Arsenal 2-1 Lazio Match Report

Eduardo scored his first goal for Arsenal against LazioEduardo scores in Arsenal win

Arsenal’s new Croatian international striker Eduardo da Silva scored his first goal for the club in their 2-1 win over Lazio in the first game of the Amsterdam Tournament. Eduardo’s goal came just hours after he was granted his work permit from the English Home Office which ensures he will be available for the first game of Arsenal’s Premiership season against Fulham on the 12th of August.

Young Danish striker Niklas Bendtner rounded the Lazio goalkeeper to open the scoring in the 19th minute after a fortunate deflection from Eduardo’s shot but the Italian club equalised in the 40th minute through Goran Pandev following some poor defending from Eduardo from a Lazio corner. But the Croatian made up for his mistake by heading in a Tomas Rosicky header in the 55th minute to score the winner. Justin Hoyte and Gaby Mudingayi both hit the woodwork for their respective sides but Arsenal held on for the win. You can see video highlights of the game here.

Theo Walcott looked a little flat after returning from injuryAn inexperienced Arsenal side

I had hoped to get up early and watch the game on Arsenal TV but I got my time zones mixed up and woke up an hour after kick off. As a result I only caught the second half, but have since seen highlights of the first. Manager Arsene Wenger fielded an incredibly inexperienced side – especially in defence – and it really showed at times. Phillipe Senderos was surprisingly named as captain but he and fellow countryman Johan Djourou struggled as a central pairing and a number of Lazio through balls evaded their attempts at an offside trap. Things did improve in the second half but it is clear that these two players need to be paired with a more experienced player like Kolo Toure or William Gallas to bring out the best in them.

On an attacking front I was happy to see Bendtner grab another well-taken goal and delighted that Eduardo is now off the mark. Hopefully it will be the first of many for Arsenal. I thought the quality of the build-up play was a little down from that shown against PSG and Inter Milan in the Emirates Cup, but this was more down to the fact that there were a lot of players out there who had never played a full match. I thought Theo Walcott’s and Rosicky’s performances were a little flat but again, this is understandable as both have just returned from injury.

Niklas Bendtner grabbed his second goal in two starts against LazioA decent performance

It was interesting to see Gael Clichy get another start on the left side of midfield and Emmanuel Eboue come on in the second half as a right winger. It seems almost certain that Wenger will be using Eboue as a right winger this season and I think that this is proving to be a good decision based on his performances so far. Alexandre Song got a start in the centre of the park, but he looked a little shaky until the presence of Mathieu Flamini calmed him down in the second half. It’s the first time I’ve seen the Cameroonian play for the club and on this evidence I think he will struggle to get a first-team position any time in the near future. There’s always the Carling Cup though.

Overall, it was a good result against a reasonably tough side. It was great to see Arsenal get their second goal in three matches from a corner kick but equally as disappointing to concede from one as well. It is clear to me that there is still work to be done as a team defensively but as an attacking force the team is definitely looking sharp. Bendtner and Eduardo worked well with the midfield and when Robin van Persie came on the team had a real swagger about it. Just a shame that Hoyte couldn’t put his rather simple chance away and add some gloss to the final score.

Ajax next up, and the game promises to be an entertaining affair with both sides favour an attackinging style of play. Another win and Arsenal will surely have their hands on another pre-season trophy.

What do you think?

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  1. I think Robin Van Persie is gonna hit this season,From our pre-season games you can see he is more confident.As for me I think he is our first choice and either Eduardo or Adebayor will partner him depending on their form and Bendtner in case of injuries.
    Do you agree with me?

  2. Regarding Song.. I have seen him play on a number of occassions, both for Arsenal and Charlton, and I think I have finally seen what AW seems in him. He does read the game very well, most notably in a number of pass interceptions as a result of him seeing the play before the opposing player with the ball did. However, seeing the game and actually being able to play it are two very diff thiungs. He just doesnt have what it takes. Sorry Alex. Walcott looked flat and never used his pace. Admittedly their LB is their captain and very good, but Theo needs to be fearless and just go. Seemed like he was playing well within himself. A bit of that C. Ronaldo “im better than you and i am going by you whether you like it or not” may be good for him. Sendy and Djourou did look shaky, and nowhere near as solid as they looked last year in the WC. Defo need to be paired wiht KT or WG. I am excited to see if Bendtner can continue his form into the Prem, and I hope AW lets him. He has looked very sharp. Eduardo looked lively, and really does have 2 good feet. The more he plays with us the better he will get. I do see lots of goals form him. Hell, we scored a header froma corner… pigs where spotted flying over Amdam last night!

  3. A good draw for us and the away leg first.How do you think we”ll do against Prague?Remember they are not minnows.

  4. that challenge from senderos after the lazio player had beaten Almunia was excellent after that they were shaky. Walcott has pace, using it would mean more chances on goal. Bendtner looks sharp and should play some prem games. I think AW will pair RVP and Eduardo as a 1st choice wiv adebayor sub.

  5. When i saw Song play for Charlton, he amazed me with a number of good clean passes. He seemed to have some creativity in him even though he is a DMC. But he was lacking a lil pace and often his tackles looked a lil late. I certainly dont feel he can get a regular first team spot.Maybe he’ll shine in teams with lesser expectations.
    And I heard Ade will be missing Ade for the premiership opener. So we might see Eduardo right away.

  6. I’m happy for Bendtner, he’s building a lot of confidence taking the chances Arsene has offered him. Right now, the striker under threat is ADE and if he doesn’t buck up, Bendtner might replace him in the perking order. Theo needs to step up too, wasn’t satisfied with his play against LAZIO but I know the injury might have pulled him back in his build up. We now need a winger who can play on the left side. I’ll prefer Traore being tried there but so far Arsene has been trying Clichy there rather ‘cos Traore’s positioning as a left back is not good at all. Methink he should rather be moved forward instead of Clichy. The pair of Sendy and Djourou was poor. I suggest that the two should either be played with Gallas or Toure, should not be played together as a unit.

    SF-I’m in the US now, can somebody help me with where I can watch the EPL, especially Arsenal matches since I haven’t subscribed to ATVO? Any fan to help?

  7. Harlan – Why don’t you just subscribe to ATVO if you haven’t yet?

    NicktheGooner – I don’t think Song is good enough to play for Arsenal. He even looks funny.

    Jay – I think that the van Persie will be the definite striker but I can see the other three being rotated regularly. At this stage I would probably be playing Adebayor as first-choice but the option to play Hleb is there as well. Wenger has a multitude of options to look at, unlike out wide.

    Joshua Asante – It’s not a bad draw. We should comfortably beat Prague, but it’s never easy. Should be a fun game for Rosicky.

    sam nix – As usual, I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said. You’re not an alter ego of myself are you?

  8. SF: Hah.. Cheers!

    Harlan: I grew up in the US, and I can suggest Fox Sports World(channel, whatever) has a good TV channel to get games. They usually have at least one or two games of the week. Might be interesting to see if Setanta is available too. Also, with Becks there you may see even more coverage of EPL.. I often speak to my mates there, and they see as many games as I do. Cheapest option is ATVO though. And Im not paid to say that for them either…

  9. Regarding the draw.. Sparta are a good team, but as SF said, we should beat them cofortably. I like the away leg first, as we should be ablt to wrap the tie up there with a few goals. Mor eimportantly, I think L’pool will have a tough time against Toulouse. My parents live there, and I have seen them play a few times. Good balance and play good football. L’pool are obviously favs, but I think they have the toughest tie of the big teams. Wouldnt it be great to see them spend all that cash and sweat the result? Could be interesting.

  10. A good tie against sprata. Rosicky should have some fun. It is not going to be a straghy forward game but we should still get a good result. I predict – 1-0 away, 3-0 home, what are other peoples suggestions. Also the news about Ade being out for the prem opener?

  11. Arsenal is a great club and will always be no matter who is playing for them or not,who will come in or out.
    I believe the likes of Robin Van Persie,Fabragas,Hleb,Rosicky,Eduardo,Adebayor and Eboue coupled with the experiences of Gilberto,Toure,Lehmann and Gallas will take these bunch of talented players to greater heights.they are still the team to watch because of their slick,smooth free flowing game in terms of entertainment and surely these season goals will be scored to add some flavor to it.
    With the players we have what would your best formation be?I’ve heard people saying that Hleb is more effective in the middle than out on the wing so could we change the formation so he could work more in the middle?
    4 -3 -3
    Van Persie-Bendtner-Eduardo
    Any other formations?!

  12. SF – I think everyone would agree that with another season on loan in the premiership is the least Song deserves. If he still isn’t the defending midfielder (he is good enough going forward) Arsene hoped he would be after that year, he can go but seems to soon to cut the cord for me.

    Formation for Fulham?:

    Van Persie

    This is what I think. For some reason I think Hleb or Bendtner is more likely to start than Eduardo, but I don’t really know why I think this. Also Flamini may get the nod over Diaby. And mysterious yet to be signed player(s) could get a chance too.

  13. lehmann
    sagna – toure – gallas – clichy
    roiscky – fabregas – flamini – eboue

    that is mt formation, i think the defence and midfeild he will pick but the attack he has a lot of options. Use hleb or not, bentdner, eduardo or even rosicky as a CAM.

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