Arsenal FC Blog’s coverage of the 2010 World Cup and beyond

First things first, I have to warn you that this will be quite a lengthy post!

I also have to warn you that there will be no comments about Cesc Fabregas’ potential move to Barcelona, the arrival of Marouane Chamakh from Bordeaux nor the exit of Fran Merida to Atletico Madrid. There will be no season review, no analysis of the squad nor mention of any of the potential transfer targets that could/should be brought to Arsenal before next season.

You see, World Cup fever has rolled into town and Arsenal has been reduced from a daily obsession to a fleeting afterthought.

Football Nomad to launch on June 4

The major reason why this has happened is Football Nomad, the football culture and travel website that I have been working on launching for the past twelve months. The blog will be launching with FN:2010, a football documentary combining film and social media to capture the colour and excitement of the 2010 World Cup.

Starting in the UK on June 11 and culminating with the World Cup final a month later my brother Patrick and I will film, photograph and blog our way around Europe and South Africa to provide you with an intimate and engaging experience of the 2010 World Cup.

The blog will be updated with photos and written posts daily, with an edited video providing the real highlights every three or four days. It’s going to be an amazing adventure and if you’re someone who enjoys reading me the Arsenal FC Blog, you’re going to love the first-hand experience we will be providing with Football Nomad.

The project is completely independent, meaning that we have funded it ourselves, so it would be absolutely amazing to see as many Arsenal FC Blog readers support Football Nomad as possible. To do so just check out the website, subscribe to updates via email or join 600+ followers in the Facebook group.

There are World Cup jerseys up for grabs for anyone who subscribes before the launch on June 4, so please get involved!

Arsenal FC Blog’s coverage of the 2010 World Cup

Although I will be away for the next five weeks for Football Nomad, I have come up with a quite brilliant way to keep things ticking along on Arsenal FC Blog during the World Cup. Get someone else to do it!

Mike Urbanski, known to many in the Arsenal blogosphere as ‘TheSKAGooner’, will be taking the Arsenal FC Blog reigns for the duration of the tournament.

He’ll be keeping readers up-to-date with the performances of all the Arsenal players as well as any potential transfer targets at the World Cup as well as anything else of interest during the tournament and any vital Arsenal news happening away from South Africa. Mike will be posting on every single gameday during the World Cup and the coverage should be excellent.

So excellent, in fact, that you’ll probably never want me back again!

Other great blogs to check out during the 2010 World Cup

Besides Arsenal FC Blog and Football Nomad, there are a host of other top quality blogs and websites that I would recommend to anyone keen on enhancing their World Cup experience. They are:

  • Guardian Football – In the field of online newspaper coverage, there will be no better place to be than here during the World Cup. Always insightful, entertaining and able to take the game about as serious as it should be taken, it is essential reading (and listening – thanks to the daily World Cup podcast show).
  • World Cup Buzz – A new blog created off the back of the success of EPL Talk, World Cup Buzz has had excellent pre-tournament coverage and promises to remain among the best when things finally kick off. There’s a great podcast by Chris Farley that I have been listening to daily and all sorts of interesting articles on everything to do with the World Cup.
  • Zonal Marking – Football tactics nerds rejoice: this is the blog for you. Unbelievably insightful.
  • KicketteThis one’s mostly for the women, but I also personally find it very entertaining. Focused on what’s happening off the pitch as much as what’s happening on it, Kickette always delivers laughs and a very subtle understanding of the pop-culture that now dominates the sport.
  • Studs Up – Chris Toy is a good friend of mine and he also writes the best online football comic going around. He’ll be sharpening his pencils and powering up his Photoshop to ensure the World Cup gets the Studs Up treatment every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the tournament.

Plans for next season on Arsenal FC Blog

The final thing to touch on briefly is my future plan for the Arsenal FC Blog for next season and beyond.

For those that are unaware, upon completion of the FN:2010 documentary I will living in Berlin, Germany for a year. The reason for this move is to develop both the Arsenal FC Blog and Football Nomad ideas further with the intention to create a full-time living out of my online projects. At the moment things are going well, I have created the opportunity for myself to move to Europe to be closer to football and I hope to capitalise on that opportunity over the next 12 months.

Without giving too much away about how things change on the Arsenal FC Blog, the emphasis will be on re-establishing the blog as a place where intelligent readers who enjoy following the Arsenal can come and share their opinions. At the moment the Arsenal blogosphere is saturated with blogs that seem to care more about criticising the manager and players at every opportunity than actually trying to get as much enjoyment out of watching and following Arsenal as possible.

My goal will be to provide more writers, more personality and more fun to the Arsenal FC Blog, whilst still retaining the levels of quality and insightful writing that I have always strived to provide since starting the website over three years ago.

The move to Germany will give me more time to create what I have always wanted to create with this blog and I sincerely hope you enjoy what I have in store for you all for next season.

So what will happen before next season?

As I previously mentioned, Mike will be taking the reigns during the World Cup for the duration of the tournament. Once the tournament is over I will be taking a complete break from the blog to organise the re-launch for the 2010/11 season. That re-launch is scheduled to happen one week before the first Arsenal game of next season.

I realise this means that there will be a good six weeks or so of life without the Arsenal FC Blog but I can assure you it will be worth it.

A final message

To everyone that has continued to support the blog over the years, thank-you. Your feedback and participation has inspired me to pursue the area of writing and online projects as a career and I am exceptionally excited to see where things will take me over the next 12 months and beyond.

Before I go I just want to wish everyone a great World Cup. There are readers on the blog from all over the world and for a month or so we will all become opponents rather than teammates. The tournament is the first I have been involved with since starting the blog back in 2007 and it is set to be an amazing spectacle of football and culture.

Stay tuned to Mike’s coverage of the tournament on the blog as well as my web-documentary coverage on Football Nomad and above all – enjoy yourselves! The World Cup only comes around once every four years and we should all make the most of it!

Kind Regards,
Andrew Weber
Arsenal FC Blog Editor & Head Writer



  1. Mate congrats – this is all very exciting. Will be eagerly awaiting your coverage! Go Australia!

  2. Congrats dude….

    Dont forget to hold up the Arsenal FC Blog poster to the camera whenever you are inside the stadium, hope to see you on TV.

  3. Great site mate; Looking forward to the new projects; Lovely content. Good luck with the nomad- i like the name a lot

  4. Hmmm. Zonal Marking is very good yes. But the guy who runs it is an anti-Arsenal wanker.

  5. Get involved! I’m all for being the second half of FN:2010 as long as I can shake this ridiculous hacking cough which has come on board in the last few days. It truely is awful.

    Europe awaits your arrival Andrew, and I can’t wait.

  6. Good luck with your project, Andrew.

    Just one question. How can you ensure that only intelligent readers comment on the blogs? O.K., I’ll accept some poetic license there.

  7. @ Gooneraside – Well, without coming off as some sort of Hitler-esque dictator, there will be new commenting rules and standards. All shall be revealed down the track.

  8. Sweeeet Andy!!!! Hope to see you here is SA!!! The developments sounds amazing. World Cup fever has got hold of us pretty bad!! So excited. My work is next to a countdown tower and we are 10 days away…………………

  9. Thanks to everyone for the congratulations. It’s been a long time coming (the project, not the congratulations!).

    @ Patrick – Make sure you’re better soon. We can’t have you sniffling on camera…

  10. I’m just absolutely not in the mood of a world cup, I really need some inspiration and participation……….. so thanks for this post, it’s the first step………………. 😉

  11. Wow, that is brilliant. Andrew, I am wishing you all the best as you work on the project. i can see the future is already bright.

    On your way to L’Africa du Sud make a point of having a stop over in Nairobi Kenya to freshen up and have a feel of the land with Real Nomads.

  12. Hey fellow AFCB folks –

    After speaking to Andy quite a bit about his plans I can honestly say that everyone should be tremendously excited for what he has in store. Not only for the soon-to-be launched Football Nomad project, but also here on AFCB. Andy’s passion for football, whether it’s our beloved Arsenal or world football in general, ensures both Football Nomad and AFCB will continue to be driven by his love of the game. Great things lie ahead for the readers to enjoy, and I for one am very much looking forward to the growth and development of both Arsenal FC Blog and Football Nomad.

  13. Welcome Mike, Andy thinks you can out shine him in the postings, take the reigns and steer it to greater heights.

  14. All the best in S.Africa mate, can’t wait to see how it turns out! Will hopefully catch up for a beer and an Arsenal game next season in brissie. Take it easy and enjoy!

  15. Hey SF,
    Just checked out your blog for the 1st time in ages as I don’t really go on football blogs so much nowadays, anyway thought I’d offer my congratulations and wish you good luck over in Europe.

    Tubes ( gunnerblog)

    p.s you’ll love London

  16. Andy, its been a pleasure reading your blog over the past few years. Looking forward to hearing about the World Cup exploits via FN. Will be at the launch next Sat to share a beer, a couple of fuck-off spreadsheets, and a cheeky whiskey or two.

  17. Great blog! Well wishes in SA and good luck in Berlin. I’m sure you can take your career to the next level. I can’t wait.

  18. Best of luck Andy and hope the project surpasses your expectations, but more-so that your able to enjoy every moment along the way.
    As an Irishman Im still a little sore about our exclusion from the competition and I think its a real pity that our great supporters will not be in South Africa this summer, but Im still excited about the tournament and will be cheering on the Aussies after their unlucky exit last time round.
    Heres to the underdog!

  19. Best of luck Andrew.

    I look forward to AFCB relaunch..But as as much as I’m looking forward to June 11th 😉

  20. All the best Andy. Hopefully football nomad would be a great success. Looking forward to reading Mike’s thoughts. I’ll always root for Holland and the underdogs in World Cups. One team that caught my eye is Serbia, I really want them to meet Spain/England and knock them out.

  21. Good luck on your journey. I’m very jealous. England vs Spain in the final. Rooney to get the winner. Sorry … just day dreaming 😉

  22. Good luck mate and great to hear the AFC blog is going to be bigger and better next season.
    Just one question though, why Germany? I mean no offence it’s a nice enough place, I’ve been there but 1 year is a long time.

  23. Goodluck your journey to my wonderful land of South based in pretoria
    At the moment which games are u going 2 watch and where?which team are u supporting if australia get knocked out im going with france all the way bsides
    South africa

  24. I read this blog pretty regularly, but don’t comment. I have to say — congrats and good luck to Andrew. Thanks for all the great writing and staying positive. Looking forward to reading about the world cup. I still wish Ireland had made it . . .

  25. Thanks all for the lovely support. I really, really appreciate it.

    I think Football Nomad will be something special so I encourage everyone to get on board by subscribing.


  26. picked the below up from a chav forum:

    cfc1905 (Chelsea): JoeC has recently done an interview on Chelsea TV and for someone who had just completed the double he was not very happy and still complaining of lack of game time. I believe that he has already signed in principal and agree that as a London boy he would prefer to stay in the Capital. Seeing as Harry has said he has not got him then Arsenal seems the logical place to go. On the wings you only have Walcott or Nasri (to the best of my knowledge) so a fit Joe could replace either of them. But therein lies the problem, is he really fit and fully recovered as his form for Chelsea was patchy to say the least? In his defence he probably would have preferred a run of games rather than cameo performances but he obvioulsy did not do enough to warrant starting or being kept on. I think probably a good calculated gamble and if he regains his form he can certainly be a match winner. KTBFFH

  27. The issue about comments is tricky. Its all about expression of emotion and feelings after a frustratating match.I personally find no problem with that cause we have commented negatively due to the erratic and unreasonable behaviour of our coach letting us down sometimes. Let people express their emotions. I found out that its Arsenal and Liverpool fans who commented negatively on their blogs last season for reasons which are pretty obvious unlike on Fergie and Anceloti.

  28. Arsenal turn down Barca offer for Fabregas

    Arsenal Football Club have today released the following statement about captain Cesc Fabregas:

    “Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas is under contract with the Club until the summer of 2015. He is a highly valued member of the team and part of our future plans.

    “We have followed recent speculation linking Cesc with a move away from the Club but as there has never been any official approach for him, only two informal exchanges, in which we made it abundantly clear that we have no interest in transferring Cesc, we have refrained from publicly passing comment. However, yesterday evening we received an offer from Barcelona for Cesc and in response, we immediately and resolutely told them once again that we have no intention of selling our captain.

    “To be clear, we will not make any kind of counterproposal or enter into any discussion. Barcelona have publicly stated that they will respect our position and we expect that they will keep their word.”

  29. We are a class football club inlike those mouthy fuckers – and we have balls despite what some on here believe.

    Im proud of the way the club has reacted to this, remained honourable and classy throughout.

    Fuck off Barca

  30. @shambo, can you confirm any reports on the signing of Joe Cole to Arsenal, i say again any confirmation on the signing of Joe Cole to Arsenal on a free year contract.

  31. I don’t think Cole signed for us. Its either ManU or ManCity but definitely not us. Arsenal will never pay the wages J.Cole commands, this is all rumours.

  32. I’ll believe it when I say it, nothing against J.Cole as I think he is a very good player. Of course he is on a free but Arsenal have never broken the wage structure for any players except; Sol Campbell, Henry, Fabregas (at least those i remember correctly). However I welcome him with open arms if he comes, he can take over Theo on the right and show(mentor) Theo how to play a 4-3-3. It’s just that 120k for wages is ridiculous even for Cole’s standard. 120k is for someone like Messi.

  33. Fabs is going no-where and i’ll be very pleased to welcome cole.
    @ANDY – I only comment here and ur the reason why i choose to…..ur writing is amazing. Plus, ur analysis is oftentimes awesome to say the least. Kudos to you and please keep up the wonderful job ur doing.

  34. oh arsenalfcblog. you are the wind beneath my Arsenal wings. i am just ahlfway through working out a footballing holidays over europe and through south america. Can’t wait

  35. Im tired of Fabregas putting us on pressure. I just pray Barca raises the right amount and takes the burden off us. He has shown his heart is not with the club and he should go only if a 50 plus m Euros are paid together with Yaya toure. We shall do far better without him if we add 5 more good players from his sale. Tired .

  36. @ice hammer,
    I seriously doubt Joe Cole has signed for us mate. The wages would be a stumbling block, I understand hes a free but Wengers stand on wage capping is based more on team harmony and humility rather than him just being reluctant to pay big wages, you could imagine Vermaelen or Song becoming unhappy if Cole were to come in and be earning double their wage straight off, I know they might not be the type to let this bother them, it depends on the person, but I dont think Wenger would take the risk.
    I find it hilarious though considering our dressing room has had divides for the last few years with Gallas,and there are fellas in there overpaid like Nasri,Walcott and Diaby, so you have to wonder with Wenger sometimes.
    Also Peter Hillwood has come out and said he knows nothing about a move for Cole and if there was ‘surely i would know about it’……….Im not so sure this fella knows what the offside rule is never mind anything else got to do with football but anyway if we were in talks with Cole im sure it would have been a ‘no comment’ from hillwood rather than the answer he gave.
    My guess is Cole is a Manchester Utd player now…..I know your not an Arsenal fan mate so I can ask you this and get a straight answer; if you were a free agent coming from a successful team after winning the double and you were 28 with the option of joining Arsenal, Utd or Spurs, who would you join??
    As fans we can be as hopeful as we like but realistically Utd is the place any proven winner would go now if leaving Chelsea, Im not so sure Cole has the time in the bank to be part of a ‘progressing team’……I mean if we continue ‘progressing’ the way we are he will be 36 before we win the league.
    I hope that answers your question dude, sorry for the long reply its just I havent had anything to talk about lately.
    How do you reckon’ Avram Grant/Uncle Fester form the Adams Family will do at your beloved West Ham?

  37. I would like Arsenal to sign world class or stars after the 2010 world cup South Africa so that they can bring their lost glory back of unbeaten record of 2003 season by winning the title league without having lost any single game or match of the season. In other words, the stakeholders and the board of the club should try their level best in order to buy new players such that they can challenge the title by next season.

  38. As someone said over here, some people like to look back at the good old days. We all do that at times. But looking back is sometimes dangerous because we see the past that we want to remember and not the past that has happened in reality. If I remember my childhood and the summer holidays it looks like I was living in Spain somewhere because the sun was always shining and it was warm. But in fact when we had 1 week without rain in the summer it was a very rare thing and yet when I remember those days it looks like that. So we have to be careful with looking back.

    Some people still blame Wenger for letting Henry, Pires, Bergkamp en Vieira go. Yes they all went away from Arsenal in the space of some 2 seasons. But let us take Bergkamp to start. He was just getting too old for playing in the EPL. Yes he still had his moments of brilliance but those days and moments were getting rare. I want to be the last one to give the impression that I talk down Bergkamp as I think he was one of the most important players during his career at Arsenal and maybe a bit underestimated by some people. But it was clear for everyone and certainly for him that he had to stop playing football at that age.

    Henry left us because he wanted to win the Champions League and he thought it would be impossible at Arsenal. Maybe if he had scored our second goal in the final we would have won the Champions League in 2006. But he missed and Arsenal missed out . Since then 3 seasons and only one was a good one. The other 2 seasons have been rather poor for a player of his standard. If we would have won the CL and if he would have stayed and produce the same seasons at Arsenal maybe those same people would have said that Wenger should have sold him as he was no good anymore. I think Wenger let him go because he was having troubles with his health and that he wanted to reward him for his best years at Arsenal.

    Pires also had one good season left at Villareal but the other seasons he was sitting on the bench a lot. He also grew older and it showed in his performances. Did we really had to hang on to him? He got a lot of injuries also in his last few years so did we had to keep him? And when did we had to let him go? It’s easy to say we should have kept them but this was not realistic and certainly with Bergkamp and Pires.

    Vieira is the one player that maybe could have made a difference in my opinion. At first sight he seemed to have won a lot of titles in Italy. But there is one big but. When I look at Italy and the Italian league I don’t know how you win titles. Do you win it on the field? Do you win it with making phone calls? Who knows what else is done over there. One of his titles in Juventus was taken away by the Italian FA as the title was won by doing all kind of things that involved referee match fixing things. And then he went on to Inter who had a run of titles but their name also has been mentioned recently in court because they also seemed to have ordered refs for some games just like Juventus had done. So excuse me but winning the league in Italy is something that doesn’t mean a lot to me. But he has it on his list of honour that is something you cannot take away from him. But if we look at the Vieira from these days it is clear to see that he is at the last stage of his career. The stage where you have to choose between ending your career with grace or keep hanging on and get the most (moneywise) out of it. But I really wonder if Vieira would be better on the field than Song for the moment. I would chose the Song from now always ahead the Vieira from now.

    Some people call Wenger arrogant and accuse him of megalomania. I cannot come up with an answer if Wenger is arrogant. To know this you have to know him in person. But if Wenger is suffering from megalomania this is a thing that we can try to find out. If in my country they call a football manager as someone who is suffering from this they mean people who spent millions without thinking of the future. Like in the French expression: après nous la déluge. Which means something like : cleaning up the mess is for the others. This is working like Redknapp did at Portsmouth. That was megalomania. He bought as if he was Real Madrid. Gave players big contracts and gave them high wages and when he saw that the ship started to sink he went on, leaving the broken pieces for the ones that came behind him.

    I really cannot say that Wenger is doing such a thing. He is doing the opposite. He is making sure that whenever he leaves Arsenal the club will be in fine shape. He guided us to the Emirates, he gave us the best youth academy in the EPL, he was building for the future. And I think he was the biggest victim of all this. He knew it would be difficult to win prices like he was used to. But he always kept the interest of the club on the long run as his priority. He could have left on several occasions and go to Real Madrid where he would have had all the money available for him to win things. He was linked with every top club in Europe in the last years, linked with the French national team but he decided to stay to help Arsenal survive the most difficult period in their existence if we forget the events of 100 years ago when we almost lost the club for ever. And in all those years when we had to be very careful with every pound we had he kept us in the Champions League. He gave the fans a football style that is admired in the whole world. And by the whole world I mean that part of the world outside the UK. The part of the world where people also take a look at the way you play and not only at the prices you have won. The part of the world where people can see beyond just success for the sake of it. And yes sometimes you can lose a game with the way we play. Those things can happen. At Everton we countered them for a few goals and won the game and we got it the other way round against United. That’s football you know.

    Just like the manager who will stick to his players. Have you ever heard a manager openly saying that his player is dross or rubbish? The manager who would do such a thing is a bad manager. Because a manager his job is to build up his players and not to break them down.

    Some people keep talking as if they know Cesc in person and have heard the conversations between Cesc and Wenger. I don’t know these conversations so I cannot comment on that. Maybe it would be a nice thing if the rest of us do the same. Because saying that Cesc wants to leave now because the media tell us this story doesn’t make you look like a clever person. It only gives the impression that you are a parrot.

    Has Arsène lost the plot big time? Then why is his name mentioned every time when a big clubs wants a new manager? Now it could be that some of us are far better in knowing it all than people who work in football night and day. Yes that could be the case. Why would Milan, Real Madrid, and fill in any name that has been linked with Wenger the last years want Wenger as some of us clearly know he has lost it. Maybe those who are saying that he has lost it are in fact just saying that they have lost something. They have lost the knowledge that in all football clubs there are times when you win things and times when you don’t win. Especially when you are building or have build a new stadium you will have a difficult time. Look at where the other teams that have build a new stadium in the last decade, find themselves right now.

    I think we are doing pretty good if you keep that in mind. So it’s not over. It’s just a new start. You just have to open your eyes and want to see it.

  39. @ arron. Agreed. We should not feel down if Fab goes. It will be a new day. He served us well and we’ll thank him for that.

  40. This Xavi geezer is really beginning to get on my t**s. The bloke is a diabolical mug who never keeps his lips closed. Has the man got a case of OCD? Does he have to repeat himself several hundred times a day to get on with his life? Every day I trawl through News Now to see who Arsenal have signed and all I seem to see is this man running off his mouth. It is getting boring. More boring than watching paint dry. In fact, more boring than watching Chelsea play. The man is a fantastic player. I probably enjoy watching him play as much as anyone but as a person he is a plonker. Xavi should show Arsenal a bit more respect because from what I’m seeing he, and Barcelona, have lost a lot of mine and I’m sure many others too.

  41. @shambo, ta for the reply mate. Sorry about delay, wife keeping me away from the computer now that footy season is over.The people in the know in the south east of london where i live say e is a London boy through and through so wont go up to Manchester cause the night life stinks and we also think that Wenger can afford to pay im £100,000 per week cause over 3 years it about 15-16m if my maths is any good. How ever much you think it would cost to purchase a player of his experience and skill(8m) it’s still very cheap. But about the Ram, im not to sure on that one. It all depends weather or not you consider his stint at Chelsea to be luck. I think he has a certain way of getting through to the players. It also depends on how much money there is in the kitty. New signing so far Thomas Hitzlsperger who i believe played for the villa again not sure. Looks like it could be another tight season down at the drop zone. Im really looking forward to the world cup thouth. I put £20 bet on Holland, wat bout u.

  42. @ice,
    Am holdin off on backin the dutch until I see whether Robben is fit. Its not that I think they depend on them but hes a huge part of their attacking threat so am holdin out on that one.
    Sky Sports website is runnin a fantasy world cup comp….ill set up a league if any1 in here fancys it, obviously its free but it would be a bit of craic between us gooners…let me know if any1s up for it

  43. Right lads I’ve set up a fantasy league on Sky Sports site if you wanna join the league the pin is 48924 and the leagues called arsenal bloggers…..costs nothing to play and it will be a bit of craic.
    Ice my teams name is 2 easy joey….dont ask why…..hope you play, aswel as gunnerboss,laninja and nonny.

  44. You might be interested in this new International Football ranking website,, which currently shows England as 5th. It also shows how England ranked prior to the 1986 World Cup, when we were robbed by Maradona, or in any month of any year you might be interested in. Note that it works best on Mozilla Firefox.

  45. @shambo – fanx mate. I’ll check it out. Give a whirl. Where do i go? what do i do? I’ve just been to the Sky Sports site and so much stuff on there I don’t know where to look. Where do you find this league? I’m not all that internet savvy – in case you hadn’t realised…i can’t even drop the smilie’s into my posts lol:

  46. by the way England are shite and are gonna get their asses kicked in this world cup – and I’m english. shouldn’t have a non-english person in charge of the national team anyway. that’s humiliating in my opinion. and how can you take Heskey and leave Walcott? What!!?? ‘s’gotta be Spain to win it hasn’t it? by a country mile. after england’s pathetic, overpaid, rabble are drubbed they’ll hopefully boot out Coppleo – get an english manager in and start getting some of the young english Gunners in in time for the next world cup.

  47. @shambogunner
    I am joining the private league my team name is CheetaCampFC……………it is pending

  48. @algunner,
    nice one mate, shud be a laugh.
    just type in skysports world cup fantasy football on google and youll find it, youll have to put in your e-mail and register some details but its easy. Then you’ll have to find ‘private leagues’ and type in the 5 digit pin which is 48924 and then you can join ‘Arsenal bloggers’ league….in which I am going to kick all your asses!
    As Arsha would say; ‘simples’….p.s everybody else get in on it, it costs nothing and could destract us from going on the transfer rumours sites, for a while at least.

  49. @algunner,
    Decent team dude, am not sure about how big a part Terrys gonna play tho……. Rumour has it that Dawson arrived out to SA without the missus and ol’ JT fancies a bit of that pie!! Hes trying to organise a flight home as we speak……aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  50. Well Philippe Senderos has gone and it looks like William Gallas is on his toes too.

    Its a shame really because I feel that both should have become Arsenal legends.

    The truth is the closest they ever came to becoming icons at the club was wearing the shirt numbers of former idols Tony Adams and Dennis Bergkamp.

    Big things were expected of Senderos and Gallas when both signed for Arsenal but neither really hit the heights expected of them.

    In Philippe’s case he is a confidence player and to be honest that confidence was continually beaten out of him either by being over-looked for first team action when in form or by Didier Drogba.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Senderos has nightmares about Drogba. He had plenty against him on the pitch.

    It’s funny that in this day and age we judge players so early in their careers. Back in the day players like Senderos were given a lot more time and more leeway when making mistakes.

    Look at Tony Adams in his early days. He wasn’t called a donkey for no reason.

    The difference is that Adams had the character and self-belief to overcome the criticism and become one of the biggest figure heads in Arsenal’s history. Senderos hasn’t got that.

    To me, Phillipe Senderos has got great ability and had his mental strength met that natural talent then we could have had a player who became even better than Tony Adams.

    Unfortunately Arsenal Football Club is too big for someone like Phillipe. Fulham will be a better level for him and I expect him to do well there.

    I’d like to add that people often forget that he took Cesc Fabregas under his wing and helped the Spaniard settle into London. I think he deserves a lot of credit for that.

    I wish Senderos well. In his case there will always be that question of ‘what could have been’.

    William Gallas is a different kettle of fish.

    When the Frenchman signed I was ecstatic to be honest and I truthfully believed that we got a better deal than Chelsea did in the Gallas-Cole swap deal. Especially when we received £5m too!

    Looking back at his time with us I’d have to say its been a bit of roller coaster ride for him. Despite this people will know that I love Gallas and rate him very highly. Always have and always will.

    I’ll admit though that I thought the move would have had more success. Especially on the trophy front.

    When he was announced as captain I thought at the time it was a good move. He was a winner and he could only lead Arsenal to silverware.

    It didn’t pan out that way.

    The captaincy was taken from him in controversial style. I don’t actually think he did a lot wrong. When criticising the squad he only said what a lot of us were thinking wasn’t he?

    Would there had been so much uproar had Cesc Fabregas said the same?

    I think regarding William Gallas he wasn’t really given a chance at Arsenal. He was never popular with Gooners but there are times when he didn’t really endear himself to many of us.

    Especially the Birmingham incident…….And surprise. I defended him then too!

    What went wrong with Gallas? He should have become a legend. He is a world-class defender and I’m gutted to see him go.

    The man should look back at his time with Arsenal and as in Senderos’ case think ‘what might have been’.

    Maybe if his attitude had been a little better there would be more Gooners out there, like me, who are disappointed with him leaving the club with no silverware and really as a bit of an outcast.

    It should have been a whole lot better for both.

    Lets hope that the next players who grace the prestigious numbers 6 and 10 fare better than their predecessors.

  51. @shambogunner …..True About JT….But now he is in my team so i will hope he continue to do well in the field rather than off the field….@shambogunner….You have an ultra attacking Team

  52. Now, Cole is confirmed. 2 crazy free sighnings….SIGH

    What a WENGER?

    I just love English language

  53. Hi, I’m Riccardo, I would like to make an exchange of links with my soccer blog…STADIO GOAL. Let me know if you are interested in it…thanks…have a good day with you good work!Keep it up!

  54. That Cole-story, don’t really know if I should believe all that talk! He’s a great player, but where should he fit in our team? We’ll see what happens…

  55. Brazil will win the world cup,especially since the irish miss out because of them cheating french cunts

  56. i am licking my lips with the thought of having joe cole and keeping cesc at arsenal next season.add that rvp,chamakh,arsharvin if he can get his game together then we will have one hell of a chance at the prem lge.wenger seems adament about getting the defence right.we have to be more solid and compact as a team and i feel if we can conceade 10-12 less next season then we can win trophies and may’be just be serious contenders for the champs lge.there is no doubt that schwarzer will be arsenal’s keeper next season,is he better than almunia,yes but i don’t think he’s in the top 4 or 5 keepers in the prem lge although some might say on last season he was.i think wenger will bring in another couple of defenders and i think we should all remain positive for next season.we could have so many attacking options that i can see us topping the ton mark.all we have to do is improve the team and squad and be better defensively-then i think we will be champions.

  57. @ Shambo – thanks I’ll get on that and use my superior intellect to defeat youse all.

    @arron – interesting comments on Gallas. Sounds like it was off another site but what the hell. I too thought we’d got the better deal with the Gallas/Cole swap when it happened but, I also agree, that Gallas’s problems are all mental. maybe he got spoilt at Chelsea, i don’t know, but he’s a great player who never really looked like he wanted to graft for us when the going got tough. If the god-like genius that is Arsene Wenger has a fault (and for me he is THE best) it is that he shows weakness towards his compatriot’s. Indulges them much more than he’s ever shown any of the Brits in his team eg. Bentley, Pennant, Jeffers, Upson etc, and, most famously, Cashly Cole. How many chances has he given Diaby? Why sign Silvestre? Has he ever bollocked Gallas and told him to pull his finger out?
    Ultimately if Gallas and Sillly go 3 or 4 new defenders can only be a good thing. As yet we’ve bought no one. Chamack was a free…

  58. I am just happy with acquisition of Cole and i cant imagine the level of competition it will be in our midfield assuming no one leaves other than Almnia, silvester and gallas. I am howevr running out of patience of hearing a defensive midfielder, keeper,and two center backs.That is all we need and the rest will be history. We didnt need Cole so much though his acquisition is good.

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