was missing. Definitely not the end of the world but it was such a shame to drop two points, especially considering the early chance to Adebayor and the late one to Fabregas.

  9. The blame must go to Arsene Wenger as well. Why ? 1. A good manager will never sell their best player & will do anything to keep him. 2. He think can win title with a cheap striker, there are a lot of differences between expensive stiker & cheap striker. 3. A smart manager will act smartly when transfer window opens & will get the squad strong by getting some good & quality players, anyway he dont have to spend his fathers money, what ? Just look at the bench & there are no one can make the difference except Walcott. Beautiful football, without goal is really FUCKING SHIT. There will be no trophy this season as well & they are not deserve to win any. If a strike cannot score when the chance he has got then from where he will find goal. From his balls or what ? Ha..Ha.. Ha… this piece of shit a.k.a Adebayour is not good enough to lead Arsenal’s attack or any team in the world. Why ? 1. Always wasting goal scoring opportunity & now already cost us. 2. Fucking poor first touch. 3. Can’t even stop the ball properly. 4. Cannot even make a proper passes, too blind to pass the ball directly to the opponent, always. 5. Totally, lack of determination. 6. He got no composure at all in front of goal. 7. No consistency at all & many more. End of the Season we will be finishing in 3rd., 4th., or 5th. placing or worse. 1st. & 2nd., no chance & dont ever dream of it !!! Febregas is totally rubbish as well. Its not the end of the world but they become a laughing stock of other team now, other teams defender do not fear of Arsenals striker because they know that this piece of shits will always waste chances & will never score……..

    Fucking frustrated fan.

  10. I’m as a Arsenal Fan, think that Man U will win the BPL title this season again. Why ? 1. They deserve it !!! 2. They are the better team with a lot determination 3. They do not waste chances, as will score as many they can. Who ever says that Arsenal are the best team in the world, please don’t dream of it & they are not there yet, ok !!! & i dont think that they can be there with this bunch of cheap players.

    Cheers Man U.

  11. I don’t get why you constantly criticise Adebayor RassHenry. What you are saying is just so incorrect – he has scored so many goals and done so well this season and yet you are still laying into him. Calling Fabregas rubbish as well, what a joke!

    If you’re a fan you stick by the team and don’t just start criticising every time something goes a little bit wrong. Someone already showed you recently that Arsenal take their chances better than Manchester United and yet you still use that as a basis for your argument. I just don’t get it.

  12. come on Gonners, fight fight fight till u rot… hmm sound familiar.. errrrrr

    Man Utd have bigger squad though we are still lacking of striker.. the only big team with 3 strikers.. arsenal-5, chelsea-5 and liverfools 4. btw, can Saha be considered as Striker or benchwarmer?

  13. Guyz,

    Its doesnt matter how many strikers a team has. Quality of the strikers matter.

    Arsenal Strikers :
    1. Eduardo – Good but injured.
    2. Van Persie – Very good but injury prone.
    3. Adebayour – A piece of shit.
    4. Bentdner – Useless cock.
    5. Walcott – Very good but doesnt get a chance because he is an Englishman.

    Man U Strikers :
    1. Rooney – Very good.
    2. Tevez – Very Good.
    3. Saha – Very Good but injury prone.
    4. Ronaldo – Midfielder but very good.

    Chelsea Strikers :
    1. Drogba – Very Good.
    2. Anelka – Very Good.
    3. Kalou – Good.
    4. Pirlo – Good.
    5. Sidwell – Ok, lar.

    Liverpool Strikers :
    1. Torres – Very Good.
    2. Kuyt – Good.
    3. Crouch – Very Good.
    4. Voronin – Good.

    Man U, Chelsea & Liverpool has the very good,expensive & quality strikers compare to Arsenals cheap clowns. Most of the expensive, very good & quality strikers has got a very good first touch, excellence close control of the ball, can dribble pass defenders, can pass the ball accurately always, have a very good body stability, doesnt waste goal scoring chances too often. Damn good composure in front of goal, very good pace, can shield the ball confidently, doesnt loose the ball too easily, full of determination till the last minute of each game & many more. This kind of strikers are defenders nightmare & will force them to make mistakes. Arsene Wenger shouldnt have sold Thierry Henry as he should make the best ever striker to play in Arsenal colour stay at the club. Look, at other managers, they simply dont sell their best player unless there is a good covering for them but Arsene Wenger, is out of his mind.


  14. Your comments about Adebayor and Bendtner are ridiculous. I’m sorry but they are. Have you been watching Adebayor play at all this season? Seriously.

  15. Mmmm, rasshenry ade may not be the classiest striker in the world, but he gets the job done. He is the 2nd highest goal scorer in the competition. If RvP didn’t get injured we’d be leading by a mile. IMO our season depends on RvP bagging a dozen or so goals in the remainder of the season.

    Only ronaldo has more goals than ade, whilst torres is even on 19 a piece. Then out of the other strikers you mentioned the only ones who are close are anelka and tevez on 11.

  16. Mr. Spanish Fry,

    Serioulsy, i’ve been watching this 2 clowns act through out the season till now. The goals they have scored comes from the excellence passes or else ? This 2, piece of shit can never scored those goals. Every Tom, Dick Harry can score goals, if the feed is like that, ok. Once again, i’m teling you that a good & consistence strikers need to have quality such as, very good first touch, excellence close control of the ball, can dribble pass defenders, can pass the ball accurately always, have a very good body stability, doesnt waste goal scoring chances too often. Damn good composure in front of goal, very good pace, can shield the ball confidently, doesnt loose the ball too easily, full of determination till the last minute of each game & many more. This kind of strikers are defenders nightmare & will force them into mistakes. Those quality, above nothing Fucking Adebayour or that Cock Bentdner got. They doesnt belong to football at all. Please, get them to play balls at home or what !!! Dont get me wrong, i’m not angry with you, its my oppinion/views towards those piece of shitte, okay !!!!


  17. I just dont think you should be calling him a ‘piece of shit’. It’s unfair criticism and although it might be your opinion I feel it’s a little bit uncalled for. Not every Tom, Dick and Harry can score goals if the service is good – otherwise there would be a heap of other players who have scored as many goals as Adebayor.

    The criticism is unfair – Adebayor has been amazing this season and Bendtner is 19 years old for goodness sakes. Ease up and get behind your team if you’re a supporter of them.

  18. Mr. Tom, other strikers doesnt waste chances. If they got those chances like Adebayour (The piece of shit) got & its a goal, without doubt. Another thing, other strikers has a lot quality as i mentioned above, which this piece of shit doesnt.


  19. i think this guy has lost his mind.. even if u want to change team, we dont even welcome u!!!

    Is Sidwell a striker? I dont think so.. He even put Pirlo!!!
    This guy is very naive..

    if not becos of Adebayor, u will only be a mid-table team!!

  20. Anyway you dont own those teams, ok mr. Amiaq & i dont interested in supporting as well, so shut the FUCK. In regards to Pirlo or whoever fuck he is. I cant remember the name of the players name starst with “P” wearing no. 14 for Chelsea, anyway its not my team, so i dont give a shit. I am not trying to stir things up. I was talking about Adebayour (The piece of shit) in my team & you are the one stirring things up Mr. Spanish Fry. Just admit that our strikers such as Adebayour & Bentdner are not good enough to lead Arsenal to the title as they are wasting so many goal scoring chances. Now, look & realise that those misschances has cost us the title. Eventhough we are playing some marvelous football but there is no end product. You can win matches if you score or else see what has happen. Those strikers has cost us & the misschances makes Blackburn, M’borough, Portsmouth, Newcaslte, Birmingham, Aston Villa & Wigan shit on us. If those goal scoring chances we created in those games has been converted into goal, we will be leading the table by many points. Remember, the away matches at Chelsea & Man U another 6 points will be dropped then end up in 3rd or 4th placing. I just dont want this thing to happen & thats why i’m so frustrated with the strikers especially Adebayour. Its not a good sign againts the chances & goals scored by him at all. You guyz, are blind or what ? Look at his first touch, its fucking poor. Wrong passes straight to the opponent, he is blind or what ? Cant even turn & bring the ball forward. Always loose possesion too easily & give away the ball. Waiting for the ball to come to his feet & this is very bad. Its a basic footballing lesson. Overall he is not good enough to be a striker or even a football player.

    Fucking Frustrated
    Arsenal Fan.

  21. I don’t agree with you one bit. Adebayor’s scoring record this season speaks for himself, and apart from a handful of poor games he has been one of the most consistent Arsenal players this season. How can you say he is not good enough to be a football player when he can play as well as he did against Milan?

    I understand you’re frustrated but I think your statements are ridiculous. We’re just as good a chance to win the title as anyone else yet you’re already talking about us losing it. Show some faith in the side – they’ve got this far.

  22. SF,
    Dont waste your time on this guy. I am more sore than him but I think Ade has done well. I feel gutted cos when united climb that table they will sacrifice the CL for the EPL. We beat the best team in Europe and drew with one of the struggling teams in the EPL. Sad really sad. I have this feeling we might not win anything this season and if we dont I simply wont waste my time supporting Arsenal again.

  23. Hello Bro, kindly, analys the reason of Arsenals poor result through out the season. There is only 1 reason, not scoring enough goals with the chances we have been created. I’m fine with the way we play, fascinating football unless sometimes like shit & the other players in the squad are fine because no one can blame them for not scoring goal. I’m very angry with Adebayour (POS) as our main striker & for the goal scoring chances he has wasted & now it already start costing us the title hope. You are very wrong until can make a decision not to support the team anymore & thats too bad. I just dont understand why, you guyz are telling POS is good & doing fine. Just watch other normal ordinary player or strikers playing. How they stops the ball, look at their first touch, see the way they passes the ball to the team mate, how they shield the ball using their body, how they run with the ball, how they dribbled pass defenders, how they make use of the 50%-50% chances created or clear card chances to get a goal, as for tall players, how they use the height, & many more. Ade is the cost of our fucking poor result. We just dont have to compare him with anybody but look at his basic footballing skills. He is not good at all.

    Frustrated Arsenal Fan.

  24. Rass henry, can i ask you a question? Are you being Racist? As has been stated above, he is the second highest scorer in the league, and you have the nerve to come here and start profanely declaring how bad he is!
    Wenger knows perfectly what hes doing. I can quite confidently say that every arsenal fan was highly shocked when henry moved to Barca. But, while Henry is a great player,he had reached the point where he wasnt going to get any better. What then a better way to force your strikers to step up but to let him go, and make the rest bare the weight? Last few seasons, Henry was (For want of a better word) a goal hog, and thats how we ended up with the 4-5-1 formation we use today, something i am not a fan of (ot makes us too blunt) but we used it anyway because henry could turn practically anything into a goal.
    But wenger let him go? so what happens, he buys a knew one, and we start fresh! New captain, new outlook, and for once, a relitavely fresh position in the table, 1st! And, who has been the biggest striker this season contributing to that cause? You guessed it, Ade! I agree to a certain point that Bentner isnt the best striker in the world at the moment, but, under the circumstances, he’s doing his damn best!
    Now, can you please listen to the reasoning here, and by the owner of this blog, and other commenters! He is a decent striker, and if you are going to just use this site as a launching board to blame all the worlds problems on Adebayor, then we will request that you will be blocked from this site.

  25. Helloo… RVP, for your information i am not being racist, ok. Just look at my Nick its RassHenry. How can you say that i am being racist. You are out of your mind. I am an Arsenal fan for more than decade feels very dissapointed & frustrated with Adebayour’s waste chances in front of goal which will lead Arsenal to trophieless season again & thats why i’m here giving my opinion or view. You should not treatening me like that, ok… come on man be professional. Different people has different views. Thats why you or anybody else has blogs like this for. Kindly, understand that, ok !!!


  26. Rass henry is a Frustrated fan and I can understand his frustrations and he is right about the missed chances tha fell to Adebayor the rest of his rant doesn’t make any sense. was really pissed off after the Wigan game we had a chance to open up a gap and put pressure on M.utd instead we just didn’t fight hard enough even Mr reliable Flamini looked flat. You can blame that mud bath of a pitch but still if we want to win the title we have to win very ugly unfortunately there were no signs of that. Its not over but we can’t afford anymore slip ups and hope United drop points certainly not against derby but I’m hoping Aston Villa will nick few points of them.

  27. Ok, maybe i jumped the gun a bit, and i am sorry if i offended you by calling you racist, but to a casual observer, it might seem so. you might wish to think about that in the future. I agree that diferent people have different views, but everyone in this blog likes adebayor as he is. Maybe we should all (me inclded) step back, look at this mess, apologise for the insults and move on.

  28. Hye Gooners,

    A very good day to you. I am sorry too for the inconvinience caused. Afterall we are supporting the same team that is Arsenal. Its really frustrating when losing points to the bottom team when you have all it takes to win 3 points easily as well as the BPL title. We are playing some fantastic football but there is no end product & if we can overcome this part then we are untouchable. I want them to win atleast the BPL title this season & Champions League is a big bonus. Adebayour need to improve a lot because we have only him as our main striker at the moment.

    Arsenal Die Hard Fan
    Kuala Lumpur, Malysia.

  29. First I sincerely believe if we’d kept Henry we’d be sitting around 4th, 5th or worse. Don’t get me wrong I love Henry but I think the team has matured since he left.

    Secondly I shudder to think what the Arsenal Football Club would have been with if Arsene Wenger was not the manager.

    Thirdly the criticism of Ade and Nik is overly harsh. Nik is still quite young and you can he see he lacks maturity. Ade has done wonderfully this season. You don’t end up second in the EPL without being able to finish.

    Forth it’s Pizarro not Pirlo. And Pizarro is not what I would call good. He’s a veteran on the downside of his career.

    Fifth, Kuyt and Voronin good? Have you seen Liverpool play lately? Kuyt and Voronin have 3 goals each. Crouch two. And to be fair Crouch misses the same amount of chances as Ade in the least. Even Liverpool fans will tell you Kuyt and Voronin have been rubbish.

    Overall watching the game I thought the attitude was poor but to say that Ade and Cesc need to go is ludicrous. There is no doubt though that we need to resign Flamini and add some depth in the midfield.

  30. Hye Gooners,

    A very good day to you all. Some matches the players are lacking of their commitment & determination is due to “NO” competition in most of the position in our first team (**Remember not all positions). Lets, say we have like a pair of good players to fight for each positions for first eleven position in the team, then without doubt Arsene Wenger can bring out more fired up player to each match. We can see consistence & determined performance from the players because they know, if they underperformed then they will go to the bench. Its a friendly suggestion towards a better & determined team of Arsenal.


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