Arsenal are back and I’ll be watching them in Malaysia!

Hello from Kuala Lumpur.

It’s just a very quick post today to let you all know that I’m on the final part of my Malaysian adventure. I’ll be back in Australia tomorrow night and will have a full report of the Manchester City clash happening later tonight for you on Monday.

For those that aren’t aware I’m meeting up with the official Arsenal Malaysia supporters group for the City game tonight and I have to say I’m looking forward to it. Events in Brisbane are great fun but I’ve been told by a few locals that events in KL are not only a lot bigger but fairly intense as well. As such, I’m sure it will be interesting to see how things pan out.

For those that are interested in heading along to watch the game in KL the details are as follows:

Bayu Angkasa Restaurant
@ Bayu Angkasa Condominium
No: 4, Jalan Medang Kapas,
Bukit Bandaraya,  Bangsar KL
Call Suku (012 – 393 5026)

If you’re going along and you see me there be sure to say hello. I’ll be taking along my camera as well to get a whole heap of photos and I’ll be posting them on the blog once I get back home and have some time to organise everything.

Anyway, I don’t have much time so I’d better fly. It’s great to have the football back and even better to be experiencing it in such a different part of the world. Hopefully the boys can put Adebayor and his City chumps to the sword and make a lot of Malaysian Arsenal supporters – as well as all the rest of them around the world – very happy.


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  1. Love Malaysia , have they got gunners support in Penang ( been twice before ) do you know. Up the gooners!!!

    Steve in UK London

  2. Very hopefull even without arsha.Cant wait for the game.enjoy it SF as well as the rest of you all Gooners.

  3. gud luck guys i know we can make it. just go ahead and play ur game. we will surly come out victorious. GUNNERS 4 LIFE… Cheers

  4. what was that? I am irritated, were City so good or Arsenal so bad ?, I had the impression they slept until the fourth goal from City, don’t know, too many mistakes, and up front too poor, they can’t shoot goals under pressure, that’s it, I don’t know, disappointing

  5. Let me start by saying that if players can be suspended after the fact- then Adebayor needs to be gones for 10 games at least. I felt sympathy for him with all the chants but after he neer Martin Taylored Fabregas’ ankle, then deliberately stomped on RVPs face, I could honestly care less how he is treated. Deserves every bit of it and although the media will make him out a hero for coring- he did nothing but clear corners all day. Not Arsenal quality.

    Denilson had a horrible game. The introduction of Rosicky changed the entire complexion of the game. Having a midfielder with skills and an attacking mindset changed the entire teams mentality and it showed… Denilson should not be starting if Rosicky/ Nasri is fully healthy.

    I know I will get slamed for this but Diaby is simply not Arsenal quality. The people that are convincing themselves that he has potential are absolutely mistaken. The man has had 100 games to develop and still hasnt. He needs to go.

    Bendtner made nearly no contribution aside from clearing some headers. He is still young and has time, but I am not too comfortable with him leading the line yet. Should stay a backup for now.

    And lastly Almunia. All I will say is that if we had an established, confident vet in his spot, I am confident there would be a “Rosicky effect” and the entire team would gel and defend better. He simply is nothing more then average and thats not good enough.

    Its really a shame that we are risking squandering all of the talent up front that we have. A few changes need to be made in January…

  6. This is what ive always said about Diaby and Bendy.i dont know why AW is really worshiping them, these guys are just lazy, Id much prefer to see Lil jack, I dont know why AW is still keeping him in his drawls, this game would have been totaly different if we had this line up:

  7. That was awful to say the least. Im now convinced that we’ll win nothing with Almunia as first choice goalie, he is a liability, an accident waiting to happen.

    and Ade is a tw*t of the highest order. Cant believe i actually liked the imbecile, he deserves a lifetime ban. What a clown

  8. well the truth is out in writing, the quality of arsenal is truly not gud enough for the premier league endurance race, denilson and diaby re given to much credit while bendtner score during the international break 2goals in 2 matches, but is lost when playing against man.The match should of ended 4-4 at least, if they took the chances.Only 1 positive rosicky scoring and look gud for premiership race.The race look bleak for us,really I am stil trying to understand why four, not lively players were playing in the first half, diaby,bendtner denilson and song, the score of four don’t matter becoz we played a3-3-4,the team said they were hurt by the 3-0 score last time but yet they seem 2 forget it and lose again

  9. i havent seen a match this unluck for any side in my life…… lets hope for the best and keep our hopes high. GO ARSENAL GO.

  10. I believe we give too much love to wenger and he is not pressurized like benitez. When the heat of fans n bosses was on benitez back for that two loses he had it out with the team and now look they are comfortly winning the matches.The youngsters are not going to get us anything this season, i hoping that is a lie.

  11. I understand if not many gunnars want to get there anger out by writing, I want to believe in the youngsters, but everything seems to be against them. It’s the middle of the midfield that seem just to easy to get pass and players seem to come live when there is a goal down.

  12. I saw the frustration of AW today by putting 4 strikers on the pitch. at a time.In overall, our team isnt strong enough moraly to fight, we become weak as soon as our opponent put pressure on us and I personally beleive that this is where the maturity of every single player on the pitch comes in/ our team is mainly composed by young players so they need at least one mature player to give them strentgh and to be taken as an example for them especially in the attack area.I think that our players are definetly extremely talented but they need the strength to fight evry single ball and do it till the end.The good side ive seen today is that we had lots of goal attempt(and many of them on target) and we had lots of creativity on the pitch despite of Diaby’s lazyness on the left and the rigid unskilfullness attitude of Bendy on the right side.
    Bendy as a striker is not even fully trusted yet on his job as a pure striker so how can AW trust him as a winger? that was stupid from Le boss.
    Diaby is definetly an extraordinary talented player, no doubt abt that and i really agree with AW but talent isnt enough for a player to bring as laguage on the PL contest,.Diaby needs more vivacity, dynamism and agressivity on the pitch.In fact all our players need more of this kind of attitude on the pitch but Diabys is too much.
    Song is perfect for me.
    Deni=i ve never get to understand him, he changes one day to another, so i cant say anything but this= we got more than two players in our squad who are more than capable of doing his job or doin it better.
    Almunia isnt defntly convincing for a top4 premier league team.
    A part from these lads, im quite satisfied on all our players and thank God that we no longer play like last year anymore, we got more goal attempt and more creativity.Imagine whats gonna happen when Arsha, walcott, nasri, or Lil jack are on the pitch.
    Our wings (Diaby and Bendy) were our weakeness today, things have really changed as soon as Rosicky came in.AW must not play them as winger anymore, especially on 4-3-3

  13. well,well,well looks like i was right top teams like manure and chelski have the know how and players to come from behind to win a game away from home but we have powder puff,light weights without the stomach from a battle, 3 goals conceded in 10 mins is not a title winning team i,ve said numerous times the squad isn,t strong enough and we will struggle to make 4th place if this continues too many players in the team not arsenal quality that was shit!!!!

  14. Shambo where are you man, where do i start. Radads i can concure with most of your observation and its roughly the same points I have been mensioning even with Arsenal’s earlier apparent impressive start. Wenger has built a team of potentally very talented young players. But my main gripe of contention with his methods is how too similar most of the players are. However i do understand why he does it. It is so that incase of injuries one player can be plucked from a position and placed into another in order to maintain the same pattern or flow. Unfortunately AW beleives he can do this with all players. It is quite obvious to me that that is not possible. The team needs more drive and pase out on the left in the middle and up front even if that player does not possess the touch and technique that AW demands as a basic necessity. The team is still to lightweight throughout its spine. Arsenal were good in the second half but still came away with nil points the same as the Man U game. I have seen this on to many occasions in the last 4 seasons. That nasty taste i mensioned during the transfer window has arrived earlier than i predicted. Wenger needed to take out the cheque book and use a few more pages. Finally, and i dont mean this as a I TOLD YOU SO, but Ade and Toure has come back to haunt Arsenal. When i am watching a game of football and i decide that i am for what ever reason, going to give a player some serious stick and he jumps back and bites me hard in the arse i never, never, never bitch or complain. Its sometimes a war zone out on the court so you need to knuckle down and kick in like men. Give it and take it and stop bitching and wasting energy on someone who is no longer an Arsenal player. He stood up and was counted for his team and unfortunately he is not a gentleman like most of the Arsenal fans are. He reacted like a dog would with its back to the wall…and wan by any means possible. I which AW would have invested in a player with a nasty over the top son of a bitch streak like him. Wenger should be able to handle a good player who causes friction in a squad. Most top team possess them. Look at Man U, nasty team but they win. And anyway can anyone rember one of the greatest goals T.Henry scored against The Spurs, he took on the whole team before slotting the ball in. He then ran the length of the pitch straight past the stand of Spurs supporters and slid on his knees. PASSION, BEING IN THE ZONE, KICKING ARSE, ITS A FUCKING FANTASTIC FEELING. Theres no time to think the eyes open wide, you can take on the world. As Iron Mike Tyson use to say, COME ONE COME ALL, or Ali, I SHOOK UP THE WORLD I SHOOK UP THE WORLD. Got that off my chest. By the way WHU lost 1-0.

  15. lets not use the fact ade ran the length of the pitch after he scored to celebrate in front of the arsenal fans to deflect the attention away from the real issue here the fact we collapsed like a deck of cards in the final 15 mins after having had most of the possesion as usual,yes he,s a knob and hopefully will be punished for his antics throughout the game but the fact remains were already 9 points of the pace barely a month into the season and playing the catch up game already.

  16. When you go 2-1 down after absolutely dominating you’re always likely to concede more when you push everyone forward to try to get something from the game. It’s called ‘football’ funnily enough, it happens to all teams.

    Frankly we plain can’t get a break right now, how do you think the blatant straight red card to Ade would have influenced the game? No-one care that their opener was a yard offside (from a simulated foul nonetheless)? I’m not trying to whinge, we were beaten, all I’m trying to point out is with the differences between winning and losing being so small reactions of “Wenger out” or “Wenger doesn’t know what he’s doing” or “these young kids can’t hack it” are just ridiculous.

    Play that game again 10 times I reckon Arsenal would win 8. We so happened to catch the off day where nothing went right. What defines title winning teams is how they rebound from unjust results and setbacks. We haven’t learned anything about Arsenal in the first month. We are about to now.

    As an aside it was great to see Rosicky back and did he ever look sharp. We’re going to need him. And icehammer? Bang on about Ade’s celebrations, I wasn’t impressed with them but straight away I thought of how Henry taunted the Spurs fans. Stupid acts both, and what goes around comes around.

  17. I thought Diaby and Bendtner had very average games. Song was great until he missed that challenge on Richards which opened us up for Bellemy to score.

    Thought Bellamy and Adebayor had the best games I’ve ever seen them play.

    Rosicky had a solid introduction back into the premier league.

    Few rotten refereeing decisions – should have had a penalty for handball

  18. I really feel sorry for u thrashed u like babies.
    stupid ade should be punished but i loved it. u guys deserve it.
    dont worry guys we will show ade wats football. we will take revnge for u guys. dont cry.

  19. Hopefully, Murphy, City do United next weekend. Hopefully give United a football lesson, and perhaps take some time out to give their fans a spelling lesson as well.

  20. yeah u guuners fans said the same two weeks ago (hope spurs beat u).
    guys forget about winning any trophies u guys wouldnt be in the top 4.
    u guys just complain. if we had arsh,nasri or ref was very bad. but never accept ur defeat.
    i hate city and wanted u guys to win but adebeyor kicked ur asses.

  21. yeah u guuners fans said the same two weeks ago (hope spurs beats united).
    guys forget about winning any trophies u guys wouldnt be in the top 4.
    u guys just complain. if we had arsh,nasri or ref was very bador weather was against uscrowd is very noisy. butu guys never accept ur defeat.
    i hate city and wanted u guys to win but adebeyor kicked ur asses.

  22. No, Adebayor kicked our faces “murphy”. But obviously from what you’ve written you can’t tell your arse from your face so I’m not surprised.

    No-one denied anything other than that United won fair and square last weekend. The only whingers I detest are the trolls that can’t be satisfied in their own happiness when their team wins and feel the need to taunt others to make up for their own inadequacies. Arsenal losing was an achievement for you? If that’s the highlight of your day it must be an exciting life you lead then. Well played sir!

  23. i was hoping for Arsenal to beat Man City, but sadly u guys stumbled. wat a pity.

    I have been following u guys for 3 seasons, I guessed. whenever u guys on top, u guys are so arrogant. And when u guys lost a game, everytime fall-apart. There will be less comments on the blog and most of the comments are full of negativities. Once a hero, now a villain. Adebayor this, Adebayor that. same goes to Diaby, Bendtner, Almunia, Gallas, etc. The truth is, u need MEN. player with experience. the same reason why SAF is keeping Giggs, Scholes and Gary Neville. so often this happen esp after international break. u guys will bounce back surely.. but please be MEN enuff to put some comments after your defeat. it shows the maturity level of the Arsenal fans, reflecting your team maturity.

  24. @amiaq fergi
    firstly ur name suggest u r a fergi fan.
    u ask us to be men.its u guys who always cry not us. we lose we accept it and move forward but u immatured people always also some of u are complaining that we should have wonned yesterday but no one accepts that ur squad needs to improve.i have only seen some gunner fan say that we need to improve.but majority of u are complaining.
    The differnce btwn u gunners and us is that we win matches. yesterday we were playing with 10 men against spurs and still wonned.but if it were u or liverfools u would have started crying .u guys wont try to win the game but try to gain sympathy by blaming refs ,opponents.
    yeah adebeyor is a stupid cunt and deserves to be punished.
    we united guys hate city more than u and we wanted u guys to win.

  25. 8th in the table and may be will still go an place down if Avilla win today already two game lost. That is still bit worrying. But no problem i always believed that MANU game would have been tougher. MCity beating us unacceptable. We should have came back with an points. But anybody who has watched the game. Mcity well and thoroughly defeated us. Accepting that. Deeply upset that’s my feeling. What next. Once comes an point is this team good enough to challenge for title.
    Famous Quote of ARSENE WENGER in the earlier days.
    “In EPL the manager are judged by the type of player they bring in during the transfer”
    May i am just giving an excuse like AW and the Arsenal Board. But boss this is top flight football not Sunday league match. What has happened to Almunia and Clichy????????.

  26. I can see why Arsene got rid of Adebayor, he’s a nasty piece of work and no doubt he’s going to the same to the team spirit in City as he did to Arsenal last year before Christmas. Bugger off you dirty piece of shit. He’ll be lucky to get out of Ashburton Grove alive, wanker.

    Otherwise City won that match because of Arsenal’s poor defence. I didn’t like the look of their shape at all and what on earth were the centre halves doing in their box so often? There’s a lack of communication and understanding in the back line and with Almunia. The worst thing though is the big gap between the backs and the midfield. The midfield isn’t getting back to help out in defence and the whole thing turned into an end to end shambles for most of the second half. Almunia isn’t inspiring a lot of confidence this season. Sooner or later City will bugger up because there’s always an early season bolter and this season it’s City.

  27. Actually I thought all in all we were the better team and a trifle unlucky again but I have to say I was disappointed in some of our players performances. It seemed to me we had some very good performances and some pretty poor ones. It was a mixed bag and not what i was expecting at all. The good for me were: Vermaelen and Gallas, Clichy, Fab, Van P and Song. The poor were (sigh) Diaby, Denilson, Bendtner – and Almuia had a shocker. I reckon he should have kept both the first goal and Ade’s header out. Sadly Sagna also was not up to standard and I’m worried as his form seems to have fallen away rather badly of late. Bendtner was very ineffective. Maybe I’m biased (surely not?) but I honestly thought we were the better side…on the whole. However we will lose again if we get the same average performances from those I’ve already mentioned.
    If I may be so bold as to look on the bright side it was great to see Rosicky back and by christ he almost scored with that volly that was practically his fist touch! We didn’t get the rub, kids, but whatever. I’m not crying about it. It looks like another season of ups and downs. Having to rely on Diaby and Denilson again. Up the Gunners, though! I’m already excited about the next match.

    PS – Adebeyor was tremendous for Man shitty. He worked his ass off and gave everything, up and down the pitch. he stuck it up the Arsenal fans who gave him the bird (of which I never was one) and I admire the guy.

  28. I think its also too early for all of us to say or criticise abt the whole season, i beleive that by November, everything is gonna be cleared up on the PL rank.Its true what the fellow mate said above: There is always an early season blotter/ up and down season or fighting for top4= i dont think so!! we will be in top4 , im sure.I was a bit afraid of Totenham yesteday but after watching their game agst Manure with their very fragile defence, I saw that there is no way for them to defeat us.Only 3 things that i really wanna insist with is :1) AW should play Liljack often.2) AW shud alternate 4-3-3 and 4-4-2 from time to time, depending on our opponent.
    3)Bendy shud be a 1st substitute striker for RVP, No more on the side and Diaby shud be 2nd sub for our Captain (would be 1st 11 agst a weaker opponent).
    Apart from these, i think that our team is strong enough to challenge anybody in the PL.
    Here is a suggestion for 4-4-2 with the rank of subs:

    ——–RVP (Dudu)———

    I’d even prefer to see Ramsey than Diaby but what can we do if AW really insist on him.The guy is defntly wonderfully talented, no doubt!!His dribble is cleverly fantastic, he’s got an extraordinary ball protection, he is tall but LAZY and So IMMATURE, cant pass accurately or read games on the pitch (I recommand him to learn these things from Arshavin)

  29. As i said above: As soon as we have a matured strong player on the pitch, the fighting attitude of the whole team would change,thats why I’d like to see this midfield line up: Theo-fab-Song-Rosicky are all fighters and winners and IM REALLY DREAMING TO SEE THIS LINE UP ONE DAY, THIS IS A QUADRIPLE SILVER WARE WINNER LINE UP/ I HOPE IM DREAMING!!!!





  31. It’s hard that we are defeated and the way adebayor behaved.Surely adebayor gets a kick back when we meet him next time, surely not in is face but somewhere where it hurts him when he sits.

    Our defensive qualities as a team has let us down rather than blaming on our defensive players alone . Alumnia never looked sharp and so our defense.

    Other than that Vermalean long range shot was too good.

    I am very very happy to see Rosicky back.Though he never involved too much as he used to be ,but he looked extremely sharp.Welcome back Rosicky and that too with a goal.I have been waiting for a long time to see you back.

    Van Persie needs to be sharp and should be some more physical.

    Bendtner has to shoot the ball to the back of the net for sure.

    I felt our team had the qualities to come back with a hit of wood work from persie and a little bit of aggression from our boys.But sadly our confidence let us down again way before we lost the battle.

    Hope arsene gets the boys back their confidence.

  32. amiq fergie or what ever your name is and murphy the muppet your a pair of dickheads coming on here to gloat i bet your a pair of glory hunters never even been to old trafford your time will come too and i,ll be waiting all scholes can do to influence a game is foul people and look stupid, pretty much like you two.

  33. I have been reserving my words as far as my team is concerning, particularly this season! I dont know better than Wenger, he is a proffesional coach and me, never been a coach, but I can identify an outstanding, ambitious, classy player. This season we lack classy players in various key positions, e.g. forward, midfield and some time at the back, we dont have a deadly stricker nor a consistant scorer, except for Arshvin and Fabregas who are not strickers but they have a good focus and superb touches! I have no doubt in my mind , we play the most fascinating soccer on this plannet, but soccer is about winning trophies and Wenger should be constantly reminded of this objective! We cannot kip developing players and loose at the end of the day, no, we are not a Soccer Academy or a Stepping Stone for other teams.

    Unfortunately I am not Wenger but I am entitled to my opinion: players like Van Persie, Diaby, Denilson, Bendtner, Silvestre do not impress me at all, even Edualdo do not deserve the No.9 T-Shirt, I strongly feel we need STRONG, FAST, CLEVER, EXPERIENCED players in place of thes ones to make up our FIRST TEAM! I am a DIE-HEART Arsenal fan and I don’t wanna end up winless again!

  34. First of all, I said we needed a proven Goal Scorer this season, someone who knows where the back of the net is.

    Why are you people complaining about RVP now? I’ve always liked him, but he is really not the one for that position.

    Why is WENGER always playing EDUARDO out of position? He is supposed to be playing in the centre, even though i would have preferred a new recruit for that position altogether. For me, AA would be the preferred one for now.
    We dont have experienced guys like BELLAMY who know what to do with the ball. ROSICKY is limited with what he can do cos of his position. WENGER needs to adapt his formation to suit other teams and stop trying to make the game interesting.
    We equalized and should have gone on to win, but, WENGER did not effect the changes needed at that time.

    Why does our central defensive midfielder cross the line often…whoever that is? He should be stayin put and lettin the faster forward guys do their stuff. I dont know why WENGER has not addressed this yet?

    We can never win the EPL like this. We need new players for this present formation, we dont pass properly and WENGER seems to condone all these kinds of unprofessional attitude by the players. Any good midfielder should know how to pass the ball effectively atleast……

    I’m just very angry

  35. @ICE – Guys are just too vexed to comment. Some people would be sputting fire and thunder if allowed to.
    @MOMONEY2.04am – Excellent observations, DIABY simply does not have the mentality to repay WENGER’s faith. If I were WENGER, DENILSON would only be playing when SONG isn’t.

    @RADADs – Good observations, but sticking with 4-4-2 lets us down with attempts on goal….but the manager should’ve been flexible enough to use the 4-4-2 for this particular game esp. after we equalized. So I would prefer a workable 4-3-3 based on the players present or the team we’re playing against. Of course, we meet BARCA now and would loose with 7 or 8 goals the way things are at present. So, playing them would mean a simple 4-5-1.

    WENGER simply doesn’t know the difference between HOME and AWAY games. This is why we loose at home the same way we loose away.
    It is good mentality for the Champs league though…

  36. @georgetown gooner
    are u Malaysian? have u been to emirates? why are u so cocky?
    for your info, i went to old trafford twice. wayback in 2000 and the latest is this year in march. i even go to your Emirates stadium and also Stamford Bridge. wat say u? please.. show some maturity whenever u speak. perhaps u are only good at using offensive and abusing words. what is the relation between have been or havent been to Old Trafford with football? u are so stupid judging from ur comments.

    scholes is scholes. he commit foul and he was sent off (eventhough for 2nd yellow card he fell before the clash). He never complaint, yes he looked stupid, but we keep the lead and add another while playing with 10men.

  37. Im actually fine with RVP up front. I would rather have eduardo centrel and RVP playing off of him but I do not think he has been the problem like so many people are saying.

    January we will need a defender to replace Djourou. I dont kno wif people noticed but Silvestre was on the bench and Senderos wasnt. Concerning to say the least.

    I would also look at a GK in January though I doubt this is a priority for Wenger. A DMF to compete with Song would be good as well unless we thing Denilson is good enough to hold the position alone in the 4-3-3 which I doubt.

    And the greedy part of me would absolutely LOVE to have Mario Balotelli up front. Difficult I know but we all have our fantasies. He would give us the height to defend set pieces so we can drop Diaby…

  38. Awful game started out great ball passing was great in first half but second half everthing just fell apart just could not play with M/city like that they had the wood on us we can/t lose games like that when we started the season on fire. Say no more.

  39. This is what we have all been waiting for, the real test, people were not believing whn told that Man city will be challenging for the top four positions, now what do we see. i know this is not going down well, but what happens when other players also become tired of AW stinginess and dicide to leave for clubs with ambitions. i am not even sure we are going to aspire to any rankings this time round. there is not quality. we areknown for short bursts of power but we tire easily.we have no counter attack no endurance and ust aere lucklustre.

  40. @MO – I kinda agree with you there,but why would WENGER ever prefer SILVEST to SENDY? I dont know how he sees some of these guys

  41. Finally, I think our main problem has been NASRI…..they all forgot they were playin for him and started getting complacent with overconfidence. But, what was WENGER thinkin when this guy broke his leg? Knowin he would be a key player this season, why not buy a replacement? I cant wait to see that guy return

  42. Things are not looking good.We are three(3) loses away from forgetting the EPL this season!That is how bad it is!And what will happen when we meet Chelsea and Liverpool away?Your guess is as good as mine.I also see Aston Villa’s speed troubling Clchy the way SW.Philips did over the weekend.I still reiterate my comments after our loss to ManU: that us winning the EPL this season will have to be preceded by quite a loss of form from Chelsea,ManU and Liverpool and I just dont see that happening.And by the way we were beaten by a ManCity without Tevez and Robinho!Where is the 25m and 16m that we got for Ade and Toure?If you fail to reinvest in the team funds from your priced assets how do you expect to perform wonders?Your team is as good as the much you invest in it.Doing things the same way over and over again produces the same results.Its been four seasons and we are still counting?!…for how long?…

  43. Well,where do we start,1;we sell our best striker and get no replacement,for all those who said RVP was better than ade,well what do you say now,ade 4 rvp 1. statistics speaks for itself.2,we switch to 4 3 3 formation,while i´m in favour of it,against weaker opposition,i´m totally against it when playing stronger teams.and yes i do mean teams like man city,cause if you are not putting them in the hunt,you are dreaming,even AW said a few months back,i quote” if you think they(mancity)are spending such amounts and atracting such players to their squade,that they will not be a threat to the top 4,then you are highly mistaken”.Funnily enough,a few weeks later, we offload ade to them.Like i was saying,you can´t play a 433 formation with the likes of diaby,bendtner,and denilson,while i believe we have the players to hold the ball, and play an effective 433 formation,like rossicky,nasri,fab,arshavin,but at the moment these guy are not available,why insist on playing the damn formation? 3,Team selection,this issue,i feel, is on the mind of all arsenal fans,is bendtner,better on the wings or as a central striker? i for one am willing to give him a try as a center man.i mean the fellow just bang 2 in 2 for his country over the break,what more do you want to convince people? All of you saying he is not good enough,i agree,but not good enough for a winger,and only that,IMO,he is a a striker,though not the polished article,but still he is more effective playing as a hitman.When will we see wilshire? ramsey? with all the possesion we had on saturday,we should have won it,or at least a draw,if we had more creative player around,its not gonna happen with diaby not knowing when to pass,how to pass,or playing bendtner as a winger,or playing a 433 formation with terrible passers of the ball,its not gonna work,enough with the experiments,we´ve got to put the players where they are most effective,or more of this is gonna happen.

  44. I cant see us winning the premier league with games like that. We all had mixed feelings when Ade left for city but now its fair to say we all hate him. Firstly, he warmed up on the arsenal side of the pitch then stomped on RVPs face and got away with it, then made a run that he never would have done in an arsenal shirt, scored a brilliant header but then ran at full pace down to the other wise of the pitch and gloated infront of the arsenal fans. And this is a player who ‘supposedly’ loved arsenal and did not want to leave. We once again should have won the game but with arsenal we can play amazing and still lose which is fustrating. A positive is that we know how to control a game as last season we were getting dominated in some games, but its still very fustrating when ypu know you should be leading and then the opposition get 3 in 14 minutes.

  45. please stop complaining about not buying, things are done, AW wants to develop his players not buy the superstars which would guarantee trophies, sorry, I can’t read it any more, you have to live with the current ‘youngsters’ now, besides Arsenal were the first to break down City’s defence, they scored the first two goals and v.Persie is a bit unlucky with his efforts, three times the post? I don’t know, they have to learn to stay focused and cool, and not to give up defending, but what I wanted to post is an article about Ade, he will be punished because of his behaviour and negligence:

  46. @Dan, your point about AW stinginess and players leaving the Emerates for club with larger ambitions is spot on. I also mensioned during the early part of summer about AW promoting to many players with silk and skill the latest being Jack Wilshere, insted of more Songs, Gallas’s and Vermaelens. This system does not equip the squad with enough players strong and gutsy enough to combat the rigores of the prem which is why as you covered they seem to tire especially after international games and dont defend well enough in midfield. Im not saying they dont stick there foot in but naturally they are firstly offensive creative players, which is why the team looks electric going forward. I still blame Wenger for this.

  47. Scope N and Gonner Shah, someone is getting a bonus in their wage pack because the purchase account has a surplus of over 20mil. I wander who that could be!

  48. Waaah, Arsenal have a god-given right to win every match they play, but it’s not happening, there must be a conspiracy at the highest level to line the pockets of our directors at the expense of the club. That must be it.

    Man City embarrassed us last year with a much worse squad. Get over it.

  49. had to give myself 2 days to try and calm down before i came on here
    as usual radads,momoney,gunnerboss and icehammer are the ones talking sense…..where are all those who claimed we didnt need to buy and who told us in july we werent real supporters and that we were doom mongers????il tell you where they are, their cursing le boss and the inadequate players in the squad under their breath, c’mon on the blog and just try defend almunia some1- iv said it here a hundred times before hes not good enough,simple as and the guy who represents his polar opposite was on display in the game saturday….almunia is not a game winner and does not stand up when required to do so.shay given was available for 5m in jan and wanted a move,add this to his public admiration for arsenal and how they play and youd think a move inevitable…but no the manager misses yet another trick.all you need to do is look at the stats from sat,we had 9 shots on target and scored twice,city had fu£$ing 6 and scored 4 goals,ridiculous and when you look back over almunias arsenal carreer this has always been the way-very few clean sheets and in some games we could be mauling a team and they get 3 chances and score twice- hull last season a prime example.iv done my homework and in our opening 4 games,(all of which we have been the better team) the opposition has hit the target 21 times and and wev conceded 8 goals,that by any standard is terrible and the back up isnt any better im afraid and maybe thats the problem in a way because theirs no competition for that spot at our club and itsobvious to me that the manager has a blind spot in this area- for christsake how else could you explain refusing to sign a player like given for 5m
    iv only 1 other thing to say as i dont wanna get into a debate about diaby,denilson and bentdner and it was something that really infuriated me more than the result and more than ades celebration and to me it has cemented my long standing questiopn mark over the teams overall pride and stomach for a fight,am im surprised to be the first fan here saying this after 2 days…..the sight of eboue,diaby,almunia and clichy embracing adebayour after the game actually made me wanna throw my tv out the window,where is these guys pride in themselves,in the club and in their loyal fans who travelled and paid good money to go there and cheer them on?it was embarrasing and only partly redeemed by gallas,rosicky and edu who just shook his hand and walked past-these are the guys we need going forward because its supposed to hurt when you lose and it hurts even more to have your nose rubbed in it by a twat…i hate utd and chelsea but if a past player had done that against themthere would hav been murder or he would hav a least got a clatter off any number of players in their ranks but not with our boys,oh no were his friend after he bullies us for 90 mins…if vieira was on that pitch for the fabregas or RvP incidents what do you think would hav happened????or even flamini?face facts were the girl scouts of english actually at a loss now to see how we can win anything this year and am honestly dissapointed in the club from top to bottom for the first time ever,we are underacheiving in every department and we the fans deserve more for our loyalty and PATIENCE

  50. Nasri and Walcott are great players but I still put them in the “inexperienced” category. If Rosicky is healthy I would much prefer him over them. His attitude and fearlessness is what is missing. A team’s mentality is always evident in football. This is what needs to be addressed and I think the solution is fearless players who abide by our philosophy. I do not doubt that Rosicky could stand up to the adversity at Old Trafford and continue to play at top level. The youngsters are affected when things happen to them.

    Heres how I see it:
    In the 4-3-3 ideally Rosicky is our Iniesta, Cesc our Xavi, Song our Yaya, RVP our Henry, Arshavin our Messi, and Eduardo out Eto’o.

  51. amiq fergie, i,m a londoner have supported arsenal for 30 years i use abusive language when manure scum come on an arsenal blog to gloat at the team i love also i,ve been to the emirates more times than you,ve had hot dinners as i,m a season tkt holder so if you,ve got a positive contribution to make to the blog your welcome if not fuck off!

  52. Adeybayor’gate whatever if any punishment Ade received that same punishment needs to be given to Van Percy for the disgraceful way he verbally abused City fans (many of them children) after scoring his goal, by accounts it was disgraceful. Songs tackle on Ade was far more with intent so that needs to be taken into consideration too. As for celebrating his goal in front of Arsenals fans, it only goes to show what a bunch of Baboons arsenals fans are having givien this poor lad the unacceptable level of abuse you have for such a long time now. At least City players are not cheats like edwado (whatever he’s called), he should be banned for 6 games at least.

  53. bluesky your another joker aint got time for you outsiders,eduardo,s ban has been over turned by uefa he,s free to play against leige on wednesday,my fellow gooners apoligies for my swearing earlier i,m not having outsiders slating the arsenal dont know why they cant stay on their own blogs if they want to talk rubbish. arsenal till i die!

  54. There were a few errors in judgement in this game. Almunia’s indecision for the first goal. Is he consistently making a glaring mistake in every game now? Wenger’s second substitution. He stripped off any meaningful defense by subbing both song and Sagna. The first one bringing Rosicky for Denilson was a master stroke, but the second was a disaster! He rather put Eboue for Diaby who was having a nightmare of a game. Clichy may be advised to time his run so that he doesn’t get cought time and again on the counter. Did you notice almost all goals came from the left side? He was nowhere to be found! Granted there was no defensive coverage from the hapless Diaby.

  55. Shambo, the truth man. The real and only person to sort out all this mess is Arsene himself because he is the person incharge. He needed to get his cheque book out and sign some mature players but he did not. Even if Ade and the other players still did what they did BUT and note the word BUT… Arsenal wan these emotional games, the fans would not give a shit. The underlying cause of all this fustration is the fact that Arsenal still have not learned from the past 4 years. Its not about 433 or 442 or 351 or 4321 or 42211 or even 421111 or any other system. Its about the group of players Wenger chooses to promote into the team. The kids wan the FA Youth Cup and the player he is pushing is Jack Wilshere. The kid is very very good but not different enough to what the first team squad already has in abundance. This player, because of the position he plays only makes the team more lightweight. They need more steel and drive. When will Wenger learn. What ever direction the club is heading in Mr Wenger has control of the rudder and the funds to strengthen. By the way, did anyone witness the goal that WHU’s Cole scored that was not allowed because the ref blew the wistle while the ball was in flight towards the open net.

  56. Adebayor’s celebration was disgraceful. You certainly wouldn’t ever catch an Arsenal player inciting the fans like that.

    You guys don’t know how friendly Adebayor is with the Arsenal players. Who cares if he hugged his former team-mates. That’s a sunnier side of football that I’d rather see more often. Maybe if Vieira was still on the pitch he might’ve found it difficult to defend RvP who was trying to annihilate Adebayor with the challenge in the first place.

  57. im speechless but now i can speak again.ade is sick and i hope someone from other team will break his legs until he cannot play football anymore. hes not a professional player who deserve more than 100k a week! what with the stamp and the monkeys celebration. for the anti-arsenal who said he dont deserve a punishment i hope one day someone will do exactly the same as the monkey did. the monkey shouldnt be in the field to score the 3rd goal as he should get a red card for stamping fabs leg, kicked songs legs and u know what else…urgh..enough with the monkey and he always a monkey.and the 1st goal was offside! look at this:

    but i should say almunia was horrible too!he took minutes to react! and for me he just an average keeper.he good in one on one(not in MU game) but in others..he just average.
    everything went bad for arsenal. i should say i really upset with what they showed to us.what?most of city’s goal started from left. yes! u can see the weaknesses of our left defender clichy but sagna played bad too!just because SWP didnt play on the left side so he safe. even eboue changed him on the right. he just the same as sagna. i rated them 5. gallas, verm and song(except he let richards pass him) was good and who can stop citys to score if only those 3 was left to defend?i wonder where the other players when they were attacked.the attacking is good especially when wenger changed deni(he was bad!) with rosicky. rosicky played very well for a player who struggled for very long term injury. RVP was good in second half but i dont know what had happened to him on the first half. he roaming and roaming around the field and never kicked the ball. he has strong legs and he should just kick the ball! diaby?what the hell he did? he never wanted to help the midfielder when the opponents attacked.he just wait for the ball to go to him and what he did when he get the ball?he running directly to opponents. hold for himself and diving when opponent just “touch” his legs.silly diaby and he shouldnt play for next games!only because he was a “better” player in manutd(but he scored a silly goal though) and portsmouth game doesnt mean he can play well in other game. overall our players played well when they attack just because of unlucky elements they only scored 2 goals but defend was HORRIBLE!
    but the GOOD NEWS today. Arsenal have WON the appeal against 2 matches ban on Edu’s dive. UEFA said there was a contact made. good decision

  58. Hey all why so worked up? We got owned by ManCity. Its still a long way to go and it dosen’t matter if Wenger had bad team selection or if Diaby had a nightmare. I’m sure Wenger is very very angry at the players who didn’t perform.

    Most supporters here are angry more at the Ade celebrations than looking at what the team needs to improve. I thought we were doing fine untill Wenger made a very bad subsstitution in bringing on Eboue. He had to as he wanted to chase the game, unfortunately it backfired as we were suckerpunched by a good city counterattack.

    Whatever it is guys, lets be united whether we win or lose, we can have positive debates on team players, new signings etc… but lets not start dissing each other, if not we are just like Adebayor.

  59. i am african and ade is a fucking monkey.georgetown gooner pls stay off young gooner if you think racist terms are used here well so be it.Ade is a fucking disgrace to african football. Last season drogba nearly fought a ref, eto’s was forced out of barca wtf is wrong with african players. Ade was injured when arsene bought him so when we dont see committment and we sell him calling him a monkey is not a bad idea.
    Back to the game Arsenal will be up and firing when all players are fit. When is nasri back?
    Again ADE is a fucking black monkey.Quote me

  60. I can’t understand the hate for Diaby at all to be honest. He seems to have really eliminated those aimless passes he does and his dribbling has been nothing short of devastating this season. Take out the own goal, and I’d say his start to the season was great.

    I watched him closely against Man City and the only thing he got close to getting wrong was not covering clichy in defense one time on defense. He set up goal scoring oppurtunities multiple times including dribbling past multiple defenders and setting up RVP beautifully for the shot when he hit the post. I think he will score a goal against Wigan.

  61. georgetown gooner and scope..sorry i forgot about the racism…im not racist here..i just hate him and the celebration thats all…and i call the celebration and how he forget who changed him into a well-known player as monkey..

  62. @enemyairships- i coulda swore you were an arsenal fan,my mistake
    and theres nothing wrong with players ‘hugging’ or embracing each other after a game but in the context of what happened sat it showed a fundamental weakness in a couple of arsenal players.go back to when we were a winning team with a winning mentality and van nistlerooy missed that pen after gettin vieira sent off earlier,he got a good seeing to off keown,parlour,lauren and co. and that was at old trafford,that was when we had players with pride and the bottle to match it….maybe alot of you havnt been arsenal fans long enough to remember that and that explains some of the ridiculous comments

  63. Wenger should go for replacement ade.arsenal are doing well for me in attacking but I don’t how long it will last so I insist he goes for a center foward (higuin,or the nigerian international Odemwingi,his fast,skillfull,good passer and he can play on the wing.a trial in the P.LEAGUE will be good for him.consider all this comment mr wenger

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