Arsenal player nicknames, pub photos + another hilarious comic

I don’t often do more than one post in a day but I didn’t really think the content of this ‘extra post’ fit in anywhere else. Remember that you can still check out the Arsenal v Celtic preview and the Arsenal FC Weekly podcast in today’s earlier post.

Here we go…

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Arsenal Player Nicknames

Below is a list of nicknames that I have given to Arsenal player nicknames over the past season or two. I sometimes use them on the blog and I’m sure a few people are thinking – “Who the hell is he talking about”? – when I do. They’re bound to change throughout this season and beyond and I will be adding to the list whenever new ones arise.

Manuel Almunia
+ The Frog – because of last year’s lime-green shirt and Morgana Clarke’s “He looks like a frog!” comment early on in the season
+ Lego Man – because of this season’s gold yellow on canary yellow shirt

Abou Diaby
+  The Basketballer – because he looks like he could play in the NBA

Samir Nasri
+ Baby Nasri – because he looks 12

William Gallas
+ Capi – obvious reasons (also now the nickname of one my housemates, who once captained our team on trivia night)

+ Lego Head – again, obvious reasons

Alex Song
+ Muppet – because he looks like one of Jim Henson’s muppets

Jack Wilshere
+ Ross Barclay – because he looks exactly like one of Panda and my mates, Ross Barclay

Lukasz Fabianski
+ Tadpole – because he’s Almunia’s understudy

Gael Clichy
+ Barbados Slim – because he looks like this fellow from Futurama

Andrey Arshavin
+ Nugget Arse – well… have you seen his arse? 

Nicklas Bendtner
+ Ol’ Pink Boots – because he wore those insane pink Nike boots last season
+ Nikki B – obvious reasons

Can you think of any more?

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Arsenal v Everton – Pig ‘n’ Whistle pub photos

A decent group of Arsenal supporters headed to the Pig ‘n’ Whistle pub in Brisbane for Arsenal’s 6-1 over Everton. I took quite a few photos on the night (and had a couple taken of me) and I’ve included them in the post. There will doubtless be other Arsenal gatherings happening throughout the season at ‘The Pig’ and if you’re a Brisbane Gooner then I encourage you to get in touch with me via Twitter or Facebook to ask me about them.


Myself and the infamous Morgana Clarke


‘Alan Goat’ and ‘The Mime’ enjoy a pint before the game


Alif is happy with the score


Some of the crew pose for the camera


The girls pose in their new Arsenal shirts


Myself and fellow Arsenal blogger Jammathon celebrate at the end

So as you can probably tell, a good night had by all. It won’t always be 6-1 but when you can enjoy watching the Arsenal with all sorts of crazy supporters it doesn’t matter one bit.

* * *

Tottenham fans getting a-head of themselves?

Below is another great football comic by Chris Toy from Studs Up. Just don’t send it to your Spurs mates…

Another brilliant Studs Up comic by Chris Toy

Have your say on nicknames, pub antics or the comic by leaving a comment.



  1. Luvly game, such an outstanding performance!! Hope it goes on like this throughout the season…

  2. any gooners from sydney? heading there in a few weeks and last time i worked there for two years i had to watch almost all games by myself or with my british neighbour :/

  3. Barbados Slim – hahahahahaha, priceless.

    Any publican who opens up at 4:30am for a football lock-in is an unparalleled hero.

    As for nicknames, only John Jensen II comes to mind for whenever Nik Bendy fluffs a sitter.

  4. Vermaelen – The Verminator, the aliens are planning to invade earth but they are waiting until Vermaelen dies first.

    Walcott – Wally

    Djourou – The suction cap (have you seen his lips!)

    Silvestre – OH NO! (please dont let him ever play again)

    RVP – Flip top (he has finally changed his hair but for years he sported the “flip Top”

  5. Cheers all, was a really fun night.

    @ Toaster – The Suction Cap is fecking hilarious. I don’t think I’ll use it though. And ‘Flip Top’, hahaha. We may as well call him Will Smith.

  6. wtf!!!??? legos????

    bendtner- nikki b

    v.persie- robin hood?

    fabregas- sargent

    sagna- blondy

    walcott- usain bolt?

    rosicky- mozart

    eduardo- eddy

    arshavin- super man

    gallas- willy

    diaby- jordan

    senderos- big phill

    wilshere- boy wonder

  7. I like ‘d frog’ for almunia, i fink russian rocket fits arshavin more. Wilshere: the kid!

  8. @ Toaster “The Verminator” thats classic. I’ll use that one.

    What a night & good photos Andy.

  9. Oh crap…4:30 in tha morning to watch an arsenal match moreover in a! i bow to you guyz…especially thee chics have guts….way to go gooners. \m/

  10. I live in the States, so I thought I had issues with game times… you guys are legendary. Opening up a pub at 4:30 to watch footy is downright fanatical… great work.
    As for some nicknames…
    Fab – Sylar
    Sagna – The Do
    Wallcott – Meep Meep
    Arshavin – Mini B (ergkamp)
    Eduardo – Crozilla
    Bendtner – Trou

  11. am I the first commentator now? whatever,

    so I like: The Frog, The Basketballer, I had to lough about Tadpole and like Ol’ Pink Boots, about The Nugget A… you have to think twice, (you’re right of course but ….) maybe Bomber or Jet Bomber would be a suggest, or just The Bombe?,

    the photos are nice, I’m nearly a bit envious ’cause I can’t watch the matches with other fans, of course at 2:30, that’s really hardcore, though most of you look astonishing fresh, despite of some eyes, looking a little bit small………..

    it’s difficult to think about nicknames, ’cause the best emerge spontaneously, I will have a try: Sagna: The Plaits or Braids, Gallas: Bald Pate, van Persie: Shiny Teeth, Rosicky: Serious Look, Eduardo: Shiny Teeth II, Walcott: Dumbo Ears, Djourou: Maybe The Earring or Tricksy Smile or ‘Ditch A Roo’ (because of the name), Denilson: Dumbo Ears II, Clichy: Mr. Spock, Song: The Hit or Black Pumuckle, Eboue: Our Boo-eh?, Vermaalen (reminded me of Gollum (The Lord of the Rings) I’m sorry), Silvestre: Celentano or right: Azurro, Cesc: The Smile or Gibson Smile, Senderos: Ros King or King Ros?,

    aren’t good at all, but was just a try……… some fun before the serious

  12. I mean I call Almunia Blondie for obvious reasons, but also because every time I hear it I think of Clint Eastwood’s character from the Good the Bad and the Ugly.

    I also have quite taken to calling Diaby peanut head.

    Looks like a damn fine time SF. And who the hell has any Spurs mates?

  13. It’s todaythat the all worldwill know who we ara? I hope our Arsenal player will do something wonderful.
    Chris from Uganda

  14. Was gonna throw down a few nicknames, but looks like they’re all covered off. Some funny ones there! Fingers crossed for goals tonight!

  15. Nicknames:

    Arshavin: “The assassin” (because he scored 4 goals in as many chances)

    Almunia: “Borat” (because of a picture on where he smiled and gave a thumb up as if he was saying: “my name a borat!”)

    Vermaelen: “The veminator” (as sugested before)

  16. We all call Wilshere “JackJack” after the exploding infant superhero prodigy from “The Incredibles”. Makes sense now that you hear it, right?!

  17. WOW!COOL nicks hey, but RVP should be also nick named Wicked leg, bcoz of his left accurate leg. Theo beta call him TIWA, from his name and from TITI(Thiery Henry)

  18. Spanish can you allow or rather nominate 5 other bloggers to take pictures of their viewing centre and send to you so you can preview and post.
    Eg Nigeria, South Africa, USA, Mexico, Australia, Japan and maybe GB.
    Ur call finally

  19. Looks like Arsenal have worked the set plays during the break eh? Gallas to score 20 goals this season ? haha

  20. I want that they do the trick with Gallas once more, *smile*, tough game, breathless first half, the goal was a bit lucky, wasn’t it? but I think no offside, with the back of Gallas, you have to be lucky, that’s it, hope they will stand the fight now

  21. A truly dominant Arsenal performance…they tried to kick chunks out of us and despite a hard fought first half contest, our superiority and class shone through..The whole team worked hard and well…game over for Celtic now..
    And what with Cesc playing..piss off Barça for another year at least!

  22. That turned out to be a fairly more comfortable victory than I thought. I must say – Vermaelen and Gallas, One superbly stops a sure goal the other puts one in. Vermaelen looks the real deal atm and when Djourou is back im backin Verm to still play. Verm and Gallas seem to play well with each other and Gallas just loves to score, we have scoring well from set peices too! At this moment in time i really think we can get a trophy!

  23. the arsenal played well apart from the final ball in the last third of the park. Back 4 were very good, especially Verm and Gall. And who said Gallas was passed his best, he and Fabs were the best two players on the pitch. My only dissappointment was RVP, he seemed to make to many wrong decisions and seemed a little slow. He could not keep the ball when he recieved it and was put under pressure. His left foot was of queue. Arshavin should have played up top. But a win is a win.

  24. Here in Mexico the press nicknamed Vela: El Bombardero (The Bombardier)

    And Cesc: El Pequeño Arquitecto (The Little Architect)

    Anyway my favorite is Little Mozart to Rosicky.

  25. Glad to have the podcast back this week! I’m a lone Gooner (girl) around here so it’s nice to hear people really “talk” about what’s on the down-low. Lovely pictures from the pub as well… I like how everyone looks a bit sleepy.

    Great to see Lady Luck look our way a couple times at Parkhead today!

  26. that was a perfect confidence booster for diaby to come on the pitch and make a beautiful play that led to the goal.well done boys

  27. Good spine showed by the team! Never looked like we’d concede and we harried and gave as good as we got from Celtic.

    Diaby wasn’t very good though. He looked slow and just as lazy as ever.

  28. Before anything, allow me say I can see God’s beauty in the girls. They are relly beautiful!

    On to the nicknames;
    Rosicky- Rocky boy.
    Gallas – Gallant. Body shape.
    Van Persie – Vi-pi? in kiswahili means so what?
    but you need to get for me one Gal.

  29. @xabier
    were u watching the game. diaby was on the pitch for 10 minutes and his first play led to our 2nd goal.

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