Arsenal FC Blog set for re-launch on August 13

I’m baaaack! And it’s about time, too.

For those who are unaware, I took some time off over the World Cup to begin the very exciting Football Nomad adventure.

It was a brilliant month of traveling and filming around Europe and South Africa and I’m delighted to say that I’m currently as close as I’ve ever been to the Arsenal Football Club, staying with some friends in East London.

The football culture I witnessed all over Europe and South Africa during the World Cup was fanastic and you can view all of the videos over on Football Nomad.

Those who did stay in touch with AFCB during the World Cup will know that Mike Urbanski stepped in to cover all things Arsenal.

While most of the Arsenal boys struggled to make an impact on the tournament – aside from Captain Cesc – the same could not be said of Mike, who did a fantastic job.

I am delighted to say that it will not be the last you will be hearing from Mike, who will join myself and a host of new writers who will regularly contribute during the 2010/11 season.

The focus of the restructure to AFCB will be on improving the quality and diversity of Arsenal coverage and the community on the blog. In short, to make things even better for you, the readers.

Some of the improved ideas we are hoping to bring to AFCB this season are detailed tactical analyses of games, regular transfer speculation updates, a female perspective on all things Arsenal and some satirical writing about the media’s attitude towards the club.

There will be others too – these are just a taste.

Over the next few weeks I will be working with the new AFCB team to get things prepared for the new season – with an official launch set for August 13 complete with season preview and a very special surprise.

Until then there will be no updates on the blog and with a new design on the cards, visually things may get funny from time to time, so I apologise in advance for that.

Anyway, that’s basically it. Hold on tight until the 13th of next month where I hope you will enjoy the re-launch of AFCB.


Have your say on the re-launch of the Arsenal FC Blog by leaving a comment.



  1. I hope Fabianski strip in the the Sturm game is not the goalkeeping strip Arsenal’s #1 will be wearing this season. It’s putrid.

  2. I thought we played well against Sturm Gratz tonight. A good run out for a few of the lads. JET looked good in the 2nd half, he seems to get bigger every time he plays but will it be enough to get him in the squad and on the pitch this season? Not sure about the new away kit, it looked better during the promotional stuff but who cares what the kit looks like if we do well in it. Szezneys pink keepers kit looked a tad dodgy though!

  3. Andy Start with Eduardo leaving .I really felt he is a good striker before his injury and he will find back his form.Wishing him all the best for his future

  4. Welcome back Andy, Football Nomad was a nice piece of adventure, i really enjoyed the captivating videos and the desplay of different cultures along the cities you set your foot on.

    Mike Urbanski, job well done. Cheers!!

    Back to business Andy, are we the Gooners set for the season?

  5. couple of sources (including London Evening Standard) suggesting that wenger feels confident SOL will stay and that might put off the search for another CB!!! that would leave us with 4 CBs: TV,Djourou,Koscielny and Sol.That is a scary thought for a team wanting to win the league.As much as i love TV he is still learning the english game and is not immune to errors in positioning pair him up with Koscielny as the starting 2 isnt right for me but i think thats what is happening.Djourou is very much 50:50 as to whether his knee holds up and whether he even has the quality to make it yet.Sol was immense when he came back but he was a last ditch solution, a cheap option when wenger finally realised he couldnt rely on silvestre or any of the kids.So by show of thumbs up and down, who would be happy with TV,Johan,Laurent and Sol as our 4 CBs?

  6. a personal view:

    It’s makes me both sad and angry that a player of Eddie’s abilty has had his career so adversely affected by a low life thug…a player who having arrived on the heels of TH’s departure had much to prove, who as each game went by began to show his ability, class and his incisiveness in front of goal…one of the quotes that still rings clear after his 2 goals against the bolton thugs on that memorable rain soaked night in the Carling Cup was “He just doesn’t miss does he”, and it was getting to the stage where everyone who watches prem football, was sitting up and taking notice of this small, shy, brilliant striker – as each game went by his confidence and stature were growing, you could see him blossoming in front of the supporters……and he was beginning to form a real strike partnership with Bendtner who also seemed to becoming more of a pivotal player with Eddie in the side….and it looked like Arsenal just might be the surprise of the season…especially having been written off with the departure of the Legend that is Thierry Henry


    Well, yes know what happened next.

    Taylor may not have intended to dislocate and break Eddie’s ankle – But I sincerely believe he did Intend to ‘foul’ him, (and got it horribly wrong) that attitude that quite a number of talentless, thugs who (dis)grace the prem with their ‘ Ave a bit of that johnny foriegner’ demonstarte wekk in week out, an attitude borne by and from their managers – McLiesh being one of those (and let us not forget in the papers the next day McLiesh tried to make out that he and Taylor had tried to visit Eddie in hospital – no such thing took place – both Mcliesh and Taylor Lied)

    And so a player of alarming ability has had his chance to really shine dimmed by a Thug.

    A thug who now plie’s his appalling trade at watford (I think), a thug who said in an interview last year…”Eduardo knows where to find me if he ever want’s to discuss what happened”


  7. I am proposing that Arsenal fans World wide post letters once a week for the next four weeks to UEFA & FIFA complaining about Barcelona FC’s persistent public ‘tapping up’ of Cesc Fabregas.
    Also post a letter just once to Arsenal FC requesting that they formally complain to UEFA & FIFA about Barcelona FC’s rule breaking disrespectful behaviour.
    I have drawn up 3 template letters that I will email to willing participants. All that you will need to do is type in your own Name & Address before printing off & posting.
    A momentum is needed in this regard & can be boosted by you forwarding the email I send you to every single one of your Arsenal FC supporting family & friends and encouraging them to post letters off once every week for four weeks to UEFA & FIFA and just once to Arsenal FC.
    The aim of repetitive letters would be to create an Administrative headache for UEFA & FIFA with hopefully thousands of letters received from all over the world. It would be a great way to display the strength of feeling from Arsenal FC fans.
    The purpose of the single letter to Arsenal FC is again to display the strength of feeling from Arsenal FC fans.
    The Arsenal FC hierarchy seem to exist in an ‘Ivory Tower’ immune or just simply ignorant to the feelings & wishes of their fans.

    My email address for this campaign from where I will email you the letter templates is ……..

    COME ON !! …… Lets DO this & be taking substantive action for a change instead of simply bleating on web blogs which achieves nothing as it goes unnoticed by those who should hear the complaints the most.

    I will post this on the anti Barca facebook group ………….!/group.php?gid=116042895106146

    & also on as many Arsenal blogs as possible via ……………

  8. Just want to wish Eduardo good luck at his new club – you were just beginning to shine and show your potential at our club and it was cut very short. So sorry you never got your confidence back… but then who would after that horrendous tackle…

  9. Good to read you again Mr Weber I have a suggestion, how about a readers’ competition where you send in best arsenal songs videos/momments and maybe win a small token or something in that vein.

    All the Best Andy

  10. Dholu what a poetic massage.may god grant u wisdom to flourish.adios eddie y muchas gracias.

  11. Welcome back Andy, nice to have you, didnt have any confirmation of your trip to RSA?? been waiting!!

  12. you no am shock that no one has made a big issue on Arsenal not signing a goal keeper yet today is 26th am getting worried wenger promised us exoerienced players to date only chamaka (who they got on free) is experienced koschielny is young and inexperienced are we going back with the same goal keepers from last season i had a bet with my buddy last season that wenger will deceive us as he has always done and that there will be no significant changes this season and that so far has held true if gallas had stayed no defender would have been bought am sure now campbell appears to be staying so that it for defenders wenger promised us experience where are they his word is worth p*ss as you all can see the bar is higher in england this year and arsenal remains the same i love this club but sh*t is Sh*t
    i can’t take it any average players broken promises wenger you can’t fool me no way in hell…….

  13. Eduardo is a not bad player but Arsenal is a ball- less footballing club.

    What a shameful club this is.

    How could u guys support such a club? What club is this? French? Dutch? What kind of idiotic coach signs young players from abroad as his hobby?

    Why don’t you have your own youth system?

    Where are your English lads?

    What league does this club belong to?

    World Premier League held in England?

    Fabregas deserves more than this stupidity. He deserves to win something. He deserves to come home.
    This is a circus. Certainly not where he belongs.

    What kind of damn club stops their players from going home?

    You bought him for cheap and now u want to sell him for what? 60mil to his own parents.

    Damn you!!

    This sounds exactly like a Nanny of 5 years trying to steal our boy away….and now you are asking for ransom??

    And you made a Spaniard/product of Barsa’s Cantera be your captain??

    Aren’t u guys ashame of yourselves?

    Same way we could have stopped Yaya move to Man City. Or we could have raised the price tag to 45 mill if we wanted as he is easily amongst the top 3 DM’S in the World. But wth? The boy wants to join his brother. How could we ever stop him from joining his family??
    That’s what u call pride, boys.


  14. @ barsa 4 life,and ppl like chris,why did you give fab to us in the first place? Ya thought he was gonna end up like gabri eh? Now wenger made him somebody ya´ll want him now,the fool is you barsa,why don´t you go and get gabri,is he not one of yours,oh,he don fucked up, thats why you don´t want him,now fab is on the radar,and you can´t live without him,pathetic,thats what you are,even if you get him,what then,you think you gonna win everything ?Get a life,we made fabregas, now you want him,because he begun playing playing football at barca? How many players have you gotten from other teams youth acedemy? If he goes or not, know this,the gunner´s not a 1 man team,get it?

  15. Ignore Barsa fellow gooners, he’s probably a spud in disguise. Cesc has a long term contract therefore its up to Arsenal if we want to negotiate or not simple as that. Even if this Barsa geezer is actually a catalan, he’s prob just supporting Barca because they are the so-called in team in world football.

    To Barsa—>>Jog On Son :p

  16. @Barca – our midfield trio of SONG, FABs and ARSHAVIN is better than any midfield u could ever put out there. Ghana had two brothers playing for two different teams at the world cup….You racists….u let YAYA go cos he’s black. Its the same way u let ETO go and he came back immediately to haunt all of y’all.

  17. @Barca – better still the attacking trio of TORRES, GERARD and COLE is still better than any attacking trio u guys have. Fuck u guys cos u’ve lost the plot. Ur all shaking cos Mourinho is in town. U guys gonna win nothing this season. Fuck u all. Never before seen a team that almost all its devlish players including that new Villa idiot is busy TAPPING up our precious little GEM. Now ur looking at Oezil cos u know u dont have enough money like MAGREED does to get FABs. Or do u guys really want him so u could just keep him on the bench?
    Bet u if FABs leaves, it will be the end of his career. So, dont kill this guy okay. Leave him where he is cherished for now…..Thanks and go suck ur fucking BALLS of fuck urself in the ASS if u have nothing doing.

  18. Whats happenin fellow gooners????
    Good to see a few famliar names around again.
    Anyway just popped in to remind everyone that we havnt threatened to win a trophy in 5+ years and also remind you that Wenger promised changes at the height of our underachieving and again after our poor finish to the season only 3 mths ago…..he has once again managed to spoof us. Chamakh and Koscielny are NOT the answer, they may go on to be excellent players but they are not what he promised and are new to the league and inexperienced.
    I know theres still alot of transfer activity ahead but when Wenger does actually spend he does it early, the emirates cup is next week and youd imagine hed want any new arrival to be bedded in by then so my advice to all fellow fans is not to expect too much this coming season….nothing has changed except maybe we are WEAKER after losing 3 defenders and Eduardo.
    I expect major panic spending in January 2011 and pray we manage 4th with citys squad looking so strong.
    Nasri, Diaby, Denilson and co arent up for the fight…kills me to say it but we are in for a shock next season……with or without cesc.
    Il put it to you like this for those who think im full of shit; if we have Verm, Cesc and RvP all injured at the same time, which we all know is a realistic possibility after previous seasons, our team will be
    Aluminum/ Flappy-hands-ki
    Sagna, Koscielny, Djourou, Clichy
    Theo, Nasri, Diaby,
    Arsha, Chamakh/ Nic B.
    …………………………….wouldnt beat blackburn……..and actually 8 of them were part of the team that couldnt see out a 2-0 lead against them only 2 and a half months ago.
    Iv got your back brother.

  19. @SHAMBO – Good to see ya striking again……Yeah, we definitely need a goalie(Nigerian goalie, Dutch goalie, Hart, whoever is good) another defender (heard Wenger is looking for Mertersacker), another midfielder (he lost Cole to pool, but could still get Oezil) and why doesn’t he like playing VELA? That boy is good enough

  20. Its nice to see some people have open there eyes but all is true lets ask our selves have this team change from last season where are the experienced players that wenger talked about he selling us bull and every season he gets away with it the fans deserve better am from the caribbean so chance r i might never get to see arsenal live at the emirates because its too expensive at least the club should be winning things i know its important to balance the books you must BUT football is about trophies as well and thats were the balance lies how the hell can we go Six(6) seasons yes 6 without a trophy not even a FA cup or carling cup and no one says a word about the manager that is rubbish Arsenal live in the past too much the time is now this season for me is the absolute last for wenger to win something i dont care how much money he has made the club and Wenger if you cant bring that then go work for an oil company and make them money and leave arsenal to a manager who is willing to win something not only buy players for 10 million who take 10 years to develop am frustrated with this man.

  21. Bentner and VELA & WALCOTT are more experienced now, good cover for RVP, CHAMAKH and SHAVA…..but not good enough if two are out at a time.

    DENILSON, DIABY & ROSICKY will cover for SONG, FABs and Nasri……..but not good enough cover if two are out at a time yet again.

    Central defense is worse with SOL and DJOUROU covering for u know who. What if those two are out for like 3 weeks, it wouldn’t be very bad playing SOL & DJOUROU against the like of Liverpool, the Mancs etc with their new look attacks. Yet, could they do this week in week out….i very much doubt it.

    Resting players and rotating the squad when necessary is key to avoid most of these unnecessary injuries. I believe a more conservative approach is necessary this season especially after leading with 2,3 goals etc instead of wearing out our players with really nothing more at stake. I guess this is the reason we need to utilize the bench more at ARSENAL FC. If not, don’t put the players on it just for the fun of warming it.

    Damage done in first half, bring in 2 new players within 10 mins of 2nd half. Team remains fresh.

  22. @gunnerboss,
    hows things mate?
    I agree alot with you but iv been reading some of your comments and I drop short of all out attack on Wenger and the board, its better to use examples of his errors rather than ripping him out of it and calling him every name under the sun.
    He has some massive flaws, like the way he undersells our players to teams who could have paid more- Barce would have paid way more for Henry, he sold Gilberto for 1M, who proved at the world cup that he is still a very capable player, he signed players like Cygan, Stepanovs, Jeffers, Almunia. He tolerated players like Gallas who brought team morale down and sold Senderos who I never rated but who was loyal, probably as Gallas is french as he also leaves Diaby on the field far too long even on the rare occasions when hes actually in control of the ball, Nasri another one whos overated and couldnt even make the poorest French team in decades. He has no idea about tactical substitutions or making moves at the right time to run down the clock or break up play. He never comes out and says it as it is if weve flopped, he will instead blame a ref, linesman, other team or manager, which brings the integrity of our club into question and our fans eat it all up, also looking for reasons as to why we lost, never scrutinising the players or manager….its called DEFLECTION. He ll tell us that he recognises were are not good in an area and say this will be rectified and then never follows through, gambling with french unknowns that appease the majority of our fans because MIRACULOUSLY we made a signing and they are hailed as quality before they have even established themselves because ‘they must be good if Arsene signed them!’. He has missed out on as many good players as he has signed Given for one who wanted to join us, he overlooked YaYa Toure years ago who had trials with us, as did Ibraand Palacious and he could have signed Ronaldo he admitted himself, now they’re not all my cup of tea but they are great players. He has on many occasion failed to shake the hand of his opposite number and thats ok aswel with alot of fans, well not me im afraid, its easy to turn and run down a tunnel rather than stand toe to toe with someone and be the bigger man and it doesnt warrant defending on any level. He overpays ‘developing talent’ like diaby, walcott, nasri and denilson whilst stands tough on rewarding the flaminis who leave for free. These players have acheived nothing while at the club yet no one holds them accountable, like we settled for players who show no guts or pride in our club crest and colours, spurs away last season was a fucking disgrace, at least lift one of the pricks with a tackle but not 1 tackle was made in 90 mins and in the end we gave them the momentum and points to snatch a Champs league spot….fucking spurs in the champs league!!
    Great manager he is no doubt, but hes too rigid and arrogant at times and if he thinks hes making the necessary changes to put us in contention for honours then its gonna be 7 years that he couldnt get it right.

  23. wenger,s legacy has long been tainted and i for one had enough of the clown a long time ago,talking bollocks year after year whilst weakening our once great team,rewarding mediocrity and the biggest crime of all ignoring US the fans by not addressing the GOALKEEPER situation,how arrogant can the man be to think flapianski can start the season as NO 1. for the first time in 30 years i have to say i,m not looking forward to the start of the season, WE ARE A JOKE, but i,m not laughing! despite the vast sums of money filling the coffers season after season wenger,s always trying to do things on the cheap. 10 mil can get you a good keeper for 6/7 seasons,how many points is a decent keeper worth a season? that russian dude akinfeev would do for starters.

  24. hahahahaahaha u suckers are so Gad damn pathetic. 1 hell of a stupid lot.

    i’ll put the word on it all you fools.

    1- This season Barsa will retain the Spanish league and will beat your asses up if we ever happen to meet in the Champions League. And it will be Mourinho’s first and last season in Spain.

    2- Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal, will end up with zero again just like the content in all of their pathetic fan’s head.

    The fact remains that the team you support is stupid / absolutely harmful and one of the foremost main core reason of the failure of the poor English national team in whatever tournament they take part in.

    Fabregas deserves better. To compare Gabri with him is absolutely foolish. However regards, truth being said, we produce the best players from our youth system. How bout you? Can u say that about yourselves?

    You buy 18 year olds dude. That’s pathetic. Absolutely pathetic!!!

  25. Gunnerboss is so fuckin dumb….ahahahahhaha Torres Gerrard and Cole vs Messi, Pedro and Villa / Ibra.

    Is that even a comparison? hahahahahhahahahahhaha wait and see boys.

    WE COMIN FOR YOU (whispers)

    hahahhahahahha don’t be running scared. Shoot yourselves with your own GUN, GONERS!!!

  26. Fabregas is your precious little Gem??? hahahahahhaahhahahahahaahahha

    look at how you sound, dude. hahahahhahahahha
    listen to yourselves.

    Your gem?? hahahahahahahaahaha

    You further developed him by giving him match experiences in your team. I thank you for that.

    Gunnerboss, you are twice as pathetic as the real Gunner Boss!!!!

    But isn’t that what the Nanny supposed to do?
    The nanny feeds the kids while the Parents are out to work. Now, the parents want the kid back. And the kid clearly wants to win titles, and get back to his parents.

    How can you stop a player who wants to leave????

  27. @ barca,you are more stupid than i thought,just a few years back you were chasing T:H 14,with the same stupid antics you are using now on fab,you think you can beat the gunners in the champions league? A fully fit arsenal? the team you beat last season had been decimated by injuries, what i would like is to see you play half the season without your messi,and see if you can be in the top 3 in your league,like we did without RVP ,and men,take this to the bank,you not winning shit this year,every defender has taken a page out of walter samuel´s book, and know how to mark messi,interesting,your so called talisman couldn´t get a single goal or assist in the world cup,you can win all you want,but you will never,repeat never,finish a season without a loss,so son, go choke on that.

  28. @barsa for life,
    You my friend are a special type of idiot.
    You ask what type of club would by from abroad and ask whether we are dutch or french when your team was flooded with dutch since the mid 90s….cocu,davids,koeman,overmars,van bronchorst,reizeger,frank de boer,patrick kluivert and most recently van bommel, youve also had koeman and riikjaard as managers you absolute knob.
    You asked where out youth system is, well where was yours when Fabregas was on your books??? Now weve turned him into the player he is today you want him back and think you have some claim over him because your greedy bastards and think you have the right to do as you please because the spanish banks and governments will bail you out…ha ha ha you plank, im sure you would point to messi as a product of your GREAT youth academy yet if we were to point to Fabregas, Song, Van Persie, Clichy, Ashley cole and Wilshere you would no doubt claim he is spanish… victor valdes, eh?
    You also asked what type of club stops its players or that pique was schooled entirely at barce and was never at utd?
    its when you asked what type of a football club stops its playersfrom going home, thats when I knew for sure you were talkin out your rectum, fabregas IS home, hes stated that on many occasions and we dont keep players who are homesick just because they are talented, remember Jose Reyes???homesick and sent home.
    Our little club cant be doing that badly when youve been coming to us for years paying over the odds for our players…..petit and overmars for £32m, hmmmm yes please…van bronckhorst, hleb, henry and sylvinho are others who thought the grass was greener yet have all publicly said they regretted leaving us.
    What type of a club turn their sprinklers on to drench thier victorious opponents in a Champions League semi final with the world watching?????
    Youve paid a fortune PLUS sammy etoo for Ibra and hes a dud and youve got one of the slimiest, cheating bastards football will ever see in Busquets, see game vs inter where he got motta sent off and could clearly be seen peering out through his fingers as he rolled around in ‘agony’, and actually any game he plays cos hes a slimy cheatin prick.
    Jog on son

  29. Guys why are we comparing arsenal to barca i love arsenal it my club but i must be realistic barca is lite years infront of us look at the champions league last year no match they have won the champions league twice in the last five years and the last one with kids just like arsenal so its not about how young players are because if your good enough your old enough and am afraid the arsenal youngsters walcott, deneilson, nasri, diaby, bendtner, even the great vanpercy who all arsenal fans rate who as i mentioned before (Has not scored a free kick in god knows how long) world class right these players so far have not been good enoughso dont blame injuries too much dont blame refs look at the way arsenal do things something is wrong here is a prime example eboue joined arsenal in the 2004/2005 season to date now tell me that a long time right would you say he is a much better player than when he arrived i think no he has improved but only very little and thats the point football is a short business at a big club you spend three seasons for the most and then you must perform. Most Arsenal Fan are accepting Average from the club because you accept it every season i was taught to always reach for the stars…………

  30. @Barca – Which one did you do? Are u done fucking ur ass or licking ur balls?

    I still remember a team with Messi et al beaten very comprehensively at Inter some months ago. Are u afraid MAGREED is now gonna do same to you? If only u had ETO.
    Meanwhile who’s PEDRO? How do you compare the rat with TORRES or GERRARD or COLE. Thats why I made the comparison in the first place.
    Why didn’t u argue about my midfield comparison, bitch!!

    Are u really a nanny? I dont think FABs needs any sort of nanny right now.
    Finally, I’m GunnerBoss, not Gunnerboss…

    @AFC blog – guys we just lost SOL to Newcastle, I definitely think ARSENE’s gonna buy now. But, now we need two more.

  31. @KEL – they are light years in tapping up…yeah right.

    Secondly, they’ve been lucky with some exceptional players like Ronaldinho, Eto, Puyol etc. Not too long ago I used to use them as the yardstick for our team in terms of balance and strength in depth. But, their whole squad is now littered with sick people who don’t waste any time in talking rubbish about a player who’s not even close to being theirs. Even that new sick VILLA idiot is running his mouth. Is this the professionalism that u talk about? Is this the best they can do?


  32. hahahahahahahhaha GunnerBoss.hahahahhahahhahaha

    ok son, since its getting hard for u to accept some facts.

    Here’s the stats. We have won the Champions League 2wice in 4 seasons….and have never failed to reach the semi’s in the past 3 ChampionsLeague.

    What have your darling Arsenal have in comparison?

    U compare a useless Torres to David Villa? David Villa gets the goals for club and country. Can Torres say the same? Joe Cole? Pedro my dear friend, is twice the player Joe Cole could ever be. And he proved himself at Barsa and the World Cup. What did Joe contribute significantly for club and country so far? Now let’s go to Gerrard who is a midfielder (AM) therefore let me compare him with Xavi…hahahahhahahhahahahahhahahhahahhaha even uttering the phrase ‘comparing Gerrard with Xavi makes me laugh out loud !!!!hahahahahahhaahahahhaha what a joke!!! Dude, open your eyes watch more football. Look at the facts.

    Messi???? mark him??? u mean park the bus right?? hahahahahhaah parking the bus is the only way to stop Messi and Barsa. Even a child knows this!!

    And who was it that demolished Arsenal last Champions League again?? What was that players name??? Oh My God. Short Term Memory Loss. hahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahha.

    Stop blaming it on the players, injuries blablablabla….point your fingers straight at your coach and his management abilities, children.

    You were demolished almost single handedly by Messi. And u wanna compare him To Van Persie.

    Van Persie is a good player, but he is not World Class. They say Rooney is World Class, i clearly saw that in the World Cup, surely.

    Messi did not score in the World Cup but he sure did expose his skills time and time again and enlighten many a viewer. What did Van Persie do besides that pathetic goal?? What are the memories Football will leave for the majority future to see. Van Persie or Messi? Football remembers winners. We have contributed hugely in the World Cup for Spain and Barsa. What have your lads got in comparison??

    Moving on, u did mention of the Dutch influence in Barsa that i shall never deny, however even from back in the day we had loads of Spanish talents including Pep himself in the starting lineup for Barsa.

    In comparison to Arsenal???? hahahahahahahha your biggest star is Thierry Henry. Where did he win all his silverware??? Where was that again???

    Guys, i have no ill feelings towards Arsenal to be honest. Its just my point of view that the management of ARSENE WENGER is extremely bad for English football and football as a whole.

    We have always had a great relationship with Arsenal, but trying to sell Fabregas for 50 over million?? Come on..that’s way to high especially considering u initially bought him over from us.

    I rate Fabregas as nothing more than 35 -40 mill max.
    Money alone won’t win u anything. its brains, players and a proper youth system that will contribute towards ongoing success.

  33. @kel,
    Good observation on eboue, i like him alot but I have to agree with you….walcotts the same, he just hasnt moved forward, and your point about accepting mediocrity is spot on aswel…..I come on here all the time and after games Diaby could have fallen over himself 20 times and lost possession but if he skins one lad in the middle of the park theres lads froathing at the mouth over him and defending his many, many shortcomings.
    Il put it like this, utd have a squad of OAPs and they saw out the league better than us last season, van der sar, giggs, scholes, neville, ferdinand and co, they are winners, nasri, diaby, denilson, walcott dont have the stomach for a fight

  34. @barcaforlife,
    ok so your showing signs of not being as big a sac as you first came across but the simple fact remains that it doesnt matter whether your club rates him at 40m and that he was a youth at your club…if we dont wanna sell you dont get to give your valuation and your big mouthed players dont get to give theirs or shove a barce jersey on him when he has his back turned……its like jack nicholson said in the departed ‘no tickey, no laundry’ my friend.
    Your team play great football.
    Your manager is excelent and humble.
    But your players and board have zero integrity, I dont care how much you win or how much money you have you have to act in the spirit of the game…… never responded to my comment about putting the sprinklers on when mourinho and co ware celebrating….that was the sore losing at its best and your club are a disgrace for that alone, never mind the tapping up and slimy mafioso traits of your president elect

  35. barca for life more like asshole for life,if your team are so great what the fuck you doing talking shite on our blog all the time? fuck off dickhead its easy to hide behind a computer screen.

  36. @kel – I don’t believe for one second you’re an Arsenal supporter. In the short time you’ve been on here all you’ve done is bitch and moan about how crap Arsenal is or how crap Arsene Wenger is, the most successful manager in Arsenal’s long and illustrious history.
    ‘Barca are light years ahead of us’ – what utter crap. ‘I was always taught to reach for the stars’ – for fuck’s sake, man, grow up. If you’re a real Gooner let’s have some positives off you then – otherwise go away and support the rent-boys. You won’t be celebrating when the Arsenal lift a trophy this season – you’ll be gutted. Gutted.

  37. @Barca – WHICH ONE HAVE U DONE YET? Are u done with licking ur balls, what about fucking ur ass?

    Did Rubin Kazan not beat you guys at NOU CAMP? Fuck you preaching shit about ur sick players. Sprinkling Inter, ur whole squad tapping up FABs…..

    Believe me the end is near 4 u guys. Messi was messed up in the world cup(cant even score a simple world cup goal)….MARADONA took his simple Napoli team to win titles single handedly (This is the main reason he is still the best)…forget about the 86 World cup win.

    You guys run all over signing bitches like VILLA who’s 1st priority is to “make sure I do all within my powers(Bitch talk) to bring Fabregas to the NOU”. Why not let Messi win things 4 u? He already proved he’s not man enough just months ago when an old SAMUEL stopped him.

    Only a sick bastard like u ever compares a fit TORRES. We all know he is not fit right now. Its like u dont even know him. No striker is in this guys league right now(maybe DROGBA cos of the assists). Go and check the goals per game ratio……Sick bitch……..WHAT ABOUT MY MIDFIELD COMPARISON?

    Ur coach can never dream of taking the team we had last season to 3rd position okay. I doubt it if any coach can….U insult our coach? Ur a sick bastard.

    Did u see the team we paraded against u guys? You SHOUT 4 joy that u BEAT us? Are u sick? Messi against SILVESTRE(1 assist against) & ALMUNIUM? The stupid boy should’ve scored 10 goals that day…U SCREAM 4 JOY about this? Ur such an IDIOT. We needed 10 more mins in that 1st leg and we might be saying something else now. We exhausted our subs and the Capt was limping all the way till the end. Fuck you and this was not even our best team. FUCK U Barsa 4 Life

    Are u a NANNY? ANSWER ME?

  38. I’m happy that AW is starting for spend for more players. Maroune Chamakh for free, Konscienly for 10mil and now our target is Italy’s goalkeeper Federico Marchetti and a maybe transfer target Stuttgart defender Serdar Tasci. Oh and how smart can Arsene Wenger be as 2 fantastic players can be a total cost of 10mil only!(Maroune n Konscienly)

  39. @Barsa – U IDIOT! u talk of parking the bus to stop MESY….so u acknowledge he can be made useless on the field. Germany 4 – Messi 0…God help us. Cant even raise his game to score 1 goal. But he could score against Silvestre…Fuck u bitch and get ur mind right.

    GERARD is not in a “BIG” team right now, but what if he were? Why is MAGREED trying to get him for 50mil?……You can never tell me Xavi is better than Gerard…NEVER. Are u MAD? Its like saying Sneijder is better than Gerard cos he won a champions league and appeared in the WC Final.

    If Messi can be better than Gerard on the right, Torres is far better than Villa in the centre and u cannot say Pedro is better than Cole on the left. Bitch, this is only Liverpool. Fuck u racists…if only u had Eto.
    You fool! Pedro is not even better than B52. you compare him to Cole – Do u know Cole at all? Idiot. Then why do u guys need FABs when u have ur so called super-idiots already.

    ARE U A NANNY? Answer me

  40. Okay Gunner Boss, here’s some little treats for a crying little kiddo.

    Let me make it short and simple. Let’s focus on the results.
    Lets put this past 5 years into the fold. And i already know that u know who rules and who has played ATTACKING and WINNING football. You are just denying it, with your subconsciousness.

    The only way to beat Barsa is by parking the bus and depending on the swift counter (a.k.a luck) Even Malaysia scored against Man United in a friendly, mid last year 2wice by playing this way. Man United went on to win 3-2 in that game. The US, and Switzerland are fast to follow in this style of play (the Mourinho way of things)

    Oh boy, u are a real kid. A kid who only watches the EPL. Kiddo, grow up, watch more and don’t be mad at me when Arsenal don’t win shit this season. Because i ain’t Arsene Wenger. All u EPL ‘big boys’ are no different then MADRID. All u know is IMPORT !!

    U don’t know the real qualities of football. To me the real champion in THE ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE is Spurs. The rest, (MAN UNITED, MAN CITY, ARSENAL, AND CHELSEA) deserve to form a new league. U can name the league………………
    THE WORLD PREMIER LEAGUE IN ENGLAND, and please invite Madrid to join in as well =D

  41. I’m a football fan. To be honest i’m not a Spaniard neither am i an English.

    Many of u here are over devoted to your Arsenal. Your devotion has blinded you. You are no longer able to openly watch and enjoy the beautiful game. All u guys care is winning, Beating Manchester United, and winning the league. U are not able to look deeper into the beauty of Football.

    Drama in the game happens every now and then as pertaining the sprinklers during THE BARSA VS INTER showdown, that was one hell of a drama. It was ugly i’d admit it. However, none of u mentioned how ugly Mourinho reacted after winning. Ofcourse, u guys are HARDCORE ARSENAL AND EPL FANS. Who cares about details when it don’t pertain your league uh? All u know is Barsa lost and that made your day so much greater then usual. Inter played a typical Mourinho Game and got lucky. As that was the only way to beat Barsa they took that measure, played 11 man behind the ball and won the game.

    Samuel didn’t stop Messi. The whole team did. They had 11 man behind the ball for most of it and played an occasional counter AND GOT A LUCKY BREAK….AN ABSOLUTELY LUCKY BREAK, A BREAK THAT HOLLAND DIDN’T GET VS SPAIN in the World Cup Final.

    I will always loose out in a cofee table with friends when it concerns football. In my country, 90 percent of football fans support either one of the Big 4 of the Premier League, Now they have an extra 1more team (MAN CITY) and every soul speaks about either one of these 5 BIG BOYS. Most didn’t even bother watching the Champions League Final last season, just because it didn’t concern The EPL contenders.

    The EPL has been over popularized by advertisements, and various marketing strategies World Wide hence blinding the young viewers into believing that the best Football come from the ENGLISH and The ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE.

    I have no beef with EPL being popular compared to the German, Italian, and Spanish league.
    However, i certainly feel that your dearest league’s top 4 clubs are loosing their identity. As days past, more and more imports travel in and out of the team…(i have no beef against BLACKS, FRENCH, DUTCH OR WHATEVER RACE OR COLOUR IT IS EITHER)…..but aren’t u guys part of the ‘ENGLISH’ Premier League? Aren’t u guys suppose to atleast have 4 English players in the starting lineup? As part of the league’s top 4, aren’t u supposed to atleast give a few more chances for The English Boys to play in your team? U may overlook this due to your hardcore mentality.

    But as a football fan, this is exactly why i chose Barsa. I chose to support them not just because of attacking football, but way deeper. Right from the Rivaldo Days, when Puyol was playing more as a right wing back. We had quite a sum of imports too, season in, season out but, bare in mind, we had always been having a minimum of 4-5 Spanish players in the starting line up.
    the club has always improvised, but we never lost our identity, not just in our attacking style but also as being part of the Spanish League.

    I hated the club when they sold my favourite Ronaldinho, i didn’t understand alot of things at that time, just like u guys i have became a Hard Core Barsa fan at that stage, and a heavy RONALDINHO one too without realizing it myself.

    But after sometime i finally got to experience the bigger picture and the Barcelona project and goal of enhancing Spanish talents came so clear to me.

    It was a masterclass job done by Pep Guardiola, the one coach in the World who actually thinks deeper then just winning the league and the treble. He thinks deeper…way deeper then any of you HARD CORE ARSENAL /EPL fans can even think of. As result, Spain has enjoyed great success in the World Cup.

    I am not trying to prove a point here but truth being said, the EPL BIG 4 annoy me !!! Through out the years nobody can deny that the French is gaining alot more from from the job done by Arsene Wenger in Arsenal compared to The English. The English FA should ban ARSENAL from competing in their nation’s league.

    Football is more then just winning, when u have 95 percent imports, u won’t understand a word i’m saying!!


    Gunnerboss, u are the best when it comes to watching football…… The best comedian!!! hahahahahahaha

    I’m kindda touched by how u chose to put Liverpool ahead of Arsenal in this chapter GUNNERBOSS…

    On a lower note, your name sounds like an Indian from India brada….and i t makes me wanna hahahahhahahahhahahhahhaaha on your face, (“GUNNNNNERRRABOSS” i shout while pulling an indian accent !!! ) hahahahahahhahahhahahahahhaahhahahahahaha

    I’ll laugh now, and will still be laughing at the end, because i know u guys are not gonna go anywhere upcoming season, same ARSE story all over.

    Adios Amigos =D

  43. @barcaforlife,
    Your an absolute twat, you talk about so many people following the ‘so called big 4 or 5’ and think thatyur better than them because you folow a foreign team….well lucky for you they just so happen to be one of the ‘big 2’ in spain, a league where 18 of the 20 teams are making up numbers, and as it goes every decade in spain, your team are in the ascendency at the moment….but not for long cos madrid are about to overtake you….you overspend and pillage teams for their players and then cast them away as quick for the next flavour of the month on the money you generate from a league with two teams…..ha ha ha you dont deserve to talk about football and no-one in here gives a toss what you have to say cos you havent a clue….if you were an athletico or seville fan your argument mite get some respect but seein as you started supporting barce 3 years ago your just exposing yourself as a clown…….see you in 2 years when no doubt youll be a city fan.
    like i said earlier,
    jog on son

  44. Shambo…….u are an absolute ignorant idiot. hahahahahhahahhahahahha big 2 eh????

    hahahahhahha ‘foreign league’…………hahahahahhahaha u tought i live in your England? hahahhahahahhaahahahhah or do u regard other leagues as ‘foreign’ ????

    And no son, Rivaldo did not play for Barsa 3 years ago.

    Hahahahahaahaha City Fan will probably what u and GUNNNERRABOSS turn out to support after Arsenal’s failure this coming season.

    Barcelona in the semi’s of the Champion’s League last season A.Madrid winners of the Uefa Cup. Not bad for a “BIG 2” league. hahahhahhahhahhahahahhah

    U and i know that Either Chelsea, Man United or City are gonna win your league while 4th place and below are up for grabs. hahahahhahahahahhahahhha

    Shambo u sound more like a Blond Bimbo to me =D

  45. In an interview with Spanish lifestyle magazine DIR Emotions, Fabregas said: “I am from Barcelona. I am a club member, along with my grandfather, my uncle and my cousin. I feel those colours and have since I was young. I am Catalan, I am from Arenys, I have come through the Barca youth system.

    “Those players are my friends and have been for many years. They play stellar football and everything they have won they deserve 100%. [Carles] Puyol gives me confidence and has taken care of me like an older brother. Bojan inspires calm. [Sergio] Busquets is simple and authentic. Xavi is a maestro. [Andres] Iniesta has so much patience, especially given what has happened to him in terms of injuries. [Lionel] Messi is calm, shy, and very kind. [Victor] Valdes has a lot of personality.

    “However, I am Arsenal’s captain. I am a Gunner and that is where I have made myself as a player and matured as a person. He [Arsene Wenger] is a second father to me, the most important person in my life after my father. He has been very supportive of me and has treated my like a son. I am part of his family.

    “He does not want me to leave. My last conversation with him in London was one of the most difficult moments I have had to live. I am left very touched.

    hahahahahahaahha what does this Article tell u folks???
    Arsene Wenger has probably pulled a sentimental drama while speaking to Fabregas, …..continued his anual empty promises of winning titles, and convince poor Fabregas to stay.

    It is clear that the boy wants to leave.

    Fabregas is a winner!! He deserves to win something.

  46. hahhahahahahahaha on another page, since Fabregas is your captain, BIMBOGUNNER and GUNNERRABOSS take some notes please.

    especially take the part where your Captain says…

    I have come through the Barca youth system.
    “Those players are my friends and have been for many years. They play STELLER football and everything they have WON they DESERVE 100% [Carles] Puyol gives me confidence and has taken care of me like an older brother. Bojan inspires calm. [Sergio] Busquets is simple and authentic. Xavi is a maestro. [Andres] Iniesta has so much patience, especially given what has happened to him in terms of injuries. [Lionel] Messi is calm, shy, and very kind. [Victor] Valdes has a lot of personality.

    hahahhahaahahahahaahahahahahahhahahhahhahhahahhahahhahhaa u know the truth now……the boy wants to leave…..but Arse Wenger stopped him with some sad touching stories and empty promises for yet another time around !!

  47. @Barsa – “we had always been having a minimum of 4-5 Spanish players in the starting line up”…Where were u when Barcelona FC was the Dutch national team? It seems u know nothing about football….

    Rather than tackle my objections constructively, u just jump about the bush and make wild generalizations. Why have u not still tackled my MIDFIELD comparison if u dont like my ATTACK comparison?

    I’m rather in a good mood right now and will let u wallow in ur pain. I already gave u enough vitamins to ponder with. Learn to answer questions objectively and constructively so it may seem as if ur educating whoever is reading. The arguments u give are not enlightening. Right now, its like i’m enjoying the company of a mad person.

    U r really messed up in the head. ARE U A NANNY? Answer the fucking question!!!

  48. listen why not u go to a barca blog and tell ur shit stories just leave arsenal fans alone plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  49. When was Barcelona FC the Dutch National team again?

    hahahhahha son u are talking to a football walking dictionary son.

    1998- 2002 ?

    Pep Guardiola (ESP)
    Luis Enrique (ESP)
    Miguel Nadal (ESP)
    Sergi Barjuan (ESP)
    Albert Calades (ESP)
    young Xavi Hernandez (ESP)
    young Carles Puyol (ESP)
    Ivan De La Pena (ESP)

    In that same years we also had…

    Phillip Cocu (NED)
    Frank De Boer (NED)
    Ronald De Boer (NED)
    Patrick Kluivert (NED)
    Michael Reiziger (NED)
    Mark Overmars (NED)

    whichever way u look at it, we had loads of dutch talents. True .

    Dutch maestro, Johan Cruyff is one of the main men behind the invention of our style of play. True

    But never did we loose our identity. Never did we forget that we are a Spanish Club and must help our fellow Catalan talents. NEVER

    Moving towards your midfield comparison.

    Young one, the Barsa midfield is absolutely UNSTOPABLE. Even the word UNSTOPABLE is not strong enough to describe Xavi and Iniesta.

    Ask Mourinho, ask Wenger himself, they’ll tell u more in detail!! Our current midfield has no match. Its basic football knowledge that u don’t have. Learn something son, LEARN !!

    Don’t embbbbbbbarrrrreesss yourself please!!




  50. @barsa 4 life, shambo already exposed you as a novice,whatever you say here carries no weight,if you can´t really remember when barca was the dutch national team,then why are we even talkin to you? A least in england there´s a big four,now a big five,but spain just had 2 big clubs,for as long as anyone can remember,no other team has broken into their precious top two,so you got nothing to brag about,spanish league sucks,wankers and divers,even your busquet is a fucking diver,is that what you admire? Talk about packing the bus,your team is just getting to know that,but arsenal has been going through that for years barracks for life,why don´t you take your shit to your own blog and brag about it there,am sure there´s tons of people who would be happy to hear your foolishness. We the gooners, we don´t back down for idiots like you,even when you winning we still gonna keep coming,talk about the barca identity given to you by a dutchman,LOL,you are more pathetic with each piece you write,shows how naive you really are,and really you sound like a racist pig. So get off our blog and don´t come back.stupid.

  51. @Barca – WHICH ONE HAVE U DONE YET? Are u done with licking ur balls? What about fucking ur ass?

    Ur a sick idiot. U just confirmed that Barca was indeed the Dutch National team with 7 regulars according to u. If i remember correctly, it was 8 at a time. Van Gaal was coach. Walking dictionary my foot.

    Maybe FABs is not playing for Spain right now, but its only cos of Xavi(central midfield) and not Iniesta(attacking midfield). Iniesta is just a bigger name right now,….but we here at Arsenal know what our Capt. can do. He is fantastic, marvelous, amazing….isn’t this why u want him…so that Xavi can bench him?

    Who do u want to compare Arshavin to? Huh? Iniesta? Laughable.
    If Xavi is better than Fabs at tapping people up, then Shava is definitely better than Iniesta and Song is far better than that Sergio Busq.

    2-1…we win the midfield comparison fool. Admit it. Case closed.

    I’ll only speak again when u reply the midfield comparison constructively and objectively. I would love to learn something, so stop generalizing. For now..go fuckh ur ass or lick ur balls like the mad raving(hahahahhahahahha) dog u are. I don’t even understand how i have time for this. Its like u’ve taken my silent vex at our not signing players on urself.

    ARE U A NANNY? Answer the damn question!!!! Have ur younger ones not taught u how to answer questions from elders? Answer me bitch, ANSWER ME! NANNY!

  52. 98-99(15 spanish, 8 dutch nationals) and
    99-2000(11 spanish, 8 dutch nationals)
    is this not the dutch national team?
    Ruud Hesp
    Winston Bogarde
    Frank de Boer
    Ronald de Boer
    Manager: Van Gaal

    Bitch get ur mind right…..i had to go dig the archives for you, I may not be exactly a football walking dictionary, but, I remember those things and even when i do not have the raw data at hand, I can dish out those facts from memory. Got that? Bitch!

    Add Bergkamp, Overmars(Arsenal) and Davids(Juventus) and u have a starting line up. Now, go ahead.. bow down and wag ur tail for the Boss, the GunnerBoss. Stop snitching and stop lying…look for somewhere and clean ur ass up…stop being some bitch…..u come over here trying to act right without any form of constructive stuff at all….just criticizing and criticizing. All what i’ve learn’t from u is that its very very bad to be a fughkin bitch(nothing constructive to say) on some other persons territory(Arsenal fans blog)

    I have nothing against any kind of player from wherever, but Arsenal can NEVER field 8 french/dutch/spanish/german players at once(maybe 8 english soon),….idiot. Fuckin racist selling Eto and Toure, keeping that tap up Xavi bastard and buying yapping twats like that sick Villa idiot who starts yapping before even getting his feet on the barca ground.

    Now, be a good dog/nanny and jog off as my mates on this blog would say since u have lost the plot already……

    Its clear ur either an indian nanny bitch or bitching ass indian nanny .

  53. i hate to say this, but as an Arsenal fan for years, i think Wenger is clueless. Too many young ones in this team. I hate to also admit the fact that this Barsa guy is right about our team. Its a scandal that Wenger always looks to sign foreign young kids. We should have our own youth system. Spending money on kids is just a waste of time especially when u spend big money on kids.

  54. Gunnerboss, i believe that by u pointing out that Barsa was once a Dutch team is very childish. That team has always had Spanish in it. While we never had more then 3 English in our starting line up ever.
    Whatever it is, I can’t wait for Arsenal to kick off, hopefully we’ll win something this season.

  55. @JOHN PAUL is the biggest asshole i’ve ever seen. Ur worse than the the fuckin Barsa 4 life twat. What a coward.

    Did u see my facts? Are u sick? If i didn’t even spell out the number of Spanish players i would forgive u. How old are u? Did u watch Barca games then?

    I’ve never even heard of JOHN PAUL before, so ur like a dead man. U are clearly Barsa 4 life reincarnated in some form…cos i just killed him.

    Ur a sick coward.

  56. @JOHN PAUL – How dare u be critical of the manager with ur very first comment? U wanna make it seem as if u belong here, well Barsa 4 life u don’t. Are Arshavin/Chamakh and Vermalen/Sol Campbell kids?

    What happened to the ADULTS that England took to the World cup? They got beat by some German kids? Whats happening to the French squad right now? Are they, like England now turning to kids(future)? Do u think they learned a thing or two from the Ghanians?

    Ur a fucking coward. U refused to answer my comparison and u come back here in some other form like a mutant. Ur a sick idiot.

    Ur really ill. A real coward bitch.

  57. hahahhahahahhhhahahhahhhahahhahhaha Gunneraaaboss

    why so serious Gunnerabossss??

    hahahahhahaha u are one hell of a job. Cheers John. Atleast u watch football. Of all sickos here atleast one is being realistic. Atleast one has brains. How is a squad with a minimum of 4 Spanish starters a Dutch National team?

    My simple point is – ATLEAST WE GIVE CHANCES TO SPANIARDS/ATLEAST WE MAINTAIN IN BEING A SPANISH TEAM IN THE SPANISH LEAGUE. Not some total outsiders competing in The EPL in the form of Arsenal!!! What a BIMBO team this is. I’m sure if ARSENAL had the money u will DEFINITELY be the next CITY/MADRID !!!

  58. Why u goin around being so mad Gunnerraboss?? Chill. Why u so mad at everyone in the World who doesn’t agreee with Wenger and Arsenal??

    Ok just to make little kiddo happy…..


    HAPPY gunnerrraboss?



  60. Gunnerrraboss,

    Daddy’s gonna be away for awhile. U better be good aight.

    Happy playing with the toyGUNS with all your charming friends =D

    If you need some milk, aunty BIMBOGUNNER could help breastfeed u.

    The video Daddy posted above is VERY EDUCATIONAL. Do take some notes while watching them with your GUN buddies aight?

    U take care =)

    Daddy’s got some REAL business to take care of.

    Won’t be home for quite sometime.

    When i’m back, i’d promise to buy u a new toyGUN

    Have fun Gunnerrraa


  61. hi guys listen if u cant defend you cant win sh*t and Arsenal cant defend for four seasons now and that pri*ck wenger would not fix it making excuses cheap scate based on what i saw today only wilshire can make the team walcott still clueless all of you can make excuses for wenger not me when you do sh*t I saying you do sh*t and wenger has been doing sh*t since 2005 to date…………………..

  62. @Kel – its so annoying. We just don’t have a team B right now.
    I did some analysis here the other day before we lost Sol and now we clearly need 2 more defenders unless he wants to be using Song there instead. Its just that bad.

    My take is …he’s gonna try to turn some of the boys into utility players. But this clearly does not solve the problem. Is Sedar Tarci not good enough? He’s on a free and it wouldn’t even matter if he doesn’t perform to the kind of high standards we expect. What of Metersacker? What about Oezil? If Wenger is seriously waiting for FABs to go before picking up this guy, then we’re gonna loose the plot again this season.

    We’re compact, solid and better still we play as a team. We’re the best at what we do(fuck Barca). A lot of boys have more maturity now. We’re gonna start this season on fire. We’re gonna score lots of goals again. Problem always starts with them crazy injuries…or suspensions(Doom & Gloom period). This is the main reason why we need back-up on all fronts.

    We just look like an average team right now. We cant even beat Milan? We definitely need some reinforcements.

    Finally, its amazing how this Messi guys plays all season without problems. Take that guy out of Barca and they win absolutely NOTHING.

  63. Hey, Andrew, where are you? You said you were back. We need you, mate. This blog’s filling up with twats (see various above). It’s tedious wading through their childish, whinging drivel. We need you to sort things out and hopefully kick some of these scumbags off.

  64. I made a bet that on this blog that no new keeper is coming in and based non wenger comments last nite i can sadly say its true two weeks to go lets see if this man is for real after all the problems we had in goal last season to go back with the same bunch because you dont want to spend a cent wenger dont care about the fans only himself

  65. @Kel – My point was…..can we have an injury free campaign this time around?

    If we do, then we’re certainly going to add to that trophy cabinet next year.

  66. Ha HA Ha HA,
    Look at you Barca4life, still here antagonising Arsenal fans, Iv been off this blog for 3 days (living in the real world, you may be vaguely familiar with it) and come back on to find your still talking trash and contradicting yourself with every second sentence you write, not only that but your doubling under the alias of JOHN PAUL, youv got issues mate.what is it with your obssession with us?????…..your a sick boy, gettin your kicks by tryin to wind fellas up, i bet you sit up like a giggling idiot schoolgirl reading over your latest ‘witty comment’ and laughing to YOURSELF at YOURSELF you friendless narrow minded internet geek waste of a life…..go outside get some fresh air, have a real conversation with somebody, GET A LIFE…….and a job aswel ye bum your mothers sick of cleaning up your shit after you ya big 45 year old social disease.

  67. @GunnerBoss I still feel this team is not good enough injuries or not look at last season the last 10 games we had the easiest set of games of all the big 4 and we were way off the teams they played in the last 10 games they should have beaten even without cecs and co yet they fell short. Listen for 5 years now we cant defend not individually but collectively am talking about every season we make then same mistake the players at arsenal are just not learning and that jock wenger has not helped by adding inexperienced player to inexperienced team. My point is the combination of this team is wrong wrong wrong to much players of the same type. check this example ManU bought valencia last season and all through the season i could see improvement in this guy he improved every time i saw him
    why cant arsenal do the same some of the palyers have been at the club 3, 4, and 5 years and yet they have developed minimal. OK so my view is this team is not good enough because they have not learned from all the seasons gones by continue to make the same mistakes every year the manager has not address the weakness of the team either look at the goal keeper issue one should have come in already why wait what there to think about almunia is not good enough why try him again sell but no give him next season to cost us 10 points i hope am wrong but If arsenal win the league with
    this team i will eat my hat…………..

  68. By the way look at the Emirates cup to prove we cant defend i no some of you will say not the first team well i have news for you the first team has been making these type of defensive mistake for 5 seasons now if celtic was half good this would have been a different game am dam sure

  69. @Shambo – I killed the damn bastard already…he’s not worth it. He’s sick….
    @kel – Good points/observations….Now, all I really want is numbers, we were reduced to bare bones with those last 10 games coupled with the damn barcelona game.

    U know, we kinda rushed Gallas back for the barca game…only for a relapse to occur….and he had to be replaced and we now suffered not having him for those premier league games.

    If only we had more options during those final 10 games, there would be some COMPETITION for places atleast and this is my problem with the team (not enough depth).

    And seriously 2 more additions would be good enough right now cos of time. But, three(GK included) would be perfect.

  70. oh my god!
    i used to enjoy reading this blog even when the whinging got out of control but i was hoping it would stop with the new season, but no its all doom and gloom,we only won 3-2 oh no!!!!!sack him!!!!wheres tony adams!!!!what kind of supporter doesnt celebrate their teams winning?whatever the nature of that win.could people just try and put a lid on the outrage at arsenal and wenger untill we actually loose…it gets pretty boring.
    p.s. van persie is best striker in epl, dutch are idiots for not using him more in their game play.we have a great chance of winning the league.

  71. @kel – seriously, we had a damn silvestre last season making up numbers. If only he was half of a Vermalen. He was starting a lot of games, he played against Barcelona for goodness sakes. He gave an assist in that game and was by far my worst player last season. If we had Senderos, things would’ve been different…maybe not Champs league wise, bur atleast EPL/other cups wise. We had a Sol who could not play 2 games in a row, but brings on some mad quality/experience when he comes on. If only we had the players to complement him, now he’s gone( no replacements). See, this is just my problem.

    Finally, our attack is gonna be far better than that of last season….but injuries to both Chamakh & RVP would mean trouble. Same with midfield (FABs & Song) and defense.

  72. @Phil – have u never been angry before? I know ur not aiming at me, but if people shout out, they want a change. Look at things from their own point of view, they are correct. We NEED changes/additions.
    Do u only come to read? Why dont u make ur own suggestions then…..let others read what u have to say about the team.
    Sorry, but i dont like it when there’s no criticism…its healthy when its constructive. Are we winning trophies right now?

    If we were and people still come out to say this this and that, then they deserve to be flogged

  73. chamak was a brilliant signing,from what i´ve seen so far,koscielny,still weighting up the guy,but for us to really make wave this season,got to have a least 2-3 more players coming in,joe hart,per mertesaker,plus any decent right winger,and we realistically have a chance,can´t seem to figure theo out,always seem like the same player for the past 3 years with no improvment,he must sep up this year,if we gonna be any threat.

  74. I no it sounds like am always critical of arsenal and am sorry but i cant take it anymore wenger is the problem because he buys the players i hate people who promised to do something and breaks the promise every time why should cecs stay were not going to win anything he wants to win things not finish 4th or 3rd every season with a team that improves by one inch every year why are we fooling ourselves here wenger promised experience players this season where are they this is basically the same team if you do the same thing every time you get same results what that old saying (if you fool me once shame on you but if you fool me twice or thrice shame on me) and lets face it wenger has been fooling us now for five seasons……….

  75. Guys dont u all think that if Arsene is looking at another central defender .. Curtis Davies of Aston Villa fits the bill perfectly as a solid defender ????


    (AP- MOLDOVA – Aug 4) Arsenal’s bid to sign the talented Moldovan international goalkeeper Nilain Levroji in a bid to solve their ongoing goalkeeping crisis moved closer last night with the talented stopper flying to London for a medical.
    The 23-year-old from Iskra-Stal Ribnita will join the Gunners in a €5million deal to be completed on Thursday.
    Levroji has played twice for the Moldovan national team but has been rated as one of the top young keepers in European football.
    News of his transfer to Arsenal was confirmed on Moldovan TV yesterday (Sunday).
    Arsenal had been expected to sign Australian international goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer from fellow London team Fulham but the deal has fallen through with the West London club demanding €4million for the 37-year-old.
    Levroji will join fellow Eastern European Emir Spahic at the Emirates Stadium for the new season.
    Arsene Wenger has confirmed he is looking to bring in at least one more defender

  77. Apparently we’re close to signing the Bosnian captain, Emir Spahic. According to another blog, the guy was a top performer last year for French club Montpellier, helping them finish fifth in Ligue 1. Was supposed to be one of the surprise packages of the season, and some people, including, had him in their team of the year. H’s described as experienced, strong, pacey and a stand out leader on the pitch. He also came third last year in equipe’s top ranking defenders.

    Sounds interesting.
    If this is true then He was easily the best defender in Ligue 1, alongside M’bia maybe. It would be an excellent transfer if he pulled it off and would give us a very good compliment of central defenders. I actually think it would give us a selection problem which would be brilliant! He’s admitted negotiations this morning which also fills me with hope.

    I just hope he follows it up with a keeper.

  78. geff, u better be telling the truth coz we are tired of being promised rubbish for five years in a row. The situation is so tricky that Mancity may settle for 3rd place and arsenal fights for the top four with L/pool and Spurs.
    It is obvious that there is no margin of error in Wengers last season. he sh’d do himself a favour and also a farewell to Fabregas by lifting something. We cant keep on complaining of mediocrity every end of season as if there is no value for money.

  79. Havent got a scooby doo who any of the above players are, and im sure none of you had either before you googled or utubed them.
    Do any of you believe Chamakh will score 20+goals, will RvP?No and its a fact that every title winning team has had such a marksman, Henry, Van Nistlerooy, Drogba, Rooney….and what happens when the injuries come, who are the replacements for Vermaelen, Cesc and RvP??????The same fellas that werent up to it when entrusted at the end of last season….am bitterly dissapointed with Wenger as I feel hes deceived us once again and is taking the fans for granted.
    Even if you take what he has spent up to now, 8m on Koscielny, that is no where near where youd thought wed be after some of his talk after defeats last season when he promised change, 8m for a French 26 year old who two years ago was in the french lower divisions??
    I ask you again where are the ready made experienced winners who can hit the ground running in this league and finish just as strong, il tell you where they are; their all at utd,chelsea,city and even liverpool have their share……..absolutely gutted and the start of a new season isnt gonna distract form the reality that we are really not title contenders lads.
    Sorry if its negative but some1 tell me whats different from last season, two french league players in and the loss of gallas,eduardo,sol,sylvestre and merida??????where do you optimists see us bridging the gap??

  80. Easy shambo, when was the last time we purchased a world class player straight out of the box anyway? Sol Campbell perhaps in 2001? Davor Suker the year prior? I’m underwhelmed by our transfer activity, but there’s no saying the players he buys or will buy are not going to hit the ground running. In the past Eduardo and the Verminator have been instantly dependable, there’s no reason why this new CB wont have what it takes, and who knows if he’ll be first choice or not. Just think of all of the terrible players like Pires, Petit, Vieira, Anelka, Adebayor and Flamini that he’s sourced from the French leagues, it’s not a wasteland of talent over there, who cares where they’re from? People can come out of nowhere and perform at the highest level, and to be fair to him, AW gets it right more often than not in that regard.

    On top of that, when did Chelsea or United last purchase a world class player? Ashley Cole from us? Berbaflop?

    I agree completely that we are probably weaker at the moment than last year, but those arguments don’t seem to be particularly strong ones. The transfer window hasn’t closed yet, and if the Arsenal scouting networks think a player is good enough, no fan is really going to know better than them. I think it’s imperative that we get defenders in, the more the merrier, and if they’re the captain of Serbia or San Marino I couldn’t care less!

  81. @shambogunner praise god that someone finally has the guts to say what i’v been saying all along all these relative unkown players that wenger has bought can they win us the title this year i think not am not blaming the players no more am not blaming the board because regardless of what anyone says wenger runs arsenal every almost every aspect check this: almost every big club is going to america to promote their clubs am sure they make money as well but no Arsenal who say mind u that football is a business don’t go to America or the far east they go to austria play underaverage teams then come home. every year chelsea, UTD go to america and they have shared the last 6 titles What is this wenger doing to us other teams have injuries but not as much as us in the last 4 years. Let me make this clear when Roman bought chelsea he revolutionalized english football so no more can you buy average players and win the league and on the back of that you have to buy a particular type of players as well your defenders must be good in the air because thats the nature of the game in england. were not saying to spend 40 mill but buy players who are winners or proven is kolichenly proven and frankly all this fuss about chamaka for me the jury is still out on him and then u say we want an experience goal keeper now were linked with a 23 year old noname from moldova give me a break wenger. I Love Arsenal with all my heart but wenger this is your last season as far as am concerned No trophy hell am so desperste I’ii take the carling cup alone If we don’t win anything this season wenger should leave cause if he don’t WE WILL WIN NOTHING. The players the tactics are just not good enough If this team wins the league i will eat my HAT……

  82. Kel, where we play our pre-season friendlies has absolutely no influence over us winning the league. Before the start of every season we play not-so-under average teams in the Emirates cup, and we don’t jet lag our players to boot. If going to America is all about money, and Wenger only cares about getting money, why isn’t he doing it? I am pretty sure they get a lot of money from sponsorship and TV rights to the Emirates cup, and Man U or Chelsea are hardly snapping up lots of world class American players either.

    We’ve just got rid of four defenders, Gallas who was poor in the air and seemed to have a playground mentality, Silvestre and Sol who were only ever extra bodies and short term solutions (both ‘experienced international players’ I might add) and Senderos, who didn’t really seem to have much luck at the back and was routinely terrorised when he played against big clubs. This is therefore a great opportunity for a shake up and to sign a bunch of defenders who can win aerial battles like the RAF, and you’re moaning because the players we offloaded are responsible for your claims that we can’t defend. I’m pretty confused.

  83. @ Enemy Airship Arsenal players do the least traveling during preseason compared to MU and chelsea take a look @ Arsenal midseason and see who looks jet lag we were manhandled by chelsea twice and beaten up by oneshot manU in our own yard two teams who travel a lot for preseason the same jet lag point ur making Who looks jet laged. On the point of the defenders the stats are there i posted them about a month ago arsenal have conceded the most goal in the last 5 years of all the big four who bought Galas who bought silvestre wenger did so who is to blame when you buy on the cheap wenger is like my grandmother shopping @ a $10 store what do you expect form $10 thats rite underaverage goods. I remember a couple of season ago mau went to play the world club cup and wenger was asked if he thought it would affect their league form he said he was sure it would yet ManU came back and promptly won the league leaving arsenal who don’t travel trophyless. My point is America is a big market why not promote Arsenal their as well were not winning Sh*t so try something else……

  84. Yeah but how does the number of hours spent travelling between games matter how fit the players are? The point of pre-season friendlies is to get players fit and running for 90 minutes. They could do that on Hackney Marshes, they don’t have to fly to America to run around! Man United and Chelsea didn’t beat us mid-season because their players had spent more time in aeroplanes 5 months prior. That’s absurd. As for club branding, you know I think we are doing all right on that, and our club is financially secure with good global recognition. That’s a massive tangent you’re going off on there.

    Silvestre was back up, and Gallas didn’t come cheap and wasn’t a horrific defender. He was even our club captain at one point. I have no love for Silvestre, but considering he was supposed to be a third or fourth choice left back and/or CB, we could’ve done much worse than to have someone with his perceived experience there.

  85. still no sign of a new cb or keeper! what the f..k is mr arrogant waiting for???? get your ass in gear wenger spend some MONEY!!!!!

  86. You mentioned jet lag so my point was to let you no not to use that as an excuse. Also arsenals Preseason is less hectic than everyone else, Yet they always have injuries every year you would expect them to be fitter fresher than most people yet when they play the big guns they get blown away. Am a footballer something is wrong with the preparation at arsenal a baby can see that .
    LOL! As with the branding i don’t no where you got your info but arsenal brand is way down the pecking order man i have got evidences of that for sure. The only thing you can boast is being financially secure. whats new I here that every year yet its not manifested on the pitch the team should benefit you think because arsenal boast spending power yeh right!
    Gallas was a nut they should of got rid of him years ago Mourinho said at chelsea that gallas cant play center back yet wenger buys him and puts him there he cost us more point than he saved us Silvestre, i can’t blame becaus wenger bought him a reject from Manu whose fault is that, I know its mine. Gallas being captain is the fans fault not wenger. Frankly I think your making excuses, The fact is Arsenal has not won a single trophy
    in six(6) Years and your saying what, i don’t get it. You can make excuses for 2 or maybe 3 years but not six that
    is unacceptable at this level at least liverpool has won the champions league. All you can say is were financially stable, go sell that to a pirate they like money only. whats the point in playing football if you don’t win anything and you want your best players to stay
    Enemy Airship you shore your not WENGER………………

  87. Hi all, that moldovian rumour is a joke I think. Anyway nice to see we gooner together again, doomers and akbs all having family bonding sessions, taking out our frustrations on each other. Sweet reminder that the epl is starting soon.

  88. Im a little late, but….

    Hello to 99.9% of you!
    A year already eh!
    Glad to have ya back Andy & nice to see the usual names here. Cant wait till kick off of course. Hopefully i’ll have more time to post & comment with all again this year, instead of just reading.
    Ive only skipped through some comments for now, & as it is a C not an S in Barcelona, i didnt even waste my time with that loser.
    Its amazing how many ‘others’ come to read Andy’s blog. Then proceed to bag us.Dont know about you but i would feel a complete tosser reading other clubs fan blogs. haha.

    It was about this time last year Andy (S Fry back then?) invited us to join the Football Media fantasy league. I got hooked but i noticed they have not set one up this year.

    So fellow gooners, i just set up league AFC_X, & the code to join is 828538-186295.

    Cheers all

  89. Kel, when we bought William Gallas he’d just played for France in a World Cup Final as a centre-back. If you’re scoffing at that sort of world-cup international experience then God only knows what sort of legendary player Arsene has to sign to make you happy. I mention jet lag, because if you send your squad away to another time zone just before the season starts it’s possible they could come back groggy. I’m not saying it lasts for the entire season. Has it ever occurred that ‘the big guns’ are just better than Arsenal? We hold our own against the bigger clubs in the Champions League, we’re not the whipping boys of Europe.

    As for the trophy, would everything have been all right if we’d won the Champions league in 2006? Why do you support Arsenal, man? If you want world class signings and a new team sheet every year, and you don’t care about how they play and who their players are, why don’t you just support Man City?

  90. Support Mancity U crazy I love Arsenal, but what i don’t like is people deceiving me. If you no your not going to do something than don’t say it this is what gets me mad @ wenger. What are u trying to justify to me with Gallas what is the main role of a defender to defend his goal gallas made more effort to score goals than to defend check the stats we have leaked more goals than ever since gallas has come here don’t get me wrong he is not a bad player but I will listen to mourinho on defenders anytime and he said gallas is not a good center back and he played him at right back. The time gallas spent at arsenal he confirmed all mourinho said. The thing that hurt me the most is wenger would have keep him if he wanted to stay.
    Now you say the big guns are better than arsenal whose fault is that i remember in the worldcup cesc saying that wenger doesn’t study the opposition I think that is true because some of the way Mau and chelsea have beaten us in the past this info must be right. Now tell me in the era of modern football how the hell can the manager not study the opposition wenger is a mad man that why we get beat in every crunch match we play Arsenal play one way so its easy to play against them if you no what your about. People study us why the hell would we not study them.
    so don’t try to accuse me of wanting new faces, if the manager improves hi tactical awareness and buy the right type of players am sure we will do better but no he does the same thing every year we compete for a while then when it matters we flop then he says Quote”WE ARE CLOSE” a load of bull show me how close you are by your point. Here are stats for u

    Arsenals finish in last 6 seasons
    Year Position Points behind winners
    2004/2005 2nd 12
    2005/2006 4th 24
    2006/2007 4th 21
    2007/2008 3rd 4
    2008/2009 4th 18
    2009/2010 3rd 11


    If you what to finish second every year 3rd and 4th every year and your cool with that then fine but not me. The time ha come for excuses to stop and arsenal to win something and STOP SAYING THE CLUB IN IN A HEALTHY POSITION BECAUSE THE DAM TEAM DOES”NT BENEFIT. You can agree or disagree but wenger is a cheap bastard but don’t worry he will leave for less………………..

  91. @kel,
    Your right about what your saying, bang on in fact,I can see you love the Arsenal and I share your frustration.
    @Enemy airships,
    Appreciate your opinion too mate but when you point to Vieira, Petit, Pires, Anelka, etc as French players who have acheived at the club from relative obscurity there are a number of things to consider such as the fact that few of these players done more than 4 seasons at the club where pool, utd and chels were buying quality that have remained and driven their clubs forward…..Lampard, Rooney, Ferdinand, Torres, Ashley Cole wanker…..these are not risks the are investments because they are signed with a view to winning and stayin at their clubs for years to WIN… many players have we ‘plucked from obscurity’ only to sell them or lose them for free just when we were developing a strong side?????
    Ashley Cole
    Gilberto (still has loads in the tank)
    Merida (prime example of the flaws in wengers philosophy…..we only rented him and groomed him for someone elsewho will no doubt reap the rewards now)
    You get what you pay for……some players are not risks….when have we bought a player that has proven EPL pedigree?????campbell,sylvestre were free, gallas was part of the wanker deal….seriously are you telling me a Scott Parker, Tim Cahill or Darren Bent wudnt be the business at our club?????
    Im not angry anymore….am just gutted, I thought Wenger would get what we need but to be honest hes just feeding his ego again and trying to be clever with a freebie and a french guy who hasnt even declared himself for poland or france at 26…..International quality my left one…
    would we have signed Chamakh if his contract hadnt been up and Bordeaux wanted 16-20 mil????dont need to phine a frien for that one my friends

  92. Hi folks just taught you should know one week to go no new keeper yet and we are two defenders short am sure wenger knows that we payed for that last year. We played with ashavin up front last year and I think that basically was one of the reasons we won nothing he could have bought chamaka last year but no he gambled now this season we need at least another center back don’t depend on jourou he was injured so long needs time so someone who is proven like cayhill from bolton should have come in but WENGER KNOWS BEST

  93. Am just tired of this french arse hole. I had stopped insulting the fool but it now sucks to realise he is playing wit our minds again.Just look at the interna\tional friendlies to know how many goals his stupid goal keepers shipped. Only Almnia was saved because spain couldnt call him any way. Wenger is so careless to the fans that he seems confident of the wonders his keepers are goin to perform.He is tactically dwarfed always when playing the big boys apart from Liverpool.He always assumes arsenal are thye best at attacking football only to be humbled by United and chelsea at the end of 90 minutes. I personally feel arsenal would have got some points from big boys last season had we realised our weakness and played as underdogs by counter attacking football. It only shocks that the stronger team like United instead adopts the same tactic to humble arsenal. This French fool never learns from the same mistakes. We achieved alot in 2006 by playing counter attacking football. If Wenger revised his tactics according to opponents yet to be played we may achieve something this season. Otherwise expect other embarrassing defeats like the Barca, chelsea and United not to mention Money city. Our coach is partly the problem.

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