Arsenal FC Blog nominated for EPL Talk award – please vote!

The Arsenal FC Blog has been nominated as one of the Best Club Blogs of 2009/10 as part of the EPL Talk awards.

You can vote for the blog here!

This is the second nomination the Arsenal FC Blog has received this season after also being nominated in the Soccerlens awards, so we must be doing something right around here.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Nice blog, but up against the mighty Arseblog, afraid not. Its Tough at the Top!!

  2. Have no fear, this is definitely the number two site, and always the first place to come after Arseblog.

  3. Congrats Andy and all you guys who post, hope the blog can be in the “Big Four”……..

  4. Good that this blog is nominated which seems that the people here asking the right question and being answered by some level minded people. BEST OF LUCK ANDY.

  5. yep, voted for Arsenalfcblog buddy!!!
    Some quick touch on your previous blog: The Don is still my best if given more match time.
    Some few comments about the Inter Barca game last night :
    I think Barca will not make it to the final, to me that was ” The best tactical coach in the world (Not the best in the world in overall though!) against the Best team and best player in the world.” If we look at Inter, they dont really have any excptional player except for Sneijder I think, most of their players are all averagely skilled and talented and OLD, but they are just all FIGHTERS. Why cant Wenger give that kind mentality to our Boys?? If we compare Inter to our Boys, I beleive that we would out-run them miles away in terms of individual skills.There are lots of things and aspects on which our boys lack but the lack of Fighting mentality is our primary problem i think.
    Im really worried about the City game this week end, there might be even a chance that we might loose our 3rd place in the league and who knows perhaps the 4th place??

  6. Thanks to everyone for the votes. I think it’s pretty clear I’m not going to win (Arseblog’s readership is MUCH larger) it’s nice that so many of you are enjoying things.

    Next season is going to be terrific on the blog too, there will be some significant changes that I am extremely excited about. Most of them centre around the fact that I am moving from Australia to Europe to spend more time on my website projects.

    Cheers again!

  7. Great blog and I gladly support it again.

    Anyone catch the Bayern game? Yet another entertaining fixture. What player Robben has become. I hope they take the crown.

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