Arsenal For The Ladies: Chamakh’s fashion goof, Rosicky likes heavy metal

AFCB’s writer Fatema Farhat is back for her fortnightly “Arsenal for the Ladies” column…

B52 is bendting over backwards

Our Nicky has been keeping himself busy whilst on the road to recovery. The B52 himself has landed a cover with his beautiful fiancee on the ever so popular ELLE magazine. This time Nick has managed to take his top off which was a nice change considering we all have seen him with his pants down.

Bendtner poses for Elle

Bendtner is an interesting young man, and even his team mates have a thing or two to say about him. Andrey claims he’s “… Not one for singing around the campfire, that is more Nicklas Bendtner’s style…”

We have seen many different sides to Bendtner over the years, from pink boots to being smitten in love. My conclusion: off the pitch the boy is so damn likable.

Vela The Party Fella

Cheeky Carlos has been banned from playing for Mexico for 6 months over an alleged party in the team hotel. I’ve gotta admit I like his style and think it’s a win win situation for Arsenal and the ladies. More on the field action from him and additional Hugo Boss campaigns from him would be nice.

Vela v Cesc for Hugo Boss

Carlos looks quite impressive all suited up, he struts his stuff in a modern suit and carries his boyish looks and charm undeniably well.  I understand he is not to every females liking, so to keep everyone happy I’ve snuck in Cesc’s Hugo Boss Campaign shot as well.

Carlos or Cesc? You decide.

Chamakhed Up

It looks like Maroune has taken advice from team mates in posing for a magazine.

Red coat with cane and bowler hat: not a good look.

At first sighting, I was left speechless and speechless for the wrong reasons that is. I don’t think you would blame me when our in form striker is decked out in a red coat, gloves and posing with an umbrella.

Some players just belong on the field and that’s where I prefer seeing him.

Rosicky vs Wilshere: The Playlists

Arsenal have partnered up with youth homelessness charity centrepoint. Each home game, a playlist is revealed and I thought I’d share Rosicky v Wilshere with you.

Wilshere v Rosicky

Impressed or mortified? Let me know your thoughts.

PS. I’m on Jack’s side. (Ed: I’m on Rosicky’s)


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  1. Rosicky has very very good taste in music. Wilshere, hmm I’m surprised Justin Beiber isn’t in there

  2. I’m absolutely on Rosicky’s side – 8 of those tracks are in my top 10 list of all time. Judas, Motorhead, Sabbath, Metallica – music to move mountains by.

    Rock on Tomas !

  3. Also Bendtners Girlfriend/Wife must have had alot of make-up on as she actually looks hot in those pics.

    I have seen other pictures of her before and she is butt ugly.

  4. the advertising pics are o.k. for me, even the English stylish Chamack (just for advertising of course), Vela and Cesc are really smart, and with the music, I would go there for Wilshere 😎

  5. Vela or Fabregas.I would go for Carlos,he looks so cool and sexy in that photo.Chamakh in the red duffle coat….somebody have a word!

  6. WoW, I dont know one name on the Rosicky music list. I will take Wilshere’s list, looks like he has a little bit of soul! lol.

    I mean we are talking about MJ here, the greatest entertainer of all times, so it has been said.

  7. Paul – I only know one name on Jack’s list and that’s the obvious one.
    Most of records I like were out before Jack was born.
    Have to say again – Tomas, for yor musical tastes I salute you !

  8. Definitely, I will go for Rosicky…has my favourite group of Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Metallica

  9. Nik Bendtner is such a bonafide hunk that even I sometimes have to stop and reconsider of my gender preferences in life.

    In other news, both players could do with a few more tracks from computer game soundtracks.

    Hellooo ladies.

  10. Rosicky’s playlist all the way, no doubt about it. Maybe it’s a sign that I’m now a part of the aging Arsenal supporters but Wishere seriously need to get new music. I almost thought it was a batty boy’s playlist 😛 , Ne-Yo make you lose all credibility, even gangstas and thugs don’t listen to Ne-Yo, it always has to be Tupac kids.

  11. good stuff haha nice change

    prob more on jacks side but not 100% behind either

    keep it going

  12. Rosicky taste is awesome. Master of Puppets all the way! Wilshere is a bit MJ obsessed!

    Cesc looks so touched up in that cover.

  13. If I listened to Rosicky’s music I’m sure I’d be left with a migraine..!!

    I’ll take the soul brother over the metal man any day =)

  14. That does it. We need a new nickname for Rosicky. “Little Mozart” doesn’t quite suit him anymore.

  15. Maroune looks better in Arsenal shirt. Haha. By the way thanks Fatema for your articles, as it’s interesting to see the “human side” of the boys.

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