Arsenal FC Blog lovers – Please vote for me!

Arsenal FC Blog LogoThe Soccerlens blogging awards for 2009 are to being decided – and I would absolutely love, love, love it if you could vote for the Arsenal FC Blog.

I don’t normally worry too much about blogging awards but the Soccerlens awards certainly have some prestige about them and it would be a great to win one as a reward for three-and-a-half years of hard work.

The nominations for the awards are based completely on the number of votes that the public give so I would dearly love it if you could help out. Think of the children!

How to vote for Arsenal FC Blog in the 2009 Soccerlens Awards

There are 17 categories for the Soccerlens awards:

  • Best Writer
  • Best Podcast
  • Best Community
  • Best News Site
  • Best Team Site
  • Best Competition Site
  • Best Team Writer
  • The Expert
  • Best Gossip Site
  • Funniest Site
  • Best Mobile Application
  • Best Online Game
  • Best Babe Site
  • Best Betting Site
  • Best Online Store
  • Best Videos Site
  • Best Online Store

To vote, what you need to do is copy/paste the categories above into an email, list the blogs/sites that you feel are the best in each category (or just some if you’re short on time) and send the email to

I’ve highlighted the categories that I feel the Arsenal FC Blog could be voted and I would be so grateful if you could do that for me. Only if you actually think it’s the best, mind you!

And for the record for those that don’t know – my name is Andrew Weber (not Spanish Fry anymore!) and this is the Arsenal FC Blog.

My votes

Just for the record these are the sites I will be voting for (I don’t have one for every category):

Go check out some of those sites if you get the chance to – they’re very, very good.

That’s really it. If you need any further information on the Soccerlens awards click here.

As I said before I’d really appreciate it if you could vote for my blog in these awards and hopefully your support will be enough to get a nomination (if not win one).

Cheers in advance for your support.




  1. I honestly have to spread the love. I gave you best writer and best community, Andy. 🙂 But had to get Third Gen a vote (best team site), Arseblogger (best podcast) and Tony Attwood (best team writer).

    The Arsenal Universe really is populated by some wonderfully talented and dedicated folks, and we’re all fortunate for your work.

  2. @ SKA – Some good love-spreading there. Thanks mate.

    @ american – It’s a fair argument, one that many people have said, but I like it. The thing I keep going back to is that this is the Arsenal FC Blog, not Arsenal FC, so there needed to be a clear distinction between the two.

    You can read an explanation of the logo colours etc here:

  3. Hi Andy,
    Long time no comment for me but i do still read your blog regularly so ive voted you in for your 4 nominated categories. Amongst my other votes i included the fantasy premier league for best online & noticed you didnt. It was this blog that got me into it in the 1st place, lol. Shame that no category for shirt burning……..

  4. i voted for you in these categories.

    Best Writer
    Best Community
    Best Team Site
    Best Team Writer

  5. arsenal FC blog….i will vote for you….even if i believe that you act like a PR for the management.

    tnx ANDREW

  6. no Doubt… all ma friends and i love this blog and will gave ya a our votes …Keep it Up Andi

  7. have voted for you good sir.
    in most categories.

    untold arsenal in one and wrighty 7 in one and the majority for this blog.

  8. Hey – you voted for me. That’s amazing.

    Really, I am knocked out by that, thanks so much.

    The only thing we need now is to have an award for the best Arsenal book of the year and then I could nominate “Making the Arsenal” – but perhaps that would be cheating.

    Seriously, it is so kind of you to nominate me in the best writer award. I am almost blushing.


  9. nice 1 andy voted for you on the requested categories,aswel as a couple of others,including expert………ha ha ha ha funny,considering i contradict you on most stuff,i must be wrong!
    sorry tony i havent even been on your site,heres your chance for free advertisin,wot is it?

  10. @ Shambo – Tony’s is Untold Arsenal. Click the link in the post

    @ Tony – No problem. I’m being honest. You bring something completely different to the Arsenal blogosphere and I want to recognise that.

    Thanks to everyone else!

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