Arsenal 2-3 Wigan: Open thread for venting

I think it’s fair to say that people will be fairly angry after what just happened, so I’m giving you the opportunity to let it out here.

I don’t think it’s going to be pretty and I’m not going to hang around – but if you want to vent then go for it.

I’ll have some more civilized commentary on the game for you tomorrow.


Have your say on Arsenal 2-3 Wigan by leaving a comment.



  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i cannot believe that this is happening i have no other words than
    !@#$!$# $&^$&$^&$&(*()*&*&^^&

  2. Just f**king ridiculous. Hopefully this is the last time we will see a few of those Arsenal players in an Arsenal shirt (yes, you Silvestre)

  3. Sad sad sad. I can understand us being beaten by barca but wigan. what does it take to get a good keeper. why is wenger given so much power to mess with our emotions. this team is not good enough. i think and pray usmanov takes over. we need a change in policy. the mid-fieild is dead. if cesc goes to barca we will be in liverpools position. this is not fair. Arsenal in my opinion is a living on past glory. fuck.
    no trophy in 5 years. it is a reflection of our manager. he is a failure. u can say 3 league titles fa cups etc, but what is his job really. to win titles. where is the mentality that we can not win anything every season. the carling cup is very important very.

  4. WORST WEEK OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!
    It is so embarrassing. i’ve always backed Fabianski, but this is too much. My grandma could have saved the first goal not to mention the second.
    I dont know what to say.

  5. Frustrated, sad, angry, embarrassed, some of the words that describe mt feelings after this match.

  6. after chasing the title for so long now we have to look back and protect 3rd place!!!…I dont have any words to say abt just inconsolable

  7. After having been an avid Arsenal fan for many years defending all their blunders and poor / pathetic performances…I have to that was the most diabolical display of ‘so called’ “football” I have seen for ages. It fuels all those pricks who say “with any other team 2-0 would be enough…but with Arsenal you just don’t know”>>>YES WE DO KNOW MOTHER F8$%ERS…IT@S OBVIOUSLY NOT F%£$ING ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!
    Bendtner is the player we’ve been relying on for so long and whatever your opinion of him he’s carried the team through to many last minute winners…even set up Walcott…the rest of the team need to pull their finger out of their arses and start playing like Arsenal SHOULD be playing.
    Fabianski should have the first three letters of his name removed and should no way be in relation to a player we’ve clearly missed (FABregas) what a Fookin PRAWN!
    Diaby is just clumsy, Sol was once the heart of our defence and now he’s a thorn in our side! Silvestre is a joke even though he scored…he couldn’t actually do his job and stop the other team from scoring…why was Eastmond playing…even though he was ok today…ok doesn’t quite cut it! R.V.P. needed to have come on earlier…come on Arsene get it right! I can’t believe after this long ass season the only thing I can hope for now is that Chelsea don’t win the FA cup or the Premiership and that Spurs don’t get into the champions league…which means I have to cheer on F*@$ING pompy and the manchester…that’s the position we’re in….Lame
    When is that beautiful little russian coming back?

  8. Too many players thinking that the match was over when we went 2 – 0 up. They were standing around waiting for the ball to magically arrive at their feet allowing wWigan to intercept andbuild up the momentum they needed to score. As for the standard of goal keepin well it would disgrace a Sunday league park side.

  9. Fucking hell , we are shit and spurs are better then us, these players should be shot , i was reduced to fucking tears, this is the lowest moment as an arsenal fans, Wenger should fuck off if he doesn’t spend BIG in the summer and i mean big not some shitty free signings such as Chamakh.

  10. This team isn’t even good enough for the conference, the manager is a twat, clueless and braindead, he decides to bring rvp on when we go 3-2 fucking knob. Its time for this twat to go and take this garbbage with him, “WENGER OUT” “WENGER OUT”

  11. Wenger Out!!!!! The guy has show yet again how useless he now is. Dropping Almunia for that clown Fabianski. You are out of touch and out of your depth Wenger. Get back to France NOW!!!!

  12. We’ve lost the game and Silvestre(pure crap) definitely has to be killed. Clichy comes all the way to try to clear the last Wigan goal…..what the fuck is happening on Earth?
    Is Wenger blind? Is Silvestre an in-law of his? We just lost 3-2 to WIGAN…….

  13. I have said for a while that our weakest link are Almunia,Fabianski,Silvestre,Denilson,Vela and Eduardo.
    Time to ship them off.
    Simply not got enough for the Jersey.
    Gazidis, time to exert some authority on this bloody creche.

  14. Poor decision making wenger.
    We have a SERIOUS goalkeeping problem. Sort it out!!
    Get rid of bendtner he score goals but not enough to win anything.
    No point moaning wenger i blame no-one but you.
    You buy the players. You pick the line-up. You choose the subs. Its all you!!

  15. Sorry, like to rub it in, the best time to be a spurs fan is this week. Beat you, beat chelsea, wigan whom we thrashed 9-1, scored 3 in the last 10 min to steal ur 0-2 lead. HAHAHA, go suck something…

  16. This is indeed the worst period of AWs reign
    When loyal supporters like me start to turn it says a lot
    As somebody said earlier, he is messing with our emotions and loyalty
    My decision to renew my season ticket is definitely back in the balance
    I cant take another season like this one AND help pay for it

    Soembody reassure us, please!!

  17. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrggghhhhhh !!!!!!!!!! i’ve fucking had enough of wenger and his youth policy. he has to go

  18. Fabianski is an idiot. He got his start by blowing wenger in midweek and bawling like a kid. If that was Columbia, he would have been shot twice in the head

  19. Fcuk! im so pissed off. Fabianski is a moron, he should play in the conference. stupid. Almunia n him should go out even for free i wouldnt give a shit. Eduardo, Denilson should go as well.

  20. Useless c*nts! Sell rosicky, diaby, walcott, fabianski and silvestre. F*cking unforgivable!!!!

  21. we should lose more games to bring focus on some players who don’t deserve to be in the first team….
    or else it will be another year of giving youngsters a chance to come good…

    come on they fire you at work if you fail miserably…
    and here they get contact extensions..

  22. No one should mind having Diaby, Denilson, Fabianski as squad players, but when we have such a limited squad that they play most of a season! Today was an outrage….why oh why was RVP brought on after it was 2-2! why didnt wenger bring him on for nicky b after we went two nil up, go for it, get a few more goals and bring St. Totteringhams day closer!

    We need a new
    2 centrebacks,
    back up for song!
    maybe even replacement for arshavin if he leaves in the summer!

  23. spurs has a better bigger team than us. how the fuck did that happen. so sad so sos sad. dropped points birmingham (aluminia), west ham (mannone), six points off the pack.

  24. this is worse than spurs defeat we were 2 up and all though not coasting why didnt he bring on v.p or vela with 20 mins to go? its not just silvestre & almunia to go there are at least another 3-4 who we will not miss next season.

    wake up wenger and smell the coffee because in my mind you have now only 1 season left to win any trophy because it will now be 6 years without any silverwear.
    roll on the world cup !!

  25. I am glad this has happened. Why? I’ll tell you why because this should highlight to Wenger that we need quality and maturity in the squad. A world class goal keep is top priority. Abou Diaby is 2 or 3 years off being the player he can be, he is toothless, ponderous and just to darn casual to play for us. I can’t faulty Rosicky, Clichy, Campbell was immense, Silvestre always looked like an accident waiting to happen. Eastmond was good but too lightweight, Walcott was providing some threat and Bendtner looked threatening when he got the ball (which was very rare). Sagna put in a decent shift as he always does. I really think that Abou Diaby was the key man who let us down, just not enough from him in midfield, gave away possession, tried to light a cigarette and have a cup of coffee a few times when receiving the ball, did not give the ball when needed. Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Come on Monsieur Wenger, we are and have been three players short of this team coming good. A goalie, a monster midfielder and a clinical striker and another central defender would be nice. Losing to the scum was bad enough but a game that we should have put to bed early doors is just not acceptable. Credit to Wigan who kept plugging away.

  26. Seriously WHAT THE F#CK was that. This is some bull sh#t. we deserve much better than this sh#t. Van P for the last 15 would have served well simply as an intimidation factor and to keep those mofos in their own half. This aint bloody FIFA 10 but any idiot knows we’re f#cking shacky in the las couple of minuites of pretty much every game… let alone with Fabianski on goal. Theo and rosicky out at the same time… how the fuck does that shit make sense??? Ridiculous!!! Got luv for you coach but not today. I’m f#ckin gutted.

  27. Fuck this shit!

    WENGER OUT!!!!! I don’t care who doesn’t agree with me. I was fully behind him but now thank God i have finally seen the light! The man is shit. Most of the mediocre players he bought are shit and because of that I’m pretty sure that our big stars will be wanting out cuz they know how much of shit our team is and they deserve more….fuck we deserve more.

    FUCK THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps. to the guy who asked “When is that beautiful little russian coming back?” Hopefully never! He is one of or stars that i truly hate! Great talent, but, terrible attitude, lazy, selfish and if he were on the field today he’d be moping and not putting a foot in!


  28. I’ve had enough of this crap time for Wenger to go! Paul Merson summed it up this afternoon in that until Arsenal buy a decent keeper, we won’t win another trophy. These boys aren’t fit to wear the shirt lads, no pride, no passion and worst of all no ability!

  29. arsene is becoming a looser…he didnt bring RVP when v r 1-2 he didnt bring RVP wn v r 2-2…. yday in he said tat he have doubt in his managerial skills.. its true.
    and tat fukin bendtner !@#$%^&*() he is all this…shitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt they made me scream like anything

  30. I just think that these players need to take a leaf out of the older generation of Arsenal players…so noticable that they became sloppy due to constant relapses of concentration…They could have simply dominated possession by just constantly passing around and then going for goal when a clear opportunity arises but no the defenders often lofted it towards bendtner who at times controlled but the pass often intercepted… I think we need to bring back Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira and bring in a keeper with a huge amount of experience or at least talent. Vieria and Henry because i believe they could have a similar effect that Campbell did on the squad and i believe could still compete in the premiership maybe not as first teamers but as bit part players that can influence the squad and chip in with good contributions wether it be tackles or goals or just shouting at the youth…Also believe 2 new centre backs should be signed, 1 defensive midfielder ( + Vieira), new striker ( + Henry .. forget Chamakh) and DEFINETLY A NEW GOALKEEPER…………lool well that was a rant but now am going mad at the fact we threw away the chance of even winning the premiership due to goalkeeping mistakes…we was mathmatically still in with a chance but now thats gone…Fabianski’s stupid mistakes today, Almunia’s stupid mistakes throughout the whole season :@ and lack of quality depth in defence has also left us slumped for another season 🙁

  31. Its us the fans who hold the power not arsene. We should all threaten to renew our season tickets unless big changes are made. Like Clock End i am a vivid gooner who always defends this club when others rip it but after today’s shambles and with fabianski starting when we all you how prone he is is about enough as i can take. To be winning 2-0 for 80 minutes and to lose it 3-2 is enough. What is this club coming to?.Time for wholesale changes NOW or the same WILL happen again and again and again!!!!!!!

  32. i say all the fans seriously have a protest at the grove. why the fuck should we pay top money to see a fucking brain dead manager destroy our great club just because he wants to prove a point. i said it 2 years ago and i’ll say it again. wenger is an aroogant dickwipe. whatever our hopes and dreams are, we all know he will not buy anyone and resign us to another season of dispair

  33. Really I dnt have anything 2 say im speechless,and if fabregas leaves it gona be a dissaster 4 us next season,it simple we are weak,our doubters wil be so happy after this

  34. Nothing positive to say…
    some very poor performance from many of the players…. but no matter what you think… you are wrong to want wenger out… he needs to reasess things… quite drastically i agree… it has been said many times… but take 6 first team players out of any team and they’d struggle… we have clung on for a few weeks… ..take a breather… stick behind the team and wenger… that’s what being an arsenal fan is about… for far too long there is too much negativity around our club… you are all the same lot… who get excited when we are winning and then say what a genius wenger is… realised this year we have some of the most fickle fans in the world…

  35. SPURS was one thing! BUT FUCKING WIGAN!!! We controlled the game for 80 minutes of that match BUT WE NEVER FUCKINGGG LEARN TO SEE GAMES OUT! Thats what good teams do!!! WHY DIDNT WE PUNISH WIGAN 3,4,5 – 0 TODAY. THEY WERE THERE FOR THE TAKING!!! Noone follows Watson for first goal. Still got 7 mins to hang on – get a third to seal the game. THEN WTFFFFF! is FABIANSKI doing dropping it GET HIM OUT he’s not good enough. THEN IT WAS ALL WIGAN! THEM FUCKIN WINNING THE GAME IS A LOAD OF BOLLOCKS i’m embarrased to be an arsenal fan at the moment.

    I’d like to take a more reflective view – But i cant see anything to take from that game that was positive in a collective sense.

  36. they should be fined a weeks wages and be run into the ground in training tomorrow. i want those nancy boys puking their guts up cos they’ve been worked so hard. this is the final straw. i’ve had enough of watching these spoilt boys showing no heart or passion and turtle in every big game. a team with some heart would have beat that wigan team 8-0

  37. ive been a gunner thru thick and thin but the negatives are clearly outweighing the positives. no leaders, no passion. think its time for a rethink. diaby was back to his diabolical best, uh too sicken to even type

  38. classic wenger, i said hes lost it ages ago, the goalkeeper situations a joke and as for putting van persie on with one minute to go, the blokes a joke and a spent force. go tonight wenger.

  39. I’ve never commented on any arsenal performance … need to vent. That was f@$king disgraceful. … the team should be disbanded!!!!

  40. I think this is it,Wenger needs to be replaced cuz he lacks ideas,his ideas are oldschool.pleeeaaasee Arsenal needs players ,Cesc should better go to Barcelona if he wants trophy in his career.Smart move Merida, may God brightens your future.Gosh! what a weekend

  41. Adondondon it’s a shame about arsanal adondondon it’s a shame about the anal

    LMAO at you cunts


  42. Arsene has to be sensible about this leading into next season: He need to let the following go as we have sen bits and pieces from them during this season, but its just not good enough:

    Both keepers GO
    Rosicky – GO – should be 14-16 Goal man but just cant do it anymore
    Senderos – GO
    Silvestre – GO good but too far past sell by
    Arshavin – GO – just doesnt seem to have his heart at Arsenal
    Eduardo – Go, sorry to say that but i just cant see him finding his brilliance again (mental rather than physical)
    Jury still out on Vela?

    And If someone comes in for £20M for RVP – Let him GO (I hate to say that as I love him, but he has never completed a full season – only about half since we’ve had him – if this happens the we would need to replace him too)

    Bring in:
    Bring in two Goalkeepers
    Two Central Defenders
    a striker with pace and guts
    one midfield strong man

    I do believe Diaby, Denilson, Walcott, Vela and Djourou need to be given another season. We also have some exciting youngsters on the fringe who need to be given a chance.

    But if we are ever going to win silverware we need to make those changes. Forget all the injuries our squad should be good enough, not just the first eleven.

  43. I don’t know what to say I am so sickened by how we played. We were cruising at 2-0 and to lose to Wigan from there really makes me want to vomit.

    We were just so poor on the ball through the entire second half and never showed any sort of desire at all in the midfield to win balls or scrap for anything. Rosicky, Diaby,Nasri, Walcott – they were all so bad and gave away the ball repeatedly. Yes, Fabianski gave away the second goal like a numbnut but we should have finished the match long before and gave away the ball enough times to deserve to lose. We didn’t show any heart or balls or pretty much anything else.

    Good for Wigan. This Arsenal team is a very ordinary team overall and we will never challenge for major trophies unless our back-up players are way better and our defence is about 10 times better. Silvestre and Campbell – seriously?? And why the hell was RVP not on the field way earlier??

    I really need to stop watching us play – it just makes me sick, gives me blood pressure and makes me incredibly unpleasant at home to everyone else.

  44. I tell you this ,Wenger will no matter what he spends in the summer never ever again win a trophy with this team,he is so in love with mediocrity,Abou lost his man at the first goal,Fabianski the second goal amd brave Sol tried to handle it all at the third goal but none of the cunts even tried to help him……..rubbish,shameful,unforgiveable.And anyone thinking a couple of signings will help are deluded,there are fundamentals that they cant even do well,no!!! 6 or 7 new signings will do and diaby,rosicky,silvestre etc can fuck off

  45. At two nil up and the arsenal crowd urging wenger to bring van persie on and know we need to score as many as possible i was hoping for a 30 minute introduction when wigan were on the ropes. to bring him on as a last measure after wigan’s third goal is all you need to know about wenger the Man not proactive but reactive. I am not angry because there is no point but the blame lies squarely at wengers feet. There’s no point in blaming fabianski for their goals because we needed to have been more incisive in our play with the intorduction of van the man. Wenger is to blame and if he doesnt spend this summer before the world cup starts i can guarantee that it would be more of the same next season. Gutted but not surprised

  46. Totally clueless management what is he saving van persie for was he really only fit enough to play the last four minutes,time to go Wenger no tactics and quite frankly no idea bye bye .

  47. All the bollocks of buying players in January……result F*CKALL, thats what we’ve got. Next time AW & the Board dont BULLSHIT US about buying players when you TOSSERS have no intention to buy at all, the board & AW are full of CRAP, allright silvestre scored (wow) but how many times in the last few games has he given the ball away, he’s gotta be F*CKING colour blind or just totally fucked up big time, get rid of the TWAT A.S.A.P and a few more……………………………………………………………………’s a BLOODY DISSCRACE & a FARCE.

  48. I gave up on the season right after the Spurs game.(So I’m not at all surprised by today’s result). This team just was not built to sustain the fight through the season.
    Our inadequacies are bare for all to see. I am past embarrassment. It’s time to clean house…. and we all know the weak links within the team.

  49. keep the faith though – im not asking for wenger to leave. we have made progress this season definately running the top two close for the majority of the season. We need reinforcements no doubt! I know we have been without key players all season so i can see where we have fallen short. But based on todays game its a disgrace to let a team come back from 2-0 down in the final 10 mins

  50. Man been an avid fan of Arsenal all my life, and i was watching that game and i was in absolute chock WTF was going on in that match, we looked like we were chilling, Fabinski is a C**K and he is one of the worst players that i have ever seen, and silvestre he has got to be a joke, Man Utd must have paid him to be shite for us!! THe team needs an overhaul and fast, its ridiculous, Goalkeepers need to go BOTH of them, Rosicky and Nasri are crap and Wenger should just do us all a favour and say Au reviour because he has screwed us over, big time. Lets be honest when the season began we didnt expect to be in this situation but considering only 2 players out of that whole team has passion for playing in the arsenal shirt shows that we have a crap team with a crap manager, why bring van persie on in the 90th minute, just disgusted. I say Bring the Special One!!! to Arsenal

  51. Enough said. I wonder what Wenger’s statement tomorrow will be? How many times have we been written off this season only for the God of Football to smile gently on us and have cuntbuckets like the Mancs and Chelsea drop points, only for us to lose games almost at will? How else do you win the league if you don’t beat cheap ass teams like Wigan? Wenger should understand that he has been given the chance to promote the game, and he has. Now lets win ourselves some trophies and that has nothing to do with playing lazy young boys who fancy passing the ball around to shooting at the blasted goal. Grow some, Prof Wenger and admit that you are wrong this time. Go out and get players who can deliver.

  52. what a week unbelieveable!!!!!!!!!!!! current team dont have a winning mentality…pathetic

  53. City will carve you up and then both spurs and city will end above you!

    Bye bye arsanal


  54. For f**ks sake wenger,when are you going to accept that fabianski is just not ever going to be good enough for the club,they is no doubting the fact that he is a good keeper,but equally nervey,how many more times will he cost us until you realise that he will never be able to peak at arsenal,maybe somewhere else,get a decent keeper with a well documented record and then get rid of that big mellon head you call a defender,he was way past his goods day before he even joined manure utd,it’s like man utd sold him to us so that he can extinguish any little hopes of winning anything that has silver on it,first barca when he played the 1 2 with messi now todays showing,if this carries on for the next five years then i see a situation where the only silverwear will have is cutlery.

  55. Come on guys chill out, all is not lost there’s still third/fourth place to fight for. Finishing third is an outstanding achievement for us.

  56. This result is very discouraging.I have been an arsenal supporter for some time now and it is very disheartening when we crumble like a pack of cards always at the end of the season and for me i think i have tried to give my support to this team thro thick and thin and this brings on weariness and fatigue So for my good, it is time to let go of arsenal for now until Wenger show some degree of seriousness towards winning a trophy.Thank u Mr Wenger, thank u very much.

  57. Please please don’t listen to them arsene – pls stay hahahahahahahahahahahahag


  58. i still believe Wenger is a good coach, the players he gave the chance to shine just sh*t on his face. this was Fcukianski’s chance to show us hes good enough. Mannone needs better goalies to learn from. I hope Wenger will b in South Africa shopping during the world cup.

  59. You wanna win something next season wenger. Fuck the bank. Buy TORRES, LLORIS, INLER AND TWO NEW CWNTRE HALVES.
    Almunia,Fabianski,Eduardo,Rosicky,Silvestre,Denilson out. They should be released if no-one wants them.

  60. Why take out Walcott for goodness sakes? What on earth was Diaby(now at par with Silvestre) still doing on that pitch?
    Could Eboue not come on for Diaby?
    Why keep tired players on the pitch till the 80th minute? Don’t we have a substitutes bench? This has always been my problem with Wenger. This is sickening

  61. arsenal should change playing style.also want to dribble in penalty box…arsenal must shoot from outside penalty box… arsenal SHOULD GET new DEFENDER,STRIKER & DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER…..

  62. Very disappointed with the way the game went. I was a bit surprised that we didnt have Merida starting . Eastwood should not have started . We should brought VAN Persie early in the second half. I found the players taking it too easy. I would have replaced Bendner as he wasnt working his socks off and sagna with eboue. Silvestre has gone past his best as he is a liability in defence. We should have won the league this year for Wenger sold Adebayeyor & Toure without replacing inorder they can show a profit. Even in January we had a chance we had strengthened but it seems it is not the piority to win something. Arsenal have lost their objectives

  63. I was tearing my hair when Fabianski dropped the clanger.AW better get a top class goalie this summer.Arsenal’s goalie has been a joke these six years.
    If AW buys kids again he shd be axed. His kid policy aint working and it wont work in a thousand years.

  64. yeah you lot are pissed off, but youll still go and fill the seats next year wont you, no wonder they aint getting no better, too many akb fans.

  65. I told my friends at the start of the season that wenger should be relieved of his job, cos he has no hunger and drive. He also has no fear of losing his job,that’s why he does not buy players. And looking at the changes he made today,subbing two of the brightest players today also shows he has lost the plot. I will keep saying it,wenger is not the best coach in the world, he was practically unknown before he came to arsenal. I am soooo pissed,The problem is wenger (NUFF SAID)

  66. Tottenham and City will end above us next season and might even this season as well.


  67. WTF?if u look up complacent you find today’s game as a refrence.sure we lost,shit happens,it might not have made such a difference if we won,but as professionals this is unacceptable.good on wigan for taking their chance.not calling for major changes,but the players and arsene(who is an inspiration) need to hang their heads in shame,cos if i lost an account like they lost this game,i dont tink i will have to hand my notice in,my P46 would have waiting for me at the car park

  68. maybe we need a season or 2 for spuds to finish above us before these twats make a change to the management etc, maybe its that pleasure pain bollocks, or maybe the board are full of yids, take your pick

  69. Wenger is the man for Arsenal….. SOme bad decision making today and a tight grasp of economics mean that this is our Arsenal team. But with 30 mill and the signing of Chamakh, we can really challenge next year, its silly to calll him a “dickwipe” because of a 3-2 lose to wigan and various other poor performances. We have based our club around being sensible with money, rather than full-hardy….so lets be sensible with our comments

  70. Wenger has lost the plot..unless he really buys qulity player ie. goalkeeper, 2 CBs n a defensive midfeild then we shouldnt put our hopes up..then some players just need to go Rosicky, Silvestre, Almunia, Eduardo, Denilson, n Fabianski.. just dont have what it cuts to play..

  71. i get only one team will win the league but to lose out season after season in the same manner is insane. the problems are obvious to see, these problems are never solved season after season. you cant keep expecting a different outcome if you keep making the same mistakes season after season.

  72. what the f…. ive had enough these players need to play with guts like spurs or else show them the dr what the hell paying them bigmoney for this crap.wenger you idiot im going mad after this result .the players need to go they are heartless no fight in them useless lot not worth my money we should ask them to leave now fabianski you moron go to sunday league you f……… idiot i hate you wenger i hate you i hate all of you ass….. on the pitch today only a few deserves credit .if we make 4th place we are lucky you useless lot ashamed to be an a=gunner

  73. lol @ laninja! Now THAT’S the mentality we’ve so proudly cultivated for the last 5 years….

  74. Funny how your all saying wenger out. You have everything IMO but the issue isn’t wenger it’s YOU.

    Your support is fucking shit both home and away. You sing one song – pathetic. And that one song is that shit song that every club has sung for the last 30years – we’re by far the greatest team.

    Absolutely fucking pathetic supporters you are – in a word ‘scum’

  75. yeah Doglegz, because you be well happy if tottenham let their team dwindle in the last 6 years, you wouldnt be were you are now twat., only yids want wenger to stay and your one of em what a suprise

  76. Sorry Arsenal fans but it is time to admit that your stadium paymants are strangling your finances, there is no way you will be able to buy the players you will need to challenge again unless you sell fabregas, this team has surpassed what anyone thought it would do at the start of the season so to go mad know is crazy, everyone knew the arsenal squad was threadbare and when the injuries came it was expected that you would struggle, but surprisingly you were actually challenging for the title, untill you came up against spurs (my team) , you are still in the champions league spots and will finish there but will your team be strong enough next season to keep out villa spurs man city liverpool and everton, all of which are getting better while arsenal are slowly losing there strength, ibelieve that if you look at the tottenham squad and the arsenal squad we are actually better than you are over most of the pitch, the reason you are above us in the table is because your players have the belief that you are a big club and you can beat anyone, and we at spurs now have that and i expect next season to be one of joy for us and another season of anguish for , sacking wenger is not the answer, i do not know who else would be able to get your sqad challenging for the title better than wenger has done




  78. ok gunners,anger justified,but u need to calm down,emotionsr running high,and heads r been called to roll,but will it really make a difference?just out of curiosity, how many of you put in 100% everyday at work esp in the last hr?

  79. Hold on there a second. We are up 2-0 right.
    Then there was a good 30 minutes where we lost the momentum and needed a change. Why did we not make a change and go for the jugular. Why keep diaby and bendtner on when clearly they were not having an impact on the game? Why bring on merida and eboue when you have THREE FUCKING STRIKERS ON THE BENCH!!!???It is no point bringing on players when we conceded. it just gives more belief and advantage to the opposition. If i can see this and i have no real management skills how can wenger and his team not?

    Sometimes i wonder if wenger delibrately does things like this to piss us off!!!

  80. i like how all of you want to sell most of our players FUCKIN KEEP EM!! when we get down to bare bones youll all complain that we sold 7 and bought 3 there decent squad players and thats it (although i will personally buy silveste if i had the money to keep him away from our defence) how can we have depth by selling….i agree we need 4 players keeper striker and 2 defenders (gallas might go) but thats it we must now stop selllin more than we buy!!

  81. i also see a lot of you arsenal fans are know getting worried about being best to the scum, GLORY GLORY TOTTENHAM HOTSPURS……..SING ALONG GUYS

  82. Absolutely disgraceful! These guys don’t deserve to be putting on an Arsenal shirt, especially the idiots between the sticks. Keep Arsene, lose Silvestre, Fabianski, Almunia, Diaby, Denilson! Bring in some much needed steel in the god damn defence and midfield. What’s worse is that a 35 year old looked more determined to win than the rest of these fools! As usual, Arsenal show why they are only a top 4 team, and not title challenging. Thanks for ruining any chances of the title Fabianski!

  83. angry gooner… how many of us get paid in excess of £30,000 grand a week to kick a fuckin ball????

    We have a right to be fuckin pissed off?




  85. How can a premier league goalkeeper earning thousands a week make such silly mistakes? I can understand conceding super goals but it is the easy things that our goalkeepers are fucking up on!!!

  86. WERE PAYING THE PRICE FOR THE NEW STADIUM (WHICH WE DIDNT NEED), and wenger being a senile turnip

  87. This defeat is difficult to stomach. The arrogance of Arsene has much to do with Arsenal’s decline. He had won trophies using the conventional method eg. quality players or estblished players who can integrate into the team.
    He decided to show the fw that his buy kids policy was the way to go. So it was one kid after another. He ignored the problems in the team thinking when his kids mature they will take the fw by storm.
    Alas it has not been the desired outcome. It has happened the last five years because he believed his kids would finally arrive this season.However in all the big games the kids have been ruthlessly exposed as old hat.
    This summer is crucial.If the problems in the team are not rectified be prepared for further humiliation by thebig guns.

  88. yeah coz its out gks fault they get bought and picked and they didnt sign enough quality defenders and attackers, too many excuses for every arsenal fans favourite french clown

  89. chances are guys that we will suffer the same amount of injuries next year. Therefore we must learn from this season and buy cover. WORLD CLASS COVER. “Money is no object” as i used to say to my girl!! Even though it may hurt the clubs pockets spend spend spend to resolve the problem

  90. well if you buy 50 kids your bound to get 10 good uns its the law of averages , wengers not a gem finder his a bulk youth buyer

  91. Wenger. u clueless muppet…fuck off and dont forget to take that asswipe Peter Hill Wood with u

  92. Embarassed Gooner & classix,i really want to get into argument,but i got an offer to relieve my anger from my girl. will be really quick,dnt go too far

  93. No Scott your support has always been shit. Your fans aren’t crap home and away because of your predicament. It’s because deep down you know your scum. Are club was doing crap for many more than 6 years but we still had amazing vocal support home and away.

    Oh and on you stadium – the way we’re gona finance are’s means we will incur no debt by building it


  94. How the fuck can a 35 year old… a fuckin 35 year old who has been in and out of football be one of our best players. That is really saying something to the lack of experience and quality are team has. We can play one-twos all day long but scoring goals and defending goals is the name of the game. What is the point keeping possession when we lack the end product needed. We should be scoring for fun the way we keep possesion but we are not.

  95. This is it! The mentality we’ve developed over the past few years. It seems as if we’ve lost all ambition! “Settle for third” …. ” we’ve exceeded expectations”… “If it wasn’t for those injuries”….. COME ON!

  96. @shambo, what can we say. Hopefully something might finally change. Have not seen any of the game, just came back all the way from Ipswich and cant believe what im hearing on the radio. I have been asking questions about the manager for a while now for i believe he is living in cloud coco land. The squad is not as good as we all thought because the balance is all wrong. The boss does not see it though. Does anyone know what he said on game.

  97. If you can’t be bothered fighting for the shirt then don’t pit it on. Weak, weak, f$&@ing weak. Go to another club…
    I’m ashamed to be a gooner today. That was pathetic

  98. actually id love spuds to get into the cl Doglegz, that means that harry dodgeknapp can spend his and your asses into meltdown by buying every african player under the sun, enjoy your year in the cl next season and then enjoy the rest of the century paying it off, you will deserve it for being such nice fans you scummy cunt

  99. Diaby must go!!! Lost possession 26 times in the match
    fabianski should not even be in the squad
    rosiky has lost his pace
    sagna is thinking of Italy
    why did we not start with Merida and why bring RVP on at 2-2 with two minutes to go???

    Total lack of ambition and desire and I pay £5200 per seams for two season tickets

    Arsene either listen to the rest of football or fuck off!!

  100. would all you arsenal fans just shut up about arsene wenger he is the best manger we have. who do you people to manges arsenal so we got beat just wise up

  101. Oh and btw I realise we had 7 first team players out today but 2-0 up with ten minutes to go??
    And lets not think 3rd place is guaranteed I can see man city doing us next week

  102. Thanks for ignoring my points on your support Scott.

    I’ll answer your points though. We won’t struggle financially at all. We are currently building a better training ground than yours in bulls cross at no cost to us thanks to are co chairman and multi billionaire joe lewis. We are about to build a better stadium than yours at no cost to us thanks to are financing streams and joe lewis. If we get into CL sure we will spend but even if we don’t qualify for CL ever again any debt will be underwritten by joe lewis.

    TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR is properly coming for you ready to rip your club apart from it’s fucking foundations.


  103. Guys calm down, lets give arsene one more season, lets see if he has learnt his lessons. apparently if you are intelligent and can apply common sense to your intelligence, you rectify mistakes that you have made. Hopefully after this shambolic last two results, arsene will spend on a goal keeper, 2 central defenders and a defensive midfielder and a striker who can shoot. Lets not over-react even though emotions are running high. We have the emirates which is a good legacy by wenger. i have never trusted or mistrusted wenger bcause for all he has done at the Arsenal, he is still a fallible human beign.. One more season to rectify his mistakes then we might just have him continue as he is. Keep smiling guys and go to work tomorrow with your heads held high 🙂

  104. @cezan1 – Excellent point, i don’t know whats wrong with these crazy fans.
    If we had Sheva, Fabs, Gallas, Verm, Song and RVP, some of the starters today would not have done so. The issue here is strengthening with experienced players. Silvestre(the worst player on Earth) needs to be kidnapped so he misses next season completely.

    My problem is why was Silvestre preferred to Senderos by Wenger? We lost quality players in Kolo and Ade, why couldnt he replace those? The EPL was ours to take this season and when we simply refused to buy. We all knew this from the beginning. I personally was not expecting much from them this season, but they surprised me by going for the EPL all the way till we lost to the Spuds first, then today.
    Players perform better when they have competition, right now some players already know they’ll be picked so they lose that drive right from the blast of the whistle. The worst thing to happen was for Silvestre to score cos that just stopped him from motivating himself to try to please the fans….he shut off completely.
    Campbell is world class and should definitely be given another year, Gallas too. If we get two world class strikers, next season will be better. Why? Cos our problems have always been in goalscoring.

    Finally, why couldnt he bring on Vela? This kid is going to star in the World cup for Christ sakes. Taking off Walcott and keeping Diaby was very bad

  105. all dear Gunners Fan..this Sunday the 18th Apr.,Arsenal yet again had a humilaiting defeat from Wingan ,a club that is fightin relegation..such is the plight of ArsenalFC under Wenger..a dramatic change is needed to restore our club to its past Glory…& the beginnnin of this change sould be the sacking of WENGER…we hate you WENGER!!

  106. @cezan1 – Excellent point, i don’t know whats wrong with these crazy fans.
    If we had Sheva, Fabs, Gallas, Verm, Song and RVP, some of the starters today would not have done so. The issue here is strengthening with experienced players. Silvestre(the worst player on Earth) needs to be kidnapped so he misses next season completely.

    My problem is why was Silvestre preferred to Senderos by Wenger? We lost quality players in Kolo and Ade, why couldnt he replace those? The EPL was ours to take this season and then we simply refused to buy. We all knew this from the beginning. I personally was not expecting much from them this season, but they surprised me by going for the EPL all the way till we lost to the Spuds first, then today.
    Players perform better when they have competition, right now some players already know they’ll be picked so they lose that drive right from the blast of the whistle. The worst thing to happen was for Silvestre to score cos that just stopped him from motivating himself to try to please the fans….he shut off completely.
    Campbell is world class and should definitely be given another year, Gallas too. If we get two world class strikers, next season will be better. Why? Cos our problems have always been in goalscoring.

    Finally, why couldnt he bring on Vela? This kid is going to star in the World cup for Christ sakes. Taking off Walcott and keeping Diaby was very bad

  107. hey brenda.. the reason why we are angry at wenger because he has eyes… surely he can see the same shit we are seeing. His policy works if we want to finish above 5th each season. But thats all. But get this clear: WE WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO WIN A MAJOR TROPHY WITH HIS CURRENT PHILOSOPHY. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!!! . In football nower days you need world class players. The best of the best. We need players who will score goals at nearly every chance. Goalkeepers that have a presence and yell abuse at slacking defenders. We need no nonsense defenders that have no morals.
    Our players bar 4-5 are very average at best.

  108. go and rip our foundations apart then spurs, were shit and the board need a reality check , it would be the biggest favour youve done us in history

  109. Arsenal supporters should protest the board. They invest minimal money on the team and expect a title win. The bench and substitutes are not up to par. We need real depth like Chelsea. They have a long injury list just like ours but will still win the title. Campbell, Silvester, Fabianski and others are not good enough even on the bench. Next year Man City or Tottenham will make the champions League and also spend and better than us.
    I live in the U.S. and am planning to go to London and protest the arsenal board in the preseason games all summer.

  110. wenger ples out…..plesssssssssssssss..go to real madrid…i hate u plan line up…out.out..henry back hope so

  111. all talk , nothing will never happen at any of the games, no fucking protests and a major french love in for our overpaid embarrising sock stains.

  112. i dont care if its against bloody barcelona. If your winning 2-0 with 10 minutes to go you make sure you see out the game. But to fucking LOSE to a relegation fighting team 3-2 is an embarassment!! Every time wenger has given a chance to fabianski he has took the fattest of dumps down his throat!!! We need at lot of changes but make sure fabianski is the first to go!! I dont understand how with performances like that why they are alloowed to get paid so much. If i got paid in excess of £30,000 a week i would make sure i was ready to die every time i stepped foot on that pitch!! These arsenal players have no real leader to look up to if fabregas aint there. Winning the league is like winning a war. Sacrifices will be made and there will be casualties, but you must give your all AT ALL TIMES or your dead!!! Man U know this, Chelsea know this.

    Ive been on this thread for a good while so im gonna go now. Im vented out.. gonna watch simpsons to mellow me out.. i suggest you do the same… see ya!!

  113. Im sorry but arsene has to put his hand up and say that the youth policy isnt working in certain positions (GOALKEEPERS) and buy in summer or we’ll never be up there. I dont mean to be critical but its typical of arsenal in recent years, just when we think we can do this they fall in the last 100 meters before the finish line.Lets hope for a different outcome next year.

  114. How do the arsenal fans in England cope with this humiliation and embarrassment? I am from India and i feel ashamed to watch an arsenal game with my friends. I mean no point getting bullied!!!

    Yes the arsenal fans have to voice their protest now…..maybe boycott a few games @Emirates. That might open the eyes of the profit minded owners!!

  115. The “Invincibles”? more like the “Headless Chickens”!

    That was the most gutless performance that I have witnessed by side managed by Arsene Wenger.

    Two nil up against one of the worst performing sides in the Premiership and this bunch of no-hopers just threw it away.

    Yet another schoolboy howler from yet another sorry apology for a goalkeeper.

    A completely lackadaisical performance by Bendtner who’s appalling first touch was even worse than usual.

    Nasri Rosicky and Diaby were all awful, constantly running up blind alleys and giving away possession.

    Walcott was too often and too easily isolated whilst neither Sagna or Clichy showed any desire to join the few attacks that we had.

    I felt sorry for Campbell and Eastmond, they at least worked hard.

    Sylvestre….one word only….rubbish.

    I have been a staunch supporter of Arsene Wenger ever since he joined the club and I feel that Arsenal owe him an awful lot. However, he has to shoulder the blame for another mediocre season. His inability to instill a winning mentality in his team and a complete inability to change tactics leads me to believe that he has taken the club as far as he is able.

    It’s surely time to thank him for his past services and appoint his successor.

    Gus Hiddink has just left the Russian job, let’s sign him up before any other team gets him.

  116. Arsene may be good at managing a team in all aspects but when it comes down to 90 minutes of football there are so many coaches better than him in the EPL…he can’t read a game & take the right decisions!!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. I’m not an arsenal fan or a wigan fan, i love football. I would like to say that i can’t believe what i just watched but that’s not true i can, i bloody well predicted it after watching the game for 10 minutes. Stupid fecking arsenal trying to pass the freaking ball into the bloody net, walcott only scored because kirkland dived over the ball, and arsenal scoring from a corner these days is a collector’s item. As for the wigan comeback and fabianski’s mistake, i have to say i’m surprised it took as long as it did. Fabianski is a total liability, he has no confidence and consistently makes the wrong decision about whether to come or stay or punch or catch or whatever, he always looks like he’s good for giving the oppoisition a goal.. and he did. Wigan looked determined and strong the whole match long, but arsenal smuggled a couple of goals pretty much against the run of play, but could they see out the game like proper professionals? Of course fecking not, they’re a bunch of kids playing at making pretty pictures on the pitch with the ball, that’s why they have done so badly against the big teams in recent times, and that’s why they will always have it in them to pull this kind of crap against the lower teams when they are determined and have something to play for.

  118. Relax guys…..Arsene knows….NOT……I have supported AW for long,even during his worst periods and this is plain unacceptable.This team just doesnt cut it and it is AW’s he has to own up.if at the end of season he says judge me next may, i will have to say that the board is a bunch of idiots.i expect the fans to make sure AW and the board get the message in our next home them off if need be, our season is gone and it cant get worse than this….i am pissed with the attitude that aw and certain team members have displayed, the lack of technical nous at teh required time, the lack of respect for certain trophies(FA,CC), the lies being bandied about, teh lack of signings and lack of any ambition in the club…….

    and if ppl come back here saying patience i have only this to say”how long?”…………we have waited enough, we need tri\ophies and rebuilding starts now, with wenger being thrown out…..thats it.we need a new second man(pat rice to me doesnt cut it), a couple of new GKs(almunia and fab out), 2 CBs(silvestre out), 2MFs(denilson out), 2 strikers(eduardo out)….ppl like cesc,clichy,rvp, dont jsut deserve the bunch of passengers that they consider as teammates………..

    rant over….

  119. Im so embarassed..shame on u Arsenal..We are ending our season in a shit way!!! what a pride what so ever..Bcos of u mr Wenger!!!!!..think u are so smart??????

  120. Sol Campbell has a new nickname “Taxi” because he’s black and carries five passengers.

  121. Although this was a disgracefull defeat i’m happy that Fabianski has shown us all again what a fool he is and surely wenger wont even think of keeping him around next season. I think everyone now knows that diaby is not good enough for us,rare good moments dont cut it at this level. Its very obvious now that unless we sign a quality centre back and goalkeeper this team will never win tropheys. I still think a fully fit arsenal are still much stronger than spurs but its bad when you have to think about it. Even a blind man can see that we have alot of shit players and we need a big clear out but i know its not gonna happen


  123. Players like Diaby, Denilson, Rosicky, Nasri, Ramsey, Eboue, B52, Campbell, Djourou, Gibbs could do a good job in making sure we win the carling cup next season. A very good mix of these and Fabs, Sheva, Song, RVP, Chamakh, Walcott, Gallas, Verm, Clichy, Sagna and the new comers can win us the FA cup.

    An even better combination of the second set of players mentioned above and the new comers (assuming they would be of better quality) can definitely give us the UCL.
    The EPL will be very competitive and we can win it if we don’t compromise on the quality and fitness of the starting eleven. By the time the carling cup would’ve been won, those players could be given sub appearances if they deserve it and we all know the close season is usually tiring for teams without depth(look what happened today for example).
    We’re not doing badly now, but Wenger refused to buy and is completely short of ideas on all fronts without his key players(this is his cross, he chose not to buy).
    E.g. we could’ve still been in the UCL, if not for that Barca team.
    When I and Shambo and I guess SpanishGunner and others that cared complained earlier about lack of quality signings(e.g. we missed Given etc), they tried to chase us off with this doomer and gloomer stuff….they suceeded with Spanishgunner(I hope he comes back soon), now who are those dooming and glooming?
    I don’t want Wenger sacked, i just need reinforcements like other clubs are doing.
    GunnerBoss out…..till tomorrow then


  125. It was a very below par performance from the team and the coach. What’s with bringing Rvp on in the last minute??? This team is clearly not up to the title challenge and we cant hide behind the injury list excuse again. that’s a fact of life and we have to be prepared for such eventualities. Wenger needs to get his tactics right because of late he has been getting them horribly wrong and fans are right to call for his sacking. Any other top club would have not entertained his blunders for five seasons. I am sorry to say but Wenger no longer knows… he has lost the plot. In a way this loss is good because it at least gives the board no reason not to splash out on PROVEN names not some cheap squad players that have no heart. We need players who are ready to give their all and are proud of the history of the red and white. Never been so embarrassed to be an Arsenal supporter like this week. You have 30 million plus Mr. Wenger use it and use it good!!!!

    @ scott there are some good african players as well as some shitty ones just as there are some good european ones and shitty ones as well. I dont understand your comment about Redknapp buying all the african players under the sun….

  126. I’am so sick of these so called fans wanting wenger out its a disgrace. How can wengers achievements be forgotton. The defeat today was a joke, the players have to take the blame they are not consistent enough. Fuck off and support someone else u johnny come latelys. We’ve gone alot longer without winning a trophy then six years. As for spurs being better than us biggest load of shit i have ever heard from so called arsenal fans. ONE ASENE WENGER !

  127. omg what have i just watched…how dare we make spurs fans so excited,ARSENAL dont you know that they are taking the piss out of us something rotten,we were shit even being 2nil up and worse shite being 3.2 down,u got our star player on the bench……….wot the f**k for if you dont bring him on until there 4 mins 2 go……..the mind boggles…………….oh yeah you also lost me nearly £500 in winnings too!!!!!!!!!

  128. Needless to say I’m not best pleased with the result or our performance … but having said that i think this will just underline (if it required to be) the need for a few players…
    At the risk of sounding sour, i believe that this result won’t have any bearing to our position at the end of the season… so lets not get overly critical!

  129. Wow…. I understand we’re all bloody pissed off! But some of the comments are just stupid (and hopefully just frustration) – cannot believe there are a few against Arsene! i’m with you’ll in terms of going out and buying players – but this attitude is just not on… Not for someone like Arsene!

  130. Same shit every season….

    Managment: “Wenger has £60M to`spend”

    Wenger: “i didnt find decent players in the market”

    Fans: “Wenger… F**K off”

  131. We won the league twice at shite hart lane. Maybe we should release those games on dvd. wankers.

  132. One very happy wanker from N17 here! Alright then everyone? What are we ordering? Wenger out? NO! Keep him pleeeeaaaaaase! LMFAO

  133. i think we are still in the race. the race for 4th place.i see us losing to Man city and Blackburn and a draw against Fulham if lucky.wat was the point in bringing on Van Persie.someone tell me why we have been waiting so much for him to come back.There is no point playing him now. just keep him fit for his country and their world cup games.fucken bull shit game today.wenger is a butt hole.he must shyte off back to japan or france.

  134. Arsene Wenger OUT please and Roberto Di Matteo in from Westbrom. Let us start afresh as it has been proven that Wenger’s project is just a myth.Di Matteo is a hungry young manager with so many goals and points to prove.he can be our Guadiola. with the players we have and the money we can spend,Di Matteo will have more than what Westbrom can offer him.I really think Wenger has done all he can for us.That’s it.Mark my word’s, the next season is not too far away and I am so confident we wont win anything as long as we play too much football and forget to score.I’m sick of this pointless slick passing with no results.Time for change not improvement but change.

  135. not that I want AW out, but he’s never a tactician on the field. So we should hire a tactical coach as an aid to AW and direct the team. Like everyone else said at this blog, it’s crazy to play RVP at the last minute when we’re down and out. Clearly AW has lost his cool and logic. Clear sign the man is AGING and lost touch in this world(of football.)

    Can’t blame the team as we all know they’re only good as reserve. But this is NOT a reserve team game. Real sad, but who else do we have at the bench to change the outcome of this match, really.

    For next season, of all the replacements that Arsenal needs, I would think a midfield dynamo is top priority.

  136. i watched my first arsenal match in 1957 as a boy, and have supported them through thick and thin, going to the the ground and paying my money, buying the shirts every year for me and my kids, i have seen the best football ever played anywhere and i mean anywhere under a/w but today i have decided that i will no longer support/be interested in/or fucking care what that lot of shit is doing. wengers day has gone , his type of playing is no longer relevent, most of the team are looking forward to a long hot summer in africa in the best hotels useing our hard earned money to pay for it. by by arsenal we did have some good moments together ,49 unbeaten, ian right, george graham, denis berkamp, henry , but i am not about to sit around and watch as the yids overtake us ,manure re group, chelski spend spend spend, my heart and blood pressure cant take it, take care all you gooners and i hope things get better for you but i doubt it.

  137. Heading back to where we were at the end of last season and with the same weak key areas in the squad been goalkeeping and defense.
    While a great admirer of Wenger and his contribution to Arsenal, he surely knew last season and in Jan that these area’s were a problem and if not address would prove costly but did little to address them. Lets hope he has learnt the lesson now and we are not looking back again this time next year. Cmon the Gunners

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  139. Just one questions what were we saving Van Persie for? So he can go off and get injured with the Dutch again and be missing for the start of next season again, we need a keeper how did we let Given go to City I think the players are gone on their holidays just mad

  140. shambo miss u already,i never write in just love readin ur blog.i hav knowin u 4 years and played football wit ya 4 years, always agree wit ya when it comes 2 the sorry but my da brought me up as a thru fan.he has been living in ireland 4 the last 50yrs and has brought me up beliving nothing but ALWAYS LOVE THE ARSENAL,but im sorry 4 the first time in my life and im now 27 i dont care.its actually a grt result 4 the future of arsenal i promise u all…..we defo need some change:WAT TIME?BIG TIME……..icehammer i hope ur son does well

  141. Wenger lost us the game today. His substitutions were
    mind boggling. Fran Merida for Rosicky??? Leave RVP on the bench for 89 minutes ????
    It was clear that after 60 minutes Wigan were upping their game & we were struggling..this went on for the next 20 minutes. What was Wenger thinking? We needed to take the game to Wigan, not sit back & wait for the inevitable. FFS Van Persie should have come on
    after 60 minutes..the first substitute!!!

  142. Mr. Wenger for god sake leave have mercy on great this club’s fans world over. I expected this to happen much earlier. The squad is made up players only fit enough to play in conference or sunday league. If AW remains in the saddle it will no surprise if the club finishes lmiddle of the table next season. This man has lost his marbles and should take him along shits fabianski, almunia, sagna, diaby, denilson, rosicky, vela, eduardo,and merida to anywhere he wants.

  143. this is making me sick… i don’t think it’s all wenger’s fault, though partially… just sick.

  144. Fellow Gooners,

    This is a tough week to endure, but do so and the eventual successes will be so much sweeter.

    1) Despite all that has happened (or NOT happened), I believe The Boss has a VERY SOUND overall strategy/philosophy. Prudent fiscal management, continued development of in-house talent and relentless focus on youth will absolutely pay dividends, especially compared to the financial mess of Man U and Liverpool, the seniority of an outstanding Chelsea squad (what? 7 players over 30), and the competitive but unpredictable rise of Man City and Tottenham (arrgh).
    2) Remember that we played much of the year without a striker and still finished in the top four.
    3) Injuries, injuries, injuries. Looking to next year, what are the chances that we’d have a similar season three years in a row?
    This is far from the end, and looking at the state of the legitimate challengers and competitors in all competitions, I’d say that despite the fact the we nothing to show for it again this year, we are still in the best position for long term success.

    Keep the faith, everyone.



  145. Arsene is a frenche twat and only buys french players. Arsenal need to kick him out and get gigi buffon or another world class keeper, Chiellini in the back, de rossi in midfield, and a a good strikers such as Pato

  146. Arsenal are gonna finish third and at the start of the season if we are honest its the best we could have expected. We dont have the money to compete and its easy to say we are three quality players short of an excellent team but the club cant afford to sign or pay the big wages of the players we need so i dont think we can blame wenger as he works on a limited budget. I’m sure he would love to sign the big names but the club cant afford it so we cant expect to be champions and we may suffer on watching average players and hope the ownership issues get sorted out so that we can compete in the transfer market

  147. When i Herdd We Wer 2-0 Up I Obviously Thoughtt..Game Over. 2 Then Get A Fonecall Fromm A Glory Hunting United Fan Tellin Me We Just Lost 3-2 I Can Honestly & Proudly Say This Week Has Got Worse & Worse. As If Losing 2 Spurs Wasn’t Hard Enuff 2 Swalloww!

    Now That A Trophy This Season Is Pretty Much Over Its Time 2 Plan For Next Year. Now Im Just Waiting For The Transfer Market 2 Open

    First & Foremost .. A New Goalkeeper Please.. 2 Wud Be Nice…Ideally Hugo Lloris Or Joe Hart
    Another Defender . Out Goes Silvestre & Will Sum1 Tell AW 2 Give Gallas A New Contract,
    Another Central Midifielder So Denilson Can Fuck Off And Also A Replacement For Fab If He Goes(Gets More Likely By The Dayy).
    Even A Clinical and Well Experienced Striker Wud Do Nicely To Strengthen Our Bench Because This Injury Crisis Is Bound 2 Happen Next Season. Sell Eduardo Aswell.

    Lets Hope We Can Get A Trophy Next Year!

  148. @ ice,
    I have nothing to add mate am done identifying our many problems to fellow fans who would rather pretend there are no problems. Iv myself gone mad repeating myself and praying the manager will come to his senses…..but no.
    RvP was declared ‘fit and sharp’ by Wenger on wednesday, yet he didnt bring him on till it was too late, he then came on and changed the game single handedly. What was his reward??? Dropped to the bench again as arrogant bollox wenger saught out to show the world that bendtner,walcot,nasri and diaby are still great players, even though they hav proved themselves to be overated bottlers in their arsenal carreers.
    arrogant arrogant bollox is all he is ice….we are a laughing stock and now were being linked with roddellega and nzogbia as potential signings….this was just a rsponse to ice, once again im off the blog till things change….greatblog,great club…..stubborn, arrogant, lying, senile manager.
    @gunnerboss,georgetown,guyfrmars,unchained,darragh,ian,laninja and of course icehammer,hey nonnymouse and Andy…..its been a pleasure sharing opinion with fellas who love this club as much as I do…and this might seem melodramatic,but i just cant continue to express myself when iv nothing in common with the people in charge of my team.
    For Andy to come on here and set up a thread solely devoted to fans ‘venting’ and then basically claim hes gonna ignore whatever ‘venting’ occurs in place of a more ‘civilised’ debate tommorow just shows me that something is indeed rotten and that such a positive loyal fan can be so bewildered and let down just says it all for me,as i am also a loyal,die hard fan.
    STILL Arsenal till i die, Shambo

  149. I will stop watching and supporting Arsenal now. Faith? Hope? No point of putting hope and faith to people like Diaby, Fabianski and Silvestre and WENGER. Life without football starts now. And I’ve thrown away the Arsenal shirt. In fact I maybe stop reading Arsenal blogs. I will come back when I see the manager (whoever he is after this) starts taking calculated risk rather than just gamble on things.

  150. An embarrassing defeat and a win would have kept us in the race for a little longer.
    I still think the current season is better the last one when we finished fourth on tally even after having Kolo and Ade in squad. And after all those injuries I think we did a commendable job. Definitely after being in hunt for most of the season it is very sad that we lost it all in space of one week only but I still have faith in Arsenal and AW.
    But AW should do some serious buying for next season

    One Goalkeeper
    Two Strong and Tall CB
    One Hard man at CM
    One targetman as CF who should be stronger than Bendtner.

  151. wont add to the angry mob, but i add in my opinion rationally.
    Calling for wenger’s head is daft.Wigan beat Liverpool and Chelsea before. If its anything its the players who are to blame not the manager.The manager can only do so much, tactics & substitution. The rest is up to the players to perform. If anything, his substitution came in late only because he knew he needed a physical presence in the midfield and looking at the bench, he knows he had no other player capable of holding the midfield except Diaby. Adding in Eboue gave balance on the right as Walcott couldnt really defend, Eboue came in and stopped the attack from the right. Adding in Fran was to try keep possession in the midfield but it needed Diaby to function properly. i can guess why he didnt put in Van Persie till late because the final third wasnt the problem, its the midfield which is.
    Have a look at the replay; we were cruising in 1st half but lost midfield possession in the 2nd half. When Arsenal lost midfield possession, they panicked. Every time we had the ball our answer was to push it away from the defense, which speaks volumes of the lack of experience. Eastmond, who had a great game belied his inexperience. Diaby went missing and that i reckon is the main reason why we made Wigan look good. Diaby as the more experienced player in the midfield should have went down and supported Eastmond, not just stayed in formation and expect the ball to come to him. When he had the ball, he should have hold on to the ball and allow players to get in position. Blaming Bendtner, Walcott, Rocisky is counter-productive. They were not given enough support to allow them to play football. We resorted to playing long ball to Bendtner who was being guarded by 3 Wigan defenders.
    Wenger tried to bring stability by bringing in Merida, but took out the wrong player. Honestly by that time Diaby was out of the game. Something needs to be done with that boy’s attention span. Taking out Eastmond should have resulted in Diaby back in central defence but at that time everyone panicked. Keeping formation would have meant Diaby as defensive midfield, Nasri on top of him and Merida to support them. Instead everyone except Bendtner went defensive, when we finally got the ball we tried to hoof it up or as we go up on attack, everyone went up including Diaby which gave our backline little protection.

    My summary of the game would point out 3 main culprits, Diaby as the weak link, not holding on to the shape, not holding on to the ball, too quick in trying to pass it to Nasri. A good player will hold on to the ball, not panic. Its like when i was playing football in school, we identify the weak link in the midfield and press him to make him commit more mistake, or hurried his pass and not allow other players to come into play. When tasked with defensive duties with Merida coming into play, he went up and joined in the attack. 1st Wigan goal could have been prevented if Diaby wasnt asleep as the ball passed by him.

    Fabby, to be fair made 1 mistake which led to that goal, and his confidence was not helped with a central pairing of Campbell and Silvestre. Erratic but had good positioning.

    Silvestre oh god. indecisiveness, misplaced pass. If i was a keeper and i had a defender like Silvestre in front of me i be a nervous wreak. I am so sure SAF paid Silvestre bonus to wreak our defence and keeper confidence. i rather we recall our loanees to that position and play central defense rather than allow that man on to the pitch.

    Blaming Wenger speaks of irrationality, i mean if you’re a manager, you told your workers to hold formation, even replaced the personnel to reinforce that but your workers ran around like headless chicken, will it be your fault?
    That’s my 2cents

  152. Let’s start figuring out our new players for next season. We don’t derserve to win anything this year! How many lifelines have we received this season? about 3 from Chelse and Man U… and what do we do? we piss them away…Play the reserves, they would have shown more heart..
    These “Wenger Babies” need to understand what the fuck they wear an Arsenal shirt for…Do we constantly have to remind them their job?
    Absolutely Stupid!!!

  153. oh one more thing.
    to the passionate fans…

    mate, i know you bleed red and white but once u get past the fact that this is just a game, it will do wonders on your stress levels. i understand the taunts and being the laughing stock of your peers, hell i got 25 txt msgs (and counting), emails, snide remarks from friends and colleagues so far!

    Being passionate is good but once you get past the expectation that IT IS OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO WIN! it do wonders for your understanding of the game, your hair, your waistline etc and you learn to understand the game and look at the game differently. instead of casually blaming players directly, you look at other things like tactics and formation. you’ll learn to enjoy the game and the potential of the kids we have. Sure, i want to win the league, the champions league and the cups. Everytime we get knocked out of Champion league, Carling Cups, FA Cup and now the title race, i felt like shit but i wont let it go to much to my head. I know for the future of all the big 4, we are best prepared to dominate the next coming seasons. Think 80s Liverpool, 90s Man U and the Morinho years. YES! i do think we need signings.

    To be fair, i do think there are shit managers who dont know much bout the game (Phill Brown) shit players (Silvestre. oh god. i used to laugh at him playing at Man U), but Wenger is a good manager. His only flaw is he doesnt have a stern angry side to him. He doesnt go throwing boots around, but try to reinforce the kids belief, give positive comments and defend his players. God i wish i had a boss like Wenger!

    I said earlier this season we can win this, and we went right to the wire. I wont use injuries or our lack of $ as our excuses, i just look forward to the next game (or season).

  154. Hi Andy, Could you please write a blog on which arsenal players should be shown the door ?

  155. Do Still”trust in wenger”??…I am asahmed of the fans from london, this happened because they kept silent when the team lost its way….because of wenger’s rigid policy.

    Poor Gooners!!

  156. Arsene should go! Wonder why the board & club has so much patience for him… 5 years without a single trophy!!! For any other top clubs, he would have left 2-3 years ago… Having let Wigan pulled 1 back, wondered why he took out Walcott & Rosicky to substitute with Eboue & Merida… to defend a 1-goal lead??!! With Chelsea losing on Saturday, why he played Van Persie on the 90th minute??!! RVP could have win this game for us, to keep 3-point behind Chelsea, still can smell the championship… but wonder what Arsene has in his mind not to start RVP or even sub him earlier in the game…

  157. @guyfrmars

    have to agree with your analysis of the Wigan game. I always say win the midfield you win the battle. Arsenal doesn’t has a strong mid, esp. after Fabregas and Song gone injured. Even just without Fabregas, it would be a struggle for the team. No way Diaby and Nasri can be seen as equal. Just not the case here.
    Wish we’ll sign up a real mid field general for next season. Fab doesn’t has the kind of presence to dominate, not yet.

  158. Why compare with spuds………they are a filthy rich club…….and with the resources they have had over the years they should have been in CL but of course they are spuds so they were fighting relegation last season. Rednap has done a good job, n its a bit early for them to celebrate. Can’t wait to see MANU spank their asses saturday!!

  159. There was never going to be any silverware, who said it??

    AW is just stupid, plain stupid, and i dont care if he goes, i have never seen a clueless and diabilically inaccurrate manager as he. how on earth do you bring in someone to try and win a gane after you are down and two minutes left to games end when you had a chance to bring him in earlier.
    where is the maturing team now???, AW is the one person letting this team down, no one else. What i am sure is this m&*&%)(#$, idiot should just pack and go to FRANCE or wherever else he wants to go.

    wait till next season, during the transfer season he will do nothing, just btring in some silly free transfers and tat is all, nothing of quality comes in that easy neither is winning the premiership easy, i hope and just hope he has seen what his silly bullshit and stupid thinking did to the title push.


  160. it was a woeful outing. a disgrace to a team a glamorous as Arsenal. the season is over.

    please let talk more on next season

  161. It was clear in the last half hour of the game that we were going to loose the match. There is no use being angry at the players; even I, at 47years, if asked to play for ARsenal I would of course do it. It is a club policy (not Wenger’s only) to build a new stadium, concentrate on investing commercially and bring-on half baked players. That has been the story since we started building the emirates stadium. The result is what we saw against Wigan. I used to cherish the Arsenal footballing philosophy, I am now contemplating leaving football as a fan for good. It is too demanding, emotionally drainning and is no more entertainment. It is political now, not a sport.

  162. AW will never change his mind, he is just a stubborn man, unless if the management intervenes, just wait, he will start his philosophical words when the window opens; we are one year older, if we find a good option we will buy, we will win something for the fans this season, we can win everything with the current squad we have, we are strong in depth, etc and actually all these stubborn words are what cost us silverware since 2005.
    There are two options:
    1. Osmanov should take over and intervene in the team management and AW remains the team coach
    AW should step down.

  163. Cant read all these, but as a moody gooner, I have laughed all morning. It sure feels good to know that u are not hurting alone…..we will be third! 4th or 5th scares the living shit outta me……

  164. And oh, yeah, ur gal can also help sometimes, in such deep hurting situations 🙂 She did!

  165. @shambo ta for responce. Watch game last night on nett, cant believe the lack of defense from front to back. other than wanting to shoot the boys wont tackle. Just have a look at the first and third goals, not one player will put a foot in. I just cant believe what happened in the last ten or so minutes. Why wont Arsenal put a foot in. Something is wrong with the boys head. I cant have it that they believe in what Arsene in doing. Some of them play like they have seen this bad dream before which i why they give up. Remember about the bad taste in my mouth. The boss should go. But then i only support a shit team myself. Here’s to next year boys. Up or maybe down de ammers. FOOTBALL,,,,,,,FUNNY OLE GAME.

  166. i have taken long to comment cause i was going through all the comments.I dont have any thing new to add but if only we can vent our frustrations come 23rd at the Emirates, the world over will hear our appeal and something may be done in the near future.Its the fans who pay for the tickets and if we refuse to pay, there will be no money for these French rascals to take back home and hopefully the board will be sensible enough to act.It is incresingly becomming irritating for one French fool to pretend he knows the game more than the rest.I would rather finish out of the top four well knowing that my manager made the right decisions and we lost honourably than this piece of shit.It s hopeless to encourage short passing football when a thunderous out of eighteen shot killed the game off.Lets protest as planned.Solidarity for all gooners.We should demand a written aplology from the board. Just sick

  167. Good idea to let people just vent steam Andy 🙂

    However, I agree with some of the comments. This has to be the last straw. I mean if this doesn’t serve as a wake up call then nothing will. I don’t for a second, believe Wenger should go. But certain players like Fabiansky have to. He’s done this too often and over a sustained period for him to get another chance.
    Diaby is an awesome talent and awesomely lazy. He deserves a serious kick up the backside and to be put in the reserves until he shows he understands what it means to play for arsenal.
    As for buying players, we definitely need a GK, 2 CB and 1 understudy/partner for Song and Cesc. 1 striker more would help (chamakh seems to be on the way i guess).
    Plus next year we will have the choice to bring back Wilshere, Lansbury, JET and Simpson. Who should all add depth to the side.

    Massive surgery is not required in terms of personnel (though some most definitely is) but a huge change is required in the attitude of not just some, but MOST of the players. The attitude(or lack of) was the most shameful thing about the last 2 defeats.

    P.S. How awesome is Sol Campbell. He actually outpaced Rodallega to a through ball! Brilliant.

  168. There is nothing more to talk about, I know this will happen, we are only following arsenal cos of the love, not for wenger nor the management. Dont expect any big arrival next season, it will only be the usual story, “we want to buy, but we could not find decent player who want to leave thier current team.”

  169. Sol has been fantastic. LOOK AT HIM AND REMEMBER WHAT ONCE WAS. Just 6 yrs ago, what has Wenger done. Why pita pata footy with small boys.

  170. In summer, Wenger will say in summer that the returns of Csesc, Arshawin; Gallas (if so) etc. will be like new singings 😉

  171. I am just bluffing at those getting carried away by the renewal of Sols contaract.Just dont be fooled any inch.Which single game have you seen Arsenal win with Sol in defense .Dont even be fooled a bit.We just have to do away with the old wines and not to dress them in new bottles.We just cant take a gamble on Sol neither Gallas.Amonsgt them no either compares to Vidic or Carvalho, Alex and the like. All have to go.I just wish Madrid had saved us by taking this French arse.Lets protest come 23rd though not violently.There has to be value for money not this rubbish from this French rascal.

  172. I am tired of the coach benching me.Just going to play the best football for my country in the worldcup, get a serious injury towards end of competition, recover in 2011 around May and prepare for Euro qualifiers.Wenger should stop making a disgrace of himself.If it were the board not giving him money he should spill the beans but since he has kept quiet t should the blame he must be having a hand in this disgrace and we must roast him for our misery until he leaves.Mid team managers even have better tactical awareness of the game than this moron who pretends to be a professor of football instead of joining business.

  173. it is amazing i have been going around the blogs adn for six years i have noticed something about us gunners

    if we do not agree with the ‘living god’ boss you are not a “true gunner”. well let me be clear here i do not agree with the so called great one. and i can give the clear reasons.
    1. does not respect the transfer window. you need to refresh your team in january
    2. does not respect that the size of players matter. what the $#$#$# are we doing with a defender who is five foot ten when he will be posted up against 6foot 3 strikers. look also at the average size of our players. we have moved to dwarf mode over the past 10 years
    3. too many excuses. every year the same thing. injuries, size still young. it is downright unprofessional. every coach has injury problems
    4. he has no respect for the games positions. you cannot create holding and defensive midfielders the positions are too important – ESPECIALLY IN AWAY GAMES. for instance wigan vs arsenal. you need to close the game out. defensive and holding midfielders do that.
    5. we go out and create hype about guys who have no use whatsoever. what makes chamak or whatever is name so great. he scores less than 30 per cent of the time are we as gunners researching the squad and our incoming players. how do we expect to win if our signings as striker score only 30 percent of the time. that is an attacking midfielder at chelsea for god sake.
    6. ooh and this one is a doozy. he is our winningest coach. but what about crucial matches. UEFA cup final a few years back. chopped and changed and lost it. Carling cup semifinal against spurs – embarrassing. Champions league tie against Chelsea in 2002…hmmmmm. Man U in the champions league semi-final..hmmmm. this guy cannot win big games and teams with big coaches. of course we cannot forget the carling up debacle where he said he was only investing in youth. chelsea won the only silverware they could get their hands on all year. but you all say he is the best.

    I have been through Bertie Mee, Terry Neil, George Graham etc. hey they were not perfect men but they had sturdy sides that believed in the colours. i do not get this impression here. and i unapologetically state – I AM NOT FOR MEDIOCRITY AT MY CLUB. I am therefore a proud member of the OUT WENGER BRIGADE. Managers and players come and go. the club remains. It is the only thing we have got.
    peace out

    I have been through tough times with managers before

  174. just 1 thing to say: opportunity lost to buy shay given before th start of the season… almunia faults at spuds, change to fabianski faults at wigan, fa cup

  175. Too many passengers in this team. Wenger will buy in the summer, but probably not as many as we’d all like, and he probably won’t sell the players which need to go because no-one wants them.

  176. Heartbreaking, disappointing. But I can its shows we aren’t good enaf, we have somehow managed to put up a fight this season. But with the current players, we dont deserve the title. We dont have a keeper to take us there. Arsene, u have played and messed our emotions endlessly. Time to act is now….

  177. Too shocked to write anything…
    I think this will make AW change his perspective…if it doesn’t than nothing will

  178. Poor performance. Typical arsenal.. no plan B. Try the same thing every time and watch it fail. Hopefully the rumours of Wenger giving Almunia the boot are true but at this moment in time he could give himself a kicking while he’s at it.

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