Arsenal for the Ladies: Sexy Cesc, Song’s stylist discovered and more

AFCB’s writer Fatema Farhat debuts her weekly “Arsenal for the Ladies” column…

When I first kicked a ball, I knew I had discovered something special. When I was taken to my first football match for my 12th birthday, I was blown away by the atmosphere.

Then France ’98 came along and Thierry Henry entered my life. My first footballing crush.

There was something about Mr Va Va Voom, tall dark and handsome, coupled with silky footballing skills. I knew a love affair had begun and it was beyond Thierry Henry. It was Arsenal.

Fatema's first footballing crush

I have been spoilt with the beautiful game we play. I’ve enjoyed the rollercoaster ride of emotions that has come with being an Arsenal fan, but the truth is I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As a female, I couldn’t help but be attracted to a little more than what occurs on the field. I enjoyed seeing Freddie Ljungberg in his CK Campaign and I was secretly happy when Henry’s marriage to Nicole Merry ended (yes, I’m a dreamer).

I love football, I like fashion and I think WAGS are cool and I hope you will enjoy my very female-focused weekly contribution to the AFCB world.

So with no further ado, let’s find out what the guys have been up to recently.

Sexy Cescy

Cesc Fabregas was one of five football cover stars to grace the cover of GQ Britain July issue. GQ posted some pictures of Cesc on their site that had not been printed in their magazine that you can check them here. Our captain looked as FAB as ever, exuding absolute style and class.

Cesc styles it up in GQ

Speaking of Cesc, he also managed enjoy a much needed break after the World Cup with his Spanish compatriots and yes – his longtime girlfriend Carla.  The boy is off limits and one can only dream for now.

But enough off field action from Cesc, I really cannot wait to see the magic he produces on the field.

Chamakh and Arshavin act up

Other boys making headlines Marouane Chamakh and Andrey Arshavin have joined forces with French World Champion female boxer and model Ingrid Graziani in Nike’s latest viral video collaboration with Foot Locker to promote the new Air Max 90 trainer. It’s a very cool ad and the boys look pretty damn good.

Song’s ode to Uncle Rigobert, Bendtner out shopping

So the season kicked off a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t help but notice Alexandre Song’s hair. It has kinda grown on me only because he can do no wrong on the field, but I don’t think he should be taking any style advice from uncle Rigobert.

Alex and his bizarre uncle Rigobert

And in more recent news, fellow blonde team mate Nicholas Bendtner was spotted shopping in the streets of London with his beautiful fiancée Caroline Fleming. Our great Dane announced that they are expecting the arrival of their first child and Caroline seems to be well on her way with her cute baby bump showing. Let’s hope he can keep his pants on.

Anyway, that’s all from me now.


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  1. I’m impressed by the ground work to support this piece.

    I imagin this will really appeal to the female audience with both the gossip on and off the field.

    Amazing writting.

    Go Arsenal 🙂

  2. Yeah, I agree with the comments above. It’s great to have a different perspective and I look forward to hearing the opinions of Fatema throughout the season.


  3. Great to see a positive response to this.

    I’m EXTREMELY excited about Fatema’s articles. This one is a great start and it gave me a lot of pleasure to post, among other things, that old photo of Thierry Henry. As my brother said today, the opening paragraph sounds like a high-school crush and the picture of Henry looks like one out of an old High School Yearbook. Great stuff.

    Good luck Fatema and I hope everyone (and especially the Arsenal ladies, of which we know there are many) get behind you.

  4. Brilliant!!!! Superbly written & a gr8 read. And that Henry pic takes the cake!! Where did u dig that one up from?

  5. Great, now, can I have lots on RVP and Rosicky, too, coz I’ve had a crush… umm, crushes… on ’em for ages, admittedly more because they are so BRILLIANT in field than anything else, but what can I say, footie skills do it for me. And watching footie with guys doesn’t leave much room for ‘Bloody hell that was gorgeous’, so I’m eternally grateful, here.

  6. Wow pretty nice! Cesc looks really sharp! I was super happy going through his pictures :PPPPP until Ronaldo came in…So nauseous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Nike ad is really cool, I haven’t seen that one before! nice! and Both Arshsavin and Chamack look cool! For song I guess having blond and cool hair runs in the family! 😛
    Henry looks much better now then he was before :))))

  7. Haha, Thierry looks like an 80s porn star.

    Nice work, great to see such a diversity of articles on AFCB. Always get something new when I log on each morning.

  8. Thoroughly enjoyed these expert thoughts and such a fantastic perspective.

    It’s seems this is only going to get better, look forward to the rest of the season.

  9. Thank you for support and kind everyone..!! 🙂

    I’m really excited about being part of this wonderful team, and bringing the off the field action onboard.

    @ The Arsenal Ladies – You should expect more pretty pictures of our lads. 😉

    And for the boys, who knows I might throw in a WAG or two just for you.

  10. Very impressive Fatema, love your work! Never seen an article like this on a football website before, you might have discovered a new niche market.

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