Arsenal FC Weekly Podcast 6: Vermaelen, Manchester United and Gallas’ body parts discussed

Hello again from a disgustingly hot Brisbane. 33 degrees it was today and for late August, the tail-end of our winter season, that is just ridiculous.

Being Tuesday it is of course Arsenal FC Weekly podcast time and I’m joined in the studio by birthday boy Panda Bear. We ponder why despite scoring 12 goals our strikers have only got one and explain why it doesn’t matter, marvel at Thomas Vermaelen’s impressive start to the season and discuss just how Manuel Almunia was meant to stop AFL advocate Younes Kaboul.

We also preview the big (x18) clash with Manchester United at Old Trafford and predict whether a drunk Panda Bear will still be standing by the time the game starts.


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Cheers and enjoy the rest of your week.

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  1. I’ve got a friend who’s doing her year abroad in Brissie at the moment and she’s never had a ‘winter’ like that before obviously. Must be really crazy there with the weather.

    Will listen to the pod later.

    And happy birthday Panda Bear! 🙂

  2. Going a bit overboard on Diaby guys. He does have a poor first touch and his football brain needs to improve massively.

    He is clearly talented, and troubled by the lack of application of his talent, but he is not that fantastic.

  3. No way is Panda Bear 17, he sounds about 30! What a man.

    If I remember rightly, Diaby scored a similar goal against Aston Villa last year when he ran the length of the pitch to smash one in. It’s promising. Every time he scores a goal it almost breaks through the net. This game should be a big boost for his confidence and I hope he goes from strength to strength!

    I’m pretty sure Kaboul was in the process of being beamed up to whatever mothership he came from when he nodded that goal in.

    Great podcast gentlemen!

  4. Whoa Panda 30 – that would make me about 70! Andrew WILL make sure Panda sees the game! Great cast boys and good luck with the 3 day event and the games:)

  5. happy birthday man.back to the gunners I am very happy everybody is scoring cos 4 every match we will ave the hope that there is the possibility of a goal at any department but to the strikers we expecting more 4rm them

  6. Nice podcast ,our strikers not scoring shows d spirit is high all ouer d team and even if our strikers are injured d rest of d team can grind out results. Not 2 worry our strikers are going 2 score against d likes manu. Happy birthday panda

  7. Many happy returns Panda, Hope you get a Bendtner 52 for your birthday maybe you should ask the club for one!

    Looking forward to this weekend immensely, a positive result will really have us flying. Here’s hoping Cesc is fit and Andrey and Robin have saved their goals for this match, it’s revenge time Mancs!

  8. But he wasn’t that great against Pompey, that is my point. He scored two tap ins (yes, give credit to him for getting into position and finishing) but overall he did little in his free-role.

  9. @ Tom14 – I refuse to agree with that. He was the best player even without the goals. He worked his arse off, was strong the ball, passed well, basically did everything an attacking midfielder should.

    On another note, didn’t you make the comment that Denilson would be starting the season as the defensive midfielder and not Song, calling a lot of people silly for thinking otherwise?

  10. Spot on tom14, its true people are going overboard praising Diaby. The last time he scored was against Villa last winter and against Derby before that. Far too long long time for a guy well paid as he does. However, Diaby is a of a hero among the gooners for being the only guy to have put John Terry in hospital, mate. That makes him a hero for me too

  11. in ARSENAL,just anybody can score n with any body part. Vermalene is just too good a buy, Gallas soon would be converted to a striker. RVP is saving da best 4d last….MAN UTD be warned cos d bomb is gonna come blasting 4rm da foot of da DUTCH GUN…MR. COOL Eduardo da Silva has a cool goal 2 celebrate on,u’ve all got 2 watch out. tis’ our time,even Heaven all my gunner babes in Nigeria….i can’t stop loving u.1luv 2 all ARSENAL ARSENICS.let’s keep da flag flying high at da EMIRATES.Ooooooops

  12. Yes, I was the one going on about Denilson and guess what, Denilson has played every game this season so far and has played excellently.

    Song has played in two games and was used even more defensively, and performed just as well as Denilson, but he is not going to play every game.

    So it looks like I was right on that one.

  13. i think the truth about Diaby is that everyone is happy he had a blinding performance against pompey[according to his standards] anyone who says otherwise is jus being picky hahaha,its jus that in the backof everyones mind we jus expecting to hear that he is injured and will be out till November and he does that alot so no matter how good he looked people dont wat to notice it for the feel the might start counting on someone who has let us down more times than not…
    I for one hope he turns up against Celtic and has another MOTM performance and NOT get injured then and only then will i start to think of him as part of our plans.

  14. andy – denilson is the defensive midfielder but because of injuries to nasri and rosicky and diaby who are the attackin midfielders cesc played there but hes the cm and denilson the dm.

  15. @Panda Bear

    Happy birthday, Bendy repeated his comments on so why don’t you send an e-mail to arsenal asking for a change, he did say that it was only this years shirts but I am sure you have the new blue away one.
    Good pod cast guys, enjoyed listening to it. Lets hope we have a good win for your birthday, mind you it will be over by then, we can then go in to Saturday’s game with even more confidence.

  16. Nothing to do with him being injured, i can accept he is injury prone. When Nasri/Rosicky/Eduardo come back and play I don’t moan about them because I know they are class players, Diaby, on the other hand, had played 100 games for Arsenal and I would say 70% of them have been absolute shockers.

    His first touch is terrible, if you don’t agree, please pay extra attention, his defending is poor and his football/tactical brain is nothing to be admired.

    I hope he does well because he has everything else in my opinion, but those things he does not have are vital to any top level footballer, you cannot get by being an athlete who can finish.

  17. Andy,
    Top work on the blog. Just one request – I get each post emailed to me every morning, but each email contains only the first few lines of the post and a link to your site to read the rest. This makes it impossible to read in workplaces where external site are blocked by IT departments. Any chance of the email version containing the whole post?

  18. give diaby mo time and games he wil improve.he is the only understudy to cesc who is injured now

  19. Give him more time? He has played 100 games and been here for anout four years.

    He is one of few players in the whole squad who we would not have to even consider replacing had he been sold.

  20. I am the most positive Arsenal fan on the net, but i refuse to accept people going on about Diaby as if he has actually done something. he is not the new Vieira, he is not a special player and he is not going to do anything magnificent in his career.

  21. What a nice podcast! As for Gallas scoring, it is good. But I am of a view that he shouldn’t be coming forward so much as we take on utd to avoid counter attacks. Happy birthday Panda.

  22. All ARSENAL fans love DIABY….Full Stop. Leave TOM14 alone.

    Atleast he’s finally admitted to the fact that SONG plays more defensively than DENILSON, this is only natural cos SONG also doubles as a defender.

    He’sonly trying to defend his error and this is why we should all be constructive and clear in our views as they will always come back to hunt us.

  23. @Tom
    You need to chill dude.
    Diaby was brilliant on saturday, end of.
    You really should take another look at the complete game, hopefully without tinted glasses…. and in high def.
    Credit where it’s due son.
    I hope he soldiers on to prove some of you doubters wrong.

    n.b. Song’s consitently played better than Denilson for 2009. Denilson is getting better, but still too weak to patrol a Def-Mid position on his own, against powerful players.

  24. @SENIOR – I noticed that when GALLAS goes up, he notifies SONG and so SONG sits in for him and DENILSON becomes more cautious. I noticed this in the last game.

  25. I don’t mind about a the podocast so much because its a new thing for you Andy but surely its dull and lacks life. A long way to go! Am made to think you are better off writing. You are good there. But lets see in a year or so how it will be. Maybe its because your guests lack CV and analyse like any lay football fan would do. Its a good thing though for pple to encourage you and say its great. I hope you are not believing everything you read. Hopefully this helps you. You need to compare yours for example with soccernets press pass to see the gulf in class. I know am not being realistic here but to be the best,you compare yourself with the best. I liked your first post when you changed from Spanish fry to Andrew,you outlined what you envisaged and its against this background that am making these comments!

  26. Oh my Oh my, Diaby did good if Tom14 think otherwise it’s his opinion, everyone has an opinion there’s no moderator here except Andy, this blog (or any other) has always been open about conflicting ideas so let’s be respectful of each other’s opinion.

    No point trying to force or patronize anyone to aggree with you, if not just create your own Arsenal blog. We are after all typing in the comment lets all enjoy the upcoming games.

    Cheers All keep it 🙂

  27. @ Tom14 – I have to disagree with your claim that you’re the most positive Arsenal supporter on the net. I don’t want to get into a bitching match but the tone of most of the comments you leave on here is extremely negative. Apart from your support of Denilson (and your criticism of anyone else who doesn’t rate him the same as you do) you tend to bag out a fair few players and other commenters who have their own opinion. I am a massive advocate of letting people have their say but the tone of this blog is usually quite positive (without being ignorant) and your comments tend to be quite provocative.

    A fair summation?

  28. I can’t be bothered talking about Diaby because he is not really worth a prolongued discussion and I also don’t want to have the same Denilson discussions over and over again.

    lets all just discuss how rubbish walcott is.

  29. @ Tom14 – And to be quite specific, you wrote the comment: “i refuse to accept people going on about Diaby as if he has actually done something. he is not the new Vieira, he is not a special player and he is not going to do anything magnificent in his career.”

    However, when I look through the comments not ONE person has gone on about him like that or called him the new Vieira. You seem to be arguing with yourself. And to make the claim that he’s not going to do anything magnificent is just strange; how can you possibly make such bold predictions when the future will play out how it does. For all you know he might score a winning goal in a Champions League final, we can’t predict these things.

  30. I want to clear the Denilson thing up. It is a simple fact that Denilson is a very good player. A fact, not opinion. he actually performs pretty much week in week out, does his job and Wenger picks him in the next game.

    I criticise people who do not rate him because he is a good player who is performing, and therefore there is no need to dislike him.

    To me, it is like when Gallas was getting it in the neck. If the player is putting it in, there shouldn’t be people moaning.

    Whilst saying that, I understand that people have their opinions, favourites and fantasies.

  31. @ Trend – Thanks for your honest comments on the podcast. I agree that I have a long way to go to be a completely engaging podcast but when you consider that Panda is 17 (almost 18 – one hour to go!) and I’m 23 I think time is on our side. You’ve gotta start somewhere and I am very interested to keep improving and learning as a football observer and someone who is involved in media and in the end, practice makes perfect.

    Cheers again.

  32. @ Tom14 – But you can’t disregard the fact that you said it would be Denilson who is going to be our defensive midfielder when it’s clearly going to be Song now. Song is being rested because he put in two gutsy, tireless performances and needs to be in top shape for the trip to United. Denilson gets the job done and I’ve been impressed with him so far this season but it’s just technically incorrect to say “FACT – he is a great player”. That’s all, it’s a matter of opinion.

  33. As for my comments on Diaby, they are general. You mentioned the Vieira thing in the podcast (whilst not saying he is the next Vieira) and it seems to pop up whenever he has a good game.

    I don’t listen to that comparison because he does not compare. I was just lumping “he is not the new Vieira” into the list of things that he is not, even though people claim he is (has a good first touch, good defensively and a top top talent)

    If he continues to perform my opinion will change, but until that, he will always be the guy who is an astonishing athlete with some skill, but no brain and a poor first touch.

  34. It is just as much a fact that he is a good/great player as it is for any other guy who plays well week in week out.

    I said Denilson would play the defensive midfield role and guess what, he is playing the defensive midfield role. Just because Song ALSO played defensively does not take away from that. And to be fair to Song, he has done really well (I have always been a fan, these two players are the guys I have championed for years).

    But you cannot say Denilson did not play a defensive role in the first two matches, and he was the only DM against Pompey.

    Song looks like he will be used in tough matches away from home and in the big games because he has certain “blocking” qualities to put it simply. But he does not add enough to play against Pompey, unlike Denilson, who can position himself to stop that one break away.

  35. @ Tom14 – We’re starting to get on the same page, which is good. My final statement before I go to bed is that – as good as you think Denilson might be – I don’t think he would be in the manager’s first XI at this stage. I think the midfield will be Song, Nasri and Fabregas. I also don’t think Song was left out against Pompey for any reason other than the manager wanted to give him a rest.

    Anyway, I must be off, look forward to reading any future comments when I wake up. Cheers.

  36. Well said Andy,time is on your side,just about everything and good luck! I just wanted to point out what i thought maybe has not been observed!
    Tom14—where are you about,who are you? I love and hate your guts!!! You are such a “putt off” and to a good extent but luckily you have an accomodating Andy!!! Now this one made me laugh—after all the stress(and i think you are partly right about Diaby but too nagative and critical),you want us to discuss Walcott? am afraid most pple like him but isnt that good! Only time will tell. I love Gallas,he not only talks his mind but also lets his football do the talking!

  37. I think Denilson’s name is firmly printed on the template of every teamsheet. he is the one player I would bank my house on being involved in pretty much every match. Nasri is MUCH more likely to replace Song, Fabregas or one of the wide players in this formation.

    Denilson is our best defensive midfielder, even if Song plays further below him and adds a lot to our game, but he cannot cope on his own due to his positioning play, that is why HE is the one who plays well alongside Denilson, not the other way round – Denilson is always good.

  38. I am hateable because I don’t try and put a positive spin on everything.

    Oh, one thing which annoys me is the love of Djourou – get over him mate, he is good, but Song will be the long term partner for Vermaelen me thinks.

  39. Tom14 – Bear in mind, the context which I mentioned the Veira / Diaby “comparison” was based on comments from Arsène.

  40. Tom14 – Evenyone’s allowed favourite players. Just because Djourou is his favourite and he thinks that in time he could be a decent player doesn’t mean you scoff and push it aside. For the first two years I supported Arsenal Eboue was my favourite, and I have a signed photo of him in my living room.

  41. Please don’t remind me of that, its one of the worst things he has ever done. Mind, not as bad as saying Walcott will be competing for a first team place “within weeks” of his arrival.

  42. I love Eboue. I think he is fantastic. And I am, not too concerned about Djourou, good enough 3rd/4th choice center back, but when he was talking about him being a possible starter ahead of vermaelen I wanted to give him a piece of my mind! 😀

  43. Tom14, your opening comment about Diaby shows your limited knowledge of football. I think he is a very good player and in another 12 to 18 month he will be very close to becoming world class in what he does. Be honnest, would Arsene have him as part of the squad if he was as poor as you say. Poor first touch, footballing brain needs to improve massively etc, and you trust in Wenger!

  44. The fact that you just stated that Diaby will go on to be world class dismisses anything you have to say on football.

  45. Casicky, i agree with most of what you say about Diaby but isn’t it true that a large chunk of the Arsenal team suffer from constant injuries. Is there any stats on the top 10. Fabs must be up there somewhere, what about RVP, walcott etc.

  46. According to The London Evening Standard, Wenger say a scan on Fabregas has revealed that there is no muscle strain so although he hasn’t trained since Saturday the injury should settle down in a few days and he could be available for the game at Old Trafford.

    Thomas Rosicky has resumed normal training and could be in the squad for Saturday if required.

    On the Celtic game Wenger says “it is not job done it is job to do – that’s how I look at it” However several big names are expected to start on the bench.

    Gael Clichy has revealed that Hleb’s disastrous transfer to Barca convinced him to turn down a move to Real Madrid and stay at The Emirates.

  47. Tom14, the more I read your comments the more i have to laugh, and in Arsene you trust! Diaby is a far better player than Denilson. Unfortunately he has had injuries but if he is luckly enough to stay fit this season and get games under his belt he will become world class. Something Den never will be. Although he has started well which Im happy to admit.

  48. Diaby’s problems are nothing to do with injuries,it is not like you need a run of games to be able to control a simple 5 yard pass, or to understand when to attack and defend.

  49. Unfortunately Den spends to much time passing the ball sideways and backwards which is why he has a higher level of completed passes. Study him during the next game and notice how easy his job is.

  50. The icehammer,

    There is no mention of Hleb returning and to be honest I can’t see Wenger even considering buying him back. I certainly wouldn’t like to see him return, he left for what he perceived to be greener grass which turned out to be more of a quagmire. He left with no thought of the Arsenal fans and is a non-person in my opinion.

  51. Oh! and on the subject of Denilson, check out how many times he receives the ball facing his own goal. It is necessary for him to get the ball away to a team-mate facing in the right direction quickly. If he stopped to turn around it would delay the pass and any momentum would be lost.

  52. I think the criticism of Tom14 is a bit harsh to be honest. He is right that Diaby has not shown enough. He broke up play and scored to pretty god goals- but it was against Portsmouth and it has been 100 games for him and we are still talking about potential. Im stil willing to give him a shot this year and if Wenger thinks he’s capable (though he could just be saying this to boost his confidence) then maybe he will prove me wrong- but I am of the opinion that when he is forced to make decisions he usually gets them wrong/ hesitates. When he is in a one on one or committed to defending, its w hole different story. Hope Diaby proves me wrong but Im not willing to hail him after one decent performance…

  53. lol..only 33? Celsius right? its 55 over here XD

    I dont mind if our strikers dont get in much goals…as long as THERE ARE! goals.

  54. @johno- why would deni hav to ‘stop’ to turn round???wot annoys me bout deni is the way hel sprint towards gallas/verm/clichy to receive the ball as if hes mad keen and then knock it 5yards left/right/back…. he doesnt exactly move us forward and put a team srambling on the back foot, if he showed as much desire to get on the ball from cesc/arsha/nasri i think he could be very very good but i just dont think he rates himself that high up the pitch and he can be frustratin but i give him his due and i am happy to have him in our team,its just a minor criticism i hav
    @tom 14- the overdue cavalry hav arrived my friend.i must agree with your points on abou,especially the 1 where you state hes played 100games and probably been forgettable (thats being nice) in 70 of them,i would never slate a guy for the sake of it but fair is fair the dude has serious ability but seems to lack serious concentration and for a big man he brings zero physicality…trust the boss to find a 6ft+ pure athlete who doesnt want to tackle or head the ball…sorry andy and hammer but hes averageness can be clearly found in the fact that so many people are ravin about his performance saturday…his performance was a minimum requirement of any1 who plays in an arsenal jersey its just that he didnt make as many errors as normal (against a poor,poor portsmouth with rookie RB) that u are all sayin he was MoM.if u are honest and sober and watch the game in full like i did u wil find that eduardo,cesc,verm and maybe RvP were the oustandin performers..
    still i am happy to have him around but in my opinion the only way he will become an arsenal regular is if he gets aggressive and learns to tackle so that he could be converted to a defensive player rather than a clumsy,attack slowing/ destroying influence
    one last thing can the almunia lovers please stop going on like kaboul jumped off a trampeline or somethin…for godsakes i know ye rate him as top keeper,ehhem, but call it right,the ball was routine you could see it was a poor cross and he just didnt attack it and even as kaboul leapt he was still grounded…poor poor concentration.and andy you dont hav to hav been a goalkeeper to know that no 6ft+ keeper who can use his hands should be outjumped by a player whos usin his head, i dont care if it was michael jordan mate…it was so bad there wasnt even any doubt of it been a foul…..cant concede goals like that guys

  55. 1:23am
    @ICE – Spot on again…..I know that atleast 90percent of ARSENAL fans will agree that DIABY is a lot better that DENILSON….

    @TOM14 – DENILSON is manageable where he is…enough said

  56. I only use them for names like TOM14…Pity men, I like DENILSON…but he’s not better than DIABY. Enough said

  57. Yikes. I don’t think Diaby will ever be accepted by the Arsenal fans until he shreds it up to some off-key Samba rhythms on youtube.

    I rate Deni higher than Diaby. They’ve both notched up about 100 games for the club and you’d have to say Denilson was far more dependable. Looks like I’m in that 10% minority.

    Diaby had a good game though, I hope he gives the squad something extra this year (i.e a Diaby who can play, rather than a Diaby who stalks the left wing as a phantom).

  58. Its a good argument. Maybe I over exaggerated the percentage there AIRSHIPS, but apart from the frequent and infamous niggles this guy gets which keeps him out for periods at a time…what else is wrong with this guy?
    Yes, he doesn’t track back that often, but does AA track back too?
    I guess WENGER considers this when he plays any of them.
    Every player in this team has a good and a bad, and if the bad is shown by the player more consistently…we cant help but notice ala SILVESTRE, ADEBAYOR last season.
    If any player comes back from an injury, dont expect him to be perfect – simply lower your expectations of him for that day, this way you enjoy the team performance more and appreciate the manager.

  59. He has a poor first touch and a pea sized football brain – that is what is wrong with him.

  60. DENILSON plays far more games than DIABY, this is enough to have made him develop adequately.
    If DIABY had been able to stay injury free, his development would marvel us all.
    Is this the best position for DIABY? Remember REYES left cos he was forced to play on the left? AA was played out of position last season, what if he didn’t perform?
    Look guys, we just have to be objective…this DENILSON guy is just manageable. When NASRI becomes fit again, DENILSON will have no place cos SONG and FABS will have to be accomodated in that midfield as well.

  61. Is WALCOTT’s football brain not pea sized as well? But you like WALCOTT dont you? This is cos he kinda makes up for his mistakes with excellent runs and dribbles which excites us.
    This is exactly what i’m talking about here. I’m being very objective. I need not tell you about DENILSON’s weak points, I said he is manageable. Enough said

  62. Tom14 – The reason why you come off as negative is because you say things like this:

    “The fact that you just stated that Diaby will go on to be world class dismisses anything you have to say on football.”

    You can’t say that, you’re basically calling someone an idiot and I won’t have that on my blog.

  63. its strange to me how everybody talks bad about diaby before he scores 2 goals then wen he scores hes all of a sudden a great player

  64. “But you like WALCOTT dont you?”

    No, I think Walcott is the most over-rated player in our team. He could become an effective player in this formation to be fair, but as a winger in a 442 I would rather Eboue.

    @ Andy – I only said that to him because he said I have a “limited knowledge of football”. Had he just said he disagreed I would not be too bothered about rubbishing his opinion.

    Also, my problem with the talk of Diaby is that he is described as a player who has “obvious potential” with brilliant skill and ability etc, but I really don’t think he is some form if troubled Pele, he is just a very athletic and pretty talented guy who has not got football intelligence.

  65. Enough is enough. What a discussion! I love the motto of Usain Bolt: You have to chill down a little bit. Sorry for my unprofessional remark, it’s late and I go to bed now, too. Podcast tomorrow. Didn’t have the time to listen. Good night alltogether.

  66. lol i think dats d closest ur gonna get to a retraction or apology andy….c’mon guys we all love the arsenal and their goin great at the mo so theres really no need for this sort of agro,plus this is my fav site and would hate andy to pack it in because of arguments.although andy there has been some debate today on this topic…the busiest its been in ages
    @icehammer heard it was terrible at your place toni were u there

  67. Hahahah, that first game brings back memories, I thought me and my brother were the only people on the planet ever to play it. Who knows, that might appear in part II!

  68. @ tom14 if flamini was still here denilson wouldn’t be pushing him out of the starting line up. If denilson is so good then why hasn’t he been a 1st choice in the brazil squad when g.silva is pushing mid 30’s and still running it?
    All the talk of diaby being the new viera isn’t new it’s just a comparison like for example
    wilshere-berkamp (arsnes own words)
    walcott-henry(just cause he runs fast)
    All the above players are a likeness for what we had before and it’s these comparisons that make it hard for plastic or newish supporters to relise the 2nd name players were mostly made by arsne and we do need time for these newish players to be consistant and this could be our season as we have the momentum and just need to keep it up.

  69. Is the firm culture still around? Can anyone from England tell me. I thought it was eradicated years ago. I know Holland, Italy still has a large following of ultras. Lyon and Marseilles Ultras are notorious too.

    Why can’t they just settle it the sane way, in a game of Fifa or Pro Evolution Soccer.

  70. Millwall have the worst reputation with football hooliganism, but the truth is that it has died down nowadays, which is a good thing. Before this, the last bit of football violence was in 2002 – surprise surprise it was Millwall again and I think the riot was so bad the police force sued the club.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this event was inspired by Football Factory. The clubs are two leagues apart, so they’ve tried to make the most of it.

    Stabbings are almost unheard of at football matches in England. We don’t have to worry about that until we play Roma or Galatassary in the champions league.

    We have a bit of a bad reputation in European football for our behaviour abroad, but that’s because England is a society of drunken yobs, not because we have organised firms.

  71. @enemyairships

    Thanks for the clarification, I guess the history btw West Ham and Millwall runs deep plus the fact that alcohol must have something to do with it.

    Sometimes its hard to run away from the medieval nature of man, of trying to exert power over the other. Football does provide the platform for such mass congregation but for most part I’m glad that these are minute events that dosen’t happen frequently.

  72. Happy Birthday Panda!!

    I miss when we used to fight about Bendtner. Denilson and Diaby fighting = boring. All we need to do is remind Denilson every now and again that he is really is Brazilian and he’ll be fine. As for Diaby I think he is really trying to make an effort and show some commitment..what more can we as fans ask for?

  73. just listened to your current podcast and I really must say, makes fun! Like it very much, it’s not so dry like the discussions I know from TV, can only agree with that this is the best blog in web I’ve ever met, so I just want to add Happy birthday to Panda (it’s 26.08.2009 at 9:30 here) and wish you a great party on saturday, but you can’t be drunken at 2 am on sunday, could become difficult to watch the match then, of course MANU will be a different match compared to the previous, but at first I hope we can enjoy the one this evening, I wish no tension please, an easy play

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