Arsenal 5-0 Leyton Orient: The world’s gone mad

A Marouane Chamakh goal?

A Nicklas Bendtner hat-trick?

A Gael Clichy goal?!

An Irishman playing for the first team?!?!

The world’s gone mad!

In all seriousness though, a good response after Sunday. Well done boys, we’re back on track.

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  1. Arsenal needed a pick-me-up match after the Carling Cup Final disappointment, and this was an excellent way to respond. Keep the focus for the rest of the season!

  2. Although I didnt expect such a bountiful harvest of goals; in fact I was doubtful especially after Wenger decided to leave out the squad that played Leyton in the first leg, I am proud of the boys. A work well done!

  3. indeed we needed a beef up game after a heart breaking loss on the Cup final last Sunday. im really impressed

  4. Ya like i said earlier. In the absence of V.persie and Walcott, Chamak must step out of his skin and be abit direct and ruthless and stop passing the ball side ways. I didnt watch the game though i got the commentary. I am Happy that at last he scored and i expect him to continue because he will be judged harshly after all fans having appreciated all what V.persie is about. And for B52 his confidence is indeed encouraging and i hope he continues to prove a point that he is the second choice striker after Persie cause i see him and Nasri on the score sheet in Nuo Camp come 8th.

  5. couldn’t see the game down here – am interested to hear about the new kid Henderson. Anyone see him? What’s the go?

    Now I hope we can have a nice and steady 2-0 v sunderland with no injuries! That’s not too much to ask is it?!

  6. We r fantastic on the night.Bendtner &chamakh now onwards need to step up.Bendtner shows he can be vital for us.GUNNERS R BACK.

  7. Hopefully this can give the boys some belief in the next games. We can beat Barca if we defend as a team and counter attack wisely

  8. I now feel a little bit relieved, it was initially hard to move on but i can now move and say…I love you Arsenal…I love you….lets crash Sunderland and be one point away and silence the Catalans at their home ground.
    Go… Go…. Go…

  9. I hope the lads use the loss to Brum as a positive motivation for the rest of the season by crushing all mid table and lower teams. Go Gunners!

  10. Maybe the replay wasn’t such a bad thing after all, our two goal shy-ish strikers not so much anymore. Great to see.

    Had it pointed out to me that should we defeat Sunderland on Saturday we won’t play our next league game for 14 days. Lovely amount of time for Cesc and Theo to mend. The title will well and truly be there to play for. The Kosi-Szczesser miscue suddenly seems a long time ago…

  11. nicely done.
    emmanuel will you please go to the Manu blog and and do your moaning there.
    This this hallowed blog is for gooners.

  12. I was actually v impressed with Niki B’s goals, for having a rep of missing sitters those goals he scored were absolutely fantastic, a strong header great leap and to get power in from that slow cross and beat the keeper, then the second goal he took on 3 def and curled the ball in henry style (he has done that quite a few times this season) and a perfect penalty into the corner of the net (with arsenal players missing so many this season), even if the keeper had guessed right that would not have been saved…

    Rosicky turned up for this game, which is good, diaby was good, Almunia the captn… wow…

  13. It’s hard NOT to be happy after our “B” side no less, plays with such cool confidence and assurance. This game didn’t need to happen, shouldn’t have happened, but at least for once the universe unfolded as it should against lower league opponents. The Orient had clearly thrown in the towel at half-time and it was pretty much cruise control the rest of the way for us. I mean Gael Clichy? WTF? It was a laugh-out loud goal, but in the best possible way. A really quality strike. He’s going to be scoring machine (!) if he can finish like that. NB52 – pay attention…

    Speaking of whom, after all the stick I’ve received supporting our Great Dane, it was a pleasure to see him finally show up with not just his usual confidence but his scoring boots too. I think he Chamakh could make for some potent offence if they can string some more together like this against sterner opposition, particularly with Wilshire and Nasri behind them.

    So it’s all good for once and we really need to ride this momentum into Saturday at home against Sunderland. It is vital that we take home field advantage as our next three matches are in three different competitions and are all away. I hope those of you who will be at the Em will really show the support we need. As always, COYG!!!


  14. The world has turned upside down, I mean, it’s the first time I don’t feel the urge to curse Denilson and to actually say that Rosicky had a decent performance. I wouldn’t be more happy if these two would further prove some quality, but I must admit at the same time that I am glad Diaby is back. He’s only played 5 games this season and his performance last night was quite solid. Good bounce back from the lads, with this level of confidence and the more direct approach we just witnessed last night, we should be in for a victory saturday. Go Gunners!

  15. Great win lastnite BUT am not getting carried away here, if they had done there jobs before we would not be playing this match. Orient should not walk on the same planet as us.

    Having said that still good to see Bendtner and chamakh score some goals, I would have prefered if we scored 2 goals and save 3 for Sunderland.
    Its one thing scoring goals against rubbish opposition guys NOW prove to us by each scoring a goal on Saturday……..

  16. Although we have key players out we only have 2 league games in March (Sunderland and WBA) With some of the more flair players missing (Cesc, RVP, Theo) I think we’ll need to grind out results ala Stoke. If ever there was a time for Super Nick to deliver his potential this is it.

  17. Agreed about Diaby. If Diaby can get a good run of games under his belt, I think he will be exceptional. Until he lost his mind at Newcastle, Diaby was having a great match. He showed some flashes last night. I rally believe that he can make a massive difference in the middle of the park when needed.

  18. Hi drew,em(ManU)el and all,
    left-over gooner here. I just saw that Aaron Ramsey may be back for the Sunderland game. I”m both stoked and scared. Stoked because it will really be good just to see him back and in the red and white even if he doesn’t play. And, scared because I remember how our poor little Eduardo never did recover (was it mental,physical or does it matter) and to this day is a pale star to the sunburst he was when he was poaching goals with a mere flick of his incredibly cultured left foot. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
    uh-oh here comes the Gila Lady, I gotta get back to work.

  19. Hey everyone, I was thinking how great it would be for Koscielney to recieve the EA Sports player of the month for Arsenal. It is voted by the fans, and he truly has been a great player for us, scoring a few important goals, and he could use the confidence after the Carling Cup final. Just a suggestion, it’s on and closes sometime this weekend.

  20. hi all,
    That is a GREAT idea. Not only could he use the pumping-up but really he had earned it even before the final mishap. And thinking of mishaps Kolo Toure failed his drug test.
    ITV news online said “The “A” sample provided by him tested positive for a specific substance.” No news yet on the length of the ban but he’s out for at least this weekends matches until the FA and WDA decide what to do.

  21. ‘has the world gone mad?……………….an irishman playing for the first team!?!?’
    Im not sure what this means because in the past weve had great Irish players like Liam Brady, Frank Stapleton and David O Leary, Pat Jennings, Niall Quinn, Steve Morrow, Eddie Mcgoldrick, not to mention Pat Rice..aswel as youngsters Graham Stack and Anthony Stokes (top scorer at Celtic this season)..nope I cant say i get how an Irishman in the Arsenal first team constitutes madness, at all.

  22. Hola Gruggster,
    You are correct, born in Dublin and capped 49 times for No. Ireland.
    Q) Is a Northern Irishman not considered Irish. I think we lump them all together on this side of the pond.
    PS. The surf is wicked high and well sorted as soon as it gets light I’m outta here Gila or no.
    Drew, any more news on Ramsey the Welshman?

  23. Hi Guys
    Please let’s not get carried away, we were playing Orient!! Arsenal were expected to win and did. I’ve said before AW needs to look at strengthening defence and needs a DM – will he sign them next season – who knows. What about TV I heard first week in Jan that he was starting training again – is his season over – after the calamity of Carling Cup we need him. Cess is brilliant but we need a leader ala Viera, Keown, Adams etc. I don’t want to be a pessimist but they are not good enough to beat Barcelona or Manu away – however if they do I will publicly eat my woolly hat!!

  24. @ shambo — It’s been a while, that’s all I was saying. First an Englishman, then a Welshman and now an Irishman coming through. We just need a Scotsman for the quadruple!

    You’ve really gotta lighten up a bit dude, I know you love the blog but I always feel like you’re waiting to criticise me for something. It’s not exactly encouraging.

  25. Leyton Orient or not,it was still 5-0 win.It certainly put a smile back on my face.Let`s just put our loss to the Brummies behind us and look to the next game and get back to our winning ways….bring it on!

  26. okay that was knda impressive tho we shud not say alot abt this game. all we need is to analyse the quarter final game against manchester united. its good for the players to keep focused as goals flow into the net. otherwise the pressure is bak on bendtner en chamakh. these dudes hav to really up their game coz we got tricky games ahead. talk of barca, man utd. otherwise for nw am impressed.

  27. I was at the match and it was a great evening. Orient were obviously outplayed but they gave a good account of themselves and never let their heads drop, even when the game was way beyond them. Their fans were amazingly positive, singing right up to the end of the game. A thoroughly enjoyable experience!

  28. I think we fielded six Irishmen at one point – Jennings, Rice, Nelson, O’Leary, Brady and Stapleton. And that was back in the 70s! Not a bad team back then – just couldn’t quite match it with Liverpool at the time.

    Makes me laugh when we get criticised for all our foreign players these days! And don’t start on the Northern Ireland being part of the UK thing – I was just joking…

  29. Lighten up! Light up! 😛

    …rooots rock reggae…

    …..15mins later…..

    ……..where’s that chips… me hungry

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