Arsenal draw Barcelona in Champions League: Open Thread

Just opening a thread for comments on Arsenal drawing Barcelona in the second round of the Champions League. We’ll play at home first before traveling to the Nou Camp for the second leg, just like last year.

We'll need a lot of this sort of thing, methinks

Thoughts? Feelings? Please keep swearing and thoughtless complaining to a minimum: let’s just talk about our chances in the tie and how it might affect our season.

Have your say on Arsenal drawing Barcelona in the Champions League by leaving a comment.



  1. If we beat them, I’m sure that we’ll win the title and/or the CL. If we don’t, then I don’t think it’ll make too much of a difference.

  2. Worse team we could have got but we just have to pucker up, try our best. No one expects us to win so we have nothing to lose really. I believe we can do it but it will take an exceptional effort from all involved

  3. you ever think that the way the team plays reflects the way its supporters act…
    COME ON! we have the ability to beat barcelona have some faith! the negative energy around the emirates is a reason why we have played so lousy this season. football is not about being realistic. If that was the case, why bother playing just give the points to the bigger side… have some faith!

  4. we’ve got no chance. we’ll get thrashed again as long as we go toe to toe with barcelona

  5. If most of our players are fit, then 50-50 chance. Otherwise, it’ll be like last year. At least this time we don’t have Silvestre :P.

  6. Once again we have been dealt a joker. Our chances are very slim but if we have everyone in service on both matches we might just pull a Houdini act. To be the best you have to beat the best………..let’s go guns blazing.

  7. We’ll probably need barcelona to have 2 off days but aside from that i think the prospect of playin barcelona should give the team all the encouragement they need to now push on for the premier league. All players should now step up to the plate and make a claim for a place in the team to play barca. Lets face it we are mighty underdogs but if we could tighten up the defence and get a bit of luck you never know what could happen. Cesc to score the winner in the nou camp now theres a thought. Gooners!

  8. It’s not impossible. After all we drew at home last year and although we were well thumped away we were missing our entire spine – Almunia, Vermaelen, Fabregas and van Persie.
    Nil desperandum.

  9. Third time lucky maybe? Meh. I dunno.

    First of all, I think that there’s no way that we can tell how we are going to do – who knows how we’re going to be doing by the time it’s, you know, time to play them. We might end up having our main players injured then, who knows?

    Looking at this logically, I really don’t see how we’re a better side than last time. Time and again this season, Arsenal have proved that they’ve got issues in defence this season, and they’ve proved that if they’re not given space by their opponents to play their game, they do not perform well. Wenger’s really going to have to do something out of the ordinary to actually get our current side to beat Barcelona.

    I really don’t see how that’s going to happen though.

  10. We have paid the perfect price for our Complancecy in the group stages. Surely we are going to get beaten. Lets only pray its not a humiliation. These are not the type of games our fickle players and coach can handle.

  11. Can’t really see us winning the tie but couldn’t see us winning the CL with our defence anyway. I’ll be hugely looking forward to the game, the 2-2 at the Emirates was easily the best game of the season last time round.

    I’ll be genuinely interested to see how we do if we go to the Nou Camp with a full side this time round. We were decimated last year and still went in front before Messi took over.

    I think its a decent draw – if we go out, we’ll likely have a 4 – 6 game advantage over Utd & Chelsea if they make it to the semis, so it might help us in the PL if we are to go out.

    One mention for Arsenal’s fickle plastics. It’s almost certainly down to the stronger sides we fielded in the Carling Cup that cost us first place in the group. It meant 3 extra ties against PL opposition. Can’t see anyone beating Barca to the CL this year (they will be remembered as one of the all time great sides in a few years) so could be a blessing if we win the Carling and have a run at the PL. By mid Jan almost all of Arsenal’s tough games are done by then.

  12. Lets calm down, we have every chance of beating Barcelona, yes they are a great side, but they are not invincible.Like us they play beautiful football so it has the making of a great match. Lets keep the faith and give our boys lots of support.

  13. “Please keep swearing and thoughtless complaining to a minimum.”

    I-…I think I’ll just sit this one out then.

  14. I can’t understand why anyone would be any less than excited. Sure, we’re underdogs but the football both teams play, such a joy to watch. And don’t forget Tommy V should be back for that one, that cannot be understated. Yes, my prediction would be Barcelona but I love my Arsenal and I expect them to give it a fair dinkum crack. What a fantastic draw, what would a win do for our players’ self belief; let’s do it!

  15. It can appear we do not have the upper hand,but one never knows! On a good day we can be winners.

  16. It’s a win-win situation. If we beat them, which is unlikely, great, it will give us a chance of winning the Champions League cos the best side will be out of it. If we don’t, we can concentrate on the Premiership which we still have a definite chance of winning, especially if we’re still trying to win the Champions League as well. Glass half full, chaps.

  17. The prospect of facing Barcelona must give a lift to our players right from this moment. This can be the season of these young players’ lives. They should give everything and hope for the best !!!

  18. Look at the players we will have that we didnt last year

    Van Persie
    Nasri (re-birth)

    We can have them!

  19. Beating Barcelona will be possible if arsenal have their players all fit…….Last season, we were done to bare bones over the two legs….there’s 2 months to go….hopefully cesc, walcott and van persie can get back to their best…and verminator as well….the good thing is that we know what to expect since the barcelona team is largely unchanged….fingers crossed that we beat them and shut all the critics…..

  20. I haven’t read the above comments so pardon if anyone has already mentioned this.We have a good chance of winning if we have Cesc,RVP,The Verm,Nasri and Theo fit at that time.I m really confident about it.

  21. I have a feeling that Arsene Wenger had already started preparing for this game after he realised we would finish second in our group…
    His comments prior to the draw suggest that he had already accepted that we would meet them.

    I think we have every reason to beat them. The least of which being revenge. I also think that we have enouhg quality required to do so. Nasri, cesc, RVP ,Arshavin, Verm and Song at their best can beat any team in Europe.

    having said that though. keeping them fit should probably be Arsenes main target and indeed. At arsenal though, that is almost impossible

  22. at least Cesc will fulfil his dream in playing at the camp nou then he can concentrate on Arsenal

  23. We asked for a tough draw by shooting our- selves in the foot!We showed a lot of complacency in the away games against Shaktar and Braga!

  24. We should measure up some iota of hope. I strongly believe we can do something if Wenger will buy players – A Defender and a Dr Ogba type of striker. When we were trashed 4-1 it was because we were without Fabrigas, Ashavin, Galas and Vanp. So this will be a big different one. But remember, Cilichi mustnt play on that day with his indesicive mind. Lets cheer up. We can do it. We win in Emirate and Draw in Camp Nou

  25. If we go out we can then concentrate on the league. Lets just hope the magicion dont turn up for both games and we will have a good shot at it!!!

  26. I think dis is the right time for AW to buy new players in the defence and one good attacker, then we are sure of beating barca if not will should forget about beating them.

  27. am surprised with various coments am reading from fans.last season,in the first leg,we were without almost our key players,how do you now win against a barca side at that time.fab,not near half fit,gallas,and arshavin,picked up injuries before took a miraculous almunia to keep us in the tie,it could have been a basket ball score,before half sure,we could have begged uefa that,the 2nd leg should be given to barca, cos of the ballistic bombardment by barca before we stormed back from 2 goals down.we got a chance against them,if we are at full strength.we are 2nd in the epl standings,and most of our players are not yet back to form.what if we have a full complements of our squad at their best,and we are lucky to have good referee decision go our way.remember that the 2nd leg last season,no song,fab,thomas v,not fit,van p not available,that was the reason why messi was able to turn us make himelf a superstar.i need friends on facebook,search adedayo adeyemi akanbi

  28. Well for the first time in my 8 years of Arsenal i do not believe we can win, quite frankly speaking i dont have hope only.

  29. Stop kidding yourselfs Arsenal fans, you said the same sh*t before you played Utd, “We’ll do them this time”…”Weve matured”…”We’re much stronger than last year” blah blah blah.

    You dont get it, you can have all your top players back but the point is you will not have the ball for at least 70% of the game against Barca! simple as that, it dont matter who u got playing cos they will not get enough of the ball to do any damage, and with TV5 or not they will cut thru your defence with soooo much ease its unreal! You may be stronger when you play them but they also are stronger with David Villa.

    They will beat you at home or at least score one or two goals and then they will tear you apart at Barca! Dont kid yourselfs, Arsenal CANNOT beat Barca, you cant even beat a half hearted Utd side and Barca are better than them so stop convincing yourselfs that it will be any different against them.

    They will once again show you and everyone else that Arsenal are can never be compared to Barca!

  30. whatever it takes, even an away goal, anything but beat them…. go gunners go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AND if we beat them at that stage i can bet the trophy is ours and no one, i mean no one not even the devils will stop us.
    if we are beaten…forgive me for the thought….it will give us an upper hand in the premier, but that should not be a reason to loose.

    And as Wenger said between now and February many things can happen to our advantage, i guess his instincts were leading him to this draw.

  31. Just read this quote from Arsenal Secretary David Miles, after the CL Draw. “Lionel Messi is obviously one of the quality players in Europe and manager Arsene Wenger will have done his homework. He is their main danger man.” Trust me, homework is not what Wenger does, at all, ever. So let’s pack in all this blind optimism from this blog + the other 98% of these responses and get real. If he had any idea about winning this trophy he would respect all opposition and beat them by doing some homework. Man Utd did it to us Monday and have been doing to us for years as Fergie knows how to beat us. Wenger is irresponsible with the way we are set up considering where Arsenal are as a great club. Defending isn’t a dirty word, it’s as valid as attacking, and even a true art, one which he has thrown to the dogs. We will win the EPL in the next 3 seasons only because the other teams will gradually weaken while we just stay where we are. Come 2014, lets hope the board, if we have won nothing, make him work for his next contract or be gone.

  32. I am actually utterly shocked that the dumbness of some comments, this isn’t a transfer topic thread why cant u people ever understand that, buying players in January isn’t gonna help us beat Barcelona for heavens sack get a grip of it, first of all if u want any of those fantasy players in the team they are gonna be cup tied, so they wont even be eligible to play in the CL, let alone face Barcelona.Please i am sick and tired of hearing this day in and day out we shld buy this that this that offload this person that person we are a waste, go support any other club then and there is always the option of utd easy aint it. This is a hopeless tie to be quite frank, i still believed in the arsenal team way back when they had to face real at the same time, but this time i am sorry by saying this i do not. I do not see us wining even if RVP and csec are back to their best.

  33. To discuss our chances you need to look at squad strength, individual players abilities and tactics. Our squad hasn’t enough strength in depth, half our top players are either out injured, Gibbs and Vermalen, or are carrying niggles, Djourou, Fabregas or just haven’t hit their peak after injuries, Clichy, Walcott, van Persie and most notably Rosicky. In terms of ability our central defensive pairing of Squillaci and Koscielny, Denilson and the incredible Mr Bendtner, they are just not good enough. I don’t even want to discuss goalkeepers but I think young Szczesny looks a prospect which for me personally is more than I can say about they who shouldn’t be played! Arshavin, Diaby and Song all have the ability but they are very inconsistent and time and again make poor tactical choices during matches. Nasri and Chamakh are the only two players of ours at the moment who are playing well and don’t “hide” on the pitch when the going gets tough. With tactics in mind, Arsene has got it badly wrong already this season. He has mis-placed confidence in several players who just aren’t performing and he’s does need to make several signings in January if we are to win anything at all this season. Ok Mr Weber heres the positive bit, if between now and the match we have a totally fit Cesc, Rosicky, van Persie and Diabi, who are all on fire; a fit Vermalen either with a new centreback partner or Djourou; Chamakh and Nasri continuing to do what they’re doing and a half decent keeper in conjunction with a well organised defensive strategy hitting Barca on the break we may give them a couple of harder games than they expect and possibly cause a surprise. However, if we continue on our current path, trying to play open, expansive football with our team that was beaten by an ordinary Man Utd side then we will be well beaten!

  34. Graham from London has a very strange attitude and prespective – take all of your medication Graham. go Arsenal, should be fun. better Barca than marseille or sp**s

  35. I think improvement over last years aggregate is a realistic expectation. Of course if we play “our” brand of football we’ll be put to the sword. Wenger is going to have to pack it in, he has no choice.

  36. “You can either get busy livin’ or get busy dyin'”

    Seems like people have adopted both strategies. For the sake of our CL chances, I hope the club adopted the former. Personally, I believe if you follow sport to adopt a defeatist attitude, your love for sports is nothing more than a pseudo-masochistic trait. Then again, I’ll be saying the same thing about my optimism if we get thumped in the first leg by four goals.

    Barca certainly will be the favorite, but favorites don’t always win. That’s why they play the games. Let’s just see what happens, and hope for the best.

  37. Dun kid urselfs arsenal fans….
    Lets just pray we don’t get humiliated again by the messi show
    The only way to improve Arsenal is to get the best manager in the world in: Jose Mourinho

  38. I had a feeling about this, and so it went that we drew Barca. And I’m glad we did, even though almost everybody feels we start with the second chance. But it you want to be the best, you obviously have to beat the best, this is true for any kind of competition. I didn’t want a lucky draw for us, I want us to earn our place. If our place is in the top 16 teams and not in the top 4 so be it, let everyone see that and let the manager make ammends.

  39. I reckkon It will be different. We will win. I will regret writing this post. Simple.

    Last season we travelled to Barcelona and lost 4-1. On the night, we played the following team:


    Sagna – Vermaelen – Silvestre – Clichy

    Denilson – Diaby

    Nasri – Rosicky – Walcott


    This year, if all goes well, we will play this team:


    Sagna – Vermaelen – Koscielny – Gibbs

    Wilshere – Ramsey / Song

    Nasri – Cesc – Arshavin

    Van Persie

    That’s quite a few reasons why we would stand a better chance…

    Out of those two teams, only Nasri, Vermaelen and Sagna played last season.

    So that;s 8 reasons why we could beat them. Plus they don’t have Ibrahimovic any more which means they won’t be able to do any long balls…

    There I said it! Ha, come on the Arsenal…

  40. We don’t have Sagna first leg(red card) and still no guarantee on tv5 coming back from that Achilles tendon, which is more than a niggling injury. At least we don’t have to face the chosen one. Didn’t Lyon knock them out last season? The cup is half full, no shame to lose to the best side in the world, anyone who thinks they aren’t didn’t see the lates Classico. We should be ashamed we had to play them in this round, but play we must. Loyalty to the sweater comes first as they say in ice hockey.

  41. one thing i have learned from being an arsenal fan over 35 years is you should never right us off.our history tells us that when the chips are down we come up fighting.lets look at several ie’s of this.nobody,not even the most ardent of arsenal fans thought that we could go to anfield (of all places)and not only beat liverpool but needing a 2-0 scoreline to win the title,what did we do win 2-0.another final nobody give us a chance was parma one of the best footballing sides in europe at the time and we were without a few first choice players,what did we do smudger scored a corker and we won 1-0.i was only a nipper when the 1971 cup final was played.we went 1-0 down in extra-time only to come back and score 2 goals to win the double. another game a lot thought we couldn’t win was when we won the title at old trafford.i remember a lot of pundits etc say that we probably wouldn’t win at old trafford and would have to rely on beating everton home to win title,what did we do prove everyone wrong by winning the title at old trafford.sometimes arsenal’s great history has shown that we thrive as a club when we have tougher challengers.i have had hearbreak as a fan loseing to the likes of york (fa cup) & wrexham.nobody will give us a prayer against barca but i do.if some fans don’t want to suport the team then that’s their problem.all i would say is have a look back at our great history and you will see that we have had these challengers on many occasions and will continue to do so.if everone thinks that barca will be happy with the draw then you are wrong,they won’t be.yes they will be big fav to go through but one thing i love about being a gooner is we always,ALWAYS have a chance. keep the faith folks.

  42. They only smile
    We only tell them
    that they’re the flowers of wind and spring
    In all their splendor sweetly surrendering
    The love that innocence bring
    Arsenal, pure and simple
    Born in a world where love survives
    Now Barca will want them
    ‘Cause life don’t haunt them
    Arsenal, You lucky lucky thing

    Now we watch closely
    And we watch wholly
    We can’t imagine love so rare
    They’re young and tender
    But will life bend them

    We look around if they everything
    ** repeat
    We throw them kisses
    They share our wishes
    We’re sure the’re king without a doubt
    With love so captive
    So solely captive

    We ask if we could play the part
    ** repeat
    Arsenal, You lucky lucky thing
    Arsenal, You lucky lucky thing

    (Cover: Almaz, Randy Crawford)


  43. Excellent draw for the squad. I’m rather optimistic. Barring injury, we have some time to get players fit and back close to their peak. Also, the importance of this draws goes beyond the actual draw with Barca. If we can advance beyond this stage, there could be no bigger confidence booster in the world. No one doubts that this squad oozes talent. The question has been about focus and determination. I think the team has improved a lot in this department. This draw should be looked at as a massive opportunity for the team to put all the naysayers to rest. I can’t wait for this tie!

    (on the other hand, if Spuds make it past Milan, I may have to dig out my eyes).

  44. If we have one good forward who can play like Messi. I am sure we will make a difference..:)

    Maybe if we put Theo in the centre forward role, let him roam around and then use Chamakh as a forward just behind Theo, we can realistically play ball. RVP is yet to make those skidding turns and strong shots at the goal till now. I just hope he starts doing it. I dont want to see one more season go with him not being able to contribute enough…

  45. We gooners must accept the fact that arsenal are mentally dispossessed, psychological weak , cant cope the pressure of big matches.full stop.Have you seen the face,body language of clichy or walcott while they defend or attack they dont seem to possess any confidence in them they fear so much like they feel they dont deserve red and white shirt.We need wariors not lame creatures like these, may they will be superstar some day but i highly doubt that would ever happen.we better let clichy go even if rumour of swap exchange with benzema is 100% false.put vermalean there,buy world class CB not dying old average player.
    Tell Song to never show himslf near the opponent D box even inside the opponent half.Restrain him at defensive position.Arshavin need to step up at big events , dont know when this would happen . he never show up during big matches. rest him for a match or two bring him fresh and lets how he perform if not better play RVP Cesc Nasri up front with Chamakh ahead.

    the best we could now is
    1: buy world class xperienced goalkeeper
    2.World class CB
    3:World class striker(Though Chamkh has prformed well but i really think he is one dimensional, only support cant even shoot he hasnt got that striker instinct , cud be the reason.

  46. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………….nice post. it took us seven years to find this out. the king is dead.. long live the king

  47. @chakky

    walcott is a waste cant even give decent cross he has only speed.Run straight thru the wall boy,never pull the ball until its goalkick.
    So please stop naming him along with messi.

  48. From a FCB Supporter, all our respect and best wishes to the Arsenal Team and supporters.

    We here in Barcelona think that Arsenal is a kind of “soul-mate” playing the same football style so we would really preferred to play with you only at the Final match.

    Anyway, hope to see two awesome games!!

    Best wishes in the PL!

  49. On current form, of both teams, I’d say we have no chance. If the games were played this month they’d beat us home and away. But the first game is two months away – if we can start playing some decent stuff again and get a confidence boosting run going then beating them is possible. We’ve seen some very disjointed performances this season. Players good one game, rubbish the next. Effort one game, lazy the next. I still say we need a leader on the field, I don’t think the players know where to go when it’s not working.

  50. I think that the “we have to beat everyone to be champions” stuff is b.s. (sorry)…. but Bayern got to last years CL final, avoiding pretty dificult teams…until they got Inter. What i’m saying is that if we could’ve got as far as we could facing not so difficult teams to actually win the CL later it would count as much as if we did it the hard way. Lets not kid ourselves, Barcelona are the best team in the world right now, and i’m not saying we can’t beat them, but we reeeally have to be at the top of our game, players, managers and fans at the Emirates to hope of knocking them out of the cup, and saying that sounds far too familiar….

    Anyway, here’s a crazy thought, if we were to be knocked out of the CL, wouldn’t it be one of the best things that could happen to our Premier League title hopes?

  51. We would loose the round even if UEFA gave us a free 3-0 lead before kick off. Anyway if we don’t have the workforce, its better to drop Europe and fancy our domestic chances. Lets do everything to get Curling.

  52. Arsenal is the one trying to play like Barca/Spain but are actually a bad immitation, not even close more likely.

    As some have already implied here let’s not kid ourselves, in this game, Arsene’s tactical plans should be drilled into the boys. Provided Arsene actually has a solid tactical strategy planned.

    Let’s face it between Barca and Arsenal, which team would be the better suited to play keepball or total football? Arsenal is already playing over their capabilities causing them to tire and struggle for consistency in EPL matches coupled with the fact there is only one strategy Arsenal have in their repertoire.

    I just wish for the best and hope to see exciting attacking football….from Barca.

  53. This is best you could get… 1000% better than draw against Moanrinho’s Madrid. I don’t think we have any chance to win against Moanrinho who knows how to play against Arse’s team. Against Barca at least will have minimum of 180 minutes of entertaining football. Win or lose let’s enjoy it.

  54. Look, AW put us in this mess. And for all the over 5 million Pounds he earns a year … disgusting. If he wants to leave, he better left now before we are made a butt of jokes. So far we get the yabbis of how many trophies …. omg

  55. To the so-called fans who just want to moan about the team and say we’re out of the CL before the Barca game has even started: crawl back into your caves and stop supporting this great club, there’s plenty of other teams who’ll be happy to have depressing doom-mongers like you. Same goes for people who want to talk about offloading players or bringing new ones in in January: there’s a club that’s perfect for you over in west London, they play in blue and I’ll happily drive you there myself just so I don’t have to listen to your plastic fan knee-jerk nonsense.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m still realistic about this game: make a couple of stupid mistakes and they’ll tear us apart but football is NOT mathematics. It’s not all decided before the game’s started (perfect example, sunderland going to stamford bridge and beating the blues 3-0…anyone see that coming? didn’t think so). Of course the odds are against us, ANYTHING can happen on the night and crazy things do happen in football games, which is why we watch the game, right? Well, some of us at least. Other ‘fans’ probably watch Arsenal hoping for a defeat just so that their depressing predictions can be proven right, and I have a message for them: you don’t deserve the Arsenal, p*ss off and support Stoke or some other crappy non-footballers!

  56. We have no chance of beating Barcelona, a situation which could have been easily avoided had Wenger fielded stronger sides in group matches he took lightly. We have lost 5 times already this season and defeat against Chelsea next week, which seems likely, could see us drop out of the Championship race. Most supporters have known for some time that our only chance of ending our barren are in the Carling Cup and the FA Cup. We simply do not have what it takes to challenge for the two main competitions, and no doubt the Cesc to Barcelona stories will start to circulate again. If we fail to enter into the transfer market this January then it looks as if this will be another season of false dawns. With Tottenham and Manchester City looking like the real deal this season we will come under increasing pressure to qualify for next season’s Champions League. The consequences if we fail will be disastrous and could lead to a mass exodus of our better players. Failure is not an option.

    Come what may, we shall make it this time round. Who has ever thought that last season we could ever get a goal on Barcelona. Lets trust in our avaailable weapons at the moment and i know that they will make it this time. This is not the time to quake but the time to collect our equipments together(.” A bull is big when it is still standing but when it is changed into meat it is big no more”) Good luck the gunners

  58. I agree with many Gooners out there that Gael Clichy has been out of sorts in recent times.

    It’s a shame because he is a such a loyal player to the club and is the last link we have to the Invincible team of 2003/04.

    It’s hard to pinpoint the exact reason why Clichy seems to have regressed.

    Maybe the current formation doesn’t suit him as he doesn’t seem to get a lot of protection from whoever plays in front of him.

    I’d say that Gael looks a lot more comfortable in the 4-4-2 formation Arsene Wenger used to use.

    So much more comfortable in fact a couple of years ago I was confident that he would one day become the best left-back in the world so I’m certain that he can’t have turned into a bad player overnight.

    Maybe Gael needs a time-out to recharge his batteries and get his head together.

    Obviously Kieran Gibbs is next in line for the left-back slot but his injuries are so common at the moment a regular run in the side for him is impossible.

    I feel for Kieran. He clearly has potential but every time he gets a chance to shine he gets injured. Despite him being injury-prone I’ve no doubt that he will be Arsenal and England’s future left-back.

    Whilst Clichy has been inconsistent and Gibbs spends a lot of time in the treatment room I think that Thomas Vermaelen could be a short term answer to the position.

    Of course he is injured at present but when he recovers he could play there and a back four of Vermaelen-Djourou-Squillaci-Sagna looks very solid in my book.

    There is the problem that Vermaelen is probably our best centre-back so it may seem daft to take him out of the centre of defence but surely it would tighten us up at the back?

    Thomas plays left-back for Belgium quite regularly and did so for Ajax too. He is used to the position so I’m sure he would be comfortable there.

    We all know he likes to get forward and Wenger encourages his full-backs to roam forward at every opportunity so he would enjoy it.

    The most important aspect though in my opinion is that he defends first and obviously is a natural defender, definitely more so than Clichy and Gibbs at present.

    And Arsenal need to defend better.

  59. We cant beat Barcelona, certainly not on the basis of what weve seen this season.
    When they dont have the ball they were like a pack of hungry wolves to get it back, and thats not their defenders, its Messi, Villa and Pedro, they earnt the right to play their football, sadly we are left ith alot to be desired in this department with Arsha a prime example of the huge gulf in colass in this respect.
    Another huge difference in both thesemteams is that Barce are absolutely RUTHLESS. Unlike this current Arsenal side there is no complascency, no over-elaboration, they go for the goal every time they attack very rearely do you see a Bartce attack fizzle outor lack direction or purpose.
    There are probably alot more differences in us and this great Barce side but the twi Iv stated will be the reasin we literally cannot beat this side, we cannot match their desire and hunger with our obvious abundance of passive players.
    Yes we cant really lose having been drawn against them cos noone expects us to win but with this group of players thats the worst place we can actually be because they simply cant motivate thamselves and perform in the big games when a big question is put up to them, let alone when their not expected to.
    Sad to say all that but thems are the facts kids.

  60. well said shambo,there is no chance in this world that arsenal can beat barca even with fabregas and everybody back, did u see how barca dismantled madrid or how they play nowadays and plz spare me that crap about any miracle happening btw now and february. the
    gulf btw us and barca is wide enough for them to beat us with one eyes closed and is it me or am i begining to think wenger sucks at reading games and making subs and what is it with trying to play rvp and chamakh together, all wenger has succeded in doing is disrupt the balance of the team

  61. As long as we field a full strength team, play 100% better than the first leg last season and the players show some grit then we have a chance. I’ll set the alarm, tune into SBS and listen to Craig Johnston (sorry if you are not from Oz) creaming his pants about Barca’s football, and then spend 90 minutes in agony!

    Any older Gunners fans out there who can remember Paul Vaesson? Second leg v juventus in the CWC ’79 or ’80. Drew the first leg 1-1 at Highbury. Totally written off for the away leg and Vaesson who was rarely in the starting XI scored the only goal in injury time against a Juve team with real superstars of the day – Bettega, Causio, Gentile (I think – my memory is a bit hazy!). And we didn’t have live tv coverage so I was tucked up in bed listening to a really crackly radio broadcast on the BEEB my mum thinking I was fast alseep until I went mental when the goal went in.

    I know this has absolutley nothing to do with playing Barca in 2011 but it’s memories like that that make supporting your team special.

    Just wish I could go to the game. It sucks watching it at 5am on your own in a non footballing culture!

  62. Trish.

    If AW didnt put RVP on with Chamakh you and everyone here would be going off saying.

    “what was AW thinking not brining RVP on and playing two up front to try and grab a goal in the last 15 mins blah blah blah” honestly i have been reading this forum for the last six months and the majority of you are fair weather sailors. Walcott was the best thing since slice bread in all your eyes at the start of the season and you all whinge about him now. It angers me to read all the negative rubbish when we lose and then how we are world beaters when we win a game.

    Stick to having some kind of assemblance and rational when you post for a change.

    As for us beating barca in the CL. We can do it. ofcourse we can, but it will be damn hard. the game is two months away lets see home we are travelling in the BPL and FA cup by then.Saying we have no chance now is pointless when the game is two months away. Barca may have key players injured then… a lot can happen.

    Have some faith.


  63. I witnessed arsenal silence Madrid at its best at Bernabu in 2006 and it went ahead to the fianls in Paris.But this was due to packing the bus and having one exceptional player in Henry. We can do the same in 2010 like Maurino did with intermillan and went on to win it. That is the simple tactic of the last 16. Pack the bus and be efficient at releasing the balls in spaces on counter attacks.Do we have players up front for the show my answer is yes. Dont tell me about Chamak. He doesnt have pace and eye for goal at all. We have Theo Walcott, Arshavin, Nasri, Cesc, Vela,and Persie. Though not pacey enough, he has eye for goal and is one of our best free kick takers and can release the pass for Walcott to chase.Denilson, Song,Wilshere will do the cover up of the back four.Gibbs,Jorou/koscienly,Vermaleen, Noordveilt/ Eboue can make up our back.If we pack the bus and the refree doesnt come against us then we shall beat them. We won 1_0 at Bernabeau and ended in stalemate at Highbury. From now on wards Wenger must train the team to adjust in some of our remaining games how the team can play defensively and rely on counter attacks only so that by Febuary we shall be an ugly side which wins by only one goal. We can do it though i think it is the special one who can perfect this.

  64. hey guyz things God knows remember arsenal guys they are not babies now.. big boyz they can meke it if wenger adjust striking force

  65. @shambo – let me guess, you’d had a few when you wrote that last piece, right?! Ha! Merry Christmas and a Hey Nonny Nonny! 😀 I’ve done it myself on here a few times. Never drink and blog…

  66. Anyone watch the Barca massacre of their cross town rivals on Sunday 19th December? Espanol did everything they could to stop them, play high up, press the ball, tackle, foul, gamesmanship, the lot and yet were 2-0 down in about 25 minutes. Now which of the things we will do I mentioned above? Guarantee we will be high on halfway but without the other 4 ingredients we are going to stuggle. Alot of support is hoping for a fit TV5 but cast your minds back when we last played them, he was there and getting torn apart. Baby steps kids, Carling Cup glory 1st, the rest could follow, soon, but don’t hold your breath.

  67. i think arsenal will beat Barcelona if we have those of song,fabrigas wattcot,van thank you so much for supporting arsenal.

  68. I’m not sure if you consider it my place to say this or not, although i would love Arsenal to win i think the boys will get stuffed in spain. i only hope they maintain their pride while wearing the shirt. I feel for many people the words football club supporter sometimes means loosing all sence of realism.

  69. Why do some commentators here think that some of us aren’t real fans when we predict Arsenal may lose?

    It’s a realistic prediction based on current form geez…dosen’t make any of us less of an Arsenal supporter. Even on Barca’s last year’s form,we would still have a hard chance of winning.

    When we say realistic stuff its doom n gloom, …most are not real supporters only those who keep mum on Lord’s Wenger doctrine are ONLY ALLOWED to be part of Arsenal…bla bla bla bla…fades into talking va*i&%

    Aren’t the role of supporters supposed to be holding the club to accountability, to keep them in check, if questioning Arsene’s tactics is considered taboo or heresay then might as well shove me back to the middle ages. I bet voicing out in dictator led country such as Egypt is easier than speaking out about Arsenal’s tactics.

    The thing is most are here are not speaking rashly, there is actually some thought to the doom n glooming going around.

  70. I wonder a lot of you guys keep saying ARSENAL will beat barc, and also most of you keep mentioning the game against RMADRID, what most of you forget is at that time we had a very good defense and a world class keeper this time around our defense is crap.

    I wonder how much of you would be willing to put money on arsenal winning.
    I know its a long way away but am a realist even without messi barc is top class,.
    ARSENAL as individuals have some very good players BUT as a team were not good at all
    AND base on some of our performances this season in the easiest group of all were screwed. you guys can talk all you want am a realist.

    AS for the league
    All this talk of arsenal having already played all the big teams away and wenger is now saying we have an advantage come second round, this statement makes me sick.
    cast your mind back to last season we had 10 games against easy teams and look what happened.
    Arsenal and wenger are hoping that all the big teams go broke so arsenal can win something, well i got news for you THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN, there will always be people who have money. Look at what happen to barc with the shirt deal.
    If we don’t win this carling cup this season this will be the last straw for me, most of you can suck up to wenger all you want, if it were up to me i would have fired him two seasons ago for sure.
    The facts are what they are wenger’s plan has not worked full stop. Three league titles in 14 years no champions league title and we behave as if this man has won everything in sight.
    When brac replace Frank Rijkaard no one thought he would be so success full, AND most of barc team are home grown.
    SO its not the conditions or the environment that’s important its the philosophy of football,so wenger’s philosophy is for under 15 players not pros.
    Sorry to sound so negative but its been so long and all i hear is excuses………..

  71. @nonny,
    Merry christmas to you mate, Im abstainin from now on but I think the drink actually toned down the usual ‘negativity’ hahahahahaha!
    Long time no chat mate how you keepin? when you ready to hand over parker

  72. Frankly saying we don’t have the defense,tactics ,training and mental strength to confront big teams.It is because as a team we are good at attacking but not defending.Arsene experimenting to find a solution for this.There are lot of weakness in our offensive style.sagna and clichy never make crosses which are really goal scoring opportunities.They just do it for the sake and have never found a man except some rare cases.We don’t have people who can put the ball into the net from free kick.We don’t have guys who can score from long range.Apart from Nasri we don’t have anyone who can score confident against one on one or two.Eboue in my opinion is better than sagna to play in right.We never have closed upon a opponent player who is a threat.Ex: Drogba,Rooney and Nani and at every opponent corner we panic.Arsene never allows a player to settle down in a single role and confuses them like eboue,song etc.I could say Arsene is spoiling the team now with too many experiments and not allowing anyone to settle down.He is too rigid too. I would expect Bendtner to come on after chamakh but it never happens.He changes the entire midfield in the second half by removing Rosicky,Wilshere.He is expecting ever player to play box to box and allowing our players to tire and lose the game.

  73. They say judge me at the end of the season but a sensible person can begin judging early. How on earth can management be patient with a coach for such a long period of time. Benitez is already on a hot plate just within a season but mighty Wenger is comfortable enjoying pay cheques ripped from fans for his mediocrity. Already creating excuses that this is the most open season he has seen.Show a statement of intent early on like Borussia Dortmond. We are tired of the hopeless Wenger football philosophy.How do you paly beautiful football without an end product.The gulf in class between Barca and Arsenal is that they are ruthless while infront of goal. Unlike these hopless bunch of mediocres like Chamak who enjoy passing the ball. We enjoy alot of possession without these bunch of fools shooting at goal enough.The coach enjoys a patient build up before scoring yet he throws on the long balls in the opponents defense when he realises the team is loosing. Who is fooling who here? The team is not so bad either to beat Barca but the coach is not tactical and sensible enough to take Arsenal to another level as for now. If we used of possession to shoot more at goal then we could have won some games by margins.Some people say united packed the bus but they were the better side throughout and Nani himself almost got on the score with a fierce shot. Wedont need Chamak up front again. Great our usual attackers are back we can utilise him when they are sick. I dont want to see us loose Bendtner at the expense of this big joker in Chamak. Bendtner gave us the lead at Nuo camp and caused all sorts of Problems there as a lone striker which is very rare of Chamak who loves passing the ball side ways.We must use two strikers in a 4 4 2 system for now and only adjust it depending on the class of opposition we are facing. We must not entrust Chamak with the role to lead the attack. If Wenger loves him so much then make him an attacking midfielder but i must say am so nervy with him like i would see Almnia in our goal.

  74. Last year when the Emirates was one of the only venues to successfully work to beat the big freeze and avoid cancellation, Everton came and nipped us for a draw. Now they do one better to City. I think all clubs should take note. When everyone else is calling games off and you’ve got Everton next on the list, have your snow removal crew call out sick.

  75. Great draw football-wise and let’s face it: the PL is the best league in the world together with La Liga so if we want to win PL we should be able to win against everyone. Problem positions for us now:

    1) Left back: we will get squashed if we play with Clichy in his current form. Wenger should make a brave choice and put Eboué there instead.
    2) Defensive midfield: Wilshere doesn’t have the defensive skills at this level, Denilson should get the nod despite the fact that we lose some offensive potential.
    3) Left wing: Arshavin is weak right now, not dangerous enough in his runs and has been exposed defensively. Rosicky will probably start.

    Other than these positions we look good. I expect Fabregas and van Persie to be back in form which is vital to us and play their normal positions. GK is no longer a problem either so we are stronger than last year. Can Wenger make choices 1, 2 and 3 above? He has a weak spot for favourite players but he must be ruthless on this one.

  76. @Joakim Lof,
    And what is it exactly that you think Denilson brings to the table defensively? Iv seen Wilshere chase back and win more slide tackles and dispossess more opposition players this season than Iv seen Denilson do in his whole Arsenal career, he was immense against Chelsea and Aston Villa, he never shirks a tackle as hes shown vs Essien, Dunne and Carew whilst all you have to do is look at Denilson vs Shaqtar away to see what hes capable of, I could name you a dozen other occasions where hes been an embarrasment to the role of CDM hardman, if anyone is to be considered for that role other than Wilshere then it has to be Diaby, the whole over-rating of Denilson is just boring me at this stage, I have a labrador that can role the ball 10 yards back and forth in the back garden to me, does that mean he too can one day play Denilsons role, maybe not actually cos he nips at my heels and chases me when I have the ball so thats not Denilson at all really, is it?

  77. This doesn’t have to do directly with Barcalona, but something I am getting increasingly frustrated in is Wenger’s apparent need to make everybody happy; mainly the players.

    One thing that has drawn talent to Arsenal is Wenger’s relationship with his players and his ability to play younger talent in prominent roles. But now I see Arsene is chained to that reputation. Over the weeks Ive been reading more and more of his interviews/comments and getting furious about how damn somber he is!

    The most recent example belongs to Almunia. Now, we all know that Almunia’s time is done. He’s three years old, his track record is…well, it’s awful, and he will never ever become top keeper again. YET, despite Almunia clearly understanding his time is up by making comments that hint at it without being an outright dick and being angry at the organization, Wenger says that Almunia has a future!

    Wenger is known for giving people chances, but he is becoming the manager that gives players chances who already had them. I am new to the Arsenal blog scene so I am not sure of everyone’s feelings about Wenger in the past, but this season alone has been a wake up call to see how impossibily behind the times Arsene Wenger is. He is a man who is now riding the success of the players he cultivated years before, and I absolutely believe he is running on fumes.

    I will admit the man can spot talent and (to an extent) he is smart financially, but when it comes to dealing with the players in regards to game decisions, he has degraded to the point of embarrassment.

    For me it is no longer In Arsene We Trust, but In Arsenal. It will be the perseverance and personal sacrificing of the team that keeps Arsenal winning while Wenger attempts to duct tape any crack that is revealed instead of filling our problems with solutions.

    Where is this man’s fire? When does he chastize players? When does he express his true feelings about the team? And why for GODS sake does he not just say, “Almunia is done.”

  78. @Boris i sure hope to remind u of this post after the match over two legs. u should listen to yourself actually hoping barca players get injured to stand a chance against them now lets assume messi.xavi.iniesta.pedro all break their legs. what makes u certain vermalen or cesc or rvp will all be fit.and who says chamakh and rvp cannot play together in a sane formation, if u saw the match against partizan u wouldnt have commented on it. thumbs up to objective gooners ianinja, shambo and others. cos i predict a barca win does not make me less arsenal than
    u are

  79. About Denilson: we’ve looked more solid with him I think, when he came on vs. Everton, when we won vs. Man City and other games. He’s a slightly ugly player who has gotten some muscle on him, and he is good at destroying opponent play. Wenger likes Wilshere due to his good possession play and passing but he’s not a good tackler and gets pushed off the ball a too easy. Diaby is potentially a better player than Denilson, agree with that, but he probably won’t be able to get in form for the Barca games. Sometimes you have to take the lesser evil when you don’t have optimal choices.

  80. @Joakim LOf – I’m sorry, but I think ur comments are sick. Anyone who feels Wilshere should not start for us is MAD.
    We can definitely BEAT BARCELONA if Walcott plays in a 4-3-3 formation and CHAMAKH (and maybe Squillachi) DOES NOT PLAY ANY PART at all. On a more serious note, if we have no one to stretch them(make them panic), i’m afraid we will have no chance at all whatsoever.
    Score early…sit back…counter.

    @Shambo – Our defense really makes me sick, but guess what? Our lack of scoring and winning very easy matches makes our defensive mistakes so alarming. I’m sure u’ve been surprised I avoided talking about them so far. What say you about our options in front?

  81. @Jordan – I can see your point but what good does it do Le Boss, Almunia or anyone for him to write Almunia off? It’s better to praise Almunia than bury him – if any potential buyers are sniffing around. Of course with AW you never know. Maybe he really does want Al back? But he is always extremely loyal to his players and has never publicly denigrated anyone that I can remember. Even Adebeywhore who walked out the door calling slagging off everyone involved with the club. AW’s bigger than that.
    One other thing though – you say AW’s smart financially but only ‘to a certain extent’. Come on. Surely his worst critics would admit that business-wise he’s an absolute genius and has played a very large part in building Arsenal’s current wealth – one of the very few Prem clubs that actually turn a profit and the ONLY one out of the Top 4.

  82. @gunnerboss,
    You know Im not happy with the forwards mate, van Persie is a favourite of mine but Iv slowly lost faith in him, Iv seen him score some great goals but big game performances and goals that mean something have been in short supply in recent seasons, I dont like to say it of a player I love but, for me, hes been doing more talking than performing the last 3 seasons.
    Bentdner is not the answer either, actually hes the furthest thing from the solution we have, poor control, poor concentration, poor finishing, no awareness in the box and no tactical know-how, we heard rumblings of discontent for weeks from him when he regained fitness about getting his chance to show he can score goals, then he gets the nod to play the lone role up-front against Braga away and you could see him behind the midfield and on the flanks putting crosses into, you guessed it, no-one.Eh thats because your the centre forward self proclaimed ‘world class striker’. Once again someone doing more talking than performing.
    Vela has simply not progressed since hes been with us, hes still a Carling Cup player who’ll do well at the Emirates but play him in an fa cup game in winter away to Stoke and he will bottle it….example; Stoke away on the fa cup last season.
    Chamakh is a good player, but lacks pace and killer instinct, hes another like the lorry-load we have already; comfortable at 3-0 at the Emirates but when its put up to him and theres another gear required hes found wanting, over-elaborate at the best of times and I was deflated with his lack of fight against Ferdinand and Vidic…..I put it to anyone, I asked this question in september, if Chamakh were under contract till 2020 and not on a free would Wenger have gone all out to sign him????? No. He represented VALUE, and VALUE does not translate into silverware. We are living prove of that.
    Now we have signed a young Japanese striker, we’ll sell RvP or Bendtner and the ‘PROMISE & potential’ merry-go-round will begin again, will we ever see a marquee signing with Wenger in charge, a player who everybody wanted but that we won the race to sign????????????
    Dont hold your breath mate.

  83. @ shambogunner -: The most retarted post i have ever read in my life, do you really look at stats Mr shambo??? do you know that arsenal have scored 34 goals this season, which is the 2nd highest 2 behind utd, and 3 more than chelsea who have 31 goals this season when they were banging in 6 goals and suddenly what happens to them, but no one writes them of. Marquee signing you talk about who the hell is Arshavin then, irrespective of current form he was a marquee signing, after his performances for Russia in Europe he became a marquee player. Btw how many marquee players does utd sign in the past few years, please tell me?? Who Berbatov?? he is a joke not a marquee signing. what do u expect from bendtner please tell me, you expect him to score a hatrick on his return?? your comments are really dumb and stupid it just seems like you look at every opportunity to get at the team, ur better of supporting another team brother, and ur the typical fan who would come out and say if we win the PL, i told you so, and even if we dont win come out and say i told you so…

  84. @lots of people on here hoping for instant gratification-
    The transfer market isn’t the same as it is in FIFA. There are more variables than just giving X amount of dollars. Once again we can all look to Man City for actual living proof that buying players is not the answer. Just because our team (possibly) won’t win the CL or PL this year isn’t the worst news in the world. One could ask the question, how many teams are below Arsenal in the EPL table? the answer to that would be 18. That yields 18 other clubs that would enjoy being in our position. One could perform a similar argument for our status in the CL.
    For those hating of Chamakh i have gathered some statistical evidence to prove that he IS a BIG help for our club. Currently Chamakh is in 10th place (7 goals) in the EPL. Also the only reason he is 10th is because Berbatov got 5 in that one game. He also has 4 assists. Not bad for a dude in his 1st season in the fastest and most physical league in the world. Also not to mention he was FREE. (30 mil for berbatov anyone?) up the gunners (who cares about anything else?)

  85. @Bill – Don’t be ridiculous…no one in Arsenal HATES Chamakh. I personally wish Walcott could transfer him some speed…when he starts getting those 1 on 1s and fluffs them, he will learn to shoot by force.
    Don’t u get it? This guy never wants to strike a ball at goal and now, even Rosicky has lost his shooting from outside touch(did u not see that in the last game?).
    Aman just talked about what a joke 25mil Berba is even after allegedly scoring 5. So, ur goal stats do not even count in his defense. Whenever he can start shooting at least 8 shots per match, I wouldn’t even bother about him even if we loose….thats the kind of commitment I’m talking about.
    @Aman – We dont need people free anymore, we need those that are willing to pay us to play. In order words, we need a player, but we get some money for bringing him in…that will be amazing, wouldn’t it?

  86. @GunnerBoss .. Dude as far as i can remember isnt this the first free transfer we have gotten over a long long time, infact the reverse has always been for wenger players leaving on free, Gallas, silvest so many other youngsters to name in there, so according to you CHAMAKH Has been the worst free signing??

    and as far as 5 goals in a game goes arsenal kids put 7 against porto in a CL, do you ever hear anyone go on and on and on about it, he scored 5 goals against which opposition oops i did not see was it SAF best friend Big fat SAM and who always hates arsenal and Wenger, its just like i let you have one to be on par with arsenal and also help u improve your GD..

  87. @aman,
    Nasri is our top scorer, Fabregas has been for the seasons before that, we dont have a clinical goal scorer, those are facts. You can come on and try to play up to what you think are the broader Arsenal fan base but I’l come out and give it to you real everytime…….saying Berbatov isnt a marquee signing just exposes your ignorance, after what he did at spurs he was coveted by all major clubs, the fact that he has proven to be moody and lazy doesnt change that he is class, just like Arsha, who is even lazier.
    The fact is when we signed Arshavin the deal nearly didnt happen and when it did it went to the wire, Arshavin HIMSELF forced his move away from Zenit, he flew to London with the deal still in the balance off his own back on deadline day.
    Wenger is slow to act in the market and notoriously cheap, another fact backed up by the second bid we made for Scharzer at the same value as the first bid, wheres the logic there?
    Do I really look at stats???? ARE YOU FOR REAL…..why dont you look at the amount of goals Drogba has scored against us per game, or Rooneys goals and assists against us, look how many more goals they score per game than Bendtner, and for the record my problem is not with Bentdners lack of ability, its his lack of connection with reality and his insistance of telling anyone who will listen that he is a ‘world class striker’…..Lionel Messi is a world class player and he doesnt feel the need to carry on that way. You are like so many others now who are obsessed with shunning the idea of buying the finished article, its like Wenger has made you believe its dirty or immoral when teams with a history of buying experience and proven quality have set the standards for silverware, look at Barcelona, winning all around them and they still wanna sign the villas of this world, and are they breaking any laws of the game?????
    By the way you dont know me, so dont try to label me and defo dont tell me to support any other team than the one Iv followed since I was 7………I was playin football in Bagdad when you were still in your DADSBAG…….jog on.

  88. @Andrew: c’mon man, how about a new thread! 95 comments?
    @ all the stats guys: Mark Twain said: there are 3 kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics. We know what we see, even if we differ on who is cobbing it up the worst. When it’s 0-0(if we’re lucky) going into the last 5 minutes of the first half, we’ll all be scared to death of Drogba picking one off us. We don’t need stats, we feel it.
    There will always be only one team for me(after 40 years) and I love the beautiful game, still love Arshavin and Clichy, despite all the disappointment, but still waiting for them all to “step up”. Who will lead?

  89. Alas!! not topping the group has come down real hard on us…….drawing Barcelona means yet another blow to our chances this year! (being realistic and lookin at the present form that Barca is in). We need Captain Fab and RVP back to top form and nasri,arshavin, chamkh too……i just hope to see that Walcott who came in at the 2nd half last year at the emirates and forced a draw ….
    our players performing and no major injuries*(fingers crossed) could make us very capable contenders for the title or cl….

  90. @ GunnerBoss -: Well i missed the point?? How about you missing the point when i am comparing the opposition, Arshavin scored 4 against Liverpool (in a season which they almost ended up with the title and came 2nd also)do you hear anyone go on and on and on about it?

    @shambogunner -: You talking about clinical strikers?? OK lets how many are there in the market and avaiable and at the right price, you got none.. The most clinical strikers in the world today are Villa, torress and rooney and maybe Ronaldo and none of them are for sale, who else Benzema?? Clinical you must be joking.. Whats all the Rant about Berbatov i have no bloody idea, well the only idea you need to have is this a player who costs 30 Million, a striker cant even notch up 10 goals in an entire PL season?? and you think berbatov is class, in what way being lazy (Good choice)?? or having the best first touch? Well if you can prove to me his touch is better than Dennis Bergkamps I will shave my head.
    Nasri is our top scorer why because the likes of RVP, bendtner, have been injured, (minus eduardo), and if you have a look at the formation we play nasri is a striker in the 4-3-3 combination. OK now when i talked abt stats i spoke abt this season, not really bothered what happened in the past because arsenal have a better history.
    Regarding Scharzer is anyone missing him? i don’t think so.. The only place i agree where wenger failed a bid was to sign up smalling, he wasnt ready to pay an extra one or two mill and manutd snapped him up, that i will agree is something he missed out on.
    Regarding Barcelona signing the villa’s of the world yes they are breaking the law by just buying football, if you say you have been seeing football from when your 7 you should of all people understand this the difference from before and now, what the world of football was before chelsea take over, before city take over, what football was whenever Leeds United took the football pitch, Do you remember the players of Viduka, Smith, Ferdinand, Speed?? Do you… I am more in shock reading your comments now that you stick to the mercenary football even though you have been following it for a long time.,

  91. @ people on here who have responded to me
    I would like to first say that the first thing i want to do as an arsenal fan is disrupt the fanbase. we can all pick apart stats and stuff but in the end we are all the same (fans of arsenal fc) i just get irked everytime i see people on these blogs rippin arsenal apart. I mean they do what they can, (get into champs league and finish near the top of PL) I am just trying to push the point that things aren’t as bad as other people make them to be. We have a fair chance at winning the league. I do think that Chamakh lacks pace up front, and is not as good at taking his chances as other top class finishers in the world. He does open up the game for those willing to make runs off him, and i think it is hard to complain about a guy who is purely a team player and is willing to run his arse off everygame to make things happen for the arsenal. Anyways to everyone on this site that likes the gooners, c’mon arsenal. otherwise do something else with your time.

  92. @bill.. Well like i said some people are never satisfied if chamakh doesn’t have pace they crib, if he had pace and no heading ability they would crib, if he had these they would crib he cant take free kicks, if he had that they would crib he doesn’t shoot enough, and then even if he shot enough the goals dint go in, they would crib he shoots but the most important thing is finding the back of the net. Then one very intelligent Jack in here would say he doesn’t have dribbling abilities, amazes me sometimes the post’s that go in here, and add to that they are so long and people think they are making sense.

  93. Arsenal has the ability… But we need to change the game plan… Defend like crazy and hit them on the counter. Let them keep the ball if they want, as long as we play tight in the middle we can stop the one two’s. When we get the ball back we hit them with the counter through our wings and attacking mids. Slim chance but a chance nonetheless. It will be hard to play our usual game of possession against the best team in the world at possession play but as long as we keep our defensive shape we have a chance…

  94. More reason to strengthen our defence…

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