Arsenal FC Blog welcomes a new writer to the team

I have some very good news to share with you today: the Arsenal FC Blog has a new writer!

Aidan Bennison, a long-time reader of this blog and head writer of Gunner Central, has agreed to join AFCB as a regular contributor.

Aidan is in his first year of Media studies at university in Australia and is well on his way to becoming a sports journalist. He has previously represented the Australian Paralympic Football team at last year’s International Championships in Holland and has a soft spot for Aaron Ramsey.

The best part of Aidan’s previous blog was his insightful player ratings posts that featured shortly after each Arsenal game. He will be bringing those posts with him to AFCB as well as providing some assistance with match previews.

I hope you can welcome Aidan to the team (two people make a team, right!?) and enjoy his contributions to AFCB, starting tomorrow with his player ratings from the Hull game.


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  1. Welcome Aidan! More articles on one of the blogs I read most often is never a bad thing.

    Looking forward to seeing the ratings.

  2. Arsenal are the best in the world and i can see them winning the barclays premier leauge and the champions leauge go on the arsenal.

    arsenal 3-0 hull

  3. Oh great. A new writer. Andy you were getting a bit drab. Lol. I look forward to it. Player ratings combined with your own analysis will be good. I really like ratings. It to me feels like a way to measure a productive performance as a whole without focusing on minor mistakes, yet not overlooking errors.

  4. Let me pull up some slapstick stuff on arry,simon & gunnerrealist.

    Suppose, its a 3-1 win over Hull.
    This is what will happen after Aidan posts his player analysis.

    arry- Aidan is narrow minded. Did you juse see how much fatigued Campbell was? Campbell deserves to play for Notts County only. Off with campbell’s head. We just don’t have the ability in the final-third of the pitch to kill-off the game. We lack depth in our offense. Did you just see the way Arshavin casually made a shot on goal?? That’s giving away possession cheaply.

    Simon- I think arry has got a point here. Did you notice the way Arsenal couldn’t manage one single touch on the ball for 5mins after the first half. Arsenal OUT of possession! They must have been sleeping. Eboue wasnt doing his defensive duties. I knew Tony Adams’ prophecy would come true. IF Vermaelen was 5inches taller he could have slid in comfortably to block the goal-scoring shot. TONY ADAMS has seen it all. His immense coaching experience and footballing intellect can no longer be under any doubt.

    Gunner-realist- Mates, most of the supporters are narrow-minded here. We might as well move to another blog where people share our concerns. If it was David Villa instead of Bendtner, he would have scored at least half-a-dozen without blinking an eye.

    Random Bloke- Stop cribbing! Go cry to your Momma. We don’t want your cynicism here. If you don’t like the way Arsenal is managed just piss OFF. BURN the witches.

  5. Looking forward to you posts, Aidan.

    I’ll occasionally rip you a new one if I don’t agree with your player ratings – that comes with the territory. It’s nothing personal.

  6. omg what a patience test, that were the false pitbulls, weren’t that? and it was Deni’s shot ❗ 😀
    and no penalty, I had in mind to write: same old story, again the problem with the referees and the penalties…….. no way, not this time guys…………. 😉

  7. @aidan,
    welcome aboard… of luck trying to get me to agree with anything you write……just ask andy.lolllllllllllllllllll
    andy you hav gone way up in my estimation on the bendtner thing,i still hold alot of my opinions regarding his ruthlessness and ability to score 20+ a season but the guy has unwavering confidence and like you said,always put himself in a position to score…hats off to him, and you
    great stuff…..maybe the stuff of champions

  8. considering we were playing a team 2nd from bottom with 10 mens for over 45 mins we made hard work of that, it wasn,t a good performance but having said that the 3pts are most welcome.

  9. Denilson should be shot…twice…through the guts.
    He takes off the entire pace from the game.

  10. I haven’t seen arsenal played like this for a long long time. They played like shit.. especially the 2nd half. against 10 men and they cant break them down. we are really fortunate to get the 3pts.

    As much as I’d like to believe arsene’s vision in the players he have faith in, such as song, diaby, almunia, the only player which I dun agree with him to be talented enough for arsenal is denilson. he left his position a few times, exposing the team to certain goals if we were playing the better teams. Denilson, for all his contribution towards the winning goal, is only a mediocre calibre.

  11. nice one avik, but i think den played very well…even wen diaby and nasri were totally off

  12. Welcome aidan. i love ratins.
    andy bendtner is yet to impress me….but there were some improvement. dats hope

  13. I dont know what to say. This blog is fantastic. Thats not really a really huge statement, but its all I could come up with after reading this. You know so much about this subject. So much so that you made me want to learn more about it.

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