Arsenal news round-up + I’m off to Malaysia

Manchester United have said they will stop the chants aimed at Wenger

It’s Friday night right now in Brisbane and not for the first time this week I have to be super-quick.

Here’s a quick round-up of things going on involving Arsenal in the last two days:

  • Arsenal have decided to contest the two-game ban handed out to Eduardo for diving. While it is certainly to be expected I can’t really see UEFA budging – particularly considering the wording that accompanied their original sentence. You can read the official Arsenal Football Club statement on the incident here.
  • Manchester United are apparently making some sort of effort to stamp out the “sit down you paedophile” chant that is regularly aimed at Arsene Wenger at Old Trafford. About time, too.
  • Denilson and Nicklas Bendtner have been handed new long-term contracts with the club. I think it’s quite good news, both have been promising prospects for a while and I doubt I’m alone in believing they’ve taken a step up this season. Both have good attitudes and I hope they enjoy a good future at the club.

And that’s it really.

Just to let you all know that I’m off to Malaysia for a week-long holiday starting tomorrow. I’ll be away from the blog for most of the week (need a bit of a refresher) but I’m hoping to make it to an internet cafe on Wednesday or Thursday to get in touch. It’s a good thing it’s an international break, I must say.

Among all the fun stuff I’ll be doing – scuba diving, forest walking and sipping cocktails on the beach *sighs audibly* – I will also be meeting up with the official Arsenal Malaysia supporters group to watch the Arsenal v Manchester City game on next Saturday night. I’ve got all the details of the meet-up on my other blog, Football Nomad, so be sure to click here and check it out if you’re interested in coming along.

Anyway I’ll leave it there. Have a lovely week and I’ll be in touch soon. Cheers!

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  1. Ok, have a great holiday in the land of warm greetings full of hateworms from jakarta to those shamefull malons.. :), why dont you try to stop by wakatobi for diving if you still got money left..cheers 🙂

  2. Ah..yes, you can check our indonesian arsenal supporters in, i’m quite sure that we have more singing and screaming during arsenal match here in jakarta than up there in K fookin L..hehe

  3. Sorry to, er, rain on your parade, but it’s been raining here in KL everyday for the past week or so. Bring an umbrella! 🙂

  4. It’s great to know u’re coming to Malaysia. I’m sure u’ll meet a lot of friendly people over here n I hope u enjoy ur trip. Have a good time, Andy.

    Btw, may Arsenal trash Man City this weekend. Adebayor’s been a bit cocky nowadays with his good start to the season. Can’t go to Bangsar unfortunately but I’ll definitely be catching the match.

  5. Have a gd trip Andy, but I think you posted a photograph of Singapore on Football Nomad. Your going on the fasting month though loads of food galore after dawn, don’t get caught eating with the locals in the daytime hehhe

  6. @silverpapa, still whining about the TV commercials with the Bali dance and the Malaysian national anthem eh?…cheer up mate, too much whining will ruin your mood to watch Arsenal game this weekend! oh I’m a Malaysian btw, and welcome to Malaysia Andy, and have a pleasant holiday!

  7. u are off to malaysia! i’m now in sydney since monday and to melbourne next saturday. any arsenal fans in melbourne? need a place to watch the arsenal’s match of the season!!! gun them down.

  8. Ve good trip malaysia,land of beautiful things.wish to see 1 pics on d blog……………cheers

  9. What a strange part of the world you live in. A holiday in Malaysia. 😉

    I personally hate international breaks.

  10. i’m an die heart arsenalfan but i hate divers. the punishment for eduardo is correct. i’m sad that we didn’t bring in a new face. hope we can still be champs.

  11. Please also visit the historic country Ethiopia. We have millions of Arsenal fans (about the population of England)in all corners of the country.

  12. Looking for a cnn fan reporter

    As part of CNN’s coverage of European Champions League football, World Sport and Football Fanzone are keen to recruit fans to represent their clubs, whether you are a Manchester United fan from Manila, a Real Madrid fan from Reno or an AC Milan supporter from Accra. Your reports will appear on CNN as we follow your team’s progress throughout the season.

    All you need to do is send a short (one to three minute) video to convince us why you should be chosen.

  13. OK, I’ve heard all the talk about scuba diving, drinking cocktails and forest walking. Can you also get laid out there? Is there some sexy mamas or its women in burkha and stuff? No offense intended, just an honest question.

  14. I want to come back to the discussion of the use of ‘deep’ once more, in todays Arsenal articles was the sentence:
    “He likes to play deep when you have the ball first, and then join in later,” said Wenger, speaking earlier this season.

    just to underline that there are several meanings of deep, not only deep of the squad

  15. Enjoy your holyday bro, and have a good trip.ive also heard that its a shopping paradise but never been there.South-African gooners await you for world cup.

  16. Thanks bro for notifying us of your trip. Hope you will not forget to visit an internet cafe on Wednesday.

  17. Ronnie has taken a dive again against Slovenia and a Pen given, the pannel on ITV have openly condemed the act so my question is will the ban him for 2 qualifiers?

  18. wot a twat….his interview the other day was bad enough when he claimed he was an honest player and has never and never would dive to earn a pen..the guy is a clown blinded by his own ego and who can blame him with the stuff he gets away with.that was a wreckless lunge on his part and he forced the other player off injured….but unbelievebly he throws his hands up like hes been sinned against, in wot can only be a bluff to get away with the foul, and comes away earning a pen….wot a disgrace..and the arrogance to laugh about it with gerrard, honestly are some of these guys abstract from reality completely and think they deserve these decisions because of their name/wages and clubs?????will their be mention of this in the english papers tommorow??i doubt it,the hypocrisy is enough to make you sick and the likes of rooney are accountable to no1 and next week he’l give another press conference of how honest he is and wot a good roll model he is within the game just after playin a game where chances are hel hav hurled a foul mouthed tirade at a ref,aimed a wild kick at a player who has the cheek to hav the ability to get away from him or the old reliable falling like a sack of spuds…oh yes wayne your an honest footballer you arrogant ego manic w”£ker
    pricks like him are wots wrong with the game as they bully and intimadate officials when their up against it and then seek any advantage they can based on their persona and genuinely hav no conscience as long as they get their way…if a child did some of the things that wayne rooney brazenly does on a weekly basis you’d kick his hole for him and thats the truth….and fu$k you john terry you can mind your business you trailer park white trash mother shoplifting-lovin prat

  19. I have to say- GREAT GOAL by Bendtner! Glad to see Portugal and Cristina on the brink but really hope Argentina makes it… Did ROsicky play at all? How did he look?

  20. hav just seen a launch advert of the fa’s new grass roots respect campaign using a parent to promote it called football mom.the ad was shown on sky sports news and has an interview with the mom who condemns foul language from the line,abuse of an official and guess wot?????…..yep cheating like that of eduardo- roll clip of incident vs celtic for the one-thousanth time….am just sick of it now the media are a joke in britain and the bias is disgusting…theyl force eduardo out of english football while rooney today is hailed as a hero

  21. Am a dieheart Arsenal fan in the world of football there4, i would like Wenger and the board of the club inorder to change some policies in the team such as new signings of the world class players so that the club can compete in the title race and champion league because these young players can’t manage to compete in all the competitions.

  22. JD20 out for 6 months,reason why senderos was not sold. But still,i feel anymore long term injuries like this,and we down to the bones.

  23. Excuse an United fan for posting on this website but felt I had to respond to the chants aimed at Wenger at Old Trafford. I have beenan United fan since the 70’s and feel that the paedophile chants were totally out of order. Wenger is a top class coach and I would love to see him succeed Fergie at Old Trafford. Baiting is part and parcel of fans chants but this was NOT acceptable – too personal and too sickening. Whatever one thinks of Arsenal, Wenger deserves respect for the way he has built the club around youth [albeit foreign youth]. Busby and Fergie adhere to the same principles. Football taunts are acceptable – personal ones aren’t. just wish the morons and the louts would pack it in ! That’s all.

  24. Wenger came out and praised Balotelli. If you guys dont watch Serie A that much I can tell you he is an INCREDIBLE player and has huge potential. Would be an awesome signing though its still all speculation…

  25. Its Rooney again, I understand he is an important player for the English team and I know he is a good player. But seriusly, the English Press ought to be writing someting about this guy’s anoying behaviour and habbit of getting away with contraversies. Seriusly if the the incident with slovenia was by a non English team, Boy oh boy, they would have had him for lunch supper Breakfast and drank him with beer and made him the topic of the month. Just like Eduardo, but no this is one of their own WAYNE ROONEY. I tell you people like Rooney who not only are they protected by the Referees but also have the backing of the media, will never go any where near the talents of ZZ the great Zidane. They are spoonfed in every way.
    They can bully the Ref, Intimidate oponents, all in all they basically have an unfair advantage over any player, or oponent around them. Ofcourse John Terry doesnt have the guts to criticise his team mate, Gerrard is just another one of those over protected felaz and a diving champion. I mean its upto us CNN, Aljazeera, and other networks outside the UK to show the world the hypocricy of the English Media and England fans.(Not all of them). I would suggest that some of us stop buying copies of English sports Tabloids, boycott their sports channels or even stop watching the Premiership until we get an apology or we see a credible change, in Refereeing, and sports reporting.

  26. @Cantona – ferguscum is an arrogant red-nosed c**t. Busby didn’t achieve what he achieved by spending a grazillion pounds and cherry-picking all the top talent out of the other premier league teams – Ince, Cole, Yorke, Saha, Keane, Ferdinand, Rooney, Carrick, Berbatov etc. etc. etc. Any big-mouthed muther-f**ker can do that. And he has. Busby wasn’t the beneficiary of countless ‘contentious’ referring decisions and FA bias. Busby didn’t abuse and intimidate match officials, spraying them with phlegm and pieces of chewing- gum to scare them into submission. ferguscum isn’t fit to lick Busby’s boots.

    I don’t give a sh*t what the clods who support manure chant about Wenger. Since 90% of them of are brain-dead they probably don’t even know what they’re saying anyway.

    Oh, and Arsene succeed feruscum at manure?! Ha! That’s a good one! In your (wet) dreams.

  27. Hey Nonny Mouse – louts and morons were responsible for the Wenger chants. But your comments allow you to be ranked right up there with all the other muppets who just can’t appreciate what Fergie has done. United cherry picking talents from other Prem teams ? What about Atrsenal and United cherry picking all the best youth from abroad. Let’s not be silly about this !! But then again – what else can a muppet do….!

  28. @Hey Nonny Mouse…Can’t diagree.
    old trafford and contentious refereeing decision go hand in hand. you will always found if an team like Big team Arsenal,Livepool,Chelsea.they always have an referee who i think are just good for nothing. I thought of killing Mile Dean. That bald pig was just blowing the whistle against arsenal all the way till the end. Any body who has watched the match will now ronney could have been sent off even the same goes for Valencia and Fletcher(Sweeper..Good for nothing monkey…just hate this guy…because he played against arsenal just to foul them.). Whatever you say MANU were playing decent football for the past two season. But this time around no big names no big signing. So they are back to cheating and playing bad football. People can’t disagree but i am seeing one of the worst MANU team for the past 6 year.

  29. Still it is not clear for me the criterea for punshments who made diving to get penality. Did you see the game of England last weekend? what about Runi’s diveing? Is it ok or needs the attension of Eroupian Football Federation?

    If you see it, absolutly it is not different from the Eduwardos case.

    What do you think guys? There is no fair decission in Europian Football Federation.

    The Arsenal F.C. should not let Eduwardo to miss the two Europian Matchs.


  30. Just cant understand the English media and the some English football commentator. I think most of them are corrupt. If Rooney can dive in an international arena and get away why can’t Eduardo. This just an disgrace how media in England total forget about an player who has dived and taunting the other. I don’t have problem with Eduardo ban but just feeling injustice done to Eduardo.

  31. manure have long benefited from referee and FA bias – opposition team managers have been complaining about it for years – most notably Jose Mourinho, who would know a thing or two about corruption coming from Portugal.
    Nothing’s ever done about it of course – manure are too rich and too powerful for the FA to oppose and the Premier League practically depends on manure’s global status to keep the money coming in. On top of that ferguscum himself, like a little Hitler, is feared. Few dare to challenge his personal authority. Journalists who raise questions he doesn’t like or write unfavourable reports are black-listed.
    Let us not forget that ferguscum was actually Knighted. One of the most shameful moments in that Honour’s long, inglorious history.
    The red-nosed c**t carries a big stick to beat with which to beat his critics.

    @Cuntona – Arsene has built his Arsenal teams in a completely different way to ferguscum. Arsene’s scouts have spent years, scouring the world to find the kind of players that he believes will be right for his Arsenal.
    fergsuscum simply waits for another Premier League club to do the hard work, developing or initiating them into English football (Rooney, Sheringham, Tevez, Cantona) and then throws a huge wad of money at them.

    I can understand why you might wish to bathe in some of Arsene Wenger’s reflected glory but actually you’re merely standing in a puddle of your own piss. If you want a manager like AW then try supporting a decent team, like Arsenal, instead of the McDonalds of the football world that you support.

    Muppets? Aren’t they those wonderful, hugely entertaining creations adored by millions around the world?

  32. Must agree with everything that has been said about Rooney. I have a feeling that during the SA World Cup karma will raise its revengeful head and seek vengeance upon the sinner that is Rooney.
    Changing the subject slightly, i read in the Current Bun Monday 7 Sept 2009, that Johan Djourou has just had an operation to rectify a knee cartilage injury. It was also reported that the Swiss Football Federation recons he could be out of action until March. That’s another one added to the list. Therefore is the cover of Silvestre and Senderos adequate or sufficient. With the prem season literally in it’s genesis, has Wengers decision not to delve into the transfer market and invest in more players been a very bad mistake. Isn’t the squad beginning to shrink down to the Arry Redknapp!
    Shambo where are you.

  33. Cuntona, you do make some good points and I do love to watch your team play footy, sometimes even with envy being a WHU supporter. But I cant stand it when I witness how AV SEEMS to promote kicking other players off the pitch in order to win a match. Support sexy football.

  34. @heynonnymouse- wel said wots with these self-righteous,tunnel vision misfit football supporters coming on our blog….didnt see any of them here before the game at old trafford cos they were shittin it cos they know their team is inferior and dats why they over-celebrated,like rooney leaping around after the o.g….
    @icehammer been ere twice pal but not yesterday as its been so quiet…wot did you make of that rooney incident on sat,do you think that he kicked out at the def?

  35. @ SF

    Make sure you let us know how Malaysia went. Im considering studying abroad in the region over there…

  36. Shambo, thats what he did alright, he got fustrared because he was not strong enough to win the ball. There was another instant when he was again tussling with a defender while a long hanging cross was coming in. The goalie leapted high plucking the ball out of the air and was on his way down. Rooney swang his boot taking away the keepers legs and injuring him. Why he was not booked I will never know. Ive just learned that Arshavin played international football and has agrevated his groin and will miss the next couple of games. Fab-ulous Cesc Fabregas fired Spain into the world cup finals with a 33 min strike and is looking fit and sharp again.

  37. Man city without Arsha would be a bit difficult.This is my possible line up.Franckly I would not want to see Diaby on the pitch but i think He will be definetly there/


    id love to see Theo or lil jack on the right front wing but im sure that this will be le Boss’s tomrw line up.
    Loosing Arshavin agst man city for us is like Barca loosing Messi agst RM or the old Manu loosing CR7 agst chelsea

  38. Radads, how can you say that about Diaby. You spend to much time concentrating on what he cant do rather than the attributes he is blessed with. He is a top offensive footballer. By you thinking that about him means that you dont trust your Wenger. Song Fab Diaby in midfield and RVP Bendtner and Eboue front line. Backs picks its self. The team is beginning to look a little thin already.

  39. This campaign against Eduardo now gives the opposition boot boys carte blanche to go clattering into Eduardo and then say ‘Look – he’s dived again!’ If he gets badly injured by some thug EUFA should be held responsible. And if he gets done by someone during the Man City game I’d like to see Vermaelen get up there and give whoever does it a smacking.

    On a lighter note – it’d be great to see Rosicky back for the Man City game wouldn’t it? I think we’ll need to use all our subs during the course of the game. A real team effort. I’d have Diaby on the bench but bring him on later (can’t believe I’m actually saying that but we need him now) start with maybe Ramsey. Wilshire. Start with Eduardo and bring Bendy on later. Mix it up.

  40. The defeat of yesterday by manchester city was as a result of keeping Rosicky & Edaurdo on bench & the blanders which were made by defenders therefore, my advice to the coach and the board of the club is that they should change policies of lining up more esp when the team is playing with teams which have world class players and i would like 2 advice Fabregas to come back to the midfield than to go to strike.

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