Arsenal injury updates for Chelsea: Cesc a maybe, Vermaelen out, Fabianski likely to start

I have to keep things very quick this morning so I thought it best just to include Arsene Wenger’s comments from his weekly press conference regarding player availability for Chelsea on Sunday.

“I don’t know [about Cesc]. It looks a 50:50 but a 50:50 balancing on the negative side. I will find out on Saturday morning.”

“[Almunia] is even more difficult. He has not been in a regular training session. So I will see.”

“Vermaelen – no. Abou Diaby has an 80 per cent chance to be involved. I am not sure if he will be completely 100 per cent but it is 100 per cent he will be in the squad.”

I’ll have a full preview of the Chelsea game in tomorrow’s post.

In the meantime here’s some great reading from The Guardian: Six great Arsenal v Chelsea games.


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  1. can’t remember the last time we put out a FULL side AGAINST EITHER THE CHAVS OR MANURE WITHOUT A HOST OF TOP PLAYERS MISSING-this time it’s no different with the spine missing in van persie,fab,walcott & the verminator-like to see the chavs play us withoubt drogba,malouda.essien &pikey ter-would be a diff match..still ho hum!

  2. i might be wrong, but i see another desaster coming. on the other hand, i think that chelsea defense will be be tested this weekend, cause it does look a bit shaky to me as of late. especially against big attacking teams. so hopefully, we might get away with one or two goals. reason why i said desaster, is because of the goalkeeper and Vermaelen being out. lucky for us we have Willshere and Rossicky to step up in the place of Fabregas. I ALSO THINK (CORECTION) I “KNOW” MAN U WILL NOT WIN THIS WEEKEND AGAINST SUNDERLAND. sorry for my long absence guys, but im back now. where is my picture????

  3. For some reason I think Fab will have a great game… he’s due and he has the confidence after Tuesday. I think Wilshere and Arshavin will link up for another goal, and Nasri is on a streak. I have a very positive feeling about this match.

    Party On!

  4. we are gonna do something big this weekend….the mood is right and the attitude is on point. cesc will represent for us in the midfield and song will be the rock.

  5. it’s so frustrating to always play the big teams when our squad is hit with several injuries.
    Cesc won’t make it & now Gibbs is added to our injury list.
    Almunia, TV5, Gibbs, Cesc, TW14, RvP, Bendtner & the 2 youngsters. What a shame!
    I hope the others will turn on the style & win us precious 3 points.

    Bring on the blues!!

  6. Andy,
    You are a legend, Iv never met anyone that knows what they like about the game and can express themselves so articulately, I admire you, everytime I come on here you have something intelligent to say and you have never knocked any opinions, which is lucky for me as Im often quick to express an emotion, I am too impulsive but my feelings stem from, not NEEDING silverware, but a desire to see pride and determination from our players, I want them to to represent how we feel through their performances on the pitch, but all too often I am left disdsapointed in this respect….the football we play is the BEST on the planet, I dont think Barce play total football, when they are in trouble the ball goes to Messi ALL the time, when we hav had games in the balance we have never abandoned our philosophy and we have stayed passing the ball….often to our own detriment, this is something Im am very proud of though and shows a belief and discipline that other top teams DO NOT possess.
    Looking at the Fabianski instance the other night from your perspective I can enjoy and now appreciate the moment, but if Im honest it pales in comparison to how I felt when we used to go to Old Trafford and fight tooth and nail for each other, also a human element, when Van Nistlerooy got Vieira sent off and when he missed that pen, the reaction after wasnt pretty but how did it make you feel when it was unrolling in front your eyes??? they were representing what we love and representing how we felt, sometimes I feel no connection with the team when I see Diaby getting tackled the way he did by robinson and none of our guys getting angry or getting in robinsons face….in OUR home ground, no wonder teams think the can come and do this to us.
    You and I can come on here and kick up stink about Robinson and his comments after, but really if that happened at Anfield, Old Trafford or Stamford Bridge you could have been sure that muppet would have got what he was looking for……and those teams have not witnessed the horror tackles our guys have in recent years….you would think such shocking instances as this would trigger reactions form our guys but no, I just cant understand that.
    How you keepin mate, I would gladly take a draw away….I think alot will depend on how Arshavin and Nasri work WITHOUT the ball…not just in defending but getting up quickly to help out the seflless Chamakh who is gonna give Terry a tough ride tomorrow. I would actually like to see a 4-4-2 with Chamakh and Arshavin,

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