Arsenal FC Blog on a little break, sorry…

The astute of you will have realised by now that I’ve gone MIA for the last few days.

The good news is that I’ve gone on a mini-holiday to Hamilton Island with the family and won’t be back until Friday.

The bad news is that I have very little internet access and as such, won’t be able to post until I return.

And that’s that really, other than that I can tell you I will have something VERY special for you when I get back.

With love,



  1. Apology accepted ,we will be waiting 2 hear 4rm u real soon cos we are already missing ur nice post

  2. noone here to talk with? I had the impression as if Arshavin had lost some weight when I swa him against Germany, anyway he was really fed up after that match, but of course I’m happy with the German 8)

  3. Bit random but does anyone think we can pry Marcos Senna from bottom of the table Villarreal? Im assuming top flight football for a few years would be appealing to him. And he has publicly spoken very highly of Arsene Wenger…

  4. yeah,your apology is considered,coz we can as well wait for your return and hear from you-i take you to be my main man and areal gooner.
    i wish you anice return.

  5. The apology is highly accepted since all of us had a break becuase of the international games but we shall be delighted to welcome you back from your holiday and resume our normal interractions through our beloved arsenal block.

  6. Well apology accepted Andy. On the football side just saw on the web that Nasri will be back in training next week and he has marked the match against West Ham as his return match, cant wait to see him back in action.

  7. no need to apologise andy would be different if it wasnt so quiet at the mo!!!!
    @billi am not sure arsha has lost weight pal those jerseys seemed to be skin tight
    great that nasri has declared himself fit to return to first team action and so far i think wev dodged any serious injuries in the respective internationals….knocks to walcott and ramsey aside….does anybody know how cameroon and our boy song got on against togo and adebayour???
    also almunia has been cleared for a return after his chest infection and i for 1 will not be shouting for his immediate re-instatement as it could only be a good thing to give mannone more game time and if he is exposed as being a bit raw then bring back almunia who should be chomping at the bit tobe no.1, for wenger to put him straight back in would be very unfair to mannone and it would also give almunia the impression that the position is not competitive when he is fit and everybody needs to feel under pressure in their position in order to remain sharp and play to their max!
    just a mention to the unlucky ireland team who conceded late and 3mins after taking a 2-1 lead against the world champions to snatch a draw and thus end our hopes of automatic qualification!!!!our possible opponents in the playoffs,due to fifas display of ‘fair play’ and ‘respect the game’, are france,russia,greece,portugal……the last ones we want are the russians as it would a nightmare playing there in november, as iv said before id nearly take the french having played them so recently in the euro qulifiers and drawing away and going down at home to an against the run of play henry special…its not that i disrespect france,we all know their players and pedigree, but i just feel their the most insecure and under domenech they can be got at
    that is all enjoy ur break andy

  8. On a day with very little Arsenal news, apart that is from the imminent return to training of Samir Nasri. I was reminded recently of one of my earliest Arsenal heroes, our one time ‘keeper Jack Kelsey.

    Jack, a Welsh international, played for Arsenal for ten years in the nineteen fifties and early sixties before his career was brought to an untimely end as a result of an injury sustained whilst playing for Wales against Brazil. He was a no-nonsense goalie who was always ready to put his body on the line. Typical of the man was the occasion when having broken his arm in the early minutes of a match, there being no substitutes is those days, he played on as a left winger. Can you imagine any of today’s players doing such a thing?

    I my opinion he was the finest Arsenal goalkeeper of all time.

    After retiring from the game, he ran the Arsenal shop, a sort of market stall on wheels, and was always happy to chat with fans both old and young. Sadly Jack died in 1992.

    This link is a tribute to a great Arsenal Servant.

  9. Happy holidaying Andy, look forward to reading your next entry. Ramsey scored a brilliant free kick for Wales, and seems to have got over his injury, and Walcott just had a dead leg so will be back for Saturday.

    the secret isn’t our goals from outsie the box this season stat is it? =P

  10. Does any aussie gooners fancy a game of fifa10 on 360? If so add me buterfingers01. (notice thou 1 t in my gamertag) Also andy I’ll be in brissie next wk so if you or panda or any other gooners are out watching the brummie game let me know and I’ll try to catch up with you.

  11. Hey Happy Diwali to all of you and your family….where ever you are from. Hope Arsenal Win the Good occasion of Diwali.

  12. Hope you had a good time Andy thanks for all the Blogs over the last two weeks i have had the Flu the last two weeks its good to catch up with everything looking forward to the Birmingham game tomorrow.

  13. i know andy has been away but damn where has every1 else been???? hey andy ur probably nearly home and i myself hav just arrived out in lanzarote and its scorchin out here…lovin it….lookin forward to catchin the game now saturday…hopeful that edu and rosicky can play a full game and i predict a hiding for birmingham..ordinarily i would not be so presumptous or belittling of an opponent but the way the boys have been playin lately and the good feeling in the camp means right now in the league we are the team nobody wants to play……..long may it continue
    does any1 know ot RvPs wife gave birth yet andif hes available for selection???
    up the gunners!!!!!

  14. am jus wondering if anyone can give me links to all our games this season so far with english commentary

  15. A little sloppy and the finishing was not up to Arsenal standards, but 3 points is what matters. Without Eduardo and Bendy no less. The squad struggled a bit once Theo went off. I’m excited for Nasri’s return against the Hammers. 27 goals on games with a +16 goal differential is pretty solid too.

    Come on Gunners!

  16. Since its pretty slow in here I have a serious question to ask you guys… I have never owned an Arsenal jersey and I’ve decided to right this wrong ASAP. I plan on ordering one in the next week or so. Before you kill me realize Im in the states so I cant just walk down and buy one whenever.

    Anyways here are the choices: All red/white home jerseys in longsleeve

    11 Van Persie
    23 Arshavin
    4 Fabregas
    7 Rosicky

    Suggestions? Pros and cons for each? Thanks for the help guys…

  17. Van Persie is the player I think of as captain, more than Fab. He leads the line and he leads by example. He’s very determined. He’s the biggest out and out fighter in our team and always plays with a lot of passion and emotion.

    Arshavin is a rough diamond. A natural born genius. You never quite know what’s going to happen when he gets the ball – but it’s usually exciting. He does the unusual. He kind of steered that goal in against Birmingham. Wonderful.

    Fabregas is, pound for pound, the best player we have. He could walk into any football team in the world. Simply put he is outstanding and if he ever starts scoring on a regular basis he just might become the best player in the world. Right now he’s gotta be worth about 50 million pounds.

    Rosicky is class. Royalty. I love just watching him move the ball about. He makes us look good sometimes and reminds me of the Arsenal of Henry, Pires, Bergkamp and Ljunberg. Plus he’s got the guts of a champion to come back from that wretched injury. He scored some cracking goals before that happened so hopefully we’ll see that again.

    My pick? Buy all four.

  18. Arshavin is a great attacking player but leaves a lot to desired in defence ,he does get behine the ball but realy tackles must give is full back extra work I think young Gibbs played well considering, Song is starting to become a class act,no more should we think should he be in the team. he,s a must.

  19. Medeski,

    “and the finishing was not up to Arsenal standards”. Didn’t you see the three superbly crafted and taken goals that we scored? and Joe Hart had to play an absolute blinder to keep the score below double figures.

    Another “supporter” who confuses the real world with computer games!

  20. Andy,

    Monday’s a bit late to be posting a report on Saturday’s game, you will need to be writing a preview of Tuesday’s match by then!

  21. @ Johno – I’m a player in the real world, not Fifa (although i do confess that I wish I had a console, or even a TV for that matter, to play fifa10). The goals we scored were superb. Just in relation to the blazing start Arsenal got off to so far this season, the boys missed a couple sitters. I wasn’t taking a pot-shot at any particular player. The second half would have been a bit less nervous if RVP had kept the free kick in the box more on frame or if Arsha hadn’t slipped his first good look wide of the post. Even more so than the finishing, I thought the penultimate passes were a little off most of the second half.

    Having said that, Birmingham never looked like a threat. I thought the team looked good for the most part. After Mannone’s little blunder, we needed that 3rd goal to provide more comfort. Things looked just a little disjointed going forward once Theo left. Some of that could be attributed to the physical pressure of Birmingham’s defense but unlike the past couple of seasons, the boys pressed on and made it happen.

    Just as an aside, it would be easy to confuse this season with a video game. 27 goals in 8 matches!?! AMAZING!

  22. Wigan 1-1 Man City

    Thank you Wigan Athletic, you’ve done us a big favour today by restricting that other Manchester outfit to a single point. Now with a game in hand over the teams ahead of us we can look forward to overtaking Spurs and chasing Chelsea, then we’ll be after Man. U. for top spot.

  23. Thanks for the response Hey Nonny Mouse Definitely a tough decision. Dont know what I will do. I think I personally play a bit Rosicky-ish (in style only lol) but the other three are also very tempting. I may just get a blank one if I cant decide

  24. Not a bad idea tbh… I saw one that said “There’s only” followed by the number 1 then “Arsene Wenger” at the bottom. You may be onto something here…

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