Arsenal Club Updates

A Strong Start

With summer transfers coming to a close, every football club right now is gearing up for the big games to come. Arsenal is no exception. This club is ready for action, and has been making moves all over the place to ensure that they are a top contender in the many events and games to come.

The pre-season games Arsenal has played have already demonstrated that this club is here to play. Football fans from all over the world are still catching their breath after the rousing action from the World Cup, but they are going to have to wrap that up quickly, as there is no rest for the weary. Football is already back in full swing, and matches will be starting sooner rather than later.

Contract Confirmation

 As the World Cup comes to a close, players are flocking back to their original clubs, preparing for things like Premier League, and even the US tour. The latest news out of Arsenal has been a confirmation from Unai Emery that Alex Iwobi will sign a contract with the club. The Nigerian international player Iwobi is quite a talent, and is returning to the Gunners after playing in the World Cup.

Unai Emery and Arsenal fans alike are excited to lock in this prime player for the club, as Iwobi has proven time and time again that he has what it takes to perform on the field, especially in high pressure situations. While Iwobi still has two years left of his contract with the Emirates, the long-term future of this talented player appears to be with Arsenal.

The Big Bet  

Clubs like Arsenal have been known to be trend setters in the football arena. One of the latest trends to emerge is a wider acceptance of sports betting. There has been a lot of regulation lifts on sports betting lately, and with that, a flood of new aspiring gamblers entering the arena. With the new gamblers comes a new crop of money, which wakes up the seasoned gamblers as well, creating a kind of feeding frenzy.

Some professional football players have even considered taking sponsorships from popular gambling brands. Online gambling has seen a sharp rise in popularity as well. Gambling sites that offer free bets have been experiencing traffic spikes due to increased popularity. These sites offer fans a chance to cash in on their insider knowledge and make some extra money just doing what they love.

Battling it Out

In other Arsenal news, their starting lineup has not been confirmed yet, so there is still plenty of room for contention. Petr Cech for instance is happy to fight for a starting Arsenal spot. This Arsenal goalkeeper wants to keep his place with the club, even though there have been rumors circulating that he may not get it.

Under the management of new Arsenal head coach Unai Emery, there are certainly no guarantees that Cech will stay in his starting spot as a goalkeeper. Only time will tell what is in store for the Arsenal club.


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