Arsenal kids slay Sheffield + Platini should shut his pie-hole

Poor Sheffield United – beaten 6-0 by an Arsenal team with an average age of only 19. You have to feel for them because, on paper, it’s almost embarassing. But in reality, they shouldn’t feel too bad because this Arsenal side probably would have beaten West Ham by six goals.

I didn’t get to see the game of course – a lack of live coverage meant that no internet streams were available – but the highlights say enough. Arsene Wenger used the words ‘convincing, united and classy’ to describe the weekend performance against Bolton but the same words could be used to describe the win over Sheffield.

Carlos Vela was the star of the show as he scored a hat-trick on his first competitive start for Arsenal. The first and third goals were fine finishes while the second was as classy a goal as you’re likely to see all season, Vela controlling the ball over one defender before applying a deft lob over the Sheffield goalkeeper. Wenger warned that he is just like Eduardo and on this evidence, it very much looks the case.

Nicklas Bendtner also grabbed two goals, firing home low from just outside the edge of the area and finishing off a lovely backheel from Aaron Ramsey. And Jack Wilshere, the youngest player to get on the field last night, also scored after shooting a crisp shot from twenty yards after a short corner. It was the sort of shot you just can’t see a 16-year-old trying, but he made it look easy.

After the game the manager was understandably delighted with the win and singled out the performance of Carlos Vela in particular. He said:

“I think he’s a player who has everything in his locker of a good striker. He’s agile, good first touch, very calm infront of goal, clinical and quick finisher and I just think he’s top class.”

The thing which I was not overly aware of, but is absolutely apparent in the highlights, is Vela’s excellent first touch. For his first goal he moved the ball into just the right spot to fire home with ease, on the second he controlled a long ball so comfortably it took his defender out of the game. The third was more simple but still Vela was able to move the ball onto his favoured left foot comfortably, making the task of firing home all the more simple. His finishes weren’t too bad either. On this evidence he is certainly a player worth getting excited about.

Just as an aside, I think it is wonderful that, year after year, Wenger continues to use the young players in the Carling Cup. It gives them something to aspire to and it means that when they do get the opportunity to perform, they often give performances like the one dished out last night. A 6-0 scoreline is a reward not only for the players, but for Wenger and the rest of the coaching staff who give them the opportunity to express themselves in such an arena. Long may it continue.

Turning our attention away from the Carling Cup now and onto the verbal attack aimed at Arsene Wenger by UEFA President Michel Platini. Speaking about CFR Cluj’s surprise victory over Roma in the Champions League, Platini made these comments:

“That is what makes football so great. It is what people like Wenger do not want, little clubs beating the big clubs, because they want their business.”

Honestly, I’ve not heard many more stupid or incorrect statements in the time that I have been involved in football. Of all the people to target about football being a business, Platini chooses Wenger, one of the people who has been a consistent supporter of clubs managing their own finances in a sustainable way and a person who is perhaps more concerned with the development of the beautiful side of the game than any other.

This is a crude and ridiculous attack on a man who simply does not deserve it. Wenger has developed a style at Arsenal that no other club in the world that can match and what’s more, he’s done it without spending the type of money that the big clubs tend to throw around. He’s never said that he doesn’t want little clubs matching big clubs, just that he’s wary of the long-term impacts that will undoubtedly unfold at clubs that are bought out by sugar-daddies.

Platini is quite simply out of order and this sort of statement shows what a limited scope of the game he seems to have. And he is made to seem all the more out of order by the comments that Wenger has made in rebutle:

“I am stunned by the aggressive content of Platini’s words. I am for sporting justice and UEFA must be the guarantor of it. I am a supporter of good management of clubs, for financial equilibrium. And UEFA must equally support this idea. I am fighting for the future of the game and of football.”

So, Michel, shut your pie-hole and get back to actually doing some work, as opposed to criticising people who simply don’t deserve it. Idiot.

That’s it for today. Well done to the kids, well done to Arsene Wenger and slightly less well done to Michel Platini. The latest issue of ‘The Gooner Gazette’ will be available right here, right now a little later today. So stay tuned for that. I’ll put a little reminder in the ‘Asides’ if you miss it.


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  1. What do you expect, he’s got a girls name. Wenger has done more for football in the last week than Platini in all his days. I think we should start a mass action to get rid of Platini. A petition will do the job.

  2. UEFA are the greediest scumbags on earth, Platini is such an enormous hypocrite it defies belief.

    The UEFA is operated purley like a business with its only purpose generating money for the big wigs. They pretend to ‘care about football’ but all they do is cram up the fixtures calendar with pointless friendlies and a tournament schedule that shows how much they’re out of touch with what an average football fan loves, club football that is.

    They scared to death at the fact that the international game has become relatively unimportant, and that’s how Platini’s outbreak has to be seen I think. Wenger doesn’t give a shit about internationals and that makes him the devil for shitebags like Platini.

  3. Stunning win from an unbelievable bunch of young guns. Wilshire, Song and Vela will make an impact over this season and next.

  4. Stunning win from an unbelievable bunch of young guns. Wilshire, Song and Vela will make an impact over this season and next year as well.

    Dont forget, Sheffield United are not rubbish and have a good manager. This win is special. Bendtner looks a better player on last year, which is brilliant to see.

    Makes me laugh when Liverpool try to play their youngsters against Crewe and scrape through – they even had to throw on Torres and joker Keane. Pathetic.

    The Future’s bright, the futures Arsenal.

  5. The win was great! However, how is Wenger going to keep them all happy? “Ahead” of last night’s midfield we have Rosicky, Fabragas, Denilson, Diaby, Nasri, Walcott and Eboue. “Ahead” of the forwards we have Ade, RvP and Eddie. Not to mention some real good ones who are “behind”. And where does Bischoff fit in?
    How could Wenger really have contemplated buying Alonso?
    Buying Carvalho, Vidic or Alex would have been great, but they were not available. I didn’t see anyone better than Djourou who was available. With Song and Silvestre we have five CBs – and three or four good ones coming through.
    It is far too early to laugh at the summertime prophets of doom, but the portents are good. It is great to be a Gooner!

  6. Wow, fantastic result! And I’m so happy to see Vela net a hat trick in his first start for Arsenal 🙂

    I was planning to watch the game yesterday at midnight, but fell asleep on the sofa early and woke up at 3:30 am… A really big shame, as this is a game I’d love to watch!

    Hopefully after a result like this, our next leage cup game will be televised!

  7. Well I’m pissed I couldn’t watch the match but low and behold I went trawling the net and found this little bugger(if it works i’m not a cpu genius you know)
    All 6 goals in their stunning glory and at this rate if we don’t win this year I won’t be plastic and be baying for wengers blood as it takes years of hard work from everyone at the club to produce a new stadium and a team like we have and have already got and the ladies have been winning doubles for years. Give me these days to treasure and say to my kids these were the days people said we were stupid not selling out and seeing the likes of chelscum, spuds and luckypool being left by their rich sugar daddys and getting declared bankrupt. Long live us gooners and don’t forget we are the only club never to of left the 1st division and at this rate we never will.
    P.S. Platini go F%$k yourself you jelous tosspot as wenger has done more for french and worldwide football than you ever will do.

  8. Amazing performance from a truly brilliant young side. I’m a Wolves fan and I love the fact we’re building a young and hungry team and as you can see by the Championship table, it is paying off. Obviously, we don’t have the talent Arsenal do but it makes me wonder why other teams don’t let the kids play or look for young talent from lower leagues. It is certainly there to be found.

  9. 6-0 thrashing as Arsenals kids teach Sheff Utd first team a football lesson lol. Great to see Vela net a hat-trick and Wilshere to get a goal. Niklas looks clinical and Vela and Bendtner linked well in pre-season and they look like a dominant threat in the CC this year. Great partnership there!!

  10. Love the gazette spanish you must have a lot of time on your hands but I’m shocked to find out panda bear wasn’t a actuall panda? what next totts winning the prem haha.

  11. Michel Platini is quite literally senile since hanging up his boots. Pay no heed to him. Look at all the ‘bigwigs’ at FIFA and UEFA – most of them shoot crap out of their mouths.

    Speaking of Vela, a friend of mine have seen highlights of him before and warned me that this is a player worth waiting for. Just hope Wenger does not wait too long before giving him more opportunities at the top level.

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